… And Debbie Makes Three

  • Posted on March 22, 2022 at 3:12 pm

Author’s note:  When I wrote My Cousin Nancy it was presented in the first person from the POV (point of view) of Cass. And Debbie Makes Three is, at its core, a retelling of that story with an exception. This version is told in the third person from the POV of Nancy giving you access to thoughts and actions not revealed in the previous story. And, because some readers asked for it, I added some extra naughtiness, as the title suggests.

If you want to read Cass’s perspective on these events afterward, you may wish to read or re-read My Cousin Nancy before starting this story, but it is not necessary.

Thank you to all of you who have read my works and have left comments. You are the reason writers write.


By Amanda Lynn


Nancy had been reading quietly when her little sister Debbie rushed into her bedroom with all the enthusiasm of a kid at Christmas, hopping onto the bed and landing on her knees.

“Mom and Dad have gone grocery shopping!” the 8-year-old said, far more enthusiastically than such an event warranted.

“Um-hmm,” Nancy acknowledged the statement with all the teenage nonchalance she could muster. She was 6 years older than Debbie after all, she had to give her younger sister a hard time, even if the news filled her with just as much excitement. Lounging on the bed with her back against the headboard and her legs crossed at the ankles, she kept her face hidden behind the teen magazine she’d been reading.

“Did you hear me!” Debbie bounced once, hoping to get Nancy’s attention.


Debbie growled. “Mom and Dad are out of the house for like…two hours!”

“That’s nice,” Nancy said with a mock yawn, though she was grinning behind her magazine. She knew very well what her sister was hinting at.

“But, Nancy,” Debbie whined, drawing out the name. “I thought you would want to…you know.”

Nancy lowered the magazine enough to catch Debbie’s eyes. “No. I don’t think so,” she said innocently.

Debbie glared at her, thumping a hand on the mattress. “Yes, you do!” she humphed.

They stared at each other for a long moment, then Nancy sighed and tossed the magazine to the floor. She’d had her fun, but now it was time for…well, a different kind of fun. Standing, she crossed the room, her little sister’s eyes following her movements, and closed the door. Not that there was any real need to. There was nobody else in the house and their parents wouldn’t be home for a couple of hours. Still, it seemed like the right thing to do.

Nancy grinned when she turned back and saw Debbie on all fours, bum pointed toward her. The sweatpants that Debbie wore were pulled snug, showing off the curves of her cute little butt. Until that day six weeks ago, Nancy hadn’t given a second thought to how cute her sister was—at least, not in a sexual way. It was different now. They had crossed a line back then, done taboo things. She was the older sister. She could have stopped it. Should have stopped it. But she hadn’t. She’d allowed it to happen, allowed it to continue and now it was too late to stop. Not that she wanted to, anyway.

Pausing at the edge of the bed, Nancy caressed Debbie’s bum, and a delicious warmth pooled low in her abdomen. Debbie glanced back at her, a smile on her flushed cheeks, a smile that only served to fuel Nancy’s growing desire. Hooking her fingers under the waistband, she pulled her sister’s pants and underwear over her hips and down to her knees, exposing the flawless smooth skin of Debbie’s ass.

Nancy hummed in appreciation of the sight. Who would have thought that an 8-year-old’s bum could be so damn sexy? Nancy caressed each cheek for a moment before kneeling as if to worship the tantalizing ass before her. She slowly spread Debbie’s cheeks with her thumbs, revealing her sister’s little hole. In response, Debbie moved her knees apart as far as her pants would allow, clearly eager for what came next. Nancy inhaled deeply. The younger girl’s scent was faint but rather pleasant. She leaned in for a taste, swiping her tongue from entrance to anus and making Debbie twitch and whimper.

Nancy’s clit was begging for attention now, and she didn’t need to feel herself to know that she was dripping wet. But that would have to wait, for now, she needed to finish what she’d started. Nancy plunged her tongue into her sister’s vagina, relishing the damp heat there for a while, then she moved back up to circle Debbie’s pucker.

This was something new for them. Nancy had only used her tongue on her sister’s ass once before, and that had been by accident, at first. A twitch from Debbie as they fooled around had caused Nancy to inadvertently run her tongue over Debbie’s pucker. She’d thought it would be the grossest thing, but found otherwise. It wasn’t nasty at all. Not in a bad way, anyway. The naughtiness of it actually excited Nancy. And Debbie seemed to enjoy it as well if her hip rolls were any indication. So Nancy had kept going, and discovered a new way to have sexy fun.

Now she was back at it, letting her tongue lick and swirl around her little sister’s asshole. Doing something so dirty was turning her on even more. But she knew that wouldn’t be enough to get her partner off, so she finally stood and ran a hand up Debbie’s back while she cupped the little girl’s pussy with the other. Quickly finding her clit, Nancy teased the little bud, rubbing it in small circles. Debbie sucked in a breath and threw her head back as she moaned loudly.

On the day that Debbie had caught her masturbating some weeks ago, rubbing her little sister’s clit had been the last thing Nancy would have ever thought she’d do. Debbie hadn’t been horrified or grossed out, though, or anything negative like one would expect from a child catching their big sister with her fingers in her pussy. Instead, being the inquisitive girl that she was, Debbie was full of questions. What are you doing? Why are you doing it? Does it feel good? Things like that. Nancy gave her short simple answers, knowing that deflecting or refusing to answer wouldn’t work. But it was when Debbie shoved off her pajama bottoms and demanded to be shown how to masturbate that Nancy found herself at a loss.

