Ripples, Chapter 31

  • Posted on August 24, 2022 at 5:00 pm

by Sapphmore & JetBoy

As the Matthews sisters made their way into Jessica’s bedroom, Stella was ushering Alice into hers. eagerly followed by the giggling twins. All four of them were nude. Perhaps in anticipation of the sex play they were about to indulge in, Lacey was already hugging Sienna from behind, reaching around to cup her sister’s vulva.

Once inside, Alice now had a good look at the lavishly decorated room she’d only briefly glimpsed on her previous visit. Stella stood by to let Alice take it all in, seeing the surroundings through the girl’s eyes.

Naturally, there were pieces of art dotted about: a couple of nude bronzes, a few small photos and paintings depicting female bodies, some solo and some with two or three entwined forms, and a large oil painting dominating one wall on which she recognised the twins – naked, bodies twined together, their breasts and genitals strategically covered.

Turning to Stella, Alice asked, “Did you paint this? It’s really good.”

“Yes, Alice – the others, too.”

Lacey spoke up. “Mum has even more paintings of us – photos too. But we don’t put those up, ‘cos they’re a bit too naughty. We’ve even got some really hot videos, but we save them for…”

Stella shot her a warning glance, unseen by Alice.

…um, y’know, family movie nights,” the teen finished.

Stella caressed Alice’s arm. “We’ll have to see how naughty I feel when I paint you, love.” She sat down on the edge of her bed with the twins taking a place on either side, like some kind of nudist interviewing panel.

“So, Alice… as you see, we three have a somewhat unconventional mother-daughter relationship. Now you know the truth about us, what do you think?”

Alice knew she had to be careful here, so as not to give away her own family secret… at least until Mum decided it was okay. “I think it’s pretty cool. I mean, you’re not hurting anyone. So, um, how long have you been having sex together?”

Stella said, “Since the girls were ten.”

Sienna piped up. “We used to watch Mum with her girlfriends… then one night when she didn’t have one, we decided that her new girlfriends should be us!”

“That very evening, these little vixens crept into my bed and let me know in no uncertain terms that they wanted to be my new lovers.” She wrapped an arm around each twin, hugging them to her. “We’ve been fucking ever since.”

Alice detected a faint smile on Stella’s lips, and realised that the woman was waiting for her to react. She felt a twinge of nervousness, certain that her mum’s friend was harbouring strong suspicions about Alice and her family.

She’s waiting for me to tell them, Alice thought. But that only strengthened the girl’s resolve to do as Mum asked, to keep their secret. She smiled at Stella and the girls, saying nothing.

Clearly realising that Alice wasn’t ready to give anything away, Stella carried on. “Well, that’s enough about how we got here. I think it’s about time to see if what the twins say about you is true.” She held out a hand towards Alice, who took it and stepped forward, looking down at the nude woman and liking what she saw.

Stella seemed equally pleased. “You are exquisite,” she murmured, lightly running a fingertip over Alice’s nipple, making the young girl shiver. She cupped Alice’s face, drawing the girl close until their mouths met in a slow, sensuous kiss that lasted nearly a minute. While they kissed, Lacey and Sienna busied themselves caressing their mum’s bare body.

When they finally parted, Stella gave the twelve-year-old an appreciative look. “Mmmm, you’re a marvellous kisser, my sweet. You’ve been practising with your girlfriend, I can tell… Bella, isn’t it?”

Alice could only nod, already anticipating what lay ahead.

Stella turned to her daughters in turn, giving each one a brief but extremely heated kiss. She stretched out on the bed, gazing at Alice while slowly opening her legs. Sienna and Lacey positioned themselves at their mum’s side, then all three of them peered expectantly at their new playmate.

The reality of Alice’s first sexual foray outside the home was now sinking in. The twins weren’t much older than she was, so that had been like making love with her sisters, but Stella was something else again… an adult woman who wasn’t part of her extended family. The prospect was a little scary, but that only fed into Alice’s excitement.

Stella placed a finger at the bottom of her vaginal cleft and trailed it slowly upward, dipping it briefly into the juicy opening before she brought it up to her mouth. Sienna gave Lacey a nod, then the twins reached out, each gently placing fingers on either side of their mother’s labia, parting them to expose the fleshy spear of the woman’s clitoris.

Stella spoke. “No need to wait for an invite, Alice.” Her eyes seemed to beckon, saying, All yours, pretty girl. All yours.

The twelve-year-old crawled onto the bed, ready for action. She briefly studied the shaved vulva and the pink flesh on display, marvelling yet again at the wondrous variety of pussies she’d encountered since discovering her true sexuality – each one different, every one beautiful. Moving closer, she placed both hands on Stella’s thighs. Glancing up to see three faces smiling at her, Alice bent down to take her first lick.

She threw herself into the task at hand, combining and alternating lips, tongue, teeth and fingers on every inch of Stella’s cunt, determined to prove that she wasn’t some curious young girl experimenting with her sexuality. All thoughts of restraint abandoned, Alice eagerly set about demonstrating her skills as a lover.


That first lick sent a shiver of anticipation coursing through Stella’s body. The fierce need she’d carried for Alice since first encountering her at the barbecue had been massing and building all day – especially during their time together at the gallery. Now the sexy twelve-year-old was going down on her, and it was even better than she’d hoped. Stella knew her first climax would be a ferocious one, and it was going to happen very soon.

Stella’s head was spinning from Alice’s oral attack, her fogged brain barely able to formulate a coherent thought other than, My God, this girl is incredible! There’s no bloody way she learned this just from practising with Rachel’s daughter. 

What memories she had of Bella were dim, but she recalled a shy, quiet little girl who mostly stuck close to her mum.  No. Someone else taught Alice to eat pussy like that. But who? She hoped to find out.


