The Joy of Looking, Chapter 28

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By Naughty Mommy

As soon as I closed my bedroom door behind us, I took my mother in my arms and kissed her, pressing my tongue into her mouth. She received my kiss and returned it, hungrily, greedily. Her arms went around me, hands grasping and groping. She kissed me so hard it almost bruised my lips. My mother wanted me very badly.

Finally breaking the kiss, I paused, panting, wiping my mouth. I looked at her and said, “I want to undress you.”

Her eyes went wide. It was unusual for me to take charge this way. But I think she liked it.

I was wearing shorts and undies and a t-shirt. She was in a loose-fitting yellow and white dress that buttoned up the front and had a fabric belt at the waist.

“First I’m going to get myself naked,” I told her, “and then after that I’m going to take off all your clothes and look at your beautiful body.”

She shivered, her hand going to her breast. “God, Julie…”

And then, briefly, she reverted to Responsible Mom. “But remember, this is a school night, so I can’t let you stay up too late.”

“I know,” I grinned, “we won’t. But I just want to play with you for a little while.”

She leered at me. “Darling girl, you can do anything you want.”

I wasn’t sure she meant that entirely. No matter how overcome with passion she was, I figured she still would be able to draw the line at a point she decided was far enough. And I wasn’t going to push her on it. Whatever would finally happen between us would happen when the time was right for it.

But tonight I did want to have some sexy fun with her.

Leaving the overhead light on so we would be able to see each other’s bodies very clearly, I unsnapped and unzipped my tight denim shorts, then pulled them slowly down my legs. My mother massaged her breasts through her dress as she watched.

I turned around, facing away from her, and drew my t-shirt up, gradually revealing my back. I lifted the shirt over my head and dropped it to the floor. Still facing away, I hooked my thumbs into the waistband of my bikini panties and began shimmying them down over my hips. I heard my mom gasp as my bottom came into view.

This was the second time I had stripped for her. I loved the feeling it gave me. When my panties were off, I turned around and held my hands out, displaying my nakedness. Her eyes ran up and down my body, taking it all in.

I said, “Now it’s your turn, Mother. I’m going to take off your clothes.”

She took a deep breath, letting her hands fall to her sides. I stepped closer to her and undid the first button at the top of her dress. She was breathing heavily.

Lifting my face to hers, I opened my mouth and brought my lips — no, not quite — the instant before my lips touched hers, I stopped and pulled away. I heard her moan. It was exciting to seduce her like this!

I continued opening the buttons on her dress, revealing a white bra beneath. When I reached her waist, I undid the fabric belt. I finished with the rest of the buttons and her dress was open all the way.

I put my hands inside the dress, on her hips, and slowly slid them up, feeling the curve of her body from her waist to her chest. She was trembling. Looking into her eyes, I brought my lips to hers again.

At 12 years old, I was still only about 5’2”. My mom was six inches taller than me, so to kiss her that way, I had to stand on my toes and pull her face down to mine. But I was discovering something.

I was beginning to realize that even though I was so much younger and smaller than my mother, she had such a fierce desire for me that it made us equals in a way. And not only her. I was starting to see that my young body was very attractive to women (to some women, anyway) and it gave me a special kind of power. I would never use that power to harm anyone or do something wrong, but just knowing I had it was incredibly liberating. It made me feel grownup and strong. I could do anything.

Tonight what I wanted to do was see my mother naked. And touch her.

We kissed. I felt her breath, hot and shallow and sharp. She was panting in my mouth. Her face was shiny with perspiration, though it wasn’t hot in the room. She was like an animal in heat. As we finished the kiss, I stripped the dress off of her and carelessly tossed it over a chair.

Reaching behind her back, I undid her bra. I pulled the straps from her shoulders and down her arms, allowing the bra to drop to the floor. Her breasts were bare and so enticing. I put my hands over them. Her erect nipples pressed into my palms.

As she had done with me the night before in my bed, I let my fingers begin tickling and teasing her nipples, making them even harder and longer. She moaned and started to raise her hands to touch me too, but I stopped her, saying, “No, not yet. Just let me play with you a little bit first.”

That seemed to drive my mom even crazier. I could see her gritting her teeth as she struggled to restrain herself while I toyed with her stiff brown nipples. When it seemed she was nearly ready to explode from frustration, I chuckled and then moved my hands slowly down to her hips, grasping her white panties and tugging them down. A moment later, she was naked.

I stood back, admiring her. “You are just so beautiful,” I told her. “I love looking at you.”

