Stranger in the Family, Chapter 6

  • Posted on June 26, 2024 at 1:40 pm

A brief summary of what has transpired thus far. (To get a more detailed breakdown of the previous chapters, please see Stranger in the Family Chapter Links)

Disaster befalls the Luna family of four when lightning strikes Walt, the father, and Kelly, the oldest child at eleven. Walt is killed outright, while Kelly is left in a coma that lasts for weeks. She finally emerges, to the overwhelming joy of her mother Linda and nine-year-old sister Gabby – but with no memory of her family or her life, and an altogether different personality. Kelly now speaks fluent Spanish, no longer eats meat and, most crucially, has a serious attraction to women and girls, despite never having had sex of any kind.

At first, Kelly openly flirts with every female in her presence – including her mother, her little sister, her Aunt Jan, and the neighbors: divorced mother Cheryl (Linda’s best friend) and her daughters – sixteen-year-old Ali, and nine-year-old Pam (Gabby’s best friend). But soon Kelly realizes that this direct approach is more apt to make others uncomfortable than entice them into bed, so she tones it down.

However, two members of Kelly’s family are fascinated by the eleven-year-old’s sexual vibe. The first is Gabby, who has already been playing masturbation games with her friend Pam, so Kelly is easily able to begin the seduction of her younger sister. The second is Aunt Jan, who is openly gay but secretly into underage girls, with a hidden library of illegal DVDs to prove it. And while Kelly’s mother Linda is thus far immune to her daughter’s sexual charms, she is thinking quite a lot about lesbian sex after the death of her husband. In fact, we learn that Linda and her sister Jan were lovers back in their teen years… and Jan is hinting she’d like to pick things up where they left off.

Around this time, Kelly visits neighbor Cheryl’s home for the first time since the accident. There, she is unable to restrain herself from coming on to Cheryl’s teen daughter Ali, then Cheryl herself. Kelly comes very close to scoring with Ali, but they get interrupted before it can happen.

The evening, Kelly makes love to Gabby for the first time. But it’s not quite enough to satisfy her appetite, so later, when her mother and little sister are asleep, Kelly slips out of bed and quietly exits her room, then the house, making her way to Cheryl’s home. Slipping inside and upstairs, she witnesses a thrilling sight: Cheryl having sex with her oldest daughter Ali. Kelly decides to let them catch her, then asks them to take her virginity. They do so after Cheryl phones Kelly’s mother Linda, making up a story about Kelly sleepwalking over to her house. She offers to put Kelly up for the night, a sleepy Linda accepts, then Cheryl, Ali and Kelly settle in for a night of heated sex, finally turning in…

…which brings us to this chapter. Please enjoy.

by Purple Les and JetBoy

The morning was already warm by ten, a mugginess creeping into the air. It would be a hot day, perfect for popsicles, iced tea and dancing around water sprinklers.

Cheryl appeared at the door to the study, her pulse quickening at the sight of a slumbering Kelly on the foldout sofa. The girl’s t-shirt was crumpled on the floor, so she was still naked beneath the sheet. For a moment, Cheryl briefly closed her eyes, remembering the lovemaking she’d enjoyed with the lively, eager girl of eleven, joined by her oldest daughter Ali. Giving the door a light tap, she gently said, “Are you awake, Kelly?”

“Hi, Cheryl,” Kelly answered, wearing a delighted grin.

Seating herself on the edge of the bed, Cheryl bent to kiss Kelly’s forehead, then caressed the young girl’s face. “Any regrets about last night?”

“No way,” Kelly replied. “I had an amazing time. Thank you so much for making love to me.” Pushing the sheet down to her hips, she added, “Would you kiss my nipples?”

Cheryl licked her lips at the sight of Kelly’s nudity. “God, you’re a troublemaker.”

“But you love it, huh?”

“That I do, baby girl.” Leaning in close, Cheryl lightly kissed each nipple, then took one between her lips to suckle, feeling it stiffen to the touch.

As soon as the woman straightened, Kelly pushed the sheet down to her knees, revealing the smooth cleft of her pretty little slit. “Wanna lick my pussy now?” she asked.

Cheryl did want to go down on the adorable neighbor girl. But her little girl Pam might be up and about. Unlike her big sister Ali, Pam was unaware of the lesbian sex games her mommy was into.

“Here,” Cheryl murmured, getting down on her knees before Kelly and putting her lips to the child’s bare vulva, kissing it like a lover’s mouth. Kelly gave a soft whimper, and Cheryl raised her head.

“I came in to tell you… your mom just called,” she began, “She’s sending Gabby over with some clothes for you.”

“But I’d rather be naked,” Kelly pouted. “And you barely licked me at all just then!”

“Sorry about that. And I do like seeing you naked. But your sister will be here before long, and that means Pam will be up soon.” She lowered her voice, glancing toward the open door. “Don’t you sulk, Kel. We’ll fuck again, I promise you that. Until then… how about some breakfast?”

“Yes, please.” Kelly said.

“Well, put your t-shirt on and come down to the kitchen.” Cheryl offered. Blowing the girl a kiss, she exited the room and descended the stairs.

