Mommy’s Little Exhibitionist

  • Posted on May 1, 2015 at 12:14 am

By JetBoy

I stood nude before the mirror — a girl of nine, studying her body.

Caressing my flat chest, I teased my nipples with the tips of the fingers, loving how they grew tingly and stiff to the touch. I turned around, peering over a shoulder at the twin ivory globes of my bare bottom, then spun back to face the glass, drawing closer to admire the baby-smooth cleft of my pussy.

“Mommy?” I called.

“What?” she loudly replied from down the stairs. I could hear her bustling around in the foyer, collecting her keys and purse. “Aren’t you ready yet, honey?”

“Um, almost. Can I not wear panties today?” I could feel a lovely warmth down below as I fingered the line of my slit.

I was aching with excitement, just imagining it: walking through the supermarket wearing a flimsy dress with nothing underneath, girls and women watching me with lust in their eyes. I grinned at my naked reflection as I recalled last week, when Mommy and I went to the mall. I wore a really thin tank top and a skimpy pair of white shorts without panties, and got exactly the kind of response I’d hoped for — a few sexy ladies gawked at me, and one really hot teenage girl brushed up against my ass several times in the video store after she caught me checking her out.

Standing in the doorway to my bedroom, Mommy folded her arms, an exasperated but amused look on her face as she realized that I hadn’t even put on socks yet, much less anything else.

“Julie, Julie, Julie,” she sighed, coming over to where I stood to kneel behind me, her arms slipping around my waist. “What on earth am I going to do with you?” She gazing at me in the mirror with laughing eyes, her fingers gliding over my tiny, erect nipples to tweak them playfully as she held me from behind.

I turned around and hugged her, rubbing my naked body against her clothed one. “I know something I’d like you to do to me, Mommy…” I murmured.

She drew away, giving me a stern look. “Now, honey, behave… we’ve got to go to the store, or it’s old pizza crusts with ketchup for dinner tonight. You can wait until we get back home to play.”

“Fine,” I mock-pouted, then gave Mommy my sweetest smile. “But I don’t have to put on panties, right?”

She snickered. “Okay, okay, you little sex fiend. C’mere, though — let’s find you something to wear that won’t get us both arrested.” Mommy began to rummage through my clothes closet, holding up different hangers to the light, examining the dresses and tops that hung from them.

Feeling a certain wicked impulse, I crept behind her and thrust my hands under Mommy’s dress, fondling her beautiful big bottom through the silky panties she wore. She gasped as I ran my fingers up and down her butt crack, a sweet shiver surging through her body.

“Honeyyyy… you have to stop that now, or we’ll never get out of here!” she moaned, clumsily breaking away from me, clutching one of my dresses to her heaving breasts.

My mother’s face was flushed and I knew her cunt was dripping, but I decided to show her mercy. “Sorry, Mommy,” I said, giving her my best Innocent Child look. “Your bottom looked so pretty that I just had to touch it…”

“I swear, you are such a little tease,” she scowled, taking a buttery yellow sundress from its hanger and holding it up in the air for me to slip into. “It’s a good thing I love you so damn much, or I’d swap you to the gypsies for a — a space heater, or something.”

I smiled a sneaky smile, allowing her to slide the dress down my outstretched arms and over my body. She smoothed the material where it covered my stiff nipples, and I felt a twinge of pleasure that nearly made my legs buckle beneath me. It doesn’t take much to get me hot and bothered.

Pausing to calm my simmering arousal, I stepped into my sandals, put on a blue beaded necklace, then turned to present myself to Mommy with arms spread wide. “How do I look?”

“You’ll do,” she nodded. I could tell that she loved what she saw; knew that the temptation was strong for her to rip my dress off and take me, right there on the bedroom floor. “Now get that adorable little behind down to the garage and into the car, before I lose control of myself.”

“I wouldn’t mind if you did…” I began.

She interrupted me with a brisk slap to my bottom. “March!” she commanded, nudging me out into the hall and to the top of the stairs.

I pranced down the steps two at a time, then looked back up at Mommy, flipping up my dress to give her a quick peek at my bare butt. She just grinned, making a loud kissing sound as she followed me downstairs. I knew what it was that she really wanted to kiss!

