Mom Comes Calling

  • Posted on April 29, 2015 at 9:51 am

By JetBoy

My name is Marilyn. I’m twenty-four now, and the story I’m going to tell you happened when I was eighteen. Basically, it’s all about how I came to find the true love of my life — only it happens to be with a lover who practically no one knows about. That’s the way we both want it.

It was my first year of college. By that time I’d had a few boyfriends, and gone all the way with one of them. Still, I felt inexperienced compared to my friends, and really looked forward to exploring my sexuality when I left home for the university.

Well, I got my wish and then some, though not in the way I’d expected.

I’d never given much thought to getting sexually involved with another girl before, not even in my fantasies — but once I moved into a cramped dormitory space with my new roommate Jenny, that changed. To make a long story short, Jenny and her best friend and fuck buddy Carla not only seduced me, took me to bed and introduced me to lesbian love, they turned me into their submissive sex toy as well. I’d never known until then how much it thrilled me to give myself over to the will of another.

Jenny and Carla controlled me completely. I could only wear the clothes they selected for me — and they delighted in making me dress like a total slut, usually without panties or a bra. When I was in our room, the house rule was that I had to be naked the whole time, ready to fuck whenever my lovers wanted. And we fucked a lot. Luckily, Jenny and Carla made certain that I got the required schoolwork done. They were both honor students themselves, and didn’t want their plaything to get kicked out of school for bad grades.

It was one freaky ride — yet at the same time my life was simpler than it had ever been, reduced to a diet of studying, classes, and lesbian sex. I loved it.

That’s not the story I’m sharing now, though — what I want to tell you about is the day things really got out of control. The day my mom came to visit.

It was Saturday, and I’d spent the entire morning playing with Carla and Jenny. As usual, I was naked, and Carla was corkscrewing her vibrator in and out of my ass when my cell phone went off. I glanced at Jenny, waiting for permission to answer. She nodded, so I reached over to pluck the chiming device from my nightstand.

The vibrator was on low and buzzed tantalizingly in my rectum as I flipped the phone open and brought it to my ear.

“Hello?” I said breathlessly.

“Hi, honey!” a cheerful voice replied. Oh, God… it was my mother!

“Um, h-hi, Mom!” I stammered.

“Guess what? I’m on the way up to pay you a little visit! I should be there in about twenty minutes.”

I was too stunned to reply, at first, but finally I managed, “Wow, Mom… that sounds great!” desperately trying to keep control of my voice. Carla still had her hand on the vibrator and, a wicked smile on her lips, turned it up a notch. She and Jenny giggled when the buzzing of the toy grew louder and higher pitched. I moaned without meaning to as it throbbed crazily in my anus.

“Are you all right, Marilyn?” my mom asked.

“Sure, Mom — um, my b-back’s kind of sore.” I said, trying my damnedest not to let myself come.

“Yeah, I remember how hard dormitory beds are,” Mom laughed. “So, I’ll call you when I get to the school, okay? Maybe you can take me to lunch.”

Carla slowly eased the eight-inch vibrator even deeper into my ass. It was all I could do not to cry out loud.

“Yeah that’ll work just great Mom see you then,” I said in one burst, desperately trying to end the conversation before I went off.

“What’s that buzzing sound?” My mother asked.

“I don’t know it’s coming from the room next door, but I gotta grab a shower so I’ll see you when you get here,” I said, all but panting. Carla was working the vibrator in and out of me now.

“Okay then, honey… see you soon!”

My head was spinning. “Bye!” I gasped, and clicked the phone shut, dropping it to the floor.

“Is Mommy coming to visit her little girl?” Jenny asked as Carla slowly pumped the vibrator in and out.

“Yeah,” I moaned. “She’s gonna b-be here in about twenty minutes.” I got up on all fours, arching my back and parting my legs to take Carla’s toy even deeper.

But instead of giving me the fuck I ached for, she withdrew her vibrator. “You’d better go shower, then,” she smirked.

I knelt there for a few seconds, shivering with frustration. Damn it. Carla had a thing for bringing me to the boil without finishing me off. She always did make me come, eventually — but until then, she loved to leave me hungry, desperately craving release. Sometimes for hours. And I wasn’t allowed to masturbate, ever — not unless Jenny or Carla instructed me to.

