Overcoming Mom’s Reluctance, Part One

  • Posted on May 5, 2015 at 2:19 pm

By JetBoy

My name is Marcie Kendall, and this a story about… well, I don’t want to give away too much too soon. Let’s just say that it’s about how everything changed for me.

To the outside world, I was the same fifteen-year-old schoolgirl I had been a week earlier, but behind the doors of my home, I was living a whole new life. Here’s how it happened.

I was relaxing naked on my bed when my mother Sally knocked at the door, stuck her head in and asked if I would come downstairs to her room. “I need to talk to you about something,” she said. “It’s important.”

I paused to digest that. “Um, sure. I’ll be right down. Let me throw something on first.”

“Up to you, honey.” She turned to leave and paused, arching an eyebrow as she took in my nudity. “I see you’ve mastered the art of shaving your bikini line.” With a knowing wink, she left.

I pulled on thong panties and a cut off t-shirt before I went down to Mom’s room. When I entered, she was sitting upright in bed reading a magazine, wearing a short nightie closed with a thin tie.

I sat on the side of the bed next to her, and she laid her magazine to one side. “What’s up, Mom?”

She studied me for a few seconds, then softly said, “Honey, I think there is something you need to tell me… and I’m hoping that you’ll be honest with me without my having to ask you about it.”

The floor seemed to drop from beneath my feet. I didn’t drink to excess or do drugs, didn’t shoplift or cheat on my schoolwork… no, there was only one personal secret of mine that my mother didn’t know about. Or so I’d thought.

I swallowed hard, forcing myself to meet Mom’s steady gaze. “Um… this is about Jenny, isn’t it?” My voice sounded tiny, as if I were a kid of eight instead of a high school student.

She nodded. “Yes, Marcie… it is.”

My head swam. “H-how did you find out?”

Smiling sadly, she replied, “I’m a mother, honey. Mothers know these things.”

I grimaced. “Mom…”

She sighed. “Okay, fine. This last Saturday I woke up in the middle of the night and went to the bathroom… and something, I don’t know what, told me to go check on you. When I got to your room through the bath, I saw the two of you in your bed, naked, with the covers pushed to one side. You were snuggled against Jenny’s back, and your hand was resting between her legs. I knew from the smell in the air that you two had been having sex. I left as quietly as I could.”

I was so busted. I sat there in silence, staring down at my hands and waiting for Mom to say something, anything. She seemed strangely calm, under the circumstances.

Finally she spoke. “How long has this thing been going on?”

“About six months, I guess. We fool around whenever she spends the night, and I’ve sneaked her into the house, um… three other times, I think.”

“I see. And who’s responsible for initiating this? Did Jenny seduce you first… or was it you?”

“I was the one who started things between us… I’d had a crush on her for a long time.” I paused, then risked a nervous laugh. “My sex drive is, um, pretty intense, I guess.”

“I guess so,” she murmured, nodding her head.

I stared at her, suddenly curious. “So, Mom… how come you don’t seem, well, more pissed off about all this?”

Instead of a reply, my mother reached out, drew me into her arms and hugged me for a long while before she finally said, “Baby, I know about strong sex drives. Much more than you might think.”

I was confused, but at the same time enormously relieved that I wasn’t about to be grounded for life. I pulled away. “Okay, Mom… you’ve got to explain what you meant by that, or I won’t get a wink of sleep tonight!”

She took a deep breath. “Marcie, I can’t get over how much you are like me. I guess I need to tell you a few things about my past, so you’ll understand my feelings.” She gazed at me sternly. “This is just between us, by the way… and if I ever hear mention of what I’m about to tell you, I will know who it came from.”

Wow… this was going to be something big. “I promise, Mom. Anything you tell me stays in this room.”

“Do you remember when you were ten, and you and I went out of town to your grandmother’s funeral?”

“Yes, but not much about it… except it was a long car ride.”

“When we were there, you met your Aunt Peggy for the first time.”

