Cheri Comes Home

  • Posted on April 30, 2015 at 11:40 pm

By JetBoy

I was just arriving home for my first visit since starting college nine months earlier. The road was dusty, and a thick haze of June heat hung over the Kansas landscape as I tooled my Civic through the twisting roads that led to the family house.

School had been an amazing experience, but I’d missed my mother and baby sister something awful. After a week of grueling exams, nothing in the world appealed to me more than the prospect of summer vacation in my beloved home town.

My heart swelled with joy as I made the turn into our driveway. The prodigal daughter, returned at last.

My mother came running out when my car pulled up in front of the house, and I jumped out and ran to her. We hugged tightly, and I could feel her firm breasts through my dress as our bodies pressed together. My mother seldom wore a bra when she was at home during the summer because of the heat, and her nipples brushed tantalizingly against mine. I was stunned to feel an unexpected surge of arousal.

I’d never fantasized about incest before, but my recent experiences in lovemaking with other girls at school suddenly had me thinking about my beautiful mother in a whole new way.

“Oh, Cheri, it’s so good to have you home!” Mom exclaimed happily, an arm wrapped cozily around my waist as we made our way to the side door that led into the kitchen.

“Where’s Julia?” I asked, looking around for my younger sister.

“She got cast in the school play. She’s in rehearsal, but they’ll get her home in time for supper,” my mother said. “All Julia’s been talking about lately is how excited she is to be hanging out with her big sister again!” She laughed. “I’m warning you now — she probably won’t give you a single moment to yourself.”

“I can’t wait to see her.”

“Julia’s grown up a lot in the last year, you know,” Mom said. “You might not recognize her — she’s turned into an honest-to-God woman.”

I shook my head, a little awed by the passage of time. “Seems like she was only a scrawny stick of a kid the last time I was here.”

“Come sit down, Cheri,” my mother suggested. “We’ve got a lot of catching up to do.”

Mom and I went into the living room and sat down beside each other on the sofa.

“So how is school?” she asked as she sat back.

“Fine — but let’s talk about that later, Mom. That drive just about wrecked my head, so I just want to think about home right now,” I murmured, stretching myself.

“I’m so glad to see you, hon,” she said, impulsively giving me another hug.

God, her body felt so good against mine. I had to calm down before my newfound arousal revealed itself. I’d done some wild things since starting college, but I couldn’t believe I was getting turned on by my own mom!

“Y’know what, Mom — let’s talk in my room. I want to put my clothes away so they don’t get completely wrinkled,” I said, getting to my feet and reaching for my bag.

“Sure,” Mom said, and we climbed the stairs together.

Entering the cozy, familiar space of my bedroom felt so damn good that I got a little misty-eyed. It was as if I’d never been away. Mom had even put a bunch of fresh-cut flowers in the vase I kept on my dresser.

Tossing my suitcase on the bed, I unfastened the latches and flipped the case open.

“My goodness… you have some very nice clothes, hon,” she said as she lifted a rouge-red dress out of the suitcase, holding it out at arm’s length.

“Why don’t you try it on? We’re about the same size,” I suggested, as I began hanging my things in the closet.

“Oh, I couldn’t do a dress like this justice,” she said with a dismissive laugh.

“Don’t be silly, Mom. You’re thirty-eight years old and you still have a great body. You’re incredibly sexy without a bra, y’know… and I’ll bet you still look really good naked,” I told her, feeling reckless.

“Why, Cheri — what a thing to say!” she gasped, blushing.

“Well, it’s true,” I assured her, while thoughts of what I’d like to do to her luscious body burned in my brain. I wasn’t even fighting my illicit feelings for Mom now. Hell, I was practically flirting with her!

“I do try and stay in shape,” she said as she twirled around for me.

“Oh, it shows. I’ll bet you still have a lot of great sex, too,” I giggled.

“Not as often as I’d like, but yeah,” she laughed, still blushing a bit. “I know a couple of fellas who are good for the occasional romp in the sack.”

You know a woman who’d like to romp with you too, I thought, amazed at just hot Mom was making me. Only one thing to say to her right then…

“Quit stalling, Mom. I want to see you in this dress. Get out of those clothes already, and try it on!” I urged my mother, holding the dress out to her.

