Wild West, Part Two

  • Posted on August 28, 2023 at 2:55 pm

by Biker Guy

CJ washed her clothes and hung them out to dry. She donned her only other set, which was just as worn as the first.

She drained the trough and refilled it with water for Alice, then removed her horse’s saddle and bridle so the animal could graze..

Allison had returned to rummaging through the rubble of the house, picking up anything that might be of value or use. She returned to where CJ was cleaning the tackle.

“I found some more fruit and vegetables Momma put up. We can have those for supper. I think there might be some salted meat in the cellar, if we can get to it.”

CJ asked, “Can you cook?”

Allison nodded. “Oh, yeah. Momma taught me how. She taught me how to sew, too. She said those were things all women needed to know.”

CJ was passable with a needle and thread – on the trail, you had to be – but she could barely make coffee or warm up beans. Most of the drives she’d been on had been accompanied by a chuckwagon. “Well, your momma musta been a pretty smart woman.”

Allison teared up. “I… I miss her so much.”

CJ embraced the girl, comforting her. She felt a little choked up herself. Relations with her own parents had never been good, and she regretted that now. “I know you do, sweetie. At least you’ll always have the memories of her and your pappy to cherish.”

“Momma… she’s on the other side of the house,” Allison told her. “Can we please bury her?”

“Sure we can.”

They found a shovel, and CJ dug down into the hard earth until there was a hole big enough for a body.

Allison tried to remove the dirt from her mother’s face as best she could, cleaning her with a washcloth, then arranging her hair. CJ picked up the body and laid it on a blanket Allison had placed in the grave. The two of them stood somberly for a while, until Allison found some words.

“God, please take care of my momma. Please love her as much as I do. Amen.” Bowing her head, she broke down and wept.

CJ felt tears stream down her own face. It was a short prayer, but sincere; colored by the childlike faith she remembered from her own girlhood. God had heard Allison, she was certain of that.

With a deep sigh, she placed another blanket over the woman, and together they covered her remains with the black soil of Kansas.


A while later Allison cooked up some stew from the vegetables she managed to scavenge, flavored by the last of the salted pork from the cellar. With the black kettle hanging over the fire CJ had kindled under the mostly intact chimney, the aroma was enough to make CJ’s stomach rumble loudly. Allison found enough flour to make biscuits, too. CJ found the girl to be resourceful and knowledgeable about things she herself had never learned easily. The twelve-year-old was making enough of an impression on her that she began to question the need to hand her over to an orphanage.

“Sorry, we don’t have anything to drink but water,” Allison said as she dished out the stew and biscuits. “We lost all the cows in the tornado.”

CJ spooned some of the stew into her mouth, then nodded. “This is boss! ‘Bout a hundred times better than anything I ever had on the trail. Bully for you, kid!”

Allison blushed. “It’s not much, but I’m glad you like it. Tell me what it’s like to be a cowboy.”

They ate slowly while CJ regaled Allison with tales of her years on the trails and the cattle drives she’d rode over the years. “It’s a hard life,” she finished, “but there ain’t nothin’ on this earth like the freedom a cowboy has, bein’ on the back of a good horse and sleepin’ under the stars.”

As she spoke, CJ studied the expressions on Allison’s face, the twinkle in the girl’s eyes as she listened. CJ knew at that moment there was no way she would abandon this child to life in an orphanage.

They finished eating as the sun began to set.

“S’pose we should get us some shuteye,” CJ said, and led Alice to the back of the barn while Allison cleaned up the supper things. She found some grain there, and placed it in a feed bag. “Fill your belly, girl. Might be there’s some lean days ahead. Not much in the way of work for us.”

It saddened CJ that the frontier life she knew was most likely going to disappear forever. The railroad had drastically changed the landscape of the Midwest in the last couple of decades, and she’d even been hearing tales of gasoline-powered carriages in the cities that had no need for horses.

Her reverie was interrupted by Allison, who came to the barn with an armload of blankets and some clothing she’d salvaged. “I found some of Daddy’s things. They’re probably too big, but Momma taught me how to sew and I can make them fit you.”

