Stranger in the Family, Chapter 5

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A brief summary of what has transpired thus far. (To get a more detailed breakdown of the first four chapters, please see Stranger in the Family Chapter Links

Disaster befalls the Luna family of four when lightning strikes Walt, the father, and Kelly, the oldest child at eleven. Walt is killed outright, while Kelly is left in a coma that lasts for weeks. She finally emerges, to the overwhelming joy of her mother Linda and nine-year-old sister Gabby – but with no memory of her family or her life, and an altogether different personality. Kelly now speaks fluent Spanish, no longer eats meat and, most crucially, has a serious attraction to women and girls, despite never having had sex of any kind.

At first, Kelly openly flirts with every female in her presence – including her mother, her little sister, her Aunt Jan, and the neighbors: divorced mother Cheryl (Linda’s best friend) and her daughters – sixteen-year-old Ali, and nine-year-old Pam (Gabby’s best friend). But soon Kelly realizes that this direct approach is more apt to make others uncomfortable than entice them into bed, so she tones it down.

However, two members of Kelly’s family are fascinated by the eleven-year-old’s sexual vibe. The first is Gabby, who has already been playing masturbation games with her friend Pam, so Kelly is easily able to begin the seduction of her younger sister. The second is Aunt Jan, who is openly gay but secretly into underage girls, with a hidden library of illegal DVDs to prove it. And while Kelly’s mother Linda is thus far immune to her daughter’s sexual charms, she is thinking quite a lot about lesbian sex after the death of her husband. In fact, we learn that Linda and her sister Jan were lovers back in their teen years… and Jan is hinting she’d like to pick things up where they left off.

Around this time, Kelly visits neighbor Cheryl’s home for the first time since the accident. There, she is unable to restrain herself from coming on to Cheryl’s teen daughter Ali, then Cheryl herself. Kelly comes very close to scoring with Ali, but they get interrupted before it can happen.

The evening, Kelly makes love to Gabby for the first time. But it’s not quite enough to satisfy her appetite, so later, when her mother and little sister are asleep, Kelly slips out of bed and quietly exits her room…

…which brings us to this chapter. Please enjoy.

by Purple Les and JetBoy

Too restless and aroused to sleep, Kelly crept down the hall, thinking about lesbian sex and how to get it this late at night. An idea had occurred to her – risky, sure, but if she could make it happen, the payoff would be worth it and then some.

Upon reaching Gabby’s room, Kelly nudged the door open and peeked inside. Her little sister was sound asleep. Kelly tiptoed over to the bed and gently kissed Gabby’s cheek, then pulled the blanket up to the girl’s chin.

Kelly’s next destination was Linda’s room, where her mom was also dozing peacefully, enough of her upper half exposed to make it clear she was at least topless beneath the covers.

Idly caressing her nipples, Kelly toyed with the idea of carefully uncovering her mother, getting a good look at the woman’s bare body. She had yet to see Linda naked, a desire that had only grown more acute in the past couple of weeks.

Mulling it over, she finally shook her head. If Mom woke up, she’d totally freak out. Especially since I’m not wearing anything myself. 

She settled for kissing her mother’s cheek, just as she’d done for Gabby, turned to go – then paused in mid-motion when spied a basket of clean laundry that Linda hadn’t put away yet. Plucking one of Linda’s long t-shirts off the top, she slipped it on, then hastened downstairs.

Kelly’s sneakers were in the entryway closet. She stepped into them, crept into the kitchen and left the house through the back door, carefully closing it behind her. The night was cool, with a hint of rain in it. Kelly liked the thick sultry feel of the weather.

Wandering to the edge of the back yard, Kelly gazed at the neighboring house where Cheryl, Ali and Pam lived. It was completely dark, except for one upstairs window, and she caught a hint of motion in the room.

Bet that’s Cheryl’s bedroom, Kelly told herself. She stared up at that window, waiting for something to happen.

A few minutes later, A red-haired woman appeared. It was Cheryl, and her breasts were bare. Then another woman wandered into view, but Kelly couldn’t see her well enough to identify. They drifted together in a passionate kiss. Yes! Kelly silently exulted.

She advanced through the neatly manicured lawn to the rear entrance of Cheryl’s house. Finding it locked, she thought for a moment, then lifted up the welcome mat to reveal a key. Kelly unlocked the door, returned the key to its hiding place and went inside.

She bent to unlace her sneakers, stepping out of them. Tingling from head to toe with anticipation, Kelly silently padded up the carpeted stairs.

The door to Ali’s bedroom was open just an inch, a line of amber light spilling into the hallway.

There was nothing to see through the door but a large dresser, but Kelly clearly heard a girl’s voice gasp, “Yeah, Mom… mmmm yes, I’m almost there, d-don’t stop!”

Kelly’s jaw dropped. Good grief… Cheryl’s fucking her daughter! Oh wow, that’s so hot.

She looked across the corridor to Cheryl’s room… sure enough, the door was open and Ali’s mother wasn’t there. Huh. Wonder where Pam is? She tiptoed to the last door down the hall and carefully opened it. There was Pam, sprawled out on her bed in a long t-shirt. She’d kicked her blankets away. Creeping over to where the little girl lay, Kelly lifted the bottom of Pam’s t-shirt high enough to see that she was wearing panties.

Too bad, she thought. Oh, well… now that me and Gabby are having sex, I’ll get to see Pam naked soon enough. The next time those two get together, I bet Gabs tells her everything!

