The Joy of Looking, Chapter 71

  • Posted on May 14, 2015 at 5:03 pm

By Naughty Mommy

In this chapter, I’m going to do the same thing, continue telling the story of that wonderful night using my mom’s words and my sister’s too, in addition to my own.

You will remember that I was on top of my sister Kate, in a ‘69’ position. She licked me and Mommy fucked me with her finger, and I had a very loud orgasm. That’s where we were.

Okay, here we go…


Now I was masturbating again. After Julie finished climaxing, I stood up, removing my finger from her pussy and putting it in my mouth, tasting her. Immediately I saw her bury her face in her sister’s crotch, licking and sucking her — and Katie responded eagerly to her, crying out, throwing her legs open, begging Julie to make her come.

I wanted to come too. I rubbed my clit and slid a finger up inside my cunt, excitedly masturbating as I stood naked in our family room and watched my pre-teen daughters having lesbian sex.


It took a little while for me to cum. Julie was licking me really nicely and it felt so great, so awesome, and I wanted it to happen it right away. But I was kind of nervous too, since this was only my first time. I tried to close my eyes and not think too much about it, just feel everything.

Then I heard Mommy saying stuff like, “Lick her pussy! Lick your sister’s pussy!”

I opened my eyes and looked at her. She had stood up and was watching Julie lick me. She was masturbating too, rubbing her own pussy and talking to herself the way she does when she gets really excited. I had thought that maybe closing my eyes would help me relax and cum faster, but what really did it for me was seeing my mom that way, so totally turned on, fucking her cunt with her fingers while she looked at me and Julie having sex.


It didn’t seem to me that it took Katie very long. But I don’t know, I was just so into it, shoving my mouth and my tongue and my face into her little pussy, licking her everywhere, sucking her, tasting her, putting my finger inside her too. I was going crazy on her. Sometimes I could take things slower when I wanted to, but right then I was rabid with lust. I couldn’t slow down. I had to suck her and lick her and fuck her and make her come!


Seeing Julie lose herself that way was tremendously exciting. Often she could be very controlled, composed, self-contained — but in that moment it seemed she had fully abandoned herself to her desires, and it was intensely arousing for me to watch her attack her sister’s pussy with her mouth and fingers.


When Katie came, I was so happy! It was something I had wanted for the longest time. We had masturbated together on many occasions, of course, and I had watched her climax, and I’d even brought her with my hand a couple of times.

But now to have my face right there between her legs, to be sucking her clit, seeing my finger pumping in and out of her vagina, and to feel her shuddering beneath me, hearing her squeal, knowing that she was having an orgasm and that I had given it to her, that I had licked my little sister’s cunt and sucked her clit and made her come, that was just the greatest.


Man, it was so hot having Julie lick me and watching my mom masturbate at the same time. When I heard all the stuff Mommy was saying and I saw how turned on she was and I knew she was really excited because she got to see her own daughters having sex in front of her, then I let go. Maybe it’s also because I still thought what we were doing was bad in a way, that it was wrong or something, and that made it seem even hotter to me. Anyway, I had this totally awesome cum in Julie’s mouth. We’ve done it a whole lot of times since then, but I’ll always remember our first time. I love my sister so much.


Both of my girls had climaxed and now I was too. As I watched Kate reach orgasm with Julie feverishly licking her, I brought myself as well. I can’t remember what I said, or if I said anything, but Kate seems to think I did and she’s probably right. When I get that way, so wildly excited, sometimes all those dirty words just come pouring out of my mouth. I can’t help it!


Mommy didn’t let us rest at all. As soon as Kate finished coming in my mouth, and after she’d had her own orgasm too, masturbating while she watched us, she quickly got my sister and me to sit up on the sofa, right beside each other, and then she sort of climbed up on us, facing us, holding her tits in front of our faces, demanding that we suck her nipples. We did, each of us taking an erect nipple into our mouths, happily sucking on them. We loved doing that for her. We still do!


Unless you are a mother and a lesbian and you’ve had sex with your own daughters, you can’t imagine how wonderful it was for me that evening. To have my own two girls, both naked, both excited, both eager and willing to do whatever I wanted, well, that was the ultimate. Or maybe I should say almost the ultimate, because of course I still wanted to bring little Molly into our circle too. That would happen soon enough.


It’s funny the way Mommy keeps mentioning Molly when she’s writing about that night with me and Kate. I guess she must have been thinking about her a lot. I had the hots for Molly too, as you know, but I was so involved in being with Kate and my mother right then that I wasn’t really thinking about anything else.


Mommy loves having sex. I think she mostly loves having sex with us, with her daughters. Sometimes she has other girls or women in her bed, but mostly she seems to like it best when it’s me or Julie or Molly with her. Or all three of us together, even better!

Anyway, that night it was like she couldn’t get enough sex. She watched me cum and I’m pretty sure she came too, rubbing herself, but then right away she wanted more. She had me and Julie sit up on the sofa and got on top of us, shoving her nipples into our mouths. We started sucking on her tits and she started masturbating again. She kept talking dirty the whole time, too, the way she does. It was hot.