Kelly went to the bathroom to relieve herself and wash up, then made her way to the dining room, where she seated herself at the breakfast table, wearing the oversized t-shirt and nothing else. “Hi, Ali! Hi, Pam!” she told Cheryl’s daughters, who were just finishing their breakfast. Pam was puzzled by Kelly’s presence, especially in what looked like nightwear.

“Okay, I’m done,” Ali announced, setting her fork down. As she got up from the table she kissed Pam and then Kelly on top of the head. “Bye, guys. Mom, I’m off to the park. I’ve got my phone if you need me.”

“Have fun, sweetie,” Cheryl said, setting an omelet and a glass of orange juice down for Kelly.

“Mom, how come Kelly’s here?” Pam asked. “Did she spend the night?”

“I’ll explain later,” Cheryl told her little girl, realizing she hadn’t thought that far ahead. I’ll just tell her what I told Kelly’s mom last night.

That turned out to be unnecessary, because Kelly looked up at Pam and said, “Know what happened? I went sleepwalking! Isn’t that wild?”

Pam furrowed her brow. “Sleepwalking? How’d you do that?”

“Dunno,” Kelly shrugged. “All I remember is I went to bed last night in my room, but then I woke up a lot later in your living room… just wearing this!” She toyed with the hem of her long t-shirt, wondering how Pam would react to a peek at her legs. Sure enough, the younger girl stole a peek. “Your mom was way cool about it, though – she let me sleep on your sofa bed!”

“Well, now…  it just didn’t seem right to send you back home in the middle of the night,” said Cheryl. “You know you’re always welcome here, Kelly.”

“Wow, that’s crazy!” Pam agreed. “And you don’t remember any of it?”

“Not until I woke up in your living room. It was kinda scary at first, but your mom made me feel a lot better.” She gave Cheryl a sweet smile that made the woman tremble inside, then put her fork to one side. “Um, can I maybe lay back down for a little while?”

“Of course, Kelly,” Cheryl answered. “Pam, hon, can you put the dishes in the washer when you’re done?”

“Sure, Mom.” Pam replied, then took another bite.

Cheryl walked Kelly back to the study. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine.” Kelly pulled the t-shirt off and tossed it aside. “I just didn’t feel like wearing this stupid thing anymore.” Cheryl’s heart was pounding as the now naked eleven-year-old padded over to the window and looked out.

Turning back around, Kelly grinned to see Cheryl ogling her. “Hey, if you stood right outside this window, would you be able to see in?”

“Sure,” Cheryl answered. What’s she up to now? “Uh, why do you ask?”

“When Gabby gets here, she and Pam will come into this room. When they do, I’ll let them see me naked… then I bet I can get them to take their clothes off. Maybe even do other stuff. Like I told you, me and Gabby have had sex already, and she’s been fooling around with Pam.” Rubbing both hands together, Kelly added, “And you’ll be out there watching it all happen! Sounds pretty hot, huh?”

Cheryl could only gape at the nude girl, dumbstruck at the sheer audacity of her plan. “Pretty hot, yeah.”

“Before Gabby shows up,” Kelly continued, “Go tell Pam you’re gonna go do some yard work. I don’t know, maybe pull some weeds? The idea is, they both think you aren’t in the house, But when you’re outside, you really come over here to the window. I’ll do the rest.”

“So… you’re going to try to, to fuck my little girl? And Gabby?”

“I am,” Kelly replied with a nod. “I think they’ll let me, too.” Advancing toward Cheryl, she pressed a hand against the front of the woman’s shorts. “If you really want a look at those pretty little girl pussies, better get a move on.”

Cheryl’s knees trembled slightly as she left the room, closing the door behind. Descending the stairs to the dining area, she found Pam loading the dishwasher in the kitchen.

“Um, honey?” Cheryl said. “I’ll be outside doing a little yard work. When Gabby gets here, take her to the study. Her sister is resting there.”

“Sure, Mom.” Pam said.

Once outside, Cheryl made her way to the study window. Located at the side of the house, it was an ideal spot for a bit of spying. With tall shrubs along the fence and at each end of the house, no one walking past could see her. Nor would the neighbors.

Peeking through the window, Cheryl found herself looking at Kelly, who opened the shutter. Now just the screen separated them. She pulled the shade down, leaving a two-inch gap for Cheryl to see through.

Kelly moved to stand by the bed. “Can you see?”

Focusing on the nude girl, Cheryl answered, “Yeah, I can. It’s still a little dark, though – why don’t you turn the overhead light on?”

Kelly flicked the switch, carefully studied the window, then gave Cheryl a thumbs-up. “Perfect. I can’t see you at all.”

Cheryl was tingling with anticipation as Kelly got back into bed and tugged the sheet over her bare body. Taking a deep breath to calm herself, she settled in to wait.

A few minutes later, there was a knock at the door, followed by Gabby’s voice. “Kelly? Mom sent me over with some clothes for you. Can we come in?”

“Sure.” Kelly replied.

Pam and Gabby entered the room, closing the door behind them. The girls were dressed in t-shirts, denim shorts, and flip flops. Kelly was in bed, her upper half propped up on a couple of pillows. The sheet was hoisted up to the girl’s armpits, exposing her bare shoulders. Taking in the sight, the two nine year olds were intrigued to notice Kelly’s hand moving beneath the sheet about halfway down.