Backing out into the hall, Kelly gently closed the door, then padded back to Ali’s room. Standing near the opening, she could hear everything clearly.

“My goodness… I haven’t seen you come that hard in a long time,” Cheryl said. “What had you so worked up?”

“Hanging out with Kelly, Mom,” Ali replied. “God… that girl is a firecracker!”

“She is,” Cheryl said. “When she asked to touch my breasts, I thought she was joking at first. And when she started telling me what you two had been doing, I nearly lost it! So, tell me again, sweetie… what did you and Kelly get up to?”

“Um. she asked to touch my tits, too,” Ali replied. “Of course, I let her.”

“Oh, of course.”

“Then she wanted to lick my pussy. I mean, really wanted to! I felt like maybe I shouldn’t do stuff with Kelly, ‘cause of her accident… like, it would be taking advantage of her, y’know? But she was soooo fucking sexy! I couldn’t resist. I got naked for her, and she was just about to go down on me when you knocked.”

“Did she undress, too?” Cheryl asked her sixteen-year-old daughter.

“Oh, yeah – I forgot to tell you that. She took her top off. No tits yet, but the cutest little nipples…” Ali sighed. “She kept her jeans on, though. God, I’d love a good look at that hot little ass of hers.” A pause. “Would it be bad if I did stuff with Kelly, Mom? After what happened to her?”

“No, it’s okay, hon. It’s plain to see that she really, really wants to fuck. If Kelly offers to lick your pussy again, go for it.”

Ali laughed. “What about you, Mom? If she hits on you again, what happens then?”

“Oh, I’ll have that little tease riding my face before she can finish getting the words out,” Cheryl said. “By the way, were your sister and Gabby doing anything exciting when you went downstairs to get them? You never said.”

“It was way hot, Mom. They were in the playroom with their pants and panties down, kissing and touching each other’s pussies.”

Cheryl moaned. “Ohhhh, yes… They were kissing? That’s something new.”

“I know! Gabby showed her how. Pam told me about it while you were getting supper ready. Oh, and Gabby knows I taught Pam how to masturbate. And get this: Gabby wants to see me naked. Pam told her she’d ask me if I’d let her have a look.”

“And your answer was…?” Cheryl’s breath was getting short, so Kelly figured she was touching her cunt, or letting Ali do it for her.

“I told her I’d think about it. I wanted to find out what you thought, Mom.”

“T-tell Pam yes, Gabby can see you naked,” Cheryl moaned. “You should all undress together. Fuck! Just thinking about you and those two little girls, taking your c-clothes off, letting them look at your body… shit, I’m about to come!”

“You want to do it with them both – huh, Mom? Two pretty little-nine year-old girls. And one of them is your own daughter. That’s so totally perverted. I bet you’re thinking about it right now!”

“I am thinking about it. My pretty Pam, ooooohhh, such a sexy child. I’ve wanted her f-for so long…”

“Soon, Mom,” Ali said, “We’re gonna make it happen. You, me, Pam… Gabby and Kelly, too. We’ll all be lovers.”

“Ohhhhhh, sweetheart! I’m – I’m – I’M…” Cheryl gave a choked cry.

“Come for me, Mom.”

As deep moans of unleashed ecstasy issued from the bedroom, a grinning Kelly crept back down the stairs, considering her next move.

When she entered the family room, Kelly spied the TV remote on the coffee table. She seated herself on the couch, picked up the device and turned on the large flat screen set.

Traveling through the channels, Kelly soon found an adult network. Cool! Good for you, Cheryl, she thought. Those kinds of channels were blocked on the TV at home.

Seeking out a lesbian movie, Kelly hit the PLAY button, turning up the volume so it was sure to be heard upstairs. She shrugged out of the outsized t-shirt she wore, leaving her naked, then began to rub her slit as she watched five women in a daisy chain.

Upstairs, Cheryl lay stretched out on the bed, recovering from her orgasm. Ali was nuzzling her mother’s breasts, occasionally giving them playful little bites.

Suddenly Ali sat up, eyes wide. “Mom! I hear someone downstairs.”

They were silent for a moment, hearing the music that drifted up the stairs from the living room.

“Did I forget to turn off the TV?” Cheryl asked herself, then shook her head. “No. I shut it off, I’m positive!”

“M-maybe it’s Pam?” Ali offered, but she didn’t believe it. Her little sister was an incredibly sound sleeper who never got up in the middle of the night, not even for the toilet.

Quietly rising from the bed, Cheryl picked her silk robe up from the floor, where she’d discarded it upon entering her daughter’s room, and quickly slipped into it. She stepped into the hall and tiptoed down to Pam’s room, where she found her youngest sound asleep.

Turning back, Cheryl saw Ali hesitantly enter the hallway, a towel wrapped around her bare body.

Holding a finger to her lips, Cheryl whispered, “Get the phone and follow me. Stay a few feet behind, and be ready to dial 911. I’ll take a quick peek downstairs. If I wave my hand at you, call for the police.”

A moment later, Cheryl cautiously made her way down the stairs, with Ali lingering at the top. Reaching the bottom, she took a few steps toward the living room. Her eyes widened in surprise when she saw the image of two nude women sixty-nining on the TV screen.