And then — I could scarcely believe what I said right after that. It just came out. I was on a high with my newfound sexual assertiveness, and it was taking me to places I’d never been before.

“Mommy, look at me, look at my body. Look at it. And now look at yours. Look at how different they are.”

My mother frowned, but she did as I asked, looking down at her own body and comparing it to mine.

“I’m so much younger than you are,” I continued, “I’m still a child in many ways. But Mommy, I have the desires of a woman, and, um, I have desires for women too.”

I took a step closer to her. “Look at my breasts, my tiny titties. You can hardly call them breasts, really, they’re so small.”

I held my tits, cupping them in my hands. Or I tried to, anyway. There wasn’t very much to cup. I looked into her eyes and then I looked down at her breasts. The implication was clear: next to yours, mine are nothing.

Turning to the side, I said, “Look how thin I am. I have almost no hips. My bottom is nearly flat, like my chest. And look at your body. You’re not fat at all, but you have all those curves, you’re full and round in certain places, like a woman. But I’m not. I’m still a girl.”

The words flowed out of me. I had no idea where they were coming from. I suppose I’d been thinking about these things, maybe only subconsciously, and now something had triggered them into my awareness.

“Look at my pussy, Mommy. Look at it. Can you see how it looks compared to yours? You trim your pubic hair, but I don’t, because I don’t have to. I hardly have any.”

“Julie…” she began.

“No, don’t say anything yet. Let me keep going.” I took a deep breath. My head was spinning, but I went on talking. “I hardly have any pussy hair, because I’m so young. It’s just barely begun to grow. I’m still a girl, but like I said, I have the sexual feelings of a woman.”

Now I moved closer to her again. I held my breasts in my hands, pinching my nipples, as I looked into her eyes. “I like women. I like girls. I want to have sex with them. I’m a lesbian, Mommy.”

I put one hand out and touched her arm. “I like the way women look. I like touching them.” I slid my hand slowly up to her shoulder, then to her neck.

“I like looking at women, at their bodies, at their faces… at their breasts.” I put both hands on her tits, gently squeezing them. “I love looking at women’s tits. I love touching them. I love their nipples.”

Bending down, I kissed one of her hard nipples, then moved to the other. I heard my mother gasp as my tongue came out and lapped over the tip of her straining nipple. I wanted to suck it then, but I didn’t.

Instead I asked, “What would you do, Mommy, if Kate came into my room now and found us together like this? She does, you know. She comes in here sometimes at night and we masturbate together.”

Her eyes went wide.

What I’d said wasn’t quite true, of course. My sister and I had masturbated together, but in her bed, not in mine. Still, I thought it worked well for what I was up to.

“She could walk in that door right now and see us, see me touching you, kissing your nipples.” I kissed each of them one more time. “Would you want Kate to join us? Would you want her to kiss your nipples too?”

My mother was trembling again.

“Don’t you think Katie is hot? She really is just a little girl, only 10 years old, two years younger than I am. But you want her, don’t you?”

“Oh god, so much, I —”

Suddenly she couldn’t restrain herself any longer. She grabbed me and pulled my face against her breasts, squeezing me tightly and kissing the top of my head.

My face was wedged between her breasts, so I couldn’t kiss her nipples. But I was able to say, “You like little girls, don’t you, Mommy? Your own daughters… and it’s okay because we want you. We really do. We both want to have sex with you.”

“Oh, Julie!!” She lifted my face to hers and kissed me, thrusting her tongue into my mouth.

In a moment we fell onto the bed. We clutched at each other, desperately, lustfully, still kissing wetly. My mom rolled on top of me, her thighs surrounding one of mine. She began humping me, rubbing her hot pussy on my leg. Once released, her passion was overpowering.

Reaching an arm under me, she pulled my other leg up until my foot was near my shoulder. Now she was thrusting her cunt hard against my hip, and her upper thigh was pressing into my crotch. She stared into my eyes, her face reddened, shiny with sweat, as she fucked me. I thought to myself, if what we’re doing here still isn’t having sex all the way, I can’t wait until we do!

My mother was humping me fast, and I could see that she was already getting very close to an orgasm. I didn’t think I would be able to come like that, but I didn’t care. I just wanted to watch my mom, watch her giving herself to me, bringing herself that way.

She kept staring at my face, an almost crazed look in her eyes as she moved faster and faster against me. Her breath was coming sharp and quick. Her eyes widened as her climax approached. “Julie,” she gasped, “I’m gonna — come — on — YOU!!!”

