Wild West, Part One

  • Posted on August 15, 2023 at 3:09 pm

Note from JetBoy: Many thanks to BlueJean for his editing work.

by Biker Guy

A mighty rushing wind almost drowned out the screams of Allison’s mother and father, yelling for her to take cover from the twister bearing down on their house. Allison didn’t know what to do, but something prompted her to open the lid of the old oak chest her clothes were kept in. Terrified, the twelve-year-old climbed inside. She could barely fit, but managed to close the top and curl up into a ball.

Within a few seconds the screams ceased. The violent sound of cracking wood seemed to fill the air all around her, making Allison’s blood turn to ice. The chest rattled and shook before suddenly catapulting into the air and tossing the girl around like a rag doll. In what seemed like a lifetime, but in reality, must have been just a few seconds, the chest struck the ground and the girl was knocked unconscious.

Sometime later Allison opened her eyes, completely disoriented, and began screaming, “Momma! Momma, help me! Please!”

There was only silence. She tried to raise the lid of the chest but it wouldn’t budge. Wondering where her parents were, Allison began to cry.

Her father had said something about a twister. She’d learned in school that it was also called a tornado, a powerful storm that could destroy anything in its path. If a tornado really had struck their home, it was possible everything was destroyed, and her parents might be hurt or even dead. Now she was really scared. “Momma! Daddy! Anyone!” she screamed at the top of her lungs, but only silence answered her.

Once again she tried moving the lid, but something was blocking it. She realized the chest was tilted slightly, and threw her weight against one side. The container rocked a little. She did it again and again until finally it tipped and the top was flung open.

She took a breath of fresh air, then gasped in horror when she saw the devastation around her. Only the stone foundation of their house remained. The barn had partially collapsed, the wagon was smashed into pieces, and the windmill was nowhere to be seen. “Momma! Daddy!” she yelled as loud as she could, afraid that the worst had happened.

Allison brushed the dirt from the thin muslin material of her house dress. It was high summer and already she was sweating from the heat. The air was eerily calm considering a vicious storm had just passed. She walked amongst the rubble looking for any sign of her parents.

Eventually, she found the twisted body of her mother, arms and legs bent at impossible angles. “Momma!” Her mother’s eyes were open, and Allison dared to hope she was still alive. “Momma?”

She touched a shoulder but got no response, then put an ear to her mom’s breast, listening for a heartbeat but hearing nothing. She watched the woman’s chest for any movement, but there was none.

“Oh, Momma…” Allison dropped her head and sobbed. Her mother was dead.

After a time she got up and continued the search for her father, to no avail. She decided the storm had carried him away and abandoned any hope that he was still alive.

She searched for any foodstuffs that were still in one piece, and found some bread – dirty but edible – and a couple jars of fruit that miraculously hadn’t broken. Everything else was either crushed or simply gone.

She went to the well and dropped the bucket down to draw some water. At least she wouldn’t die from thirst or starvation – for a while, anyway.

Allison found a tattered blanket and took it to the barn. Most of the roof was either gone or had fallen in, but one corner was still sheltered, so she gathered hay for a makeshift pallet. Finally lying down, she covered herself with the blanket and cried herself to sleep.


Janice Blankenship, known by most as Crazy Jane, and by her few friends as CJ, sang at the top of her voice as she slouched in the saddle on the blond filly she called Alice. Her voice could curl the toes of a dead man, but she was pretty sure there wasn’t another living soul in this godforsaken corner of Kansas for hundreds of miles.

Crazy Jane was an odd duck. She had rejected society’s traditional role of a woman. No frilly dresses, husband, or screaming kids for her. She was a free spirit – She was a cowboy.

Cowboys were becoming a dying breed by the 1890s. The railroad shipped cattle all over the country, replacing cattle drives, and the need for wranglers had dwindled. CJ was only in her mid-twenties (she wasn’t sure exactly), but she’d been a cowboy since her teen years.

When she turned eighteen, she left home and never returned. Her father had refused to have anything to do with a daughter who pushed aside all the values he expected her to aspire to – a husband, a gaggle of children; a boring life spent barefoot and pregnant, toiling over a hot stove.

