Nanna Comes to Help, Chapter 3

  • Posted on May 4, 2015 at 3:27 pm

By Naughty Mommy

We entered my bedroom and I sat down on the bed. I was completely nude and also completely astonished by what was happening. It all seemed like a mirage, an impossible fantasy.

I’d already masturbated that afternoon in front of my mother and my young daughter, and now we apparently were going to do even more together. I really didn’t know what to expect next. I was stupefied.

My mother smiled down at me. She seemed quite pleased with everything so far, and my little girl, Jordan, was clearly thrilled with this new kind of excitement in her life. And if they were as happy as they looked, then I would try to be too.

“Want me to take off your dress, Nanna?” asked Jordan.

“Do you want to, precious? You want to see your Nanna’s naked body?”

“Uh-huh,” my little girl nodded. And as she started undoing the remaining front snaps on my mother’s pink dress, she added, “I like it when we’re naked together and kissing and stuff.”

“Me too, baby,” smiled my mom, petting Jordan’s hair.

Then the dress was open and my mother shrugged it from her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. Now she wore only a satin bra and bikini panties, both bright red, a matching set. I stared at her body and felt myself becoming highly aroused.

My mother might be 44 years old, but that doesn’t stop her from being very attractive and very sexy. She keeps herself in great shape and loves to show off her figure. She caught my look of lustful admiration. “Do you like what you see, Stacie? Am I turning you on?”

She definitely was. I never would have imagined that I could be so stimulated sexually by looking at a woman her age — let alone my own mother! — but I was. She was hot, and I wanted her.

“Now your bra, Nanna,” urged Jordan. She’d stepped behind her and was trying to unhook it, though with little success.

“Let me do it, sweetie.” My mother reached behind her back and quickly undid the bra. “You take off my undies, okay?”


My little girl started tugging on the sexy red panties, pulling them slowly over her Nanna’s hips and down to the floor. My mother stepped out of them, and she was nude. Then she turned to Jordan and said, teasingly, “But no fair, you’ve still got your socks on.”

The 7-year-old looked down at her legs, at the white knee socks. “Oh yeah, I forgot!”

She started to sit on the floor to take them off, but my mother stopped her. “Why don’t you get up on the bed, sexy girl, and let your Mommy and me take your socks off for you?”

“All right,” Jordan smiled, hopping onto the bed and sitting beside me. I put my arm around her, giving her a hug.

“Are you having fun, baby?” I asked.

“Yeah!” She returned the hug, squeezing me tightly. “I’m so glad you’re back, Mommy. Nanna said how fun it would be to do all these things with you and she was right!”

“I’m glad too, honey.” I kissed her on the head. “I’m glad you’re having a good time.”

My mother had sat down on the other side of Jordan. She leaned in close to us now, and whispered, “Little girl, you lie down, okay? So Mommy and me can take off your socks.”

“Okay,” Jordan whispered in reply. Then she lay back on the bed.

“You take that leg, and I’ll take this leg,” my mother grinned. She slowly began pulling down the knee sock on the leg closest to her, and I pulled the other one down and off. Now we were all three fully naked.

My mother spread Jordan’s cute legs wide apart. I stared at my daughter’s pussy for a moment before checking on her, looking at her face, to make sure she seemed okay. She smiled happily at me, not appearing the least bit self-conscious or uncomfortable. Then I felt my mother tugging on my arm.

“Get down here close, Stacie, and take a good look at her. Isn’t she beautiful?”

We knelt together on the floor and leaned in between my little girl’s legs, our cheeks touching, our faces only inches from Jordan’s pussy. She was entirely hairless, of course, nothing but smooth pink skin. And that tempting slit.

“Yes, she is,” I agreed. “She’s very, very beautiful.”

“Do you want to kiss her?” My mother asked.

And at that moment, something clicked. Whatever apprehensions I’d felt before were suddenly and completely melting away. It all seemed so right, so natural, so obvious. I loved Jordan with all my heart, so why shouldn’t I kiss her pretty pussy? And the naked woman at my side was the other vitally important person in my life, my own angelic mommy.

