My Weekend Awakening (And What it Led To), Part Three

  • Posted on March 1, 2024 at 9:08 pm

A brief recap: Seventeen-year-old Katia goes to a motorcycle rally, where she has her first-ever sexual experience with two biker women named Fire and Trace. It’s enough to convince her that she is a lesbian. Upon returning home, Katia is alarmed to find herself attracted to her little sister Beth’s best friend Rachel who, like Beth, is only twelve. She tries to resist, but it doesn’t help that Rachel clearly has feelings for her. Beth is upset about this, but gets over it quickly. In fact, she ends up joining Katia and Rachel when they have sex, and Katia ends up going down on her little sister. What next, you ask? Read on, friends…

by kinkychic, with additions from kinkys_sis and JetBoy

It was a few days after that afternoon with Beth and Rachel, the day when I’d gone completely wild – having sex with my little sister’s twelve-year-old best friend, then with my sister! I still couldn’t quite work out how it had happened, other than the three of us simply getting carried away in the heat of the moment.

It worried me that Beth and I had barely spoken since. Mind you, she didn’t seem angry with me, just… perplexed. I had to fight the impulse to approach her, telling myself she needed space to work things out.

I was lying on the bed thumbing through a book I was only half-reading when there was a knock on my door. I called out, “Come in.”

It was Beth. “Hey,” she mumbled, looking somewhat uncomfortable.

“Hi, sis… what’s up?” I asked, trying to put her at ease.

She sat beside me. “Katia, I – fuck!” she blurted. “What you and I did… I don’t know what to say.”

“It was a bit of a shock, sure. But, um… you’re okay now, right?”

“I guess.” She was playing with her fingers, not making eye contact. “I know we’re not s’posed to do sex stuff, you and me, ‘cos we’re sisters. But… it was good. Don’t you think so?”

“Yeah, it really was.” I reached out to my sister. “C’mere, you – snuggle with me.” Beth meekly crawled into my arms, and we lay quietly together. It felt lovely. But there was something on her mind, I could tell.

Finally, she spoke up. “Can I ask you something, Katia? It’s kinda personal-like, but you can always tell me to mind my own business.”

“Fair enough,” I replied. “What’s the question?”

I was expecting something to do with me being a lesbian, but Beth surprised me anyway. “Those friends of yours, Fire and Trace… You’re having sex with them when they visit, huh?”

Shit. Did we really make that much noise? No point in lying about it. “Well… yeah. Actually, they’re the first girls I ever did it with. We just like to have fun together, y’know? I’m not really girlfriends with them.”

A shiver raced through me when Beth nuzzled my neck, then she whispered, “I really liked it when you kissed me, Katia. Um, but, were you okay with it? Did you maybe wish you were, y’know, kissing some other girl instead?”

I squeezed her to me. “Of course I liked it, silly. Sure, it seemed weird at first, but once we were kissing, it was nice. Was that the first time you ever did it?”

“Yeah,” she replied. “So… would you want to kiss me again? I think I could do it better this time.”

Something about Beth’s sweet shyness affected me in a big way. I turned to face her, moving closer – and this time, she kissed me first. Letting my sister take the lead, I allowed her to explore, learning as she went.

Eventually, sensing she was ready to go further, I slipped my tongue between her lips. Beth responded right away, her tongue engaging mine in a sexy dance. As our passion grew, I rolled onto my back, guiding her on top of me, spreading my legs wide for her. I let both hands glide down my little sister’s back until I was cupping her cute bottom.

I pushed upwards, feeling Beth’s pussy press against mine through our clothes. She got what I was trying to do straight away and ground into me, our mounds fitting snugly together. Soon we were both panting and gasping as we fucked one another, the kiss forgotten.

I slid a hand into the back of my sister’s knickers, working a finger into the cleft between her buttocks. Mind you, I didn’t actually enter her arse, just tickled and lightly rubbed the tight hole.

Beth started to tighten up, her movements becoming jerky and erratic. Pressing her face into my neck, she gasped, “Katia, I’m – I’m c-coming!” She was shaking from head to toe.

I didn’t need any further stimulation. Soon as my sister got off, I was coming along with her. We clung to each other like frightened children as our orgasms peaked, then ebbed.

Now spent, Beth lay like a limp rag on top of me. As we slowly regained our breath, I kissed the top of her head, murmuring, “You okay?”