“Oh, all right,” she said, picking up the red dress. It was a simple wrap-around style and somewhat sheer.

My mother pulled the t-shirt over her head and draped it over a chair, casually baring her breasts. I held my breath as I looked at them — full and beautiful, with only a hint of droop. I’d seen my mother nude before, but she’d never looked so good to me as she did then. The thought of sucking her nipples caused my cunt to moisten.

“I’ll have to put on some other underwear with this dress,” Mom said as she lowered her jeans, revealing black panties. “They’ll show right through.”

“Love the panties, Mom!” I said.

“I do like sexy underwear,” she admitted.

“Don’t bother with changing them, though,” I suggested, my pulse racing. “Try the dress without panties. It looks a lot better that way.”

“No underwear. Aren’t you the bold one!” my mother exclaimed as she slipped into the dress. “Here — help me balance while I take them off.”

I stepped forward to assist. Grasping her arm, I pretended to accidentally brush the nipple of her left breast. God, I could actually see it stiffen through the material of the dress.

“These are pretty snug — but I like my underwear tight,” she said as she peeled off her black panties and carelessly dropped them on the floor.

“Wow, Mom… you are so beautiful,” I said, stepping back and admiring her figure through the tight dress.

“Oh, you! Well, I was a real looker, but let’s face it — the years have taken their toll,” she sighed.

“Are you kidding? You’re a knockout. Nice tits, great ass and a pussy that looks good enough to eat,” I said, impulsively throwing all caution to the winds.

“Excuse me?” she asked with a curious smile on her face. “How much do you know about eating pussy, young lady?”

“You’d be surprised,” I countered.

“Oh,” she said, her eyes widening in astonishment as my words sank in. I had a feeling that she understood exactly what I meant.

“What about you, Mom?” I asked her softly. “Have you ever…?”

She was silent for a moment, obviously thinking, then finally spoke. “When I was in college, I had a lesbian relationship with my roommate Vicky,” she murmured, then arched an eyebrow. “Are you shocked, hon?”

“No, why should I be? Making love with women is an incredible experience,” I replied.

“So you have slept with other girls.” she asked.

“Oh yes… and loved it,” I said, my heart pounding like a triphammer. I handed her a pair of fiery red panties that matched the dress perfectly. “Here — try these on, Mom.”

She made no move to take them, just gazed at me thoughtfully. “Do you think you might be a lesbian?” she asked.

“Just because I like to fuck women doesn’t make me gay,” I said. “I do prefer them, though. It’s been months since I last fooled around with a guy.”

“Well, I thought I might be a lesbian back in those days. I was very much in love with Vicky, you know,” Mom said wistfully. “I have to admit, I’ve thought about getting involved with another woman since your father left.”

I was nearly trembling with excitement, trying not to let my mother notice. “You’re just bisexual like me, Mom. Nothing wrong with that.” Again I held the red panties out to her. “Here, put these on.”

She plucked them from my hand. “I should warn you, these will look pretty funny on me. It’s been awhile since I’ve shaved down there,” she said, stepping into the panties and tugging them up. Lifting the skirt, she displayed herself to me. “How does it look?”

She was right — her dark pubic curls were thick enough to show around the crotch. Somehow, though, I found the sight incredibly sexy.

“Oh, not too bad. Here, I’ll try to tuck most of it inside,” I quickly said, dropping to my knees in front of her, my face just inches from her cunt.

I started to work along the edge of the elastic, pushing her pubic hair beneath the front of her panties. I let my fingers slip a little deeper each time, until they were brushing my mother’s labia. In no time at all I felt her sex beginning to grow wet — and she was making definite sounds of pleasure. As for me, my heart was pounding so frantically that she must have been able to hear it.

Unable to restrain myself another second, I reached up to grasp the waistband of the red undies and slid them down Mom’s thighs to her feet, baring her cunt. The aroma of womanly heat filled my nostrils. With trembling fingers, I reached out and stroked the warm, moist flesh.

“Oh, Cheri… it’s been so long since a woman has touched me that way,” she moaned as I teased her clitoris with my fingertips. “Don’t stop!”

