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This was the beginning of a story that was sent to me by an online friend, who asked me to finish it. I did. I retain all copyrights on the story. I found it interesting to try to see such a seduction from the point-of-view of a straight woman. I hope you enjoy it!

By Cheryl Taggert

Have you ever needed to be somewhere you could think about where your life was headed? A place where there would be no familiar sights or sounds to distract you? As I drove through the city on this Saturday afternoon I wanted — no, needed — such a place. Not home for sure. Too many memories there that I wanted to sort out. Not the park either. Men are always hitting on young women that are alone there. I didn’t need that today.

I passed a movie theater and thought that would be the perfect place. I could find a seat where I would be by myself, close my eyes, and think. I had been so looking forward to my date tonight. Dinner and dancing and loving later. My boyfriend, or should I say ex-boyfriend, called and canceled. The bastard said he needed some time to think about our relationship. I wondered if the pretty redhead I had seen him talking to had anything to do with his needing to think. Men and women break up all the time, but this SOB didn’t even break up with me face to face. What kind of jerk breaks up on the phone? We had been dating for six weeks. The sex wasn’t great but was improving.

I bought a ticket to the next show, without even looking to see what was playing. I just hoped the theater wouldn’t be crowded so I could sit alone.

Just as the lights dimmed for the coming attractions, I felt someone sit down on either side of me. I looked to my right and there sat the prettiest young girl I have ever seen. About 12 years old, she had long blonde hair and the bluest eyes. She was wearing matching pink shorts and halter, revealing about three inches of midriff. She smiled, showing perfect white teeth. Her eyes sparkled.

I looked to my left to see who was sitting there and to my surprise it was the exact same girl. Well, she was the identical twin of the one on my right. I don’t see how even their mother could tell them apart. She smiled that same sweet smile.

I whispered, “Would you like to change seats with me so you can sit by your sister?”

She smiled and said, “No, when we sit together we talk and giggle and that bothers the people around us.”

I thought to myself that these were such nice girls. So pretty and well-mannered. Most times girls that pretty are self-centered and spoiled rotten. I decided their parents must be so proud of them. It was obvious they were being raised properly.

The next preview started and I felt the girls shift in their seats toward me. I felt their shoulders pushing against mine. I thought this probably gave them a sense of security. A third preview started and to my great surprise, I felt a hand placed on both my legs. I had both my arms on the arm rests, so I guessed they just need a place to put their hands. I could feel the heat from their skin even through my skirt.

I glanced at both and they were looking straight ahead with no expression on their darling faces. Then as if their hands were being controlled by the same muscle, they cupped my knees. I didn’t know what to do. Should I push their hands away? I had to admit this was getting exciting. I was being felt up by two gorgeous pre-teen twins. I decided to see just how far they would go. In perfect sync they started gently squeezing my knees. A few minutes later and again with perfect timing they moved their hands to the insides of my knees and pulled my legs apart about a foot.

‘My god.’ I thought to myself. What on earth was going on? I should stop them but I couldn’t. I was actually getting turned on by the daring touches of these pubescent girls.  I was so surprised by this, I didn’t even question what was happening.

The feature started and soon their hands started inching up. About an inch up and a half inch back in perfect sync. While doing this they gently squeezed inside my legs. Slowly, they made their way up, moving my skirt higher and higher. It seemed it took them forever to reach my panties, and by now I was on fire. I could feel that my pussy was soaking wet. I looked down and even in the dim light I could see a glistening spot, revealing that indeed my panties were wet. I guessed my pussy juice was running down to the crack of my ass and getting the seat wet too, but I didn’t care. I wanted so badly to feel their fingers on my pussy, but at the leg band they started back down again.

I wanted to beg them to play with my clit but I didn’t. I knew by now that these girls had done this before and knew exactly what they were doing. I also knew that eventually they would finish me. They would not leave me hanging.

After several times up and down my legs they finally touched my pussy. Nothing has ever felt so good. The little nymph on my left whispered in my ear, “Lift up your butt so we can take your panties off.”

I did as she asked, and they both pulled them down far enough that gravity took over and my soaked panties fell to the floor. I lifted my foot up and slid them off, putting them in my purse beside me so as not to restrict my legs from opening wide. This was, of course, what I did. My pussy was on display for anyone to see who might look that way, but the theater was mostly deserted, except for a few couples scattered here and there. I thanked my lucky stars that I preferred to sit in the rear area of theaters.