“That’s sweet of you, girl.” She glanced down at her own threadbare shirt. “I’ll admit, these old rags of mine are gettin’ worn out.”

CJ was deeply touched by Allison’s kindness. In fact, it surprised her to realize she was falling in love with the girl. She’d never felt this way about anyone before, except maybe her horse – of course, that was a different kind of love. Allison, though… CJ had quickly become helplessly attached to the orphaned twelve-year-old.

Gathering armfuls of straw, Allison built a makeshift bed, then spread a couple of blankets on top. She took off her dress and lay down, covering herself with another blanket.

CJ removed everything but her shirt, then took a place next to Allison. The sun slowly disappeared from the sky until the barn was lit by a half moon peeking through the missing roof.

“CJ? Can you hold me?” Allison asked softly.

“Of course, baby.” CJ lifted her blanket and Allison scooted over, snuggling into CJ and resting her head on the woman’s breasts.

CJ breathed out a shivery sigh. This sudden intimacy was causing a stir between her legs. No chance she could sleep until that was dealt with. She wrapped an arm around the girl and the two of them shared each other’s body heat.

“It feels so good to be next to you,” Allison murmured, “and to feel your skin on mine. I think I’m feeling all tingly again.”

CJ smiled in the half-light. “Well, ain’t that a coincidence. I’m gettin’ pretty tingly myself.” She craned her head to kiss Allison on the mouth, then their tongues were dancing and playing.

When they broke apart, Allison said, “I never knew kissing would feel so good. Is it wrong to feel that way?”

“Nope. Just because we’re both gals don’t mean we can’t enjoy and love one another. Fact is, I like you better than I ever liked anyone.” She kissed the girl’s lips again.

Allison leaned back, suddenly breathless. “Does… does that mean you love me?”

CJ knew this was a pivotal moment in her life. She’d always been by herself, responsible only for her own welfare. But she’d never experienced emotions like this. “Yes, baby girl. I love you.”

“Oh, CJ, I love you too!” Allison squealed. She covered CJ’s face with kisses, pressing her body hard against the woman.

CJ’s heart went into overdrive, waves of passion washing over her. She reached down to cup Allison’s ass, guiding the girl on top. Allison’s shift and CJ’s shirt rode up until their sexes were pressed together.

Allison twitched and trembled. “Lord, that feels so nice…”

CJ arched her hips, rubbing her groin against the girl’s pussy. They moaned together as CJ spread Allison’s buttocks and pressed her finger into the dark cleft.

Allison responded by grinding her bare pussy on the older woman’s hairy mound. She kissed CJ’s breasts, lightly biting the tender nipples.

CJ’s desire soared to new levels. She rolled Allison over onto her back, then ran her hands over the girl’s bare chest, massaging the small mounds and tweaking her nipples. She felt them stiffen; took one into her mouth and sucked hard.

“That’s wonderful,” Allison moaned. “Do the other one too.”

CJ claimed the other breast, swirling her tongue around the bud while she sucked on it. Sliding her hand down to the girl’s flat tummy, she teased the belly button with the tips of her fingers.

“That – that tickles!” Allison giggled.

CJ’s arousal spiraled higher and higher, leading her closer and closer to an orgasm. She let her hand move even lower, down to the fuzz between Allison’s legs, then trailed a finger through the sparse blonde curls.She teased the girl’s tight slit, tracing a path along the thin lips surrounding her pussy.

Allison writhed beneath her. “Wow… it feels so much better than when I do it.”

“It always feels better when someone else touches you, especially when it’s another girl. We know how to be gentle and make it feel real good.”

As if to prove her point, CJ found the girl’s clit and pressed her fingers against it. Allison trembled uncontrollably, ecstasy racing up to meet her. “I’m gonna… gonna…!” She arched her back, and CJ’s hand was suddenly dripping with the girl’s honey.

Allison twisted and trembled for a long moment before finally settling down. She took a long, deep breath, then spoke. “There’s no words I know to say how you make me feel, CJ. I love you so much.” She raised herself up and the two of them shared a deep kiss. When they drifted apart, Allison said, “I want to give you the good feeling, too.”

