In My Room

  • Posted on May 28, 2015 at 1:19 pm

By KaiaKitty

The fairy first appeared to me one night when I was dreaming. In my dream she stood in the doorway of my bedroom and looked at me through the darkness. I couldn’t see her face but I imagined she was a very beautiful woman. I could feel her eyes on me in the dark. I wasn’t sure why, but it made me feel excited and happy to know that she was there. It was as though she was watching over me while I was sleeping.

She began coming to me almost every night in my dreams, always standing by the doorway and looking at me. I imagined that she smiled as she stood there, maybe the same smile my mother gives me when I make her happy. I didn’t know why, but I thought of the fairy as my mother too. I read in stories how sometimes there were fairies that came and took little children away. Those stories scared me, but part of me wondered what it would be like to see a real fairy and to have her take me away to fairy land.

So often now, so many nights I was dreaming about her, about this beautiful fairy woman who looked at me the way my mother did. And then one night she wasn’t in the doorway but standing closer. In my dream, I could see the outline of her body in the dark and I could see that she was almost naked. I could see her smile and her eyes, that were just like my mother’s eyes. And I could see her chest, too. Her large rounded breasts were there in front of me and I could just make out the circle of her nipples.

I suddenly realized that she wasn’t just standing and looking at me. She was doing something else too. The fairy’s hands were moving but I couldn’t tell what they were doing. She stood there in my room, in the dark, in a robe and the robe was open and I could see movement in the shadows. I wished I could see more, see what she was doing, but I was afraid to open my eyes all the way because if it was a dream she would go away and maybe I would never see her again.

The next morning I woke up and lay in my bed, thinking about my fairy mother. I don’t know why I began to call her that, but something told me that she wanted to be my mother, that she wanted to take me and hug me close to her and kiss me and hold my head to her chest, right next to her beautiful breasts. The thought of that made me excited. I rolled over and hugged my pillow, imagining I was hugging my fairy mother. My hand strayed down my body to my special spot and I rubbed myself thinking of her. When I finished I hugged the pillow really tight and kissed it, imagining I was kissing her.

A few nights later she came back and stood very close to my bed. I could see her more clearly in my dream. I could see her face that was like my mother’s face, kind and gentle and loving, and I could see the curves of her breasts and her smooth tummy, and I saw that she was touching herself under her panties, just like I touched myself thinking of her. I realized she wanted me. She wanted me to be her daughter, and she wanted me to be more. She wanted to hug me and kiss me just like I dreamed.

In the morning when I awoke my hand was already between my legs, rubbing my tiny clit, touching myself like my fairy mother touched herself, and I was thinking about her face and her eyes and her body, trying to keep the image of her in my head so I could be just like her, so I could rub myself watching her the same way she watched me. Every night when she would come to me I woke up in the morning and thought of her as I touched myself.

One night she slipped her panties down and I could see a bit of her pussy. I could see how she was fingering and rubbing herself while she looked at me. That morning I imagined her fingers touching me like that and I came really hard. It was so wonderful to think of her that way, I did it twice more before I got up.

I thought about her almost all the time now, wondering why I was dreaming about her so much. Why was she coming to me in my dreams? And why did she only just look at me? Why didn’t she touch me, too? Sometimes I tried to dream really hard that she touched me, but she never did.

I imagined the fairy as my mother. Did she want me to come live with her and be her daughter and she would be my mommy? Would she touch me then? I knew that was wrong, that mothers shouldn’t do that with their daughters, and I was afraid too that if she took me away to fairy land I might never come home. But then I would think about how pretty she was and how much I wanted to have her hug me and kiss me and call me her daughter and that made me happy. She would be a kind mother, just like my mother was, but she would kiss me and hug me all the time and I could kiss her and hug her and touch her all over.

I wondered, though, if she really became my mother, would I still want to touch her? Would I let her touch me? I knew it was wrong. She was my mother. She was a woman and I was a girl. I was her little girl. If I was her little girl… yes, I had to confess, I would still want her to touch me and kiss me and hug me. I would want her to stand in my room every night and touch herself while she looked at me, and then I’d want to wake up and hug her tight and kiss her all over, and if she asked me I would touch her. I would let her take my hand and show me how and I would explore every part of her and maybe even slide my fingers inside her and I would make her come the way I came every morning after she left.

I lay in bed thinking of her, wishing for her, telling her yes, it was okay… that I would be her daughter and do whatever she wanted and I didn’t care if it was wrong. As I fell asleep that night, I heard her come into my room again. She walked over to my bed and stood beside me. She opened her robe, and I saw that she had no panties on. I could see her beautiful pussy so close. She raised her leg up and put a foot on my bed and spread her pussy lips with her fingers so I could see even more. I fell in love with her. I wanted her to be my mother. I watched as she rubbed herself, her fingers making her pussy so wet. I could hear them sliding inside her, pushing in so hard and deep. I wanted so much to wake up then and tell her I loved her but I was afraid she would disappear. I waited until she was done and when she left I woke up and touched myself until I came so hard I wanted to scream.

From then on she always stood right next to my bed and spread herself for me. I was in love with the curve of her leg and her smooth thighs and the way she closed her eyes before she came. One night she climbed onto the bed and I thought she was going to snuggle with me but instead she stood over me. In my dream I could see everything now. I imagined I was looking up at her through half-closed eyes while she rubbed herself, staring up at her beautiful pussy the way she stared at me… loving… adoring. To have her this close was breaking my heart. To see the beautiful fairy woman standing above me, her body just out of reach, wanting me but not wanting to touch me. It made me ache inside.

