Ripples, Chapter 34

  • Posted on July 18, 2023 at 1:47 pm

A brief summary of what has transpired thus far. (To get a more detailed summary of the first 33 chapters, please see the Ripples Chapter Links… and for a list of the many characters who populate this story, check out The Women and Girls of Ripples.)

Deep breath. Here goes…

Divorced mother Jessica has found a new identity as a lesbian, becoming the lover of her friend Rachel, as well as her three daughters Alice (12), Katie (9), and Poppy (7). At the same time, Rachel has found sexual intimacy with her own girls Bella (12) and Cindy (10), and they have all elected to come together as one big incestuous family.

Not long after that, Jessica’s younger sister Laura pays an unexpected visit and catches them all in the midst of their first family orgy. Despite her shock at what she saw, Laura was seduced later that night by the three youngest daughters, and is struggling with her feelings about the whole affair.

Recently, Jess took her daughters to visit an acquaintance, Stella, for an afternoon barbecue. Stella’s twin daughters Sienna and Lacey (both fourteen) flirted shamelessly with Jessica and her girls, while Stella and Jessica’s daughter Alice immediately sensed a powerful attraction to one another.

As it transpires, Stella is a member of a secret society of local women who enjoy lesbian sex — especially with younger girls, including their daughters. Now that Jess has officially come out, Stella is looking to make her a member. She has taken a careful first step by inviting Jessica’s oldest girl Alice to a sleepover with her own daughters, which resulted in — surprise, surprise — a four-way orgy.

While this takes place, Jessica’s sister Laura drops by for a long-awaited visit, where she admits to having a crush on Jess since they were teenagers. That evening, they finally come together as lovers.

The next morning, all the girls except for Alice come home from a sleepover at Rachel’s place, where they’d gone to give Jess and Laura some privacy for their first time. Now everyone’s ready to get down and dirty, resulting in nearly two days of sexual abandon. Eventually, everyone needs to take a break and catch their collective breath.

And that, dear readers, is where this installment kicks off. Read on…

by Sapphmore and  JetBoy

Tucking into a slice of cake, Rachel listened as Jess relayed Alice’s account of the night she’d spent with Stella and her daughters. Jessica’s sister Laura was also at the table, nursing a cup of tea.

Finally, Rachel responded. “I knew Stella was into women back when I was still married… we’ve shared a few tales about our sex lives over the odd bottle of Pinot. I was always half-expecting her to come on to me; now I know why she never did.” Rachel shook her head. “Christ almighty, I can’t believe she’s been fucking her daughters for four bloody years without letting something slip. I mean, we’re doing the same exact thing with our girls. Maybe if she and I had spent much one-on-one time together in the last few months, I’d have sussed out what she was up to with the twins.” She paused. “I know she offered to step into the breach if you and I ever split up–”

“No fear of that!” said Jess, giving her lover a wink.

“Ta very much,” Rachel replied. “Still… are you certain she’s angling for sex with you and the girls?”

“I’d wager damn near anything on it. For one thing, Stella gave Alice an invitation for the whole family to pay her another afternoon visit – only this time, we’d stay the night. I’m guessing a Frozen sing-along and popcorn isn’t what she’s got in mind. Oh, and Stella’s daughters want a second sleepover with Alice, and insist she brings Bella along. They also just stopped short of asking Alice if she’d ever done the deed with her sisters.”

“You should’ve seen the way Stella’s girls were looking at us when they brought Alice home!” Laura jumped in. “They – what are their names, Jess? I’ve forgotten.”

“They’re a very distracting pair, so I can’t say I’m surprised. Lacey and Sienna.”

That’s it. Fuck me, they seemed ready to stick Jessica between two crackers and eat her in one bite! I was getting my share of attention from them, too. Jess, if you take them up on that afternoon get-together, you’d best bring me along for the ride. Wife-swapping is all the rage nowadays, but daughter-swapping? Count me in… even if I don’t have a daughter to trade!”

“Hold on, you two,” Rachel interjected. “It sounds like you’re both totally up for this… this lesbian incest convention. Are you really thinking the situation through? Taking a moment to consider the risk?”

Jess gazed at her lover, frankly astonished. “This isn’t like you at all, Rach. Between the two of us, you’ve always been the adventurous one. I figured you’d be champing at the bit to get into the twins’ knickers.”

“Jess has a point, Rachel,” Laura chimed in. “Think about it. We know Stella’s having it off with, um, Lacey and Sienna. It’s not as if she could turn us in, y’know? I bet she just wants to expand her pool of lovers. And c’mon now… you can’t tell me the thought of getting it on with Stella and those two hotties of hers doesn’t get your motor running.”

“I know, I know,” Rachel protested. “It’s just that getting someone outside the family involved is something we were bloody well determined not to do.” She paused, studying Jessica’s sister. “I’m surprised at you, Laura, I mean, it wasn’t long ago you were freaking the fuck out over what we were doing with the girls.”

Laura was already nodding. “That’s true, and I’m even more surprised than you are about that… but since I got drawn into sex with all of you, I can’t ever go back to my old life. I’ve become obsessed with young girls, to the point of undressing them in my mind when I’m walking down the street – and oh my stars, how I love incest.” She smiled at Rachel. “I don’t have to tell you this, Rach… do I? You’ve lived it. You know.”

Rachel considered how to respond, but couldn’t summon up an answer. Now that Laura had put the image in her head, she pictured the twins locked in a carnal embrace with their mum, all three of them naked. Then she imagined Stella turning to her, murmuring, Hello, Rachel… why don’t you come play with us?

Slumping in her chair, she gave a heavy sigh. “I suppose you’re right, Jess. It’s just… this is all happening so damned fast. I’m worried that if we get greedy, it could destroy what we’ve got now. Maybe even drive us apart.”

Rising to her feet, Jessica moved to kneel before her lover. She cupped Rachel’s face in her hands, placing a tender kiss on the woman’s lips before she spoke. “Darling, nothing will get in the way of what we have. I won’t let it happen.”

“These last couple of months – they’ve been the happiest of my life,” Rachel said, taking Jess into her arms. “I don’t want to do anything to put this family at risk.”

“I feel the same way,” Jessica replied. “And so do the girls. Your daughters and mine – they’re like sisters now. Sisters and lovers, how incredible is that?” Gazing over at her own sibling, she added, “And Laura and I are closer than we’ve ever been.”

“It’s true,” Laura agreed. “I love you, big sister.”

“I love you too,” Jess agreed, then turned back to Rachel. “We’ve all accepted our new life… and you know we wouldn’t take a chance on bringing outsiders into our circle who didn’t understand. But Stella and the twins do understand – they’re just like us.” She paused. “Look, you have a say in this, Rach. If you don’t want to explore the… the possibility of getting involved with them, then we won’t.”

