Comforting Polly, Part One

  • Posted on May 1, 2015 at 9:53 am

By JetBoy

Seventeen-year-old Beth Gosford was sprawled out on her bed and idly doodling on a notepad when she received a phone call from Judy Ryan, a thirtyish divorced mother who she did babysitting work for every now and then. Beth was smart, dependable and usually got along well with the kids she looked after, so her sitting services were much in demand.

“Hi, Beth,” came the voice over the line. “Judy Ryan here. I know this is really short notice, but my sister just called — she got a pair of tickets to the Gaither Family Homecoming show. I’ve been dying to go, and the show is tonight. Could you babysit Polly for me…?”

“Sure, Mrs. Ryan. I wasn’t doing anything tonight, anyhow,” Beth replied. “I’d be happy to look after her.”

She meant it, too. Polly was one of her favorite kids to sit for, a bright, adorable girl of eight.

“Oh, thank you so much. I’ll expect you around seven,” Judy said cheerfully before she hung up.

Beth took a quick shower, had dinner with her family, then grabbed her history notes and textbook before walking over to the Ryan house, a few houses up the street.

When Beth rang the bell Mrs. Ryan opened the front door, mouth set in a deep scowl, and led Beth into the kitchen without a word.

As she entered, the teen stopped dead in her tracks. There was little Polly standing with her face in the corner, naked from the waist down. The child was crying and her bottom was bright pink from what was clearly a recently administered spanking.

“Sit down, Beth,” Judy said. “I told Polly that as an added punishment, you’d get to see what a bad little girl she is.”

Beth was aghast. “Wh-what on earth did she do?” she asked.

Judy folded her arms grimly. “I walked into the bathroom half an hour ago and found this little brat with the handle of her toothbrush up inside her bottom, touching herself between the legs. I asked her what on earth she thought she was doing, and do you know what her excuse was? She told me ‘It feels good’.” She shook her head in disbelief. “Well, I threw that toothbrush straight in the trash, put her over my lap and spanked her behind, right there and then.” She glanced over at her shivering daughter. “Now she gets to stand in the corner with no pants on until I say otherwise.”

“B-but, Mrs. Ryan… surely she didn’t do anything that bad,” Beth protested. “She may be pretty young, but it’s perfectly normal for girls to — to experiment with touching themselves. Don’t you think you might be, well, overreacting a little?”

Judy’s eyes narrowed slightly. “It’s a filthy habit,” she declared. “Even if she were older, it’s still self-abuse, it’s wrong… and I won’t tolerate such behavior in my home.” She shook her head. “You just don’t understand the importance of good morals, most girls your age don’t… but mark my words, young lady, you’ll change your tune fast when you have children of your own.” She gazed sternly at the uncomfortable teen, then with a weary sigh, her features softened slightly. Turning to her daughter, she said, “Okay, Polly, that’s enough for now, I suppose. Come on, let’s go upstairs and lay down.”

Judy took little Polly’s arm and escorted the miserable, half-naked little girl up the stairs, leaving Beth fuming in the kitchen.

God, what a bitch! the teen thought, clenching her fists in angry frustration. I knew she was a narrow-minded Bible-beater, but not as bad as that! Jeez, poor Polly…

Just then the doorbell rang. Beth hesitated, then moved to answer it, but Judy hustled downstairs, coat draped over an arm, clutching a purse. “That’s my sister. I’m off… I’ll probably be back late, all right?”

Beth took a deep, calming breath. “Don’t worry, I’ll stay with Polly as long as you need me to.”

“Good,” Judy replied with a tight-lipped smile that made Beth’s anger surge again. “Oh, and no television for her tonight. I let her out of the corner early, but she’s still being punished. Understand?” The teen nodded. “Good. See you later.” With that, she was gone.

The teen huffed angrily as she sourly contemplated the closed door. How could she treat such a sweet little girl like that? God, it’s no wonder Mr. Ryan dumped her for his secretary. Bet she’s a fucking ice cube in bed.

She imagined how ashamed Polly must feel at that moment. Then another thought drifted through Beth’s mind. How flawless, how perfect Polly’s bare bottom had been, even when reddened by her mother’s punishing hand.

Beth had known for at least two years that she preferred girls to boys, and had just recently resolved all the questions she had about her sexuality with her one and only girl/girl experience, stolen during a visit to her Aunt Madge in Tupelo while her parents had gone on a week-long couples retreat. She’d been permitted to go out on her own one night for a hamburger and a movie; instead, Beth had caught a cab and instructed the driver to take her to a lesbian bar, one she’d searched out on Madge’s computer in the middle of the night while her aunt was asleep.