Then one night she came in and knelt over me, her legs on either side of my head, her pussy just above my face in the dark. I could smell the scent of her, the scent of a grown woman next to my little body, a scent I had never smelled before in my life. It was overpowering. I could see in my imagination how wet she was, how excited I made her by just lying there. I felt a drop of her touch my cheek, but I kept my eyes closed, not wanting to wake and spoil everything.

When she left I woke up and touched my cheek. The moisture was still there. It wasn’t a dream. I had a real fairy mother and she was coming in my room every night. I didn’t know how it happened, but she was there and she really wanted me. I held the droplet to my nose and inhaled deeply, letting the scent of her fill me. I let my tongue run along my finger and tasted her for the first time. It was like in the story books when the fairies fed you honeydew and you belonged to them forever. I loved the taste of my fairy mother. I wanted to belong to her forever.

The next night she came again and knelt over me and this time she brought herself even closer to me. I felt her thighs on either side of me, sheltering me between her legs. I could hear the sound of her fingers rubbing her clit and sliding deep inside her. Her scent surrounded me and I knew more than anything that this is where I belonged. I wanted us to stay this way forever. I didn’t think of her as my fairy mother any more. She was just my mother. My real mother. And I was her little girl and I was between her legs where I belonged, where I always belonged, and I wanted my first kiss from her, but not from her mouth. I wanted my mother to kiss me with herself, with her pussy. I wanted her to lower herself all the way and take my head and guide me to her, and I wanted to kiss the wetness of her and kiss her deeply, like my very first kiss, and I wanted her to rub her pussy against my face so her juice ran all over and I wanted my mother to come on me and squeeze me between her legs as she came on her daughter’s face. And then I would come for her. I would spread my little legs and show her my tiny pussy so she could see how wet I was, and I would look up at her and smile and come so hard for her while she watched.

I woke the next morning bathed in the lingering scent of her. It was real. Her scent was all over my pillow and my hair and my face, and I lay there thinking of her, touching myself slowly and coming again and again. I finally got up and cleaned myself, and then I went down to the kitchen where my mother was making my breakfast. I felt so happy. I ran to her and gave her a big hug.

“I love you, Mommy,” I told her.

I pressed myself against her chest, breathing deeply, catching the familiar scent of my wonderful fairy mother.

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12 Comments on In My Room

  1. So lovely and so sexy. Beautiful job, KaiaKitty, you made Mommy very wet. 🙂

  2. DaughterLover says:

    Exquisite. This is the side of NM’s story that I thought of, but you told it soooo much better! So loving, so innocent, yet so erotic; full of that building desire, the manifestation of the longing I remember having as a young girl (that was never satisfied). Thank you!!

  3. dachief says:

    Such a good little girl you are, KaiaKitty…
    being so quiet and still when fairy mommy comes to visit…
    Perhaps you can do the same for her when she’s asleep too?
    Give her a fairy god daughter? 😉

  4. kaiakitty says:

    I’m really glad you all liked my story. Naughty Mommy was very inspirational. 🙂

  5. Tammy says:

    Such a sweet mommy. Her dreams of a little forest imp came true too.

  6. Ron says:

    This was great! You wrote a story with both views. I don’t think I have ever read one like that. Great job, very erotic.

  7. Misty Meadow says:

    A delicious story, beautifully written and very orgininal. Yet another pair of my knickers had to go in the laundry.

  8. Adamo says:

    Bello, romantico il sogno della bambina, però sarebbe stato più bello se fosse la mamma/fata che copre di baci la sua creatura, fosse la mamma/fata a farla godere con la lingua nella sua intimità liscia e senza peli.

    Translation with Google Translate: Beautiful, romantic, the dream of the girl, but it would have been nicer if it was the mother/fairy who covers his creature with kisses, was the mother/fairy to make her enjoy with the tongue in his smooth and hairless intimacy.

  9. Assunta says:

    Mi mordevo le labbra nel vedere la mia sorellina che succhiava i seni della nostra mamma, deglutevo senza accorgemene e, forse lo feci troppo evidente che la mamma se ne accorse, – Vuoi anche te il latte? – mi chiese, – Sì – le risposi e fu così che ridendo la mamma mi porse il bel seno gonfio di latte. Succhiai tutta tremante, quella tette l’avevo succhiata 10 anni prima, però ora non era il latte che mi piaceva, mi piaceva sentire il capezzolo duro, La mamma mi accarezzò una guancia, piaceva anche a lei. Da quel giorno per ben due anni succhiavo i suoi seni , ma quando anche i miei cominciarono a svilupparsi la mamma lo faceva a me. Ora facciamo tante altre belle cosine assieme. Amo mia mamma, l’amo tanto tanto.

    Google Translate: I was biting my lips to see my little sister sucking our mother’s breasts, I swallowed without realizing it and, perhaps I made it too obvious that her mother noticed, – Do you want milk too? – she asked me, – Yes – I replied and it was so that my mother, laughing, handed me her beautiful breast swollen with milk. I sucked all shaking, that boobs I had sucked 10 years ago, but now it was not the milk that I liked, I liked to feel the hard nipple, Mom stroked my cheek, she liked it too. From that day on, I had been sucking her breasts for two years, but when mine began to develop too, my mother did it to me. Now let’s do many other nice little things together. I love my mom, I love her so much.

  10. eloquent delinquent says:

    A dreamy, rapturous delight, fueled by a young girl using her romantic imagination to allow for her very real desires. Beautifully observed and described, maintaining its heightened, gauzy eroticism throughout.

    How did I never see this one before? Magnificent work, thanks for sharing!

  11. Nate says:

    I just couldn’t stop masturbating while listening to you playing with here wet pussy above your daughter’s mouth such a huge turn on. I came sooooo hard!!

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