She looked up at me, “I love you, Katia.”

“I know you do, sweetheart,” I replied, patting my sister’s back. “I love you, too.”

Beth shook her head. “That’s not what I mean. Um… I’m in love with you. Is it bad of me to feel that way?”

I felt an unexpected flush of warmth. My twelve-year-old sister was in love with me? Honestly, I wasn’t quite sure whether to be concerned or delighted about that. But I didn’t want to hurt Beth’s feelings. “I don’t think it’s ever bad to love, sis.”

She thought for a moment, “I think I’m in love with Rachel, too. Can I love you both?”

I had to laugh, Tousling Beth’s hair, I told her. “Of course you can, little sister. You’ve got a lot of love to share, that’s all.”

“I do, don’t I?” she said, grinning foolishly, then threw her arms around me. “Thanks, Katia. You’re the best.”

“Hey, I’m just offering guidance, like big sisters are supposed to do. Um, I hate to say this, but I really need to get up. I promised Mum I’d do the laundry before she gets home.”

“I guess,” Beth said, pouting a bit as I got to my feet. Then suddenly, she brightened up. “Can I use your laptop to go on that website, sis? Will you sign me in? Maybe I can chat with your friend… or even meet some other hot girls!”

I considered the idea. “I suppose… but if Mum comes upstairs, you close the laptop right away, hear me? If she finds out we’ve been hooking up on a sex site, she’ll blow a bloody gasket!”

“She can’t get up here fast enough to catch us doing anything,” Beth shrugged.

That was true enough. Our staircase is a creaky one, and unless you’re in stocking feet and know just where to step, there’s no way to get from the first floor to the second without being heard.

I opened the laptop and logged on, showing Beth my password so she could do the same. As she eagerly sat down before the screen, I touched her shoulder. “Have you decided you like girls more than boys, then?”

My sister gazed up at me, blushing a bit. “I think so,” she said, then nodded. “Yeah, I am. I never think about fooling around with boys anymore. Just girls.” She laughed. “Ladies, too.”

Bending down, I gave Beth a brief but heated kiss. “Have fun,” I told her, then left.

Two hours later, she was still at it. I didn’t interrupt, but I could hear Beth moaning at one point when passing by my door, so I reckon she was having a fiddle while exploring the chat room.

It gave me a strange feeling of satisfaction, knowing that my little sister was gay. Beth and I got on well enough, but I felt certain that our shared sexuality would bring us even closer… especially if we chose to make love again. Does she want that? I wondered. Me, I loved the idea of the two of us fucking when the mood took us.

My reverie was interrupted when Beth emerged from my room, practically bouncing with excitement. “Hey, Katia, they’re offering me my own account! Can I have one? Please, please say yes!”

Her enthusiasm made me smile. “It’s your call, sis – you don’t need permission from me.”

“Cool!” she exclaimed. “I’ll sign up in just a minute.” Then she was typing again.

“Who are you talking to?” I asked.

Beth beamed at me. “Toni… you know, from the other day? She thought I was you at first, but I told her it was me. She just asked about my arse, said she’d like to fuck it. Yours too. Um, what’s that like? Getting your bum fucked?”

“Not sure,” I shrugged. “I’ve never had anything bigger than a finger in there. Tell her she can do that to us whenever she likes. It’ll be a first for us both.”

Beth and Toni carried on chatting for ages. They got into a long discussion about sex toys, the different types and so on. Of course, my sister had never used a toy, but Toni was happy to fill her in, describing her favourites in detail. Before we knew it, Mum was calling from downstairs, “Girls, dinner’s ready.”

After we’d eaten, I returned to my room, Beth following. She closed the door and asked, “Katia… have you got any sex toys?”

“Just one vibrator, but it’s not very good. But you’re welcome to try it out.”

“Yeah, I’d like that.” She thought for a moment. “Isn’t there a shop in the mall where you can get that kind of stuff? Can’t remember what it’s called.”

“It’s Ann Summers. Hold on a sec, let’s find them online.”

Soon, we were at their website, gasping at what we saw. “Oh my goodness,” Beth murmured. “Katia, we have to go there. Want to take me?”

“Sure. I’m not sure they’ll let you in that part of the shop, though.”

“Well, we gotta try, at least.” She gazed at me thoughtfully. “Um, Katia…?”