As her eyes adjusted to the glow of the screen, she saw a figure on the couch. Carefully drawing closer, Cheryl realized it was her neighbor’s daughter Kelly, completely nude and fiddling between her legs. The girl’s nightshirt was draped over the sofa arm.

What on earth…? Cheryl asked herself. Oh my God, she’s getting off to lesbian porn! She paused to take in the incredible sight, watching the little girl rub her slit. Jesus, that’s so fucking hot.

Taking a few steps back, a grinning Cheryl beckoned her daughter downstairs. Wait until she sees this!

With a sigh of relief, Ali hastened to join her mother. “What’s going on, Mom?”

“Come and see,” Cheryl whispered. “Don’t make any noise.” They advanced into the family room.

Ali gasped when she saw a nude eleven-year-old Kelly on their couch, masturbating to the image of two naked women grinding their cunts together, their moans filling the room.

“Stay here,” Cheryl murmured, then drew closer to the panting girl. “Kelly, honey?”

Looking up at her mother’s friend, Kelly smiled. “Hi, Cheryl.”

“Is everything okay?” Cheryl asked as she came closer. “What are you doing, sweetheart?”

“I’m watching this sexy movie,” Kelly said.

“Um, well… I can see that. Looks like you’re really enjoying it, too. What I meant was… well, why are you watching it here?” As she spoke, Ali drifted into view, standing next to her mother.

“Oh, Cheryl,” Kelly sighed, “I was feeling so lonely all of a sudden, and Mom and Gabby are both asleep. I just wanted to come over here and hang out with you and Ali.” She nodded toward the television. “But when I saw your TV, I had to see if you’ve got the adult channels. Mom has those blocked in our house.” She continued to masturbate, glancing from Ali and Cheryl to the screen.

Still astonished, Cheryl shook her head. “So you sat down and…”

Kelly nodded. “I just wanted to know… but when I found this movie, I couldn’t help it. I had to make myself come. Soon as I was finished, I was gonna come up and look for you guys, honest! I saw your light on, so I knew you were still awake.”

“Kelly… I really need to call Linda, and let her know you’re here,” Cheryl said.

Please don’t,” Kelly begged. “I really came over here to… well, I wanted to ask you both a big favor.”

“What’s that?”

“Can you fuck me? I don’t want to be a virgin anymore,” Kelly said, gazing longingly into the woman’s eyes. “I’m afraid to do it myself, and I don’t like boys that way. You’re so beautiful, and I know you’d be gentle with me. Please? I’ll never tell, cross my heart.”

Cheryl gaped at the eleven-year-old, then at Ali. The look of desire in her daughter’s eyes was unmistakable. Ali wants this, Cheryl told herself. And damn it, so do I. If I let this chance pass me by, I’ll never stop regretting it.

Then her conscience weighed in. Can you really do this… have sex with Linda’s child? She’s still a little girl; hasn’t even had her period yet! It’s one thing to get yourself off thinking about Kelly, but taking her virginity? Think about the risk – you’d be putting your life on the line!

Cheryl pondered Kelly’s offer; weighing her sexual appetite against the consequences of sex with an underage girl. Finally, she reached a decision.

Taking the phone from Ali, she entered Linda’s number.


Linda was abruptly jolted from a deep sleep. Fumbling for her phone, she checked the caller ID and answered. “Cheryl? What’s wrong?”

“Everything’s okay.” Cheryl began. “Sorry to wake you, but, um, I had to let you know that Kelly’s here.”

“What? Wait, hang on!” Linda exclaimed. Before Cheryl could reply, Linda scrambled out of her bed and raced down the hall to Kelly’s room. Sure enough, her bed was empty, and a glance into Gabby’s room told her that Kelly wasn’t there, either.

Linda went to retrieve her phone, then realized she was still clutching it. “Why is she there?” she asked.

“She had a bad dream,” said Cheryl, giving Kelly a knowing smile. “You were asleep, so she wandered over here. I was still awake, so I guess she saw the light in my room.”

“Listen… she’s not naked, is she?”

How did she know that? Cheryl thought, but managed to laugh. “Naked? Of course not. She was wearing an extra-large t-shirt.”

“That used to belong to Walt,” Linda sighed. “Thanks so much for calling. I’ll be right over to get her.”

“Oh, there’s no need,” Cheryl said, giving Kelly a wink. “I already tucked her into the foldout bed in the study, and she’s sound asleep. Why not just let her stay put?”

“That would be so nice of you,.” Linda said. “You really don’t mind?”

“Don’t be silly! She’s always welcome here. I’ll send her home first thing tomorrow. Now get yourself back to bed and stop worrying.”

“Thanks so much, Cheryl. Good night.”

“Good night, Linda.”

Ending the call, Linda breathed a sigh of relief. She placed her phone on the nightstand and crawled back into bed.

Only now, she was wide awake. Shit – I’m too keyed up. As Linda tried to relax, the urge to masturbate came over her.

Oh, why not. It’ll help me get to sleep, Linda reasoned as she slipped out of her nightshirt and panties.

Cupping both breasts, Linda gently teased her nipples to aching stiffness, then she trailed a hand down her torso until it rested on her cunt. She began with one finger, sliding it up and down the moist cleft, opening herself up for more.

A memory suddenly flashed in her mind like lightning. She was standing in Kelly’s door, startled by the sight of her oldest daughter masturbating. God, the way she smiled at me, Linda thought. Like she didn’t even mind that I caught her in the act. 