Lying back, CJ spread her legs. “Make me come, baby girl. Make me come hard.” She closed her eyes and waited for Allison’s touch.

Allison figured that whatever made her feel good would probably work for CJ, too. She straddled the older woman, her hair tumbling down over CJ’s body. Seeking out the same nub that had made her feel so good, Allison rubbed it with fingers moistened by juices from her own pussy.

It set CJ off in a big way. She gyrated her hips, pressing herself tightly against Allison’s hand. “I’m so close, baby,” she groaned.

Growing bolder, Allison plunged two fingers inside her lover’s hot wet slit, thrusting them back and forth until CJ lurched almost violently. A few pumps more and she was trembling from head to toe as her orgasm took control. Allison continued to pump furiously, doing her best to take CJ to that wonderful place.

When thick juices began to flow from CJ’s pussy, Allison surprised the woman by placing her mouth over the pink crease, gulping down the precious elixir. That made CJ come one last time, filling Allison’s mouth with more of her tart fluids.

When she’d recovered, CJ drew Allison into her arms, and the two of them shared the flavors of their love making.

“Oh, my word, Allison. You just about set me on fire.”

Allison licked her lips like a contented cat. “So you liked it?”

“No, sweet girl – I loved it.” They kissed again. “I love you to the deepest part of my soul. I never wanna let you go.”

They lay side by side, holding each other close, until CJ finally said, “Allison, I need to ask you an awful important question.” She ran her fingers through the girl’s thick hair. “I don’t wanna give you to a orphanage. I want you to stay with me. Now, I can’t offer much, and it’ll be a hard life. But a life where we get to be free to do whatever we want, and love each other always. Will you, Allison? Will you stay with me?”

Allison didn’t hesitate. “Yes! I want more than anything to stay with you. I want to be with you forever!”

CJ’s heart soared high as the stars. All the years she spent by herself now seemed pointless. From this day forward, she planned on savoring every single minute with her new lover. “You’ve made me the happiest person on this earth.”

Allison gripped CJ tightly. “I never want us to be apart, CJ! Not ever!”

“Call me Janice. Only my friends call me CJ, and you’re way more than a friend. You’re the love of my life.”

“I love you, Janice.”

Bein’ in love’s even better than bein’ a cowboy, CJ thought before sleep claimed her.

The two of them fell asleep, satisfied and happy.


“The horses are back!” Allison hollered. She ran to the water trough and stroked the two animals. “I’m so happy to see you.”

“They remembered where their food came from,” CJ said as she emerged from the barn and surveyed the steeds. Not the finest of stock and well past their prime, but they could make it to the next town, where CJ would find a suitable ride for Allison.

“What about the cows? Do you think they’ll come back?”

“Most likely found some wild cattle to run with,” CJ told her. “Cows ain’t as sociable as horses but they can survive better on their own.” She strolled over to Allison and put her arm around the girl. “These two ain’t fit for riding, but we can trade them for a young filly.”

Allison would be sad to see the horses go, but she knew CJ was right – life on the trail would be too tough for them. “When do we leave?”

“First light tomorrow.”

They spent the rest of the day loading what supplies they could salvage, packing them onto one of the steeds.

CJ found a saddle and adjusted it to fit Allison’s smaller frame, then put it on the better of the two horses. “You ever ridden before?”

“Not really. Just around the yard, but never very far. Daddy said these horses were only good for pulling the wagon.”

“Your daddy was right, but this one’ll do you for now.”

Allison was pleased to discover that her father’s clothes fit CJ fairly well. The pants were too long, but she found her mother’s sewing box, battered but still intact, and managed to hem them up. For herself, she dug out two pairs of pants and a couple of shirts Momma had made for her to wear on days when Daddy needed help with the farm work. Her dresses would be of no use on the trail, but CJ asked her to take one along. “I’d like to see you done up like a lady sometimes,” she said.

That night the stars shone down on them. They lay together on the blankets, completely naked.

“I’m so excited about you teaching me to become a cowboy,” Allison purred as she nuzzled her face between CJ’s breasts.