“Don’t worry, I won’t,” I said, leaning in to lick my mother’s slit. I ran my tongue along her labia as slowly and sensuously as possible, ending up with her clit between my lips.

“Oh my God, yes. I’d almost forgotten how good that feels. OH! Oh yes!” she gasped as she sat back on the bed, and I began to eat her cunt like a lover.

I took both thumbs and parted her labia. She spread her thighs wide, opening herself to me, and I eagerly took what she had to give. I licked and sucked at my mother, savoring her smell, her wetness, her heat, her taste — incredible!

Finally, seeing she was about to come, I trailed my hand down to Mom’s butt crack and slowly inserted a finger into her anus as I sucked her clit into my mouth.

Mom was thrashing about on the bed helplessly. She was coming like a wild beast might, wailing and moaning in ecstasy. Her cunt was a river, and I drank deep from my mother, loving every drop. My finger pumped in and out of her rectum as I finished her off.

Her body slowly relaxed into stillness, except for the rise and fall of her chest that accompanied each drawn breath.

I sat back on my heels and gazed lovingly at my beautiful mother, happy and glowing in the aftermath of sexual pleasure. And I had given it to her!

She finally sat up and looked down at me. Her face was flushed as she continued to draw deep breaths. “Oh, honey,” she sighed, “that was incredible… I don’t think anyone’s ever made me feel so good before.”

“I love you, Mom,” I said, still on my knees before her.

“I love you too, my darling daughter,” she whispered, extending a hand to me. “Kiss me, Cheri. I want to taste my pussy on your mouth.”

I crawled into my mother’s arms. We looked into each other’s eyes for a long time, then came together in a tender kiss that quickly grew heated and hungry. Her lips were soft and yielding, her tongue eager and sweet. As we kissed, her hands claimed my breasts, brushing my nipples through the faded Buster Keaton t-shirt I wore.

“You are so beautiful, Cheri,” she said, pulling away to smile at me, “you remind me of myself when I was your age.” She giggled. “Wow — it’s like I’m fucking a younger version of me. Kinky, huh?”

We kissed again. It was deep and sexy and her hands were all over me. Mom tugged my t-shirt up and off, then unfastened my bra as I kicked away my sneakers. Kneeling before me, she slid my shorts and thong down in one fluid motion.

Now that I was as naked as Mom, she drew me into a warm embrace, where we just necked for a long time. Then she slid between my legs and began to feast on my pussy.

She was an expert, bringing me to the brink of climax, only to pull back and then start all over again. She continued loving me this way until I could hold out no longer. “Oh, Mom — I’m coming!” I cried out.

She spread my legs, plunging her tongue deep into my cunt, and I exploded in an orgasm that felt like the Fourth of July. She literally drank from me as I lay in a puddle of languid pleasure.

Later we showered together, taking the opportunity to make each other come with soapy fingers. After toweling one another dry, we cuddled naked on the sofa, occasionally sharing long, deep kisses.

By the time Julia came home, Mom and I were dressed. When the car pulled up, the rear door opened and out stepped my fourteen-year-old sister. She gave a quick goodbye to whoever was driving, then turned to me, beaming as her friends drove away.

Wow! I recognized her face, but Julia’s body was something else again. She was now a blooming young woman, not the skinny kid I used to know. She was now tall and slim, with an impressive pair of breasts that rose and fell with each breath she took. Her tummy was flat and smooth, and she had long, sun-tanned legs.

My baby sister was gorgeous–and the sight of her was causing tingling sensations between my thighs that were all too familiar.

“Cheri!” she squealed as she ran to me and practically threw herself into my arms.

“Julia, you are so, so beautiful!” I exclaimed as I felt her breasts press against mine, causing my nipples to stiffen like they had when I’d held Mom.

“I’ve missed you so much,” she said, and I could feel deep flickerings of arousal surge through my body. Jesus — was I getting hot for my sister now?

“I’ve missed you too, sis,” I murmured as we broke our embrace. Out of the corner of my eye, I caught my mother’s knowing look. Then I realized that she’d seen my erect nipples through the thin material of my halter top.