There she had quickly hooked up with a cute baby dyke named Patti, a petite, playful girl with a crewcut who was only a couple of years older than she was. Patti had escorted Beth back to her cramped apartment, where the girls spent two hours indulging in hot, sweaty lovemaking.

Beth was eager to learn, and Patti was all too happy to assume the role of teacher. They began with kissing, progressed to fondling, then advanced to naked exploration in Patti’s bed, culminating in juicy oral sex. Beth was incredibly nervous when she went down on her new friend for the first time, but quickly got into it, deciding that she loved the taste of pussy as she used her mouth and tongue to bring Patti to a shuddering climax.

Once she’d caught her breath, Patti reached into her night table and, with a dramatic flourish, produced a vibrator that she switched on and applied to Beth’s vulva, teasing the girl’s clitoris until she was panting through her third orgasm of the night. Finally, Patti had positioned herself on all fours and had Beth fuck her from behind with the still-sticky toy.

By the time Beth emerged from Patti’s car two blocks away from Aunt Madge’s house, bidding the older girl goodbye with a parting kiss, there were no more doubts in her mind — she was a confirmed lesbian.

Since then, she’d only revealed this secret to her best friend Samantha, simply because she had to tell someone — and Sam was the only person in the whole world Beth could trust with the truth about herself.

But knowing the truth only made Beth’s life more difficult, at least for the time being.

If the word got out about her liking girls, she knew her life would be ruined. It was far too risky to be openly gay in the conservative Mississippi town where she lived. She hadn’t even been able to tell her parents. She planned to come out to them when she started college in the fall, more than a thousand miles from home — and if Mom and Dad couldn’t handle it, that was their damn problem. It wasn’t as if she had any intention of moving back to this hellhole after she graduated, after all.

But Beth had another, more dangerous secret, one she dared not reveal to anyone, even Samantha. Not long after first discovering her attraction to other females, she began to catch herself staring at underage girls, sometimes even children — sensing a strange hunger that had perplexed her at first, until she recognized those feelings as sexual desire.

One night, Beth decided to let her imagination run wild, to give in just once to her deepest, darkest cravings. As she lay naked in bed, Beth caressed her arms and thighs while picturing herself cuddling little girls, kissing their faces, their mouths. She dreamed of slowly undressing a cute prepubescent moppet, baring her childish body until she was nude.

As she pressed a hand tightly between her thighs, fingering herself in a lustful frenzy, the panting teen saw herself licking at the girl’s smooth slit, giving her the precious gift of sexual pleasure. Making her feel wonderful, unimaginable things.

It was a vision that made the seventeen-year-old come like nothing else ever had — and the guilt she felt afterward wasn’t enough to purge her of those forbidden cravings. Eventually Beth learned to accept her lustful feelings for little girls, all the while wishing there was some way to make her fantasy come true, just once.

Even little Polly had sometimes been a participant in Beth’s fantasies. But then again, Polly was an especially beautiful child, with lustrous blond hair, bright blue eyes and a sweet nature that made looking after her a delight.

Now Polly was in bed upstairs, miserable and in need of comfort. Did she put her panties back on? Beth wondered, or is she still half naked? That image was enough to propel her into action, and she quickly mounted the stairs, already formulating a plan.

First, Beth went into the bathroom and rifled through the cabinets until she located a bottle of hand lotion. Then she knelt down by the wastebasket, poking about inside until she found the pink child’s toothbrush. She took it to the sink and carefully cleaned the handle, slipping it into her pocket before she entered the girl’s bedroom.

Polly was lying on her tummy, softly crying into the pillow. And yes, her bottom was still bare. Beth felt a flash of arousal that made her lightheaded.

She sat down on the bed, next to Polly. “Poor baby,” she murmured sorrowfully, “your mom really went to town on you, didn’t she?” Unable to resist, she bent down and gently kissed each reddened cheek of the child’s buttocks.

“I didn’t m-mean to be b-bad,” Polly stammered through her tears.

“Shhhhh, sweetie… don’t cry. I’ll make your bottom feel all better,” Beth soothed.

Polly sighed and quieted herself, sniffling every now and then.