Rachel sat up straight. “Fuck me, Jess… who the hell said I didn’t want to? I just need to make sure we’ve thought it out first. If it means the chance to get those dead sexy twins of Stella’s into bed, sign me up!”

Breaking into a grin, Jess got to her feet. “Now there’s the Rachel I know and adore!”

“Now we’ve got that out of the way,” Rachel said, “I’ve been slaving away all morning at the tea room; now I’m expecting a lovely reward for lending you my daughters.” She casually placed a hand on the front of the black dress she wore, palming her vulva. “First, though… I want to know more about what you’ve been up to with my Bella. The part I already heard was especially intriguing.” She looked at Laura, arching an eyebrow.

“Um… it’s a pretty wild story,” Laura murmured.

Rachel rose from her chair and stepped over to her lover’s sister. “You can tell me upstairs.” Nudging her way between Laura’s knees, she slipped a hand behind the younger woman’s head, then abruptly pulled her into a ferocious kiss. Laura moaned as Rachel’s tongue probed her mouth.

When she finally broke away, Rachel glanced up at Jess. “If you were expecting to get fucked, you’ll have to wait your turn, sweetie; I’ve been beaten to your little sister’s cunt by my girls, and I intend to do something about that right away.” Seizing Laura’s hand, Rachel nearly dragged her out of the kitchen.

Jess followed close behind, taking a quick peek through the lounge patio doors to make sure the girls were still playing in the garden. They look so innocent, she thought, watching Poppy and Cindy, naked but for panties in the concealed safety of the yard, taking turns doing cartwheels.

Just before mounting the stairs, Rachel stooped to pick up her bag from the hallway floor.

“What’s in the bag, Rach?” asked Jess.

“Patience, lover mine – all good things come to those who wait.” With that, Rachel marched upstairs to the bedrooms, a dazed Laura in tow.

As the women entered Jessica’s room, Rachel dropped the bag. Swiftly loosening a sash round her waist, she undid a couple of buttons, then shrugged the dress off. It slipped to the floor, revealing that she’d gone completely naked underneath. Before the others could react, she stepped forward to take Laura’s face in her hands, picking up their hungry kiss where they’d left off.

This time Laura was quick to respond. Her tongue darted into Rachel’s mouth as she reached down to fondle the woman’s shapely arse, her fingers straying into the cleft between.

Deciding to simply watch for the moment, Jess undressed yet again – for the third time today, she told herself, chuckling at the thought – then she sat back against the headboard, languidly stroking her cunt.

Rachel somehow managed to undress Laura without breaking their kiss, until she too was nude. Placing a hand on the younger woman’s chest, Rachel gave Laura a firm nudge, causing her to fall backwards onto the bed.

As Laura stared up at her newest lover, Rachel stepped back to pick up her bag, then upended it onto the bed to spill out its contents. Spread across the quilt lay an impressive array of sex toys in various designs, colours and sizes.

Spying a few devices she’d used before, Laura couldn’t help but recall some memorable experiences with various partners. That blue strap-on… I remember how Sabrina Hollis fucked me with one of those, the first time we did anal. Christ, was I really only eighteen then?

As for Jess, she recognised several items from the toy chest in Rachel’s bedroom, including a couple of her favourites. And to think that three months ago, all I had was a cheap plastic vibrator.

Both women looked up at Rachel, who stood with arms folded, wearing nothing but a bad-girl grin. “I like to come prepared,” she murmured, gesturing toward the pile. “Choose your weapon, Laura.”

Jessica’s sister perused the assortment before selecting a glass dildo with a raised ridge that encircled it like a coiled snake. She traced the toy’s length with a finger, then handed it to Rachel.

“Good choice – we’ll get to that soon, but first… I have to taste you.” Dropping to her knees, Rachel spread Laura’s knees apart and dove in, bathing the juicy flesh with long swipes of her tongue.

As she watched her sister writhing in response to Rachel’s oral assault, Jess decided her fingers simply weren’t cutting it. Sitting up straight, she bent over the scattered toys, in search of something better. She selected a silicone penis vibrator, then sat back and rubbed the tip up and down her cunt to lubricate it before slowly working it inside. Switching the device on at a low setting, she sat back to watch the show.

Rachel feasted on her lover’s sister like she hadn’t eaten for days, using every trick she had to drive Laura into a wild frenzy. Her eyes scanned the bed for the dildo Laura had chosen and reached out to grab it. She ran the smooth glass knob up and down through Laura’s labia before twisting it into her cunt. The younger woman gasped as those glass ridges passed the vaginal opening.

Truth be told, Laura was fairly exhausted by that point. It was late afternoon, and she’d been fucked by her sister and five young girls to the tune of at least six orgasms, maybe more. But Rachel’s lovemaking skills were considerable, and soon that familiar warmth was slowly growing beneath Laura’s belly. I probably won’t be able to walk tomorrow, she thought, but fuck, it’s worth it. I’ve never been satisfied like this.

As Laura gave herself over to pleasure’s embrace, Rachel withdrew the slick glass dildo, turning it round as her tongue sought out the sweet cunt juice that lingered in the crevices of the toy. Then she quickly moved in to crush her mouth to Laura’s in a bruising kiss.

They were swapping the tart flavour of cunt between them when Rachel and Laura heard a strangled cry. Turning to look, they saw Jess pumping the flesh-coloured toy in and out of her vagina, the woman’s legs twitching with each stroke.

While Laura was still on her back, Rachel crawled onto the bed and up to the headboard, where she carefully straddled Laura’s face, lowering her cunt to the younger woman’s parted lips.

Once Jess recovered from her climax, she joined the others on the bed. She knelt next to Rachel, fondling her lover’s breasts as they shared a kiss. This is heaven, she told herself. So much love in this house… it’s a wonder we can contain it all. Has there ever been a family as happy, as devoted as ours?

Out of the blue, Jessica thought of her mother Ann. She’s into women now, Laura says. Wonder what the girls would say if they knew that. Might they want Mum to join us?

Caressing Rachel’s bum, then easing a finger into her anus, Jess tried to imagine what it might be like to make love to her own mother. She felt uneasy at first, but forced herself to explore the notion. It helped that, like her mother, Rachel was a curvy, well-built woman.

Embracing her lover, Jess pretended it was Ann. Me and Mum, naked and holding one another… my finger buried in her arse. Weird, but… kind of hot, actually. How would she react if I kissed her? 

The further she immersed herself in the fantasy, the more compelling it was. In Jessica’s mind, she was holding her naked mother close, sucking on her tongue, probing the slippery heat of Ann’s rectum and wondering how her cunt would taste.

I’ve made love to my daughters, my sister… shouldn’t Mum be a part of this, too?