The two friends stole a glance at each other, then looked back at Kelly.

“What did Mom send for me to wear?” Kelly asked to break the silence, while the two younger girls were wondering if Kelly was wearing anything at all under that sheet.

“Oh, um…” Gabby tried to regain her composure as she and Pam stared at Kelly. “I don’t really know. She just handed me this bag and told me to bring it to you…”

“Oh, okay. Will you take everything out for me?”

Reaching into the bag, Gabby carefully removed each piece of clothing. Kelly commented on the various items as they were revealed. “Oh, I like that shirt. Shorts, yeah, those are fine. Oh, yuck! I hate wearing those stupid training bras.”

When Gabby held up a pair of white panties with little flowers all over them. Kelly rolled her eyes. “God, I can’t believe Mom sent me such little-girl underwear! I wish she’d picked out something sexier. Hmmm… maybe I’ll just go without.” She winked at the girls. “Thanks, Gabby.”

“Um, do you want us to go now?” Pam asked shyly, still watching Kelly’s hand move under the sheet. “Y’know, so you can get dressed.”

“Nah. You guys can stay if you want. I don’t mind if you see me naked.”

The nine-year-olds exchanged another quick look, then Gabby hesitantly asked, “Hey, Kel? Are you, er, playing with yourself under there?” Pam giggled when she heard that, covering her mouth.

Kelly gave her sister a dreamy smile. “I sure am. I love touching my pussy.”

“Can we watch?” Pam blurted, then immediately flushed bright red. “Uh, I mean–”

“You are watching.” Kelly replied.

The two youngsters glanced at each other again. This time, Pam gave Gabby a pleading look. I can’t say it. You say it, okay?

“Yeah, but um,” Gabby tried to clarify, “We mean really watch, y’know? Like, see you touching down there while you’re naked. Can we, please?”

“Sure, if you want,” Kelly said, drawing the sheet down to just below her navel. “But first… you like seeing my boobies?” The younger girls slowly nodded. “Wanna feel them, then?”

Pam and Gabby drew closer, both girls reaching out to touch Kelly’s bare chest. Each explored the soft mound in her own way – Gabby caressed her sister’s baby-soft skin, while Pam was fascinated by Kelly’s nipple, cooing with delight when it responded to her touch. She’d played with her big sister Ali’s breasts once, but this was new and utterly thrilling.

Outside the window, Cheryl’s heart was pounding like thunder at the sight of her wide-eyed little girl, fondling an older girl’s breast. Even from a distance, she could see the wanting in her child’s expression, the need for more. Could Pam already be gay? she asked herself.

“So… can we push the sheet the rest of the way down?” Gabby said. She and Pam were both sporting eager grins, ready for something exciting to happen.

“Sure, but first you two gotta take your shirts off,” said Kelly, pointing at the girls’ chests. “Lose those flip flops, too. I mean, it’s only fair, right? If you get to see me naked, I should get to see you!”

Pam and Gabby had no argument for that. They kicked off their flip flops, then shared a look, each waiting for the other to take the next step. After a moment, Gabby began to slip out of her t-shirt, with Pam following a couple of heartbeats behind. Letting their tops fall to the floor, they briefly studied each other’s bare chests, then turned to Kelly.

Kelly was loving her view of the half-naked girls. Their flat chests and tiny pink nipples had her cunt pulsing with renewed warmth. Pushing the sheet to one side, she slid back to lean against the cool wall, slowly spreading her legs. She deliberately placed a hand between her thighs, tracing the open slit with a finger. Gabby and Pam stared as if hypnotized.

“Is this what you wanted to see?” Kelly asked.

The girls nodded. “It’s so pretty…” Pam added in a whisper, enthralled by the delicate folds of Kelly’s sex.

“Do you guys ever touch yours, like I’m doing?” Of course, Kelly already knew the answer to that. She eased a finger into her vagina as, once again, Gabby and Pam gave affirmative nods.

Withdrawing her wet finger, Kelly slipped it into her mouth to suck clean, then returned it to her clitoris to tease the tiny bud. As she masturbated for the younger girls, Kelly let her eyes briefly flick in the direction of the window. She couldn’t see Cheryl, but knew the woman was watching.

“Take your shorts off,” Kelly told the girls.

“She means you.” Pam said, nudging Gabby.

“No, I mean both of you. C’mon, let me see your panties!”

Without hesitation, Gabby pushed her shorts down to the floor, then stepped out of them. She and Kelly watched with great interest as Pam wriggled out of her denim cut-offs.

Kelly gazed hungrily at the two girls. Pam with her pale skin, freckles and long red hair, wearing nothing but low cut yellow cotton panties. Gabby, her short dark hair so adorable in a pixie cut, nude but for lime green underpants. God, I could just gobble them up, Kelly told herself. And if this works out the way I want, I’ll get to do just that.

Knowing Cheryl was listening closely, Kelly asked, “So, Pam, I hear you showed Gabby how to play with herself.”

“Um, yeah,” Pam replied, blushing ever so slightly.

“And Gabby showed you how to kiss, huh?”

Pam nodded. “Uh-huh.”

