On a Rainy Night

  • Posted on May 2, 2015 at 11:04 am

By JetBoy

The rain was coming down in torrents when a sudden flash of white light shattered the darkness outside, soon followed by a violent thunderclap that seemed to rock the house on its foundation. Then the sound of Mindy, crying out in terror at the noise, set my heart to racing.

I’d been awakened a few minutes before by the grumbling of the storm, and spent a minute or two staring at the ceiling, resenting the heat, unable to return to sleep. When I heard Mindy scream, I quickly jumped up, disentangled myself from the sheet and raced down the hallway to her bedroom.

Although it was very dark, there was just enough visibility for me to see Mindy sitting up in bed, shaking all over and sobbing. “I’m… I’m scared,” she whimpered.

“Oh, honey, it’s okay,” I crooned as I drew the child’s slight body to mine, enfolding her in my arms.

Even as I whispered soothing words to the terrified child, I was happy for the chance to hold her. It felt wonderful, considering how emotionally frustrating the past three months with her had been.

I’d wanted everything to be perfect when I agreed to become Mindy’s adoptive parent. She’d never known her father, and her mother had died in a bicycling accident, leaving her orphaned at the vulnerable age of ten. Since she had no living relations, the state had no choice but to hand Mindy to Child Welfare, where I discovered her. Despite being single, and a lesbian, I was given the opportunity to become her new mother.

Sadly, she was emotionally distant with me from day one. I’d tried every way I could imagine to break through her shell, but to no avail. She wasn’t hostile, mind you, just unresponsive and sad. She had withdrawn into her suffering and loss, and my affection for her just wasn’t enough… at least not yet. I still dared to hope that I might somehow win Mindy over, but felt increasingly discouraged. What did she need that I couldn’t give?

Another flash of lightning, another rumble of thunder — not as loud this time, but Mindy still flinched. With that, I made a decision.

“You can stay with me tonight, honey,” I murmured. I gently lifted Mindy up, cradling her in my arms as I carried her through the house to my bed. Fortunately, I made the trip safely… since the electricity had gone off earlier, we were in near-complete darkness, except for the occasional flash of lightning.

I gently lay Mindy down on one side of the bed, then drew the blankets over her thin body. Shipping into bed beside her, it occurred to me that I was wearing only panties, but it couldn’t be helped. Without power there was no air conditioning, and I couldn’t even open the windows, as the high winds would blow the rain in and soak everything. I’d been meaning to buy some heavy-duty screens, but had put it off again and again. So the house was hot, even with the rain — much too hot for pajamas.

I lay down beside Mindy and reached out to draw her to me, innocently resting her head on my breast. I was startled when, after a moment, she took my left nipple into her mouth.

Although I’d never given birth to a child, the feeling of Mindy’s warm mouth against my breast was what I’d always imagined nursing to be like. She was doing what my lovers had done to me many times before, but more naturally, somehow. It was like nothing I had ever experienced.

I adjusted my body slightly to provide Mindy easier access to my breast. Not for a moment did I think of stopping her, nor did the strangeness of what we were doing faze me. It was what my frightened girl needed at that moment. Besides, her mouth did feel very nice.

Cuddling the child closer to me, I gently rocked her, crooning wordlessly to soothe her jangled nerves. Soon, Mindy drifted off to sleep, her lips still touching my breast.

She started when another thunderclap sounded, and I hastened to calm her. “It’s okay. You’re with me, honey. I’m watching over you,” I murmured. She raised her head slightly, her wide-open eyes gazing into mine for a heartbeat, then slowly relaxed in my arms again.

I noticed that both of us were slightly moist with sweat. With the electricity still out, any relief from the heat was out of the question. I disentangled myself from Mindy to remove my panties, and whispered “You should take those damp things off, sweetheart… you’ll be much more comfortable.” She was still half asleep, though, so I did it myself, carefully slipping off her t-shirt and underpants.

To this day, I wonder if the heat was my true reason for undressing us both… or if, deep down inside, I wanted Mindy and I to be naked together.

I lay down beside the child, wrapped my arms around her head and shoulders and guided her back to my breast. Once again, she took my nipple between her lips to suckle, her body nestling into mine.

After a moment or two, I could feel Mindy moving gently against me. It took me a few seconds to realize what was happening, but when I did, it was a shock. My little girl was rocking her hips ever so slightly, working her babyish sex against my leg while she continued to suck at my nipple.