Then she recalled what had occurred a few nights later, how she’d watched Gabby doing the very same thing. Her precious little girl, completely naked, fondling her bare slit. Much as Linda hated to admit it, the sight had aroused her. After all, I wasn’t much older than that when my sister and I started fooling around, she told herself.

That particular memory sent a wave of intense longing rushing through her. Damn, I miss Jan. Walt was a good, kind man and a wonderful husband, and my life isn’t the same without him… but he never satisfied me in bed the way my sister used to. 

Maybe it’s time for Jan and me to be lovers again. The very idea made her desire soar even higher.

Linda was plunging two fingers in and out of her sodden cunt, the liquid sound of her frantic thrusts beating out a hard rhythm to accompany her ragged breathing.

Once again, she wondered if Kelly and Gabby were experimenting with one another, just like she and her sister had. God, those were such lovely times. Never knew such excitement. What an incredible new world for two curious young girls to explore! 

Her longing for Jan seemed to grow stronger by the second. Oh, Jan, I love you… please, PLEASE fuck me like you used to.

Just like that, she was immersed in the fantasy. The two of them were in bed, naked and in heat, sharing caresses and deep, forceful kisses.

Jan flips me onto my back and licks a pathway down between my breasts. She’s hungry for little sister’s cunt… and I’m ready for her to taste it.

Suddenly Linda pictured her daughters standing nearby, watching them fuck.

The girls were both nude. Kelly was hugging Gabby from behind, a hand tucked between her baby sister’s thighs, two fingers gliding up and down the child’s virgin sex. Their eyes were glued to the lewd spectacle of Mommy, doing sexy things with Aunt Jan.

In Linda’s mind’s eye, she saw Gabby twist around to smile at her big sister… and Kelly kissed the happy nine-year-old, her tongue circling the girl’s mouth.

That was enough to spur Linda into a racking orgasm, one that shook her body like a rag doll in the grip of an angry child. She forced her fingers as deep as they could go, moving them around to grind against the walls of her vagina, all the while stimulating her clit with the thumb of the other hand.

It was a long, frantic ride, but it finally began to slow, then ease to a gradual halt. Linda lay quietly but for the hoarse sawing of her breath. In, out, in, out… she eased into the rhythm of it, growing drowsy.

As the tide gently carried her away, it occurred to Linda that maybe she shouldn’t be having sex fantasies that involved her underage daughters. But before her mind could apply itself to the right or wrong of it, she’d fallen into a sound sleep.


Setting her phone down, Cheryl joined Kelly on the couch, while Ali parked herself on a nearby ottoman.

“Are you sure that’s what you want, Kelly?” Cheryl asked, resting a hand on the girl’s shoulder. “To… to lose your virginity? And you want us to do it for you.”

Kelly nodded. “It’s totally what I want.” She looked from Cheryl to Ali. “I know you guys are having sex with each other, and it gets me crazy hot. I can’t think of anything better than having my first real fuck with a mom and daughter at the same time!”

Cheryl glanced at Ali. Her daughter was grinning hugely, the girl’s eyes dancing in anticipation. “Well, then,” she said, getting to her feet. “I suppose we should go upstairs.”

They made their way up to Ali’s bedroom, Cheryl leading Kelly by the hand.

Once she’d eased the door shut behind them, Cheryl murmured, “Kelly, if we do this with you, it’s really important that you don’t make a lot of noise. Pam is a pretty sound sleeper, but we still don’t want to risk waking her. She doesn’t know about me and Ali.”

“What if Pam did wake up, though?” said Kelly. “I bet she’d want to join in. She and my sister are doing sexy stuff together, y’know.”

“Sure,” Cheryl replied. “But I don’t think she’s quite ready to have sex with her mother or sister.”

We want her to, though!” Ali exclaimed.

“Maybe someday,” said Cheryl, followed by a wistful sigh.

Sprawling out on the king-size bed, Kelly began to masturbate, gently fingering her moist slit. “You’re both so… so hot!” she said, her gaze shifting from one to the other. “I liked seeing you naked before, Ali.”

Cheryl grinned. “Want to see her that way again?”

“Oh yes, please.”

Taking hold of Ali’s towel, Cheryl gently pulled it away, revealing her daughter’s nude body. Kelly moaned in delight as Cheryl began to fondle Ali’s breasts and hard nipples.

After a few kisses, Cheryl reached down and opened Alicia’s cunt with her fingers. “So… you wanted to lick my little girl’s pussy?”

Kelly’s face was flushed and her eyes half closed. She nodded. “Yeah. I did.”

“But then I interrupted you… didn’t I?”

Kelly took a deep breath before she answered, fighting to keep her voice steady. “You sure did, Cheryl. I almost had my tongue in Ali’s cunt, then you knocked on the door. I don’t know why she made me stop. How long have you and your mom been having sex, Ali?”

Mother and daughter glanced at each other. Cheryl gave a small nod, and Ali said, “A little over three years now.” She paused. “I was twelve when we first did it.”

So fucking hot,” Kelly moaned, She licked her lips and whispered, “Take your mom’s robe off, Ali. I want to see you naked together.”

Ali looked at Cheryl, who closed her eyes and let both arms fall to her side, smiling as she waited to be undressed. Pulling the sash on her mother’s robe, Ali slowly opened it before Kelly’s eager eyes as if she was unveiling a work of art, then pushed the silken garment over Cheryl’s shoulders, letting it slide down to the carpet.