It thrilled me to make my mommy all excited, to make her need me. It’s this warm, beautiful secret that we hold in our hearts, binding us together for always and always. Since she and I became lovers when I was eight, we’ve been closer that any mother and daughter I know.

We made our way into the garage. Mommy opened the car door on my side, and I jumped up into the seat, tugged the seat belt across my middle and buckled it shut. She slid into the driver’s seat and fastened hers. One of her titties was hanging over the seat belt, so I reached over to lightly pinch her nipple. I’m such a bad little girl — but Mommy loves it, even if she has to pretend sometimes that she doesn’t..

Still, we do have errands to carry out, so she gives me her Please Behave look as she starts up the car. “Baby girl, I adore you to pieces, but you best stop with the wandering hands, else I’ll push that innocent looking face between my legs and make you eat me right here in the front seat, okay?”

I giggled, darting my tongue in and out like I was licking her pussy, and she couldn’t help but laugh. With a toss of her head, she pulled out of our drive, turned into Kefauver Lane, and we were off.

A few minutes later, we pulled into the parking lot of the supermarket. I opened my door and jumped down onto the asphalt. It was a steaming hot day, and my tiny sandals didn’t protect my feet from the heat very well. Dancing about on the sticky pavement, I seized Mom’s hand and led her inside.

The supermarket was delightfully cool, and the gently moving air seemed to flow up my dress and between my legs. I held my hair up off my neck to dry the sweat that had formed there, then drew away the front of my dress. My nipples instantly began to stiffen, like they always do when I get turned on. All of a sudden, I was so horny that I could have screamed.

Mom noticed, of course. “My, aren’t we perky this morning?” She pulled me to her, slipped her hand down inside the top and brushed my nipples with her fingers. I whimpered, feeling a storm of need rising in my belly, running wild in all directions. Hardly anyone else was shopping right then, so she continued to tease me mercilessly.

“Oh my God, Mommy,” I panted, “You’re making my pussy drip down my leg. I’m g-gonna come if you don’t stop!”

With that, she backed me against the frozen food door, thrust her hand beneath the dress I wore and deftly eased one finger into my cunt, her thumb seeking out my throbbing clit.

I hugged her arm, my hips jerking almost violently as waves of pleasure enveloped my childish body. I shuddered, trying to stifle my moans as Mommy finger-fucked me right there in the supermarket, where anybody could see us if they came down the aisle.

“Fuck me, Mommy,” I blurted, caught like a wriggling fish on my mother’s busy fingers. “Ohh, oh God, I’m c-coming… unh, unh, unh, ooooohh!” My jaw was clenched, eyes squeezed tightly shut as I came. I was pressed against cold glass, but inside me it was all raw heat.

Mommy held me securely with her free arm until I calmed down. Her hand vanished from between my legs, then I felt her carefully wiping the sweat from my face with a handkerchief.

I opened my eyes just in time to see Mommy bend down to kiss my cheek. “There. Now, let’s get on with the shopping, ‘kay?” Pushing the cart along, she gave me a wink and casually sucked at her wet finger. I followed closely behind, tiny aftershocks of ecstasy making my stride a bit unsteady.

Our shopping cart eventually filled, Mommy and I made our way to the checkout counter. I was leaning against the side, watching the belt carry our groceries to the cashier. I absently pulled up the hem of my sundress to wipe my face, then suddenly realized that there was a woman standing behind me who’d gotten a good look at my bare bottom.

Stealing a quick peek at the lady, I saw that she was really attractive — the kind of older woman who totally turns me on. Her cheeks were flushed, and she was ogling my butt, so I wiped my face again like it was the most natural thing in the world, giving her an even better look.

She nervously smiled at me — then that smile disappeared as I pulled my dress up again, all the way this time; gathering it under the chin so that my nude body was completely exposed to her wide-eyed stare.

The woman gasped and turned even redder — and I watched her tremble, lower lip quivering as she drank in the sight of my pert nipples and baby-smooth slit. I twirled a bit, so she could see even more of me.

Most people would be shocked if they knew how many grown women are turned on by young girls, but not me. I recognize them nearly everywhere I go — ladies stuck in boring marriages, or dating one stupid man after another and wishing for something better. Those are the women I like to tease the most, giving them scary, exciting feelings; fantasies of making love to a little girl like me. Like this lady in the checkout line. If I followed her into the parking lot and told her that I thought she was pretty, and she could do whatever she liked to me… well, before you knew it I’d be stretched out on the back seat of her car and she’d be licking my pussy. I could see it in her eyes.