Eager to get into the action, the twins teamed up to pleasure their mother. Lacey claimed Stella’s mouth in a hungry French kiss, while Sienna made love to her mum’s breasts. Then, exchanging bad-girl grins, they quickly switched places.

As Stella’s ecstasy mounted, she began to writhe and jerk on the bed. The twins glanced at each other again, clearly sharing the same thought.

When Sienna and Lacey discussed this sleepover with Mum a couple of days prior, there had been much speculation about whether Alice had been experimenting sexually with her younger sisters… or even with her mother. For that matter, could Rachel and her daughters be involved? They could only speculate, but the conversation had Stella and the twins so worked up that they stripped off right there and fucked on the living room floor.

Now, Alice was there, going down on their mum, and clearly making a spectacular job of it. In fact, she’d already taken Stella to the edge of orgasm several times without allowing her to go over.

Lacey and Sienna exchanged another knowing glance. They still weren’t sure who’d taught Alice how to eat pussy like that, but it hadn’t been her little girlfriend Bella Thomas.

Watching the twelve-year-old in action, Sienna found herself longing for the same kind of attention. She gave her mother one last passionate kiss, then crawled to the upholstered headboard and propped her back against it. Swinging a leg over Stella’s head, she lowered her sex to the woman’s waiting mouth. A blissful sigh escaped her lips as Mum’s warm, wet tongue went to work.

Lacey studied her sister, enthralled. Ever since she and Sienna first became lovers, the sight of her twin in sexual rapture always gave Lacey pleasure. Sometimes she pretended to be watching herself, thinking That’s how I look when her tongue is in me. Kneeling next to Sienna, she drew her sibling into a heated kiss. Sienna responded immediately, moaning into Lacey’s mouth as she continued to ride their mum’s face.

Suddenly Lacey broke away from her sister, scampering off the bed and onto her feet. Moving to the end of the bed, she stood over Alice, licking her lips as she stared at the girl’s exposed holes. She looks good enough to eat, Lacey told herself. And I’m feeling awfully hungry right now…


Still busy gulping down the copious flow of nectar from Stella’s cunt, Alice briefly paused as she felt one of the twins guide her into a kneeling position, then a hot, slippery tongue licked an upward path through her slit, gliding over the pucker of her anus. With a happy sigh, she returned to servicing Stella, taking the woman’s clitoris between her lips.

Glancing up to see Sienna astride her mum’s face, Alice marvelled at the reality of another family living the same taboo life as her own. I wonder how many more there are like us? she mused. Mummies secretly in love with their little girls, daughters who dream about seeing their mums naked. How many of them ever get to do something about those feelings? 

The very idea dazzled her. There’s got to be more families like ours, Alice told herself. There’s got to be! How could you settle for sex with a boy, once you’ve tasted love with your beautiful mummy?

The prospect of a wider circle of lesbian mums and daughters spurred her lust even higher. Trying not to let herself be distracted by the warm mouth that was attending to her outthrust holes, Alice slid two fingers into Stella’s vagina, then worked her thumb into the older woman’s anus. It was a technique she’d recently learned from Rachel, one she was eager to try out on her new lover.

Within sixty seconds, Stella was screaming her way through a pussy-muffled climax, her body shuddering frantically before she went completely limp, panting for breath. Lifting her face from the woman’s mound, then slowly withdrawing her fingers, Alice relaxed, resting on Stella’s quivering, sweat-glazed belly as if it was a pillow. Her arse was still raised, her cunt presented to Lacey, who was exploring its delights with a nimble, darting tongue.

It felt so good that Alice soon found herself unable to remain motionless. She had to raise herself up on both arms, gently rocking forward and back as a blissful haze enveloped her whole, the feeling she always got when an orgasm was beginning to build inside.


Up above, Sienna had dismounted her mum’s head and was bending down to kiss her, purring contentedly as she licked her own juices from Stella’s mouth and cheeks. Glancing at Alice, whose eyes were closed while she swayed to and fro, Sienna crawled toward Jessica’s daughter. Cupping the younger girl’s chin, she guided Alice’s lips to hers, and they kissed.


Struggling up onto both elbows, Stella watched her daughters make love to Alice. Sienna’s tongue was flickering in and out of the girl’s mouth like a flame, while Lacey knelt at the foot of the bed, dreamy-eyed with pleasure as she licked Alice’s anus. Stella pushed herself into a sitting position to get a better view of the action. Drinking in the lewd spectacle before her, she felt a rush of satisfaction that was quickly replaced by a longing for a taste of her friend’s daughter.

“Girls,” Stella called, and her daughters interrupted their work to look in her direction. “Mummy wants some time with our guest, too.”

Lacey and Sienna obligingly withdrew, and Alice opened her eyes to see a smiling Stella seated before her. The older woman reached out to cup Alice’s face in both hands, drawing her forward into a kiss. She tasted her cunt on the youngster’s lips, then allowed her tongue to delve into the twelve-year-old’s mouth.

When she broke away, Stella murmured, “Well, Alice, I have to say I agree with the girls; you have quite the bag of tricks. It’s easy to see that you’ve practised an awful lot with your girlfriend. The next time you come by for a sleepover, you simply must invite her.” Reaching out to touch Alice’s nipple, she circled the tender bud with a fingertip. “But for now, since both my girls have sampled your honey pot, I think it’s about time I had a taste.”

Taking Alice by her shoulders, Stella turned the girl round and gently laid her down on the bed, exactly where she’d been lying herself moments earlier. She moistened her lips at the sight of Alice’s reddened vulva, its soft down now glistening with her juices and Lacey’s saliva. Leaning in closer to breathe in the heady scent of pussy, Stella draped Alice’s legs over her shoulders, then took a long, slow lick through the sweet pink slit.

