The Lost Girl Game, Chapter 1

  • Posted on April 29, 2015 at 5:58 pm

By Naughty Mommy

When I first saw her, I was surprised by the way she was dressed.

A blonde girl, perhaps 10 or 11 years old — close to the same age as my own daughter, but maybe a year or two younger — wearing short black boots with heels, opaque red tights, and a gray and white patterned blouse that came to just below her little bottom. She had a wide black belt around her waist, over the shirt.

It was a sexy outfit and it immediately caught my attention. I was surprised, however, when I realized how young the girl was. Her clothing seemed better suited to a girl of 15 or 16, or even 21.

Then I noticed the way she was behaving: pacing back and forth, her hand to her mouth, frowning, glancing around anxiously, appearing as if she might be ready to cry. I wondered if she was lost.

My daughter Kelly and I were leaving a Victoria’s Secret store at the shopping mall when we saw the child.

Kelly is 12 years old, in the 7th grade. I had just finished buying her three new sets of bras and panties, the more adult kind that she was now developing the figure to wear. This was the first time I’d allowed Kelly to choose a sexy grown-up type of underwear instead of the little girl things she’d worn previously. She was thrilled and kept grabbing my arm and squeezing it as she thanked me profusely.

She had even insisted, after we paid for the stuff, on going back to the dressing room and changing into one of the sets — a hot pink push-up bra and panties — and wearing them out of the store (under her clothes, of course). I thought it was very cute of her, and the attractive teenage cashier in the store seemed amused by it too.

I must admit, though, there is a deep dark hidden part of me that was more than just amused by Kelly’s excitement. I was also secretly aroused by it.

She had not let me go into the dressing room with her while she was trying things on, but called me in to take a look at her in each new set when she was ready. And when I looked at this nubile girl wearing just a skimpy little bra and panties over her blossoming figure, I was instantly turned on. I felt a warm wetness starting between my legs as I stared at her in her sexy underthings.

It shocked me that I could find my own daughter’s body to be sexually arousing, but that’s what happened. I looked at this lovely young girl’s slim, shapely legs, her tiny waist, pert breasts, curly red hair, green eyes, and perfect pale rosy skin, and I was almost overcome with desire.

That’s what startled me. Not that I could find a girl in her underwear so exciting — I knew that from plenty of experience in looking at online pornography — but that seeing my own child dressed that way would fill me with lust. My own daughter!

Some background: I’m a single mom, bisexual, and while I tend to go out with men more often than women, I definitely prefer having sex with women more than men. It’s gotten to the point where I tell myself I should just admit I’m a lesbian and stop pretending. But I suppose some part of me thinks it will go better for Kelly if I can at least keep up the image of being straight (I don’t think she knows about my bisexuality; when I date women, I always arrange to meet them somewhere discreet).

I should also mention that I don’t really have sex very often (except with myself, of course). I go out on dates with men only once every few months, and the odds are pretty high against my sleeping with any of them. In the last several years, I have had sex with men only two or three times. I meet up with women less often, only a few times a year, but if I find them at all attractive, and if they show an interest in me, then I will usually try to go to bed with them. Still, that only happens once or twice a year. I wish it could be more, but to keep up appearances, I have made myself refrain from entering into any kind of a steady relationship with another woman.

Anyway, what I felt that day in Victoria’s Secret was very confusing to me. I kept trying to shake it off as my daughter made her choices and we finished paying for her things. However, when Kelly came out of the dressing room, ready to leave, and when I looked at her not as a typical mom sees her kid, but as a lesbian (why not just say it!) would look at a potential conquest, I felt my lust building again.

Kelly was dressed in skintight low-rise jeans, pink tennis shoes, and a dark blue crop top that revealed plenty of her slender torso. Under the jeans and top, I knew, were the racy panties and bra I’d just purchased for her. The push-up WonderBra was doing wonders for her — those little breasts, still only half-developed, were actually showing a bit of cleavage in the scooped neckline of her shirt.

My daughter often dresses that way; most of her friends do too. There is nothing unusual these days in seeing a young teenager, or even a pre-teen like Kelly, attired so provocatively. But this time, for the first time, the way she looked had an intensely arousing effect on me.

I tried to act normal, but my face felt hot as we walked out of the store together. Burning in my mind was the image of a pretty, barely pubescent girl dressed up to look extremely sexy.