They were the two people I loved the most — of course I should make love to them! I felt so full of joy, so full of love, I was ecstatic, gleefully giggling.

Impulsively, instead of kissing Jordan I turned and grabbed my mom, kissing her lips. I kissed her, and then I gushed, “Mother, thank you, thank you so much. Thank you for coming and helping us. I love you!” I kissed her again and again.

“I love you too, darling girl, very much,” she replied, between kisses. I noticed that she had a hand down between her legs, rubbing herself. She kissed me one more time, then turned her gaze to her granddaughter’s naked pussy. “And I really want to see you kiss her now, okay?”


I looked at Jordan’s vulva, so pink and fresh and alluring. I felt my mouth water as I imagined myself kissing her there. But before I did, I said to her, “Jordan, baby, I want to kiss you here, in your special place. Is that all right?”

“Uh-huh,” she nodded, smiling. “I want you to, Mommy.”

“Good.” And then I leaned down and brought my lips to meet my daughter’s pussy lips.

I could hear something behind me, a wet slapping sound. After kissing Jordan’s vulva a second time, and then a third time, I glanced back at my mother. She was fucking herself, two fingers moving rapidly in and out, her palm slapping against her juicy cunt. I could smell her arousal. I smiled at her.

“Kiss her again,” she urged excitedly. “Kiss your baby’s pussy.”

I did. But before kissing her again, I gently pushed my daughter’s legs further apart. As I did this, her puffy labia came open — and I could clearly see moisture glistening inside her slit. She was getting wet! It made my heart beat very fast to know that my little girl was becoming sexually aroused. I leaned down and kissed her.

“Ohh! Oohhf!!” My mom was coming.

I continued kissing Jordan’s pussy as I heard my mother climax. I nuzzled her, inhaling the scent of her sex. I loved my daughter deeply, and I wanted to lick her and taste her, but I wasn’t sure if she would be ready for that yet. So I waited. I kissed her one more time, then leaned back and looked at my mom.

She was watching us, her eyes hooded with lust, as she sucked and licked her wet fingers, the fingers that had just been inside her. With her other hand she was massaging her crotch. She winked at me, then got up from the floor where she’d been kneeling and sat on the bed beside Jordan. She leaned down and kissed my daughter’s mouth.

I realized suddenly that my mother had the taste of her own pussy juice on her lips, and now she was kissing Jordan, so that meant… what did it mean? Was this the first time Jordan had ever tasted that special flavor, or could she, could they — my mind reeled with the possibilities.

And instead of confusing me, or alarming me, these possibilities turned me on. I got up and sat on the other side of Jordan. I brought my face close to hers, close to my mother’s. I kissed them, and they kissed me. And as we shared an intimate incestuous three-way lesbian kiss, I began rubbing my own pussy.

We kissed that way for a few minutes, sometimes one-on-one and sometimes all three together, our warm breath mingling, our wet lips sliding back and forth, tongues reaching out to play. It made me very happy and very excited.

Eventually my mother drew back, resting on an elbow. She grinned at me and Jordan, licking her lips as she idly fondled her own nipple. Then I saw Jordan reach out to the nipple. She pinched it with her fingers, squeezing it, pulling it.

“Ooh, sweetie, that feels good,” Nanna cooed.

Jordan wanted more. She pulled insistently on the erect nipple, bringing it closer to her face. My mother leaned down, happily giving her breast to her granddaughter. I watched as my little girl took the nipple into her mouth, sucking eagerly, and as I watched, I rubbed my pussy faster.

My mom let the child suck her tit for a while before gently pulling away, easing the nipple from between Jordan’s lips. She bent down and gave her a quick kiss, then asked, “Do you want to show your Mommy some of the games I taught you?”

“Mm-hm,” Jordan nodded.

“Which one first?”

“I wanna play Pony!”

“Okay, that sounds good. With you riding, or me riding?”

“Me riding you.”

“Mmm, nice,” my mother smiled.

I had no idea what ‘Pony’ might be. The only thing that came to mind was horseback riding, or maybe a child on an adult’s back, simulating it. But what I saw next made it clear what kind of game it was. And I was startled, to say the least!