Stella had hungered for Jessica’s daughter ever since the young girl turned up at her afternoon patio party a few weeks earlier, and she’d obsessed about Alice ever since. Spending the day with her at the gallery had only whetted those desires… and waiting in the kitchen while the girls were fucking Alice upstairs had proven to be more than she could stand.

Now the prize was in Stella’s grasp. This lovely, eager, nymphet was spread out before her, completely on display and ready to be loved. Animal instinct told Stella to take what she wanted, to devour Alice in a lustful frenzy. But no; this tasty treat was meant to be savoured, lingered over. She used her tongue to toy with the vaginal cleft, her lips gently tugged at the thin labia, and her fingers lingered at the twin entrances to the twelve-year-old’s cunt and anus.


The twins had been seated on either side of their mum, but now they moved – Lacey onto the bed beside Alice, Sienna behind her mum. Lacey reached out to stroke Alice’s nipples before dipping down to take one between her lips, blocking Alice’s view of Stella. After a few moments, Lacey met Alice’s eyes, then moved up to kiss her, their tongues engaging in a playful duel.

Observing the action over Stella’s shoulder, Sienna reached round to cup her mum’s breast, rolling the nipple between finger and thumb. At the same time, her free hand found its way down to the crease of her mother’s bum cheeks, to seek out Stella’s lust-slicked cunt, where she briefly teased her mum’s clitoris before plunging a finger inside. Once it was coated with wetness, she removed that finger and brought it to Stella’s rosebud. Pressing against the taut pucker, it slid easily inside.


Stella lavished gentle attention on every part of Alice’s pussy, taking care to only briefly and occasionally stimulate her clitoris. She felt the young blonde writhing below, trying to grind the engorged nubbin into her face, but Stella continued to tease her underage partner.

After a few minutes of play, Stella used Alice’s juices to lubricate two fingers, then carefully placed them at the entrance of the girl’s vagina. As Alice’s body jerked in response to the woman’s tormenting fingers and lips, Stella began to ease those fingers inside, slowly opening the tight ring.

As she sensed Alice was fast approaching climax, Stella abruptly fastened her mouth to the girl’s clitoris, sucking and licking the fleshy button as her fingers sawed in and out of Alice’s freely flowing cunt, the warm juices soaking Stella’s hand. Fucking hell, what a juicy snatch this little minx has!

Withdrawing both fingers to a muffled cry of protest from Alice – who was still snogging Lacy – Stella quickly curled the index finger back inside, seeking the sweet spot she knew would push the young girl over the edge. It took a moment for her to locate, but Stella knew she’d hit the jackpot when Alice jerked violently, breaking away from her kiss, a ragged scream wrenched from her throat.

As Alice gave a final shudder, arching her hips up from the bed, Stella shoved a hand between her legs and began to masturbate, hard and fast. Sienna’s finger was rolling around inside her rectum, and it felt amazing. Soon enough, she was coming again.

Slumping forward, Stella rested her cheek on Alice’s thigh, but the scent of the twelve-year-old’s pussy proved too enticing to resist for very long. Positioning herself once more between the young girl’s legs, she used long slow strokes of her tongue to mop up the traces of nectar that glistened on Alice’s belly, inner thighs and vulva.

That task accomplished, Stella rolled onto her back to rest, giving Alice’s hip a gentle pat, then her eyes flew open when someone took hold of her hand. It was Lacey, who must have noticed the fluids that coated her fingers, evidence of what her mother had just been doing to their new lover. Stella gave her daughter a sleepy smile as Lacey took each finger into her mouth to suck.

Sienna suddenly appeared on Stella’s other side. “Your lips look delicious, Mum,” she said, then bent to kiss her. With a blissful moan, Stella accepted her daughter’s tongue, and they shared Alice’s flavour between them.

As Alice regained her breath and senses, she pushed herself up into a seated position, feeling a pang of renewed arousal at the sight of the twins, tasting her cunt on their mum’s mouth and fingers.

When they noticed that Alice had recovered from her climax, the Morrison trio paused to gaze fondly at their guest. Lacey broke the silence. “Well, that was fun!”

Alice couldn’t suppress a giggle, while Sienna and her mother both grinned.

“Oh, we’re just getting warmed up.” Stella declared. She got to her feet and moved around the room a bit to stretch her limbs, then looked down at a somewhat dazed Alice. Bending down, placing both hands on the bed to support herself, she gave the girl a tender kiss that still radiated passion, then whispered, “Are you ready for more, sweetheart?”

That surge of lust made itself known again, and Alice promptly replied, “Yes, please.”

Stella glanced around the room. Seeing the items she sought on the dresser, she caught Lacey’s eye and nodded in that direction. “Would you mind, darling?”

Lacey swivelled round and, on seeing what her mum wanted, her face lit up. She scampered to the dresser and came back to the bed dangling a pair of objects Alice recognised from her previous visit: two strap-on cocks.

Alice turned to Stella, who instead of reading curiosity on the twelve-year-old’s face, as she’d anticipated, saw a look more akin to… recognition.

At that point, she knew that the suspicions she harboured about Alice and her family had been spot on. There’s no way she learned to use one of these on her own, or with that girl Bella. A woman must have shown her how… and why would she need to keep that woman’s identity a secret from us, unless it was her mum?   

An image of Alice fucking her mum flashed in Stella’s mind like lightning. The impulse was there to question Alice, to get the girl to tell the truth about her relationship with Jess. Instead, she shelved those thoughts for later, reaching out to take the harness from Lacey.

“So, who wants to use these? Do I have any volunteers?”

Alice surprised everyone by throwing her hand up like the class swot. As Stella glanced at the twins, both girls raised their eyebrows. The little minx is full of surprises!