Jess answered her own question immediately. Of course she should. It’s the closing of a circle, a coming together, two families joined as lovers. Makes perfect sense.

Putting aside the question as to whether Ann would have anything to do with such a crazy idea, Jessica threw herself back into the present, into the arms of her beloved Rachel. I need to discuss this with Laura, she told herself. And Rachel. Not the girls, though. Not just yet.

Trailing her tongue down Rachel’s neck, Jess paused to give her lover’s earlobe a playful nip.

With a choked cry, Rachel rolled her hips as she climaxed, her honey flowing into Laura’s mouth.

Laura eagerly gulped down the thick, warm nectar, amazed by how much there was. Fuck me, she’s got the juiciest cunt I ever ate!

Once Rachel was spent, the trio of lovers lay back on the bed side by side, relishing the peace and quiet. Soon enough, the calm was shattered by a rumble up the stairs, followed by five girls bursting into the room.

Rachel raised herself on an elbow. “Hello, girls… come to join the fun?”

The younger ones were already tripping over themselves as they disrobed, the two older girls close behind.

Getting to her feet, Rachel stretched herself, then said, “I think it’s time we introduced something new to the proceedings… starting with me getting double-tagged by Alice and Bella. Saddle up, you two; I want some of what Stella got last night.”

Rachel pointed to the pile on the bed and Alice picked up a nine-inch strap-on cock, confidently buckling it around her waist before helping Bella do the same.

Jess and Laura sat up to see a pair of twelve-year-olds sporting appendages dangling disproportionately to their size. Rachel was helping her daughter lie on her back, the veined black prick jutting up obscenely. She moved to sit astride the toy, lowering herself to take its length into her cunt with a squish. She glanced over her shoulder at Alice, who didn’t need to be told what her job was to be.

“Use some lube, love,” said Rachel. “My bum hasn’t taken anything that big in a while.”

Pausing to squirt a dollop of K-Y onto her fingers, Alice carefully anointed the crack of Rachel’s arse, then smeared the rest on the tip of her cock. “I’ve never fucked anyone this way before, Auntie Rachel,” she said.

“You’ll do fine, Alice. Just don’t do it too hard – unless I tell you to, that is!” She looked over at the three younger girls. “Why don’t you young ladies pick out a few of those toys, then ask Laura and Jess to show you how they work.”

The youngsters scampered over to the small heap, where they pawed through the various toys on display. Quickly making their choices, they approached the two women, ready to play.


Around tea time they all sat in the lounge, where Alice told the three younger girls about her adventures from the previous night with Stella and the twins. While the three women relaxed, Kate, Poppy and Cindy listened, their faces radiating amazement and awe. As an amused Rachel said later, “I swear, the girls looked like they were hearing about Disneyland for the first time.”

It was Poppy who was the first to ask. “Mummy? Will Ms Stella and Lacey and Sienna get to be in our family club now?”

Jess smiled. “No, sweetheart… not just yet, anyhow. I need to speak to Stella. But if things work out like I hope… then yes, we might have fun with them one dayI.”

“Cool! I like Ms Stella. She’s dead sexy.”

Jess gazed at her youngest in astonishment, wondering what she’d unleashed on the world.


Earlier that day, Stella and the twins had arrived at the Turner estate, the gates opening for her car as she turned into the drive under the watchful eye of the CCTV camera. Stella drove up to the large Elizabethan manor house, rounding the fountain and stopping at the huge oak double doors, which slowly opened as she parked and switched off the ignition. Emerging from the car along with the girls, Stella opened the boot and took out the box containing Blanche’s latest acquisition from the gallery.

As they made their way toward the entrance, Blanche’s assistant Grace appeared. The twins raced up the steps to greet her, each planting a brief, warm kiss on her lips.

“Do you need help with that, Stella?” Grace asked as they shared a kiss, one that lingered a bit longer.

“No thanks, Grace. It’s not heavy.”

The elegant brunette escorted the guests indoors. “Blanche is waiting for you in the library,” she said.

Stella followed Grace down a long corridor to a room on the left, the twins close behind. As promised, Blanche was there, seated in a large high-backed leather chair, a coffee cup in one hand.

“Afternoon, Blanche,” Stella murmured, with a wink for her friend and occasional lover.

“Stella… wonderful to see you, as always. And bearing fine art!” she added, noticing the box. Blanche set her cup down, then cleared an area on the coffee table where the box could be placed. Noticing the twins, she gave them a delighted smile as they approached, greeting their mum’s friend with a polite, “Good morning, Mrs Turner.”

Blanche gave each girl a chaste kiss on the cheek. “My, my, girls… don’t you look all sweet and innocent in your Sunday best.”

The girls beamed, unusually demure and quiet. It never failed to surprise their mother how differently her girls acted when around Blanche… well, when they’ve got their clothes on, at least. They seemed to recognise her status, in both the society and the community, and were always well-behaved, except when it was time not to be.

Still addressing the twins, Blanche said, “All the girls are here; they’ve been looking forward to seeing you. Why don’t you pay them a little visit? We’ll join you in a little while.”

Grace spoke up. “When I last saw them, they were down by the lake.”

“Thank you, Mrs Turner,” Sienna and Lacey said, practically in unison. The three women watched as Sienna and Lacey quietly left the room, then laughed to hear them run away giggling once as they were out of sight.

Blanche gazed after them wistfully. “You know Stella, your daughters get lovelier every time I see them. They’re fast becoming beautiful, elegant young ladies.”

“They don’t always act like ladies… especially last night. I’ve got quite a bit to tell you on that subject.”

Blanche raised an eyebrow. “First, let’s have a peek at what you’ve brought – then we’ll get down to brass tacks.”

The new piece was unboxed and admired. Grace poured glasses of wine for the three of them, then she and Blanche settled in to hear Stella’s news.

First she told Blanche and Grace about Alice’s day at the gallery, then related the events of the previous night in detail – when her daughters had coaxed Jessica’s twelve-year-old into bed, then she’d joined the three younger girls for a orgy hot enough to burn the sheets. And after Stella described the discussion she’d had with Alice the next morning, Blanche was extremely pleased.

“Stella, you’ve excelled yourself. I’m amazed that you managed to approach Jessica’s family through her daughter – and one so young, too! We’ve never recruited new Society members that way.”

“I’ll tell you this much,” Stella said, unable to keep herself from grinning. “I’m almost certain Jess and Alice are fucking… and I’d lay odds Alice is having it off with her younger sisters, too.” She sat forward in her chair, eyes dancing with excitement. “Wait until you hear what I’ve got planned for Jess tomorrow. I’m going to leave the twins at her shop, just before it closes, and ask her to look after them as a favour while I’m on a business call.

