A Daughter’s Seduction, Part One

  • Posted on April 30, 2015 at 8:44 am

By JetBoy

My name is Connie. I am a single mother with a fourteen-year-old daughter named Becky.

I know and have known for a long time that I am sexually attracted to young girls, and have spent many late night hours pleasuring myself to fantasies of cute, nubile preteens. I had a large collection of lesbian pornography on my computer, nearly all of it featuring girls… especially erotic stories and photos of them engaged in love play with older women, which never failed to make me hot.

I suppose it was inevitable that one day I would find myself aroused at the sight of my own child… and sure enough, I was soon experiencing a strong sexual hunger for Becky, especially those times when she was in shorts or a skirt, exposing her lovely legs. Once in a while I got a glimpse of her in the nude, a sight that always left me dizzy with desire.

Before long, Becky was finding her way into my masturbation fantasies… and I brought myself to orgasm many times while imagining the two of us, naked and in bed together, sharing our bodies as lovers do.

Of course, I never dared to act on my taboo desires, settling instead for collecting dozens of lesbian mother/daughter stories from the internet, which I stashed in a large file with the rest of the erotica on my computer. But then one day, while she and I were spending a day at our cabin in the hills, my girl Becky took the initiative that changed our relationship forever.

We were sharing a large blanket in the back yard behind the cabin, taking the sun. I wore a scandalously small bikini, and Becky was in a two piece swimsuit that revealed enough of her lithe body to have me tingling all over. I was toying with the notion of slipping indoors for a short while to indulge in a little furtive masturbation.

It was then that Becky suddenly broke into my reverie by sitting up, studying me for a moment and declaring, “You need some more oil on your back, Mommy. Want me to put it on for you?”

Delighted, I replied, “Aw… that’s sweet of you, hon.” I felt a prickle of excitement at the thought of Becky touching my bare skin.

She knelt beside me, squirted a generous shot of coconut-scented oil into her hands and vigorously rubbed them together, then got to work on my upper back and shoulders.

Her touch felt wonderful. I allowed my imagination to drift and my illicit desires to come forth… image following lewd image like X-rated flashcards in my mind:

My naked daughter, proudly displaying her body to me, cupping her slight breasts with both hands.

The two of us locked in a lover’s embrace, our mouths crushed together in a soul kiss, her legs wrapped around my ass.

My face buried between her thin thighs, Becky’s fingers tangled in my hair as I licked my baby’s bare slit.

Becky and I gently entangled, bodies flushed and glistening in the aftermath of our lovemaking.

These visions battered my consciousness, taunted me, made me want things I shouldn’t.

My craving only intensified when I felt Becky’s hands move down my slippery body to cup my buttocks. The suit I wore didn’t cover much of me, so there was plenty for her to touch… and touch she did. I felt warm, thick fluids oozing from me, and prayed that my daughter wouldn’t see the evidence of arousal through those thin bikini bottoms.

I was taken aback when Becky asked me to turn over, but hesitantly did as she said… and as I settled onto the blanket, she reached to pop open the front clasp of my bikini top, baring my breasts.

I was shocked and, truth be told, more than a little bit thrilled to be topless in front of my daughter. There was something in my baby’s smile that told me as clear as day how much she hadwanted to do that, to undress me. And that was when I really began to get excited…

As I watched Becky through my sunglasses, losing myself in a mixture of confusion and sexual heat, she poured more oil into her hands and worked it into my shoulders, kneading the muscles… then slowly, carefully, her hands slid down to cover my breasts.

I knew that I should stop her, but didn’t — I couldn’t!

She wasn’t just anointing my breasts, either – she was caressing them, teasing my nipples with her oil-coated fingers. It seemed too crazy for words, but I could read desire in Becky’s eyes as she felt me up. I couldn’t help but moan, overcome by my baby’s touch… and when she smiled, I knew that she’d planned for me to respond that way.

I was quivering inside, heart pounding like a locomotive. Was my adolescent daughter really coming on to me? Could this truly be happening?

She slowly worked her way down to my bikini bottoms, rubbing the sweet-scented oil into my tummy. My pussy was so wet that I was certain Becky could see it through my suit by now.