When Stella separated the two harnesses, Sienna reached out to grab the larger of the two and started stepping into the straps. Stella held out the smaller one to Alice, who plucked it from the woman’s hand, turned it over until she had it in the correct position. She bent slightly, lifting one foot through, followed by the other before pulling the harness up, deftly pulling the strap through the buckle and fastening it round her waist.

Stella gave the twelve-year-old an intrigued look. “Well, Alice, you clearly know how to wield a strap-on.”

It was immediately obvious that the girl was fumbling for an explanation. “Er, I’ve seen ladies use these on some of the sex videos me and Bella watched.”

With a wry smile, Stella responded. “Ahh, that explains it.”

Her cheeks flushed pink, Alice quickly averted her eyes, but not soon enough to conceal the realisation that she’d been found out.

Sienna was now lying on the bed, both legs draped over the edge, feet resting on the floor. Stella made a move towards her bedside cabinet for the small bottle of lube placed next to her radio alarm clock, but thought better of it. Instead, she knelt before her daughter and took the jutting latex prick into her mouth, fellating the toy until it glistened.

Turning to Alice, she read anticipation in the girl’s eyes. Firmly grasping the second cock, she lavished it with the same attention, all the while gazing into the twelve-year-old’s eyes. When she was satisfied, she moved to Sienna and straddled her, slowly lowering herself onto the dildo, pivoting her hips a few times to take its full length into her vagina. Bending forward, Stella drew Sienna into her arms, mother claiming daughter’s mouth in a lustful kiss.


Alice’s concern at having given herself away was all but forgotten as she watched the latex cock stretch Stella’s cunt, plunging in and slurping out. Then the twins’ mum looked back at her – and Alice knew right away what the woman wanted, without being told.

Drawing close, she placed the tip of her own cock against the fleshy star of Stella’s anus and began to press forward. She felt some resistance, but after a few seconds, the outer sphincter muscle gave way and she slid more easily than she’d expected into the woman’s arse. Stella’s hoarse cry of ecstasy seemed to fill the universe.

Sienna angled her hips upward to meet her mother’s downward motion. Alice hesitated a little before falling into Stella’s rhythm, but she quickly found a groove, thrusting her hips in time with Stella’s backward strokes. The trio of lovers built up a steady tempo, gradually accelerating their pace.


Lacey looked on, working out how to fit herself into the mêlée, then grinned as she noticed Alice’s cute bum. Catching the twelve-year-old’s eye, she moved in for a quick but ardent kiss, stroking the girl’s budding breasts. She paused to tweak a nipple, causing Alice to gasp and jerk her hips – which, in turn, caused Stella to moan at the unexpectedly deep thrust.

Lacey trailed her fingers down Alice’s ribs until she was kneeling behind the girl. Placing the palms of both hands on the smooth pale buttocks, she prised them apart to expose Alice’s sphincter, partly concealed by the strap-on’s leather harness. Dipping her head, she bathed it with her tongue, lavishing the dark pink hole. She sensed her mother was nearing a climax, Stella’s backward thrusts growing increasingly frantic.

It was too difficult for Lacey to keep rimming Alice – she was moving too much. Instead, she stood up behind the panting girl and replaced her tongue with a finger, which she inserted up to the third knuckle in Alice’s rectum. With her free hand, she reached round to stroke her new lover’s breasts.

Twisting her head round, Alice stared at Lacey – then the two girls met in a clumsy but heated kiss, their tongues sparring like fighters as the movement of the three joined bodies gradually shifted into overdrive.


Stella could feel them massing inside, tremors of growing ecstasy steadily pushing her toward something huge. She loved being taken in both holes at once, and the experience was just as awe-inspiring as ever. Especially so when it’s a sexy twelve-year-old girl who’s plowing my arse, helped out by my beautiful lesbian daughters…

Her climax hit like a body blow, crashing into Stella before she expected it. She emitted a guttural scream, throwing her head back, trembling helplessly. One, two, three violent jerks convulsed her frame, then she slowly went limp, slumping down onto Sienna, who wrapped both arms around the woman and held her close. Alice carefully withdrew the cock until it fell free from Stella’s arse.

Somehow, Stella mustered up the strength to push herself up, dipping her head to briefly kiss Sienna before the other dildo slipped out of her well-fucked cunt, standing upright just long enough to flop onto the bed. She looked up at her other daughter, who was sharing a deep, relaxed kiss with the underage nymph who had just sodomised her, and gave both girls a sleepy smile.

As Stella watched them, Lacey suddenly broke away from their guest, dropped to her knees, and engulfed the dildo jutting up from Sienna’s hips with her mouth, humming with pleasure as she sampled her mother’s honey. What a wonderful sight, Stella thought. My baby girl still loves the taste of her mummy.

Noticing that Alice was standing to one side observing the twins, Stella sat up to face the girl, swinging her feet to the floor. She paused to savour the sight of a young female sporting a strap-on cock… an image that always struck her as intensely erotic. A few times, she’d been rogered by girls who were even younger than Jessica’s daughter, especially on Switch Nights at the Society meetings.

Toys intended for full-on vaginal penetration weren’t used by most members of the Society when it came to sex with the younger girls, for fear that the kids might get carried away with them, resulting in injuries that could raise dangerous questions. But at home, her daughters loved to wield strap-ons and were well-versed in their use… at least partly, Stella suspected, for the degree of control it gave them over Mommy. And in truth, she did occasionally enjoy submitting fully to the twins, allowing them to use her like a cheap slag.

Alice, too, was clearly comfortable with fake cocks – how to wear one, how to use it. And I very much doubt that she and Rachel’s daughter learned this kind of thing on their own, Stella mused

She bent down to place a soft, sensuous kiss on Alice’s lips. “Thank you, sweetheart. That was… simply marvellous. Now let’s get this contraption off you.”