Beth squirted some lotion on her palm, rubbed it briskly into her other hand, then placed them both on the warm, soft globes and moved them about, gently working the soothing cream into Polly’s buttocks.

“Oh, that does feels better,” the little girl sniffled after a few seconds. “Th-thank you, Beth.”

“I’m happy to do it,” the teen cooed, rubbing the child’s bottom more firmly now. “And you’re not bad, Polly… no matter what your mom says. There’s nothing wrong with touching yourself that way.”

“Really? There isn’t?”

Beth smiled. “No, sweetie — it’s just a part of growing up, and learning all about your body. Tell me, have you done that before, with the toothbrush? Or was today the first time?”

“No, not today,” the child mumbled. “Most times, I play with the toothbrush after school, when Mommy’s not home from work yet.” She paused, sniffled. “I use’ta just d-do stuff to my tinkle… but then I found out I liked to play with, um, my bottom, too.”

“I see,” Beth replied, a certain warmth growing beneath her belly. “So you put a finger in your butthole, huh?”

Polly giggled at her babysitter’s crudity. “Yeah! It felt really good. Then… I dunno, I just sort of got the idea to use the long part of my toothbrush.” Her punishment suddenly forgotten, the little girl warmed to her subject. “First I took all my clothes off, then I p-put it in my… my butthole!” She laughed, then drifted into a wistful sigh. “Guess I shouldn’ta done that when Mommy was here, huh?”

Beth paused in her rubbing of Polly’s buttocks. “Listen to me, sweetheart. Your mother was wrong to get angry at you like she did. You were just making yourself feel good, that’s all.”

She felt the child tremble. “B-but Mommy says that God g-gets mad if you touch down there…” Polly whimpered.

Beth seethed inside, striving mightily not to lose her cool. “Don’t listen to her, Polly — not about that. She’s wrong. God wouldn’t have given you a part of your body that feels good if he didn’t want you to use it for that, would he? That would be a totally mean thing for him to do. Like… like giving a kid a big beautiful toy and telling him ‘You can’t play with that toy. All you can do is sit and look at it’.” Bending down, she placed a tiny kiss on Polly’s tear-streaked face. “God’s not mean, though, is he? God wants you to be happy.”

“I… I guess so.”

“It’s true, sweetie. You shouldn’t stop touching your — your pussy. If your mother doesn’t like it, just be careful not to let her catch you.”

God, I can’t believe I’m telling her this, she marveled. But I don’t care — Mrs. Ryan’s being a total cunt. Imagine teaching a little girl to be ashamed of masturbation!

“Is that what you call it?” the girl hesitantly asked, “Your p-pussy?”

“That’s the word big girls use,” Beth murmured. “Don’t ever say it around your mom, though — she’ll get mad.”

“Okay,” Polly replied. “Um, so… do you ever touch your, um, pussy?”

Her lotion-slicked hands gliding all over the little girl’s bare bottom, Beth leaned down until her lips were brushing Polly’s ear. “I sure do, honeybunch,” she whispered. “Pretty much every day. And it’s a lovely, beautiful thing.” Straightening herself, the aroused teen began to massage the child more boldly, her fingers traveling between Polly’s buttocks and inner thighs, almost but not quite touching her intimate places.

Polly sighed blissfully. “Mmmm, that feels really good.” She lay quietly for a moment, then softly said, “Beth?”


“C-could I maybe… touch my pussy right now? Would that be okay?”

Beth’s lust soared at the thought of this half-naked child masturbating while she watched. “Of course you can, sweetie,” she cooed, trying not to give away how excited she was.

Polly slid a hand under her belly and between her legs, cupping her bare slit… and as Beth stared in happy disbelief, began to fondle herself — tentatively at first. Gasping in surprised pleasure, she breathed, “Oh, golly… it feels even better now!”

Beth was alive with sexual heat, her own sex practically dripping. Polly’s bottom was so warm and soft under her fingers, and all Beth could think about was what else she’d like to do besides just rub it…

Knowing she was crossing a line but unable to restrain herself, Beth reached for the lotion bottle and drizzled some of the creamy liquid on her finger. She used her left hand to gently spread the girl’s buttocks apart. The pink pucker of Polly’s anus came into view and winked hotly at her — almost as if it were blowing a kiss.

“I’ll bet you’re a little sore here too, honey,” she said. “You ought to put lotion on your bottom hole before you stick anything into it. Promise me you’ll do that next time?”

“O-okay,” moaned Polly, her body moving restlessly about on the bed as she rubbed at her slit.