Debbie was too damn stubborn to be simply shooed from the room, and there was a real threat that she might tattle. So Nancy invited her little sister onto the bed to sit beside her, hoping a quick demonstration would be enough to satisfy the young girl’s curiosity. It seemed like a good plan at the time. They sat there, side by side, playing with their pussies. Debbie watched Nancy’s hand, mimicking her movements. Nancy watched Debbie’s hand, feeling flustered and confused as she became more and more aroused at the sight. Why in the fuck was she getting turned on watching her little sister masturbate?

That was when it happened. The moment when Nancy watched her own hand push Debbie’s out of the way all by itself and begin to masturbate her little sister. Not just a quick touch, no, but a full, orgasm-inducing flurry of fingers. What the hell was she doing? Why hadn’t she done this sooner? When Debbie squealed as her body convulsed in ecstasy, Nancy felt her excitement surging, triggering her own climax.

Nancy flopped onto her back, eyes closed. What the hell was wrong with her? Her mind raced with images of what had just happened. It was hard to deny it had been the hottest thing ever. She gasped and her eyes flew open wide when she felt small fingers slipping between her legs and finding her still throbbing clit.

“Is this…okay? I wanna try doing it to you,” Debbie asked in an excited whisper.

Nancy had just come, but Debbie had no way of knowing that. Nancy wanted to say no—felt like she should, anyway—but…she just couldn’t make herself, and simply nodded in acceptance instead. Debbie made her come again. Quite quickly in fact. Faster than she had ever made herself come.

That had been the beginning of their sexual adventure together, and it had only gotten better from there! As they explored these new experiences, they’d developed their love-making skills, leading to increasingly more intense orgasms.

By now, Nancy was familiar enough with her little sister’s body to know when she was close to coming, and she definitely was at the moment. Debbie’s hips rocked in time with the motion of Nancy’s hand. The younger girl stretched out her arms and dropped forward, apparently unable to keep holding herself up, but her butt was still in the air. She moaned into the blanket as Nancy toyed with her pussy.

Nancy wanted a taste, though. She paused her touches only long enough to roll Debbie over and finish pulling her pants and underwear off. With the younger girl now on her back with her legs spread, Nancy knelt once more and took her little sister with her mouth. Debbie squirmed and pushed her hips up eagerly. But when she came, Nancy didn’t let up. She kept licking and sucking intently until she’d given her sister a second toe-curling orgasm.

“Is that what you were looking for?” Nancy asked. She smiled playfully at Debbie, quickly peeling off her own clothes.

Debbie nodded, her face flushed. “Yeah,” she said between panting breaths.

Nancy crawled onto the bed and lay with her head on a pillow. She spread her legs invitingly, and Debbie wasted no time taking position between them. The young girl’s thigh pressed against Nancy’s center, and her lips quickly went to one nipple, releasing a wave of pleasure that washed over Nancy. She groaned and arched her back, moving her hips to intensify the electricity that sparked from her clit.

Nancy grabbed the girl’s ass and pulled Debbie into her. She rocked, grinding her pussy into her sister’s thigh, but she only managed a couple of thrusts before the little tease wiggled away, smiling and giggling. Before Nancy could protest, though, Debbie was already kneeling between her legs. Her sister’s tongue explored her pussy, swirling around her clit and delving deep into her vagina. Nancy bucked, gripping the blanket as each lick brought her closer to the edge.

Debbie was new to this. A bit clumsy and unsure. Still, she was learning quickly. The wonderful feelings that were coursing through Nancy’s body could easily attest to that fact.

“Oh, God, yes,” Nancy said when two fingers slipped inside her. Debbie began pumping them, slowly at first, then accelerating the rhythm, all along keeping her mouth on Nancy’s clit. That familiar sensation deep inside her quickly built up, reaching its climax before she knew what hit her. Nancy cried out, tangling her fingers in Debbie’s hair, and holding her in place as she rode out the aftershocks.

When Nancy finally released her, Debbie flopped down on the bed beside her and they rested for a while. Nancy looked up at the ceiling as her breathing slowly returned to normal. She loved that her sister, typically a little brat, also had this side to her. A pain in the ass most of the time, but when they were alone, she was a horny little sexpot who loved to get naughty with her big sister.

Nancy looked over at the clock and then at Debbie. “We still have time. Ready for round two?”

Debbie grinned. “Uh-huh. Can I sit on your face this time?”




The winter night air nipped at Nancy’s face and the snow crunched under her boots as she hurried home. She wasn’t quite late just yet, but she had stayed longer at her friend’s house than she had planned. It was all Trudy’s fault, really. Well, at least some of it was, anyway. Okay, damn it, it was probably mostly Nancy’s fault! She’d initiated the dirty talk, after all, and that had led to some hot and heavy making out. It hadn’t been the first time either, but usually, that was all that happened, steamy kisses with some touching relegated to the upper arms and back.