They started playing with my pussy. They tickled and rubbed, they pulled at my pubic hair, they were driving me mad. I wanted those little fingers inside me. I could hardly breathe, but when I did I could smell my excitement. I tried to remain as quiet as possible to keep those in the theater from hearing me.

Finally I felt two fingers enter me and slowly move in and out while another started rubbing my clit. Every nerve in my body responded. I had never experienced anything like this. I felt their breath in my ears as they both whispered, “Cum for us. Please.”

My body stiffened and my legs shot straight. My toes were pointed straight as well. Just as the credits started I came and came. It was wonderful. When I returned to earth the twin on my right whispered, “My name is Lynn.”

The one on my left whispered, “My name is Linda.” I somehow got out that my name was Carol.

Lynn whispered seductively, “Same theater next week.”

Linda breathed into my other ear, “And don’t wear any panties.”

With that they got up and left. And I started what seemed to be the longest week of my life as I waited for my date with those two lovely girls.


I must have masturbated a dozen times that week. My mind kept going back to those sweet, lovely little teenagers and their magic fingers. They certainly were experienced, and the thought that they were twins was almost excruciating in its eroticism. My orgasms were more intense that week than they had ever been, even when I was the age of Lynn and Linda and the newness of sexual climax made each one so special. I almost cried when the day finally arrived for me to meet my lovely young friends again.

The same feature was playing, but of course I didn’t care. I bought my ticket and entered the same theater, hoping the girls could make it as well. I didn’t know what I would do if they didn’t come. The pun made me smile as I entered the dark theater, and turned down the back row to find “my” seat. But when I looked at the seat where I had been the previous week, I saw that there were already two people sitting on each side of “my” spot. It was dark and I was wondering how the twins would find me in there when I realized the two people were Lynn and Linda. My eyes had begun to adjust to the darkness, and I could see their blond hair gleaming against the lights of the projected images on the screen. I smiled with more relief than I thought I would feel and moved toward my seat. My pussy was already very warm and wet, and I complimented myself on my choice of attire, a denim skirt that would not show the moisture that would certainly be dripping down the crevice of my pert ass and into my seat. As it turned out, I didn’t have to worry about that, though.

Lynn and Linda smiled at me as I moved between them to take my seat. I didn’t know which one was on my left and which was on my right, but of course that didn’t matter, but I wanted to be sure I called them by name correctly.

“Which one is Lynn?” I asked, tucking my denim skirt under my ass and sitting.

The nymphet on my left leaned in and kissed my neck just below my earlobe. “I’m Lynn,” she breathed into my ear. I shuddered deliciously at the thrill of feeling her breath and kiss on my sensitive neck.

“And I’m Linda,” said the beautiful, young teenager on my right, taking my face and turning it to her for the proffered kiss. Her lips felt like warm, buttery cotton.

“Did you wear panties?” Lynn asked.

“No,” I sighed, still not believing I was doing this.

“Good. We aren’t either,” she said, placing her hands at the hem of her skirt and pulling up, exposing her beautiful, downy pussy. In the dark theater, the blond hair shown like silk. It was so sparse I could see the swollen pussy lips beneath the thin covering. Linda followed suit, lifting her pert ass and sliding her own skirt up. They were now sitting with their bare asses on the seats. I saw they too had worn denim to help disguise the wet spots that had certainly formed on the back of their skirts.

I looked at the twin pussies and gasped aloud. I didn’t know what I had done to deserve this wonderful treat, but whatever it was, I was happy I had done it.

Each twin reached for the hem of my skirt and began to tug. I lifted my ass and allowed them to pull my skirt up, exposing my steamy pussy to their gaze. And gaze they did. I could almost feel their mouths watering.

As the movie started, each teen placed a hand on my burning gash and I placed one hand on each girl’s slit in return. We sat there watching, slowly working our fingers in and around our pussies. I marveled at the similarity of Lynn’s and Linda’s pussy. Even the folds of skin and their little clits were identical.

The girls were very hot already, each pussy drenched in their juices, and I could hear the wet sounds of my fingers as they explored the slick inner crevices of the girls’ pussies. Again I was glad that the theater was mostly empty. If anyone had been sitting close by, they would have been aroused to suspicion by the wet masturbatory sounds. Or maybe just aroused; I didn’t know.

The twins were starting to squirm, as was I, and then they did something I didn’t expect. Lynn broke free of my touch and knelt before me in the dark theater. I spread my legs farther as she quickly placed her face at my pussy. She wasted no time in moving into the wetness of my cunt and licking me. I thought I was going to cum right then, and loudly. I realized that maybe this was not the best place to be doing this.