“Lacey and Sienna will work their magic – and with a bit of luck, I’ll literally catch Jessica with her knickers down. At that point, it’ll be safe for me to lay our cards on the table. I’ll tell her the twins and I are sexually involved… hell, I’ll probably just strip off and join in! Anyhow, at some point I’ll ask Jess if she’s doing the same with Alice and her other girls… then, I’ll sound her out about Rachel’s daughters.”

Blanche’s eyes widened. “Wait, wait, Stella – is there something you haven’t yet told us? That Rachel and her girls are – are part of this?”

“It makes sense,” Stella replied with a shrug. “You already know Jess and Rachel are lovers… but last night, Alice told us she and Rachel’s oldest daughter Bella are ‘girlfriends’. Alice also claimed that’s how she got so good at lesbian sex – which I don’t believe for a second, by the way. She uses a strap-on like a bloody porn star, and that tongue of hers…” Stella shook her head. “There’s no way she learned that from another twelve-year-old.”

“Jessica’s youngest, that’s the one I want,” Grace said. “My God, so adorable…” She slumped back in her chair, dreamy-eyed.

“Poppy?” said Stella. “Oh, absolutely. But they’re all lovely.”

“You know our Grace, though,” Blanche chuckled, gazing fondly at her secretary. “It’s always the little ones she likes best.”

“Guilty as charged,” Grace confessed, not without a hint of colour in her cheeks. “I think it’s because of my younger sister Gemma. I fell in love with her when she was six.” She made a face. “Gem’s never been into girls, sad to say. Thank goodness my Willow turned out to be so much more open-minded!”

“Speaking of sisters,” Stella said. “I’ve another bit of news that might be of interest. When I dropped Alice off earlier, Rachel’s daughters were hanging out there – she was at work, I think – but Jessica’s sister Laura was also there, and she’s been gay since she was a teen. Now I can’t help but think that if Jess really does have this hot little incest fuckfest going, Laura could be in on it.”

“Interesting,” murmured Blanche, slowly nodding. “Very interesting. Stella, you’ve come through with flying colours. If things work out as we hope, the Society will have our first double family induction. When the other members find out, they’ll be positively thrilled… especially when they see who we managed to rope in.”

Stella responded. “Well, let’s not count our chickens just yet. By tomorrow night, we’ll have a better idea of how this situation will play out. I won’t mention the Society, of course.”

Blanche sat thoughtfully for a moment as the other two women waited. “If we get to the point of offering a membership to Jess and her family, I have an idea of how she can prove her… dedication to our cause. We’ll deal with that later, though. For now, this discussion has my knickers positively sodden.” She glanced over at her secretary. “Grace, would you please invite the girls to join us in the lodge?”

Grace gave her employer and frequent bedmate a dazzling smile. “Of course!”

With that, the women rose and exited the room. Grace headed towards the rear of the house as Stella followed Blanche into a corridor that led outdoors, then on the path to a nearby building. As they entered, Stella glanced around the artwork and pictures, much of which she had acquired for Blanche, nearly all of them depicting love between women. Soon, they reached a large room with an immense custom-made bed.

Blanche turned to her friend, placing both hands on the blonde’s shoulders. “Stella, if this works out and we recruit Jess and her family, the ladies and girls of the Society will owe you a great debt. You deserve a reward for your efforts.”

Stella reached out to gently circle Blanche’s left nipple with a fingertip. “Success will be reward enough, but a little down payment now would be lovely.” They drifted together in a kiss, one that quickly grew heated.

As Stella began to undress the elegantly-styled woman, footsteps could be heard pounding down the hallway. They turned to face the door, now filled with beaming young girls.

Besides Stella’s twins, there were Blanche’s three daughters – ten-year-old Savannah, eight-year-old Annabelle – whose joint birthday party Jessica’s two youngest had attended just a few months earlier – and thirteen-year-old Lola, her oldest. Grace was bringing up the rear hand in hand with her own little girl, eight-year-old Willow.

Her dress opened enough to display her bra-clad breasts, Blanche studied the new arrivals, very much liking what she saw. “Hello, girls… we have some good news to celebrate. Why don’t you take off those clothes before they get dirty?”

The girls rushed into the room, where they quickly stripped off, then deposited their apparel on a conveniently placed sofa before joining Blanche and Stella at the huge bed. Clucking her tongue, Grace paused to fold and neatly arrange the girl’s discarded clothes before stripping off her own. She unfastened the clasp that held up her hair to let it spill over her shoulders, then climbed onto the bed to join the orgy, already in progress.

“Hi, Mummy,” her daughter Willow cooed.

“Hello, my sweet,” Grace replied, then claimed the child’s pretty mouth in a lover’s kiss.


It was mid-afternoon, and Jess was at the oven, checking the temperature of the beef tenderloin with her meat thermometer. Hmm… another fifteen minutes should do it. Closing the oven door, she returned to the mashed potatoes. Rachel and the girls were all in the family room, watching TV, recovering from what had been a very active day in the various bedrooms of the house..

Laura padded into the kitchen, stretching her limbs. After spending the previous evening and almost the entire day naked, she’d finally managed to get dressed, looking positively luscious in a thin t-shirt sans bra, and a pair of emerald-green athletic shorts.

She’s still got an amazing body, Jess thought, looking her sister up and down. Especially those legs. I simply have to fuck her at least once more before she goes home. First, though, we need to talk. 

“Smells great in here,” Laura said, breathing in the savoury fragrance. Wrapping both arms round her older sibling, she kissed Jessica’s neck. “Mmmm… you smell even better, though!”

Down, girl,” Jess chuckled. “I hate to say this, baby sister… but you seem to have turned into some kind of sex fiend.”

“Oh, it’s true,” Laura agreed. “God, I can’t believe it took me this long to discover how much I love young girls, incest, incest with young girls… oh, and fucking my beautiful big sister, can’t forget that!” Gently turning Jess around to face her, she murmured, “Kiss me.”

Their mouths met, and the two sisters shared an ardent kiss of lovers. Jess slipped both hands into Laura’s shorts, pleased to find that her sibling had also gone without knickers. “You’re terrible,” she said. “I suppose you’d love it if I bent you over the counter right now and fucked your arse off, eh?”

“Actually, I’m still tender down there – my cunt and my arse!” Laura replied. “But I’ve also got this insatiable need to kiss and touch and hug all of you. I want to snuggle naked with all the girls at once.” She shrugged. “At this point, I think it’s more about closeness than sex.” She placed a tiny peck on Jessica’s nose. “Thank you so much, big sister, for making me part of this. I don’t think I’ve ever been happier.”

Jess seated herself at the dining table. “Speaking of our expanded family, there’s something I need to talk to you about.”

Laura straddled a chair. “Okay. What’s up?”