“I saved your toothbrush, Polly,” Beth continued, taking it from her pocket. “I even washed it off for you. Now I’m going to show you the right way to play with it.”

Beth applied the lotion to the little girl’s anus with her fingertip, spreading it all over the puckered opening.

“Oh, Beth… that feels so funny!” Polly squeaked. “But k-kind of nice, too.”

Beth continued to gently massage the child’s rosebud until it was coated with lotion, then took the toothbrush from her pocket and quickly lubricated the handle. Placing the tip against the tiny hole, she slowly pushed her way into the girl’s rectum.

Polly gasped, then whimpered, too dazed with pleasure to speak.

“See, baby — it feels so much better when it’s all nice and slippery, don’t you think?” Beth purred.

“Oh yeahhhh… that feels w-wonderful!” Polly moaned. “It’s like what Mommy does when I get sick, an’ she takes my temper’ture… b-but way better!”

Beth grinned wickedly. So, goody-two-shoes Mrs. Ryan is the one who got her little girl into ass play without even knowing it, huh? The irony of it delighted her. Meanwhile, the sight of Polly responding to her anal probing turned the lesbian teen on something fierce. The child’s rectum had now taken nearly all of the pink toothbrush handle.

Taking a quick glance at Polly’s busy fingers while they rubbed at her slit, Beth was delighted to see they were visibly moist — further proof, if she needed it, that the child was turned on and ready for anything. And Beth knew exactly what pleasure she wanted to share next with her underage friend…

Carefully extracting the toothbrush handle from Polly’s butthole, Beth put it to one side and rolled the excited little girl over onto her back. Polly paused in her self-exploration, unsure of what was going to happen.

Leaning in, Beth gently moved the girl’s hand to one side and examined her bare sex. “Hmmm… you seem to be a little sore here, too, angel,” she crooned, lightly grazing the smooth cleft with a fingertip, making the child shiver.

Heart pounding, Beth bent down to plant a kiss on the little girl’s sex. Startled, Polly gave a nervous giggle, then her voice trailed off into a moan as Beth kissed it again, more firmly this time.

The lust-filled teen had never imagined that she’d ever get the chance to do such a thing to a little girl — but here she was, nuzzling Polly’s pussy, feeling its moisture against her parted lips.

Throwing caution to the winds, she took a lick at the child’s vagina. Then another.

“Oh, wow!” Polly cried, her fingers tangling in the teen’s flowing auburn hair while Beth bathed the quivering eight-year-old’s vulva with her tongue, going down on her like a lover would.

Yeah, she told herself, that’s it… I’m gonna be her lover.

“Beth… omigosh, Beth, that’s so — so…” Polly panted, squeezing the older girl’s face between her thighs.

Beth savored the warm honey of the little girl’s cunt, loving the tart flavor. Sex candy, she thought with a smile.

But Polly’s pleasure was growing too intense for Beth’s comfort. True, she wanted to make her little lover come, if it was possible to — only without frightening her.

Beth raised her head. “I’m going to make you feel really nice, Polly — better then you ever have when you touch yourself. Just don’t be scared, okay? I’d never do anything to hurt you.”

“It’s okay!” blurted the wide-eyed child. “I’m — I’m n-not scared.”

Beth moved once more between Polly’s trembling thighs. Bringing two fingers into play, she sought out the tiny tip of the child’s clitoris, then covered it with her mouth.

There was silence for a brief moment — then a choked cry burst from Polly’s throat as the older girl suckled at her clit. The cry rose to a wail, the wail to a scream.

Now Polly was snatching frantically at the sheets, head thrown back, eyes squeezed tightly shut. Beth couldn’t remember ever having been so excited in her entire life. I’m making her come! she silently shouted. I can’t fucking believe it, I’m making her come!

She took the mewling child to ecstasy’s peak, then drew back, resisting the impulse to bring her off a second time. Instead, Beth soothed the little girl’s sex with tender kisses as Polly drifted down from her climax.

Finally, the girl lay quietly, motionless but for the rise and fall of her chest.

Beth let Polly rest, rising to her feet and tugging the t-shirt she wore over her head and off. Stripping off the rest of her clothes, the now naked teen joined Polly in bed, drawing the flushed moppet into her arms.

“Mmmmm, Beth,” Polly sighed, hugging the older girl tightly. “I love you…”

“I love you too, sweetie,” the babysitter cooed.