But tonight, as if by unspoken agreement, they’d explored further. Feeling up one another’s boobs through their clothes led to them falling back on the bed with Nancy on top. Hips ground together until they both shuddered, gasping against each other’s neck. They blushed and giggled, neither brave enough to comment on what they had just shared.

Thoughts of what had happened with her friend and where it may go in the future swirled around inside Nancy’s head as she pushed open the front door. Shedding her coat and boots, she made her way to the living room.

“I’m home,” Nancy announced as she crossed the living room and held her hands in front of the fireplace to warm them.

“Hi, honey,” her mother said. “Cass is downstairs with your sister. She’s been asking after you, so you should go say hi.”

Nancy smiled at the thought. “I will, Mom.” Her 10-year-old cousin Cassidy would be staying with them for a few days while Cass’s parents took a trip to Las Vegas that they had won in a radio contest. Nancy liked Cass, though they didn’t get to visit each other that often because they lived in different towns. More than that, though, what had made Nancy smile was that she knew that Cass had a bit of an infatuation with her. Not that it was a secret to anyone in her family, the way that Cass had always clung to her every time there was a family gathering.

Her cousin’s little crush was simply sweet and innocent. That’s how Nancy had viewed it, at least. Until just recently. Now, an intriguing question had come to her the night she heard that Cass would be visiting. It was an idea she’d never have had if she and Debbie hadn’t started fooling around, but… Now she had to wonder if Cass would be interested in crossing that line, too?

Her cousin was very cute, after all; Nancy had always thought so. She loved the way Cass’s blue eyes sparkled, and how she wore her blonde hair down past her shoulders—at least she did the last time Nancy had seen her. In light of recent events, she now also had to imagine how the pretty little girl would look like naked. How she’d look like as Nancy made her come.

The thought still filled her with that pleasant feeling as she hurried, trying not to be too obvious, toward the stairs leading down to the family room.

As soon as Nancy came down, Cassidy looked up from where she sat on the sofa next to Debbie and beamed brightly, jumping to her feet. Nancy grinned back, feeling excited tingles in her belly. God, Cass was even cuter than she remembered. She crossed the short distance in two easy strides and pulled her cousin into a hug.

“Hi, Cass. How are things?”

Nancy held the embrace, maybe a bit longer than customary, letting her hands caress Cass’s back. The scent of Cass’s shampoo touched her nostrils. Apple, perhaps? She should let go but, damn, it felt so nice to hold this little cutie in her arms. Nancy noticed Debbie looking at them, a knowing smirk on her face. Sure that her sister knew exactly what was going through her mind, Nancy felt the heat climbing up her neck and pulled back from Cass. She thought she saw the slightest shade of pink coloring her cousin’s cheeks.

For the rest of the evening, Nancy hung out with the younger girls. They talked, filling each other in on any news or juicy gossip that they may have missed since that last time they were together. Any chance she got, Nancy let her eyes wander over Cass’s body. She was so cute—no, hot— and Nancy caught herself undressing Cass in her mind more than once.

When bedtime rolled around, Nancy let her fingers gently trace the length of Cass’s arm as she said good night to the girls, the slight touch enough to send pleasurable shivers down her spine. Headed down the hall off the family room, she made a quick stop at the bathroom before going to her bedroom. She leaned her back against the door once it was closed and let out a soft moan. Her libido had sprung into high gear the moment she’d laid eyes on Cass, and it was still going strong.

Nancy pulled her top over her head and tossed it into the laundry basket. Unbuttoning her pants, she glanced at her reflection in the dresser mirror. Her breasts were covered by her pink bra, but it was the erect nipples poking against the material that caught her attention. How long had they been like that? Probably since she’d hugged Cass, she guessed, and that made her cheeks warm, along with other parts of her body. Had Cass noticed? She hoped so.

She chuckled to herself and pushed off her pants, kicking them aside. Nancy undid her bra and looked at herself in the mirror once again. She cupped her breasts, enjoying the sensations. The soft flesh and pointed nipples against her palm increased the arousal between her legs. She slid a hand downward, slipping into her underwear, and found wetness.

She watched herself in the mirror as she began to play with herself. The teen girl looking back at her in the reflection was flushed, light pink coloring her chest, neck, and cheeks. Her lips parted as she moaned softly. The fingers moving through her folds found her clit and her body jerked at the touch. Nancy rolled her hips and slipped a finger into her vagina. How could she be so fucking horny so quickly? The orgasm she had shared with Trudy hadn’t happened all that long ago. Yet, here she was, wet and throbbing with need. Had holding Cass done this to her? Well, whatever. She didn’t want to analyze it anymore, she just needed to come.

Peeling off her panties, she grabbed a large teddy bear that sat on a chair in the corner of the room. It was brown and fuzzy and had seen better days. Nancy plopped the stuffed toy onto the bed then straddled it. Her teddy bear looked up at her with glass eyes and a stitched mouth that was pulled up into a smile, as if it was looking forward to what was to come. Nancy certainly was.

She held the furry head and lowered herself onto it, pushing its snout into her sex. Nancy rocked her hips and adjusted her position until her swollen clit found the rigid piece of plastic that was the bear’s nose. Moaning, she watched herself ride the teddy bear’s face in the mirror. This wasn’t their first time. Far from it. The bear had been a present from when she was a year or two old. Nancy was 8 or so when she accidentally discovered that rubbing her pussy against the bear’s nose could cause such wonderful feelings which, after more experimenting, led to her first orgasm. And many more since then.