“It’s about Mum. She’ll be back soon from her cruise… and her new girlfriend.”

“Yeah, you’ll need to have a major discussion with the girls. About… all this. Keeping it under wraps while she’s here.”

Jess brushed her sister’s hand with the tip of a finger as she spoke. “Here’s the thing: how do you feel about Mum, well, joining us?”

Laura arched an eyebrow. “You mean… take our own mother to bed? Make love to her? All of us?”

“Well… yes, actually.” Jess paused. “I don’t know, does that seem completely mental?”

Leaning back in her chair, Laura said, “I’ve been thinking the very same thing. Jess, I really want to!” She placed both hands behind her head, revealing a tuft of light hair under each arm. “When did you first get the idea?”

“It sort of popped into my head a couple of hours ago, while you and I were having it off with Rachel. It seemed weird at first, then not so weird – then I started getting excited. I ended up pretending Rachel was Mum while I fingered her arse. What about you?”

“It started after Mum told me she’d been having sex with women. I was getting more into the idea of what I’d done with your girls, that night they tricked me into bed with them…”

“Admit it, though – they didn’t have to try very hard,” Jess teased.

“Fine, they didn’t. And at the same time, it was pretty clear you wanted me, too. Anyhow, by the time Mum let me know she’d found herself a girlfriend, I was coming round to the conclusion that yeah, I wanted in on your family sex games.” Laura hesitated, then continued. “So one night around then, I was tucked up in bed and having myself a wank, picturing Mum making love to a teenage hottie… and all of a sudden, I saw myself going down on her. Licking my mother’s cunt.” She shook her head. “I came so hard, I cried.”

“Sounds intense,” Jess muttered.

“Oh, it was. And though it sort of freaked me out, I ended up getting myself off a few more times that way. Thinking of Mum. Then you and I finally fucked, then I went through all the girls… well, after that, I was more than ready to embrace my, er, newfound love of family sex. So yeah, big sister – I’m totally into getting Mum involved in, well, whatever the hell it is we’ve got going here.”

Jess slowly nodded. “How to make it happen, though – there’s the million-quid question.”


Unbeknownst to Jessica and Laura, their conversation was being overheard. Seven-year-old Poppy had been watching Kiki’s Delivery Service in the living room with Auntie Rachel and the girls, and decided she wanted an apple juice.

Padding barefoot through the dining room and toward the kitchen, Poppy paused in mid-step when she heard Auntie Laura say “cunt.” Her curiosity instantly piqued, she drew closer to the door, which was slightly ajar.

As she listened to the conversation, the child’s eyes widened, and she clapped a hand to her mouth in utter astonishment. Omigosh – Nonna likes girls!? The thought excited her, quickening her heartbeat.

Once Poppy had been enticed into bed by her mummy and older sisters, she’d eagerly thrown herself into the lesbian life. She always enjoyed getting naked and having naughty fun with her siblings, and Auntie Rachel’s girls. But most of all, she loved sex with grownups.

Poppy never missed an opportunity to get naked and play with her mother, who she loved so much it made her feel all shivery inside. Then there was Mummy’s girlfriend Rachel, with her lovely big titties… and now she had her mum’s sister Auntie Laura to play with, too! And maybe someday, she’d get to fuck Mummy’s friend Stella Morrison, just like her big sister had done the night before.

Now Mum and Laura were discussing getting her grandmother into their family sex game, and that thrilled the seven-year-old to bits. Just thinking about it made Poppy want to jump up and down – only she didn’t, not wanting Mummy to catch her being a Nosey Parker.

“Well, we certainly can’t tell her everything just yet,” Jess was saying, “only that Rachel and I are lovers.”

“That’s enough to start with,” Laura agreed. “Remember – since you switched teams, everyone you’ve fucked besides Rachel is either a member of your family, underage or both.”

“Never thought about it that way, but yeah, I suppose you’re right. So, about this scheme of getting Mum involved… we’d best keep it a secret from the girls. For now, at least.”

Laura giggled. “Can you imagine how they’d behave around Mum if they thought she was gay? She’d know something was up!”

“She’d never guess what that something was, though. Not in a million years.” A pause. “Hmmm.. this tenderloin is almost done. Can you go tell the youngsters to wash their hands?”

Startled, Poppy readied herself to flee.

“And have them scrub that delightful aroma of pussy from their fingers?” Laura replied. “Sister dear, have you taken leave of your senses?”

“Smartarse. Go on, you – fetch the kids, make sure they get cleaned up. Supper’s on in five minutes.”

With that, Poppy raced up the stairs, hastening into her room. Quietly closing the door, she sat down at her desk, lost in thought. Wow… our Nonna is a lesbian? And Mummy wants her to have sex with us, all of us! 

Needless to say, Poppy loved the idea. She adored her grandmother; always looked forward to Nonna’s visits.

For one thing, she had this wonderful scent… a smell that made Poppy feel cosy and warm inside. And Nonna gave the nicest hugs! Now Poppy was imagining what it would be like to get a hug from her when they were both naked. And she’s got a big, beautiful bottom, too, the girl reminded herself. Maybe she’d let me kiss it! 

Effortlessly drifting into the fantasy, Poppy slipped a hand between her legs, picturing her grandmother nude and on all fours, glancing over her shoulder, smiling as she whispered, Would you like to lick my bum, Pretty Poppy?

There was a sudden knock on the door, and Poppy snatched her hand away. “Popstar? You in there?” It was Auntie Laura.

“Um, yeah!” Poppy blurted, getting to her feet. She opened the door to reveal her aunt.

“Hey, cutie – your mum sent me to round you girls up. Supper’s ready,” said Laura. Detecting an extra hint of pink in the girl’s cheeks, she smiled. “And what are you up to behind this closed door, my sweet? Having a fiddle?”

“No!” Poppy protested, then burst into giggles. “Well, maybe.”

“Naughty, naughty,” Laura said, wagging a finger, “Eat first, fiddle later. C’mon, let’s go join the others. Don’t know about you, but I’m famished.” She began to drift toward the stairs, expecting Poppy to follow, but the girl’s voice stopped her.

“Auntie Laura? Could I, um, have a kiss first?”

Turning back to face her niece, Laura was immediately enthralled by the longing she saw in Poppy’s eyes. Yet again, she marvelled at her newfound attraction to little girls, wondering why it had taken her so long to understand how beautiful, how desirable they were. This red-headed moppet of seven was one of the sexiest of them all, and she wasn’t even trying.

Despite the numerous orgasms she’d had over the last twenty-four hours, Laura felt that familiar hunger rising beneath her belly. “Of course you can,” she said. “I bet it’s a sexy kiss you want – isn’t it, you little temptress?”