Getting to her feet, Kelly walked in a slow circle around the two women. “You guys have such nice asses,” she said. “Seems to me that redheads always look really good from behind.” They were all nude. Hands on hips, she asked, “What about me? Do I look sexy with my clothes off? Do you like girls my age?”

Ali couldn’t restrain herself for another second. Without a word, she knelt before the young girl, put both hands on her slim hips and placed a tender kiss on Kelly’s bare labia, followed by a tiny lick.

Kelly gasped, and Cheryl said, “As you can see by Ali’s reaction… yeah, we love young girls.” Cheryl moved closer and, putting a hand on Kelly’s bare shoulder, added, “You’re absolutely luscious, Kelly. I’ve wanted you for years. I saw you in your little one-piece bathing suit when you were, I don’t know, seven or eight… and it made me so hot that I had to go up to my room and finger my cunt until I came while I watched you playing through my bedroom window. Now I’m finally going to fuck you.”

“And me!” exclaimed Ali, looking up at the younger girl. “I only wish Gabby could be here, too. I can’t decide which one of you gets me hotter!”

Kelly snickered. “So you like little girls, huh? Well, I know you taught your sister how to make herself come. Then she showed Gabby how. You and Pam touch your pussies together, huh? And then you go tell your mom all about it, I bet.”

“Every detail,” Cheryl answered with a smirk. “Then my big girl and I fuck each other silly.” She reached down to cup her daughter’s breast, then gave the nipple a playful tweak. Ali whimpered, her face resting against the softness of the eleven-year-old’s tummy.

Kelly gave a happy sigh as Ali trailed a finger along the crease of her sex. “But you haven’t licked Pam yet.”

“Not yet,” Ali answered, a bit impatient to get started on that pretty bare slit, so tantalizingly close to her lips. “But I want to… God, I want to!”

“I’ve licked Gabby’s pussy,” Kelly said. “It’s soooo sweet.” She seated herself on the end of the bed, legs spread wide apart. “If you want, Ali, you can do that to me while I tell your mom something.”

Still on her knees, Ali moved between Kelly’s thighs, bending down to lick over and around the young girl’s smooth slit. Loving the thick, earthy flavor, she pressed her mouth to the vaginal opening and eased her tongue inside

Cheryl moved closer to get a better view, and Kelly told her. “I’m gonna get Pam and Gabby to fool around with me really soon. Maybe tomorrow.” Putting her feet up on the bed, she spread her legs even wider, giving Ali full access to her cunt.

“Think about it, Cheryl,” Kelly continued. “Instead of just hearing about what they do, you can see Gabby and Pam fuck.”

Cheryl moaned, overwhelmed by images of underage lesbian sex. Her breath grew ragged as she pictured herself naked and in bed with two little girls, one of them her own child. It was an intensely powerful fantasy, the kind of forbidden scenario she’d masturbated to for years.

Kelly went on, her breath getting short as Ali went down on her. “I can make it happen. I already showed Gabby how girls have sex… and we c-can both teach Pam. Ooooohh, yeah… After that, it’ll be easy to bring Ali into it. Pretty soon, you – you’ll have all four of us m-making love to you. Oh. Oh, fuck. How’s that sound, Cheryl?”

Groping her throbbing pussy with one hand, Cheryl panted, “Yes. Oh, absolutely. I like that idea!”

“And it’ll happen, I, I promise. Mmmmm… an’ all I want from you is to fuck me first. Fuck me for real!” Kelly gasped, rolling her eyes.

Cheryl stared at the trembling eleven-year-old, weighing her options. Can I really do this? Break the hymen of a girl this young? She shook her head. Silly question. Of course I will. I’m taking a big chance, yeah… but how on earth can I resist the prize she’s offering? God, just the thought of finally getting Pam into bed! I’d run any risk for that.

“Alicia, sweetheart,” she told her daughter, “Don’t make Kelly come just yet. Let’s save it for when we’re giving her what she wants.”

“Cool!” Kelly squealed, gleefully clapping her hands. “Thank you, Cheryl!”

“My pleasure,” Cheryl replied. “Now scoot back some. If we’re doing this, you need to be lying all the way down.”

“Oh, yeah. Duh,” Kelly muttered. Ali sat back as the younger girl quickly arranged herself on the bed, both legs spread wide. “How’s this?”

“Perfect,” said Cheryl.

“Totally,” Ali echoed. Quickly crawling between Kelly’s thighs, she buried her tongue in the girl’s cunt, blissfully humming with each lick she took.

Cheryl looked on approvingly at the lewd scene, then stretched out alongside Kelly. “We’re gonna rock your world, kiddo,” she purred, just before plunging her tongue into the young girl’s mouth.

Kelly eagerly returned the ardent kiss, sucking on Cheryl’s tongue. Meanwhile, Cheryl began to toy with the barely-there mounds of her new lover’s breasts, rolling the nipples between finger and thumb.

Before long, Kelly had to tear her mouth away from Cheryl’s, panting for breath. “Oh, w-wow!” she gasped.

“Oh, we’re just getting warmed up, little girl,” said Cheryl. “I want a taste of you, too.”

Crawling down to the foot of the bed, she tapped Ali’s shoulder. When the girl looked up, Cheryl claimed her daughter’s mouth in a lustful kiss, then whispered, “It’s my turn, hon.”