Slowly regaining my breath, I rose from the bed, grabbed a towel, threw on my bathrobe and hustled out of the dorm room with my shower bag. I washed as quickly as I could, then hurried back.

The girls were lounging on my bed. Jenny was fingering Carla, the Irish girl’s pale skin and soft red pubic hair starkly contrasted by the shiny black of Jenny’s fingernails as they slid in and out of her pussy. My face had been buried in those auburn pubes many times, happily licking Carla to orgasm.

I shrugged out of my bathrobe, longingly watching my friends make love, then padded over to open the underwear drawer with a sigh.

“Jenny?” I hesitantly asked as I pulled a tiny thong, the only kind of panties my lovers ever let me wear, over my hips.

“Yes, Marilyn?” Jenny said as she glanced up at me.

“Since I’m meeting my mom… do you, um, think I could maybe wear a bra?” I asked.

“No… I don’t think so,” Jenny said. With a parting kiss to Carla’s cunt, she stood and padded over to me, then bent down to flick at my nipples with her tongue. I moaned. God, I love having my breasts licked. “What’s the matter, Marilyn?” she purred, raising her mocking face to mine. “Afraid of Mommy seeing your nipples?” Pulling me to her, Jenny crushed her mouth to mine. I closed my eyes, returning her kiss.

Jenny was nibbling my ear while Carla browsed through our closet, choosing the clothes I was to wear that day. When my cell phone rang again, she bent down to deftly scoop it up from the carpet. I thought Carla was going to hand it to me — instead, she answered it herself.

“Hello?” she chirped, then paused. “No, this is Carla, I’m Marilyn’s friend.” She listened for a moment. “Okay, I’ll let her know… she’s doing her hair now.”

Carla grinned as she closed the phone with a flourish. “Mommy’s heeeeerrrre,” she sang.

She tossed me my white tank top, and I pulled it on. It was pretty snug, and my nipples were clearly visible through the thin material.

Then Carla handed me a skirt, and I stepped into it, fastening it around my waist. It was black and came to just above my knees. The tank top came down to just above my navel, showing off my belly button.

I studied myself in the mirror. It could have been worse, though I still looked pretty trashy.

“You’re absolutely scrumptious,” Jenny said. “Off you go, now — mustn’t keep Mommy waiting.” She reached under my skirt to give my ass a quick squeeze as I stepped into a pair of sandals, handing me my shoulder bag as Carla opened the door.

“We’re gonna grab a shower and get dressed… maybe we’ll see you two later,” Jenny cooed as I walked out the door.

I apprehensively trudged down the stairs towards the lobby, bracing myself to meet Mom. Would she make a big deal about how I looked? Taking a deep breath, I opened the door to the stairwell and stepped out. There she was, all smiles as she waited for me.

“Honey!” Mom cried, as she jumped up from the bench to give me a hug.

Maybe it was due to my lack of a bra, maybe it was because Carla hadn’t finished me off with the vibrator, maybe it was because of all the girl/girl sex I’d enjoyed in the past few months — but I distinctly felt my mother’s breasts as they pressed against mine, and the warmth and softness of them made me all tingly. I hugged her back, suddenly conscious how good she smelled.

“So good to see you, hon,” Mom said. “Ready for lunch?”

“That sounds great,” I said. “I’m starved.” We started walking toward the campus cafe.

Given that I’d been looking at girls and women a lot more lately, I couldn’t help but notice, as if for the first time, how beautiful my mother still was. She was in her late thirties and worked out daily, and her body showed it. I’d always envied her honey-brown hair, much preferring it to my own darker hue.

I caught myself imagining what Mom looked like naked when she glanced at me — and it was then that she noticed that I’d gone without a bra. For a split second a look of disapproval flashed in her eyes, but she said nothing and walked through the door as I held it open.

We ordered deli sandwiches and coffee at the counter, then seated ourselves a booth and ate together. My mind wandered as I recalled how Jenny had once slipped her hand under my skirt in the booth next to this one and masturbated me to a frenzied climax, while I nearly bit through my lower lip trying not to scream. Despite being in the presence of my mother, I found myself getting a little excited at the memory.