I was masturbating as I sucked my mother’s nipple, and she was masturbating and talking dirty to us, but then she put her hands between our legs. She wanted to fuck us with her fingers while we sucked her tits.


I know I said this before, but can you imagine how good that felt? How spectacular it was for me? To have my fingers inside these two little pussies at the same time, a pair of very hot, very tight, very juicy vaginas — and to know they were my own daughter’s little pussies I was fucking! While the little girls were sucking my nipples for me! Oh, I was out of this world with lust and excitement.


Mommy started fucking us both, saying things like, “Fucking hot little pussies! Hot little girl pussies!!”

I put my hand between her legs then, touching her wet lips, rubbing her, pushing my fingers in between her swollen labia, reaching for her clit. Apparently Kate had the same idea, because I felt her fingers there too. She slid her hand further down and found our mother’s vagina, shoving her fingers inside, fucking her.

“God-fucking-damn!” Mommy cried, leaning her body fully against us, pressing her breasts into our faces, fucking our pussies with her fingers — and soon she was climaxing as I rubbed her clit and my sister fucked her cunt and we both sucked her nipples.

She came, but neither Kate nor I did, not right then. I think we were both in awe of our mother’s overheated excitement.


I came with them touching me, someone’s fingers inside me, someone else rubbing my clit, both their mouths on my breasts, sucking my hard nipples. I came so strongly and so wetly — I could actually feel my juices running down my legs — and then I wanted to lick their pussies. My two beautiful girls, my own sweet little daughters. I had to have them, had to taste them!


She is so hot. I wish I could write about it the way Julie can, but I’m not as good with words as she is. It’s just that my mom is so incredible. I can’t even say how amazing it was to see her that night. Her awesome body, her nice tits, her skin, she’s all sweaty now and her nipples are wet from us sucking them. She’s got this wild look in her eyes, and her makeup is smeared, and she looks like, I don’t know, like a sex goddess or something.


I think Katie did a perfect job of describing how Mommy appeared that night. She was (and is) a sex goddess.


Right after as she finished cumming with me fucking her and Julie rubbing her and both of us sucking her tits, Mommy got down on the floor in front of us, pushing our legs apart, lifting my leg over Julie’s, and she’s just looking at us, looking at our pussies, licking her lips like she’s so hungry, maybe like she hasn’t eaten in over a week and she sees the tastiest food ever in front of her, that was how she looked to me.


Julie let me read what Kate wrote about the way I looked to her that night. It makes me laugh, thinking how insane I must have been acting. But I’m happy that my girls think I’m attractive and sexy. I certainly think they both are!


Mommy put her fingers inside both of us again, at the same time. She loves doing that, loves to see her fingers sliding inside our vaginas.

She still does that a lot. Sometimes she’ll ask Molly and me and Julie to lay on her bed side by side and then she fucks us with her fingers and licks us and tries to make us all three cum at the same time. I bet she wishes she had three hands then instead of two!

Anyway, that night she was fucking us, still saying, “Fuck your little pussies, hot little fucking pussies,” and stuff like that. And then she started licking us. She licked Julie first and then me. For a while she went back and forth between us, but then she just did me.

She pushed my legs apart as far as she could and she put her mouth over my cunny and started sucking on me and then I felt her tongue go inside me. Oh my god that was so awesome. My mom really knows how to do that, how to make me feel so good by licking me, especially when she puts her mouth all the way over my pussy and shoves her tongue inside. I don’t know, it’s like she’s really eating me up and it always makes me cum so hard.


When my mother concentrated just on Kate, really licking her pussy for the first time ever, I got down on the floor next to her so I could watch. I was rubbing myself too, rubbing my clit, and it was unbelievably exciting to see her licking and sucking my sister that way, with Katie holding Mommy’s head in her hands, pulling her face into her cunt. God, it was so awesome. I started climaxing even before Kate did.


An orgasm in my mom’s mouth, my first one with her, oral I mean. How many girls have ever got to have that? I guess I’m lucky, me and my sisters really really are.

I can’t remember everything that happened because I was out of it in a way with my huge cum and everything, but I know I was holding Mommy’s head in my hands, pulling her into me, and I know I felt her tongue inside me, and then it all sort of goes red and black and flashing colors for a while — and when I was done, I was kind of like gasping for air, on my back now on the sofa, and I could feel sweat all over my body and Julie was kissing my mouth and my mom was still between my legs licking me even more and sucking my clit and fucking me with her finger and then I was cumming again and again and again. How many times? I have no clue.


I brought myself to climax, masturbating as I watched my mom licking my sister.

But Mommy wasn’t done. One orgasm wasn’t enough. Katie sort of fell back on the sofa, collapsing, and then my mother got up there with her, kneeling between Kate’s legs, sucking on her clit, pushing a finger inside her again. She wanted to make her come at least one more time.

I moved over so I could touch my sister’s breasts and kiss her mouth. I’m not sure she even noticed, because she was so totally gone from the way Mommy was eating her pussy. But I kissed her anyway until she climaxed again.

