The Joy of Looking, Chapter 20

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By Naughty Mommy

That evening, after Kate and Molly had been in bed for a while, and when I was just getting ready to put down the paperback novel I was reading and turn off the light, my mother knocked on the door and looked into my bedroom. She was barefoot, wearing a short silk robe.

“Are you ready for bed, honey?” she asked, closing the door behind her.

“Yeah, I was just getting ready to go to sleep.” I was actually going to turn out the light and then masturbate before falling asleep, as I did almost every night, but I didn’t tell her that for some reason.

“Okay, let me tuck you in.”

I was sitting up in bed. I closed the book, set it next to the lamp on my bedside table, and laid down.

My mom leaned in close to me, kissing my lips and teasing my tongue. I could smell her perfume, the kind she knew I liked. I could also smell wine on her breath. She usually didn’t drink that much, but tonight she must have had an extra glass or two.

“I won’t keep you up for very long, but I just wanted to spend a few minutes with you, okay?” she whispered.

“Sure, of course.”

“Can I get in bed with you?”

“Yeah,” I smiled.

Returning my smile, she stood up and quickly slipped off the little robe, letting it fall to the floor. She was naked underneath.

Still standing, my mother held her breasts in her hands, as if displaying them for me. “What are you wearing?” she asked.

I pushed down the covers a little so she could see. “Just a t-shirt and undies.”

“Will you take them off for me?”

“Okay.” I sat up and started to lift the shirt over my head, but she took my arm and stopped me.

“No, I want you to stand up and take the shirt off for me very slowly, okay?”

“Slowly? You mean like a striptease or something?”

“That’s right.” She was holding her breasts again and caressing them.

“Okay.” I’d never been asked to do anything like that before — it would be fun!

I got up on the bed and stood for a moment, letting her look at me. Then I took the bottom of the t-shirt in my hands and starting lifting it up, very slowly. I kind of gyrated my body as I raised the shirt, hoping I looked sexy that way.

It seemed to be what my mom wanted to see. She was licking her lips and pinching her nipples.

I got the shirt almost up to my tits and paused, trying to build anticipation. Then I got the clever idea to turn around, so when I took my shirt off, she still wouldn’t be able to see my breasts.

With my back to my mom, I lifted the shirt over my head and tossed it away. I leaned over a little bit, still facing away from her, letting her see my bottom. I reached my hands behind and actually squeezed my butt cheeks. It felt so naughty!

Then I turned slowly back around, but with my hands now concealing my tiny boobs. I caressed my breasts, feeling the stiff nipples pressing into my palms.

My mother stepped closer to the bed. “Let me see your little titties, baby.”

I drew my hands gradually away from my breasts, allowing my erect nipples to peek out between my fingers. Then I dropped my hands to my side and stood proudly with my chest out. I loved knowing that I could excite my mom just by showing her my body.

“You’re so beautiful,” she whispered, staring at my breasts. Then she looked at my crotch. “Now your little panties.”

I was wearing blue cotton undies with yellow and white flowers on them. I hooked my thumbs into the sides and began pulling them down, very slowly. I thought about turning around once more, but decided that would be too much. So I just let the undies slip down, a fraction of an inch at a time, revealing more and more of my pubis.

Finally some hair came into view. I had a few fine hairs now, but not much, just above my slit.

My mother was breathing hard. She had one hand between her legs, rubbing her pussy, the other hand still on her breasts.

I couldn’t help it. I did turn, but only to the side, about halfway. It just seemed so much sexier that way. I pushed my bottom out and let the panties slide down past it, then pulled them all the way down my legs. I stepped out of them, then turned back to face my mother, spreading my legs apart and thrusting my crotch forward.

My mom reached out and put her hands on my hips. She ran them slowly up and down my sides, almost up to my breasts, down to the back of my knees, and back up again to touch my bottom and squeeze it. Her fingers were warm and her touch felt urgent.

I shivered with excitement. My nipples were stiff and throbbing and my pussy was very wet. I wondered if she could see my moisture oozing out.

She stared at my crotch. Still holding my bottom, she took another step closer to me, her face only a few inches from me and just above my pussy. She slid one hand around and brushed her fingers over my belly.

Moaning in pleasure, I put my hands behind her head. I wanted to pull her to me, pull her face into my sex, have her lick me and make me come. But I didn’t dare.

My mom let her fingers slide down to touch my scant pubic hair. Would she go further? Would she touch my pussy lips, open them, put her fingers inside my slit? I wanted her to!

“Such a beautiful young girl… my beautiful sexy Julie,” she whispered. She kissed me softly, tenderly, on my tummy, then again a little lower, barely above my pubic hair, and then once more, just to the side, where my thigh met my crotch.