“Oh, yeah. I didn’t see much of her, though.” I recalled a well-dressed, attractive but very distant woman who greeted me with a brief hug and some extremely small talk before moving on to someone else. “I guess you and her don’t get along so well, huh?”

“There’s a reason for that,” Mom said in a quiet but mournful tone. “Peggy was three years older than me, and we slept in the same bedroom until she moved away to start college. The thing is, she and I started… experimenting when I was thirteen and she was sixteen. Before long, we were having sex. Peggy and I had many opportunities to make love, living in the same room.”

I was stunned. Mom… fooling around with her sister? I’d never even suspected that she was into women!

“Your father and I met when I was sixteen, just after Peggy had moved out. We dated for a couple of months before we started having sex. Then one night when I was seventeen, we were together in his car at our local make-out spot, and he forgot to bring a condom. He wanted to go into town and get some, but I wouldn’t let him.” Mom shook her head. “I was sure it would be okay. Well, that time got me pregnant with you… and we married right away when I found out. I had my tubes tied not long after that.

“Then after your father died, back when you were two, I was left on my own. While I was going to school for my business degree, I became close with a younger woman named Samantha who was in my class.” She paused, nibbling at her lower lip, “We were lovers for a year.”

“Wow,” I breathed.

She continued. “Since then, I’ve only been with women. I’ve had a few lesbian threesomes, and one orgy. I’ve had sex in movie theaters, down at the lake, in the bathrooms of bars… I even fucked a woman in a phone booth once.” She paused. “Er… any questions?”

“Whatever happened with Aunt Peggy?”

Mom grimaced. “She found Jesus during her freshman year and became a hardcore Christian. So you can imagine how guilty she felt about the things we’d done together. And after I admitted to her that I was having sex with women again…” She shrugged. “Let’s just say that we don’t communicate very much anymore.”

“Okay, Mom. There’s one more thing I want to know.” I couldn’t believe I was even thinking of asking her this, but her frankness had me feeling pretty bold. “When you went back to bed after seeing me and Jenny together, did you masturbate?”

“Marcie!” she gasped.

I held my ground. “Well, did you?”

She nodded once and, almost whispering, said, “Yes, I did. I was confused, angry and aroused, all at the same time, and it just… boiled over in me, I guess.” She laughed shakily. “Besides, you both looked hot together.” She sat staring down at her hands for a moment, then raised her face to look at me. “So, what do you think of your mother now? Do I seem like… well, like some kind of a slut?”

“You’re no slut, Mom. Well, if you are, then so am I.” Suddenly I was giggling. “Wow… we really are alike, aren’t we? Listen, I think of you as a beautiful woman with strong sexual desires — and I’m just a younger version of you. No, Mom… you are definitely not a slut.”

“Thank you, baby,” she said, blinking away tears. “I — I’d be heartbroken if you thought badly of me.”

I got up and climbed into my mother’s lap for the first time in ages. Twining my hands around her neck, I looked deep in Mom’s eyes and said, “If having lots of lovers makes you happy, I think it’s wonderful. You deserve to be loved, Mom.”

She gazed at me, her eyes warm with adoration. Unexpectedly, she cupped my face in both hands and kissed me.

Without a thought I parted my lips for her, my tongue sliding into her mouth. She hesitated for a heartbeat, then responded, and our kiss became warm and sensual. It wasn’t a sex thing, not exactly, but there was genuine passion in the moment.

We kissed for a long while before we broke apart, staring at each other in disbelief.

“Oh, God,” Mom gasped. “I’m sorry, Marcie. I was just so overwhelmed by what you said… I wanted to give you a kiss, but didn’t mean for it to be like that!” She made a face. “I haven’t been with another woman in a while, actually… guess I got carried away. Sorry, hon.”

My heart was galloping, but I tried not to let it show. “It’s okay, Mom. I’m guilty as you are. Anyhow, you’re one great kisser. I loved it!”

“Well, you’ve got quite the talented mouth yourself, kiddo,” she replied with a shy smile. “We shouldn’t have done it, but I have to admit that I like kissing you.”