“Let’s go inside and have supper, girls,” my mother advised, a thoughtful smile on her lips.


The next morning, we three were sitting around the table, eating breakfast, chatting about anything and everything. Mom wore a t-shirt and panties, and seeing her had me all hot and bothered again. The sexy glances she kept giving me when Julia wasn’t looking only sharpened my desire.

It was nice to have my baby sister around, but at the same time I looked forward to being alone with Mom so she and I could fuck. Then again, this newly realized attraction to my sister was working its own special magic…

“Let’s go take a dip at the swimming hole,” Julia suggested. “We can go the long way and have a nice hike through the woods, the way we used to do.”

“Sounds good, let’s go!” I said, grinning with excitement..

“Cool!” Julia giggled. “I just bought a hot new bathing suit and I’m dying to try it out.” She rose and started gathering up the breakfast dishes.

“Oh, just run along,” Mom said, “Leave the dishes to me. I’ll bet you two have a lot of catching up to do.” She turned away from the sink. “Tell you what — I’ll meet you both out there later, around noon or so. I feel like swimming, too.” She gave me a look from behind Julia’s back that had my pussy tingling.

“Okay, Mom, see you there,” Julia said, and the two of us hurried upstairs to dress.

Fifteen minutes later, my sister and I were hiking down the trail toward the quarry. She’d decided to wear short shorts and a tube top. As I marched along, watching Julia in front of me, I felt myself growing more and more aroused by my newly ripened sister.

Those shorts were riding up on her, giving me some amazing glimpses of her ass until she tugged them back down. I was only sorry that I didn’t have a better view of Julia’s front side, because I knew that her breasts had to be bouncing deliciously beneath that flimsy top.

After a while, Julia gave up the battle with her shorts which, by then, had crept quite snugly into the crack of her ass. Catching up to her when we were out in the open again, I glanced down and could practically see the outline of my baby sister’s vulva. Mmmm, she looked yummy.

“So… how’s your love life?” I asked, wanting to know her feelings about sexuality, figuring if I could keep the conversation spicy, Julia would find herself getting hot and bothered. “Are you still a virgin?”

“Cheri!” she blurted, her cheeks gone a very fetching shade of pink. Then she giggled. “God, you still know just how to get a rise out of me. No, I’ve got a boyfriend now — you remember Herman Hazel’s little brother Sam? He was my first. My only, actually.”

“Good for you!” I was thrilled to know that my sister was sexually experienced, even if it was only with a boy. “So… is the sex good? He keeping you satisfied?”

She hesitated, then spoke. “Well… I kinda have a problem with that, Cheri.”

“What do you mean?”

“Cheri, I don’t want to shock you, but… oh, I don’t know, I think there’s something totally messed up with me.”

“Why? What’s the matter?” I asked, growing intrigued.

“Well, Sam and I, um, do it as often as we can… but — oh, I don’t know, he’s good, but somehow it’s just not enough.” She sighed heavily and continued. “I can’t stop thinking about sex… and it seems as if everything turns me on. I can be sitting behind my desk, doing homework… and all of a sudden I’m tingling all over, and my panties are wet.” She paused, lost in thought for a bit, then gave me a stricken look. “God, Cheri… I’ve even been checking out girls! When we’re all taking showers after gym, I keep noticing how, um, cute some of them are.” She paused, gave me a troubled look. “I can’t even tell you the weirdest part. You’ll think I’m such a pervert!”

Okay, I couldn’t let her get away with that. “Julia, I promise that nothing you think or feel would make me think badly of you. If something’s bothering my little sister, I want to help.”

She sighed, shrugged. “Oh, okay, I’ll tell you… but if you make fun of me, I’ll rip your hair out.” Taking a deep breath, she plowed ahead. “Last week, I got turned on when Mom and I were changing clothes. I saw her naked and it made me hotter than hell.”

Oh. My. God. My heart was pounding frantically, my cunt throbbing with lust, and I had to hide it from my baby sister.

I spoke, trying to keep any trace of excitement from my voice. “Oh, Julia. There’s nothing wrong with you. You’re simply a very sensual person.”

“But getting excited over Mom?” she grimaced.