”If I ask really nice,” Kelly continued, “will you guys kiss each other for me?”

“Wait!” Gabby exclaimed. “Pam’s mom is here. She might catch us. Maybe we should… put our clothes back on?”

“It’s okay,” Pam said. “Mom told me she was gonna do some work out in the yard. The front door’s pretty loud – if she comes back in, we’ll hear it for sure.”

Spreading her arms, Kelly murmured. “There you go. Now let’s see you two kiss. Make it sexy!”

Turning to each other, the two little girls met in a kiss. Tentative at first, they soon grew hot and passionate, pressing their thin bodies together. Their tongues were flicking back and forth, hands slipping down to fondle each other’s bottoms.

Outside the window, Cheryl looked around once more to make absolutely certain she couldn’t be seen, then  undid her shorts and shoved a hand into her panties. She couldn’t recall a sexier sight – two nine-year-old girls, exploring and loving lesbian sex. And one of them was her own daughter, the object of her hottest fantasies.

Cheryl could hear children playing outdoors, their shouts and horseplay taking place just a few houses over. There was the growl of a lawnmower somewhere in the distance. She heard birds chirping, the buzzing and hum of insects. The scent of fresh-mowed grass perfumed the air. Somehow, it all came together to make the moment even more satisfying.

Angling two fingers deep into the liquid inferno of her cunt, Cheryl shifted her view to Kelly, who was still masturbating. Such a firecracker of a girl… God, I loved fucking her last night. And now, she’s working her magic on the kids.

But the view of her daughter Pam was too compelling for Cheryl to resist. She feasted her eyes on the girl, wearing only panties, passionately kissing her best friend. She had to bite her lower lip to keep from crying out in ecstasy when Kelly said, “It’s making my pussy so wet, watching you two kiss.”

Cheryl ached to come, every atom of her being desperate for that sweet release. But she forced herself to stifle this fierce hunger, knowing there would be even more savory delights to follow. What other tricks did Kelly have up her sleeve?

Gabby and Pam broke apart for a moment – to catch their breath, and to watch Kelly masturbate. They were still cradling each other’s perky little bottoms, their bodies nestled together. Could they be in love? Cheryl wondered. It sure looks like it.

Sitting up, Kelly said, “Okay, let’s have some real fun. Gabby… take your panties off. Make it sexy.”

The two girls moved apart, and Gabby took a small step back, taking center stage. Slipping her thumbs beneath the waistband of her panties, she ran them around the snug elastic, shifting her hips from side to side.

My God, Cheryl marveled. Still a little girl, and she already knows how to tease.

Gabby positioned herself so that Pam and Kelly would have a front-row view of her pussy when her panties came down. Unbeknownst to her, Cheryl had an equally great view of the child’s bottom.

“Okay, here goes!” With one fluid movement, Gabby swept her panties down to her ankles, then stepped out of them. Spreading her arms out and taking a wide stance, she announced, “Tah-dah! I’m bare naked!” Then she began to spin around, letting Pam and Kelly see all of her.

Cheryl was dizzy from excitement as she drank in the view of Gabby’s nudity from all sides. But what excited her even more was the lustful expression on her daughter’s face. Pam was staring at Gabby like she wanted to gobble her friend up in a single bite. My precious little lesbian, Cheryl thought, glowing with love for her youngest child.

Very nice.” Kelly told her little sister. “Now touch yourself for us.”

Gabby obeyed, and Cheryl felt hot juices coat her fingers as she watched the nude nine-year-old masturbate. The girl’s eyes were dreamy as she lightly caressed her bare slit. Meanwhile, Kelly was fucking herself again… and though Pam was only watching, she’d begun to stroke her bare thighs in a very provocative way.

“Okay, Pam, your turn,” Kelly said, turning to Cheryl’s daughter. “Come on, take those panties off!”

Oh fuck fuck FUCK! Cheryl told herself. I’m gonna see my little Pam naked, maybe watch her masturbate with her friends. 

The last time she’d glimpsed her daughter in the altogether was when Pam was five, before the child had learned to bathe herself – nearly two years before Cheryl recognized the sexual attraction she held for her children; three years before she took her oldest girl Ali as a lover.

Cheryl’s heart seemed to swell in her chest as Pam hooked her fingers in the waistband of her panties. Yes, Cheryl thought, do it, Pam. Do it. I want to see you, all of you!

“Hey, wait a sec.” Kelly said. “I have a better idea. Gabby, pull them down for her.”

Gabby broke into a bad-girl grin. “Sounds good to me,” she said. Kneeling behind her friend, she slowly tugged Pam’s yellow underpants down until they ringed her ankles. Pam stepped out of them then took up a pose next to Gabby.

A tiny moan escaped Cheryl’s lips at the sight of her little girl’s flawless ass. Luckily, no one heard. Damn, I want to lick that cute little butthole! she mused. It didn’t seem possible that she could crave sex with her youngest daughter more than she already did, but Kelly’s naughty game had shown her otherwise.

Kelly and Gabby were now standing on either side of Pam.

“Let’s touch her, sis,” Kelly said, taking a quick glance at the window.

“Okay!” Gabby agreed.