That was the last kiss she gave me in that area. I hoped there would be just one more, or many more, right between my legs. But that didn’t happen. Instead, she turned her head and rested her cheek on my mound, putting her arms around me, her hands squeezing my little bottom.

She held me that way for half a minute or so, then asked me to get down from the bed so she could kiss me.

When we kissed, I tasted the wine in her mouth, and I smelled her wonderful perfume, and I felt her hands caressing me, sliding up and down my naked body.

Then I felt something else. I felt her pussy, warm and wet against my thigh. Still kissing me, my mother had mounted my leg, holding one hand behind my hip, pulling me against her. She held me tight, one arm around my waist, her other hand under my thigh, her tongue thrusting into my mouth, matching the thrusts of her groin against my leg. It was almost as if she was fucking me!

I wasn’t sure if she could come like that. Standing up that way was a little awkward. But I loved the idea that she wanted me so much that she would rub her wet pussy right on my leg.

After a few minutes of kissing me and grinding herself against me, my mom broke the kiss but kept humping my leg. “Julie! Julie! Sexy Julie!” I heard her say.

A moment later, she pulled away. Putting her hand between her legs, she shoved two fingers up inside her cunt. “God you get me so hot — I have to come!”

I watched her fucking herself. I put my hand on my own pussy and started rubbing my clit. I was very wet, and I could see and hear how wet she was. I sat on the bed so I could see her better, my eyes at the level of her crotch.

“You want to watch me, baby?” asked my mother.


She stepped closer to me, her fingers and her wet pussy just in front of my face. I could smell her sex. She fucked herself hard for me. Then, as it seemed she was almost ready to come, she whispered, “Lie down on the bed. Lie down.”

And when I lay down, she climbed on top of me, on her hands and knees, but turned around — her pussy above my face and her face above my pussy. It was so exciting!!

“Rub yourself, baby,” she urged. “Rub your little pussy for Mommy.”

I put both hands between my legs, spreading my pussy lips open so she could see me, and started rubbing myself. My slit was very wet and hot. I teased the opening of my vagina, and slid my fingers up to my clitoris. I could come very quickly that way.

My mother’s cunt was right above my face. She had two fingers inside herself and was sliding them in and out, fast and hard.

“I want to watch you come, little girl, and I’m gonna come for you too. Tell me when you’re about to come.”

“Okay, Mommy.”

“Tell me you want to watch me come.”

“I want to see you come, Mommy, in front of my face. I want you… to fuck your pussy with your fingers and come for me.”

“Uh-huh, that’s right!”

“Fuck your pussy, Mommy, fuck your cunt with your fingers and come for me, right in front of my face.”

“Fucking god you get me so hot! I’m so close!”

“Mommy, I — now!!”

I hadn’t meant to come just then, or at least I had meant to give her more warning, but my climax suddenly arrived. All I could do was call out, “Now!!”

“Come for me, little girl, come for Mommy!”

I could hear my mother’s voice and I could feel her face, her cheek, against my thigh, but I couldn’t see anything because my eyes were closed. I knew she had an orgasm too, I could hear her groaning as she climaxed above me, but I wasn’t able to watch her.

A few moments later, though, I did feel her fingers on my lips.

As I came down from my climax, I felt her fingers on my lips and I smelled her pussy juice and I opened my mouth and I took her fingers inside — and then I felt her tongue licking my fingers between my legs and I turned my hand so she could suck my fingers into her mouth and we tasted each other.

That was so much like actually having sex that I instantly wanted — needed — to have another orgasm. I pulled my fingers from her mouth and put them back in my slit. I started rubbing myself very fast, and because I was still so hot from my previous climax, the next one came within seconds. I was coming again as my mother lay with her face between my legs, her cheek resting on my thigh, her eyes staring into my sex as I climaxed for her.

The second one was even more powerful than the first. It could be that I actually had three orgasms, or maybe more, because while I was in the middle of the second one, I was thinking about what we had just done together — looking at each other’s pussies, climaxing, and licking each other’s fingers — and that seemed so much like having lesbian sex with my hot mother that I just kept on coming.

The world seemed to go away for a while. All that mattered was that I was climaxing. I was touching myself, giving myself pleasure. I was having sex with myself. But not only with myself. Because there was another person there, a woman, my mother, and I could feel her warm skin next to mine. I came again and again.

When I was finally finished, I opened my eyes and found that I was looking at my mother’s face. She smiled. Her lips were close to mine. She kissed me gently.

After we kissed a few times, she brushed the hair from my forehead — my face was sweaty from all that excitement — and smiled at me again. “My dear, darling little Julie. I came in here tonight because I wanted to see you naked and masturbate with you and make myself come, and then you ended up being the one who had multiple orgasms.”