“Sure, okay.” Ali shifted to one side, inviting her mother to feast.

As Cheryl moved in to take that first luscious lick, Ali slid up toward the headboard, took Kelly in her arms and began to kiss and fondle the girl.

When she tasted her own pussy on Ali’s tongue, Kelly moaned into their kiss. Fast approaching orgasm, she whimpered in frustration when, without warning, Cheryl raised her head.

Reaching into her daughter’s nightstand and feeling her way through the drawer’s contents, Cheryl took out a slender white vibrator, which she applied to Kelly’s clit for a moment. Twisting the base, she turned the toy on and began to run the pulsing tip around the eleven-year-old’s slit.

“Oh, yeah!” Kelly gasped. “That’s so f-fucking good.”

“Just you wait.” With that, Cheryl began to wriggle the buzzing toy into the child’s snug vagina.

“Ohhhhhhh,” Kelly cried, a shudder racing through her thin body.

Cheryl fed about an inch of the vibrator inside, withdrew it until only the tip remained, then penetrated Kelly again. In and out she went, going further with each careful stroke until the toy reached the barrier of  the girl’s hymen.

“Yeah, Mom.” Ali said in a hushed whisper. “Fuck her. She’s ready for it.” She was cradling Kelly’s head in her lap.

“Yeah!” Kelly urged, “Do it, Cheryl. Fuck me!”

Turning the vibe up a notch, Cheryl began to use shorter, harder thrusts. Kelly drew both knees up, holding her legs as far apart as she could. Now Cheryl could see the little girl’s anus, and found herself unable to resist reaching out and to stroke it with a fingertip.

“Mmmmm, Cheryl… I – I love you,” Kelly stammered, her face a portrait of raw desire. “Please, please go into me. Do it, be my first fuck!”

Biting her lower lip, Cheryl pushed through the girl’s hymen. Kelly gave a sharp scream of pain. Cheryl froze, then a smile slowly crossed her face as Kelly’s cry trailed into a whimper of ecstasy.

“Uh, yeah, Cheryl, oh, oh, oh yeah!” Kelly gasped out. “K-keep going.”

Emboldened by the young girl’s willingness to be taken, Cheryl fell into a steady tempo, working the sex toy back and forth, back and forth.

“Huh, huh, huh…” Kelly exhaled, in time with the pumping of her grownup lover’s arm. A sudden jerk shook her boyish frame, then she screamed again. But this time, there was only rapture. Kelly’s body was twitching, the child’s cries rising to a choked howl, then growing softer and slower as she came down from her orgasm, eventually collapsing in a sodden heap.

Cheryl switched the vibrator off and cautiously withdrew it. She was unable to tear her eyes away from Kelly’s face, somehow lovelier than ever in the aftermath of rapture. When she finally examined the toy, it was streaked a watery red.

Getting to her feet, the older woman padded into the bathroom, where she washed the vibrator clean, then moistened a washcloth, which she took back into the bedroom and used to wipe away the small amount of blood that stained Kelly’s sex and inner thighs.

Ali cuddled and fondled the younger girl while Cheryl cleaned her. “Just wait,” Kelly told the teen, “Soon you’ll not only be licking your little sister, but mine, too.”

Taking a long, luxurious stretch, Cheryl murmured, “Well, I guess we’d better get some rest. It’s late.”

“Not yet!” was Kelly’s response. “I still want to fuck you guys. Okay?”

Mother and daughter looked appreciatively at Kelly. Her slim build, that long sandy hair spilling over her shoulders. Those barely-there breasts and the sweet, smooth cleft of her pussy. The long tanned legs. But what really got them was the hunger Cheryl and Ali saw in the girl’s sparkling eyes.

When Kelly added, “Please? I really want to taste you – both of you. I – I’ll die if you don’t let me.” She was kneeling on the bed, both hands clasped together.

Ali and Cheryl looked at each other, then back at Kelly. “Well… I’m into it, Mom,” Ali said.

“Far be it from me to pass up a chance to get licked,” Cheryl chuckled. “Okay, Kelly – we’re all yours.”

The younger girl’s face was shining like the sun. Turning to Ali, she said, “I’ll get to your pussy soon, I promise. But first, I want to fuck your mom.”

“That’s cool,” Ali replied. “I totally want to see this!”

“Sure, Kelly.” Cheryl said. After all, she had yet to come that evening, though she’d been awfully close a few times. “Do whatever you want,” she added, cupping her sex.

“Get up on your hands and knees,” Kelly murmured, licking her lips.

Cheryl meekly complied, tingling all over as she wondered what this bold little girl had in mind for her.

“You’re so lucky, Ali,” said Kelly. Stationing herself next to Cheryl, the nude eleven-year old reached down to fondle the woman’s heavy breasts. ”I wish my mom was as fun and sexy as yours.”

“I think your mom is way hot,” Ali protested. “I’d do her in a heartbeat!”

“Yeah, I s’pose… but she isn’t into girls,” Kelly replied with a shrug. “Guess she misses my father too much.” She scooted beneath the kneeling Cheryl, her face directly below those generous breasts. “Oh, I still want to fuck Mother, if I can. I think maybe my Aunt Jan will let me have sex with her… if that happens, she can help me with Mother.” Parting her lips, she took Cheryl’s right nipple into her mouth to suck.