Both girls began to fondle Pam’s body, exploring its contours. Kelly was playing with the younger girl’s ass, while Gabby lovingly stroked her best friend’s chest, giggling at the way Pam shivered whenever her nipples were touched.

Gabby was also paying some attention to Pam’s pussy, giving it a quick caress every now and then, but she was clearly too shy to do more than that just yet. Give her time, Cheryl thought. Bet those two will be full-on lovers inside two weeks.

There was a mischievous glint in Kelly’s eyes as she maneuvered Pam over toward the window, Gabby just behind. By then, Cheryl was fingering her cunt hard and fast, still avoiding contact with her clit, and her nude daughter was nearly close enough to reach out and touch.

“Now, Gabby,” Kelly instructed, “I want to see you get down on your knees in front of Pam and… kiss her tummy.”

Kelly’s sister assumed the position in an instant. Placing both hands on Pam’s hips, Gabby paused to take a good look at her friend’s immature sex.

Seeing the fascination in Gabby’s eyes, Cheryl understood exactly what the neighbor girl was feeling. She felt it, too. Pam’s cunt was an exotic flower, a blushing rose, its delicate folds begging to be kissed and licked. And I want to, dear God almighty I want to!

Closing her eyes, Gabby moved forward, grazing Pam’s belly with her lips. She nuzzled the tender skin, her nostrils flaring ever so slightly as she breathed in the nine-year-old’s scent.

What is she smelling? Cheryl asked herself, aching to breathe it in herself. What could it be? Pam’s skin, that papaya body wash she had me buy for her, a bit of sweat. Surely at least a hint of her arousal, enough to tantalize

Her heart raced even faster when Gabby’s kisses went lower, below Pam’s belly button, pausing a mere inch or so above her daughter’s slit.

Outside looking in, Cheryl suddenly exploded in a climax she couldn’t control. Clamping a hand over her mouth to stifle her cries, she found herself kneeling in the dirt, coming over and over, praying all the while that she couldn’t be heard or seen.

She got back up as soon as she could on trembling legs, not wanting to miss a moment more. When she peered through the window, Cheryl watched Kelly finger herself again as the two younger girls shared a lustful kiss.

After a while, Kelly interrupted them. “Hey, are you guys ready to come?”

The girls broke apart. “What do you mean, ‘come’?” Pam asked. “Come where?”

“She means to have an orgasm, doofus,” Gabby said, nudging her friend. “Oh, yeah, Kel… I’m totally into that!”

“Oh, Pam, by the way…” Kelly said. “I licked Gabby’s pussy, and she loved it.”

Pam gasped, her eyes huge. “You did? To your own sister?”

“Why not?” Kelly replied with a shrug. “I love her, she loves me, and besides, she’s a major cutie. Why wouldn’t I want to have sex with her?”

A dazed Pam shook her head as if to clear it. “Um… I guess?”

“It’s the best, Pammy,” Gabby chimed in.

Kelly’s lips curled into a devilish grin. “Wanna watch me lick her now?”

Pam mulled the idea over for a moment. “I wouldn’t mind.”

“C’mere, baby sister,” said Kelly, beckoning the girl with a crook of her index finger.

A giggling Gabby leaped onto the bed, bounced a few times, then casually stretched out on her back. “I’m rea-dyyyy,” she purred, placing both hands behind her head.

“So I see,” Playfully mussing her sister’s hair, Kelly carefully spread Gabby’s legs open, making sure that Cheryl would have a good view of her cunt from outside. “Come sit over here, Pam,” she added, patting the bed. “You’re gonna watch me fuck Gabby with my tongue.”

“Hurry, Kelly… I can’t wait!” Gabby exclaimed. “Make me come in your mouth.”

Kneeling next to her little sister, Kelly bent down to put her mouth to Gabby’s pussy. She began with a kiss, then brought her tongue into play, sliding it sideways through the moist pink cleft again and again.

“Omigosh, that’s soooo good,” Gabby moaned, caressing her upper half with both hands.

Their audience was riveted. Seated on her haunches, Pam had a hand tucked between her thighs and was gently rubbing herself. As for Cheryl, she stared through the gap in the window. She loved the sight of Kelly going down on her sister, but she was also thrilled to see her daughter masturbating to it.

By then, Gabby was so worked up that it only took her a couple of minutes to climax. Her little-girl body jerked and shook, then went still.

Raising herself, Kelly smiled down at the dazed girl. “How was that, kiddo?”

“Kiss me,” Gabby demanded, reaching up for her big sister.

They came together in a torrid kiss. Gabby licked around Kelly’s mouth, purring with delight as she tasted herself. Finally breaking away, she looked at her sister, then at her friend. “You have to feel this for yourself, Pam. Let Kelly lick you now, so I can watch.”

“Is that okay?” Pam asked Kelly.

“Oh, absolutely,” Kelly replied. “I’ve been wanting to taste your pussy for ages!”

Cheryl was masturbating again, working herself up to a second orgasm as her daughter and Gabby swapped places, leaving Pam’s thighs open and her pussy on full display. Oh my God, what a lovely, lovely sight, she told herself. 

Kelly began to move a finger up and down Pam’s bare slit. “Have you ever played with any other girls besides Gabby?”

“Um, sort of,” Pam answered, already relaxing to Kelly’s touch.