She could feel that a new climax wasn’t far away, in fact. That delicious pressure deep in her belly grew as she pictured Cass. Tried imagining her naked. God, if only. Nancy pinched a nipple, rolling it between her thumb and forefinger. She studied the mirror, becoming more and more aroused as she watched herself ride her furry friend. Her breaths became fast and shallow. Hips moving faster still. Erotic images of Cass, memories of humping Trudy to orgasm, and Debbie’s naughty knowing grin finally sent her over the edge. She squeezed her eyes shut as her body stiffened and exquisite pleasure raced through her.

Finally, she rolled off the bear and collapsed onto her bed. She lay there for some time, not opening her eyes until her breathing had calmed. It had been so intense, and she wasn’t sure if she had screamed or not. She’d definitely felt the need to. It had been a few minutes, though, and no one was knocking on her door to check on her, so it seemed she’d been quiet enough. She sighed in relief.

With the last shadows of pleasure fading away, she collected her teddy bear and kissed its nose. The taste of her arousal touched her lips and she giggled. “You’re such a lucky bear,” she told the stuffed toy, placing it back on the chair until it was needed again. Pulling on a clean pair of panties, Nancy crawled into bed and turned off the light. Sleep claimed her quickly and she dreamed of naughty fantasies starring her sexy younger cousin.



A full bladder woke Nancy. The long sliver of sunlight that peeked around the curtain and streaked the wall told Nancy it was morning, and it was time to get up, lest she make a mess in her bed. Groggily, she threw the covers back and stood, and as was her custom, she headed down the hall in only her blue panties.

She froze in place when her foggy brain registered the presence of someone else in front of the bathroom door. Nancy had forgotten that she wasn’t alone in the basement today and that the two other girls might also need the bathroom. At this moment, it was sexy young Cassidy.

Nancy stood there topless for a moment and probably would have remained so if it wasn’t for the stiffening of her nipples making her a little embarrassed. She quickly covered herself with an arm but not before Cass had gotten an eyeful.

“Jeez, Cass. You scared the crap out of me,” she said with a nervous chuckle.

“Sorry, I n-needed to pee,” Cass stammered.

Nancy held out an arm toward the bathroom. “After you,” she said before the situation became any more awkward. When Cass closed the door behind her, Nancy breathed a sigh and dashed back to her room.

“Holy crap!” she muttered to herself. It had been a quick glance, but she was sure that Cass had checked her out. A good sign, she thought. Nancy pulled on a T-shirt and stepped back into the hall as the bathroom door opened. She smiled and gave Cass a friendly squeeze on her shoulder as she brushed past and into the bathroom. It had been a simple touch, but it affected her, nonetheless. Her stomach fluttered and her heart seemed to beat a bit quicker.

Cass and Debbie were sitting at the breakfast table when Nancy entered the kitchen. She greeted her mother, who was preparing eggs and bacon, with a kiss on the cheek. Filling a glass with orange juice, she turned to the table and caught Cass’s eyes. Nancy smiled and gave her cousin a wink. Pink touched the younger girl’s cheeks. As she passed behind Cass toward her chair, Nancy couldn’t help but reach out and let her fingertips gently run across her cousin’s back, from one shoulder to the other. The touch made Nancy tingle with excitement, and she wondered if it did the same to Cass.

They chatted as they ate, then cleared the table when they were done. Nancy had planned to hang out with Cass and Debbie, but once they made it downstairs it looked like the girls were going to be playing with Barbies. Not really her thing.

Nancy glanced out the window as she headed for her room. The sun was shining, and it glinted off the freshly fallen snow. Taken by sudden inspiration, she turned back to the girls and suggested they all go sledding instead. Cass and Debbie eagerly agreed and the three of them bundled up and made their way to the hill.

The afternoon went by quickly. They raced each other down the hill, then built a snowman when they began to tire from climbing the hill after each run. A snowball fight broke out soon after and Nancy found herself outnumbered when Cass and Debbie joined forces, finally falling to her knees in surrender.

Nancy yelped when Debbie jumped on her and they tumbled back into the snow. When Cass approached a moment later, laughing, Nancy reached out and pulled the girl into the tussle, right on top of her. Surely that would look innocent enough, but the truth was she’d wanted to feel Cass’s body against her. And God, did she feel it! As Cass fell, her thigh somehow slipped between Nancy’s legs and pressed right against her sex. Nancy had to stifle a moan.

It was unlikely that Cass knew what she was doing to Nancy at that moment, triggering that familiar pull low in her belly, yet as Nancy lay still for what seemed like ever, staring back into those surprised eyes, it seemed that they also twinkled with…something else.

“Are you going to kiss?” Debbie interrupted.

“What? No!” Cass sputtered.

Just like that, the moment was over, but Nancy wasn’t ready to let it go just yet. As if by instinct, she found herself leaning up and kissing Cass, just as her sister had asked. It was just a quick peck, but it felt nice, and it left her wanting more.