She’d always felt at home on the back of a horse, and the hard earth served well enough as a bed. Naturally, she had to put up with dumbass men who cursed her, attempted to grope her, and ridiculed CJ’s desire to be a cowboy. She had to prove herself for every job she took on, but once folks got a glimpse of her excellent riding and roping skills, and her ability to wrangle cattle, most took to accepting her. Those that didn’t found out the hard way that, although she was only five foot two and weighed barely a hundred pounds, every ounce of her was muscle. After a fight or two, CJ usually earned the respect of the other cowhands.

It wasn’t that she hated men – CJ wasn’t a virgin – it was just that she had no desire to settle down with anyone. She accepted the fact she’d most likely never marry and end up a spinster, but she would rather die in a saddle than a rocking chair.

Spying dark clouds on the horizon, CJ knew a bad storm was coming. What made the flat prairies and abundant grasses of Kansas a fine place to graze cattle was also ideal for breeding twisters. She’d seen enough of them to know they were best avoided. “Time we made a detour, Alice.”

The horse sensed the danger and without any prodding made a sharp left turn away from the storm. Soon CJ saw a funnel cloud off in the distance, safely out of their range. The power and magnificence of nature was playing out in front of her. It was beautiful in its own way – the sight of the twister churning up the ground, swirling and skipping over the land as if it was alive, was nothing short of awe-inspiring. She could hear the power of its roar echoing across the grasslands. The idea that what had been a light breeze minutes earlier could now lift buildings, rip trees from the earth, and suck a lake dry fascinated her.

Debris was tossed for miles, but when a man’s body fell from the sky just a few feet away, her heart sank, knowing that a family had lost a loved one. “Reckon we should see if anyone survived.” She didn’t hold out much hope.

Just the slightest movement of the reins told Alice what to do, and the horse carried her along the path of damaged earth.


Allison woke up with a desperate need to pee. Emerging from the wreckage of the barn, she lifted her skirt, squatted, then let a stream of hot urine soak into the ground. When she was finished she stood, not sure what to do next. Her mother needed burying, and she should try to salvage whatever she could from the wreckage, then find other people. But she just couldn’t find the energy to do any of that.

She wanted to cry, but her tears had dried up. There was an emptiness in her heart that made her feel like dying. Looking toward heaven, she wondered why God had spared her. Was surviving punishment? She sat on a piece of wood that used to be a part of the family wagon, the hot sun beating down on her. This is what hell’s like, she decided.

Allison undid the braid holding her long blond hair – evidence of her Scandinavian heritage, her father had once explained to her. She shook out the straw and dirt, trying with no success to work out the tangles. She needed her hairbrush. She needed to wash away the grime and sweat. Maybe after a bath she would feel better and then be able to get down to the business of survival.

Suddenly, she wondered where the horses were. She hadn’t seen any of them, dead or alive. The two cows and the chickens were also gone. Maybe the animals had the sense to get out of the way of the storm, at least she hoped so.

The large metal trough was still next to the hand water pump. She pumped water until there was enough to adequately bathe in. She’d let the sun warm it up awhile before she got in.

Allison sifted through the rubbish and salvaged some items she thought might be useful. Amazingly, she found her hairbrush! She put everything she found in a large traveling bag. Her clothing was scattered all over, but she managed to rescue another house dress, an extra pair of bloomers, and a couple of Daddy’s shirts. She tested the water and decided it wasn’t as cold as before, then took off her dress and bloomers and stepped into the trough.

The water wasn’t nearly as warm as she thought it would be, and the shock of it raised goosebumps on her fair skin. She dunked her head under quickly, soaking her thick locks, then used a piece of soap she’d found to lather herself up. Lye wasn’t ideal for washing hair, so she just used a bit to get the dirt out. After washing she just lay motionless, letting the sunlight continue to warm the water.

A familiar throb between Allison’s legs grew and spread out to her belly, triggering bodily reactions that made her feel ashamed. She had masturbated for the last year and enjoyed the pleasant way it made her feel. Her adolescent body was transitioning into womanhood, creating needs she’d never anticipated. How could she be doing something like this so soon after discovering her mother dead? She felt disgusted with herself.

However, nature’s power, as demonstrated by the twister, could also make a young girl obey its command.