Nibbling at her lower lip, the child gave a quick but emphatic nod as she came closer.

“Then come here, my love… it’s waiting for you,” Laura whispered, opening her arms.

Poppy tilted her head back as she drifted into Laura’s embrace, and their mouths met in a gentle kiss that didn’t stay gentle for long.

Laura moaned as the girl’s tongue darted between her lips. Poppy was kissing her with a lustful fervour that would put many a grown woman to shame. It comes naturally to her, Laura thought, as a pair of little hands crept down to cup her arse.

But when Poppy slipped a hand down the back of Laura’s shorts, the child’s fingers probing into the cleft of her anus, she had to break away. “No, no, baby girl… they’re waiting for us downstairs.”

“I guess,” Poppy sighed. “Can we fuck later, then?”

God, those words are so much hotter when they’re coming from a little girl. “We absolutely can,” Laura replied, taking her niece’s hand. “Come on, now… let’s go eat.”

“I love you, Auntie Laura,” Poppy murmured.

”I love you too, Popstar.”

Hand in hand, the woman and the child descended the stairs.


Rachel and her daughters left Jessica’s house after supper, intending to turn in early that night – the next day would start off the girls’ last week of school before the summer holidays. After the numerous sexual combinations both families had enjoyed during the day, Jessica, her girls and Laura were a bit shagged out themselves, and also opted to make a short night of it… though Laura did pay a visit to Poppy’s room, where they took turns licking one another to orgasm before turning in.


After getting the girls off to school, Jess went to work. As she drove, she marvelled at how her life had changed in the last three months. I never gave much thought to the idea of sex with a woman, let alone a full-time romantic relationship… look at me now! From swapping kisses with Rachel to incest with my girls, sex with Rachel’s daughters, fucking my sister… Now I’m wondering how to get my mum involved, for God’s sake! She shook her head, awed by the immensity of it all.

Once she arrived at the shop and opened it for the day, Jess busied herself with matters at hand, such as going through potential new summer stock with Caterina. After a quick lunch across the road at Rachel’s tea room, she settled back into the books, remembering what Blanche had said when she picked up the girls from the birthday party.

I wonder if Blanche was serious about helping me open another store? It wouldn’t hurt to call Serena to see if have the assets to afford it… especially if Blanche can swing a good deal on a shop space. She owns half the bloody area, after all. She resolved to speak to her accountant on the matter.

The day passed without any incidents of note, then fifteen minutes before closing, Stella rang.

“Sorry I’m running so sodding late, Jess,” she began. “I’ve been dealing with shipping issues, all to do with a set of canvases I’m supposed to be getting from Luxembourg. I’ll spare you the gory details. Would it be a dreadful bother if I dropped the girls off at your shop… and could you possibly stay a bit after closing hours to help them? There’s some formal event they’ve been invited to, and they daren’t show their faces without, and I quote Sienna, ‘something new and fabulous’. Were we that obsessed with fashion at their age?”

“Worse, as I recall,” Jessica replied. “Don’t worry, Stel, I’ll look after the girls.”

“You’re an absolute treasure, Jess. I’ll be there in ten minutes or so. Ta-ta!” With that, she rang off.

Catarina had to sign out early, so Jess closed the second till. Just as the register printed out the day’s numbers, she heard the door open and looked up to see Stella, closely followed by the twins, who were still in their school uniforms.

Wait a minute – are those really school outfits? She paused to take in the view. No bloody way. The girls’ skirts were considerably higher than regulation length, the blouses short enough to reveal their bare midriffs. The buttons were undone in front, exposing lacy bras.

Her eyes flickered down for a glimpse of those long, lovely legs. She’d admired them before, and right then, there was quite a lot on display to admire. Christ almighty, did these two go home after school and change into something straight out of a porn film before coming here? They’ve got brass, I’ll say that much.

Jess came from behind the counter to greet her guests. “Hello, Stella. Lacey, Sienna – nice to see you girls again.”

“Hi, Jessica!” the twins replied in near-unison.

“Thanks again, Jess,” said Stella, already drifting toward the door. “Sorry to dash, but I’m expecting a crucial call from Brussels in the next half hour. Once that’s dispensed with, I’ll come right back.”

“That’s no problem, Stel. Girls, I’ll give you a chance to look around for a bit. Then when I’m done, I’ll show you a few things I think you’ll like.”

“Oh, I’m sure we’ll love anything you want to show us,” Lacey cooed.

“I’ll be back in an hour or so,” said Stella. “Oh, and Jess – let’s lunch at the Trout sometime soon. My treat.”

“Sounds lovely. Now hurry back to the gallery, for God’s sake, before you miss that call! I’ll leave the door unlocked; just let yourself in.”

Stella turned to Lacey and Sienna. “See you both soon. Don’t dawdle, all right? Let Jess know what you want, so you’ll have what you need when I come back. I’m sure she’s longing to get home to her girls.” Pausing to touch Jessica’s arm, she made a brisk exit.

Jessica turned the CLOSED sign round, then switched off the front shop lights, her mind racing furiously. Okay, I’m clearly being set up here. The twins seduce me, we end up fucking on the sales floor, then Stella comes back early to ‘catch’ us. It’s obvious as a punch in the tit. So… how  should I play this?   

She turned to the twins. “So… your mum told me you two were going to a party.”

“That’s right,” Lacey answered. “It’s a very special event. We want to look our best for the guest of honour.”

Sienna added, “But we also want to be, y’know, totally hot.”

“I see. And the ‘hot’ part, that’s okay with your mother, yes?”

Both girls nodded. “Oh, of course,” Lacey added. “Mum always wants us to look our best.”

With a gesture, Jess led them into the heart of the shop. “Well, these are usually for older girls, but you’re both tall for your age and a bit more developed. Let’s have a look.”

“Thanks, Jessica… but can you give us a few minutes to look around? We’ve got a good idea of what we want.” Lacey murmured, openly appraising Jess from head to toe, then licking her lips.

Taken aback, Jess said, “Well, fair enough. I’ll do some tidying up, then check back in a few minutes.”

Jess made her way back to the tills, where she leaned against the counter, took a deep breath and let it out slowly. She began to straighten the racks, making sure the clothes were hung correctly as she pondered her next move.

Should I fuck them? Can’t say I see a downside to it, not after their little sex party with Alice. Besides, it’s time to put my cards on the table with Stella, once and for all. She adjusted a blouse on its hanger. If she’s honest with me about having sex with her daughters, I’ll be honest with her. Okay, then… let’s do this. 

With a purposeful stride, Jess returned to where she’d left the twins, but they weren’t there. She paused to listen, the hint of a smirk appearing as she heard their voices in the back of the store – the changing area. She advanced forward, resisting an impulse to rub her hands together.