Suddenly Polly’s eyes popped open in astonishment. “Beth?” she gasped. “Omigosh — y-you don’t have any clothes on!”

“That’s right,” Beth replied, “I took ’em off. You know why, Pollybelle? ‘Cause I want to be naked with you.”

“Uh… how come?” asked the girl, her brow furrowed slightly.

“How come?” echoed Beth. “Because it feels nice, silly!” She began to move her body against Polly’s, touching as much of the child as she could. “Don’t you like how this feels?” Her thigh was gently pressing into the girl’s warm vulva.

Polly’s expression slowly changed from puzzled to awed. “Mmmmyeah… I see what you mean.”

Beth extended her tongue to lick at the edge of Polly’s ear, then whispered, “Why don’t you take off your top, babe? Then we won’t have any clothes on at all! Won’t that be fun?”

“Okay!” chirped the girl, who sat up and struggled out of her Bugs Bunny t-shirt, then defiantly hurled it across the room. “Oooh, look at me now!” she cried gleefully, spreading her arms wide to present herself. “Yaaaay — I’m naked!”

“Good for you-hoooo!” Beth giggled, applauding. “Now c’mere, cutie” — she gave Polly a sexy come-hither look — “lie back down with me, and we’ll cuddle some more.”

Polly happily nestled into her babysitter’s arms, resting her cheek against the older girl’s bare breast. They lay together quietly for a moment, then the child lifted her head. “Beth?”


“Could I, uhhh… can I do something to make you feel good now? Like you did to me.”

Beth turned her head to gaze at Polly. The child was smiling sweetly, so eager to please. “Sure you can,” the teen replied, “but how ’bout I teach you something first? Something really nice!”

“Okay… what is it?”

Beth nuzzled the little girl’s face. “How to kiss.”

Polly gave a brief snort of laughter. “Duh… I already know how! I kiss Mommy every night when she tucks me in.”

“Not like that, Polly,” Beth retorted. “I mean a real kiss — y’know, like they do in movies, and on TV.”

“But… girls don’t kiss girls like that, do they?” asked Polly, a quizzical look on her face.

“They do if they love each other, babe… and I love you. Let me show you what it’s like.”

She lightly pressed her mouth to Polly’s in a barely-there kiss, then another. She parted her lips slightly, allowing them to linger for a moment, then drew away for a few seconds before kissing the child a third time. Her tongue emerged to flick playfully at Polly’s lower lip, and the startled little girl inhaled sharply.

Beth broke away, giving Polly a soothing smile. “Relax, sweetheart. Just let it happen.”

“Sorry, Beth,” the girl mumbled, giving her babysitter an sheepish smile. “G-guess I’m a little scared.”

Wrapping both arms around the naked child, Beth gave her a hug, patting her bare back. “It’s okay, Polly… I’m kinda nervous too. Know why?” Relaxing her embrace, she gazed at Polly, heart racing as she confessed her deepest desire. “It’s because I want to make love to you.”

The little girl’s eyes widened in astonishment. “Really?”

“Yeah, really!” Beth laughed. “Actually, I’ve been making love to you all along, sweetie. When I touched your butthole, and pushed the toothbrush in for you… and when I, y’know, licked your pussy, that’s what I was doing.”

“Making love…” Polly breathed. “So — that’s why you wanna s-show me how to kiss, huh?”

“Yep. I want us to be girlfriends, Pollybelle. Would you like that?”

Slowly, the child nodded, a dreamy look in her eyes. “Uh-huh… I would, Beth. I — I’d love to be your girlfriend.”

“Well, then, I’ve only got one thing to say…” Beth placed a hand on Polly’s boyish chest and began gently stroking her.

Polly shivered as the teen’s fingertips brushed her nipples. “Wh-what’s that?”

Beth gave her young companion a bad-girl grin. “Less talking… more kissing,” she purred, moving in to claim Polly’s mouth with hers. The child stiffened for an instant, then melted into Beth’s embrace.

When Polly relaxed, her lips parted slightly — and Beth seized the opportunity, circling the opening with the tip of her tongue. This time the little girl responded, whimpering as she gave herself up to this new pleasure, allowing herself to be kissed like a lover.

When Polly’s tongue began to timidly engage with hers, Beth coaxed it forth, encouraging the child. Soon the babysitter and her young charge were sharing passionate kisses, Polly’s arms twined lovingly around Beth’s neck.