So, when we turned a corner and I saw this other cute young girl in her hot little outfit, I was all ready to begin the creation of a wild fantasy about that girl that I could use later that evening in my nightly masturbation session…

But then I realized, first, how young she really was, and I thought to myself, Sharon, wait a minute, are you becoming a pedophile?! And right after that, I noticed the way she was behaving, and I started to become concerned for her. I suppose you might say that my maternal instincts kicked in, supplanting, at least temporarily, my libidinous instincts.

I put my hand on Kelly’s arm and slowed our brisk pace. “Look at that girl,” I said. “Do you think she’s lost?”

“Um, I don’t know… could be, I guess.”

At that moment, the little girl turned our way in her wandering around, and made eye contact with me.

I was struck by how very lovely she was, with big blue eyes, pink lips, and long, shiny blonde hair. Again, I felt my crotch beginning to respond to my perverted sexual desires, and I had to remind myself that this was a child who appeared to be lost. She wasn’t standing there and she wasn’t dressed that way simply for the purpose of providing a fantasy object for me. It looked like she could use some help.

I went toward her and Kelly followed. The girl had stopped pacing and was looking at me. She seemed scared and on the verge of tears.

“Are you all right, honey?” I asked. “Are you lost?”

The child didn’t answer for a moment, just turned to look worriedly each way, her hand again to her mouth. Then she said, “I think maybe I am.” Her voice was small and high-pitched.

“Are you here with someone? Your mother?”

“Um, yeah, but not here, in the mall, I mean. I told her I was going to look around for a while, but now I — I don’t know where I am.”

Her voice started to break and I wanted to take her in my arms and comfort her. But because I was a stranger to her, I just placed my hand gently on her shoulder. “It’s okay, honey, we’ll take care of you. Now, where do you think your mommy is?”

“She’s at the hotel. In our room. I just said I was going out for a while and she asked if I knew for sure how to get back and I said yeah but now I can’t. I’m afraid she’ll get mad at me.”

“Oh, I don’t think so, sweetie. Probably she’ll be very happy when you come back safe.” I patted her shoulder and squeezed it softly. She was thin, still just a little girl (despite the way she was dressed), and not yet starting to turn into a young woman the way my daughter was.

“Now, you said your mommy is at the hotel?”


“Do you know which hotel? Is it the one here at the mall?”

“I — I think so. I don’t know the name, but it’s on the 22nd floor.”

“Well, the only hotel near here that’s that tall is the Grand Plaza, and it’s at the other end of the mall. We’ll go there, and I’ll bet you can find your mom. You probably just got turned around in this big mall with all these stores and forgot which way to go.”

The girl smiled at me, appearing reassured. I thought to myself, I could get lost in those pretty blue eyes forever. But this is just a child, Sharon! A little girl in the 4th or 5th grade!! I know, I realize that. Still, I can’t help how I feel…

I knelt and took her by the hand. Now I was looking up at her. “What’s your name, sweetie?”

“Um, it’s Bambi.”

“Bambi, how cute! Well, Bambi, my name is Sharon, and this is my daughter, Kelly.”

Bambi glanced at Kelly and they exchanged tentative nods.

“Now, we’re going to walk together back to the hotel, and then I’ll make sure you find your mom. All right?”

“Okay.” She smiled at me and squeezed my hand.

I stood up and we started walking. I held Bambi’s hand in mine, and Kelly walked on my other side, holding her Victoria’s Secret shopping bag.

It was a long way across the huge mall to reach the exit that abutted the Grand Plaza Hotel. During the 15 minutes that we walked, I learned that Bambi and her mother, whose name was Angela, were in town just for the weekend. They lived in another city several states away. They had arrived earlier that day, done some shopping, and then Bambi had asked to go for a short walk around the mall while her mother rested for a while in their room.

As we entered the palatial lobby of the hotel, Bambi squeezed my hand and almost shrieked, “This is it!!”

“There, you see, precious? I told you that you weren’t really lost. Now let’s go find your mommy.”

The child tugged at my hand as she walked quickly toward the elevator bank. “This is it! This is it!”

I was gratified to see how excited she was about not being lost any more, and I could tell that she really had been quite frightened.

As we got off at the 22nd floor, the top floor, Bambi stepped out of the elevator and looked both ways. I had asked, on the ride up, if she knew the room number, but she didn’t. She seemed sure, though, that she could find the room.