“She’s a very sexy lady.” I said. “You saw a woman nude, you thought she looked hot, and it got you aroused. Simple as that.” By then, we were drawing near the swimming hole.

“I don’t know, Cheri,” she said, setting her backpack down on the ground. “I admit that I’ve been thinking about, uh, fooling around with, y’know, another girl… but c’mon, a girl shouldn’t get turned on by her own mother!”

“Listen to me, sis,” I said, taking off my t-shirt and baring my breasts, trying to make it seem completely casual. “Sex fantasies are something that all normal people have, and you can’t exactly control them. Best to just enjoy the feeling.”

She made a helpless gesture. “But I’m always getting so, so damn horny… and it drives me nuts!”

I gave her the most sultry gaze I could. “You’re feeling that way right now… aren’t you, Julia?”

“Yes,” she said lowering her head, her cheeks flushed. “Even now, just looking at you with your top off. You’re so damn sexy, sis… I can’t help getting aroused, even by you.” She gave a wail of despair. “Oh, God… what is the matter with me!?”

“I don’t mind,” I said soothingly, placing a hand on her arm, “I think you look pretty hot yourself.”

She gave me a disbelieving look. “Then it’s, like, natural for us to — to both be turned on by each other?”

“Julia,” I murmured, moving closer, “would you like to touch my breasts?”

She flushed, but then slowly nodded her head. “Yeah… yeah, I would, but you’re my sister. I shouldn’t want to. It’s wrong!”

I brought my mouth close to her ear and whispered, “Why don’t you forget that we’re sisters for now,” then flicked her earlobe with the tip of my tongue.

“I… I’ve never fooled around with another girl. I wouldn’t know how,” she mumbled, looking at the ground, awkwardly playing with her fingers.

“Just touch me the way you like to be touched,” I murmured, reaching for her hands and placing them on my breasts.

Julia began to gently fondle my tits; her fingers brushing the tips of my nipples. They stiffened instantly to her caress. My sister’s eyes were alight with mounting excitement as her touches grew bolder.

Wanting to join in the fun, I tugged Julia’s tube top down to her waist and gently cupped her bare breasts. She drew a shaky breath. I began to roll her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers, and she shivered.

“Oh Cheri, that feels so good,” she breathed. I could feel her heart pounding.

“I love you, Julia,” I crooned, my hands slipping down to her hips, drawing her into my embrace. Her eyes widened as my mouth sought hers. My sister froze in shock for a few seconds, then her lips parted to accept my tongue — and she melted into my arms as our kiss grew hot and passionate.

Breaking our kiss, I gazed deep into my sister’s eyes. She was flushed, breathing hard.

“I’m going to teach you how two women make love,” I said as I slowly dropped to my knees in front of her, grasped the waistband of her tight shorts, and began to wriggle them down over her hips. I was surprised and thrilled to see that she’d gone without wearing panties.

“Damn, sis,” I said as I eased the shorts down her legs, “your pussy is beautiful…” I paused to savor the thick, musky scent of her, “…and you smell terrific!”

Julia stepped out of her shorts, then tugged off the tube top that now encircled her belly. She stood before me completely naked, her lightly-downed cunt inches from my face. “What are you going to show me?” she breathed, her fear now completely gone.

I put my hands on Julia’s ass and drew her to me. My tongue snaked out and licked gently at her slit. “Oh,” she breathed. “Oh my God.”

My mouth was soft as a feather on my sister’s sex… at first. But I soon became aggressive, lavishing hot, sucking kisses between her creamy thighs, then pushing my tongue into the liquid fire of her cunt. She was delicious.

I could feel her legs trembling, so I pulled back and smiled up at her. “Let’s spread out the blanket… I want you to sit on my face.”

She laid our old Star Wars blanket out while I kicked off my shoes, then my shorts and panties. Soon I was flat on my back, hungry for Julia’s pussy.

“C’mon, baby sister,” I crooned, idly brushing my moistened cleft with a fingertip. Gingerly she knelt above my face, then lowered her cunt to my eager mouth.

I began licking as much of my sister as I could reach, from her vagina to her clit. Her thighs gripped my face as she rode my tongue and mouth for all she was worth.