“Maybe you can teach me to cook,” CJ responded with a chuckle.

“Hey, I can’t work miracles.”

They laughed together beneath the moon. CJ loved Allison’s sense of humor, as well as her positive attitude. She hoped the weeks that lay ahead wouldn’t dampen her enthusiasm. The harsh realities of the trail could be a rude awakening.

They agreed that their special relationship wouldn’t be accepted by most, so Allison would pretend to be CJ’s niece, should anyone inquire.

“It’s not fair that we have to hide our love from people,” Allison complained. “People should be allowed to live how they want.”

“You won’t get no argument from me. Maybe someday folks like us might be accepted, but until then we gotta play it smart.”

“Hmm… well, I’ll love you no matter what anyone says,” Allison vowed.

“Oh, is that so? You know, I was just thinking about showin’ you some love too,” CJ teased.

“I’ll always want that from you, Janice.” It made Allison feel special, being the only one who could call CJ by her birth name.

They kissed softly and slowly, letting the anticipation of lovemaking prepare them for the act itself. CJ just couldn’t get enough of Allison’s tender young body, but it went deeper than sex. She had bonded to Allison in a way she’d never experienced before, and was willing to do anything for the twelve-year-old.

Allison was becoming bolder during their coupling, often taking the initiative and surprising her partner with a willingness to engage in just about any sexual activity. “Let’s lick each other,” she said. “I really enjoy having your face in my pussy while I’m licking yours.”

CJ flipped around and lowered her groin to Allison’s mouth. She felt the girl trace her tongue around the entrance to her already wet vagina.

Allison tickled CJ’s clit with her tongue, then sucked it into her mouth, thrilled by how the engorged bud stiffened and pulsed. Entwined with her lover, she almost felt like an extension of CJ’s body.

As for CJ, she found herself intoxicated by Allison’s fresh, young aroma. It never failed to make her horny as hell. She dipped her tongue into the sweet honey that oozed from Allison’s slit, as potent, in its way, as a double shot of whiskey. She burned with a desire that took her breath away and left her head floating among the clouds. She wanted this beautiful young girl so very much.

Pulling CJ’s hips down onto her face, Allison sank her tongue deep into the hot volcano of her lover’s pussy, eager to have it erupt and gush that liquid fire into her mouth.

CJ ran her tongue down through Allison’s slit, pressing hard on her small clit before teasing her way inside the girl’s vagina.

When Allison grabbed CJ’s butt cheeks and sank her fingernails into them, just deep enough to cause pain but not draw blood, she felt certain it would drive the woman wild.

CJ pushed a finger inside Allison’s pussy, enjoying the snug fit as she pistoned it back and forth. When Allison began to tense and tremble, CJ knew she was close to orgasm.

“I – I’m almost there…” Allison confirmed, so CJ sucked the girl’s clitty into her mouth, pressing her lips around the sensitive nub. Allison’s body seized up as a climax roared over her like a steam engine. Convulsing against CJ, her pussy gripped the woman’s fingers like a vice, a thin rivulet of liquid trickling down her hand.

Satisfied that her young lover was fully spent, CJ gave in to her own barely contained pleasure, the orgasm bursting free from the confines of her body. She let it come, her juices flowing freely into Allison’s eager mouth, the twelve-year-old capturing every drop of the sweet nectar and savoring its silky smooth texture as it flowed over her tongue.

Finally, they rested in each other’s arms.

“I love you so much,” Allison told CJ. “I swear, you make it better every time.”

“I think we were made for each other, sweet girl, I really do.”

CJ suspected that part of the thrill was having sex with a girl much younger than herself. At first that was what drove her passion, but in the few days they had known each other she’d come to love Allison on a completely different level. It was like a spiritual awakening, a resurrection of emotions she’d thought long perished. She’d been reborn.

She gently kissed each of Allison’s eyes. “Go to sleep, my love. We got a long journey ahead. Might be this is the last time we can get us a good rest for a while.”

Allison snuggled deeper into CJ, and soon they were both fast asleep.