Sienna had stripped off to her flimsy bra and matching panties. Lacey wore a tight, stretch Lycra mini dress done in hot pink with diamond shaped cut-out sides, and was twisting and turning before the large mirror wall, studying her image.

The twins turned to Jess as she approached. Giving them a smile, she said, “Found what you’re looking for, girls?”

Lacey spoke up, once more frowning at her reflection. “Well, we both like this one, but… I dunno, it doesn’t seem to fit right. What do you think?”

Resisting an urge to stare at Sienna’s near-nakedness, Jess moved in for a closer look. “Are you sure that’s the right size? It seems a little tight; your bra strap is showing.”

And I can see your knickers through those cut-outs,” Sienna pointed out. “Only one thing for it, Lace – you have to take off your underwear.”

Aha, Jess thought. So that’s their plan. Very smooth.

“Give me a hand, sis?” Lacey said, turning to allow Sienna to unzip the dress, which she stepped out of to reveal skimpy underthings – identical to what her twin was wearing, naturally. Laying the dress on a nearby sofa, Lacey reached behind to unclasp her bra. Jess was surprised to see Sienna go to her knees and pull her sister’s panties down.

As Sienna stood up, Lacey said, “You should take yours off as well, sis, You’re going to try it on too, right?”

“Hmm. Good point.” Sienna took off her own bra as Lacey knelt to help with the knickers, sliding them down to her sister’s ankles. Sienna stepped out, then the twins turned to Jess, neither of them reaching for the dress.

They were even lovelier than Jess had expected. She feasted her eyes on the girls’ nubile bodies, admiring their well-formed breasts, capped by perky nipples. Bet they’re extra perky right now, she told herself. Their vulvas were shaved smooth but for a tiny sculpted triangle of pubic curls.

The woman’s interest was duly noted by the twins. “Do you think we have nice bodies, Jess?” said Lacey.

Very nice,” Jess replied.

“Aw, thanks. Y’know, Alice is going to be a real stunner in a few years. But she’s beautiful now, really. I noticed that the other night, when we undressed before getting in the hot tub.”

“I bet you’ve got a lovely body, too,” Sienna said. “I mean, we haven’t seen you naked… but I can tell, even with your clothes on.”

Lacey giggled. “We think girls have much nicer bodies than boys. Don’t you think so?”

“Of course she does, Lace!” Sienna declared, nudging her sister with an elbow. “Jess and Rachel Thomas are lovers now, remember? So she already likes women better.”

“Oh, yeah… can’t believe I forgot that.” Lacey gave a wistful sigh. “Now, Rachel… there’s a woman with a great figure. Those tits of hers! Soooo big and round… I wish mine were as nice.”

“Let’s face it – you just like tits,” Sienna said with a snicker. Glancing at Jess, she continued. “It’s true, Jessica. That’s Lacey’s favourite part of a girl… or a woman.”

“Well, I like yours,” Lacey murmured. As she spoke, the girl wrapped an arm around Sienna to draw her nearer, then reached up with the free hand to touch her sibling’s bare chest. First she cupped a small but flawlessly proportioned breast, then circled the light pink nipple with a fingertip.

Jessica’s heart throbbed as the twins turned into each other for a sensuous kiss, their tongues immediately engaging. They began to share caresses, touching each other’s bodies. Sienna slipped a hand between her sister’s thighs to cup the girl’s pubis, while Lacey chose to fondle her twin’s bottom.

Jessica was enthralled by the sight, but thought it best to pretend otherwise. Putting on an expression of shock, she gasped, “Girls! What on earth are you doing?”

Breaking their kiss, they turned towards Jessica, arms still wrapped around one another.

“We’re having a little fun, Jess,” Lacey cooed. “Like we did with Alice at our sleepover. Didn’t she tell you? We found out she’s into girls, the same as me and Sienna. Then she told us how you helped her figure out she was gay.”

“That’s really cool,” Sienna continued. “Mums should teach their daughters things, like ours did. You must be a really good teacher, too. When Alice showed us what she’d learned… oh, it was fucking incredible.”

Okay, they admit it; time to press them for more. “As a matter of fact, Alice did tell me what happened at your sleepover. No one got very much actual sleep, from the sound of it. So, what’s this little scene about? Why are you touching each other that way?”

The twins didn’t even blink. “Did Alice tell you that our mum joined in?” asked Lacey. “She helped us fuck your little girl.”

Hesitating briefly before she spoke, Jess replied, “Yes, she did. My daughter tells me everything.”

“That’s good. So you’re not upset that she had sex with us and Mum?”

Jess shook her head. “No. Alice is a sensible girl. I trust her to make the right decision.”

“Mmm, I see. Does that mean you thought something might happen with us tonight?”

“Oh, I’ve been expecting something like this from you girls. In fact, I seem to recall a certain backyard soiree at your mum’s place, where one of you gave me a very explicit look up your skirt.”

Sienna laughed. “That was me! What can I say? I felt like letting you know I wasn’t wearing knickers.” She turned to her sister. “Hey, Lace… since our mum had sex with Alice, don’t you think it’s only fair that we should get to fuck Jessica?”

Lacey pondered the idea for a few heartbeats. “I suppose that does make sense, yeah.”

“Look, girls, I don’t think we should…” Jess began, affecting an air of reluctance. Of course, she didn’t mean a word of it.

Breaking away from her sister, Sienna slowly advanced toward Jess, with Lacy close behind. “We always thought you were hot, you know.”

“Yeah, you’re sexy as fuck!” Lacey chimed in. “And don’t think we haven’t noticed how you look at us.”

The girls took positions on either side of Jessica, each resting a hand on her shoulder, their bare bodies tantalisingly close. “We were sooo excited about coming here tonight,” Lacey said. “This afternoon, we fingered each other until we came, thinking about you.”

“See, we were talking about what your pussy looks like, and, well, we got kind of excited,” Sienna purred. “By the way, me and Lace have a little bet going about whether you shave or not.”

“Don’t tell us!” Lacey was quick to exclaim. “We want to find out for ourselves.” She began to toy with the buttons at the front of Jessica’s dress, casually unfastening one.

By then Jess was dripping wet, but she continued to put up a front of resistance. Grasping Lacey’s wrist, she spoke in a stern tone. “Girls, fun is fun, but we shouldn’t be doing this. I’m already in a relationship, and you’re underage.”

“So is Alice,” said Lacey, “and we know you’re doing sex with her.”

That caught Jess off guard. She fumbled for a quick comeback, but came up empty.

“Don’t worry, she didn’t tell us anything… we just figured it out,” Sienna said, her hand straying onto Jessica’s breast.  “For one thing, Alice knows much too much about how to fuck.”