“Oh, lick me, Cheri, eat me — OHHHH!” she cried out.

I reached up and gently spread her open. Pointing my tongue, I pushed it as deep as I could into her cunt, then began thrusting in and out. She was rocking back and forth on my face and fondling her breasts, eyes closed, mouth open, quivering with pleasure.

“Oh, God, I’m ready now. G-get me off, please,” Julia gasped… and I quickly moved to take her clit between my lips.

“Yes! Oh shit, yes,” she cried as she ground her dripping slice down onto my chin. I could feel her convulse in ecstasy atop me, her wetness slowly oozing down my cheeks.

Finally, she rolled off my face and lay flat on the faded blanket beside me. I nuzzled her face and neck as she slowly recovered.

“Oh, Cheri… what have we done?” she gasped, peering up at the sky.

“Well, offhand, I would say I ate your pussy… and, by the sound of it, you loved every second,” I said, catching my breath.

“That’s not what I meant,” she said. “We’re sisters, Cheri.”

“Right now, Julia, we’re just two women who had great sex.”

“Jeez, I’m sure glad Mom didn’t catch us,” she said, making a face. “We gotta clean ourselves up before she gets here.”

“Julia, all we did was give each other pleasure. Sharing an intimate experience. Nothing wrong with that.” I paused, then decided to tell my sister everything. “For that matter, if Mom were here… well, she probably would have joined in the fun.”

“Mom join in?” she said, propping herself up on an elbow and gaping at me in complete disbelief. “What are you, crazy? She’d never do that!”

I took a deep breath. “Back when Mom was in college, she and her roommate were lovers. And yesterday, before you got home… well, she and I got naked together and fucked.”

“Are you serious?” she asked in shock. “You, you did it with our mother!?”

“Yeah, Julia.” I replied, looking her straight in the eye. “I ate her pussy… and she ate mine.”

“Wow…” my sister whispered, utterly dazed.

“She’s a very good lover, too,” I said. “Now forget this silly hangup of yours about incest, okay? Let’s just enjoy each other.” I reached for her, drawing her into a loving embrace.

We kissed gently, then Julia suddenly pulled back. “Wait, wait. You mean to say, when I was getting, you know, all sexed up over Mom… she might’ve wanted to make love to me? Right then and there?”

“Well, I wasn’t there to see, but I bet she would have if the mood was right. She was probably just as worked up as you were. More, maybe.”

“God, that’s so freaky…” Julia breathed. Then her mouth sought out mine again, and I could tell from the intensity of her kiss that my revelations about making love with our mother had that dirty imagination of hers running wild. Finally, she broke our kiss and sat up, flashing me a naughty smile. “Close your eyes, sis.”

Ready for anything, I lay back, loving the feel of the sun on my bare skin.

A few seconds later, a pair of hands gently spread my legs apart. Julia’s fingers traced a path along the inside of my thigh, moving steadily closer to her big sister’s exposed cunt. I shivered, aching for her caress.

My labia were parted by careful fingers, and I could feel Julia’s breath, warm against the moist flesh. It was obvious that she had never done this before, but I found her inexperience thrilling. She ran her finger over my clit, and I could feel my entire body pulse to her touch.

“Um… I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do,” Julia said.

“It’s easy, sis — just like I told you before. If you know how to touch yourself, then you’ll know how to touch me,” I directed her without moving.

She was gentle and her soft touch was making my head swim. Julia spread my cunt open again… and I felt her tongue lash out and flick once at my clit. A moan escaped from my throat and it seemed to encourage her. Suddenly she was licking and kissing my pussy with a fervent passion. My body began to tremble as my baby sister ate me.

I could feel her little finger creep into my ass crack, and gasped out loud as she slid that invading finger deep in my rectum. Julia then began finger fucking my ass and licking me at the same tempo. The harder I bucked my hips to meet her probing tongue, the faster she worked my asshole.

Suddenly I was coming so hard that I nearly passed out. There was a long low moan that broke the silence of the clearing, rising to a wild, feral cry… and it was a moment before I realized it had issued from my mouth. My pleasure swiftly mounted to an unimaginable peak, then slowly faded, leaving me glowing all over.