We talked about classes and a bunch of other things related to college life. Mom asked if I was spending my spare time with any cute boys, and I said no. Then she brought me up to speed on all the news from home.

As we made small talk, I noticed that Mom was occasionally glancing downward — and realized with a start that she was sneaking little peeks at my breasts, clearly outlined beneath that flimsy top. I was shocked and a little appalled to realize that I was kind of turned on, knowing that my mother was checking me out.

Jesus, I thought. I’m turning into a fucking pervert.

“I’d love to see your dorm room,” Mom said as we were finishing our coffee.

My heart almost stopped beating. I’d been so concerned with my appearance that the possibility of Mom visiting our room hadn’t even crossed my mind. Idiot, I cursed myself. Fucking idiot!

A tendril of fear curled and uncurled in my belly as I thought about Jenny and Carla. It had been about a half hour, maybe more — they were probably done showering, but they might still be in the room getting dressed. What would they do if I just popped in with Mom? Those two were capable of anything!

What reason could I use to keep her away, though? Think. Think.

“Um… it’s pretty messy,” I mumbled. It was the best I could do. “Are you sure you want to see it?”

Mom just laughed. “I’d be worried if it wasn’t messy. Come on, honey — give me the tour.”

Shit. “Okay, then. But I… I just have to make sure my roommate is decent before you come in.”

“Was she the one I talked to on the phone?” Mom asked. “She seemed very nice.”

“N-no, that was Carla, she’s always around,” I stammered. “Sometimes I think she must rent her dorm out to another student or something. She’s a friend of ours.”

“Well, shall we?” Mom said happily as she pushed her tray to one side and stood.

“Sure!” I said, trying to add a note of confidence to my voice. It sounded cheesy and fake, at least it did to me.

A few nervous moments later we were on my floor. I scanned about for Jenny or Carla — no sign of either one. So far, so good.

When I got to the room I knocked on the door. There was no answer, so I got my key out and we went in. They weren’t there! I nearly sighed with relief.

“So… this is it,” I said as I walked in, quickly throwing a magazine on top of the vibrator, which Carla had left on the desk. There were clothes and underwear strewn about, not to mention empty take-out containers, CDs, coffee cups, books and homework in various stages of completion — pretty messy, like I’d said. I was relieved to see that the lid of the toy chest was closed, imagining Mom’s response if she caught a glimpse of our collection of sex gear.

My mother only said, “Definitely not a guy’s room,” as she noticed Carla’s tiny see-through panties on the floor.

“So, um, maybe we should go somewhere or do something…?” I suggested, hoping to be out of the room before Jenny and Carla got back.

But then the doorknob began to turn. Too late, I thought as my eyes shut, dreading whatever was going to happen.

Jenny and Carla walked in, both wearing only towels. Carla’s towel was so short that it barely covered her ass. As Jenny let the door close behind her, I could see her looking my mother up and down, then smiling.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Mom said, then glanced at me. “We should really get going now, honey.”

I was about to agree and hustle us both out of there, but Jenny spoke up first. “Oh, don’t go,” she said, all sweetness and light. “You must stay — for a few minutes, at least.” She extended her hand to my mother. “I’m Jenny, Marilyn’s roommate… and this is Carla, our best friend in the whole world.”

“I’m Donna,” my mother said, and shook Jenny’s hand, a bit nervous around this half-naked girl. I could tell Jenny was enjoying it, too, and that really scared me. Worse, she was looking at Mom like she wanted to put her between two crackers and gobble her up.

“Hi, Donna,” said Carla, waving to Mom, her towel looking as if it was about to fall off completely. My mother murmured a soft hello. She had gone a bit pale, I noticed.

“Just excuse us… we’ll go throw some clothes on, and then we can all have a nice chat,” Jenny said. She stepped toward the door of her wardrobe, reached for the handle — then paused, gazing at me with a slight frown.

“Marilyn,” she said, “You’re breaking our rule.”

My heart froze, my stomach knotted itself, and my knees began to quiver. I opened my mouth to speak, but no words would come. Oh God oh God oh GOD… why is she DOING this…?

“What rule?” My mother innocently asked, right on cue.