She ran her hands over the mounds on her chest. They were small enough that she could cover them with her palms. Her nipples stuck out, often in a hardened state and extremely sensitive to the touch. Her trailing fingers made her privates shiver. She’d developed the start of womanly curves over the course of time and the baby fat on her tummy had disappeared, leaving her stomach flat.

Allison felt sure playing with herself wasn’t allowed by the Bible, but out in the wilderness there was no one to preach against it as a sin. She told herself God wouldn’t give her these feelings if they were bad, and when she made herself tingle all over – well, that had to be a good thing. She rested a hand on the light colored hair covering her mound. It felt so nice to touch her sex. Just the pressure of her fingers made the girl tremble with excitement.

She gently rubbed that wonderful nub at the top of her vagina, producing quivers of joy that radiated out to her extremities and made her muscles tense. She pushed a finger between the labia, penetrating the tight opening there. Her insides felt so warm and wet, and when she began to move in and out, tiny tremors shook her body. Moving faster, rubbing her clitoris with her other hand, Allison came to the place where the cares of the world vanished, if only briefly. Adrenaline pumped into her system, causing her vagina to tighten around her finger, body seizing up. That wonderful feeling of joy and happiness overtook her and she ascended to her happy place.

She basked in the aftermath of what she would learn later was called an orgasm. Her finger, still buried deep inside, was coated with a sticky fluid. She stood up, water dripping from her body, forming rivulets between her breasts and buttocks. She stuck the finger in her mouth to savor the tangy flavor. Her hand returned to the source and brought more of the juice to her mouth. She liked how it tasted. Then, bowing her head in renewed sorrow, she began to cry. “Momma,” she whispered. “Oh, Momma.”


CJ saw the devastation as she trotted up to the remains of the farmhouse. She doubted the family had survived the twister, but maybe there were useful things she could salvage. Then she noticed a figure rise from a horse trough, water dripping from their body. She came closer and saw it was a woman. A girl, actually.

The girl shook her head, long yellow strands of hair swinging around her naked body, spraying water everywhere. Her firm, tight ass was dimpled, and didn’t show any signs of sagging.

CJ’s horse snickered, alerting the girl. She spun round and CJ was startled by her beauty. Small, pert tits drew her attention. A patch of lightly colored hair partially covered her privates. She was gorgeous.

Allison covered her breasts with an arm, her other hand obscuring her mound. “Stay away from me!” she yelled to the man on the horse, terrified he might try to rape her. “My daddy has a gun and he’ll shoot you!” She reached for her dress and struggled into it, concealing her nudity. She looked for something to defend herself with, but only the bar of lye soap came to mind, and the idea the strange man would be scared off by that seemed almost comical.

CJ held up both hands, hoping it would put the child’s mind at ease. “It’s okay, little girl. I don’t mean no harm.”

Allison was surprised and confused. The person had a woman’s voice… but the body of a male. “You’re not a man?”

CJ laughed. “Nope, don’t believe I am.” She could see the odd look on the child’s face. Her appearance tended to unsettle some folks. She gestured towards the wreckage of the farmhouse. “You okay?”

Remembering her manners, Allison replied, “Yes, ma’am, I’m fine, but my momma’s dead, and… and I can’t find my daddy.” She felt the need to cry again, but managed to stifle her tears.

The dead body that fell from the sky must’ve been the child’s pappy, CJ reasoned. Poor girl.

CJ dropped down from the saddle and left the reins wrapped around the horn. “Stay here, Alice,” she commanded. The blond palomino snorted, easily smart enough to know what her mistress was conveying. “Mind if I partake of your bath water?” she asked the young girl. “It’s been a while since my last one.”

Allison gave a tentative nod.

CJ tested the water with a hand, finding it suitably warm. “My name’s Janice,” she told the girl amicably. “Or Crazy Jane, if ya like. Most folks just call me CJ, though.” She removed her gun belt, hooked it across the saddle horn, then glanced in the girl’s direction. “Don’t you touch my shootin’ iron, ya hear?”

The girl bobbed her head up and down again. “Yes, ma’am. I’m – I’m Allison, ma’am.”

CJ leaned against the side of the trough and removed her boots. “Glad to meet you, Allison. Wish it wern’t under these circumstances, though. How long you been out here?” She removed her vest and chaps, idly hanging them over the water pump.