I was stunned — even more so as I felt my body respond to hers. My vagina was touching her thigh, and her movements couldn’t help but feel good. Without a thought I began to move with Mindy, falling into her rhythm. She sighed contentedly, her thin arms circling my neck.

I couldn’t comprehend what this ten-year-old and I were doing. I’d always had a thing for teenage girls, and had enjoyed a few hot fucks with barely legal baby dykes in the past. This, though, was something else altogether. She was just a child, for God’s sake… and my adoptive daughter!

But she felt soft and sweet in my arms, the steady movements of her body against mine were downright hypnotic… and I was so thrilled to finally make a real connection with Mindy after months of emotional distance that I just couldn’t push her away. Besides, I had to admit that the forbidden aspect of what this little girl and I were doing had my cunt throbbing with excitement. I remembered how, as a budding lesbian of fifteen, I used to have intense sexual fantasies about my mother. I’d often fingered myself to orgasm while imagining Mom making love to me.

Mindy was now grinding against me, openly pleasuring herself. I could feel the heat of her sex drawing a line of fire along my thigh. Unable to restrain my awakened lust, I moved along with her — and then she was pressing her leg between mine, creating a delicious friction against my now dripping cunt.

I was experiencing sensations that were better than any orgasm. Mere words can’t come close to describing what this little girl made me feel. It was intensely physical, tactile, emotional, and utterly wonderful. My hands slid down Mindy’s back to clutch at her bottom, pulling her harder into me. We were both panting with excitement.

When I came, it was like a climax beyond climax. I cried out loud, throwing my head back into the pillow. It was then that I heard a keening sound issue from Mindy’s throat… and I felt a surge of joy and wonder at the realization that she was coming too.

We rode one another through our mutual ecstasy, bodies moving together in perfect time. It was beautiful; like no lovemaking I had ever enjoyed. The forbidden nature of our act seemed insignificant. What my child and I now shared felt so good, so real. We bonded like mother, daughter, lover and wife.

Afterwards, I lay snuggled with Mindy, blissful and content. We were silent, perhaps knowing that the time for words was later. Mindy peacefully returned to her slumber. I soon drifted off myself, vaguely aware that the storm was subsiding.

As dawn began to illuminate the world outside, I awakened, Mindy’s little hand resting on my breast. I moved, ever so slightly, and her sleepy eyes fluttered open. She smiled shyly at me… and I at her, so overjoyed to see my sad little girl made happy.

Feeling an impulse too compelling to resist, I placed a tender kiss on her mouth. She kissed me back. As a test, I playfully teased her lower lip with my tongue. She accepted it eagerly, sucking it just like she had my nipples a few hours ago. Then her own tongue timidly responded, toying with mine until we were kissing passionately.

I held her tightly, moving our bodies so that our pussies pressed together while we kissed. She twined her arms around me, hugging me to her. I could feel her heart racing in tandem with mine. I gently pulled away from Mindy, just enough so I could see her. She had a dreamy expression on her little-girl face.

“I love you, sweetheart,” I whispered.

“I… I love you too, Mommy,” she breathed.

My heart sang — Mindy had never called me “Mommy” before.

My mouth sought out hers again, and we shared another hot, hungry kiss. I licked a circle around Mindy’s lips, and she responded by parting them further, welcoming me. My tongue trailed down to her chin; then I placed a line of soft kisses along her neck, into the hollow of her throat and further.

Her breasts were slight — barely there, really — but her pert nipples thrilled me. I took one between my lips to suckle, and my little angel cradled my face to her chest. I moved from one breast to the other, then back again, flicking at the pink tips with my tongue. She shivered happily, her hands trembling in my hair as she held me close.

My hand rested lightly on Mindy’s tummy. Slowly, so as not to alarm her, I allowed it to drift between my little girl’s legs, gently tracing her bare slit with a fingertip. She cried out, clutching at me. Her pudendum was warm and moist, and I brought another finger into play, exploring the child’s sex. I could feel ripples of excitement running through her body as her pleasure grew. She was close to orgasm again, I could tell… but I needed to taste her.

Mindy mewed in frustration when I extracted my hand from between her slender thighs, but I silenced her with a kiss, my tongue languidly engaging hers. Then I pulled away to gaze down at the treasure that lay in my arms. Her eyes were wide, her wet mouth slightly open. “Oh, Mindy…” I breathed.

“Mommy,” she whispered, her face positively glowing.