“What’s up, sis?”

“Want to mess around? I mean, I could play with your vibrator… but I’d a lot rather play with you.”

“Sure.” It was exactly what I needed right then. Mum would be plonked in front of the TV for hours, so we wouldn’t have to worry about interruptions. “Is there anything special you want to try?” I asked Beth as I shrugged out of my top, then unhooked my bra.

“Yeah, I want to lick your pussy, I keep reading about it in the chat room, and I want to see what it’s like.” Now topless, she unfastened her pants and pushed them down to her feet, along with a pair of purple knickers. “Besides, you did it for me, so now I get to pay you back!”

I finished getting naked and climbed onto the bed, where I stretched out. Beth crawled into my arms, and we shared a passionate kiss.

“I love you, Katia,” she whispered when we finally broke apart.

“I love you too, Beth,” I replied, warmed from head to toe by these new feelings I held for my sister. Could I actually be falling for her?

Beth didn’t give me much time to ponder that notion. Getting on all fours above me, she declared, “Now I’m gonna fuck you, big sister!”

And she did. Oh, my stars, yes. Beth got between my legs and licked me until I came. She was clumsy to begin with, but quickly got the idea of what to do and how to do it. As I recovered, she centred her attention on my breasts, fondling, kissing and nibbling them until my desire was smouldering all over again. Then Beth pleasured me with her fingers, brow furrowed as she probed about inside my vagina as if searching for buried treasure. She didn’t unearth any gold, but I had a second orgasm.

Once my heartbeat had returned to normal, I got my little sister up on all fours and ate her pussy from behind. Just before she came, I eased a finger into her bumhole, and she went off like a firework. Luckily, Beth had the presence of mind to bury her face in a pillow, muffling her cries of ecstasy.

Afterward, Beth and I snuggled for a long while, occasionally swapping kisses. After one especially fiery snog, she raised her head. “We’re still shopping for sex toys tomorrow, right?”

“We’ll try,” I told her. “If they don’t let us both into that part of the store, I’ll get something for you.”

Hugging me, she whispered, “Thanks for helping me figure things out, Katia. Now I know for sure that I like girls more.”

“My pleasure,” I replied, pausing to kiss Beth’s nose. “Let me know if you ever need to be reminded.”

She giggled, moving in for another kiss. “I think I’m already forgetting…”


On Saturday morning, Mum went out to meet up with some of her friends for coffee. Once she was gone, Beth and I shared a shower, then I got to work making her look as mature as I could, carefully selecting the right clothes and applying a touch of makeup.

We rode my motorcycle to the mall, then casually strolled into Ann Summers. The front of the shop was all revealing clothes and sexy underwear. We wandered towards the back where the toys were, but a pretty young sales girl came over and pointed at Beth. “Sorry, she can’t go in that section.”

Beth and I were both crestfallen, but then another, older girl came over. “I’ll take over, Diane.” She looked at me, “Were you just browsing, or did you want something in particular?”

“We came to get some things. I’ve got a list.” I answered, taking a folded paper from my pocket.

The girl took the list from me, her grin growing wider as she perused it. Glancing around, she seized my arm. “Come with me, both of you.” She led us through into the rear section. “I’m Stevie. Gotta say, this is a very impressive list you’ve got. How much did you want to spend?”

Beth spoke up. “We’ve got about a hundred and twenty quid.”

Stevie pursed her lips. “That’s not enough for all these things.” She flashed us a bad-girl smile. “But since you’re such lovely customers, I’d be happy to give you a discount.” She studied the list again. “Now, let’s see…” She proceeded to pull out boxes, explaining what the various toys were, their quality and such like.

I had a good idea of what I wanted, but Beth required a bit more guidance. Stevie had no problem with that… in fact, she seemed to be taking a great deal of interest in my little sister. She was ages showing Beth different things. At one point, I heard Beth say “My pussy is pretty small… but I wouldn’t mind using something a little bigger, if I can get used to it.” They were getting on famously, and I was having a good time just looking around.

At one point, Stevie wandered over to where I was. “Is she your girlfriend?” she quietly asked, pointing at Beth, who was perusing a rack of girl/girl DVDs.

“Sort of,” I told her. Telling the truth would be too complicated. I decided.

“I thought so,” she said. “Have you two got an exclusive thing, or are you into sharing…?”