“Julia, that was… it was beautiful!” I panted, relaxing into the blanket’s softness.

“I made you come,” she announced in awe, laying her cheek on my inner thigh while slowly removing her finger from my ass.

“You did, sis… and it was fucking great,” I purred.

She crawled into my arms, and we lay quietly for a long while.

“So you had sex with Mom, huh?” she finally said. “How was it?”

“It was incredible. She’s been with women before, so she definitely knew what to do.”

“Wow,” Julia murmured. “I had no idea.” She nibbled thoughtfully at her lower lip. “Think she’d be into… well, doing it with me?”

“I don’t see how she could resist,” I laughed. “You’re pretty damn hot, sis. Speaking of which… are you ready for more?” I was lightly caressing her pussy.

“Oh, absolutely. God, I love the way you eat my pussy,” Julia moaned as my fingers found her clit, then grinned wickedly. “Can I lick you some more while you do it to me?”

“Come to me, baby,” I said as I rolled over on my back. She straddled my head with her knees, leaned down and began to lick me again. I reached up, grasped Julia by the hips, pulled her cunt down to my hungry mouth and plunged my tongue into her.

There we were, my own sister and I, feasting on each other when we heard the crunch of footsteps approach. We quickly disentangled, managing to sit up in time to see our mother arrive.

Mom was wearing a plaid shirt that was unbuttoned nearly all the way down the front, and it was obvious that she wasn’t wearing a bra. The shorts she wore were cut off jeans… very cut off. Julia and I were sitting together on the blanket when she walked over to us.

“Don’t you both look cute,” she said, smiling, “I see my girls have been playing lesbian games.”

“What makes you say that?” Julia asked, making an attempt to keep a straight face.

“Besides the fact that you’re both sitting close on a blanket, completely naked? Well, I can tell by how wet your mouths and chins are. Also, this whole piece of land smells like pussy,” she noted, fanning the open front of her shirt to cool her breasts.

“You feeling hot, Mom?” I asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Yes, I am, honey… in more ways than one,” she smiled, unbuttoning her shirt, “so I’m going for a swim.”

She kicked off her boots, then dropped her shorts and stepped out of them, revealing that she wore no panties. The shirt was the next to go. Now gloriously naked, she stood before us for a moment, then strode over to the swimming hole and stepped in.

“Let’s go in too,” Julia urged.

“Okay,” I agreed, and the two of us raced to join Mom, plunging into the cool water.

We swam and played for a while, splashed each other and laughed like kids. It was something like a dream, cavorting nude in the water with my beautiful mother and sister.

Eventually, we climbed out and made our way to the blanket. There we sat cross-legged and engaged in woman talk.

“So, Mom,” I began, “I told Julia about what you and I did yesterday.”

“Oh, I figured you must have,” she laughed. “Was she shocked?”

“Sure, at first,” I replied, glancing at my blushing sister, “but she got pretty excited about it soon enough. Actually, just before you got here, Julia asked me if I thought you might want to fool around with her.”

“Did she, now?” Mom chuckled. “Well, I might be into that.”

“How come you didn’t make love to Cheri when she was a teenager… or ever make a move on me, for that matter?” Julia asked, “I mean, we could have handled it.”

“Oh, I wanted to, but I was afraid,” Mom answered. “You girls have no idea how many times in the last few years I wanted to take you both to bed with me.”

“So you’ve had those feelings all that time?” I asked. “God, that must have been hard to deal with. I only realized how much I wanted you yesterday.”

“Yeah, well, I survived,” she shot back, smiling wryly.

“Oh, Mom,” I murmured, dipping my head to nuzzle her neck, my hand covering her right breast, “you don’t have to hide your feelings any longer. We both want to make love to you.”

“That’s right,” Julia said, leaning in close to kiss her.

We made out with our mother until she was trembling with desire. Julia kissed her way down to Mom’s nipples, licking and sucking at each one in turn. I gently lay her back on the blanket and positioned myself between her thighs. Her pussy shone with wetness, and the smell of her made my mouth water. Licking my lips, I spread her cunt open, revealing her juicy pinkness. Using two fingers I slowly began to penetrate her while I flicked at her clit with my tongue.