“Girls–girls,” I breathed, spasming delightfully.

We all stopped what we were doing.

Their eyes, lust-filled, looked at me as if I had lost my mind for stopping.

“Why don’t we go somewhere we can have more fun and be alone and private?”

The twins looked at each other, deciding between them wordlessly what to answer. I remembered the studies that showed twins often had some sort of mental telepathy, an unspoken way of communicating. I could see their teeth sparkle as they smiled simultaneously.

“Like where?” they questioned in unison. It was like one person in two bodies. Two bodies that were mine for the taking.

“How about my place?” I was starting to calm down a bit now, and for the first time felt I could make it home without the need to come.

Again the shared look from the twins. “We’ll need to call home and tell our mom she doesn’t need to pick us up,” said Linda.

“You can’t tell her you are going home with a strange woman,” I said, wondering what the twins would say wordlessly to each other.

This time Lynn spoke after the shared look. “We’ll tell her we met a friend of ours and we are going to do some shopping with her and will get a ride home.”

“Then why are we still sitting here?” I asked and began to arrange my skirt to leave the theater.

As we got into the car, Lynn took the front seat beside me and Linda took the backseat to herself. On the way to my home, the girls treated me to a show. They turned to look at each other and masturbated calmly. Their fingers were keeping their pussies on simmer, it seemed. Neither of them came, but the show was a wild one nonetheless. I could barely concentrate on my driving from watching the two sweet girls playing with their pussies. I noticed they would look at each other’s pussy and then into each other’s eyes while slowly rubbing their fleshy mounds.

As we arrived at my home, I pushed the button to open my garage. I drove in and we all went indoors. I led the way to the bedroom. By the time we were there, the girls had stripped out of their clothes completely. They stood naked before me and reached out in unison to undress me. Their hands unbuttoned my blouse and peeled the top from my body. They unclasped my bra and removed it, tossing it aside. Lynn (or was it Linda?) undid the button of my skirt while the other unzipped it, causing the denim to fall in a puddle around my feet. We tumbled onto the king-sized bed, laughing and touching.

Their bodies were totally identical, except that now I was realizing they were more like mirror images of each other. Lynn had a small latte-colored birthmark on the outside of her left thigh, while Linda had one on the outside of her right thigh, in the same exact spot. Each had a small mole on the outside of her breast, but on opposite breasts. As I became more intimate with the girls’ bodies, I began to notice more of these mirror-image details. It was truly amazing to see and contemplate. I began to know the girls’ differences and began to associate Lynn with the left, since her “blemishes” and such were mostly on her left side while Linda’s were on her right.

Their breasts were capped by aureoles and nipples so red they looked as if they were colored with lipstick. I began to refer to them as my strawberries, or my strawberry ice cream cones since their breasts were cone-shaped. My own nipples were a deep brown, and they called them their chocolate drops. Their pussies, however, were totally identical. It was as if this was the center of each girl’s being, the thing they shared totally as the same. It was neither left nor right, but central. I smiled at the appropriateness of this similarity.

As we rolled and giggled on the bed, the girls moved to form a chain, lips to cunt. Lynn moved to my pussy while Linda ate Lynn. I feasted on Linda. My mouth devoured her. Her downy twelve-year-old pussy filled my vision.

My lips teased her clit, urging it out of its hiding place beneath the slick hood. It responded immediately. I felt Lynn’s mouth start to move on my own pussy, making it ache with the need to cum. I marveled at the taste of Linda’s pussy. It was so fresh tasting, so clean and lovely. Not a strong taste at all. It made her think of the fact that so many called pussy juice “honey” or “nectar.”  These were such appropriate words for this girl’s pussy fluids.

Linda’s hips began to rock against my mouth rhythmically. Moans escaped her throat, sounds of ecstasy that were drowned in her sister’s pussy. I stole a glance at the scene of the two girls, so identical, as Linda ate Lynn’s pussy, that pussy that was so much like hers. I began to wish I had had a twin sister.

I placed a finger at the entrance to Linda’s pussy and pushed. The finger was swallowed into the wetness. I began to work it in and out, finger-fucking her beautiful pussy as my tongue and lips moved around the clit, feeling the nub’s hardness against my tongue and teeth. Curling my finger toward the back of the pubic bone, I began to massage the spot behind her clit, her G-spot. She began to thrash around, nearly screaming into her twin sister’s pussy. My ears picked up the sound distantly as another sound filled my ears, a sound that was closer. I suddenly realized it was my own squeals of delight. I was moaning into Linda’s pussy as her twin sister licked and sucked on my pussy.