“Your mother’s sister Jan?” Cheryl shook her head. “Jesus, Kelly. Are there any women or girls out there who you aren’t trying to get into bed?”

Kelly giggled. “I can’t think of any!” Going up on her knees, she moved behind Cheryl and gave the woman’s shapely buttocks a few playful slaps with the palm of her hand. Not hard, just firmly enough to make a satisfying smack. Cheryl didn’t complain; just thrust her backside out even further.

Instead of spanking Cheryl again, Kelly began to pepper her bottom with kisses, purring with joy as she nuzzled the tender flesh. “So soft,” she sighed, then glanced over at Ali, who was working two fingers in and out of her cunt. “Hey, Ali,” she said, “what’s the wildest thing your mom likes to do when you two fuck? Anything really dirty?”

“You’re nearly doing it now,” Ali replied. “Mom’s a total ass freak. It’s not really my thing, but she loves to get her butthole licked.”

Kelly studied the woman’s ass closely. Putting both hands on the woman’s cheeks, she carefully spread them apart. “Is that true, Cheryl?” she asked.

“Yes, it is,” Cheryl whimpered, trembling in anticipation.

Taking a deep breath, Kelly gently blew into Cheryl’s ass crack. “Oh, God,” the older woman moaned. “Oh, my God.”

“Your butthole is so pretty,” Kelly cooed. “Like a little star.” With that, she bent to press her lips to Cheryl’s anus in an open-mouthed kiss. A moment later, the eager little girl licked the tight hole, and Cheryl slumped forward with an ecstatic groan. She buried her face in a pillow, ass jutting out while Kelly rimmed her.

Ali fucked herself even harder, her hand a blur as she watched Kelly tongue-fuck her mother.

Kelly finally raised her face, saying, “Cool. You really like that, huh? I can tell by how wet your pussy is.” Slapping Cheryl’s ass once more, she added, “I better give your cunt some love, too.”

Ali looked on in disbelief as Kelly arranged the fingers on her right hand into a sort of cone shape, then pushed them into Cheryl’s pussy. Twisting her wrist from side to side, it took the girl less than a minute to get her entire hand inside.

Somehow managing to stifle a scream, Cheryl gasped, “Oh, fuck yeah, Kelly. How’d you know? Fuck me hard, ooooohh, stick that hand in n-nice and deep. Oh, God, yeah! Oh, so good, d-don’t stop fucking me..!”

Eyes blazing with determination, Kelly fucked the forty-year-old woman, her arm pumping like a piston in and out of Cheryl’s hot, swampy vagina. “You like this, huh? A little girl’s hand in your pussy? Wow, you’re a  great big pervert.”

“Yes, yes I am,” Cheryl panted. “I c-can’t help myself. Even when I was a, a teenager, I’d fall in love with young girls. By the time Ali was four, I already knew I wanted t-to take her to bed. Oh, Kelly, yesssss! Fuck me, you little m-motherfucker.”

Kelly continued to ravage Cheryl’s cunt with her right hand, then brought the left down on the woman’s ass, the loud crack going off like a gunshot. Cheryl moaned, a hard shudder shaking her frame.

“You like that, don’t you?” Kelly growled.

“Oh, yes, God, yes.”

“Then come for me, you dirty bitch.” Kelly said. “Feel how deep my hand is in your cunt. Go ahead, come. Let your daughter see what a slut her mommy is.”

With those words, Cheryl went iron-rigid for a few seconds, then began to tremble and sob and gasp. She snatched at the bedclothes with both hands and, burying her face in them, screamed into the bed. Finally Cheryl collapsed on her side, curled into a ball, Kelly’s hand still filling her vagina. Nearby, Ali was writhing through her own orgasm, practically mauling her cunt.

Kelly gently stroked Cheryl’s back. “You had a good come, huh?”

Her eyes closed, Cheryl mumbled, “Mm-hmm. Ssssso good.”

“That makes me really happy,” Kelly cooed, all sweetness again. “Thanks for letting me do that to you, Cheryl. I loved it!”

There was a small refrigerator on the left hand side of the bed. Opening its door and reaching inside, Ali produced a bottle of water. She unscrewed the cap and handed it to her mother, who drained half the contents in a gulp. Cheryl then offered it to Kelly, who took a few swallows before passing the bottle to Ali to finish.

Setting the empty on top of the fridge, Ali leaned back against the headboard, propped up by several pillows, legs extended. Kelly thoughtfully studied the older girl, moistening her lips, then quickly straddled Ali’s lap, claiming her mouth in a hungry kiss.

Abruptly breaking away, she said, “Move your legs apart, Ali… I’m gonna lick your pussy now!” Rising to her feet, Kelly got down between the older girl’s parted thighs.

An awed Cheryl watched the scene unfold. It’s definitely happening, yeah… but it seems so incredibly unreal. Like something out of an illegal porn film. Ali was cupping her breasts, whimpering in ecstasy as Kelly’s tongue teased her slit.

Despite having climaxed just a few minutes earlier, Cheryl’s cunt was beginning to tingle and throb all over again. Of course, I am watching an eleven-year-old cutie go down on my daughter. And she wants to do the same to Pam, don’t forget that. As she pictured Kelly making love to her nine-year-old, Cheryl began to masturbate.

Kelly raised her head, looking over her shoulder at Cheryl. “You’re not done yet,” she said. “I licked your butthole… now come do that to me.” With that, she returned to her task, feasting on every bit of Ali’s sweet pussy.