I slowly rose to leave, patting her shoulder. “G’night, Mom.”

“Sweet dreams, Marcie.”

I padded back upstairs to bed, my mind whirling with unanswered questions.


Later that night, I was awakened by someone touching my shoulder. When my eyes drifted open and I could focus, I could see it was Mom. She was naked.

“Can I snuggle with you, honey?” she whispered to me.

I nodded… and she slipped into bed beside me, then pulled the sheet back up and over us. I turned to her and we hugged tightly.

“I’m sorry, Marcie. I just needed to be with someone tonight. I’m feeling lonely.” she whispered.

I stretched, yawned. “S’all right, Mom. I’m here for you. Let’s just cuddle for awhile.”

“Thank you, sweetheart.”

She hugged me tightly, and we lay together in contented silence. I soon became aware of our nude bodies pressing together, but that seemed strangely right somehow.

All of a sudden, I felt Mom’s lips on mine.

She was kissing me, her mouth lightly brushing my lips, her body soft and warm against mine. I could feel her heart racing.

Pulling away, I whispered, “Mom… what are you doing?”

“I just wanted to kiss you, honey. Can’t a mother kiss her daughter?”

“It’s just that, um, it feels kinda like… well, the way we kissed this afternoon.”

“Hmmm… does it? Let me try again.”

She lowered her face to mine as her eyes closed. Our mouths met, and I felt a twinge of sexual heat race through me as the tip of her tongue brushed against my closed lips, a sweet visitor come to call.

My mouth opened ever so slightly, and her tongue slipped inside. Oh, God… my mother was kissing me. Really kissing me.

I’d never been so sexually excited in my life.

I pulled away for a brief moment. “Mom… I love you….”

Her mouth covered mine again, and this time, my own tongue emerged to play. Our kisses grew ever more passionate as my hand sought out her supple breast. I fondled the soft orb, feeling her nipple stiffen against my palm.

She moaned into my mouth, urging me onward. I needed no encouragement, though. I was a girl on fire — a girl making love to her mother.

My fingers rolled her hard nipple between them, and Mom’s breath hissed as she inhaled sharply, a shiver of what had to be ecstasy coursing through her frame. While I felt her up with one hand, the other crept down her belly to find a warm, wet pussy waiting for me.

I cupped my mother’s mound, feeling liquid heat beneath her pubic curls as I pressed into the moist flesh. She raised her hips to meet my fingers as they found and explored the entrance to her cunt.

Two digits slid inside with ease, and she thrust at me hard, forcing them even deeper. I began to work my fingers in and out of her, quickly falling into a steady rhythm with each stroke.

“Oh, yes,” she gasped. “Put… put another finger in me, baby girl!”

I drew my hand back to put all four fingers together, then worked them into Mom’s cunt. She moaned, her legs spreading even further apart. She was quivering, her breath coming in rapid, shallow gasps. She pushed hard against me — and if my thumb hadn’t been busy teasing her clitoris, my whole hand would have slipped inside her.

Suddenly she came, an orgasm shaking her body. She squirmed and twisted wildly as I wiggled my fingers around inside her, then gave a strangled cry before she went limp.

I carefully withdrew from my mother’s vagina, then lay down beside her. She took my wet hand in hers and kissed it, then cradled it to her breasts.

I waited for Mom to speak first. I’m not sure what I would have said anyway. We lay there for several minutes in silence as she regained her composure.

Finally she turned her head to face me. She smiled weakly and said “Thank you, Marcie.”

I managed a little smile of my own, but didn’t say a word.

Then I felt Mom’s hand on my thigh. Her lips brushed my ear. “What about you, baby?” Her hand slowly slid higher, finally nestling between my legs. I gasped as her fingers lightly caressed my pussy. “Mmm… you’re all wet.”

I swallowed nervously. “Mom… you don’t have to…”

She shushed me with a finger to my lips. “Let me do this,” she whispered.