I giggled, “Sorry, I couldn’t help it.”

My mom nuzzled my nose and kissed me again. “I love it,” she said. “I love being with you this way. I love that you are so open to being a sexual person, and that you can make yourself come so easily. I love that about you. Well, I love everything about you, because I love you, my sweet little girl.”

I put my arms around her and hugged her. “I love you too, Mommy.”

“Okay, now it’s time for you to get some sleep. School tomorrow.”

“All right.”

She slid out of bed and picked up her silk robe from the floor, slipping it on. “Good night, darling.”

“Good night, Mommy.”

When she closed the door, I turned on my side, intending to go to sleep.

But I couldn’t fall asleep. My mind kept replaying what had just happened between us, and when I came to the part where my mother was licking my fingers while they were still between my legs, touching my pussy, and when I thought how that was almost like she was licking my pussy, I became very excited again. I turned onto my back and started masturbating.

This time I did something I hadn’t done before, something I’d never thought of.

As I was touching myself, when my fingers were wet from sliding up and down in my juicy slit, I would lift that hand to my mouth and lick my fingers, and at the same time I would put my other hand down there and rub myself some more, getting even wetter. I kept going back and forth, switching hands, licking my fingers and rubbing myself. But what made it especially erotic for me was that I pretended that when my mommy was in my bed earlier and she was licking my fingers, that she was not only licking my fingers but licking my pussy too, opening my pussy lips, sucking my clit, putting her tongue inside my slit, tasting me, putting her mouth over my vagina, kissing me there, sliding her tongue inside me.

I came several more times that way, too many times to count. And even then I wasn’t through.

I turned over onto my stomach and imagined that after my mommy licked me that way and I came in her mouth, that I then got on top of her, spreading her pretty legs apart and putting my pussy right on hers. I put my hands on her tits, I kissed her, and I fucked her. I fucked her hard with my cunt, making her come under me. I made her come over and over again as I fucked her — and of course that fantasy made me come over and over again in my bed as I rubbed my little pussy with my fingers, masturbating while I fantasized about having lesbian sex with my mother.

A long time later, when I was done, spent, exhausted, I glanced at the clock. It was well past midnight. Okay, I thought, I might be a little tired tomorrow morning… but I didn’t mind. It was worth it.

I soon fell fast asleep.

* * *

That was an unusually late night for me, and I was tired the next day, but it was worth it. Still, I didn’t want to get into the habit of staying up past midnight on school nights. I knew that could affect my grades eventually, and I was too proud of my unbroken record of straight A’s to allow that to happen.

My usual practice during the school year was to get ready for bed around 9:00, brush my teeth and everything, then read a book in bed until 10:00 or so, when I would turn out the light. Then I could spend some time, up to an hour if I felt like it, thinking about my sexual fantasies and touching myself in the dark. Sometimes I would go to sleep earlier and sometimes a little later, but as long as I was normally asleep by about 11:00, I’d get plenty of rest before my alarm went off at 7:00 the next morning.

After what had happened with my mom on Sunday night, I had a lot of things to think about that week after turning out the light. That was definitely the closest we had yet come to actually having sex, and it was something I couldn’t get out of my mind, nor did I want to. I thought about it every night, and I had plenty of orgasms as I recalled the way she had humped her pussy against my leg, and the way she had fucked her cunt with her fingers right in front of my face, and the way she had licked my fingers while they were still in my slit.

But my mother wasn’t the only person I fantasized about. I also thought about Kim, the trainer from Sea World, and how cute she was, and what a great body she had, and the sexy way she had rubbed her tits against mine while my mom was licking her pussy — and the amazing way she had actually come on my face while she fucked herself with her fingers.

I thought a lot about Melissa, too, and how nice she was to me, and how soft her skin was, and how much I wanted to touch her and kiss her everywhere. Sometimes I thought about some of the pretty girls I knew at school, or about the really pretty ones I didn’t know very well but wished I did — especially Madison, the tall sexy eight-grader with the amazing body. I fantasized about being alone with her and kissing her and taking off her clothes and touching her.

But the one person I thought about more than anyone, besides my mother that is, was my sister Kate.

I kept thinking about how nice it had been to be with Kate that time in her bed, the two of us naked, huddling close to each other under the covers, talking about sex. I thought about how much I liked her body, her long slim legs, her perfect tiny tits, her adorable smile, and her almost hairless pussy.

Sometimes I wondered if it was normal for a girl my age, or any age, to have sexual fantasies about her little sister, but then I would get so excited when I pictured Kate being naked and touching herself while I watched her that I made myself come again and again and I didn’t care if it was normal or not. Besides, as my mom had said, my fantasies were my own business and no one else’s.

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