I realized my hips were bucking about, pushing into Lynn’s mouth, straining to increase the pressure against my searing clit. I was in some sort of sexual trance. My body was responding on its own, totally devoid of conscious thought. It was as if my brain had disconnected and my pussy had taken over my body.

Opening my mouth wide, I placed it over Linda’s pussy, covering all of it except for her vaginal opening, where my fingers still worked in and out, pressing against her G-spot. From some mental distance, I realized she was about to cum. I also felt the vibrations of Lynn’s throaty moans and grunts as she approached a climax. I was amazed, or perhaps I was no longer so surprised, that they were approaching their orgasms simultaneously. They seemed at the exact same point in their excitement. I knew they would cum together. I also knew I would follow them. Their youth had many advantages, and cumming quickly and often was one.

They began to buck and squirm, as their orgasms began to build. My mouth stayed with little Linda’s pussy as it heaved and pushed against my lips and tongue. My finger continued to plunge into her pussy, pistoning in and out, rubbing her insides thoroughly and bringing her orgasm into a crescendo. They screamed and grunted as their climaxes peaked at the same time. I could feel Linda’s vagina squeeze my finger as if it was afraid it would leave and wanted to stop it from doing so at all costs.

The twins lay back, catching their breath, as I did the same. My jaw hurt, but I was happy I had brought the little one to a crashing orgasm. I began to wonder if I was really responsible for that though. Perhaps Linda would have cum just from bringing Lynn to a climax. They seemed to be that much in tune with one another.

“Carol hasn’t cum yet,” said Lynn, breathing deeply.

“We’ll have to take care of that,” answered Linda, a mischievous smile touching her face and giving her an impish look.

The twins adjusted their bodies so they could each get to my pussy. Moving their faces closer, I felt both pairs of lips move to my slick lower ones. They began to kiss each other and my pussy at the same time. My clit became caught between the sisters’ mouths, their tongues and lips devouring it as they devoured each other. Each stretching one arm, they began pinching my nipples while the other hand of each girl moved to my pussy and ass. Lynn put a finger just inside my asshole while Linda began to finger my cunt. I knew I was not long from a massive orgasm. I could feel it beginning to form deep inside me.

I began to heave and spasm. Tremors rocked my body, causing it to move on its own. Again I was aware that my mind was no longer in control of my body. My pussy was calling all the shots. I let go and allowed it to happen.

I felt the orgasm build, moving toward my loins like a runaway truck. I felt the sweat that bathed my body and the tingles that were rapidly approaching. The sweat was like some conductor of electricity, spreading the charge of my approaching climax over the whole of my body.

My cum crashed into and over my body like tidal waves of perfect lust and sensation. I made sounds that my ears picked up from afar, as if they were the ears of an onlooker, and in a way, my body was disconnected from my brain. My pussy was the supreme ruler now, and my brain was on stand-by, waiting to be given control of my body once again. The strange animal sounds pierced the room, cascading around the walls in an echo of joy and the realization that I may never cum like this again. I moved with the orgasm, as if trying to stay with it and make it last as long as possible. Wave after wave pounded my body; pulses that issued from my pussy wracked my stomach into joyful spasms of divine appreciation. I felt I was cumming as no woman had ever cum before, and I thought to myself that if heaven was like this, then I would happily die at that moment.

I became vaguely aware that the twin twelve-year-old girls of my dreams were still kissing, but no longer with my pussy between their mouths. All sensation stopped except for the gentle cascading of my orgasm as it waned. I was coming back to earth; my brain was starting to function again, taking over my body.

I heaved for breath as I realized I was falling in love with these two cherubs. Little angels of lust, they were, and I was in need of them as surely as plants need water. I could see they loved each other dearly as well. I imagined them together since birth, sharing their lusts and desires. Perhaps even doing things as very young babies. I wouldn’t have been surprised at all to learn they had explored each other as early as age three.

They looked at me and smiled twin smiles. Their blue eyes flashed at me with a sort of conspiracy.

“There’s a double feature at the Rialto every Saturday,” said Lynn, mentioning a different theater as if they had suddenly thought of this and telegraphed it to each other. “Should we make this a weekly thing? That would give us about three or four hours together.”