Then her mouth was on mine again. My response was immediate; my tongue flashed to life, and I returned my mother’s kiss as passionately as I was able, moaning into her mouth as she slid a finger into my pussy. Once inside, she began to roll that finger around inside me, making my head swim.

Our tongues danced together as we continued to kiss. Then her thumb started working my clitoris, and I tore my mouth from hers to cry, “Ahhh! Oh, Mom… oh, God.”

She trailed kisses down my chin, her warm lips exploring my throat, my neck. Her manipulation of my clit grew more insistent, and I felt the tide of pleasure swiftly rising inside me. I bit my lower lip.

Then Mom’s hot mouth enveloped my left nipple, and I exploded in an orgasm that had me panting helplessly, my fist clutching a handful of the sheets.

Mom continued to finger me, taking me through at least one more climax before slowing her pace as my ecstasy waned. Finally I lay quietly, flushed and glistening with sweat from head to toe.

Mom took me in her arms, nuzzling my face. “I love you, angel,” she whispered.

I wrapped my arms around her, holding her close… feeling such a confused rush of emotion that I was on the verge of tears. “That was… wonderful, Mom. I love you, too.”

“I suppose we shouldn’t have done that,” she murmured. “I hadn’t planned it… but maybe it’s what I hoped would happen. I don’t know. What I do know is that you made your mother very happy.”

I reached for her hand, and squeezed it. “Mom… you know I’d do anything for you. I don’t think what we did was wrong. You needed comfort, and I gave it to you, that’s all. And you made me feel really nice.” I rested my head against her breast.

“Hmm… I’ll have to think about that,” she said. “Anyhow, I should get back to my room, honey.”

“Don’t leave, Mom. Stay with me tonight. You might need a hug later.”

“Marcie… I don’t…”

This time it was my turn to shush her, putting my finger to her lips. “Let’s get some sleep, Mom.” I leaned into her, and we shared one last lover’s kiss, our tongues meeting once more in a gentle goodnight.

She snuggled to me as I rolled onto my side… and in a very short time I could tell she was asleep. I soon followed.

I awoke the next morning to find Mom gone. After what had happened between us, I wondered how she felt about our lovemaking in the cold light of day.

I quickly showered and brushed my teeth… then I put on skimpy panties and a t-shirt and went downstairs. Mom was in the kitchen.

I said, “Morning, Mom.”

“Good morning, Marcie.” She turned to me, clearly uneasy. “Honey… I’m so sorry about last night. I had a few drinks too many, and got, well, a little carried away.”

I cut her off. “Don’t you dare apologize, Mom. We just made each other feel good. That’s all.”

“But… you’re my daughter. I shouldn’t have touched you that way. It’s not right.”

“Why not? I was willing and able, and I loved every minute of what we did. Better me than some stranger you met in a bar, ’cause I really love you.”

“Well, maybe you have a point, maybe not. Anyway, I won’t bring it up again.”

“We should talk about it, Mom. Sometime. If not now, then later.”

“Yes… maybe. I don’t know.”

I placed my hand on her arm. “Mom… anything you need, I’m here for you.” I gazed into her eyes, my heart warm with adoration. “What we did last night… I would do it again in a second. More, even, if that’s what you want. I won’t say this again, but you can count on me for anything.” I stood on tiptoe, placing a gentle kiss on her lips, then softly repeated, “Anything, Mom.”

Then I turned and padded from the room, leaving my mother alone to think.


Three days passed without incident.

One day after school, Jenny approached me with a plan. A couple of weeks earlier, she and I had come up with the idea of going to a motel for one night so we could have sex without having to tiptoe or sneak around, where we’d be able to get loud and crazy when we fucked.

“Let’s do it this Saturday,” Jenny said. “My mom is hosting her church group that night, and it’s ‘no heathens allowed’, I guess, ‘cos she needs me and Dad to be out of the house. How about it, girlfriend? Ready for an all-night crazy-ass lesbo fuckfest?”