With Julia pleasuring her breasts and me eating her pussy, Mom was soon bucking and moaning with pleasure. Then Julia finally moved down from Mom’s tits to join me at her cunt. I withdrew, allowing my sister to taste our mother for the first time. She buried her face between Mom’s legs, licking her with relish.

Mom and Julia were really getting into making love, so I sat back to watch for a bit. Julia moved her body around without ever leaving Mom’s pussy, positioning herself so her cunt was directly over Mom’s waiting mouth. As they settled into the sixty-nine position and went at each other, I marveled at the tenderness and passion I saw in their lovemaking, how much each one wanted to please the other.

My desire grown sharp once more, I crawled behind Julia, parted her cheeks and began licking her asshole. I love anal play and, from the sound of my sister’s ecstatic squeal, she enjoyed it more than a little herself.

I could tell that Julia and our mother were both reaching the pinnacle of orgasm at a high rate of speed… and sure enough, within a few seconds both women were crying out their muffled pleasure into each other’s cunts in a blinding dual climax. When it was over they both rolled aside, panting in the heat of lust and the warmth of the sun.

My cunt was already wet again just from watching my mother and sister make love, so I began to gently finger myself as they recovered from their workout. Julia opened her eyes to see me masturbating, and she slowly rose to her knees, crawled over to me and brushed my hand away from between my legs. She dipped her face down and licked me lovingly, her eyes never leaving mine.

Mom lay down next to me and began planting sugary kisses on my face, down my neck, around my ears… and finally, on my breasts, flicking my nipples with her tongue, then lightly biting them. Wanting her mouth on mine, I grabbed Mom and gave her a long, deep French kiss. Her tongue flashed to life to duel with mine, and she began to fondle my breasts, her hand gliding over my throbbing nipples.

As we kissed like lovers, I felt Julia pushing my knees up to my chest, tilting my hips back. I felt Julia’s warm tongue trail its way down to my anus, and I gasped into my mother’s mouth as my sister pleasured my ass like I had hers.

Mom’s hand stole its way between my legs and caressed my dripping pussy, gently at first… but within sixty seconds she was fucking me hard with two fingers and rubbing my clit with her thumb. Her pace increased in speed and the frantic pumping of her hand was driving me absolutely wild. Julia was really giving it to my asshole, and it seemed as though she enjoyed anal play as much as I did.

Deep down inside, I could feel my pleasure building in intensity. I knew it would only be a matter of time until I exploded. It built inside of me like a deep-banked warmth, then hit me with a searing flash of concentrated heat. Mom purred happily as I writhed and rocked to her touch, wetness oozing down the insides of my thighs. Julia was still licking the crease of my ass with slow, even strokes.

I came for what seemed an eternity, nearly screaming in ecstasy, finally begging Mom and Julia to stop before my heart gave out.

Utterly sated, I lay back on the blanket, basking in the sunshine. My mother and sister stroked and caressed me as we nestled lovingly in one another’s arms.


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  1. LisaMT says:

    JB, This is Cheryl’s gf Lisa. She MADE me get a kink ID and start commenting though I refuse to comment on her stories cuz ppl might see it as trying to promote her stories and stuff. Oh, I hope you don’t mind me calling you JB. I just like to use initials and stuff when I can. You are an awesome writer of this kind of story and I have read this one already and love it. Cheryl insisted I find one I like and comment. She’s ok with me not commenting on her stories btw. I’m not the writer in the family, as you probably can tell, but I just wanted to tell you how great you are and how much I like this and other stories.

  2. jetboy says:

    Thank you so very, VERY much, Lisa. Praise from anyone special enough to be my dear Cheryl’s love partner is better than bread and sweeter than cake. Congratulations to you both for finding and keeping one another.

  3. Elab says:

    Quite a visual, with Cheri and her mom, for the welcome home! Then to visual Cheri fantasizing about mom and then to do her!! “Wow”, great writing. Then Cheri and Julia “go down the path” to savor girl/girl lust and loving, really makes it hot, hot, hot! When dear old mom comes along and Julia’ fantasy of mom, finally come true. Great writing!

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