Alice stood still, for once speechless as she realised the enormity of what she’d just done.

Kneeling before the twelve-year-old, Stella began undoing the buckles until the leather straps lay tangled at Alice’s feet. Before she could step out of them, Stella reached out to caress the young girl’s small breasts, then flicked her tongue at a nipple, then sucked the whole breast into her hot mouth. She reached around Alice’s body to caress a smooth buttock, while the other hand slid up inside a creamy thigh until her finger found the girl’s moist vulva. Pressing against the opening, she eased it inside.

Stella heard a contented sigh, then she felt small hands resting on her head as she nuzzled the soft tummy, breathing in the perfume of Alice’s skin. After a few seconds of slow fingering, Stella took a quick glance over her shoulder, pleased to see the twins in the middle of the bed, twined together in a sixty-nine. Sienna’s strap-on had been unfastened and left on one of the pillows.

Looking back at their guest, she asked Alice, “Shall we join them?”

Alice smiled. “Sure.” With that, she crawled onto the bed, making her way to the raised bum of whichever twin was on top – Lacey, actually. Without hesitation, she parted the pale globes of the teen’s arse and attacked the crevice with her tongue.

Once again, Stella again marvelled at Alice’s seemingly boundless appetite for sex. No doubt about it, the Society is going to adore this girl… every bit as much as they’ll love her mum. Then there’s Jessica’s two little ones – wonder if they’re part of any family sex games? Sienna and Lacey seem to think so…  

She gave her head a little shake to clear it. Enough thinking for now… let’s enjoy this hot sex show! 

Climbing onto the bed, Stella shoved a few pillows against the headboard, then sat back to watch the three blonde girls, her hand dipping between her legs now and then to toy with a very sensitive clit as she watched Alice feast on Lacey’s anus, sometimes dipping her head to share a messy kiss with Sienna.

But when she caught Stella’s eye, Alice abandoned the duo to crawl over to their mother, surprising her again when, instead of taking a kiss or diving between the older woman’s splayed legs, Alice stood just above, holding onto the headboard for balance, and brought her cunt to Stella’s mouth.

The next hour was filled with different combinations of the four blondes, with one or two pausing now and then to catch their breath until, finally, exhaustion had claimed them all. Sienna was the last one to come, and she pulled up the quilt to cover everyone. Stella and Alice were snuggled up in the middle, with one of the twins on each side.

When Stella closed her eyes for the last time that night, a satisfied smile lingered on her face as she recalled the evening’s debauchery. Her final thought before drifting off was, I’ll have a little chat with Alice in the morning. It’s high time for us to lay our cards on the table.


Jessica woke early, a habit born from necessity when raising three young girls and running a business. She watched Laura doze for a while, contemplating the ever-expanding sexual dynamics of her family, toying with the notion of waking her for sister another round of lovemaking. After all, we’ve got a lot of time to make up for, Jess thought.

Finally deciding to let Laura sleep, she slipped carefully and quietly from beneath the sheets and padded to the door, plucking her dressing gown from its peg as she left the bedroom.

In the kitchen, she decided to make proper espresso rather than take the quick option of the machine. By the time she’d washed up from last night’s dinner and got out a couple of the small cups and saucers, the silver pot hissed and gurgled. She poured herself a cup of the strong, aromatic coffee, then added a sugar cube with the tiny spoon. She was stirring it when she heard footsteps on the stairs.

She looked up to see a sleepy-eyed Laura in the doorway, barefoot and wearing one of her especially short robes she’d worn to inflame the passions of Rachel and the girls. The sash was loosely tied, but failing to hold it closed.

Jessica’s heart dropped a beat. Fuck me, she looks hot!  

As she checked her sister out from top to bottom, Laura also glanced down at herself. “This is all I could find to wear,” she said. “Is it okay?”

“Of course, Laur. You look good enough to eat. Though coming down naked would have been even nicer.” There was a moment of awkward silence before Jess spoke again. “So… no regrets?”

Laura made her way over to Jess, who was perched on a stool at the breakfast bar. She stood before her sister for a moment, then cupped Jessica’s face in both hands and gave her a loving kiss. Breaking away, she whispered, “None whatsoever.”

Jess got up to fetch the coffee pot from the stove. She poured some into the other cup, nudging it toward her sister. “I’ll bet you could use this.”

“True that.” Laura seated herself on the other stool. “Why didn’t you wake me?”

“Oh, believe me, I was sorely tempted… but you looked so sweet and peaceful, I thought I’d let you lie in.”

“I’m an early bird most days, but I guess that was a big night.” Laura took a sip of coffee.

“It certainly was.” Jess gave her sister’s arm an affectionate squeeze. “My only regret was that we didn’t do this sooner. Although I guess if I’d become a lesbian back then, I wouldn’t have had the girls… and this might never have happened anyhow. Still, better late than never, eh?”

“Well, I’m certainly happy about it.” Laura said. “After all this time, I finally fucked the girl of my dreams.”

“I love you, too.” Jess took her seat on the other stool. “I was thinking about how I’m going to tell Mum – about me and Rachel, that is, not the rest of it. God, I dread to think what she’d say about that. Still, I’m hoping she’ll be okay with it, like she was when you came out. I mean, it’s not as if she missed out on having grandchildren.”

“Oh, I’m pretty sure she’ll take it better than you think.”

Jessica peered inquisitively at her sister. “What makes you so sure of that? I mean, both daughters being gay, especially when one was married with kids? That’s got to come as something of a shock.” She noticed that Laura had drained her cup. “Want a refill?”

“No, thanks. Jess, there’s something I think you should know.”

Jessica arched an eyebrow. “Yes…?”

“Mum’s been with another woman.”