“Sounds awesome,” I told her. “Count me in!”

I hadn’t told Jenny yet that Mom had found out about us being lovers, so she figured that I’d have to pull something sneaky to get away for the night. But I intended to tell Mom the truth, and hoped that she’d understand.

Wearing what seemed to have become my usual clothing around the house, panties and a t-shirt, I went to Mom and told her what I wanted to do and asked her if she would allow me to stay at the Roebuck Inn that Saturday night.

She said, “Well, I already see one problem you’re going to have… since you and Jenny are both minors, you won’t be able to rent a room.”

“Oh,” I replied, feeling deflated. “We hadn’t thought of that.”

Mom patted my hand. “It’s okay, hon. Tell you what: I’ll go to a motel for the night, and you guys can have the whole house to yourselves. How ’bout that?”

I was floored. “Holy shit, Mom! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Wow, I must have the coolest mother in the whole world!”

“Oh, now… it’s not that big a deal,” she laughed. “I’m just happy that you’re with someone who’s sweet and smart like Jenny is. When I think of some of the jerks and losers I messed around with at your age…” She reached out to take my hand. “Y’know, I wasn’t sure about it at first, but now I feel glad that you seem to prefer girls. It’s so much easier to be gay now than when I was young.”

“I’m not calling myself a lesbian yet!” I protested. “I’ll probably try sex with a guy someday, only not right now. Most high school boys are pretty immature.”

“Well, at least with Jenny, I know you’ll be safe… and happy. I’ll bet she’s amazing in bed.” She gave my hand a squeeze. “Okay, the house is yours on Saturday. Have fun, kiddo.”

Feeling a warm surge of love for my mother, I climbed into her lap and hugged her. “Thanks, Mom. You’re the best.” I tilted my head up and kissed her playfully, then made to get up and to my feet.

But before I could, Mom put her arms around me. I saw the hunger in her eyes as she whispered, “Oh, Marcie…”

She leaned forward and kissed me.

I couldn’t help myself — I grasped her shoulders and drew us tightly together. Our lips parted, our tongues met and mingled.

Mom and I kissed for a long, delicious while. When she finally broke away, we were both breathless and flushed, clutching one another tightly. Our embrace slackened, and I slowly climbed from her lap and to my feet.

Mom stared at me, stricken. “Oh, Marcie, I let myself get carried away again. We shouldn’t have done that.”

I reached out for her hand, gave it a squeeze. “Don’t be sorry, Mom. We both wanted to. We wanted it the first time we kissed like that… and when we spent the night together in my bed. You and I love each other, and we’re just, y’know, expressing that love.”

“But, honey… mothers and daughters aren’t supposed to be intimate, not like this.”

I put a finger to her lips. “And fifteen-year-old girls aren’t supposed to do what I do with Jenny, and you aren’t supposed to be having sex with women in phone booths, Mom… but we do, and it doesn’t cause any harm. And I don’t think that fooling around with you is wrong, anyhow. We both want it, and it brings you and me even closer together. So why can’t we kiss like that?”

“I like it as much as you do, sweetheart, maybe more, but…”

“But what? We’re doing something wrong by making out… even if it’s just kissing? So what if we are? I love kissing you, Mom. The sexier the kiss, the better. Does that make me bad?”

“No… I guess not. But maybe I shouldn’t have got it started again. We went much too far the other night, honey.”

“We made one another happy, Mom… and don’t even think of telling me you didn’t like it, ’cause I know you did.”

She just sat there, lost for words. Seizing the moment, I leaned in close to whisper in her ear, “We will kiss like that again, Mom. You know that as well as I do.”

I pecked her on the cheek, then climbed from her lap and headed for the door, swaying my ass from side to side to tease her a bit. I turned to look at her and saw she was smiling at me. Good.


Saturday night with Jenny was fantastic. Mom loaned me some of her naughtiest lingerie for the occasion — a see-through nightie and scandalously skimpy crimson panties. I was wearing them when Jenny arrived. You should have seen her eyes light up when I met her at the front door!