“We moved here from Ohio in March,” Allison replied, while CJ unbuttoned and removed her flannel shirt, hanging it with the rest of her things. “Daddy was planning on raising a wheat crop.”

“How many in your family?”

Allison was shocked to see this strange woman was disrobing in front of her, but decided not to remark on it. “Just the three of us. My brother died from fever back in Ohio.” She hung her head in dismay. “I guess Momma and Daddy are gone now too…”

CJ untied a strip of cloth she kept strapped around her chest. Corsets were uncomfortable and not practical in her line of work, and she needed something to keep her breasts from bouncing around while riding. Her breasts jutted out, dark brown areolas surrounding the nipples. “So what’re you gonna do now?”

Allison’s eyes widened with amazement. This woman was baring her breasts without any sense of shame. “Uh… I – I don’t know,” she replied, looking down at her feet, trying to ignore the familiar buzzing in her vagina.

CJ had no problem getting naked in front of people. She didn’t flaunt her body or anything like that, but when working as a cowboy, modesty between workmates wasn’t always possible. “Well, I can take you as far as Cheyenne,” she said. “It’s the biggest city close by that’d have an orphanage.” She unbuckled her belt and pants, slid them down, then stepped out of them.

Allison had never seen another woman’s bare breasts before, except when her mom had nursed her little brother. She marveled at the ample mounds, the dark skin that surrounded this woman’s large nipples. The buzzing in her loins had returned, and she couldn’t understand why.

“I don’t want to go to an orphanage, ma’am. I heard bad stories about them.”

CJ pulled her bloomers down and slung them over the pump. She stood naked in front of the water trough, scratching her crotch absentmindedly. “God, it feels so good to get out of those nasty clothes!”

Allison’s breath caught in her throat. She’d never seen another woman’s sex before and was intrigued. The dark hair there was abundant, spreading out to CJ’s waist and merging with the finer covering of hair on her legs.

Hands clasped in front of her, Allison found herself discreetly applying pressure to her vulva through the thin material of her dress.

CJ peered at the poor waif who was staring at her nudity. “Never seen a naked woman before?”

Allison shook her head. “No, ma’am.”

“Well, d’ya like what you see?”

Allison swallowed hard. “I… I don’t know. It’s kinda interesting.” After a brief pause, she boldly asked, “Why do you have so much hair?”

CJ patted her mound, unabashed. “Well, bein’ a cowboy don’t give a girl much opportunity to be all ladylike, see. Besides, it ain’t like I mosey round naked all day.”

She couldn’t help but notice the girl’s hand, still resting between her legs. She’d caught a brief glance at Allison’s young body before she’d slipped her dress back on, and had enjoyed the view. “Looked like you got a few stragglers down there yourself. It don’t show so much, though, what with you bein’ fair-haired and all.”

Feeling her face grow hot, Allison wasn’t sure how to respond, so she remained silent.

Turning toward the tub, CJ climbed in. “Be a doll and hand me the soap, would’ya?”

Allison scooped the soap from the ground and passed it to the woman. When their hands touched she felt a tingle cruise through her body. She blushed hotly, knowing she shouldn’t be feeling this way about a woman, but also knew it was beyond her control.

CJ saw the way color reached the girl’s cheeks and found herself becoming aroused. It’d been a long time since she’d been intimate with another person. She usually took care of those urges while lying on her blanket under the vast panorama of the night sky. Occasionally, after a drive, she would join the men when they headed to town to find women and drink themselves silly.

One time, a saloon girl mistook CJ for a man and started feeling her up. There were some red faces and a few heated words when the girl realized her mistake, but she quickly had a change of heart and continued to flirt. That night, Crazy Jane Blankenship discovered the considerable pleasures of sex with another woman.

However, her current source of interest was a young orphan girl who’d just lost her home and family. CJ tried to put any untoward thoughts out of her mind as she scrubbed her close-cropped hair. “How old are you?”

Allison could barely speak. “Twelve summers, ma’am. How about you?” She wondered if it was okay to ask a grown woman her age. CJ had lines on her face, and the skin on her hands was rough and calloused, but her body looked much younger.