Figuring that trying to make out with Cass right now was not a great idea, she rolled her cousin onto her back and tickled her instead, making a joke of it all. She pounced on Debbie as well to give her some payback for cutting short their moment, and soon the three of them were laughing and rolling around in the snow, tickling each other as best they could through their thick winter clothes. Nancy was reasonably certain that Cass had copped a feel of her boobs at one point, and fervently hoped the girl would want to do more of that later.

When they’d had their fill of outdoor wintery fun, they began to head back. All their pants were soaked from the snow, and were growing cold and uncomfortable now that the commotion had died down. Coats and boots were shed when they arrived home, and Debbie went off to her room on the main floor to get dry clothes while Nancy and Cass headed downstairs to change.

“I may need a crowbar to get these jeans off,” Cass said, popping the button.

Nancy froze, her vaginal muscles clenching at the opportunity presenting itself. “Let me help,” she offered with a grin, moving hastily before the moment was lost. She knelt in front of her cousin and unzipped the girl’s wet pants, then hooked her fingers in the waistbands of both jeans and panties, and with a firm yank, pulled them over Cass’s hips and to her thighs.

The T-shirt Cass wore was long enough to hide her sex from view, but Nancy remedied that situation with a gentle push that sent Cass plopping back onto the sofa with a yelp.

“Is your shirt wet, too?” she asked after she had finished ridding Cass of her jeans and panties.

Cass nodded and Nancy felt the hem of her T-shirt. Sure enough, it was soaked from being tucked into the jeans. Standing, Nancy pulled the garment up and Cass lifted her arms without hesitation to let her take it off entirely.

Glancing down at her cousin’s body, Nancy swallowed. Cass was now completely naked, save for a pair of socks, and she was just as hot and sexy as Nancy had imagined. Her lust practically boiling, it was all Nancy could do not to go down on the girl right then and there.

Noticing some redness on Cass’s thighs, Nancy sensed another tempting opportunity. “Your legs are red from the cold, let me warm them,” she offered, kneeling down again. Laying her hands on her cousin’s thighs sent a rush of warmth in her lower body, despite the coolness of Cass’s flesh. Slowly, she began rubbing the girl’s legs, the friction warming their skin. How far did she dare go? Cass was naked, and so far, didn’t seem to mind staying that way. Maybe Nancy could move her hands just a bit higher

As if reading Nancy’s thoughts, Cass spread her legs a little, putting her bald pussy on display. Nancy couldn’t help grinning as she took in the sight, her mouthwatering. Surely this was an invitation. Slowly, she slid her hands up the inside of Cass’s thighs. The thought of touching her cousin’s sex stirred the fire between her own legs.

Suddenly, the door to the family room opened and Debbie came bounding down the stairs. Instinctively, Nancy jerked her hands away and stood up. Damn it! So close, she thought. She gave Cass a meek smile and hurried to her room.


Nancy’s intent had been to quickly change, and she’d gone so far as to take off her wet clothes, now lying in a heap in her laundry basket. But now, once again she stood naked in front of her mirror, her clit craving attention, all because of her sexy young cousin. She could wait until bedtime when she could take her time, but she wasn’t sure that she could stand to wait until then. Or she could rub out a quick one. She was sure it wouldn’t take long.

Making the easy decision, Nancy flopped onto the bed and spread her legs. She found her clit and began to rub it with abandon, all the while picturing Cass’s naked body.

“Oh fuck,” she moaned.

Increasing the tempo, she rolled her head to the side and spied her teddy bear sitting in its usual place. Its unseeing eyes seemed to be judging her. Maybe it was jealous that its nose wasn’t buried in her pussy right now. “Sorry, pal. Next time,” she whispered just as the orgasm hit her. She threw her head back and opened her mouth in a silent cry of release.

Once recovered, she pulled on shorts and a tee then strolled into the family room to join the girls. The wood stove was going, making the room toasty warm. Cass and Debbie had also chosen to wear shorts.

“You guys up for some Uno before supper?” Nancy asked.

“Sure,” Debbie replied while Cass nodded her agreement.

The three of them sat cross-legged on the floor in a loose circle, far enough apart to keep their cards hidden, but close enough that Nancy could let her fingers roam teasingly up the length of Cass’s back and over her thigh. She heard her younger cousin inhale a sharp breath at one touch that caused her whole body to twitch. Nancy smiled to herself, wondering just how far Cass would let her go.

As they all sat at the supper table a while later, Nancy tried to behave herself, but it was difficult with her cousin sitting right next to her. All she wanted was to run her hands all over the girl’s body. As they ate and talked, Debbie recounting their adventures on the snow-covered hill, Nancy took the risk to reach under the table and touch Cass’s thigh. She had to stifle a laugh when Cass jerked and a blush reddened her cheeks. Sliding her hand further up, her finger slipped under the leg hem of Cass’s shorts. Eyes growing wide, the girl shot her an alarmed look that Nancy could only read as Are you crazy?

Nancy withdrew her hand a moment later and grinned mischievously at her younger cousin, happy with the reaction she’d got. They all chatted for a while, then Nancy and the girls helped in the kitchen with clean-up after their meal was done. When her mother thanked them for their help and shooed them away, Nancy led them back to the family room where they carried on with their card game. Once again Nancy sat close to Cass, and she could tell the girl was enjoying the nearness as well. If only they had a little more privacy.