What? Are you joking? When was this? Who with?”

“It happened a few months ago,” Laura began. She’s been on the odd date since Dad died – nothing special, more for companionship than a relationship. Anyhow, Aunt Adele told Mum it was about time she got back in the game for real, and suggested looking at online dating sites. I’m sure she’ll give you the full Monty, but apparently Mum clicked on the wrong link and ended up looking at a ‘woman seeks woman’ page.

“She got curious – cos of me, I suppose – and began to look around a bit. Well, she started chatting to one of the women there. I’m still not sure how it happened – hell, I’m not sure if Mum knows – but they ended up going on a date.”

“I… I’m positively gobsmacked,” Jess said, still wide-eyed. “So, did they, er, do the deed?”

“When I asked for details, she wouldn’t tell me much at first, but I got Mum to say that she’d been ‘intimate’. I couldn’t let her leave it at that. Thought I might have to waterboard her for an answer, but she finally admitted that she and this woman did have sex.”

“Bloody hell…”

“The thing is, Mum got cagey when I asked for details about, y’know, the other woman – where she was from, what she did for a living, was she married and just looking for fun, how old she was… that type of thing. It was the last question she was really vague on. Anyway, I pressed her, and finally got Mum to admit that the woman was in her thirties.”

“Wow, this is big news. Why didn’t she tell me?”

“Oh, Mum was worried about what you’d think. She felt at her age, dating someone that young might be seen as, well, sort of creepy. Anyway, I told her she had nothing to be worried about; there are lots of younger women who are into mature ladies. I’m sort of that way myself.”

Jessica grinned. “Does that make me one of your ‘mature ladies’, then? Don’t even think of answering that, by the way. So… is Mum still seeing her?”

“Don’t know, actually. I did get her to admit it was some of the best sex she’d ever had… but when I asked if she was going to see the woman again, Mum told me she wasn’t sure yet.”

“My, my,” Jess said, stroking her chin. “Sounds like our mother has made the transition from ‘straight,’ to ‘questioning’.”

“Well, if you ask me,” Laura declared, “she’s pitching for our team now. The last time we spoke, I brought up this mysterious acquaintance of hers, but Mum dodged the subject completely. And the only reason I can think of for her being so close-mouthed on the subject at this point – oh, I don’t know, call it female intuition, but I think Mum’s still seeing this woman, which means she’s also fucking her… and I suspect it’s difficult for her to adjust to the idea that she might be a lesbian.” She gave a small shrug. “I guess we’ll just have to ask her about it – after she finds out about you and Rachel, that is.”

“Yes, and that’s all she’ll find out, hopefully. I’ll need to have a serious talk with the girls about being extra careful while Mum’s here. Being gay is one thing, but incest with my daughters? My sister? There’s no bloody way she could deal with that.”

“I’m still having a bit of trouble with it myself,” Laura sighed, then registered her sister’s sudden frown. “Oh, don’t worry, big sister. Maybe it’s a case of thinking with my cunt instead of my brain, but I’m still very much part of whatever you call this.”

“The Family Love Club, that’s how Poppy puts it. And you’re almost part of it, kiddo.”

“What do you mean, almost?”

Jessica gave her sibling a wry smile. “You’ve not completed the membership tests.” Seeing the quizzical look on Laura’s face, she elaborated. “First, you haven’t been with Alice yet. Believe me, you won’t know what hit you, sharing a bed with that one. I swear, she must have been gay in an earlier life. Then there’s Rachel, who’s champing at the bit for some hot sister action with us both. And let’s not forget about Bella, Rachel’s oldest. She’s a bit shy, but incredibly sweet.”

Playfully cupping a breast, Laura said, “Believe me, I’m looking forward to enjoying myself with all of them. So when is your new, improved, supersize family due home?”

Looking over her shoulder at the large wall clock, Jess said, “It’s still early, so they probably won’t be home any time soon.” She snickered. “Mind you, I doubt Rachel will be fit for anything after a night with the girls.”

“But she’ll be wearing a smile.” Laura murmured. She briefly imagined herself in Rachel’s place, sharing a bed with four cute, energetic and very eager little lesbians, and felt an awakening twinge between her legs.

Jessica’s expression turned serious. “Laura, there’s something else I need to tell you about – two things, really. I want to be open about everything that’s been going on since… since I figured out the truth about myself.”

“Christ, Jess – what else is there?”

Jess took a deep breath. “So, I told you about Alice spending yesterday with Stella at the gallery, then having a sleepover with her twins? There’s more to it than that, a lot more. It seems that when we went to Stella’s for a barbecue a couple of weeks ago, Alice saw some things that convinced her the twins are fucking each other. Not only that, but she thinks they might also be having it off with their mum.”

“Stella is doing her daughters, too?” Laura’s face was a portrait of disbelief.

“I know it sounds crazy… but at the time, enough happened to indicate that something untoward is going on there, and that it may well involve incest. I’ll share the sordid details with you later tonight, when Alice and her sisters are here to help me tell you all of it.”

“And this has something to do with Alice spending the night at Stella’s…?”

“Indeed it does,” Jessica replied with a nod. “It’s obvious that Stella and her twins want sex with my oldest… and believe me, Alice loves that idea. So when Stella invited Alice over, we decided that she should accept.”

“Christ, Jess – you don’t think that’s sending Alice into a lion’s den? She’s only twelve!”

“Believe me, that girl can handle herself,” Jess said. “Alice won’t do anything sexual that she doesn’t want… which isn’t much, anyhow. Besides, Stella is one of my best friends, and I trust her implicitly. She’d never do anything to hurt my daughter.

“One thing I did discuss with Alice is the importance of keeping our family secret, and she promised not to give anything away. Of course, if Stella and the twins really are fucking… well, we’ll definitely want to reach out to them, if you know what I mean. But I made it clear to Alice that I’d be the one to make that move – not her.”