And then she did. My mom ground her cunt into my hip, shuddering and straining with each spasm of her climax. “Oh fuck, fuck, fuck!!” she cried, still holding one of my legs up very high. Her thigh pressed into my wet pussy. Her face was contorted with passion.

Something happened.

I had a sudden vision of people watching, of an audience gathered around my bed, staring at the sight of a mother fucking her 12-year-old daughter. The light in the room became much brighter in my vision, as if we were in a spotlight on the center of a stage. Standing close around us were maybe twenty naked women and girls, many of them mothers with their daughters. A few of the girls were very young, only 6 or 7 years old. The audience was highly aroused by what we were doing. Most of the women and many of the girls, even the little ones, masturbated as they watched us.

“Goddamn that’s good!” said my mother as she finished coming.

The bizarre illusion ended suddenly, as quickly as it had begun. The audience vanished. I shook my head, startled to have had such a clear erotic vision that seemed to come out of nowhere.

“Oh my god, Julie, sometimes you get me so hot.” She was panting on top of me.

But I wasn’t done with her yet. I decided to put off thinking about what I had just imagined until later, because right now I wanted to focus on my mom, on exciting her even further.

“Mommy,” I said, “wouldn’t you like to fuck Kate the way you just fucked me? Wouldn’t you like to look at her naked body, hold her legs apart, and rub yourself on her?”

My mother raised herself up, staring at me, her eyes wide. She had never heard me talk this way before. But she also began moving her groin against me again, fast and hard. She definitely wanted more.


“Kate is so cute, isn’t she?” I prompted. “And don’t you love her body? Her legs are so long and slim, and she has the cutest little titties. She’s just a girl, only 10 years old, but what a sexy girl she is. I’d sure like to watch you fuck her, Mommy.”

“…watch me fucking Kate…”

“Pretend I’m Kate, Mommy. Pretend you’re fucking her and I’m watching you. She’s only 10 years old, she’s your daughter, and you’re rubbing your hot wet pussy on her body. You want to have an orgasm on her. And I’m watching you. I’m looking at you.”

“Watch me… watch me, Julie, while I fuck your sister…”

She was moving very rapidly against me now, already getting close to another climax.

“I want to see you naked with Katie, rubbing yourself all over her, coming on her.”

“Oh god yes, I want to fuck her so bad…”

“You love fucking little girls, don’t you, Mommy, fucking your own daughters!”

“Little girls, I love to fuck little girls…” She humped my leg harder and faster, harder and faster.

“Come for me,” I urged, “come for me while you’re fucking Kate!”

She did, and her second orgasm was even stronger than her first.

My mother cried out, shaking, as wave after wave of climactic passion surged through her. She fell onto me, releasing the leg she’d been holding, wrapping both arms around me, grabbing me, hugging me, squeezing me, pressing her naked body tightly against mine. I could feel hot liquids flowing from her cunt onto my thigh and dripping onto my bed. She shuddered, grunting and groaning, kissing my neck. My arms were around her, holding her close, my hands rubbing her warm skin as she finished her sexual climax on top of me.

We lay like that for several minutes, her spasms slowly ebbing, her breathing gradually returning to normal. We were both hot and perspiring. She kissed my neck a few more times and I kissed hers, tasting salty sweat.

When I sensed that my mom was almost ready to get up and return to her room, telling me it was time to go to sleep, I wrapped my arm around her neck, whispering into her ear, “Mommy, I want you to come one more time. I want to watch you come right in front of my face. Get on top of me, Mommy, and masturbate for me, right in front of my mouth.”

“Julie—” she began.

“Mommy, please. I want to see you come. Just one more time, that’s all.”

She paused, her breath coming faster again. It was obvious that my aggressive style on this night was really arousing her. I could tell that my mother was trying to decide, but I knew in advance what her answer would be.

Licking her lips, she said, “Okay, but just once more.”

I waited as she climbed on top of me. The overhead light was still on. It was bright in the room, though not as bright as it had been in my strange vision. But I could see everything very clearly. This was a different experience. Usually when we had sex like this it was in the dark or with only a small lamp on, but tonight I could see her, see everything, up close and brightly lit. I loved it.

She positioned herself over my face, her knees on either side of my head. Just before she began to masturbate, I said, “Mommy?”

“What, honey?”

“I want you to pretend I’m Molly.”

“You —”

“Pretend I’m Molly, 8-year-old Molly, and I’m naked. You’re in my bed and your pussy is right over my mouth and you’re going to make yourself come in front of me.”