“You guys want to watch a movie?” Nancy asked, getting an idea.

“Can we watch Frozen 2?” Debbie asked with a big smile on her face.

Nancy groaned. “Again? You’ve seen it a hundred times, I’m sure.”

“I haven’t seen it yet!” Cass added.

Nancy grimaced and sighed. “Fine. Frozen it is. Why don’t you two get into your nightclothes and I’ll make us some popcorn?”

The girls agreed and Nancy hurried to the kitchen to get their snack. Grabbing a bag of microwave popcorn, she tossed it into the machine, then poured three glasses of Coke. A short time later, Nancy returned to the family room with a tray of refreshments. Cass and Debbie were sitting on the sofa, Debby in her PJs and Cass wearing an oversized tee that came to mid-thigh. The sight of the girl’s bare legs made her grin.

“That looks comfortable,” Nancy said. “I think I’ll change too.” Setting the tray down, she hurried off to her room to change. She was going to have some fun with her cute little cousin tonight, that much was for sure. Just how far she would go was yet to be determined, but Nancy decided to improve her odds by wearing something sexy. She quickly stripped and went to her dresser, pulling out a light blue tank top and a pair of matching blue panties. Once dressed, she checked herself out in the mirror. “What do you think?” she asked, turning to the stuffed bear. “I’d do me. Wouldn’t you? Of course you would, and you might get your chance later.” She giggled and left the room.

As Nancy walked into the family room, Cass trailed off mid-sentence in whatever she’d been telling Debbie. The girl’s eyes widened as her gaze locked on to Nancy’s exposed midriff for a rather long while before she finally looked up. Nancy gave Cass a crooked grin when they made eye contact, then she squatted in front of the shelves holding the DVDs. It only took her a moment to locate the movie, plop it into the machine, and switch on the TV.

Cass had sat on one end of the sofa with Debbie on the other, leaving plenty of space for Nancy in the middle. Of course, Nancy had no intention of leaving any space between herself and her sexy cousin. She sat right next to Cass then stretched to hit the light switch, leaning toward the girl as she did so. Her movements pulled the material of her tank taut across her breasts while simultaneously bringing them much closer to Cass’s face. She didn’t miss how her cousin looked pointedly to where an erect nipple was noticeable through the fabric, and she thought Cass might even have licked her lips.

“Like what you see?” Nancy asked in a hushed voice as the room darkened.

Cass opened her mouth as if to speak then snapped it shut. Nancy grinned to herself then settled into her spot on the sofa, her bare thigh touching Cass’s.

They sat in silence for a while, watching the movie and munching on popcorn. The warmth from the woodstove was pleasant but not as pleasant as the heat that was building between Nancy’s legs. It was time to make a move. Now or never. Besides, Nancy was fairly certain that Cass would be receptive to her advances. Cautiously, she reached over and placed a hand on her cousin’s knee. The skin was soft and smooth, so nice to touch, and Cass didn’t protest. In fact, Cass seemed quite happy with the attention, judging by the subtle sound of a quick, excited breath. Nancy was going to take this as a good sign and hopefully as unspoken permission to do more.

“Do you think she’s pretty?” Nancy asked in a soft whisper.

“Huh? Who?” Cass asked.

Nancy nodded at the screen. “Elsa. Do you think she’s pretty?”

“Yeah, I guess so.”

“I bet the rumors are true.”

“What rumors?”

“That she’s a lesbian,” Nancy said. She moved her hand then, letting it travel slowly up to Cass’s thigh. “I bet she’s even fooled around with Anna.”

Cass turned to look at her in utter shock. “They’re sisters.”

Nancy shrugged. “True, but it doesn’t mean they didn’t.” She chuckled, knowing full well how intimate sisters could get.

She began caressing the girl’s leg from mid-thigh to knee and back again in a slow deliberate manner. The somewhat innocent touching was getting to Nancy, her pulse thumping in her ears. She desperately wanted to go further. With the next upward stroke, she moved higher than before, grazing Cass’s inner thigh. She repeated the movement. Down and up, down, and up, until she felt the skin beneath her fingertips quiver.

Cass’s breath was soft but ragged, telling Nancy all she needed to know about the girl’s condition. On the next upward pass, she brushed her fingers against the hem of Cass’s panties and paused there for a moment before sliding up to her hip. This was the moment. This was what she’d been yearning to do all day. Confidently, she slipped her hand down and cupped the younger girl’s pussy.

The fabric was wet. Nancy smiled to herself, reveling in the thought that she was the one who had made this little girl all wet. Of course, her own underwear was just as damp, if not more so, and her clit was demanding attention. She was as turned on as she’d ever been, but it wasn’t her own sex that she was most interested in at that moment. Moving her hand, she used the tip of her middle finger to apply pressure up Cass’s slit and to her clit. Nancy had no sooner touched that sensitive spot than her cousin’s pelvis thrust upward, her body stiffening as she gripped the sofa cushion tight. Holy crap! She’d made Cass come with just a touch!