“Well, you see, Donna,” Jenny said, walking over to me, “we made a deal with Marilyn, at the start of the semester, that any time she was in the dorm, she would take all her clothes off as soon as she came in the door.”

Mom’s startled eyes swung to me for verification. I was numb with horror, completely unable to move or talk.

As if she had all the time in the world, Jenny reached down to unzip my skirt. I stood dumbstruck as it fell from my body to lie at my feet. Then she grasped the bottom of my tank top, gazing expectantly at me. I slowly raised my arms, and Jenny pulled it up and off, baring my breasts. Finally, she took hold of my thong, which didn’t really cover anything anyway, and slowly tugged it down to my ankles. She straightened and folded her arms, eyes penetrating mine as she waited for me to finish the job. I stepped out of my skirt, thong and sandals, which left me completely naked in front of my mother.

“Marilyn…?” Mom said in a small voice.

“Well, as long as Marilyn’s undressed, we might as well just get comfy too,” Jenny said, slipping out of her towel. Mom’s eyes gaped at my roommate’s nakedness in disbelief as Jenny idly patted herself dry, then glanced over at Carla just in time to see our friend casually shed her towel, hanging it on the closet door.

Propping a foot on her bed to dry her leg, Jenny suddenly paused, staring at me, Letting the towel slip to the floor, she drew close, gazing deep into my eyes. “God, Marilyn… you are so sexy,” she whispered, placing her hands on my breasts.

She kissed me, her tongue darting past my lips to play. My head spun at what Jenny was doing — making out with me in front of Mom!

Carla was leaning against the wall cupping her breasts, watching eagerly as Jenny caressed my nipples to throbbing hardness. Then Jenny dipped her head and gave each one a long, slow lick, making me shiver with pleasure in spite of my fear. I stood rooted to the spot, wondering what she would do to me next.

She reached out to stroke my cheek. “So lovely,” Jenny whispered.

Then she turned away from me… to face my mother.

“Hi, Donna…” Jenny murmured, calmly making her way to where Mom stood.

“W-what are you doing?” Mom whispered, clearly unnerved by this naked young woman who stood so nonchalantly before her.

Jenny gave her an angelic smile — then began to unbutton my mother’s blouse!

I could only watch in utter shock as Mom reached up to hold her top shut. Ignoring her feeble efforts, Jenny unfastened the remaining buttons calmly, as though she was undressing a child. I waited for Mom to move back, even shove her away — but she only stared, her expression one of disbelief as Jenny slid the light yellow top from her shoulders. Mom was now standing before us in slacks and a plain white bra. My heart pounded as I awaited Jenny’s next move.

She reached behind my mother to unhook and remove her bra, dropping it carelessly to the floor. Her eyes never left Mom’s as she bent down to take a nipple into her mouth.

“I… I d-don’t…” Mom stammered, then her eyes seemed to glaze over, a soft whimper escaping her throat as her lips parted.

I couldn’t believe this. Mom wasn’t putting up any sort of a fight — she was actually allowing Jenny to seduce her. In fact, she was getting excited!

As Jenny’s tongue played over my mother’s nipples, her hands deftly unfastened Mom’s pants and slid them down her shapely legs, exposing sheer white panties. They were conservatively cut, but I could see the dark triangle of her pubes through them.

That icy knot of fear at the base of my spine was fading fast, while a very familiar warmth was making itself felt in my cunt as I stared at my mother’s nearly nude body. God, she was hot.

As if she was reading my mind, Jenny swiveled her head toward me and said “Marilyn, come here.”

Carla nudged me forward and my feet hesitantly carried me to Jenny, who was now openly fondling my half-naked mother. I stood before them. Mom’s head was tilted back, her eyes closed.

Jenny moved to one side, transfixing me with a look. “Go on,” she purred. “Kiss Mommy’s nipples.”

I felt every sensation imaginable at that moment. This was incredibly wrong, but I couldn’t take my eyes from my mother’s breasts. Damn it, what was Jenny trying to do to me?

“I — I can’t…” I said, but it was barely audible.

“Marilyn…” Jenny said sternly, a catch in her voice I knew all too well.

It was incest, it was utterly forbidden, this was my mother… yet I dared not disobey.