I smiled and nodded happily, about the only thing I could do physically at the time. My body just wouldn’t respond at all to my brain except for that, so exhausted had my orgasm made me. I was in love and I would do anything to be with my new friends.

They smiled again and began to kiss some more as I watched. I was too tired for more, but apparently they were going to go again. I watched as they began to explore each other’s body with practiced hands that knew exactly what to do to the other. They cupped each other’s breasts as they made out, each curling her tongue into her sister’s mouth. They tweaked each other’s nipples, those identical strawberry ice cream cones that I grew to love.

It is now three years since we met, and I haven’t regretted a minute of it. We get together every week.  Sometimes they work to satisfy me and sometimes I work to satisfy them.  But mostly we satisfy each other, and when they reach eighteen, they plan on moving in with me.

I can’t wait.


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  1. Jen Lee says:

    Cheryl, this story begs for more. Who taught the twins? Perhaps their mommy? What are they up to now? Sexy fifteen year olds have a lot to offer (including friends, some younger – hint hint).

    Lix from Jen

  2. Cheryl says:

    Mmm.. I will put that on my “to-do” list. I wrote this some years ago for an online friend and never really considered continuing it.

  3. Evan says:

    I read this last year at LL, but couldn’t comment… love it again here! So steamy, and so plausible…
    Also wonder more of the twins’ backstory, and perhaps a sequel.

  4. I think this is one of the first stories of yours I ever read, Cheryl, quite a few years ago at Nifty, and it’s still one of my favorites. My god, that image of two 12-year-old girls masturbating in the car, watching each other — that’s so vivid it drives me nuts. Great work!

  5. DaughterLover says:

    Wow. I seem to be the odd one out (not the first time), since this is the first time I’ve seen this story. I used to go to the movies by myself quite often, but obviously picked the wrong shows since I never came across (and with!) any young darling, much less twins 🙁 I feel so deprived! 😀

    To me, the thought of the older woman being the sexual prey of a young girl (or two) is such a delicious thought. I’m going to need to follow that line of thought some more 🙂

  6. Rita says:

    One thing I’ve noticed reading many of the stories here is that they are all so tender and sweet
    Of course all are highly erotic and extremely hot. So much so I will have to start rating each one by the amount of orgasms they induce.
    Beautiful story. And like the others I would also love a follow up and background for these two hot kittens

  7. Lynn says:

    Beautiful story and very tender as usual. Rita: i envy you for your relationship with your niece from your previous post.

  8. Rita says:

    Thank you Lynn. It wasn’t planned but has been an amazing journey together with her

  9. angie says:

    Wow,what can I say. Sweet, beautiful, erotic. I loved it. And the girls are my favorite age for erotic fantasies. Thanks for a wonderful and very enjoyable time.

  10. cgmul says:

    Wow what a story. Reminds me of the time I was at an afternoon show when my friend kimmy took off her pants and guided my hand to her little wet pussy.

  11. Cheryl says:

    Thank you, cgmul! I’m glad you enjoyed my story!

  12. felicia says:


  13. PoppaBear says:

    I haven’t read it yet.
    So, why I am making a comment?
    Because, dear readers, I remember this one from a long long time ago.
    It is a Cracker, even a Christmas Cracker. You will love it.

    • Cheryl says:

      PoppaBear, I was just now commenting in an email with Naughty Mommy how nice you are, and this comment proves it! I wrote this when I was quite young, actually, a shy lass of twenty (turning twenty-one later that year). Once I finish my tome, I Was the Daughter of a Porn Star, I PROMISE I will return to these girls to explain more about their past. It will not be a novel length story (I am exhausted from Porn Star), but it will be a few chapters so my fans can get to know these sexy little pixies better.

    • PoppaBear says:

      Now I have read it and it is as good as I remembered. An extended version is something we can all look forward to.
      Thank you, Cheryl.

      PS Do you and Lisa say “Sheryl” or “Cheryl”? [Oh, he’s such a cheeky old man!]

  14. Cheryl says:

    Wow. I just read this for the first time in several years. First, it is obviously some of my early work. There are details the story BEGS for that I didn’t include. First, I forgot all about the aspect that this was, prior to meeting the twins, a 100% straight woman, which was the intended focus of the story in the first place. Second, while what is here is good, it could have been much better, but I lacked the skills in storytelling to make it better. Oh, well, I guess I will visit my latest work one day and find many things that would make it better, too. Still, despite the possible improvements, this is a very sexy story. I will have to get to know Lynn and Linda better myself and write more about them in the coming months.