She was feeling very proud of herself at that moment, and watching her little cousin climax was such a turn-on. When Cass finally came down from her orgasmic high and turned to look at her, Nancy gave her a big smile, then turned her attention back to the movie for appearances’ sake. She had no intention of stopping their game, though, continuing to trace little circles over Cass’s clit with a finger. She wondered as they sat there if Cass would be brave enough to return the touch. She hoped she would, and her clit most assuredly hoped so as well! Soon enough, Nancy had her answer when a hand timidly touched her thigh. It moved slowly at first, not traveling far from where it had landed, but soon Cass became bolder and her hand journeyed closer and closer to Nancy’s wanting pussy.

Nancy held her breath in anticipation. It would only be a matter of seconds before she felt her younger cousin’s hand on her sex. But just as it was about to happen, the sound of the family room door opening and someone descending the stairs made them jump. Quickly, they both withdrew their hands and adjusted their position on the sofa.

“Is the movie almost over, girls? It’s getting late,” Nancy’s mom asked.

“Just about, Mom. Five minutes or so,” Nancy replied.

“Okay then.” Her mom picked up the tray with the empty popcorn bowl and glasses. “Goodnight, girls,” she said, then headed back up the stairs.

The close call had given Nancy a bit of a scare. Cass probably felt the same, judging by the very uncomfortable look on her face. What a way to ruin the moment.

In any case, the movie was ending now, anyway. Nancy stood as the credits began to roll and switched off the TV. “Night, you two,” she said with a stretch and a yawn, then headed off to her room, deeply frustrated that their fun had been cut short right at that crucial moment.


Nancy pulled off her clothes as soon as her door was closed. Naked, she sat on the bed and looked at her stuffed fuck buddy. She was wet and horny as hell. Of that, there was no doubt. The memories of what had happened on the sofa with Cass swirled through her mind, fueling her horniness. She could rub one out, let her bear make her come then drift off to sleep. But she didn’t. It took some effort, though, but she could guess that Cass was probably in the same state, and that presented the enticing possibility of them carrying on with their play.

Flopping back on the bed, Nancy stared at the ceiling, contemplating how to proceed. She lay there for quite a while thinking, as she mindlessly toyed with her clit. Could she simply go to Cass and ask her if she wanted to come to her bed and have sex? No. She couldn’t be that direct. Besides, it was probably too late now, and Cass wouldn’t feel like it anymore, or she could be sound asleep already.

“Fuck me,” she whispered. Disappointment washed over her, quelling any desire to masturbate.

Nancy stood and pulled on her underwear and a sleep shirt, then headed to the bathroom. When she had finished, she stepped into the hall and found herself peering into the family room, where Cass and Debbie were sleeping. The light from the bathroom was just enough to show that Cass was in fact awake and looking in her direction.

Nancy’s heart rate quickened at the realization that she still had an opportunity. Without giving it any more thought, she crossed the room and knelt next to Cass.

“Can’t sleep?” she whispered.

“Not really.”

“Is it because of what happened? Did I upset you? Scare you?”

“Yes, it’s that, but you didn’t upset me or scare me.” She was barely able to make out Cass’s smile. “I really liked what happened.”

“Oh?” Nancy paused for a long moment, trying to find the right thing to say. Her heart pounded in her chest. “I can’t sleep either…because of that.” She glanced over at where Debbie was sleeping, not wanting to wake her sister up. “Do you want to come to my room and…um…talk?”

Cass didn’t respond immediately, and Nancy feared she had said the wrong thing and tried to backpedal.

“It’s okay if you don’t,” she said as she stood.

“I do,” Cass was quick to reply this time.



When Cass was out from under the covers, Nancy took her hand and promptly led her down the hall to her room.

Closing her bedroom door, Nancy crawled onto the bed and lay down on her side, then patted a spot next to her. Quickly, the younger girl joined her, stretching out in the same manner. They lay there, facing each other, resting on elbows, remaining silent for several moments. Nancy smiled, knowing she would need to make the first move. Casually, she reached over and caressed Cass’s upper arm.

“I’m glad you liked what happened. I did, too,” Nancy said softly, then chuckled. “I didn’t mean for it to go that far, though. To make you come.”

Cass blushed and had to look away. “I…I…didn’t mind at all,” she stammered. “I was kinda hoping you would touch me…like that.”

“Yeah? Has anyone ever touched you like that before?” Nancy asked.

“No. No one.”

Nancy’s hand wandered from Cass’s shoulder to her hip. The excitement inside her grew, knowing she would be Cass’s first, if things went that way.

“Do you touch yourself? Your pussy?” she asked and continued before Cass could respond. “I do it most nights, but it feels so much better when someone else does it.”

Cass gave her a funny look and Nancy wondered what the girl might be thinking.

“What?” Nancy said, one eyebrow raised. “Didn’t my touching you feel better than doing it yourself?”

“Yeah,” Cass admitted, chuckling. The blush returned to her cheeks.

Deciding to make her move, Nancy scooted a bit closer, her hand now running the length of the girl’s thigh, and leaned in close. “I’d like to kiss you now. Would that be…okay?”

Cass slowly nodded, eyes locked with Nancy’s, unblinking.

Leaning forward, Nancy parted her lips slightly and brushed against Cass’s. Her cousin’s lips were soft and warm, but her mouth remained closed. Clearly, Nancy would have to lead. She brought her hand to the back of Cass’s head and lightly tangled her fingers in the girl’s hair. Slipping her tongue out, she teased Cass’s lips with it.