“If I were you, I’d want to do stuff like this with your big sister. Ever get to see Ali with no clothes on?”

“S-sometimes,” Pam stammered. She was starting to grow short of breath.

“Know what you ought to do? Tell Ali I licked your pussy. I bet if you asked really nice, she’d do that for you. Would you like to do sexy stuff with her?”

“Oooooh, yeah… th-that would be totally cool.”

Bending down like before, Kelly brought her lips within inches of Pam’s slit, but no closer. When she felt the warmth of the older girl’s breath, Pam whimpered, spreading her legs even farther apart. “Please…” she begged.

But Kelly had another question. “What about your mom? Have you ever seen her naked?”

“Uh-uh,” Pam said, her voice thick with desire. Kelly was nuzzling the insides of her thighs.

“Would you like to? I’d love to see my mother naked. I think about that a lot. I’d like to see yours, too.”

“Uh, I d-did see Mom in her underwear this one time. She’s way sexy.”

On the other side of the window, Cheryl mauled her cunt, imagining her little girl sneaking peeks at Mommy in skimpy lingerie… then pictured herself undressing for Pam. Those pretty blue eyes, filled with hope as she watches her mother get naked… Fuck, I’m about to go off again!

As for Gabby, she didn’t know what to make of this part of the conversation. Why is Kelly talking that way about Mom? Does she want to… to do stuff with her?

Though Gabby had been paying a lot more attention to beautiful women since she and her sister had started fooling around, the idea of sex with their mother had never occurred to her. Is this something I should even be thinking about? she asked herself.

It was too much for the nine-year-old to process right then, so she filed the idea away for later.

Kelly paused to breathe in the scent of pussy, then extended her tongue to take a lick. Seconds later, her mouth covered the girl’s sex. Pam was mewling with pleasure, both hands tightened into little fists.

As she feasted on that luscious cunt, Kelly soon realized she could put her finger nearly all the way into Pam’s tight vagina. Once inside, she started moving that finger around in small circles, opening the little girl up to even deeper penetration.

“Oh, oh, oh…!” cried Pam, her eyes wide in astonishment. Then they drifted shut as the child gave herself over to pleasure.

Time to get her off, Kelly decided. She pressed her tongue lightly to Pam’s tiny clit and began to flick the tender bud. Moments later, Pam had the strongest orgasm of her young life.

Watching her daughter come, Cheryl was battered by a second climax of her own. Her hand was a blur as she fucked herself hard, fast and as deep as she could force the fingers into the juicy cauldron of her cunt.

The three girls rested on the bed together, Pam basking in the afterglow of her ecstasy. Outside the window, Cheryl continued to stare at the naked youngsters as she licked the honey from her fingers. Finally, she zipped and buttoned up her shorts, trying to compose herself. Her head was still spinning from what she’d seen.

Kelly finally roused the two younger girls, saying, “Well, that was fun. Did you guys like it?”

“I always do,” Gabby said, wearing a silly grin. “You’re the awesomest big sister in the world.”

Still feeling giddy, Pam slowly shook her head. “Mmmm… wow. I never felt anything like that. You’re right, Gabs – it’s the best.”

“Well… I guess we better get dressed now.” Kelly sighed.

Once the girls had gathered up their clothes, Kelly arranged Pam and Gabby so their backs were to the window.

Cheryl felt herself get wet all over again as she took one last long look at Pam and Gabby’s bare bottoms. A sigh escaped her lips as the girls put on the last of their clothes and exited the study. Well, it was great while it lasted.

Emerging from her hiding place, Cheryl made her way over to the garden hose and turned on the water. She took a long, cool drink, then ran some over her hands and then the back of her neck.

The phone was ringing as she entered the house. Cheryl answered, and as she spoke watched Kelly, Pam and Gabby playing a video game in the living room. It was hard to believe these three fresh-faced young girls had just participated in a lesbian threesome.

After a brief chat, Cheryl put the phone down. “Kelly, Gabby… your mom wants you to come home.”

Hugs and goodbyes were exchanged, and Pam watched through the window as her friends made their way through the back yard and toward their house.

Once they were safely indoors, Pam approached her mother. “Mom, could Gabby and Kelly come back tonight for a sleepover? Please?”

Haven’t you had enough sex for one day? Cheryl was tempted to ask. Instead, she said, “Oh, honey… I’d be fine with that, but they’re going to be out of town for the weekend. Linda got a ticket to a really fancy spa, so she’s taking Kelly and Gabby to visit their aunt Jan for a couple of days. They’re leaving this afternoon.”

“Oh,” was all Pam had to say, looking somewhat crestfallen.

“Hey, how about this?” Cheryl said in an effort to cheer Pam… and perhaps even stir something up between her daughters. “Maybe Ali will have a sleepover with you tonight.”

Puzzled, Pam looked at her mother. “Me and Ali? I don’t get it.”

“If Ali doesn’t mind,” Cheryl explained, “you could spend the night in her room. Just because you both live in the same house, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a sleepover. Would you enjoy something like that?”

Pam’s face lit up. “Sure!”

“Well, when your sister gets home, I’ll ask her about it… but I’m sure she’ll say yes.”

