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  • Posted on May 13, 2015 at 12:27 am

By Cheryl Taggert

Hi, all! First, let me say again just how thrilled the three of us are to be offering this site to those who enjoy the same fantasies we do! It’s been one week and one day now, and it is at the very least everything we hoped it would be.

We will continue to copy stories here from the Lesbian Lolita site as well as publish new stories, and we are working to improve the site in every way we can to make it the most enjoyable erotica site on the Internet. Part of that includes posting our Terms of Use so that everyone knows what the playing rules are when they come here — and we hope our readers do come here a lot! 😀

You will notice I referred above to ‘those who enjoy the same fantasies we do’. I posted a reply at the end of one of my stories about this, and I want to reiterate that here.

These are fantasies. Our stories never happened except in our imaginations, which thank goodness are very active. A dear reader or two has attempted to post comments here that refer to actual sex with a child, and while we indulge in, write about, and masturbate often to these fantasies, we do not engage in actual sex with anyone who is under the age of consent. We also have a problem if you, in a comment, refer to such experiences as if they happened in real life, even if you are going for the titillation factor by making it appear to be true when in fact it is not.

Fortunately, how this site works is that your first comment must be approved before it appears on our website. This prevented what amounted to a confession to a crime from appearing on Juicy Secrets. We welcome ANY AND ALL FANTASIES in the comments area for our stories that relate to our particular interests. Just make sure you identify them as such. You may even email us suggestions, politely expressed, as to where you’d like a story to venture next. Just please, do not tell us about the time you had sexual contact with someone who was underage. There are instances where that is acceptable, such as discussing a time you and a friend engaged in sexual play as children (notice the plural: children). Everyone knows children will explore sexual boundaries and have a lot of fun doing that. However, sexual contact between an adult and a child is illegal in every country in the world. Please keep that in mind.

Regarding some of the other Terms of Use, please be sure you also pay attention to that politeness thing. I don’t know about any of you, but as soon as someone’s comments to me turn negative or attacking, I stop reading. Not only that, but as an administrator on this site, I will delete the comment, as will Naughty Mommy and JetBoy. I’ve seen instances and received emails in which the writer told me I was going to Hell because of my private fantasy life that I had chosen to share — legally I might add — with others who use this type of erotica as a release from tensions caused by having naughty thoughts about underage girls. Personal attacks will not be tolerated here.

Finally, Naughty Mommy and I are lesbians. JetBoy is straight (though personally I think he wishes he were a lesbian at least part of the time — LOL). With that in mind, please do not email us or comment to a story telling us about the size of your cock, how you would LOVE to fuck us, or any other hetero things. I have a dildo that does me fine when I want that feeling of fullness. I really don’t need or want a man attached and neither does Naughty Mommy.

You are all free to write what you want that is constructive and does not amount to confessing to a crime. We welcome it in fact. But please, please, please KNOW the Terms of Use so we don’t have to ban you from this wonderful site!! It really is a great place to visit!

Sorry for the length of this. If you’ve read my stories, you know I have a problem with brevity. Anyway, happy reading, and please be sure to comment on stories and blog entries positively or with suggestions! That’s a major reason we started this site!!

Hugs and kisses!



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  1. Ironic990 says:

    Cheryl….I always wonder how the “you’re going to hell” folks even know that a site like this exists unless they are working really hard looking for it. Thanks for keeping an eye on your garden. It is really lovely.

  2. Cheryl Taggert says:

    I agree. I believe there are those who seek our type of stories and convince themselves they are doing it to fight porn. Of course, they have to read it first. Thank you for taking your time to enjoy our website. Happy reading!!

  3. Jen Lee says:

    I LOVE what I have seen so far, darlings!

    Lix from Jen

  4. Letoria says:

    I’m not sure of where else to put this entry, but here seems close. As an FYI, I posted a blog/update on my site last night with a link here. Hope it helps!

  5. Thanks so much, Letoria. You’ve been a great help to us! xoxo

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