My gaze flickered to Mom’s bare breasts, and I shivered at the sudden realization that I wanted to taste her nipples — wanted to feel them stiffen in my mouth.

My mother and I stared at one another for a small eternity, our faces burning, then her eyes drifted shut. I understood. Maybe she didn’t want me to do this thing, maybe she did — but like me, she was unable to stop it from happening.

I slowly leaned forward, my lips grazing her nipple. Then my tongue trailed slowly over her skin, caressing the soft bare flesh of my mother’s breast.

“Oh, God,” Mom moaned, although I wasn’t sure whether it was from pleasure or humiliation. From the corner of my eye, I saw Jenny’s hand slip into Mom’s panties, then heard her fingers moving in my mother’s wet pussy. With her free hand, Jenny guided my head to Mom’s other breast, and I took that nipple into my mouth, sucking it gently.

A moment later my mother’s arms gently drew my head close, cradling me to her breasts as if I were an infant again, and she was encouraging me to nurse from her.

Jenny knelt to slide Mom’s panties down to her feet. I glanced downward to steal a glimpse of my mother’s full thatch of chestnut pubes. The sight of her pussy sent my arousal soaring even higher. I couldn’t believe I was having sexual thoughts about my own mom, that I was actually pleasuring her breasts with my mouth. I guess Jenny and Carla really had molded me into a lesbian slut.

I sensed Carla standing close behind me, then moaned around Mom’s nipple as my lover caressed my ass, her fingers slipping between my legs to graze the moist flesh there.

Suddenly Carla grasped a handful of my hair and pulled me away from Mom’s breasts, turning me around to face her.

I gasped. She was wearing her black strap-on cock, attached around her waist with a leather harness. Oh, God… was she really going to use that on me in front of my mother?

One hand on my shoulder, Carla shoved me into a kneeling position at her feet. Behind me Mom moaned as Jenny did something to her, I didn’t know what.

Carla’s cock was now inches from my face. “Suck it.” she said, guiding me by the back of the head until the head grazed my lips. I parted them, and felt it slide into my mouth.

It felt so fucking weird to be doing this while my mother watched, yet I realized that I was getting more and more into the sheer kinkiness of the moment, to the point of wanting to push things even further. My hands slid around Carla’s back to fondle her ass as I bathed her cock with my tongue, licking it lewdly up and down, kissing the tip. She purred with delight as my fingers teased her butt crack.

After a minute or so Carla placed a finger under my chin. “Stand up.” she commanded, and I released the cock and rose to my feet. My eyes were level with hers, our breasts lightly touching. My mouth tasted of latex.

Carla kissed me hotly, her hand stealing between my legs to slide a finger deep into my pussy. My mind was reeling, body pulsing with excitement. Leading me by the cunt, she walked us both over to the bed and shoved me onto it, climbing on to kneel between my thighs.

I spread myself wide open for her, knowing what she wanted, not caring anymore that Mom was watching. Hell, that only made me hotter.

That beautiful cock clenched in her fist, Carla slid the tip of it along the opening to my cunt, then began to slide the length of it into me. As she entered my body, I moaned as the air rushed out of my lungs. She kept going, penetrating me an inch at a time until her tummy brushed mine — then she reached around to grasp my ass and started fucking me for real.

Parting my thighs to take Carla deeper, I turned my head to see Mom staring at us as my lover began to ride me like an animal — hard and fast, just the way I liked it. My mother’s arms were entwined around Jenny, who was fingering her cunt.

Then Jenny kissed her. I saw Mom hesitate for a few seconds, then respond. She was timid at first, but my roommate’s passion was contagious, drawing out my mother’s lust. Within seconds, I thrilled to the sight of her tongue plunging into my lover’s mouth as their kiss grew hot and hungry.

I’d never even suspected that my mother was into women, but Jenny and Carla must have sensed right away that she was as open to lesbian love as I’d been when they first seduced me — and that Mommy was every inch the submissive slut that I had become.

Suddenly Jenny broke their embrace, leading my mother over to where Carla and I lay fucking. “Get on the bed,” my roommate said, forcing her to kneel next to my head. Carla raised herself to make room for Mom, barely missing a stroke.