She started squealing and I pulled my lips away from hers, just enjoying the look on her face. It was so amazing. Have you ever watched a young girl, a 10-year-old or younger, have an orgasm. It’s the best!


Oh, what a delight, so sweet and perfect — to have my tongue deep inside my daughter’s little pussy, to taste her and lick her and suck on her clit and make her come in my mouth. I was ecstatic!

And then I wanted more of course.

After I had licked her and swallowed all her tasty juices and then held her legs wide apart for a moment and just gazed at her, looking down at that beautiful wet pink pussy, taking in the sight, knowing this girl was mine, my own daughter, and I could have sex with her any time I wanted, as much as I wanted, that she loved it, needed it, and that she needed me too — that made me throb with an even greater desire for her. I wanted to come on my little girl’s face.


I came so many times in Mommy’s mouth. God, it was totally awesome! Like I said, I was just a kid then and didn’t really know that much about sex, about what it’s like to make love, and this was way better than I ever thought it could be.

After that, after she stopped licking me, she just looked at me for a minute, at my pussy, and then she got up on top of me. She wanted me to lick her!


Mommy crawled forward on the sofa, bringing herself to Kate’s mouth. She was holding her pussy lips apart, showing us her sex. I looked at her gorgeous naked body, at her thighs, her pussy, her tits, her face. I saw the look in her eyes and I started rubbing myself again.


I had eaten my daughter, I’d eaten both of them, and now I badly wanted Kate to lick me. I wanted to come in her mouth.

She looked up at me, that cute little face, so sweet and so open. Katie was an adventurous girl, always looking for new experiences, and this was definitely one she’d never had before. She was going to lick her mother’s cunt.


Oh man oh man oh man, oh wow! This was it!

Mommy was bringing her pussy right up to me. She was holding herself open. She said something like, “Look at Mommy’s pussy, little girl, look at your mother’s cunt.” She stayed that way for a minute, just talking to me and holding herself open and rubbing her fingers around inside, showing me how wet she was. Then she lowered herself all the way down and I had her hot cunt in my mouth. Oh wow!


I watched my mother drop her pussy onto my sister’s face. She took Kate’s head in her hands and pulled her mouth hard into her sex. Mommy was being really aggressive, getting nasty, talking loud, growling at her, urging her to lick her, suck her, fuck her with her tongue. She was pulling Katie’s face against her so tightly I was afraid she might not be able to breathe. Mommy was trembling, shaking, sweating, staring down at my sister, talking dirty to her, rocking her pussy up and down, shoving her cunt into Kate’s mouth, harder and harder, faster and faster — and then she came.


Only a week earlier, I had come in Julie’s mouth for the first time, and now I was climaxing in Katie’s. Oh, what joy! What delirium! I held her pretty little head in my hands and pulled her hard against me and then I came on her.

Nothing, nothing, nothing in this world can ever match the exquisite pleasure of having sex with your own daughters. Nothing.


Julie let me read what she wrote about the first time Mommy licked her, when she said how it was kind of like swimming in sex or something. I don’t know, but I did feel like I was swimming then because my mom got so wet when she came on me that night, it was almost like I was drowning! I had her juices in my mouth and up my nose and running down my chin and I could hardly breathe at all but I didn’t care. If I ever really drown, that’s how I want to do it. Inside my mom’s pussy!

Okay, so that’s the end of what I asked my sister and my mother to write for me about our experience that night.

That wasn’t the end of what we did, of course. There was still a lot more, just about any combination you can think of. My mom and I were in a 69 at one point while Katie masturbated, and I had my sister sitting on my face at another point while my mother was eating me, and Mommy tribbed with me and then with Kate, and I tribbed with Kate too, then I think Kate and Mommy had a 69, and well, like I said, anything else you can imagine, we did it together that night.

When we were finally done, it was past midnight. We picked up our clothes and walked upstairs, softly kissing each other goodnight.

I stayed awake long enough to hear what I thought I might hear, my mother’s bedroom door opening a few minutes later, and then Molly’s bedroom door. I thought about maybe getting up to join them, but I didn’t. It seemed nicer to let my mom finish it that way, with my baby sister sucking her nipples while she masturbated, giving herself one more orgasm.

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  1. MrStrut says:

    Damn, NM it just keeps getting hotter and hotter. Wow that was so erotic. I wish I was part of that family! But I am a man so I will just read and dream. On to the next chapter!

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    Wow,such an incredibly hot and sexy chapter ! Suzanne and her daughters descriptions of what they did and felt are eXXXtremely erotic. Suzanne is an insatiable mom and I just love the way she allows the girls to explore their own lust and love for her and each other. Can’t wait for little Molly to join them ! Naughty Mommy , you are such a superb writer !! Absolutely adore your stories

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      I share so much of Litka’s feelings, we seem to react the same to these wonderful chapters and stories. The joint descriptions of the amazingly erotic and arousing love and intimacy between mom and daughters is so vivid and so exciting, and as Litka says, little Molly soon to make it a family, paving incestuous lesbian family.
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    Thank you, Litka — I’m so happy I can make you feel good!

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    Always liked this chapter with the others getting to give their view of things.

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