Laura still seemed a bit doubtful, but she’d always trusted her big sister’s judgement. “You said there were two things to discuss. Fuck me, I can’t even imagine what else you’ve been up to!”

“There is someone else I’ve slept with. Remember Sally, from the shop?”

“Not that young blonde teenager with the big tits? Bloody hell, Jess, that’s taking a chance. What if she starts posting stuff online about you?”

Jess rolled her eyes. “Yes, her… and she’s not some naive schoolgirl ninny, for goodness’ sake. Sally knows about Rachel, but not what we get up to with our daughters. Basically, she came round one day and said she wanted me to teach her about sex between women. Well, one thing led to another and we ended up in bed.”

“And this was after you first got together with Rachel?”

“Around the same time, really… but it was well before she and I decided we wanted a serious relationship. I told Rachel about it, of course. The thing is, she’d had a little dalliance of her own with this local girl named Millie. You’ve not met her – she babysits for us sometimes.

“Anyway, after Sally and I made love, I told her she really should be with someone her own age… but she had no idea how to find a potential girlfriend, and was too nervous about coming out at school. That’s when Rachel and I came up with a marvellous plan to fix Sally up with Millie. We invited them both over to Rachel’s for what turned out to be a surprise sex party, then steered them into each other’s arms.”

A dazed Laura slowly shook her head. “I don’t know what to say, Jess. You – you’re really embracing this new lifestyle!”

“With both arms. Mind you, Millie and Sally are now an honest-to-goodness couple, so I doubt I’ll be dipping into that cookie jar any time soon. Of course, they might need a refresher course one day…” Jessica gave her sister a sideways glance. “You’re not having second thoughts about this, are you?”

“About us? God, I don’t know. Well, no, I’m not – but this is a lot for me to take in.”

Jess rose from her stool, standing before Laura. “Well, just in case you’re having doubts…” Reaching down, she tugged at the loose belt of the thin robe her sister had borrowed, opening it to expose Laura’s bare body.

Laura’s eyes were filled with longing. “Oh, Jess…”

Gently tilting Laura’s head back, Jess bent down to claim a deep kiss before assisting the younger woman to her feet. They stood facing each other, lost in renewed desire. Jessica reached out to touch Laura’s taut belly, then dipped a hand between her sister’s legs to caress the warm, wet vulva. “Shall we go back to bed?” she murmured.

Laura could only nod assent, all doubts replaced by the memory of the previous night’s ecstasy. Jess shrugged off her own robe and taking Laura’s hand, mounted the stairs.

In the bedroom, they kissed lovingly before Jess took control of her little sister. She sat on the edge of the bed with thighs parted, a fire in her eyes that left no doubt as to what she wanted.

Without a word, Laura dropped to her knees to worship her sister’s cunt, burying her mouth in the soft pubes. She explored the hole with a probing tongue, then spent several minutes lavishing attention on Jessica’s clit.

Once Jess slumped backwards and began to moan, Laura decided to blow her sibling’s mind with a special move, one she often deployed to drive lovers wild.

Thanking providence that she’d thought to trim and file her fingernails the day before, Laura inserted her middle finger into Jessica’s pussy, seeking and finding the G-spot. When a spasm shook her sister’s frame, Laura added a second finger, then a third. Twisting them round to generate lubrication, aided by her tongue, she added her pinky to the mix.

Sprawled out on her back, Jess felt something different. She was reminded of the time Alice fucked her with Rachel’s biggest dildo on the night of their momentous family orgy, the only time she’d been penetrated by that monster.

She managed to lift her head to peer at Laura, who grinned at the puzzled look on Jessica’s face. “It’s okay, sis, I’m pretty sure you’ll love this. You may see yourself as a seasoned lesbian by now, but I’ll bet you’ve not been fisted yet.”

Actually, Poppy had once inserted her whole hand into Mummy’s cunt. But she was only seven, after all, with the hands of a child. Jess lay back, bracing herself for what promised to be a hell of a ride.

“Put your feet up on the bed, Jess,” Laura said, and Jess quickly complied, realising that the tables had been turned; her younger sister was now in charge.

Laura continued to twist her four fingers about until she felt Jessica’s copious fluids coating them. She carefully withdrew her fingers, just far enough to permit  the thumb to join them, then began to ease all five digits back into the dripping maw.

Still gently rotating her hand to and fro, she folded her thumb beneath the four fingers until she was making a fist. Okay, sister dear… get ready to rumble.

Pushing forward, Laura felt the opening of Jessica’s vagina stretch and give, permitting her entry a millimetre at a time until it slipped through the tight ring.

“Oh fuck, Laur. That’s… oh, m-my God!”

Her hand now curled into a ball, Laura began to gently move her arm back and forth, all the time turning her wrist this way and that.

It was like nothing Jess had ever felt. Laura’s knuckles pushed against the walls of her cunt, the tiniest movements wrenching her body as if she’d been caught up in an earthquake. She thrashed about on the bed, which only made the sensations more intense.

After a minute or so of hard fucking, Jess screamed out in ecstasy, clutching handfuls of the sheets.

Laura slowed her thrusts and relaxed, straightening her fingers as her sister’s orgasm gradually subsided.  She knew Jessica’s vagina had to be especially tender, and took pains to be gentle while slowly extracting her hand.

As Laura’s fingers emerged, her sister’s cunt suddenly spasmed, squirting a small stream of fluid that hit Laura square in the face.

Alarmed, Jess cried, “What the fuck was that? Omigod, did I just piss on you?”

Laura had to snicker at her sister’s horrified reaction. “No, it’s not piss. You squirted, Jess. It’s not all that unusual, really. I’ve had lovers who went off like water cannons when I fisted them.”