After a few minutes Beth gently drew away, giving the little girl an enormous smile. “Jeez, Polly,” she cooed, “you’re really good at this.”

“Am I?” Polly replied happily.

“Oh, yeah… Now I think you’re ready to make love to me for real. Just like I did to you.” Slipping out of their embrace, Beth rolled onto her back, gazing expectantly at the child.

Polly sat up, nibbling her lip as she stared down at the naked teenager. “Uh… can I kiss your b-boobs?”

“You don’t need to ask, babe,” Beth replied. “We’re girlfriends now, remember? So you get to kiss me, touch me — anywhere you want!” Reaching for Polly’s hand, she gently drew the child closer. “Why don’t you lie down next to me, and I’ll help you get started.”

Polly dutifully stretched out beside Beth, who drew the little girl on top of her in a hug, rocking to and fro for a moment before letting her go. “Here, Pollybelle,” Beth murmured, offering her young lover a breast. Polly’s eyes drifted shut as she parted her lips to accept the taut nipple, then began to timidly suck.

Beth allowed her legs to drift apart, and Polly’s thigh slipped between them, the girl pressing into her teen lover as if by reflex. Feeling the warm wetness of Beth’s sex against her skin, a surprised Polly lifted her head.

“Uh… did you just pee?” she asked.

“No, silly,” Beth giggled, pausing to kiss the tip of Polly’s pert nose. “I’m just excited, ’cause you’re sucking my nipple and it feels so good. That’s what happens to women when they make love, y’know — their pussies get wet.”

“Oh, okay. I get a little wet down there when I touch it. But not nearly as much as you!”

Beth laughed. “You will baby, when you’re older.” Taking the child’s hand, pausing to kiss Polly’s fingertips, Beth guided it between her legs, watching her prepubescent lover’s eyes widen as she touched a woman’s sex for the first time.

“Gosh,” Polly whispered in awe, “it feels so, so — hot down there!” She grinned bashfully. “Um. C-can I take a look at your p-pussy?”

“Oh, honey,” Beth replied chidingly. “of course you can. Like I said — we’re lovers, you don’t have to ask those kinds of things!”

Polly blushed. “Well… Mommy says it’s rude to stare, so…”

Beth touched the child’s lips with a fingertip, shushing her. “Forget what she says, Pollybelle. When it’s just you and me together, and we have all our clothes off — we get to make our own rules, okay?”

“Sure,” piped Polly, nodding her head. “That sounds pretty good.”

Grinning, the teen lay back down, parting her thighs. “You can still check out my pussy, if you want. Go ahead — lie down and take a really close look.”

Getting up on all fours, Polly crawled into the space between Beth’s spread legs and lay down, her nose only a few inches from the teen’s vulva. She gazed wide-eyed, enthralled by the sight. Beth had chestnut-hued pubes, neatly trimmed into a thin triangle framing the glistening pink flesh of her vagina. Polly’s nose detected the thick, musky scent and she inhaled deeply, savoring the aroma as she would that of an exotic flower.

“Beth?” whispered the little girl, “I think… I think it’s the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen.” She reached out, hesitantly touching the dark curls, then probed within, her fingertips exploring the warm wetness of her older lover.

“Mmmmmmyeah, that’s really good, Polly,” Beth purred, spreading her thighs even wider.

Growing bolder, Polly allowed her fingers to roam, gliding up and down the rosy cleft. The child absently nibbled at her lower lip as she caressed Beth’s cunt, growing more and more excited as the teen began to moan.

“Oh yeah, honeybunch,” Beth panted, encouraging her young lover. “I love that. Uh, Polly… can I ask you to do something else for me? Something that’ll make me feel even better?”

“Sure!” blurted Polly, thrilled to be playing such sexy games with her favorite babysitter.

Raising herself onto both elbows, Beth gazed adoringly at the nude child. “Would you kiss my pussy, Pollybelle — like I did for you? I know it seems kinda gross, but it’s not, really it isn’t.”

Polly peered thoughtfully at the older girl’s glistening sex, then nodded her head. “Okay.”

Every atom of Beth was pulsing in anticipation as she watched Polly slowly draw closer. She felt blond hair tickle her inner thighs, sensed the warmth of the girl’s breath.

Then angel-soft lips were brushing the teen’s slit as little Polly placed a brief, cautious peck there. The child paused, pondered, and moved in to kiss Beth there once more, this time allowing it to linger.

“I love you, Polly,” Beth whispered, clutching her breasts.