I arched my back to make my stiff nipples jut out, then parted my legs so that my pussy, now visibly moist, was in plain view. Sensing what I was up to, Mom kept the cashier distracted while I exposed myself to my new grownup friend.

The side of the counter felt cool against my bare bottom. The lady’s mouth was hanging open, and she was practically shaking as I let my dress slowly slide back down, gazing innocently up at her like I had no idea of what I’d just done. She turned her flushed face away, trying and failing to compose herself.

I heard Mommy’s voice behind me. “Time to go, honeybunch.” I turned and followed my mother to the exit, actually skipping a few times.

“Well, that was quite a show you put on in there.” Mommy said, as we loaded our grocery bags into the trunk. “God, I was as turned on as the lady that was watching you. So, baby girl… did she like what she saw?”

I beamed at her, nodding emphatically. “Uh-huh. She was kinda scared, but I know I could’ve got her into bed if I wanted.”

“I don’t doubt that,” she laughed. We climbed into the stifling heat of the car and I buckled up, pushing my dress down between my legs to absorb the moisture that lingered on my bare pussy. “You’re such a sexy, luscious little munchkin… hard to believe that there’s any woman that wouldn’t want you.” She fired up the car; pulled out of the parking lot.

“Doesn’t matter,” I shrugged, patting her leg, then leaving my hand there. “You’re the only lover for me, Mommy.”

She gave me an adoring look, the kind that turns me into a puddle inside. “Awww… what a sweet baby girl I’ve got.”

I sat back, enjoying the afternoon air as it rushed through the lowered windows, gently stroking my mother’s thigh. “Y’know something, Mommy? You made me feel really good in the store, but I’m still feeling horny for some reason…”

“Yeah, like that’s something new.” she smirked, “So what do you want me to do about it, sweetheart? We just have to be careful, that’s all. It could get me in big trouble if anyone caught us.”

“Yeah, I know, but I love to make love with you so much… and it’s even better when we do it out in the open. Why don’t we pull off the big road and go where there’s nobody around, then we can fuck. Pretty please?”

She began to speak, hesitated, then shook her head with a wry laugh. “How can I say no to an offer like that?”

Letting my seat belt out enough so I could lean in close to Mommy, I placed a kiss on her cheek. “I love you, Mommy. You’re so good to me.”

She reached for my hand, gave it a squeeze. Her eyes were already searching for an exit road; one suitable for a little private lovemaking.

Mommy had always found it hard to say no to me, even when I was practically a toddler. I never threw noisy fits, cried or pouted to get my way. I’d mastered the art of persuasion early on in life.

I realized by age eight that I was a lesbian. Young as I was, it just made sense to me to prefer girls to boys. A few months later, I decided I wanted Mommy to be my first lover. And I seduced her, made her mine.

I picked an evening when she and I watched a movie with some sex scenes in it, including one with two women making love. I could tell she was aroused, and decided to make my move on her that night. She’d had a couple of glasses of wine, and I figured that would work in my favor.

About fifteen minutes after we went to bed, I got up, took off my nightshirt and panties and tiptoed naked into Mommy’s room, pausing first at her door to peek inside. My timing was just right — she was caressing herself, but hadn’t begun to touch her pussy yet.

I crept over to the bed and crawled in, snuggling up to Mommy, thrilled to discover that she was nude, just like me. She took me in her arms, though I could tell she was disappointed about not being able to finish masturbating. I smiled to myself. Don’t worry, Mommy… I’ll take care of you.

I began to touch her all over, placing tiny kisses on her face and neck. She liked that a lot, thinking it was only her daughter being affectionate.

But my touches and kisses slowly grew bolder, more intimate — and by the time Mommy figured out that I was making love to her, she was too aroused to say no and send me back to my room.

Oh, she tried to resist at first, once she understood what I was doing, but I simply whispered, “I’m in love with you, Mommy… I want to be your girlfriend.”