“Where are the Cokes…?” the little girl asked, more to herself than to anyone else. Still holding tightly to my hand, she walked slowly up the hall to the right, then stopped and turned around. “Maybe over there…”

Kelly trotted that way ahead of us and called, “The Coke machine is here!”

“A-ha! That’s it!” Bambi pulled me quickly along behind her, almost running. Stopping briefly at the alcove with the vending machines, she counted off three doors, which I noticed seemed very far apart — how big were these rooms? — and then she stopped in front of 2210, close to the end of the hall.

“Mom?!” She slapped her hand on the door, which opened after a few seconds.

Inside was a stunningly attractive woman, perhaps a few years older than me, but in excellent shape. She wore a low-cut red dress that clung to her figure and showed off her cleavage. The dress was knee-length, and the woman was barefoot, with no stockings. Her long legs were smooth, tanned, and beautiful.

I admired her trim waist and her round breasts, and for a moment I wished that she could have been my date for the evening, instead of the mother of a lost little girl I’d found. If, that is, she was the mother…

That question was answered just as quickly as I’d sized the woman up and appreciated her assets.

“Mommy, I’m back!!” Bambi sprang into her mother’s arms.

The shapely blonde — Angela, evidently — caught the child and hugged her. “Well, of course you’re back, sweetie. Where else would you be?” She held her daughter close, stroking her.

As I was staring at the beautiful woman’s full red lips and imagining myself kissing her, she caught my eye and winked at me. I immediately looked down, blushing deeply.

Bambi turned and pointed to us. “That nice lady helped me get back after I — um, don’t get mad, Mommy, I wasn’t really lost. Just…”

“She was just a little turned around,” I interjected. “It’s a big mall, and she needed a tiny bit of assistance to find the hotel again.”

“Oh, that was so kind of you to help my little girl out with her twisted head. Please, won’t you come in for a minute?”

“No, thank you, that’s all right. We don’t want to bother you. I just wanted to make sure your precious Bambi got back safe. We’ll be on our way now.”

“No, no, I wouldn’t think of it.” Setting her daughter down, Angela reached for my hand and literally pulled me inside the door. “Please come in, both of you, just for a moment, anyway. I really want to thank you properly.”

As Angela pulled, Bambi pushed. Over my protests, they soon had Kelly and me inside and had shut the door firmly behind us. It felt almost as if we were being taken captive!

“There you go, that’s better.” Angela smoothed and straightened her dress, smiling broadly at us. “Now let me introduce myself. I’m Angela Parker. Obviously you have met my daughter, Bambi.”

Angela extended her hand and I took it. She had a firm, warm handshake, which she maintained much longer than I expected.

“I — my name is Sharon. Sharon Cummings.”

“It’s nice to meet you, Sharon,” she smiled, still holding my hand. “Cummings… comings…” She winked at me again.

I wasn’t certain what she meant by that, but it made me blush once more. Then Angela, still holding on to my hand, looked over at Kelly. “And this adorable creature, is she your sister?”

“Ah, no, she’s — she’s my daughter. A-Angela, this is Kelly. Kelly, Angela.” I was stammering and continued blushing as the tall blonde put her other hand over mine and squeezed it warmly. She didn’t try to shake Kelly’s hand but gave her a once-over look that I was sure I recognized.

It was the same look I’d given to her daughter, Bambi, when I first saw her in the mall, and it was the way I’d looked at Angela when she opened the door. It was a look that contained a frank physical appraisal, sizing up a potential sexual partner, or at the very least the object of a future fantasy.

I didn’t think I liked the way this woman was looking at my little girl — first at her face, then her chest, at the wide band of skin showing between her top and jeans, then to her legs, and to her crotch (!) before returning to her face — until I realized that I had looked at my own daughter in almost the exact same way not long before that in the Victoria’s Secret dressing room.

Now I was really shaken. In the space of an hour, two grown women had looked at my 12-year-old child with carnal intent. And I was one of those women!

“But she can’t be your daughter.” Angela protested. “Unless you had her when you were about 10 years old.” She laughed, and I smiled.

“That’s how old I am, Mommy,” Bambi piped up.

“Not quite, sweetie, you’re still only 9, but you’ll be 10 next month.”