Fuck me, she was a bold one! “We’re… flexible,” I finally said.

Grinning, Stevie produced a business card and gave it to me. “If you ever need a tutorial on how to use our toys, give me a call,” she said. With a wink, she returned to Beth.

My sister also got one of those cards, and a few minutes later I heard Stevie ask Beth for her phone number. “I better not,” my sister replied. “My mum might pick up. But I can always call you.”

A few minutes later, Stevie was describing a vibrating anal wand and how it worked. She held the toy in her right hand, but I saw the left hand steal down to touch Beth’s arse as she spoke. Her fingers pressed between my sister’s cheeks. She noticed I was watching and raised an eyebrow, as if to ask, Do you mind if I touch her?

I just shrugged. It wasn’t really up to me. I knew Beth would tell Stevie to stop if she wasn’t into it. In fact, Beth actually pushed her arse back instead, a dreamy look in her eyes that I was getting to know very well. The little minx… she’s loving this!

Still, it felt like we were on the verge of crossing a line. If Stevie took this much further, she’d be stripping my sister off right there on the sales floor. Stevie must have known that, too, because she took her hand away from Beth’s arse and stepped back, looking a bit flustered. I decided it was time for us to make our purchases and leave.

I paid for the toys we’d selected, including one for Rachel’s birthday the following week. Stevie gave us her employee discount, but we still blew through all Beth’s savings and all but a few quid of mine.

Handing me the bag, Stevie said, “You will come again, won’t you?” She rested her hand on Beth’s, giving her a look that made it crystal clear what she wanted.

My sister reddened slightly, but she was grinning. “I’ll call you. That’s a promise.”

Some time later, Beth did call Stevie, and they got together for what turned out to be an incredible afternoon. But that’s another story.


We made it back to the house about an hour before Mum was supposed to be home. Soon as I closed the door, Beth dashed off to her room, eager to experiment with her new toys. “Don’t forget the lube,” I called after her.

A few minutes later she came into my room, completely naked, and handed me a small remote control. “I put the bullet in my pussy… now I want to see how far away you can work it from.”

It was one of the more interesting gadgets we’d purchased: a vibrating metal capsule that fitted inside the vagina, It was controlled by a remote, and had three speeds. “It’s set on low right now,” Beth told me. Wait a few minutes, then turn it up.”

I waited until she was downstairs, then ramped it up a notch. I heard a gasp, then Beth groaned, “Ooh, that’s nice,” from the kitchen. Then I switched the remote off, and got a wail of, “Sis, what are you doing? For God’s sake!” This time I turned it back on, then up to full power.

When I went down to the kitchen, my sister was perched on a high stool, gripping the seat with her eyes screwed shut, mumbling, “Oh, oh, oh. Shit yeah.” Folding my arms, I watched the show, fascinated by Beth’s changing expressions and the endless stream of oohs and ahs coming from her lips. Sliding a hand between her thighs, Beth gently toyed with her clit.

She shocked me with a loud, sudden “Fuck!” then she was coming. Oh God, it was so bloody sexy watching my little sister get off.

I tiptoed away before she saw me. I don’t think she would have minded, it just seemed to me like more of a  private moment for her.

She returned to my room on shaky legs. “Well, did you enjoy that?” I asked.

“Bloody hell, yes. D’you think you can turn it off now, please?” I did, and she stumbled down the hall to her room, where she collapsed on the bed. When I passed her doorway a few minutes later, she was fast asleep.

Later, when Beth and I were sitting down for dinner, I turned to her when Mum was in the kitchen fetching napkins and whispered, “You still got your little friend in?”

“Um, yeah,” she said. “Why do you ask?”

I held up the remote, and her eyes got absolutely huge. She opened her mouth to speak, but before she could get a word out, I switched it on.

Beth’s was an absolute picture when she served herself. She dropped mushrooms on the dining table and scattered chips everywhere. I was turning the vibrations up and down, depending on what she was doing.

Mum was perplexed, to say the least. “Whatever is the matter with you tonight, Beth? You’re all of a dither.”

Beth gave me a quick glare but answered, “Sorry, Mum. Guess I’m just distracted.”

I turned the remote down to low and left her to suffer while we ate our dinner. By the time we were nearly finished, Beth was close to having an orgasm.

“Can I be excused, Mum?’ I n-need the bathroom,” she stammered.