She started rubbing her clit.

“That’s right,” I said, “I’m your little baby girl, your youngest daughter, and I’m looking up at your pussy while your touch yourself. I can see you, I can smell you, I can watch while you fuck your pussy with your fingers.”

My mother pulled her lips apart, opening herself to me, and then as I watched she slid two fingers up inside her wet pink vagina.

“Fuck yourself, Mommy. Fuck yourself right in front of Molly’s face.”

She closed her eyes and licked her lips again. Then I heard her whisper, “Molly…”

The two fingers inside pressed deep. She jiggled her hand, trying to force her fingers in even further. I realize now that she was reaching for her g-spot, although of course I didn’t know about it then.

As I watched, she began rubbing her clit with her other hand. Her eyes were still closed.

“That’s right, Mommy,” I whispered. “I want to watch you come. Play with your pretty pussy and come for your little girl. Come for Molly.”

She sighed, increasing the urgency of her clitoral stimulation. The two fingers inside her began moving in and out. She was fucking herself.

It was intoxicating to be so close to my mother that way, to have her naked cunt in front of me, open to me. I could smell her arousal, I could see her juices oozing out between her fingers, and… and dripping. Yes, she was dripping. As I watched, a drop formed and fell from her finger onto my chin. Another one formed, and this time, I opened my mouth wide, letting the drop fall onto my tongue.

She was fucking herself faster now, and I could tell by the rhythm of her breathing that her climax was approaching.

“Come for Molly,” I urged, “come in Molly’s face.”

I wanted to watch my mother come, but I also wanted to do more with her, much more. I wanted to put my mouth on her cunt and fuck her with my tongue and suck her clit and have sex with her. I wanted to do everything with her.

But I was willing to wait. I knew it would happen someday, probably very soon. I was certain of it now.

If I wanted to, I realized, I could make my mom do just about anything. I was like that girl in the book I’d heard about, Lolita. I had that kind of power. But I wasn’t going to force it. I wouldn’t make her do something she didn’t want to do. When it happened — and it would happen — it would be her decision. She would be ready, she would want it, and then she would make love with me. And I would make love with her.

But right now she was coming, in front of my face. Almost on my face. Her fingers flew in and out of her, pumping, ramming, jamming, slamming. “Fuck!” she cried loudly.

Droplets of pussy juice rained onto my face. She wasn’t spraying me the way Kim had, but she was so wet that it was everywhere, all over me. I licked my lips, tasting her.

“Goddamn!” she cried again, still fucking herself hard and fast. Then, as her climax reached its peak, she threw her head back, arching her spine, and I heard her gasp, “Molly!”

I waited, watching her finish, watching her body shiver with each receding spasm. More drops fell from her wet fingers onto my chin and onto my tongue.

Finally, after a long interval, my mother brought her head forward again and she looked down at me, her eyes wide. “Oh my god, that was so fucking hot.”

I smiled at her and she smiled back. She drew her fingers out of herself and raised them to her mouth, sucking on them, closing her eyes as she savored the flavor of her cunt.

Still feeling bold and assertive, almost triumphant by this point, I waited until she’d opened her eyes, and then I requested one more thing. “Mommy, I want to kiss you there, on your pussy.”

She took a deep breath and licked her lips. A shudder passed through her. A moment’s hesitation, and then she nodded, “All right.”

I raised my head from the bed, bringing my lips to her cunt. When I’d kissed her there the first time, a few nights earlier in her bed, I had kissed her clit. But this time I put my mouth right up to her vagina and kissed her there. As before, I didn’t open my mouth, I didn’t lick her, I just kissed her. But what a delicious kiss it was!

Mommy gasped when she felt my lips touching her. I held the kiss only for a second or two, breathing deeply, inhaling her erotic musky scent, and then drew my face away. I licked my lips. They were slick with her juices.

My mother shuddered again as she looked down at me, watching me lick my lips. She raised a hand to her breast, caressing herself. We smiled at each other, and I felt how much she loved me, how much in love — and in lust — we were.

For several moments we remained in that position, just gazing into each other’s eyes.

Finally, after a glance at the clock, my mom sighed and whispered, “Darling girl, it’s almost 11:00. You really need to get some sleep.”

I nodded.

She climbed off of me and gathered up her clothes from where we’d left them. Then she knelt beside my bed. I had turned on my side and pulled the covers up around me. She brushed some hair back from my cheek and kissed me softly.

“I love you so much, Julie.”

“I love you too, Mommy.”

And she left the room.

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