Then my daughter grasped the waistband of my swimsuit. “Raise your bottom, Mommy,” she cooed, gently tugging at the barely-there bikini.

I knew what I should have done right then: sit up and ask my daughter just what the hell she was up to, and stop this insane thing that was happening between us before I completely lost control. But I didn’t. God help me, I wanted Becky to undress me, needed my baby to see me naked.

Without a word I lifted my pelvis… and with a little squeak of delight Becky slipped my suit down and off. Now completely nude, my pulse racing, I waited to see what my little girl would do.

She began to work the oil into my legs, starting just above the knees and moving slowly upward. I whimpered as her fingers caressed the soft skin of my inner thighs, mere inches from my aching sex. I could no longer conceal my arousal, breathing, “Oh, m-my angel… oh, yessss,” as my body shivered and twitched on the blanket, made helpless by my daughter’s touch.

Then Becky placed a hand on my vulva, and I inhaled sharply. She only giggled. “Oooh, Mommy… you’re all sticky. And warm!”

I couldn’t respond… but then, at that instant, my lips were incapable of shaping words. I could only gape at my child in disbelief.

Then Becky drew her hand away… except for one finger that she slowly, oh God so slowly trailed down the length of my slit. Trembling from head to toe, I whispered “Honey…”

And with that, my baby pushed two fingers inside me, penetrating me right up to her third knuckles with a single stroke.

I came instantly, emitting a strangled cry while a jolt of pleasure surged though my body like a blast of electrical current. My hands clutched helplessly at the blanket while my baby’s wonderful fingers squirmed about inside me, driving my ecstasy to unimaginable heights.

Finally I lay panting, exquisite tinglings still rippling through me as Becky withdrew her hand from between my quivering thighs. I opened my eyes in time to see my daughter bringing those wet fingers to her lips. I couldn’t say a word… just stared as she sucked them into her mouth, tasting my essence. She grinned. “Yum…”

Then her expression became soft, dreamy. She reached behind to untie her bikini top and let it fall to the ground, revealing budding breasts, then stood to slip her bottoms down to her feet and step out of them.

Now naked, she knelt beside me, reaching out to take off my sunglasses. “I love you, Mommy,” she whispered, her eyes warm with adoration… and she bent to kiss me.

Becky’s soft mouth brushed against mine in a very tantalizing way… then her tongue slipped between my parted lips, and the kiss became heated and passionate.

Believe it or not, that instant was when it hit me with blinding clarity: my fourteen-year-old daughter was making love to me! As I saw it, the way Becky had undressed me and fingered my cunt could be chalked up to girlish experimentation… perhaps even a young teen’s natural curiosity about the body of a grown woman. But this ardent French kiss left no room for doubt about what my daughter really wanted.

I’d given birth to Becky… nursed, diapered, comforted, amused, taught and disciplined her. Now at the threshold of womanhood, she was giving me the most precious of gifts: herself.

I knew that what we were doing was wrong, I really did… but Becky had been my most secret, most obsessive desire for at least a year, and the knowledge that she wanted me as well was too much for my morality to overcome. All I could think about was the joy that she and I could share as lovers… how much closer this new relationship might bring us. Furthermore, it was obvious that Becky had done this kind of thing before, and knowing that my baby was experienced in sapphic love made me all the more eager to explore forbidden pleasures with her.

I began to respond to my daughter’s kiss, my own tongue shyly emerging to meet hers. Soon enough Becky and I were kissing hungrily, losing ourselves in the delicious madness of incest. I had never been so sexually excited in my life.

She climbed on top of me, her mouth never leaving mine. We continued to share hungry kisses, our oiled bodies sliding and slipping together. She wedged a hand between us to grope my breasts, her palm gliding over my aching nipples. I moaned into her mouth.

Becky drew away from me to whisper, “Touch me, Mommy.”

How could I resist such a sweet invitation? My hands were resting lightly on my little girl’s back, and I let them slowly glide down to fondle her pert little bottom. Hungry for more, my fingers stole between her cheeks, lightly stroking the cleft of her anus. She hummed with pleasure, both her hands covering my breasts now.

My fingers traveled down even further between my baby’s thighs, seeking her lightly-downed slit. She was moist there, and my heart hammered frantically as I allowed the tip of my index finger to slip inside her.