“What– what–” my mother stammered as one of her knees came to rest by my ear. Her bare breasts dangled before my face for an instant, then she was straddling my head. Her pussy was inches from my mouth, glistening from the pleasure Jenny’s fingers had given her.

“Sit on her face,” Jenny purred, “and you’ll see how well we taught your little girl.”

My mother was frozen, unable to move of her own free will, but Jenny pushed her down until my mouth was buried between Mom’s thighs. She smelled incredible.

So I began to lick her, pressing my tongue into the wet flesh. I could feel where her clit lurked, a hard nub just above her opening, and sucked on it, flicking it with my tongue. She moaned, her voice torn between pleasure and shock. Carla’s slippery cock was still pumping in and out, in and out of my dripping hole.

“Touch Marilyn’s clit, Donna,” Jenny said. “Here — like this.”

I couldn’t see Mom’s face then, but someone was guiding a hand between my legs, then I felt fingers hesitantly stroking my clitoris. Carla’s prick spread my cunt wide open as she took me without mercy.

“Now, touch her pussy… feel the way Carla fucks her,” Jenny said.

Mom’s delicate fingers traced my lips where they surrounded the plunging cock. The sensation was dizzying, and I suddenly felt the nearness of release.

Carla took one especially deep thrust, pinning my mother’s hand between us. My body tensed, then spasmed as an orgasm crashed into me like a ton of bricks.

I came like a wildcat, still eating Mom’s pussy as best I could. I guess I was getting the job done, because she began to come herself, grinding her cunt into my face. Finally I heard her cry out loud — then she slumped to one side.

I felt Carla withdraw, and lay there in a daze, the air suddenly cool against my wet face as Mom slowly climbed off me and sank onto her side, facing the wall. Her shoulders quivered, and I suddenly heard her sob.

“Oh, God… what have we done?” she whispered. She was trembling with emotion, on the verge of tears.

I pressed myself against her naked back, nuzzling her neck, trying to reassure her. “Don’t cry, Mom,” I whispered, kissing her ear. “I love you.”

“Let me,” I heard Jenny say. She tilted her head away from the bed, indicating that I was to get up. I shakily rose to my feet, and she slipped into bed to take my place next to Mom, wrapping her arms around her and kissing my mother’s back and shoulders. Carla was sitting on my desk with her legs open, holding the cock up against her belly with one hand and fingering her cunt with the other.

My mother sighed as she began to respond to Jenny’s gentle lovemaking. I knew from experience just how persuasive my roommate’s skills of seduction could be. Finally Mom hesitantly turned around to face Jenny, smiling shyly, and they kissed.

Then Jenny rose to a kneeling position next to Mom and mounted her, a wicked smile on her lips as she positioned herself just above my mother’s wide-eyed face.

“I… I don’t…” my mother stammered as she stared at Jenny’s cunt, nervously licking her lips.

“Don’t be silly, Donna,” Jenny cooed, “you know you want to…” And she slowly lowered herself onto Mom’s mouth.

I couldn’t see my mother’s face, but Jenny soon sighed, happily hugging herself — so I knew that she was getting her cunt serviced the way she wanted. Soon, I could hear Mom’s mouth making wet sounds between my roommate’s thighs.

Carla was still seated on my desk, two fingers deep in her pussy. I took her in my arms and kissed her hotly, stroking her breasts with one hand, pausing to scissor a taut nipple between my fingers. She moaned into my mouth when I did that.

As our tongues played, I heard Jenny croon, “Ohhh, Donna… that feels so nice… oh, yes. Damn, Marilyn — your mother is really good at eating pussy.” I twisted around to watch her ride Mom’s face, my hands fondling Carla all the while.

Carla’s tongue trailed its way up to my ear, and she whispered, “I want to watch you finger your mom. Come on.” She seized my hand and led me over to the foot of the bed.

The view was unforgettable. A flushed Jenny was facing me, and my mother’s mouth was eagerly licking and sucking at her cunt. It was pretty obvious that Mom had done this kind of thing before.

I hadn’t really seen my mother naked since I was a little girl, and took this opportunity to drink in the sight of her bare body, feeling my desire growing sharp once more. She was soft and sweet and curvy in all the right places, with a truly succulent pair of breasts and shapely legs. Her pussy looked yummy and very wet — I could smell her from where I was standing.