Jess shook her head in awe. “I’ve never done anything like that before… not even when Poppy put her hand into me.”

“It’s got something to do with creating pressure, I think.”

“Well, it was fucking amazing.”

Laura licked at her fingers and the back of her hand, unwilling to waste a drop of her sister’s essence. Jess drew her in for another kiss, then stood up, pulling Laura to her feet. She urged her younger sibling onto the bed, positioning her on all fours.

Laura’s head rested on the bed and her arse jutted up and out, presenting Jess with a mouthwatering view. Spreading her sister open with both hands, she leaned in and took a long slow lick, trailing her tongue from the tip of Laura’s clit to the pucker of her anus. Bringing her fingers into play, she slipped two into the juicy cunt, kissing her sibling’s rosebud like a lover’s mouth.

As Laura’s juices began to flow, she was startled to hear the familiar voice of Katie calling out, “Mum, we’re ho-ome!”

Raising her face from Laura’s bum, Jess called, “We’re up here.”

Laura pulled away, searching round for something to cover herself with – but Jess gripped her shoulder, the fingers of the other hand still sheathed in Laura’s pussy. “No, you don’t. Stay where you are. This party’s just beginning, little sister.”

Laura meekly submitted to Jessica’s will, though still reluctant to be caught in this situation. They heard the thunder of steps up the stairs before Katie and Poppy appeared in the doorway.

Jess gave her daughters a big smile. “Morning, girls. I didn’t expect you this early!”

The girls giggled, but before they could answer, Rachel appeared behind them. “They woke me up at the crack of dawn,” she said. “Bet you can guess how.”

“Oh, I’ve been awakened that way myself, believe you me!” Jess replied with a chuckle.

Rachel tilted her head slightly, intrigued by the view of Jessica’s sister – naked, on all fours, looking back over her shoulder with flushed cheeks. “Hello Laura,” she purred. “So nice to see you again. Guess I don’t need to ask how last night went.”

As Jess withdrew from her sister’s cunt, Laura slowly turned round and carefully seated herself on the bed, forcing herself to make eye contact with her sister’s lover. Lustful desire was clearly written on Rachel’s face.

Jess padded over to her daughters, giving each a brief but lustful kiss on the mouth. Both little girls responded in a similar way – licking their lips, enjoying the familiar flavour of Auntie Laura’s cunt. As she straightened, Jessica was about to kiss Rachel, but a wicked idea popped into her head. She turned to see Laura staring at them, arms covering her breasts as she sat quietly, still uncertain of how to react.

Turning back to Rachel, Jess offered two pussy-coated fingers to her lover. Rachel drew them into her mouth and sucked the nectar from them, all the while staring at Laura, who shivered at the sight.

Jessica gestured toward the bed. “Care to join us, Rach?”

“There’s nothing I’d like more. Unfortunately,” she sighed, “I have to be at work in half an hour. I finish early this afternoon, though, so what if I come back then? In the meantime, I could return the favour and send over a couple of young cuties who would love to be a part of this.”

“That sounds wonderful. We’ll keep it hot for you.”

Turning to Katie and Poppy, Rachel knelt before them. “Thank you girls. Last night was lovely.”

Both girls embraced the older woman. Poppy said, “Thanks, Mummy Rachel. It was fun!”

As she stood, Rachel said, “I’m looking forward to getting to know you better, Laura. Much better.”

Laura managed to mumble, “Me too,” giving her sister’s lover a bashful smile.

Blowing kisses, Rachel exited. Jess made to follow, then turned back to the girls. “Well? Don’t keep your auntie waiting, you two.”

“Yay!” they cheered, then Poppy and Katie started stripping off their clothes.

Still nude, Jess walked Rachel downstairs. At the front door, Rachel turned. “So, I assume your evening with Laura went according to plan.”

“There were a couple of moments when I wasn’t sure. I told her everything; it seemed best not to keep secrets. She knows about Sally and Millie, and about Alice, whatever she’s up to at Stella’s place.”

“Getting ravished by the whole family, we hope. How did she take it?”

“Surprisingly well. Oh, by the way, Laura had a surprise of her own to share. She told me that our mother has been on a date with a woman – and sex was definitely involved!”

“Get away! Ann’s taking a walk on the wild side?”

“So I’ve been told. Mum gets back from her cruise in a few days, so I’ll tell her about us. Not everything, obviously.”

“Well, maybe she takes after her daughter. Your mother might just make up the full family set!”

Jess shook her head. “Christ, I can’t even imagine how she’d respond to something like that! No, we have to keep that part of our relationship completely secret.”

“All I know is that Ann is still an amazingly attractive woman,” Rachel murmured, slipping a hand between Jessica’s thighs. “Don’t you dare tell me the idea hasn’t crossed your mind.” Her smile seemed to radiate wickedness.

Her heart racing, Jess twisted away. “I don’t want to talk about that, Rachel. This situation is already crazy enough!”

Knowing she’d gone too far, Rachel drew her lover in for a gentle hug. “Sorry, Jess,” she whispered. “Guess I’m too perverted for my own good, eh?”

“I wouldn’t have you any other way, you cow,” Jess said, then broke their embrace. “You’re going to be late if you don’t get a move on. Remember, you were going to send your girls over. Don’t tell them what it’s about, though – let it be a surprise. And hurry back yourself – soon as you can!” They shared a kiss, then Rachel was gone.

Perching on the arm of the sofa, Jess patiently waited. A minute later, there was a knock on the door.

Jess opened it, mindful of her complete lack of clothing. As she closed the door behind Bella and Cindy, they stared at her, both visibly excited.

“Morning, girls. We have a lovely surprise waiting for you upstairs.”

On to Chapter Thirty-Two!


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