CJ rinsed her hair. “Around twenty-five, more or less. Sorta lost track of the years.” The girl probably thought she was ancient. Hard work and the elements had forged a face that was not particularly attractive. Maybe if she took better care of herself, she could soften her looks somewhat, but what cowboy wants to look like a painted lady?

Allison went an even deeper shade of crimson. “Oh. I thought… uh, never mind.”

“It’s okay,” CJ said, suddenly wanting the adolescent to think she was pretty. “I know I don’t look all that fine no more.”

“I think you’re pretty, in a different kind of way.”

“How so?” CJ chuckled. Oh, the innocence of youth, always truthful to a fault. She raised herself from the water slightly and soaped her breasts. Her slick hands moved over her nipples, sending ripples of desire to her pussy. She was getting wet, and not just from the water.

Allison gave CJ a shy smile. “Well, you ride a horse, and carry a gun, and…” she hesitated and looked down at the ground, “it – it kinda makes me feel all tingly inside.”

CJ’s heart gave a lurch when Allison smiled. The girl was awful pretty. Her oval face was framed by long, silky, blonde hair. High rosy cheekbones, pert nose and bright blue eyes combined to make a perfect face. CJ’s pulse quickened. “What d’ya mean, ‘all tingly inside’?”

Allison didn’t know if she should tell this stranger about her secret feelings. “Uh, I probably shouldn’t tell you. Momma would say they were bad thoughts.”

Rising to her feet, CJ lathered her ass and crotch. Turning so Allison could see her pussy, she soaped her pubic hair and then parted her labia as she washed them, giving Allison a clear view of the pink interior. “Well, truth be told, I tingle inside too. Matter of fact, I’m gettin‘ those tingles right now.”

Allison turned every shade of red. “Oh, my Lord, you get that too?” She looked intently at the insides of CJ’s vagina – the woman didn’t seem to mind being looked at, after all. It was pink and glistening with moisture. She wondered if some of that moisture was the same stuff that came from her own private place, and suddenly had an urge to taste those sweet fluids.

CJ sat back down and raised her legs to wash them. “Well, there ain’t nothin’ wrong with feelin’ like that, I reckon. The good Lord gave us those urges to make us feel good.”

Allison snaked a hand down between her legs again. “Yeah, I think so too. It feels too good to be a bad thing.” Even though she’d touched herself before, it felt about a hundred times better when she did it while watching this woman bathe.

“Reckon you could come over here and scrub my back, Allison? I’d be real grateful.”

Moving closer, Allison took the soap from CJ, then began to lather her back. CJ groaned in delight. “Goldarn, that feels good!”

Allison marveled how smooth CJ’s skin was, compared to the roughness of her face. “You’re so soft,” she said in an almost reverent whisper.

CJ was becoming aroused by the gentle touch of the girls’ small hands. “That’s ’cause that part of me don’t get the wind and the sun. Guess if I wore a hood over my head, my face would be soft too.”

Allison soaped CJ’s neck and ran a hand over her cheek. “I think your face is just fine.” She returned to washing the woman’s back. “If you raise up, I can reach lower.”

By now CJ was just about ready to explode from the casual touching. The idea that this young girl found her pretty tickled her pink, and now those wicked thoughts were getting harder to dismiss. She stood and exposed her backside.

Allison continued to lather up CJ’s back, moving lower and then coming to a stop just above the cowboy’s firm butt. She debated whether she should wash there too, then decided to do just that. She slid her hands over the taut buttocks, then trailed her fingers down the space where the cheeks met.

CJ shivered, not from the chilly air but from the stimulation, and she almost came on the spot when Allison traced a line of fire down her ass crack. She reckoned Allison must be feeling the same way; could feel the little girl’s hands trembling as she spent an unwarrantable amount of time washing her butt.

“Allison… I’m feelin’ awful excited right now. I’m gonna touch my pussy, if it’s all the same to you. If you wanted to play with yourself too, I wouldn’t mind.”

“I call it my kitty.”

CJ chuckled. “Sure – kitty, pussy. There’s a whole bunch of other names, too. When I’m feelin’ specially wicked, I like to call it my cunt.” She rubbed her mound, then inserted two fingers into the moist cavern. Her fluids were now oozing freely. When she turned her head she saw that Allison had a hand under her dress. She continued to fuck herself, knowing that the moment she touched her clit she would come for sure.