My mom winked at me, then lay back on the bed, making sure there was plenty of room around her. As she did, Jordan got up and positioned herself over her Nanna’s face, placing a knee on either side of her head.

I scooted closer so I could see what was happening. My eyes almost popped out of my head as I saw my little girl reach down between her legs to spread her labia apart.

“Why don’t you tell your Mommy what we’re doing, precious?” my mother said. “Tell her about the game.”

“Okay. Um, we play Pony when I ride on her, I mean on her tongue. Nanna’s tongue is the pony and I’m riding it. Or she can ride on me. Nanna rides on me, on my tongue sometimes. My tongue is the pony then. See, Mommy?”

“Yes, I see,” I murmured, dumbfounded.

Then something occurred to me. I looked at my mom. “But she can’t — she can’t — she’s not old enough yet to…… is she??”

She nodded slowly, “Oh, yes, she is, she definitely is. Just watch and you’ll see.”

And then they began.

I watched as my mother extended her tongue, stretching it out as far as she could and wriggling it invitingly. I saw my daughter lower her little pussy directly over the tongue, sighing with pleasure as she came in contact with it.

Jordan started moving then, but just the tiniest bit at first… back and forth a little, and then back and forth a little more. Peering in, I could see that as Jordan held her labia open, she was looking down between her legs, focusing intently to make sure her erect pink clit was gliding right over the tip of her Nanna’s tongue. It was breathtaking.

She was moving slightly faster now, sliding her sex up and down on the wet tongue. I heard her whispering to herself, “Ride the pony, ride the pony…” and as I watched in fascination, her tempo continued to increase, faster and faster, until she was rocking back and forth, riding hard.

My mother’s hands were clutching Jordan’s bottom, squeezing the little round cheeks. Jordan’s eyes were closed. She was no longer holding her labia apart. She was leaning forward on the bed now, her eyes tightly shut, her face a picture of concentration as she rode the pony, fucking Nanna’s tongue.

My daughter was breathing hard, making little squeaking sounds, rocking faster and faster and faster, aiming toward a climax. But could that really happen? It certainly looked like she was getting close, but I didn’t know if she could actually come, if she was old enough yet to reach orgasm. I didn’t think she was — but I was wrong.

I heard a yelp, and suddenly Jordan’s thighs came together, clamping tight around her Nanna’s face. She bent at the waist, rolling almost into a ball, quivering, groaning, her entire body, everything in her, centered around the exquisite incendiary experience of a young girl’s orgasm, a 7-year-old child in sexual ecstasy, climaxing in her grandmother’s mouth.

I had never in my life seen anything to compare with this, never even conceived of anything so utterly spectacular, so erotic. I was almost too amazed to be turned on. But I was turned on.

The incredible orgasm slowly wound down, spasms receding, and Jordan’s body finally relaxed. She slid off to the side then, toward me, to lie on her back with both hands held between her legs, not rubbing, just cupping and sort of soothing her vulva.

She looked at me, red in the face, but giggling happily. “I like playing Pony, Mommy!”

“I can see that. It looked like you had fun.”

“Yeah, I did. Do you wanna play it too?”

“Um, well, maybe.”

My mom was sitting up now, on the other side of Jordan. She was wiping her mouth, grinning broadly. “You really should try it, Stacie. Pony is a great game.”

I wanted to, but at that moment I was still too stunned by what I had just witnessed. I shook my head, trying to take it all in. I wanted it to be true, all of it, but it seemed like a dream — my mom and my daughter having sex, my daughter actually coming in her mouth — could that really have happened?

“Wow, it’s… this is… it’s pretty amazing.”

“Yes, it is,” my mother nodded, smiling as she looked down at her granddaughter. “Jordan is really an exceptional girl, so full of love and passion. She’s taught me a lot.”

“She taught you?

“Well,” she chuckled, “I’ll admit that the idea for the Pony game was mine. But I would never had that idea if she had not been so, you know, so eager and so affectionate. You know how she is.”

As if to confirm this, Jordan sat up just then and wrapped her arms around my waist, hugging me tight. “Mommy, I’m so glad you’re home!”