“No, she — I mean, I — um, sorry, she is my daughter. And that’s flattering, but no, I — I’m not that young. I, well, I’m 34. I was, um, 21 when Kelly was born.”

Kelly must have noticed the way I was blushing and stammering. She frowned at me, shaking her head slightly, as if I was crazy.

“Well, you sure look like you could be sisters,” continued Angela. “But now, come in, sit down for a minute and let’s get acquainted.”

“No, really, we should go…” But as I demurred, she was pulling me forward again, since she still had not let go of my hand.

It was then that I looked around and discovered that we were not in any standard kind of hotel room, but in an extended suite. Angela was taking us from the foyer into a large and tastefully appointed living room. There were also at least two big bedrooms that I could see. I pondered how much a room — no, a suite! — like this would cost, and I got the idea that she, or her husband, must be very well off indeed.

Reluctantly, and after much insistence, Kelly and I finally gave in and sat down.

I was wearing a light, swishy, mid-calf skirt that day with three gauzy layers. My legs were bare, with no nylons. Although they’re not as long or as stunning as Angela’s, my legs are not bad at all. I consider them my best feature and, given how attracted I was to Angela, I was eager to let her get a good look at them. I found myself flirtatiously hiking the layers of my skirt well above my knees.

Kelly looked at me again with disapproval, no doubt wondering what had come over her mom.

“Now, what can I get you to drink?” Angela asked.

I started to get up. “No, please, we—”

But quickly and firmly I was pushed back down. Now Kelly turned her mystified look toward Angela. This behavior did seem a bit odd.

“I insist. No arguments. You went out of your way to do a great service to my little girl, and the least I can do — the very least I can do — is offer you a refreshing drink. So, what would you like? Wine? Champagne? Scotch? Maybe a martini?”

Resigned to the situation, I replied, “Well, maybe just a small glass of white wine, if it’s not too much trouble.”

“Of course it isn’t, not at all. And how about you, pretty girl?” Angela asked, turning to my daughter.

“Um, a Coke?”

“That’s what I’m having!” chirped Bambi.

“Okay, baby-cakes, you get the Cokes for yourself and darling Kelly, while I open up a bottle of wine.”

“Oh, but you don’t have to…” I began.

Angela turned sharply toward me, her hands on her shapely hips. “Now what did I just say? No arguments. Remember? ”

“Yes, okay. You’re right.” I cringed comically and glanced over at Kelly, rolling my eyes a little bit. She just shrugged.

A minute later, all four of us were seated and enjoying our beverages. I was on a comfortable sofa, showing off my legs. My daughter was in an overstuffed chair across from me. Bambi was on the floor between us, drinking her Coke. I noticed that she kept glancing up at my bare legs, apparently enjoying the view.

Angela pulled a chair up next to the one my daughter was in. She sat down, slowly crossing her long legs as she looked at mine. Then she raised her glass, smiled at me and said, “Cheers!” I smiled back and briefly raised my glass.

The woman looked down at the Victoria’s Secret bag between Kelly’s feet. “What’s in the shopping bag, honey? Did you and your extremely young-looking mother” (she winked at me) “buy some pretty things today?”

“Um, yeah,” my daughter answered. “I, um, she, I mean, my mom got me some, uh, some new bras and undies.”

“Oh, how nice. Can I see them?”

“Okay.” Kelly leaned over and reached into the bag, bringing out a lacy white matched set of bra and panties, and another set with pink and white stripes.

“Aren’t they beautiful!” Angela took the little white bikini panties from Kelly and held them up, admiring them. “Look, Bambi, these are gorgeous, aren’t they?”

The child crawled over for a closer look. Taking the pink and white striped bra from Kelly’s lap, she held it to her own chest, as if imagining herself wearing it. “I don’t think this’d fit me yet.”

“No, probably not,” chuckled Angela, “your little boobies still have to grow some more.”

And as she said this, she reached out and pinched her daughter’s chest, squeezing the girl’s nipple and tiny breast between her fingers. Bambi giggled and pulled away.

I couldn’t believe Angela had done that! I was appalled — and yet, at the same time, I was curiously intrigued by this overtly sexual woman and her precocious little girl. What would they do next?

Kelly seemed astonished too. Her eyes were wide, but I detected a hint of a smile as well, the first she had shown since we came into the hotel room. Perhaps, I thought, she was as intrigued by these two as I was.

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