As she watched CJ play with her kitty, Allison wondered what it would feel like to put a finger deep inside herself like that. The thought of it gave her a delicious shiver. She detected her own familiar scent, but there was another, stronger aroma wafting towards her as well. She wondered what it would be like to taste the musky juices from this woman’s kit— no… cunt. That was what CJ called it. The word sounded so wicked, so forbidden.

Those thoughts took Allison over the top, and suddenly she was spending again, crying, “Oh, my Lord, it’s happening!” She plunged a finger inside herself as she came, coating it with her juices.

CJ pinched her clit, and a violent shudder shook her body. Hot, thick juices oozed down her hand as she went off yet again. She let out a choked cry. “Shit!”

Woman and girl gasped for breath as they recovered from their orgasms, robbed of energy. CJ slumped over exhausted from what had to be one of the most intense climaxes she’d ever experienced.

She looked up at Allison. The pretty young thing was glistening with perspiration, a hand still beneath her dress. Withdrawing it, Allison put her fingers into her mouth like she always did, barely aware she was doing it.

CJ was fascinated. “Can I have a taste?”

Allison rubbed her fingers along her slit, then reached out to CJ, who took them into her mouth. Her taste buds were alive with the musky flavor, her nose tickled by the sweet aroma. “Tastes real nice,” she said. “Toothsome, even.”

“Can I try yours?” Allison meekly asked.

Shoving two fingers between her labia, CJ swirled then around inside, then brought her hand to Allison’s mouth.

“There’s so much of it…” Allison said, her eyes wide with wonder. She stuck out her tongue and licked the sticky fingers clean, reminding CJ of a puppy. “My goodness, it tastes sweet!” the girl declared, grinning from ear to ear.

Now it was CJ’s turn to blush. “I’m really wet ’cause you set my body on fire, little girl.” She regarded the child with unconcealed interest. “Any chance you might take that dress off for me? I’d surely love to see all of you again.”

Allison considered CJ’s request, finally deciding they’d done so many wicked things that one more probably wouldn’t matter. She raised the dress over her head, draping it over a bent fence post. The two of them took in the sight of each other’s nudity for a long moment. CJ stepped out of the trough and drew Allison into a gentle embrace. They pressed their bodies together, and the sudden intimacy caused CJ to have another, less intense orgasm.

Allison realized CJ had done that wonderful feeling again. She never knew they could happen so quickly, one after the other. Without asking permission, she slipped a hand between the woman’s legs and collected the warm fluids on her fingers. Bringing them to her mouth, she tasted the savory substance, loving it even more than before.

When Allison touched her pussy CJ came a third time. She thought this pretty young girl might give her a heart attack, she was doing such a good job. Once she’d got her breath back, CJ said, “You’re real beautiful, Allison. I never saw someone so lovely.”

Allison’s lips sparkled with juice. CJ leaned forward and kissed her, pushing her tongue inside the girl’s mouth. Allison wasn’t sure how she felt about that. She’d never kissed anyone before, besides her parents, and never with tongues. Still, she found her pussy quivering at the new sensation.

They kissed intensely until Allison broke away. “I – I think it’s gonna happen again…”

“Let it go, sweetie. Let it take you over.”

CJ cupped Allison’s pussy and rubbed it until her fingers were wet and sticky with the girl’s spend. Allison’s knees buckled, and CJ grabbed arm before she fell. She brought the liquid offering to her mouth and sampled it with pleasure, then extended her hand to the girl. Allison’s tongue flicked out and tasted her come from CJ’s fingers.

CJ felt herself reaching for another orgasm, but finally pushed it away. She was too exhausted. “That was… incredible.”

Allison flushed. “Thank you. I liked it too.”

CJ brushed a few strands of golden hair from Allison’s face. “Think we should wash off before we get dressed.”

They both climbed in the trough and helped each other get clean. This time they shared a simple bath, rather than explore their sexuality any further.

On to Part Two!


15 Comments on Wild West, Part One

  1. Captain Midnight says:

    Oh, my goodness.

    JS is wonderful at bringing out real stories of real, relatable people, rather than just sex scenes vaguely connected, or top many sex scenes in a short time to be at all realistic (as do other sites).