Becky tore her mouth from mine, gasping, “Oh! Oh Mommy yes, that feels so n-nice…”

I continued to press my probing digit into my daughter’s body, feeling her writhe against me, panting furiously. I expected to meet the barrier of Becky’s hymen… so I was surprised when my finger slid all the way into her vagina. My head spun at the realization that my little girl was no longer a virgin… but then again, she had clearly engaged in sexual activity before today. Dazed, I wondered if a boy or another girl had been her first lover.

My finger rolled around inside Becky’s pussy as I touched my child in a wonderful new way. She was trembling while I pleasured her, eyes closed, a look of absolute bliss on her face, whispering “I love you, Mommy. I love you”

“I love you too, angel!” I gasped, then withdrew my finger from the warmth of Becky’s body. Her eyes flew open, but I shushed her with a smile and a tender kiss. I rolled the two of us over, gently placing Becky onto her back. My lust was now at a peak… and I needed, more than anything, to taste my daughter.

I caressed her face, gazing down at my child adoringly. Had any mother ever been so blessed, so loved? Our mouths met again for a brief but luscious moment, then I trailed my lips down to my baby’s neck, nibbling at her angel-soft skin. Becky was purring like a contented kitten as I pressed a kiss into the hollow of her throat, then moved down further still.

Her barely-there breasts and taut nipples delighted me… and Becky moaned as I took one into my mouth, flicking at the pink tip with a playful tongue. My daughter gently rocked from side to side, cradling my head to her chest, her heart racing almost audibly. I began to lavish attention on her other nipple. “Oh,” she breathed, holding me close. “Oh.”

Wriggling my way down Becky’s body, I licked a path to her belly button… so adorable. I teased it with a flashing probe of the tongue, and she squealed with delight, another surge of pleasure coursing through her limbs.

I was a woman on fire, trembling with desire for my girl as I reached the ultimate destination. I lay between Becky’s legs, staring enthralled at the pink treasure of her vagina.

I had enjoyed my fair share of lovers by age 35, but the sight of my daughter’s glistening sex aroused me more than I imagined possible. My hands rested on her thighs as I inhaled deeply, savoring the scent of Becky’s excitement. My mouth watered to taste her… and I closed my eyes, lowering my face to her slit.

My daughter whimpered as my tongue emerged to take that first luxurious lick. She tasted wonderful… and I closed my eyes as I licked her again. Becky moaned, her trembling hands holding my head, then breathed, “God, Mommy… that’s so… so…”

Suddenly ravenous for her, I burrowed my face between Becky’s thighs, cupped her bottom in my hands and took her cunt into my mouth, licking and sucking at her as if I wanted to draw her into me completely. I couldn’t believe that this was real, that I was living out my most forbidden desire — going down on my own fourteen-year-old daughter!

Drunk on lust, I made love to Becky in a helpless frenzy… pleasuring her with everything there was to give, showing my child just how desperately I craved her body, her sex, her self.

Suddenly she bucked wildly and cried out, her voice filled with the sweet, sweet pain of climax as she came in my mouth. The music of her ecstasy only spurred me on, though… and I kissed and tongued my daughter’s pussy until she could stand no more, finally pushing my face away with clumsy hands.

She exhaled deeply, relaxing back into the embrace of our rumpled blanket… and I continued to lightly kiss and nuzzle her thighs and her soft tummy, finally crawling up to take this naked angel into my arms. I could feel Becky’s heart throb as I held her, placing gentle kisses on her flushed face.

Her arms slowly enfolded me, and she rested a warm cheek against my breast. “Wow,” she whispered, “that was so… awesome!”

I gently tilted her face up to mine. “I love you, honey,” I murmured, “more than anyone or anything. You are the world to me.”

Becky grinned wickedly. “Mmmm, Mommy… I love you too.” She shook her head in wonderment. “Jeez, that was even hotter than I imagined it would be!”

I narrowed my gaze. “So, little one,” I murmured, “that was wonderful and all, but – well, what just happened? Why did you… come on to me like that? I am your mother, after all.”

And Becky giggled. “Well… I kinda started to notice a few months ago how you look at me, especially when I’m in my undies or, um, not wearing much.”