I figured that she’d strip me naked right away, but no — Jenny wanted to take me in those sexy underthings. She got down to her panties and we fucked right there on the living room floor, grinding our bodies together in the thick carpet until we came.

Then I led her up to Mom’s bedroom, where we quickly undressed, then jumped into bed.

What followed was hours and hours of steamy, unrestrained girl/girl sex. Jenny and I had never before been able to make as much noise as we wanted in bed; well, we made up for that and then some. After awhile, it became a game: how loudly could we scream when we got off?

We tried all kinds of new things, with the help of Mom’s collection of sex toys… and our dirty imaginations, of course. Finally we fell asleep, exhausted, only to awaken just after dawn and fuck once more.

There was only one thing that kept the evening from being perfect: thoughts of Mom kept elbowing their way into my head while Jenny and I made love. I couldn’t help but recall the comforting softness of my mother’s naked body, the joy I took in her caresses, the warmth of her kiss.

It made me feel a little guilty, my mind drifting to memories of Mom while I took pleasure from the girl who was supposed to be my girlfriend. I kept those feelings to myself, though.

Jenny had to leave for work at 9 AM — her parents had insisted that she get a summer job, so she was scooping ice cream at a local Baskin-Robbins. “I’ll be dragging ass all day today,” she cooed as she got into her uniform, “but it was so totally worth it!”

We shared a hot French kiss, then Jenny set off on her bike, waving as she rolled out of the driveway.

Me, I went upstairs to tidy up Mom’s room, stripping the sex-soiled linen from her bed and putting on clean sheets, then washing her toys. By then, I was yawning something fierce, so I toddled off to my bedroom and crawled into bed. When Mom got home, a couple of hours later, I was dead to the world.


During the next week it seemed as though my mother was avoiding me, which was upsetting, though I tried not to let my feelings show. Finally, on Saturday, I asked Mom about it during breakfast. Of course, she denied it, saying she just had some things on her mind.

That afternoon, I was in my room when I heard a tap at the door. Before I could reply, it opened and Mom peered inside. “Marcie, what would you like for dinner? Maybe we should go out somewhere. Hmmm, let’s see… how about deep dish pizza?”

I was so happy that Mom was acting like her old self that I wanted to jump up and dance out of sheer joy… instead, I gave her a big grin. “Yeah… that sounds great, Mom. Can we maybe go to the Green Glen Mall first, and get me some things for school?”

“Well… sure!” she replied, genuinely surprised. “You usually buy your own stuff without me.”

“We haven’t shopped together in ages, Mom. C’mon, it’ll be fun. You can tell me what looks good and what doesn’t.”

She rolled her eyes. “Sure… like I’m an authority on youth culture.”

“I trust your opinion, Mom. Really, I do.”

She was wearing a navy blue skirt that fell to just above her knees and a light blue pullover blouse with three buttons in front, only two of which were fastened. Black wedges adorned her feet and her legs were bare.

I felt a sudden, crazy urge to slip a hand beneath Mom’s skirt and touch her between the legs. It made my heart race. Instead, I said, “You look lovely, Mom. I’m going to put on something nice too. I’ll be ready in a jiffy, okay?”

I expected her to leave; instead, she came in and sat on my bed while I put on a hint of makeup and gave my hair a few strokes with the brush. Mom was watching my every move as I stripped completely naked, put on a thong and matching bra and opened the closet to choose what to wear.

The whole scene felt just a little strange, but I was glad that Mom was there, watching me get dressed. It made me think that she was a bit more comfortable about the intimacy she and I had shared.

The memory of that night with Mom made me feel a bit lightheaded, like I’d just tossed back a glass or two of wine. How nice it would be, I mused, to kiss her like that some more… to touch her body again.

I picked a black mini and a short sleeved pale blue top with a deep neckline, then added a brooch my aunt had given me of a hummingbird. I found my black wedges and held them up for her to see.