That left her so overwhelmed that I was able to give Mommy a kiss, a sexy one — and when her lips parted in surprise, I slipped my tongue into her mouth, kissing her like the lesbian lovers in the movie. I guess she simply couldn’t resist kissing me back, her tongue meeting mine. Soon, she was touching me, her hands drifting down to fondle my bottom. That was when I knew that I had what I wanted.

We did everything that night. The lesbian film clips I’d searched out online had been my instruction manual, and I put what I’d learned to good use. I burrowed between Mommy’s legs and licked her dripping cunt until she came, then she had me perch on her face and brought me off with her mouth and tongue. We even took turns licking each other’s buttholes. And it seemed as if we couldn’t stop sharing eager kisses, our mouths coming together again and again.

Since then, my mother and I have enjoyed each other’s bodies lots of times. Mommy even took me on a trip to the Bahamas, calling it “our honeymoon.” One day, we went out in the ocean on a rubber raft and made love, only a few hundred feet away from the beach. Hearing the voices of people so close by while Mommy licked my pussy made me come harder than I ever had before.

Now Mommy was looking left and right as she drove, seeking a side road that would give us the privacy we needed. Suddenly, with a victorious grin, she signaled and turned onto a gravel road, one that our growing suburb had yet to expand into. She continued this way for a mile or so, the car churning up clouds of dust as we went. Finally, Mommy guided us into the shade of an enormous pine tree and shut the engine off.

Turning in her seat, she gave me gazed warmly at me. “How’s this, sweetie?”

I only smiled as I quickly unfastened my seatbelt, opened the door and jumped from the car, running around to Mommy’s side. I took her hand, urging her without words to follow me. Leading her on, I climbed onto the hood, spreading my legs wide apart. Mommy had a white car, so it wasn’t too hot to sit on in the summer’s heat.

I grasped the hem of my dress with one hand, tugging it up until my cunt was bare and glistening; knowing it was a sight that Mommy couldn’t resist.

Sure enough, she stared at me, softly murmuring, “Oh, Julie. You’re so beautiful, so perfect…”

I rolled over onto my belly, reached up and grabbed the top of the hood, hoisting my dress even further until it was hiked up under my arms. My cheeks were wide open, giving Mommy a full-on view of my butthole and pussy. I was wet, aching for the touch of her yummy mouth.

“Please, Mommy, d-don’t make me wait for it… lick me!” I begged, taking off my dress and letting it drop to the ground as I turned over and lay down, my butt pressed against the warm, smooth surface of the car.

A stray breeze kissed my body as Mommy slowly ran her hands up the insides of my legs and in between, gently teasing my cunt with her fingertips. She glanced around to make sure we were all alone, then lowered her face between my legs and began to lick my wet hole.

I was squirming on the car hood, hanging on for dear life. Sweat made my body gleam as Mommy ate me out — her tongue bathing every inch of my pussy. She kept toying with my clit, too, until I was gasping and panting for breath.

Then Mommy suddenly slid a finger deep, deep into my vagina.

That set me off. “Oh, God! Oh, that feels soooo g-good, don’t stop, oh Mommy, Unh. Unh. Unh. Unh. Oh, faster, Mom, faster! Mmmmmmyes, fuck me, fuck me, Mommy, harder, harder, oh yeah… oooh yeah, I’m coming. Oh!”

I screamed as an orgasm grabbed me, wrenched my body. They just kept coming, too — one after the other. It was awesome, the way that my sexual pleasure seemed to grow stronger and more intense every day. Was that because I was growing up?

But I’m only nine, I thought, as I slowly recovered, lying spent on the car. I’m still a little girl.

Mommy wiped me off with my sundress, then bent to coo in my ear that she loved me more than life itself. I sighed happily and grinned at her as I slid off the hood and hugged her tightly, tilting my face up to hers so we could share a messy, pussy-wet kiss. I adore my mommy so much… I always want to be like this with her.

“Can I make you come now?” I asked, reaching under her skirt.

“Not here, baby,” she laughed, playfully dancing out of reach. “I’m not quite as brave as you are. Let’s wait until we get home.”

Carelessly throwing my dress into the back, I climbed into my seat and relaxed, still completely naked, as Mommy cranked up the car and took us back on the gravel road. I was glowing inside from the loving she’d given me, so I just sat quietly, gazing out the window at the scenery until we got home.