“I should think you do, the way you’ve been squirming around. Yes, off you go.”

As Beth went up the stairs, I turned it up to full. I barely heard a little squeal as she vanished from sight.

Mum was frowning. “She does seem awfully out of sorts. Katia, would you be a dear and check on her for me?”

A moment later, I tapped on the bathroom door. “Beth, you okay?”

“I b-bloody am now. Come in, it’s not locked.”

She was sitting on the loo with both hands on the seat, holding herself up. She’d just started to come. “Ooh, ooh, ooooh,” she let out through clenched teeth. She looked up, meeting my eyes. “H-h-hold me, Kat.”

She clung to me as the spasms wracked her body. I so loved watching my little sister come.


Later that night, we checked into Saphoria and went straight to the chat room. There was a new message from Toni. It asked things like, How was your day? and so on. Then she said we might hear from a friend of hers who she’d told about Beth and me.

The next day, I helped set Beth up with her own Saphoria account. Right away, she did a test post, telling everyone about herself. Oh my God, she got more messages in an hour than I’d had in weeks. It wasn’t until the admin hid her age that they slowed down. Guess there are a lot of lesbians out there who have a thing for underage girls.

At first, it was Toni that she liked chatting to the best. At this stage, I kept a check on her inbox, watching the dialogue get naughtier and naughtier between them. Beth also had some back-and-forth with one or two of the somewhat more extreme ladies, at the site, but nothing to worry about. She was having a great time!

Sure enough, Beth soon got a message from a girl named CuteLes. She wrote that Toni said we were fun, then gave a few details about herself. She even attached a pic. Fuck me, she was gorgeous! She said if we wanted to chat, she was seriously into that.

In no time at all, the connection between her and Beth had become really hot. I left them to it and went down to the dining room table to get some homework done.

When 10 PM rolled around. I went upstairs to kick Beth off my laptop so I could go to bed. My timing was perfect, because she’d just said goodnight to CuteLes.

My sister was bubbling over with excitement over her new friend, who she called Cute for short. “Guess what? she said. “Cute made me come… and she said I made her come, too. How cool is that?”

I was wondering if Beth would be able to sleep a wink that night, she was so thrilled. At any rate, I was tired myself, so I sent my sweet little sis off with a tongue kiss and a pat on the arse.

On to Part Four!


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  1. NC BRIGHT says:

    I am really enjoying this please keep it going. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Kim & Sue says:

    Yes indeed, another very fine, very hot chapter. Thanks.

  3. Erocritique says:

    I hope that little line about “that’s another story” means we can expect a Stevie and Beth story? Chapter? *looks pleadingly at kinkychic*. And, oh my!!!, what a sexy little chapter this was. Beth is so adorably childlike, and yet, so advanced in some ways. That contrast is quite attractive / appealing. Big sister Katia seems to be nurturing her baby sister’s predilections / proclivities in a supportive way, while letting her make her own choices / decisions. The younger girls having agency is very important in stories like these. (I really like it when the younger girls take control). I can’t wait to see what happens in future chapters. There’s so many storylines to play off of. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • kinkys_sis says:

      I’m busy with exams most of this month but after that, I will dig out the Stevie and Beth story and have another go at it. I’d kind of more or less forgotten about it.

      JetBoy already has way too many of our stories waiting for editing though, so nothing will happen for ages.

  4. kinkychic says:

    Thank you all.

    Erocritique – Bee did write the story for Stevie and Beth but she wasn’t satisfied with the result. It’s been sitting waiting for further consideration.

    As for younger ones taking control – wait for the final chapter (five).

  5. Mike says:

    Fabulous story, hope there’s much more to come

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    This is so very good. I wish I could write like that.
    Thank you.

  7. Debbie L says:

    Absolutely wonderful!! Thank you so much Girls.

    Debbie xx

  8. Rachel says:

    I’m certain that I read this story a long time ago (not here), yet it seems very different — almost as though it’s had a complete rewrite. It wouldn’t have credited JetBoy previously either.

    Debbie L (and others) have said it all. I hope the next instalment is imminent.

    • kinkys_sis says:

      It was posted elsewhere a long time ago but that site no longer exists. However, you are right, it has had a complete workover and several new sections, plus one entirely new chapter, added.

      Glad you’re enjoying so much now you’re back from wherever.

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