“When I saw how fast she got into that strap-on harness, that’s when I knew – she’d been taught by a grownup,” Lacey declared, now stroking Jessica’s bottom. “And who better to learn from than her lesbian mummy?”

“That’s – that doesn’t prove a thing!” Jess blurted, then felt her face grow hot. Shit – these schoolgirls just outsmarted me.

“Hmmm… that’s a strange thing to say,” Lacey murmured. “Don’t you think so, Sienna? Not, ‘How dare you accuse me of having sex with my daughter’… but, ‘You can’t prove I did it’.” She drew closer, her lips grazing Jessica’s ear. “Y’know, Alice has one of the sweetest pussies I’ve ever tasted. Don’t you think so, too?”

“Oh… oh, God.” Lacey had thrust a hand between Jessica’s legs and was firmly massaging her vulva, while Sienna deftly unfastened two more buttons on the woman’s dress, exposing the top of a blue silk bra. “I d-don’t know about this… girls, we shouldn’t…”

“You know you want us,” Sienna whispered. “It’s there in your eyes, every time we meet. Let it happen, Jessica. Let us fuck you. We can give you so much pleasure, just like we did for Alice.” A pause. “Just like we do for our mother.”

Lacey abruptly withdrew her hand, and Sienna began to gather up the bottom of Jessica’s dress to expose matching blue panties. Lacey spoke. “Say you want us, Jess. Say it.”

What the hell just happened? Jess was asking herself. How did I let these two get the upper hand? The twins were now nuzzling their way down her neck, laying a trail of feather-light kisses until their mouths came together, tongues flickering back and forth.

With that, the last fragment of Jessica’s resolve gave way. “Yes, I want you!” she cried. “Fuck me, damn it!”

Sharing a smile of victory, the twins joined in to undo the last remaining buttons on the dress, working with such urgency that Jessica’s back was soon pressed against the wall mirror. Lacey tugged both bra cups down, then fastened her mouth to a nipple, taking the other one between her fingertips. Meanwhile, Sienna caressed the front of Jessica’s panties, then slipped her hand inside, curving her index finger into the woman’s juicy cunt.

Jessica whimpered, tingling from head to toe with rampant lust. Somehow, engaging in sexual activity with Stella’s twins seemed even wilder than what she’d already done with her own daughters. Then again, my girls weren’t so insistent at first, so determined to take what they wanted.

Giving herself over to the moment, Jess placed one hand on the back of Lacey’s head, cradling the teen to her breast. Then she turned to Sienna and seized a handful of hair; pulling her into a sloppy kiss.

When Lacey saw Jess and her sibling swapping tongues up above, she released the woman’s nipple, straightening to engage the others in a three-way kiss that went on for a long while.

Jess finally broke away, heart racing and eager to fuck. Placing a hand on Sienna’s shoulder, she gently guided the girl to her knees.

Without hesitation, Sienna yanked Jessica’s panties down to her ankles with a single sharp tug, baring her dark red pubes. “So pretty,” she sighed, teasing the auburn curls with the tips of her fingers. “Looks like you won the bet, Lace.” She carefully prised the woman’s cunt open before burying her mouth in the juicy flesh.

Watching her sister go down, Lacey showered affection on Jessica’s upper half, using all the tricks in her repertoire. She nibbled Jessica’s ear, gently bit her neck, pinched and tugged at her nipples, stroked her tummy, even reached down to tweak her new lover’s clit.

All Jessica’s sense of self-control and restraint had evaporated like morning mist. She pushed herself away from the wall, causing both girls to break away from her. They stared at the half-naked older woman, ready for anything.

Kicking off her shoes and the sodden knickers that ringed her ankles, Jess moved to the centre of the changing area, shrugging out of her dress in mid-step, then reached behind to unclip and peel away her bra, letting it drop where she stood. Padding over to an open space, she stretched out on the carpeted floor.

Jess looked up at Sienna, pointing at her vulva. “Get back to work, girl.” As one sister eagerly knelt between her thighs, Jess turned to the other. “And you – come feed me that pretty pussy of yours.”

Lacey quickly straddled Jessica’s head, facing her sister. Grasping the teen’s hips, Jess ran her stiffened tongue along the length of Lacey’s slit, dipping into the tart vagina along the way.

As Sienna mouth-fucked her pussy, Jess toyed with Lacey’s sex first – pulling at the labia, teasing the clit with tiny, playful licks, tracing the opening with the tip of her tongue and more. Once the girl was panting hard, desperate to come, Jess suddenly drove her tongue as far as it would go into Lacey’s cunt for a few sharp thrusts, then licked the crack of the teen’s arse, bathing the puckered rosebud. This caused Lacey to moan loudly. Sienna glanced up from Jessica’s pussy to see the look of ecstasy on her sister’s face.

The trio were so engrossed in their lewd games that they didn’t see a figure standing in the shadowed recesses of the shop.

Jess continued her assault on Lacey, now working a finger in and out of the fourteen-year-old’s rectum while licking her cunt. The teen was moaning, tiny quivers rippling through her slender frame that soon became violent jerks. Finally, with a rapturous cry, Lacey went slack, slumping forward until her cheek was resting on Jessica’s belly.

But Jess wasn’t done yet, Centering her attention on the clitoris, she soon spurred the young blonde on to a second orgasm, after which a gasping Lacey rolled away and onto her back, breathing heavily.

Seeing her sister reach climax caused Sienna to redouble her own efforts. She pleasured Jess until the woman was writhing, moaning in ecstasy, finally going limp and lying motionless. Sitting up, her mouth coated with pussy nectar, Sienna crawled over to Lacey and bent down to kiss her sister, sharing Jessica’s flavour.

When Jess opened her eyes, the first thing she saw was the twins’ messy kiss. She sat up and moved behind the kneeling Sienna and, after a quick pass of her tongue over the glistening slit, pushed two fingers into the teen’s cunt. Jess moved slowly at first, then sped up, finally pistoning in and out until Sienna was bucking against her, losing contact with her sister.

When their kiss was broken, Lacey rolled over to see a dishevelled Jess fucking Sienna, their bodies moving together like a well-oiled machine. Thinking quickly, she scrambled to position herself behind Jess. She placed her own fingers at the threshold of the woman’s vagina, then plunged them deep inside with one sharp thrust – making a liquid sound that Jessica’s moan very nearly drowned out.

Lacey took a moment to savour how hot Jess was inside – like a furnace! Then she began to fuck her, hard and fast, the same way Jess was giving it to Sienna.

A couple of minutes later, the woman and both girls were all lying exhausted on the carpet, but they all looked up at the sound of a strangled cry.

There was a woman leaning against the wall, watching them. She was holding up her dress with one hand,  mauling her bare cunt with the other.

Lacey was first to speak. “Hello, Mum. Glad you could join us.”

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