“We are going to almost look like twins,” she snickered.

“You look so young, someone may think we are sisters anyway. We do look a lot alike.” I offered.

She rolled her eyes. “You’re so pretty, Marcie, no one will notice me.”

“Hah… don’t kid yourself, lady, you’re beautiful and don’t look a day over twenty-five.”

“Let’s go. The bullshit is getting pret-ty deep in here,” she laughed, as she took my hand and led me to the door. Away we went.

Mom and I had a great dinner at Rook’s Pizza, where we spent nearly two hours chatting about anything and everything. Luckily, the mall was only a few minutes away. We went to nearly every clothing store in the place, from the chains to the mom-and-pop shops.

A few times, as I held items of clothing up to my body for her to see, I then held them against her and said something like, “This would look great on you, Mom.” My fingers occasionally brushed her breasts as I did that. She didn’t say anything but gave me a couple of questioning looks, which I pretended not to notice.

God, I love touching her, I thought, hoping I’d get to explore even more of Mom when we got home. By then I was tingling all over with anticipation, half-expecting something to happen between us that night.

Both of us were quiet in the car, at first. Then I slid a Pink CD into the player and we just kinda bounced our way home, laughing all the while.

I was first in the door and after turning on the hall light I turned to look at Mom, watching her come in from the garage, smitten by her mature beauty. As soon as she got in and put down the bags, I went to hug her, then gazed up into her eyes, both arms still wrapped around her waist.

“Thanks Mom. Thanks for dinner, thanks for the new clothes, and most of all… thanks for being my mother.”

“You are welcome, sweetie. I enjoyed it too. It’s been quite a while since we did anything like that…”

Acting on a sudden impulse, I kissed Mom right on the mouth, pressing her against the wall, grinding my body into hers. Mom’s lips parted as our tongues met and began to dance together.

She pulled back quickly and looked at me, kind of shaking slightly. “Marcie, I…. ” she whispered, and then her face distorted in anger. “Stop doing this to me, damn it!”

“D-doing what, Mom?”

She stabbed a finger at me. “Don’t play Little Miss Innocent with me, young lady! That flag won’t fly. You know what I mean. Those things we did last week were a mistake. They aren’t to happen again, ever. Do you understand me!?”

I was dying inside. She couldn’t end it like this! “But… but Mom–”

“No! I won’t listen. It’s wrong. It’s wrong!” She stared at me, frantic-eyed, breathing hard. “Now take those bags and go to your room.”

She turned away and marched down the hall, then I heard her bedroom door slam. I could only stare at the empty space she had just occupied.

Mom was upset with me, obviously, but I wondered if she was even more unhappy with herself. One thing for certain: our evening was ruined.

Fucking idiot! I cursed myself. You couldn’t wait for her to make the first move. You had to speed things along. Nicely played, dipshit.

Miserable, I trudged up the steps to my room, where I stuffed my bags in the closet, not even in the mood to open them. I didn’t want to go downstairs and risk facing Mom’s wrath, so I just opened a book and read for awhile, though I found myself losing the thread over and over again.

It was nearly midnight when finally I turned off the lights and went to bed. I didn’t go to sleep right away, as there was simply too much on my mind.

Then, after maybe half an hour, I heard the knob turn on my bedroom door.

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    Wrong link on part 2

  5. Euphrosyne, Thalia & Aglaia says:

    Wow! just discovered this hidden gem from JetBoy!…so good. love the daughter’s nonchalance in regards to her mother’s desires to be intimate with her, and then the seemingly reluctance of the mother, after the day they had such a great outing together, to her daughter, Marcie’s jubilant affections was quite the turn around and a really good tension situation!
    The sex?…awesome! Sally really has deep desires for Marcie but restrained by some kind of societal moral dilemma, but when those desires get aroused…wow, the heat is on!
    I’m moving on to part two now, hoping some delicious realization will prevail with this beautiful Mother & Daughter menage a deux ( and maybe if Jenny is willing the duo might become a menage a trois! )


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