Unable and unwilling to stop myself, I slipped my hand between Mom’s thighs to caress her sex — working a probing finger into her creamy canal, then another.

Mom’s upper face was hidden, but I saw her mouth glued to my lover’s cunt. I heard her make sounds of pleasure as she ate the pussy of a young woman, watched her hips rock to the tempo of my fingers as I fucked her harder.

Jenny’s head was thrown back, and she was panting like a dog. Suddenly a strangled cry burst from her lips as she exploded in a raging orgasm. Mom was nibbling her clit, her hands grasping Jenny’s hips, holding her as steady as she could while my roommate came in her face.

Finally Jenny gasped, “Th-that’s enough.” She climbed off my mom’s face and staggered over to collapse in a nearby chair, exhaling deeply as she sat.

Mom’s eyes met mine as I massaged her vaginal wall with my fingers. A look of purest adoration was on her face. “Honey,” she whispered.

Withdrawing my hand from between her thighs, I licked at my wet fingertips as Mom and I stared at one another, the lust we both felt openly revealed in our eyes. I knelt beside my mother, lowered my face to hers and claimed her mouth with mine. Her lips parted for me and we kissed like lovers, tongues entwining in a ballet of naked desire.

I broke our kiss, then climbed onto the bed to straddle Mom’s face just as Jenny had, my pussy directly above her parted lips. No words were needed — we both wanted this.

She began to lick me, tenderly at first — and before I knew it she was deep between my thighs, loving me with her mouth.

I had to pleasure her, too. My breasts were mashed against my mother’s tummy, the aroma of pussy rising to bewitch me yet again. Burying my face in her matted pubes, I kissed Mom’s clitoris as her tongue darted in and out of me.

Then I felt someone squeeze into the space between me and the bed’s headboard. A hand parted my buttocks, and two fingers anointed the crack of my ass with cool lubricant.

“Yeah, Carla. Do it!” Jenny growled, standing nearby.

I moaned into Mom’s pussy as the tip of the latex cock began to press against my anus, then popped inside. Carla fed it into me an inch or so at a time, gradually easing her way into my rectum.

I saw stars, moaning into Mom’s pussy as Carla slid her cock out — and back in. Then again. Again.

Carla didn’t have much room to work, and she was pressing against my back as she ass-fucked me, so I was sandwiched between the sweaty bodies of my mother and my lover.

The entire universe was reduced to my mother’s tongue, her pussy, Carla’s dick and my asshole. Nothing else existed… or mattered.

On the tenth stroke or so I raised my face from Mom’s sex and hissed through clenched teeth, “Harder… Jesus, harder! FUCK ME!”

So she shoved that cock into my hole with one hard thrust, her belly smacking against my ass. And with that, I fucking exploded.

My orgasm hit, fast and furious, roaring through me like a fireball. I was panting for breath, barely able to keep my mouth on Mom’s pussy. So I blindly worked her cunt with my fingers, tweaking the nub of her clit with my other hand.

Then in the midst of the ass pounding Carla was giving me, the fire in my belly swelled up and spilled over and I was coming again — the biggest one yet. I screamed, and that’s when my mom climaxed herself. I felt the first convulsion rock her body, and mine.

Somehow Mom and I managed to keep pleasuring each other as we both shook and shuddered in the sweetest of ecstasies. All the while Carla’s hard cock continued to plunge in and out of my rectum, until I finally regained enough of my voice to beg her to stop. She eased her latex toy out of me, and I crumpled onto my side, exhausted.

The smell of sex, thick and spicy, filled the room. I looked over at my mother to see her lying peacefully, a blissful smile on her lips. I crawled into her arms, and we shared a lover’s kiss. The last thing I remember before I dozed off was seeing Jenny stepping into the harness of the strap-on as Carla bent over the sofa, her ass high, waiting…

I woke a short while later to find Mom studying my face, her hand lightly stroking my hair. “Jenny and Carla stepped out for a little while,” she murmured. “They wanted to give us some time together.”

I snuggled against my mother, breathing in the sweetness of her skin. “I love you, Mom… God, I love you.”

“I love you too, baby,” she replied, her hand sliding down to cup my vulva, “and as a woman, not just my daughter.”