Without a word, Cheryl moved forward, placing both hands on Kelly’s flawless bottom. Ali tugged at her nipples as she watched her mother carefully spread the little girl’s cheeks apart.

It was a breathtaking sight. Cheryl felt positively giddy as she gazed lovingly at Kelly’s pretty holes – the pink cleft of her sex, the darker whorl of her anus. God, she’s perfect, absolutely perfect.

Bending down, Cheryl began to kiss Kelly’s buttocks, basking in the enticing scent of the girl. She gave the left cheek a playful bite, then grinned when Kelly squealed in surprise – the sound muffled by Ali’s pussy, of course.

Cheryl ran her tongue across Kelly’s rump, then delved into the crack, licking her way to the child’s rosebud. She pressed against the taut pucker, seeking entry. Kelly whimpered her approval, sucking on Ali’s clit all the while.

Ali was studying Kelly’s face, fascinated by the dreamy light she perceived in the eleven-year-old’s eyes. It was an amazing thing to see – a little girl experiencing hardcore lesbian sex and loving it. Wonder if Pam will look like that when we fuck? Ali asked herself.

In the last few weeks, the desire she held for her younger sister had hardened into an obsession… and now Kelly was promising to help get Pam into her bed. Just imagining it was nearly enough to make Ali come, especially with this sexy nymph doing amazing things to her clit.

Seconds later, she was coming, barely remembering to stifle her ecstatic cries by clamping a hand over her mouth. Cheryl raised her head to watch her daughter’s orgasm, gently slipping a finger into Kelly’s rectum.

Kelly shivered when she was penetrated, but kept licking Ali’s pussy until the older girl pushed her head away, gasping “Okay, th-that’s enough.” Staring in awe at her underage lover, she murmured, “Oh, yeah, girl. I’m gonna keep that mouth of yours busy.”

Cheryl withdrew her finger from Kelly’s ass. “We’re going to wear you out, sweetheart. I think we all need to get some rest.”

“No, not yet!” Kelly protested, “I still want to…”

“Hush, now,” Cheryl said, interrupting the girl with a kiss., “Whatever you want, we’ll do it with you, I promise. But not tonight. It’s late, we’re sleepy, and tomorrow is another day.”

Ali moved to give their guest a kiss. “Oh, Kelly… that was amazing. You’re already an incredible lover.”

“Just you wait! I’m gonna teach everything I know to Pam and Gabby. They’ll be just as good as me!” She giggled. “Well… nearly as good!”

“Let me know when that happens,” Ali said, then gave an enormous yawn. “Well, I’m wiped out, so it’s time for me to turn in.” The naked teen crawled beneath the sheets.

“Goodnight, sweetheart.” Cheryl bent to kiss her daughter’s cheek.

“Thanks for everything, Ali,” Kelly said. “I loved making love with you.”

“Me too,” Ali said, her voice trailing into a deep yawn. “G’night, Kelly. G’night, Mom.”

Cheryl led Kelly from the room, turning out the light as she went, then gently closing the door. “Okay, Kelly… let’s get you settled in for the night. I’ll put you on the fold-out couch.”

“Aw,” the child pouted. “How come I can’t sleep with you?”

“Well, for one thing, Pam sometimes gets up before I do… and let’s face it, I’d have a hell of a time explaining why I’ve got the neighbor’s daughter in bed with me, and why she happens to be completely naked. Besides, if you slept with me, we’d just end up fucking again. That’s what you’re hoping for… isn’t it, you little schemer?”

“Um… yeah, kinda,” Kelly replied with a sheepish grin. “But, I mean…do you blame me? Sex is the best thing ever!”

”And you’ll get to do it again,” Cheryl said, giving the child’s bottom a pat. “I think that you and Ali are going to become new best friends. Which means you’ll be spending a lot of time hanging out here.”

“Okay, yeah. That sounds great!”

Cheryl took Kelly to the hall bathroom, where she gave the girl a new toothbrush, and they took turns brushing their teeth, then using the toilet.

“I’m in the mood for a shower,” Cheryl said. “Want to join me?”

“Sure!” Kelly replied with a delighted grin. Cheryl switched on the water, and they climbed into the tiled cubicle together.

The sight of the child’s bare body glistening with wetness, quickly revived Cheryl’s desire, especially when they were soaping one another. Somehow, she managed to confine their activities to a few passionate kisses, though a mischievous Kelly spent a little extra time washing the older woman’s cunt and anus.

Finally they emerged, their bodies a rosy pink, and toweled each other down.

“There we go. Now let’s get you tucked in!” They padded back to Cheryl’s room to retrieve Kelly’s t-shirt, then descended the stairs to the study, where Cheryl made up the sofa bed for her.

Kelly slipped beneath the sheet. “Thank you for making love to me, Cheryl… you and Ali,” she said. “It was wonderful.”

“My pleasure, sweetie,” Cheryl replied. “You get some rest, now.” She bent to kiss the little girl’s cheek, turned the light out, and returned to her room.

As she settled into bed, Cheryl marveled at the turn her evening had taken. I don’t know what changed Kelly, to make her the way she is now… but she’s the best thing to happen to me in ages. Something tells me that she’s going to take this family on one hell of a ride.

With a contented sigh, she nestled into the sheets and let herself drift into slumber.

Soon to come: Chapter Six!


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