Polly didn’t reply, caught up as she was in the rich scent and flavor of pussy. It tasted different, that was for sure — but kind of nice, like some strange, yummy vegetable she’d never had before. She nuzzled the juicy flesh, Beth’s fluids coating her lips.

This is so fucking incredible, Beth marveled, placing a trembling hand on either side of the girl’s head to encourage her — not that she needed any. Polly was now sucking at her older lover’s vagina, practically nursing at it.

An image of the eight-year-old nymph innocently taking nourishment from a woman’s cunt flashed through Beth’s mind. If I was her mother, I could have raised her to do this, she thought. First baby nurses from my breasts, then from my pussy. Wow, what a freaky idea!

She shivered, imagining it: her very own daughter Polly as a toddler, naked and lying on her belly between Mama’s legs, burbling happily at the sight of Beth’s juicy cunt. In her mind she saw herself, gently guiding the baby’s face into the glistening pinkness.

It was at that very instant that Polly’s tongue brushed the tip of the teen’s clitoris, and Beth cried out in mixed surprise and rapture.

Quickly taking a deep breath, she gasped, “Oh yeah, Pollybelle, yeah! K-keep doing that, right there.” With trembling fingers, Beth indicated where she needed to be pleasured most.

Polly was quick to obey, taking the tiny spear of her babysitter’s clit between her lips to suckle. She slurped happily at Beth’s pussy, heart swelling with pride at how grown-up this made her feel. How cool was that? She could do sex stuff now, just like a big girl!

Mouth slack, staring at the ceiling, Beth sensed the onrush of her orgasm, welcomed it.

Beginning as a prickle of warmth in her belly, it quickly mounted into a rush of raw heat that swept heedlessly through Beth’s slender form like wildfire — raging, roaring, out of control. She was trembling violently, making tight fists with both hands, fingernails biting into her palms. “Oh, God!” she gasped. “Oh, Polly… yes! Ooooooohhhhhhh! F-fuck yes, baby — mmmm, suck m-my pussy… ohh! Uhh! OHHHH!” Her shaking hands moved to cup the little girl’s head, cradling Polly’s face to her sex.

As for Polly, she was in love with making love. Everything about this was awesome — the heat and wetness of Beth’s pussy, its rich and mysterious flavor, the older girl’s sobs and cries of pleasure and, best of all, the knowledge that she, eight-year-old Polly, a little kid still in first grade, was the one making her beloved babysitter feel so good.

And now… now we’re girlfriends! Polly reflected, the very idea giving her a delicious shiver.

She suddenly imagined herself and Beth on Valentine’s Day, nestled together on the living room couch, exchanging cards reading I LOVE YOU, making that vow real with a hug and a sexy kiss.

Then she saw herself in church, standing next to Beth before a smiling Reverend Sloane, both girls in white wedding gowns of taffeta and lace, holding hands as the minister joined them in marriage.

Thinking about it made her heart thump wildly. Right then, nothing seemed more magical than the possibility of becoming Beth’s wife, of loving her forever and ever. Though kissing her pussy is pretty great, too, Polly admitted, still nursing at the older girl’s clitoris.

Her romantic reverie was interrupted by Beth’s hand, giving her shoulder a tight squeeze. “Th-that’s enough, babe,” gasped the teen. “I’m kinda s-sensitive down there now.”

Lifting her face from Beth’s sex, Polly raised herself into a kneeling position, giving Beth a quizzical look through her mussed hair. “Umm, did I — did I do okay?”

Beth couldn’t help but emit a joyful laugh at the sight of the prepubescent girl, her lips and chin glistening with wetness, wondering if she’d made a decent job of her first attempt at oral sex.

Polly’s expression went from dazed to hurt in an instant — and Beth hastened to reassure the child, reaching out to take her hand. “You did better than okay, babe. In fact, you were fantastic!” she cooed, tugging gently at Polly’s arm to draw the naked nymph into her embrace.

Polly, all smiles again, snuggled into her babysitter’s arms. “I love you, Beth,” she sighed, gazing at the older girl with adoring eyes. “I really, really, really love you!”

Beth’s heart thumped wildly as the realization struck her: she now had a lesbian lover of her very own, and it was a little girl of eight! She didn’t know whether to feel exuberant or terrified. Right now, I’ll settle for happy, she told herself, hugging Polly’s closer, burying her nose in the child’s sweetly scented hair. “I love you too, angel,” she whispered.

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