  15. drew says:

    Lovely story! I am sure that Lynn and Linda’s mommy taught them and it would be great to have her become involved !!

  16. Amanda Lynn says:

    Such a fun story Cheryl. Loved it. I’m going to have to go to the theater more often. 🙂

  17. Cheryl says:

    **Giggles** The first time I masturbated in a public place was in a movie theater. I had just graduated from high school and went to see EYES WIDE SHUT when it had just hit the theaters. I had fantasized about Nicole Kidman for quite a while, and that one had me creaming so much, I just had to do it. The theater was nearly empty and I moved to the back corner when I realized that something had to be done or I would go crazy. 😉 I was so scared I would be caught, but I was wearing loose shorts that made it easy to get my hand inside my panties and I figured nobody would come into the theater halfway through and sit in the back row in the corner, so I felt safe enough to go through with it. The hardest part was keeping silent while I came several times.

  18. dalene says:

    The only way this could get better would be that their mother has put them up to this after initiating them into the world of lezbos, training them to go out and find new meat to bring home for her to also feast on. Mommy loves to eat cunt as much as her little twin slut lezzies do.

  19. Misty Meadow says:

    Young girls seducing older women is not as rare as one might think. Lots of kids have crushes on their teachers for example, and if a teacher is aware of this youthful passion and encourages it, then all that’s lacking is the opportunity to take it further. That’s usually the barrier: how to get the child alone and how to keep it all a secret.
    I had intense crushes on older women from when I was about eight and some of them were aware of it.
    I was the younger partner in my first real sexual encounter, but I’m sworn to secrecy. Sorry, Ladies.

    • JetBoy says:

      That’s okay, Misty… we’ll let our imaginations roam free.

    • Elab says:

      Misty Meadow, I love your comments and agree 100%. Nothing more sexy than young girls that have crushes on their female teachers and who plot how to make it happen. What an intense rush reading those stories. This one with the Twins was “super” great! Sorry my comments are so old, but just recently found this site and I am in love with all the stories it shares! “Well done”!

  20. Lisa Olsson says:

    I love this story because I love young girls around 12.

  21. Nick says:

    I think you should follow it up and call it matinee two!!
    You can say the twins learned from a neighbour and when they move in with the woman?

  22. Timd says:

    29 comments! That’s amazing, even for you, but it shows how good it was. Twin sisters having sex with each other has always been one of fantasies, and while I could telling was an early story of yours it still got me going (and of course coming….!) as well as any of your later ones.

    As others have said, yes please, let your inventive mind loose on the twins again and give us more of their adventures
    More more more!!!

    Oh, and of course, almost as sexy as the story, you drop that little gem in about masturbating in a cinema. Goodness, that got me all on its own. Deserves a story based on that surely!!


  23. Bert Rutledge says:

    Thanks, that is so fucking awesome. I agree with a previous comment, their mother had them do this to get fresh meat for her. Please continue.

  24. Cheryl says:

    Wow! Some readers are wanting more of this. I will probably tackle it soon. First, I have to re-visit some of my other unfinished works, and my “real” writing life is taking off and keeping me VERY busy.

    Hugs to all!


  25. Litka says:

    Such an amazingly sexy story ! Not one but two hot little seductresses to please a straight woman . We surely need more adventures with the twins. I am sure it was their mother who brought them up so well ! I think I should go to a matinee tomorrow and sit in the back row……maybe I will get lucky , lol !! Wishful thinking. But I can dream , can’t I ?? Once again,superb and erotic story !

  26. Kathy says:

    What an amazingly erotic story. Wish it would happen to me! Thanks for posting this story.K

  27. Tim and Litka says:

    Reading this story again reminded us not just how good the story was, but also how good Cheryl’s writing is, and how wonderfully arousing too. As Litka wrote earlier, the twins mum must have brought them up so well, but in our vivid imaginations, they had also learned their sexual awareness from mum. Happily, this meant that when they returned home from the cinema, mum couldn’t wait to hear of their conquests, and of course their fun was repeated all over again, this time with their adoring but highly aroused mother!
    Well, we can dream can’t we………..
    P.S. Hope you’re writing is progressing well Cheryl away from the delights of JS!!

  28. 3FingersNeat says:

    This is one of the stories I keep coming back to. There are so many elements to this story that work. The young twins “stalking” older, single women is a great angle. I like the directions others have offered in the prior comments. It would also be fun if Carol had a daughter of a similar age and she was added to the mix. Such a very good story.

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