I helped Mommy unload the groceries, carry them inside and put everything away, dressed in nothing but my sandals. Once we’d finished, I blew her a kiss and raced upstairs, headed for the bathroom. I wanted to be nice and clean for Mommy when I made love to her.

Turning on the shower, I soaped up my body, then stood in the soothing, cool water and played with myself for a while without making myself come, then climbed out and dried off. I brushed out my short blonde hair and went downstairs to find Mommy.

She was waiting for me in the master bedroom. I felt a thrill at the sight of my mother, fresh from the shower and without a stitch of clothing. Her skin was rosy, hair still wet as she fluffed it with a towel.

She smiled at me over her shoulder, and I padded over to where she stood, reaching out to run my hands all over her big, beautiful bottom. I gave Mommy’s butt a few playful kisses, and she shivered. Then I spread her cheeks wide apart and licked up and down her crack.

She moaned softly. “Oh, angel,” she whispered, “Mommy loves her baby girl so very much… Mmmm, my sweet little lover.”

While kissing and licking her butthole, I slid a hand up between her legs to touch her furry cunt. I adored Mommy’s big bush — how it looked, how soft it felt when I licked her. On the other hand, I loved my bare, smooth pussy, and had decided that I’d always keep it that way.

Mommy parted her legs to give me room, then leaned over to grip the bedpost as I began to explore her pussy with two fingers.

In the mirror I could see Mommy fondling her breasts, pulling on her nipples, eyes shut, a dreamy look on her face. I fucked her harder, adding more fingers to the action until my little fist was pushing into her cunt. She bucked her hips, panting frantically, her moans growing steadily louder as my arm went deeper into her vagina, rising to a fierce cry..

“Tell me, Mommy,” I blurted, “t-tell me how you love it when I fuck you!”

She began to rave, the words rushing out of her. “Oh God, Jan, fuck me honey, that’s it, shove it in me, fist me hard, oh God, that f-feels sooo good… fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, oh, oh, oh, unh, oh God, sweetie, I’m gonna c-come, oh God, I’m coming, honey, fuck me!”

I pumped furiously in and out, in and out. Her breasts bounced like crazy as she came, jerking violently as each glorious spasm surged through her body.

Finally she gasped, “Oh, stop, honey. I can’t take any more!” My hand emerged from her with a slurping sound as she pulled away.

Mommy more or less collapsed on the bed, staring blankly through glazed eyes. There were juices oozing from her cunt, droplets of sweat beaded on her heaving breasts. Clambering onto the bed, I knelt between Mommy’s thighs and buried my face in her bush, giving her pussy soft, soothing kisses.

As soon as she caught her breath, I climbed onto the bed and stood above her, looking down. Mommy knew what I wanted — and she reached out for me, guided my body until I was straddling her face. Moistening her lips, she drew me down to her mouth and began to nibble at my pussy. Then her tongue joined in the fun, and things got very hot and jumbled in my head.

Wanting to play, I reached out to fondle Mommy’s full, luscious breasts, shivering when she moaned into my cunt. My left hand continued its journey downward — across her soft tummy, then lower, so I could play with the hard nub of her clit. Her nose kept teasing my butthole as she licked me into a frenzy.

We were both making all kinds of happy, ecstatic noises that I couldn’t put a name to while we pleasured one another, only she was muffled by my cunt covering her mouth.

Mom and I strained against each other, then cried out in unison as we came together in one huge lunge that almost threw us off the bed. Mommy arched her back and I shrieked at the ceiling as she suckled my clit, my fingers moving wildly between her legs.

Finally, our pleasure faded and we relaxed. I crawled into Mommy’s arms, and she kissed me tenderly. I kissed her back, enjoying my taste on her lips and chin. We lay together a long time, then we got up to take another shower — only this time we did it together, lovingly washing each other, getting clean in the nicest way imaginable.

She dried me, and then I dried her, and then we went out to the kitchen to get something to drink. As she sipped iced tea and I drank a cold soda pop, we grinned at each other like cats that ate the canary.

But who was the cat and who was the bird? I thought, and giggled.


This story is based on another, extremely short tale that I saved a long time ago and have been unsuccessful in finding since then. I reworked it for my own amusement, then played around with it now and then through the years. Recently I shared my version with a friend, who strongly suggested that I make it public. So I rewrote the story one last time from start to finish, adding new parts and additional dialogue. In the end, even though the basic plot of the story was created by another, the words here are all mine. My fervent thanks to the original author, who I hope to locate one day.