My mouth sought out hers and we kissed once more, our tongues meeting, mingling. Then we simply held each other, talking about what had happened.

I asked Mom what had made her give in so easily to Jenny’s advances, and she smiled, telling me that she had been bisexual for many years — and since she’d divorced my father, back when I was fourteen, all her relationships had been with other women. In fact, I knew some of her lovers — acquaintances of hers who were actually much more. She even confessed to having gone to bed with one of my old school friends, a cute blonde named Tiffany, just a couple of months ago.

“Still, I wonder how Jenny knew to come on to you,” I wondered, entwining her fingers with my own.

“I guess she saw it in my eyes somehow, that she could have her way with me,” Mom shrugged. “I’ve got a thing for strong women who take control… maybe she saw that in me, too. But I don’t know how she figured out that I was willing to make love to you, honey. I didn’t know that myself — not until you and I were fucking, that is!” She giggled, giving my hand a squeeze.

I bent my head to place a soft kiss upon her nipple. “I was surprised by how I felt, too. God, I had no idea that I wanted you that way. But I’m glad we got to — to be together.” I touched her lips with my fingers, and she kissed them. “Mom… will we make love again?”

Her warm eyes shone. “We will if have anything to say about it. If you really want me, honey… I’m yours. Anytime you like.”

I slowly nodded, on the verge of joyful tears. “Oh, Momma.” Wow — I hadn’t called her that since I was a little girl.

I wrapped my arms around my mother, hugging her tightly. That was when the door opened and Jenny and Carla entered with a bottle of wine, ready for more fun and games.

Mom ended up staying with us for the whole weekend, and the four of us fucked and made love in every way imaginable. My favorite moment was when I put on that strap-on cock and took my mother’s ass for the first time, plowing her to a convulsive climax. She had never experienced anal sex before, and quickly came to adore it.

It was strange how Mom’s presence changed the dynamic that existed between Jenny, Carla and me. The themes of dominance and submission were still there, but my mother brought a warmth, a sweetness to the sex we shared that affected us all. She completed us, somehow — and by the end of the weekend, Carla and Jenny were utterly smitten by her. Mom felt the same, and she made a point of telling the girls that she loved them before climbing into her car to head home. I couldn’t recall ever seeing Jenny blush before, yet she did when she held my mother’s hand, whispering “I love you, too.”

After that little holiday, we were a foursome — at least, we were as often as Mom could get together with us. She drove up to visit nearly every weekend, and sometimes the three of us took the train home to see her instead, throwing full-on lesbian orgies that spilled into every room of the house. Mom and I even had Jenny and Carla stay with us over the Christmas holidays one year, when the four of us indulged ourselves in every way imaginable for ten sex-filled days.

It’s been six years since that incredible afternoon when I discovered my mother’s hidden passion. Jenny and Carla each went their own way after graduation, though they both stay in touch. As for Mom and I, we are still secret lovers, and I couldn’t be happier. My mother is my best friend, partner, wife and bedmate — and I’ll always be her little girl.


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  1. Misty Meadow says:

    I started reading this story with no great expectation of finishing it; after all, the girls are older by about a decade than the preteen darlings who fill my fantasies, and I’m not a fan of thongs. But as I read on, I was drawn into the story by the excellent writing and my panties began to get damp and I just had to push my hand inside them and . . . well, you know. Well done, Jet Boy, you’re widening my horizons.

  2. JetBoy says:

    I do love to widen horizons. Thanks so much for the praise, Misty!

  3. Yes, this is a very hot story — not surprising, since it’s JetBoy!

  4. Jake says:

    Yet another erotic twist on the Mother and Daughter erotica theme. Im Really not a fan of strap on sex. Just sayin.
    As misty meadow says, and I agree, the preteen / early teen girls are best, however this was fun as well.
    Describing the smells of sex in the room is great! …The realism of situational, urgent spontaneity without being able to “freshen up”
    JetBoy seldom disappoints on the anal play erotica, always look forward to the ”earthy intimacy” of mother’s and daughter’s anal play.

  5. Domald says:

    That’s wonderful. Tender.

  6. Maddie says:

    This story has become a classic. One I come back to and reread. A mark of Jetboy’s skill.

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