“Wow, what a great idea! Thanks, Mom.” Pam wrapped both arms around her mother’s middle, hugging her tightly.

Cheryl returned her daughter’s embrace, all the while thinking, And tonight when you’re sharing a bed, you can tell Ali about what you got up to today. Maybe even ask her if she’ll lick your pussy.

Burying her face in Pam’s soft hair, Cheryl breathed in its sweet scent. Outwardly, she seemed perfectly calm, but her mind was already buzzing with exciting possibilities.

On to Chapter Seven!


29 Comments on Stranger in the Family, Chapter 6

  1. Rob says:

    Thinking about the opening first 10 or so chapters of ‘The Joy of Looking’, that elemental aspect of voyeur to introductory experience is incredibly hot, especially from that perspective of dawning realisation that desires can be found closer than mere imagination..

  2. BlueJean says:

    Another fun episode, although the narrative in the last couple of chapters seems to have been pushed aside in favour of the sex, which is a shame, as I was invested in Kelly and the mystery of her amnesia, and the family’s ongoing grief at losing Dad. I’ll be a little disappointed if all that was merely a device to set up the erotic shenanigans.

    On the other hand, the naughtiness is developing nicely, and I’m keen to see what happens when they visit Aunt Jan…

    • sue says:

      I pretty much agree with your comment. ‘New Kelly’ seems to be pursuing her interest,and or plans with having sex with who she wants to. I’m loving it so far. I don’t see anything wrong with some fun sex chapters. Watching three preteens have sex must be a real turn, it sure was for Cheryl watching it, and for me reading about it.

      And I had thought Kelly was after her Mom a couple chapters back, but she seems to be taking her time to get there. Still enjoying, and still weirded out.

    • JetBoy says:

      I might as well admit that this story doesn’t delve deeply into Kelly’s amnesia beyond her having it in the first place. This is a fuck story, first and foremost… and the amnesia, as you have guessed, is merely a MacGuffin to get us to the fucking.

      So, yes, my friend, you will be a little disappointed… but in the end, the sex itself should make this story worth the reading.

      • Purple Les says:

        Well, I do and don’t disagree with my coauthor. Yes, I’ll admit that the amnesia and personality disorder were my way to get a young protagonist to be the leader into to the sex instead of being seduced by adults.

        When JetBoy read it even he wanted to add an explanation of some sort, the spirit of an old Spanish witch, I wanted to keep it more a psychological thing. I can’t lie that the amnesia is not a MacGuffin, but one that is all important to the story.

        Yes, a fuck story mostly. I mean yeah, that’s why we’re here. But I think as you progress through later chapters, the amnesia and personality change does come strongly into play, and is a cause to show the feelings of the other characters.

        I must say this early admission is a bit like Alfred Hitchcock suddenly appearing in the middle of one of his movies and giving something away. But his fuck stories weren’t this hot.

        Even so, knowing this, I think that ,hope that, readers will not be disappointed story wise or sex wise.

        Hey, a lot of us are writers here so why not come clean, I guess.

        • BlueJean says:

          Interesting. The spirit of the old Spanish witch would’ve been a great idea. Something along those lines was what occurred to me after reading that first chapter, and knowing you have an eye for narrative, I figured that would be explored in later chapters.

          But at the end of the day, a story is what it is. If it turns out to be more sex than story, that’s in no way a failing. My feedback’s not saying that’s what *should* happen, merely that it was where I *thought* it was going. Either way, I’ve enjoyed it very much so far.

          Looking forward to the final version of Tequila Kid III(hint hint😏).

          • Purple Les says:

            Thanks, and I really don’t know where T K III stands these days. I’d love it to happen though.

        • JetBoy says:

          In retrospect, it was impolite of me to attempt to define this story without first running my thoughts past the original author, for which I apologize to Purple Les. (Luckily, she’s a kindly soul, so I’ve no doubt I’ll be forgiven.)

          What I should have said was this: “Stranger in the Family,” IS a fuck story, first and foremost… but a fuck story with real depth and dimension. It’s much more than mere jack-off fodder, and I did not mean to imply otherwise.

          I should add that the credit for this level of quality chiefly belongs to my co-author. She created this story; I merely embellished her creation.

          • Purple Les says:

            There’s nothing to forgive JetBoy for, for he did nothing wrong, and this story is his as well.

            And I stick by my statement that this story is hotter than anything Hitchcock did. Though I have to say Rear Window could be re imagined here as one really hot exciting, suspenseful fuck story with all female characters.

      • Zodakin says:

        Fuck yeah! I’m all for it.

      • Heming Ernestway says:

        Without knowing how this story ends, there is definitely an opportunity for a major plot twist. Following a second traumatic event our protagonist regains her memory, and instead of being the seductress she becomes the object of seduction. That would be fun!

  3. Birdie says:

    Wonderfully hot chapter. The story keeps getting better.

  4. Ocker Bloke says:

    Oh my!!!

    What I wouldn’t give to be watching through that window. Beautifully evocative erotic prose. Looking forward to the next instalment – Thank you

  5. Purple Les says:

    BlueJean, sue, Birdie, Rob, thank you all for the kind thoughtful comments, on behalf of myself and JetBoy.