I began to kiss a pathway down the child’s body again, this time only pausing for a fleeting moment to lick each of her nipples, then continued my journey downward. The warm softness of her tummy delighted me, and I lavished her there with kisses. She squealed when I teased her belly button with the tip of my tongue, then gasped, “That t-tickles!”

Then I lay between Mindy’s legs, gazing enthralled at the beauty of her bare slit in the new light of morning. I had never examined a little girl’s vagina up close before, and the sight of her pink cleft, glistening with the child’s arousal, had me dizzy with lust. I inhaled deeply, licking my lips as I savored her intoxicating scent.

Mindy stared at me, waiting to see what I would do — and I lowered my head to press a gentle kiss into her sex.

She gasped, jolted by a sudden shiver of pleasure… and I slowly trailed my tongue from the bottom of her vagina to the top, pausing to relish the exquisite taste of her, licking my lips and loving the flavor. Just the way a little girl ought to taste, I thought.

I moved in to drink from her flower. Mindy began to moan as I explored her intimate places with my mouth. I allowed the tip of my tongue to penetrate her babyish slit, then probed deeper, exploring her body.

I rolled my tongue around inside her for awhile, feeling my child begin to tremble, gently at first, as tendrils of the sweetest pleasure flickered through her frame. Then I began to lick her with long, slow strokes. Mindy seemed to grow wetter and wetter as I went down on her, the tart essence coating my lips and chin.

Was this really me, making love to a ten-year-old child — a child who might soon be my legal daughter? Yes, it was, and the sheer rightness of what Mindy and I were sharing obliterated any guilt I might have felt. I was a woman on fire, ensnared by the forbidden pleasures of incest. It was as if a mirror image of the fantasies I’d entertained as a girl about loving my mother had come to life.

Hungry for new delights, I raised my face from Mindy’s vagina, then got her up on all fours. She was panting, flushed; eager to know what sensual gift I would bestow upon her next. I knelt behind her, then my fingers stole between Mindy’s legs to brush the dewy petals of her sex. “Oh,” she breathed, a small tremor coursing through her slender form.

With my other hand, I parted her slim buttocks, revealing the pink pucker of her anus. I couldn’t help myself — I dipped my head, extending my tongue to lick a path between her cheeks.

A helpless sob of pleasure burst from my child’s throat, then she moaned, “Oh, oh Mommy… that f-feels so nice…”

I continued to lick at Mindy’s anal crease, my fingers still exploring the wetness at the juncture of her thighs. Carefully, I teased the tip of one finger inside her slit. She moaned ardently, her hips pushing back against my cautious probing.

I let my finger penetrate deeper into Mindy, carefully pressing into her until I reached the barrier of her hymen… then moved it around  in a circular motion, pressing the digit against the walls of her vagina. Shivering deliciously, she slumped forward into the pillow, her ass still up and open for my pleasure — and hers!

My tongue pressed into Mindy, licking around the rim of her anus as I fucked the little girl with my finger. She moaned, her childish body trembling from head to toe. She was about to come, I could feel it — so I shifted my hand in order to tease her clitoris with my thumb.

Mindy went rigid as a sudden cataclysm of pure sensation tore through her thin frame. Her hoarse cries, partly muffled by the pillow that cradled her face, thrilled me to the core. She began to rock violently, her bottom thrusting back at me, and it took everything I had to hang on to Mindy without accidentally breaking her hymen, or removing my finger from her vagina. Nevertheless, I managed to keep stimulating her with my mouth and fingers, guiding my daughter through her climax.

As her pleasure crested and slowly ebbed, I removed my finger from Mindy and began to lightly stroke her vulva, keeping the good feelings coming without overtaxing her. Finally she slumped onto her side, sighing contentedly.

I drew her to me, hugging her damp body. She seized my hand, bringing it to her lips to kiss. “Oh, Mommy,” she whispered. Then she twisted herself around to face me, wrapping her arms about my neck… her face alight with a smile of happiness that warmed my soul.

Then she kissed me, her tongue slipping sweetly between my lips. I moaned in surprise, then I was eagerly returning her kiss, my lust soaring again.

Suddenly she pulled back, her eyes penetrating mine. “You make me feel so good,” she cooed, “even better than my first mommy did.” And she bent to take the tip of my breast into her mouth.

I stared blankly into space. Her first mommy…?

The sudden realization floored me, sent my heart racing wildly.

Mindy’s mother had made love to her little girl? It seemed too crazy a coincidence to be possible… but as the ten-year-old child nuzzled at my breasts, it became crystal clear that this was not her first lesbian experience.