I felt my face grow hot. Busted…

She continued. “And then… well, I found all those sex stories and pictures of girls on your computer.” She smiled wryly. “You don’t hide files very well, Mommy.”

Stunned, I lay back, staring up at the sky.

“So, well, I kinda read some of the stories… the ones about moms and daughters fooling around with each other… and I guess I, um, sort of figured things out.”

I raised myself up on one elbow. “What did you figure out, sweetheart? ” I asked quietly, needing to hear it from her lips.

Becky was suddenly shy, unable to meet my gaze. “Well… that you think of me like that, Mommy… that you wanted for us to, to, m-make love.”

I reached for her hand. “And… how did that make you feel?”

“It made me feel hot!” she admitted. “I… I even touched myself, my pussy, while I was reading.”

“Oh, my,” I breathed, feeling warm all over as I pictured my baby, a hand inside her panties, fingering herself as she read steamy tales of mother/daughter love.

“I like girls, too, Mommy,” she murmured, resting her head on my shoulder. “Me and Cheryl have kissed and made out and, um, other stuff… lots of times!”

“Oh, my,” I said again. Cheryl was Becky’s best friend, a little red-haired cutie who I had fantasized about more than once when getting myself off. I was thrilled to know that she and my daughter were lovers.

Becky continued. “So when I figured out that you wanted to do those things with me… well, it made me kinda want to do them with you, too.” She giggled. “So I did! I was a little scared, though.”

“Of me being… angry with you?”

She nodded her head. “Yeah.”

“Well, I am definitely not angry.” I murmured, wrapping my arms around my baby, hugging her close. “Thank you, sweetheart… thank you for loving me like that. You’ve… made me very happy.”

Becky raised her face to mine, her eyes now smoldering with a renewed desire. “I’m happy too, Mommy.”

Our lips met, brushing together gently… then our mouths joined in a fierce, passionate kiss. Becky pressed her leg into my sticky sex as our tongues danced a wild tango of love.

I gently pulled away. “Let’s go inside, honey. We can take a shower together, then you and I will go to bed and make love again.”

“Mmmm… sounds great!” Becky chirped.

And that’s exactly what we did. We had a wonderful time soaping up each other’s bodies in the shower, pausing often for hot kisses. Then we toweled one another dry, and Becky raced into my room to hurl herself onto the bed, bouncing happily as she waited for me.

I lay down next to her in the cool sheets, and she immediately crushed her mouth to mine with a fervor that had my head reeling.

Then in a flash, she was on her knees beside me. “I want to lick you now, Mommy,” she whispered.

How could I say no? I parted my legs for her, and Becky crawled between them to lie on her tummy, her face inches from my cunt. She reached out to tease my labia with her fingers, then smiled when I moaned at her touch.

“You have such a pretty pussy, Mommy,” she sighed. She licked her lips in the sexiest way imaginable, her eyes never leaving mine… then she slowly lowered her face between my thighs, pressing a warm, wet kiss into my vulva before she began to explore me with her tongue.

We made love for the whole afternoon… celebrating each other’s bodies, lost in the pleasures that only two females can share. My daughter and I kissed again and again, touched and tasted, learned what pleased each other best. We knew that our life together had changed forever — and for the better!

Three years later, Becky and I are still intimate. We sleep in the same bed, and our sex life is incredible. I don’t know how long this relationship is fated to last, but every minute we’ve shared as lovers has been a gift.

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  1. Brenda says:

    MMMMMMMMMM My oldest is named Becky, so petite, blond freckles loves BIGGGGGGGG hugs too Getting harder to keep my hands off everyday

  2. Myka says:

    Ohhhhh lovely JB… the incest is such a lovely addition to our fav theme of older with younger adolescent loving … 🙂

  3. MrStrut says:

    My god JB, it amazes me how well you can write these stories being a man, but it was amazing, erotic and great detail. I love your stories and look forward to reading chapter 2.
    Thanks again!

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    Scritto bene, molto erotico , ma sopratutto molto verosimile. Complimenti.-

    Google Translator: Written well, very erotic, but above all very likely. Congratulations.-

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    Oh so very well written and it was so hot xx

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    Great story…. And I wonder how many mothers and daughters have or had a relationship like this.. I’m sure there are many…

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