  6. Zodakin says:

    When the first chapter came out, I wasn’t into this story. That was, to say the least, an extreme lack of taste on my part.

    Today, I came on Juicy Secrets looking for the next installment of Ripples (by Sapphmore and Jetboy) and, almost on whim, decided to give this story a second chance. I just finished binging all six chapters and… oh. My. Goodness, Purple Les. This is truly one of the hottest pieces I’ve read on Juicy Secrets. The whole scene with Cheryl watching Kelly fuck little Gabby and Pam is just…wow. I can’t describe how much I am enjoying this story.

    Keep it up! I can’t wait for more.

    • Purple Les says:

      For myself and JetBoy thank you so much for giving the story a second chance, and letting us know you are enjoying it.

  7. Erocritique says:

    Disregarding the transition away from the focus on Kelly’s “condition” and the weirdness with some of the implied “supernatural” goings on, this story has evolved into a very hot and sexy piece of erotica. I agree with others that the scene with Cheryl spying from the window was incredibly “stimulating”. I have no problem with this turning into a straightforward erotic sex-fest, and I actually appreciate the heads up about the purpose of the premise. Now I can stop wondering about what is going on with Kelly and just enjoy the ride. (Although I’ll still wonder if Kelly will eventually get her memory back.) ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  8. Sapphmore says:

    Still loving this very hot original concept. Erocritique makes a good point. What happens if/when Kelly gets her memory back? Only Purple Les and Jetboy know for sure, but if she suddenly recalls her memories of her previous life that ended with the event that started her new libidinous behaviour, would she remember everything she’s done since that event? An interesting quandary, and one I’d be interested to know the answer to from a medical perspective. Can you block one life by suddenly recalling your previous life? How would your head manage the conflict between what you know of your old life and what you did in your new life?

  9. Lisa Taggert says:

    I am enjoying this story a lot, maybe because of Ali’s and Pam’s mother’s name. I keep picturing my late wife Cheryl doing these things. For anyone who doesn’t know me, I’m Cheryl Taggert’s widow. Anywho, Cheryl enjoyed watching a bunch, too. I read this chapter to Suzanne today because neither of us had seen it before. She wishes she’d known my Cheryl. We had alot of fun while I read it and enjoyed ourselves even more after I finished it. We can’t wait to see what happens next since I think it will be a fun sleepover between sisters. I could say I enjoyed those with Rachel, but we shared a bedroom anyway. Too bad she doesn’t do that anymore. She’d have a lot of fun with Suz.

    It’s funny how I am not so bothered by coming on here anymore. After Cheryl died, I didn’t want to that much, even when I started getting horny again. I would find myself reading only Cheryl’s stories and getting depressed. I guess I’ve come a long ways. I still love her, but she’s not in my thoughts as much or something. Anyway, I can read her stories now and not feel like crying.

    • JetBoy says:

      Many thanks, Lisa. Praise from you means more to me than I can say, and I’m sure my partner feels the same. It’s our goal at Juicy Secrets to maintain the high standards Cheryl and Naughty Mommy brought to the table when we founded the site. Can’t say we succeed every time, but the effort is always there… and your vote of confidence is like winning a prize.

      Much gratitude as well to all the others who’ve left comments. You folks rule.

      • Mystery Mouse says:

        I’m never quite sure what to say at moments like this.

        I, sadly, didn’t know Cheryl. It was before my time, so it’s not really my place to comment. But she sounds like she was a truly wonderful person and I am genuinely sorry she’s no longer with us.

        And I will say that JS is definitely a very high quality site. I came here initially for the particular type of content it specialises in (no point pretending I didn’t) but I stayed because of the high standards JetBoy and the gang adhere to.

        There are other story sites, sure. But this is the only one I’d miss if it wasn’t here.

        Thanks to everybody who helps keep this place going!

    • Purple Les says:

      thanks, Lisa that means a lot to me. Ages ago I sent a story chapter to Cheryl. I got a reply that I was sure would be a polite rejection. Instead she told me it would need to be longer and how to write it up. I made innumerable mistakes along the way. Cheryl was never anything less than patient and kind and wonderful to me.

      I felt so bad for her cancer dx, and so inspired by her perseverance. My heart broke for you when you let us know she was gone, and I feel encouraged and happy for you now. I know she loved you deeply and would be happy you are moving on.

      This story was dedicated to her. So I hope she would have liked it. I’m glad that you do.

      • Purple Les says:

        Ps My stories would not have ever been here if it hadn’t been for Cheryl taking a chance by seeing something in my writing and being my first and most amazing editor, cyber friend, and teacher.

        Thank you Lisa for being her real life friend and lover and soul mate and wife.

    • Captain Midnight says:

      Lisa, if I compare you to Letoria’s wife Krissy, please know it is the highest praise I can give.

      I can’t be happier for you than to hear you are in love again.

      Welcome back.

  10. Bryan says:

    Glorious Glorious smut

  11. Lisa Taggert says:

    Thank you, JetBoy! And Mystery Mouse, she was a very wonderful person and an amazing writer. I miss her still, but I am over the feeling of sadness that would overwhelm me for a long time after her death. Suz helps a lot with that. I can’t tell everyone how great it was to meet someone who likes the same stuff I do.

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