In a rush of insight, I suddenly understood why Mindy had been so sad before, so distant — and why the affection I’d given her hadn’t been enough. She missed the special, secret loving that she and her mother had shared in the privacy of their bedroom.

I shivered in anticipation, putting this revelation aside for the moment as Mindy began to kiss her way down my body, just as I had done to her. It seemed that this little girl had learned to give pleasure as well as receive it… and I was going to be the lucky recipient of her favors.

I could feel the warmth of Mindy’s breath caressing my thick pubes; saw the little girl licking her lips as she studied my sex. Then she slowly closed her eyes, dipping her face between my legs.

When her mouth touched my vagina I moaned, “Oh… oh my baby, I adore you…” then her tongue emerged to lick me, and it was so wonderful that I felt like crying.

Mindy licked me softly, at first… like a cat, I remember thinking. But her lips and tongue gradually grew bolder, exploring the folds and crevices of my sex, alternating between long, sensuous kisses — as if she were kissing a lover’s mouth — and rhythmic strokes from the tip of her tongue that traveled the length of my now inflamed labia. I whimpered, clutching at the bedsheets with shaking hands.

Then Mindy was probing my cunt with her tongue — flicking it in, then out. Her eyes were open, a blissful expression on her face that spurred my arousal even higher. This little girl clearly loved to eat pussy, and she was better at it than most of my grownup lovers.

As if to reinforce that thought, Mindy’s hand stole between my thighs as she continued to lick. Her fingers brushed my clitoris — and suddenly I was coming.

I screamed out loud as a tsunami of pleasure buffeted me mercilessly, deep orgasmic shocks jarring my body. Through it all my little lover’s mouth remained locked to my cunt, drinking deep of my essence as it flowed from me.

Mindy carried me through my climax, nuzzling gently at my sex as I lay panting, sweaty, flushed from head to toe. Finally, with a small contented sound, she rested her sticky face on my thigh.

Heart pounding, I reached down to gather Mindy up and into my arms. My mouth claimed hers and we shared a kiss, my tongue trailing around her lips to sample the wetness that coated them. She moaned happily, her own tongue dancing with mine.

I broke away, gazing up into her shining eyes. “I love you, baby,” I whispered.

“I love you, Mommy,” she softly replied.

We had other things to talk about, my little girl and I — but those would have to wait. We lay embraced, curled together in the afterglow of our loving. Our bodies were still slick with sweat from the heat, but I needed to have Mindy in my arms.

When I awakened, the child was there beside me, watching me with adoring eyes. The rain had ended, the room had cooled and lines of sunshine peeked through the blinds to adorn my walls in cheerful yellow. I swear that I could hear birds singing.

Mindy and I shared a brief kiss. Then we began to speak, shyly at first, of what had happened between us.

As she had hinted, it had been her birth mother who had introduced her to sex two years earlier, when Mindy had just turned eight. Her mom had been gay, a free spirit and very beautiful; when Mindy questioned her about lesbian love, she had offered to show her daughter what it was like. The experience had been so incredible for them both that mother and daughter continued to make love on a frequent basis, sleeping in the same bed most nights. When her mom died, my little girl lost much more than a parent… she’d also been deprived of her romantic partner.

But now, things had changed in Mindy’s life, and mine. There in my bed, on that magical morning, she was finally able to cast away her grief and become my daughter, fully and completely. More than that, she became my lover.


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  1. angie says:

    Very hot story. And I love the photo

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    My my jetboy, the visual aids are always so welcome, such a great addition to your stories

  3. JetBoy says:

    Many thanks to you all. Your praise means more than I can say.

  4. jesse says:

    The story was amazing as always. And as beautiful as the photo is, i would peg their ages to be about 15 and 12, so i cant say it really fits the story 8P. Not that it really matters tho lol. Keep up the excellent work!

  5. mike says:

    Well — that was certainly worth publishing again. Short and very sweet.
    Lovely read.

  6. David says:

    What and loving and erotic story. How did I miss this before? Well written story about how love can show up in strange and erotic ways.

  7. Chris says:

    You brought me to tears with this one. The picture this story paints was so good. BRAVO!

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    Hadn’t read this in a long time. We wish you had more time to do your own stories.

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    Superbly written story! Wish there was more of it! So delicious!

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    Just read this for the first time. Omg jetboy, it was incredible. I know a couple of ladies who will love this, espesh with that lovely pic

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    Many thanks to all for showing my humble story some love. You are the reason that we do this…

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