I held her, stroking her, as she nuzzled my breasts. I kissed the top of her head. “I’m glad too, darling. And I’m glad you had a good time with your Nanna while I was gone.”

“Yeah, I did, but… will you play Pony with me now, Mommy? Can you do it too?”

“Well, I — ” And then a thrill of excitement raced through my body. My hot little girl was asking me to have sex with her!

I licked my lips. “Yes, I think I’d like to play with you,” I smiled.

“Oh, goodie! You ride Pony on me, okay?”

With a happy sigh, I took my daughter’s face in my hands and warmly kissed her lips. She was just so beautiful, such a perfect child, so full of life and joy and excitement. And now she wanted me to — to rub my clit on her tongue!! I couldn’t believe how lucky I was!!

Jordan flopped back down on the bed, grinning with eagerness.

I paused a few seconds, looking at her, fondling my nipples as I took in the reality of what was about to happen. And then I mounted her, straddling her head. Her eyes were shining, her lips wet. I took a deep breath, my whole body trembling with anticipation. I reached down between my legs and carefully parted my labia, pulling the lips back as far as I could, exposing my pink nub. It was very erect.

Jordan opened her mouth wide, sticking out her tongue as she gazed at her Mommy’s cunt. Slowly, very slowly, I eased down, bringing my sex closer to my little girl’s face. And then her tongue was touching me, licking my clit. I’d never felt anything so good. For a moment I held myself there, looking down at her, watching her lick me. And then I remembered the game, and I started to ride the pony. I shifted slightly forward, and then back, forward again, and then back.

My mother had moved over next to us. She was watching intently, and masturbating. “That’s right, that’s right,” she urged, her voice choked with lust.

I was riding my daughter’s tongue, back and forth, again and again, back and forth, moving a little more quickly now, starting to breath harder and faster as I felt that exquisite tension building within me — that spinning, swirling, churning jittery heat from deep down inside that told me an orgasm was getting near.

Jordan’s eye caught mine. Her face was beaming, and I tried to return her smile, but the sensations were becoming too strong, too intense. I had to close my eyes. I shuddered once… a second time… not quite… so close…

I kept moving, rubbing my clit against my little girl’s tongue, faster and faster. I was… almost… almost… and then…

And then I was climaxing in her mouth.

“Yes!!!” I cried. Spasms of pleasure coursed through my body, one after another, tremendous bursts of erotic ecstasy, more powerful than any I’d ever known.

My mother was coming too, beside me. I could hear her, dimly, but I was far away — in heaven, paradise, nirvana — with only my pulsating pussy and my lovely daughter’s mouth, that was all there was.

Finally, after forever, I returned to the world. I was sitting on my little girl’s chest. I looked at her face. She was grinning happily, licking her lips. My juices — her mother’s pussy juice! — coated Jordan’s mouth, her cheeks, her chin. I must have gushed all over her.

I fell to the bed beside her, taking her into my arms, hugging my daughter, telling her how much I loved her, kissing her, licking her, tasting my cunt on her lips. My mother was hugging her too, from the other side. We all held each other close, sharing another three-way incestuous lesbian love fest.

Several minutes later, when we were able to relax and breath more normally, I felt my stomach starting to growl. Surprised, I raised my head and glanced at the clock. It was almost 6:30. I couldn’t believe how much time had passed, how the hours had flown by as we played our sexy games together.

“Is anyone else getting hungry?” I asked.

“I am!” nodded Jordan.

“Okay.” I sat up. “I’ll go make us some dinner. I can probably find something —”

“Nonsense,” my mother interrupted. “We’re all going out tonight, somewhere special. It’ll be my treat. We have a lot to celebrate, don’t you think?”

*   *   *

My mother took us to Churchill’s, one of the better restaurants in Spokane. It’s an old-fashioned steakhouse that also specializes in seafood brought in fresh every day. I really enjoyed having a nice meal with clean tablecloths and excellent service. That was a pleasant change from the pizza or hamburgers Jordan and I typically would have when we ate out.