CJ woke just as the pre-dawn light began burning away the shadows of the night. Allison snuggled closer, still deep in slumber, and CJ wondered how she’d ever slept without this angel next to her. Reluctantly, she slipped out from the blanket and strode outside to relieve herself.

“Is it time to go?” Allison asked when CJ came back to the barn, then stretched herself with a huge yawn.

CJ began to pull on her clothes. “Yeah, best to get going early and beat the afternoon heat.”

Allison threw the blanket back to reveal her naked body. “Don’t suppose I could tempt you to come back to bed for a while?”

CJ regarded the petite youngster – the sharp peaks of her small breasts, the flat prairie of her tummy, the valley between her legs. “Much as I’d like to feast on that luscious body of yours, we need to get going. Got a long journey ahead.”

“Well, fine.” Pretending to pout, Allison collected her clothes and began to dress.

They packed up Alice, saddled one of the other two horses, then mounted. They rode slowly towards the crest of a hill, a short distance from the remains of the homestead. Allison stopped and turned back for one last look, wiping away sudden tears. “Goodbye, Momma. Goodbye, Daddy. I’ll always love you.”

CJ took her hand and gestured out towards the plains. “Out there’s our future, our destiny. The adventure we was born for. Out on the trail is where cowboys live and die.” She smiled. “And love.”

As the horses moved forward, the woman and the girl clasped hands, then set out towards whatever fate life might hold for them.

The End


8 Comments on Wild West, Part Two

  1. Captain Midnight says:

    How interesting! I wonder if there will be any other stories? It sounds like CJ will drop off Allison and go back to cowboying, while Allison stays in town somewhere and becomes a schoolmarm, and they don’t see each other again. I can’t tell if the Spanish-American War is in the future or has already happened. Maybe CJ will become a Rough Rider in Cuba?

  2. Clit Licker says:

    I enjoyed this more than the first part, and nearly cried when they buried Allison’s mother. The sex was hot and well-written, and I’d also like to find out what happens next. Maybe they’ll ride the range for a while and eventually settle down on a ranch…?

  3. Elab says:

    This was “ssoooo” good! Well written, “and smitten”!! Good action and great story..Hope to see more Chapters. This could really get hotter!!

  4. Erocritique says:

    Really lovely. Short, sweet and sexy. I don’t know if JB or BlueJean ever managed to get back in contact with Biker guy, but a sequel would be greatly appreciated. These two ladies have captured my heart. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. Carol Anne says:

    Well written and detailed, but was a little surprised that Allison was so knowledgeable about oral sex. Unless her and her mom were closer than normal, which makes sense when CJ fingered her and didn’t hurt her. I suppose living out in the plains, while the man was out working all day, the women had to scratch their itches themselves! hehehe

  6. Bryan says:

    Was hoping for a bit more honesty

  7. Russell says:

    Overall, a very well written story. I think everyone would agree the setting of the IMMEDIATE aftermath of a devastating natural disaster is very unique.
    I do think what many of us readers must take into account is … the dilemma a writer faces when they pick settings that require MORE story telling BEFORE the sex ..
    May be there should be a separate NEW section on the site. ‘STORIES WITH MORE THAN 500 WORDS BEFORE AND AFTER ANY SEX HAPPENS’ .. lol … Some of us are so impatient. Same goes for the writers too.
    And some of the writers take their times to get to the sex, then they RUSH the sex. I wonder which disappoints a larger portion of the readers here. I would ASSUME that answer would depend on the gender of the readers. Their REAL gender, that is, not the one some of them pretend to be on here. LOL
    Thanks to this writer for the time they put in. I personally would really hope there are future chapters. But then again, may be it’s best to just leave them riding off into the post-dawn Wild West.
    I wonder which chapter made you cum harder ? for me, it was chapter one.

    If anyone likes to discuss more of this story or any others, feel free to reach out. My address is on the directory

  8. Abigail's Passion says:

    A lesbian western. I love how CJ comforts Alison and helps her with her grief. A hot love story. I wish you had written more chapters. I would love to know how Allison and CJ’s lives change when encountering other people. Would they tell others they were sisters?? The lovemaking in both chapters seemed natural and very hot. I have wetness trailing my thighs as I write this.

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