30 Comments on Mommy’s Little Exhibitionist

  1. kimberly says:

    Nice fantasy, like the things I think about when I have to be alone in bed. Who wouldn’t want a daughter like that?

  2. Jeb says:

    Love your stories, always believable and written well. Is there a site that has more videos like the one for this story? Thanks.

  3. JetBoy says:

    Thanks to you both. This story was always a favorite of mine…

    I can’t recall where I found the video clip, Jeb — though soon as I saw it, I knew it belonged with this wicked little tale.

    By the way… shouldn’t you be spending less time here and more time running your Presidential campaign? From what I’ve seen in the polls, you need as few distractions as possible. (I do appreciate the shout-out for my work, though.)

  4. Jeb says:

    Finding great videos is a important part of my campaign!!!

  5. JetBoy says:

    Hmmm… keep talking like that, and you might, just might, persuade me to switch parties. Tell me, sir — do you intend to share these videos with the American people…?

  6. mike says:

    she is one hot little girl id do anything to look between her legs

  7. kim says:

    we loved this story and the gif at the header is awesome

  8. Donna & Meghan says:

    We loved the story JetBoy… just loved it. So tender. So loving. So real! It was so easy to visualize everything that was happening between Mom and her Daughter. Wonder what would happen if more Moms and Daughters were as close as these two? A much better world, huh?

    Thanks so much

    Donna & Meghan

  9. Jennifer says:

    What a great story again, JetBoy, if I didn’t know better, I’d think you’re a woman, absolutely wonderful written, simply love it… <3

  10. Amanda says:

    Loved the story Jetboy. I liked the first person perspective of the daughter. I keep watching the gif in hopes that I will eventually get a peek of what’s under the skirt. 🙂

  11. Jim bucanon says:

    Great fantasy loved it. The video is a great touch to the story. She has a beautiful face and very hot and sexy legs.

  12. sue says:

    Mommy’s Little Exhibitionist is a totally hot fantasy. Loved it from start to end. and that GIF, OMG.

  13. Litka and Tim says:

    This is such a hot fantasy between mom and daughter. Julie is a delightful little sexy tease which is quite evident in that GIF. The look in her eyes and the way she moves her legs is so sexy. We can well imagine how she drives older women crazy with lust for her.

  14. April says:

    I loved this story (fantasy) and that gif, OMG I could see myself kissing and licking my way up her thighs just to find heaven.

    • JetBoy says:

      Aw, such lovely praise you’ve been heaping on me, April… from the bottom of my heart, I thank you for the kindness.

  15. Leigh says:

    Nice fantasy would love to see it in reality. Love young girls and their moms having incest sex.

  16. thedudeagain says:

    Late to the party but a well-written, erotic tale with a lovely .gif at the top!

  17. kim says:

    Still a great story, and a great GIF. I think I catch a glimpse of black panties? Is it shadow? It doesn’t matter.

    Kim & Sue

    • Euphrosyne, Thalia & Aglaia says:


      black panties?..yes!, after some squinting eye close scrutiny, I concur.
      but, what really makes me shiver is the expression on her face,
      so cutely scheming..she’s definitely not unwitting of what she doing..such a sweetie!

      Hope you and Sue are well and staying safe!


      • kim says:

        Thanks, we’re doing okay, hope you are also. Yes, it’s delicious wondering what thoughts are going through her head.

        Kim & Sue

  18. Leigh says:

    Read it again, was wondering if ever thought of incorporating the lady from the store. Something like the girl had to go to the bathroom and the lady took her for her mom and something sexual happened. Just a thought. Thanks for the story.

  19. Anna says:

    Beautiful written story and as others have mentioned the girl in the gif is so sexy. Who cares about the colour of her panties, just close your eyes and think of what hidden delights there are.

  20. Bryan says:

    Ok haven’t even read it yet but the animation picture at the top just isn’t fair ?

  21. tractorboy56 says:

    DAMN! Where is the supermarket they shop at maybe i can see that little sweetie and she will lift her dress for me .Nic

  22. kim says:

    loved it!

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