    This story had some rough edges, since CJ just got undressed and jumped into Allison’s bath water with hardly more than a how-do-you-do, and they were mutually masturbating very soon after. And if CJ was headed from Kansas to Cheyenne, Wyoming, that is a FUR piece! Is CJ a roving cowboy, just traveling from outfit to outfit and hiring on for “$30 a month and found”? Is there a Cheyenne in Kansas somewhere?

    This also has such a resemblance to the first Calico Kid story , bless its memory.

    But, five stars in spite of all this. It shows wonderful promise!

  2. Kim & Sue says:

    We agree with Captain Midnight. Is there a part two then?

  3. kinkychic says:

    Whilst the characters seemed natural, as did the setting – it felt as though it was the unfinished outlines of a story with some of the detail yet to be filled in.

    I liked the beginning but then expected a lot more of a story was coming up … it didn’t. I still give it four stars. Sis gives it five for promise.

    Cheyenne is a county area in Kansas State, about 400 miles from Kansas City. We have to assume the author meant Kansas City, but it’s not clear.

  4. Steve says:

    Nice story a bit odd but nice

  5. r0ba66 says:

    i enjoy the build and the taboo

  6. kinkys_sis says:

    I had initially given it a five rating. But I found my thoughts kept coming back to the story. It had disturbed me. The idea of a twelve-year-old girl not suffering from grief after discovering her mother dead and presuming her father was, was just too far a stretch. But then, to be immediately having her first sex, and with a woman, was too farfetched.

  7. BlueJean says:

    Some fair criticism amidst some well-deserved praise, I’d say. I felt the story could’ve used some breathing space in places, and a shift in focus to a location away from Allison’s destroyed home. Embarking upon the trail early on and allowing Allison and CJ’s relationship to grow over a number of days would’ve easily solved some of those plausibility issues.

    Nevertheless, a good effort, and one people are clearly enjoying. Now, if we can just track the author down…

  8. Dondo says:

    I have to say that I love the community here. Supportive and respectful, but willing to give some honest feedback. I agree with BlueJean that a bit more space and development would have improved the story, but the characters are well-drawn and there’s some nice promise and potential. Hopefully you can find the author and see where this story can take all of us.

  9. canubob2 says:

    Captain M are you sure you don’t mean The Tequila Kid? A striking resemblance to be sure. I agree the story would be even better with more spacing and fleshing out. That being said, I still give it 5 stars and am eagerly awaiting the next chapter!

  10. Erocritique says:

    I read some of the comments before writing this, and felt obligated to offer just a bit of a different perspective. The story struck me as being raw and real. The characters behaved about as one would expect for the times, the location, the circumstances, and their respective backgrounds. CJ’s immodesty was fairly well explained, and Allison defaulting to the comfort of her secret pleasure after the tragic events of the previous day made perfect sense to me. Allison even expressed some shame about it, but I can easily forgive her lack of mourning “decorum”. The rather abrupt sexual interaction between the two didn’t come across as overly jarring to my sensibilities either. They were two lonely / orphaned “atypical” people that found themselves in an incredibly unusual / trying situation and immediately bonded; due to the circumstances and some preexisting tendencies. It helped that it took place out in the middle of nowhere , rather than someplace where other people would have been around to interrupt the spontaneous sexual activities. I guess I would categorize this as plausible instant attraction and the subsequent action that naturally followed. A classic example of “adversity makes strange bedfellows” imho. And of course, this is an erotic story, so… I’m happily giving this ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  11. Russell says:

    Some of us forget the story is named WILD WEST … I am guessing it’s hard to live in this modern society and forget that what we are used to nowadays, wasn’t even in the dreams of any everyday person during the time this story takes place.
    The tornado probably only damaged one home. Allison’s …….. plus, I feel the fact that they are both very matter-of-fact is also normal to those times. Hence why Allison doesn’t get too emotional when she talks about losing her brother. It’s a great story. Eagerly awaiting Chapter 2 ………
    ps. if anyone would like to discuss any stories etc, please feel free to reach out.

  12. Chris says:

    Like the thoughtful and constructive, meaningful criticism from Erocritique and also from Blue Jean. Reminded me of when I read the novel Desert Hearts.

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