Jordan could hardly sit still, being so excited to have me home from my trip and to have me joining in all the sexy activities with her and Nanna. She kept jabbering how fun it was to play Pony with me. I had to remind her to keep her voice down and to be careful what she said. Some people might get the wrong idea (or the right idea!) if they heard us talking about the naked games we played together in bed.

I was feeling extremely happy too, though, almost as giddy as my cute 7-year-old. Part of that was the warm afterglow of several satisfying orgasms and part of it was that my mother and I were already into our second bottle of wine at dinner. It was really good!

As we drank another toast to the joys of mother-daughter closeness, my mom said, “So, do you still have those vacation days scheduled, after our little pet gets out of school?”

“Uh-huh,” I nodded, around a delicious bite of grilled salmon. I was given two weeks of paid vacation per year at my job, which would increase to three if — no, make that when I got promoted to assistant manager. I planned to use one week immediately after school ended, and the other week around Christmas.

“Are you going anywhere special?”

“Not really, no. We can’t afford it. We’ll just stay home, take it easy, maybe go to the waterpark or something. Would you like us to drive over and stay with you for a couple days? We could do that.”

My mother had a twinkle in her eye. It made me think she might have a better idea in mind — and I was right!

“What would you think about going with me on a trip to San Diego… spend a week at the beach, enjoy the sun, play in the ocean… doesn’t that sound nice?”

“San Diego?? It sounds great, but —”

“The beach?” piped Jordan. “I want to go to the beach, Mommy!”

I patted Jordan’s leg, smiling at her, then turned back to my mom with a look of regret. “I’d like that, Mother, I really would, but I’m afraid we just can’t afford it.”

“Oh, don’t worry about that,” she scoffed. “I’ll take care of it. It won’t cost you anything.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I have an announcement to make. I’ve been thinking about this for quite a while and I finally decided to go ahead and do it. You see, ever since your father died, I’ve been getting these offers from another company, a big conglomerate, to purchase our business, the entire chain. I’ve kept putting them off, though, not wanting to rush to a decision. But now the time is right.”

I was surprised. “You’re going to sell?” She hadn’t said anything to me about it.

“Actually, I already have sold. That is, I signed all the papers a couple of weeks ago, right before I came out here to stay with you. The transfer of assets will take place next week.”

“But… how will you support yourself? Will you still have a job?”

She laughed. “That’s the best part. When I continued holding out, not accepting their offers, the other company just kept coming back, steadily increasing what they would pay, until there was simply no way I could refuse. Now, I’ll have plenty. I won’t have to worry about working any more.”

“Wow, that’s wonderful, Mother.”

“Yes, it is, it really is. Your father may not have been the best daddy to you — I know you almost never saw him — or the best husband to me, and he certainly wasn’t much of a lover either, that’s for sure. But he did put me in a position where now I’m pretty much set for the rest of my life.”

“That’s amazing. Congratulations. But, hey, I guess we need to drink to that, huh?” I raised my wine glass and we toasted yet again.

She went on. “So, I’ve been talking with my sister Veronica about it, and we thought it might be fun for us all to take a family vacation together. You know, Veronica and Stephanie and their girls along with the three of us. What do you think? Jordan might like having someone around her age to play with. Kelly is 14 now, but the twins are just 8.”

I didn’t know my aunt or her family very well. They lived in San Francisco, and we only got to see them occasionally. I glanced down at Jordan, who was nodding eagerly as she munched on her chicken strips. So I said, “Well, sure, I guess. Um, yeah, that would be fun.”

“I’ve already placed a tentative reservation on a condo in San Diego. It’s right on the beach, very nice. It’s got three bedrooms, enough space for all of us, both families I mean. So if you and Jordan will agree, if you’ll come with us, then I’ll confirm the reservation and we’ll be all set.”

She sat back, grinning, quite pleased with her arrangements.

My head was spinning. I was dazzled. A vacation in sunny California, at the beach? With all expenses paid? Would I agree? Of course I would!

I threw my arms around my mother’s neck, giving her a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. Jordan followed my lead, climbing right over me to squeeze and kiss her Nanna.

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