A low moan escaped Cass’s throat, and she opened her mouth to welcome Nancy. Soon, their tongues were dancing and twirling together, Cass quickly on her way to becoming a great kisser.

When they paused for breath, Nancy gently pushed Cass onto her back. She trailed her hand across her cousin’s shoulder, her chest, down to the hem of her shirt. “Can I take this off you?” she asked, tugging at the garment.

Cass suddenly looked nervous. She brought a hand to her belly, pinning her shirt in place.

Sensing her cousin’s reluctance, Nancy flashed a reassuring smile. She was perfectly happy to lead by example. Sitting up, she swiftly pulled her top off, then lay back, lifted her hips, and peeled off her panties. She posed for a moment, feeling like the sexiest girl in the world as Cass stared in awe at her naked body. Excited tingles spread over her skin as she watched the girl’s eyes, first drawn to her breasts, then down to the trimmed patch of curls just above her slit.

As much as she relished the attention, Nancy was also dying to see her cousin in all her nude glory. “How about now?” she asked, reaching again for the shirt.

“Okay,” Cass whispered, sounding still a little shy, but more decisive now. She took her hand away and sat up, allowing Nancy to pull her top off.

Nancy gave Cass a soft push so that she lay back down, then began caressing her flat chest, pausing at a nipple and playing with it for a moment. Her mouth suddenly dry, she had to swallow before she could speak. “You’re very sexy,” she said. She almost couldn’t believe that she had this little beauty in her bed, and seemingly amenable to all the dirty things she had in mind.

Cass raised an eyebrow. “Sexy? I don’t have any boobs yet.”

“You will one day, and yes, you’re sexy,” Nancy replied as she leaned down and softly kissed a nipple. She sucked on it gently and let her tongue explore the tiny peak, delighting in how it felt in her mouth, and in Cass’s groans in response.

She slid a hand down across Cass’s belly and cupped her panty-clad pussy, just like she had done on the sofa. Cass immediately pushed her hips up in reaction.

“Mmm, you’re wet,” Nancy cooed, “I’ll need to take these off you, too.”

Cass lifted herself up onto her elbows to watch as Nancy gently pulled the underwear down her legs then threw it aside. Nancy couldn’t help grinning as she studied her young cousin’s body, now as naked as she was. Her gaze was inevitably drawn to Cass’s smooth exposed pussy, looking as delicious as can be.

She felt Cass tremble as she pushed the girl’s thighs apart, and glanced up at her. “You okay?”

At Cass’s nod, Nancy began caressing her inner thighs, slowly moving her hand up over the smooth skin until she reached the younger girl’s pussy. She took a few seconds to admire her prize close up. She’d been lusting after it ever since Cass got here, and now she could finally give in to her heart’s desire.

Nancy grazed Cass’s clit with her thumb, smiling as her cousin’s whole body jerked in response. She toyed with the sensitive bud for just a moment or two, not wanting to make Cass come too soon. Tracing a line down through the slick folds with a finger, she circled the entrance before letting it slip inside the snug vagina.

Cass fell back onto the bed, moaning and clutching fistfuls of sheets. Nancy grinned. She knew from earlier that Cass could come very quickly, and she was pretty sure the girl wasn’t too far off now. Her own pussy was demanding attention as well—God, she couldn’t be more turned on—but first things first. She adjusted her position to bring her face down to Cass’s sweet pussy. Nancy began licking from entrance to clit, explored her folds with gusto, then dipped into her vagina as far as she could. It was wonderful, the smooth walls warm and wet around her tongue, the taste erotic. A couple of thrusts with her tongue then she went back up to Cass’s clit. Just a few flicks were all it took to drive Cass wild, pushing her hips up as Nancy sucked on her sensitive clit, her fingers tangling in Nancy’s hair to hold her in place.

When Cass went rigid, Nancy held her tight. She gently kissed and licked Cass’s sex, the girl moaning with a hand over her mouth, until finally Cass relaxed and released her hair. Nancy crawled up beside her cousin and they exchanged a sweet kiss, wrapping their arms around each other.

“Are you okay?” Nancy asked softly.

“Yeah. Nobody’s ever…”

“Licked you?” Nancy finished the sentence for her. “Did you like it?”

Cass nodded vigorously. “Uh-huh.”

Nancy grinned. Fooling around with her little cousin was just as hot as she’d imagined, if not more so! Now, she was the one desperately needing release, though. Rolling onto her back, she spread her legs, pulling Cass on top of her so that the younger girl’s legs fell between her own. Grabbing Cass’s butt, Nancy pulled her close, grinding their pelvises together.

“Roll your hips, rub your pussy on mine,” Nancy whispered as she began to do the same.

Cass did as asked, a little awkwardly at first, but soon found a rhythm that worked for them both. Wonderful sensations coursed through Nancy as their movements quickened. She moaned, her hands digging into Cass’s butt cheeks, urgently pulling her in.

Their juice-slickened pussies mashed together. Nancy’s clit throbbed with pleasure, needing more and more. Cass’s hands gripped Nancy’s shoulders, and she buried her face into the crook of Nancy’s neck as she thrust wildly.

“Don’t stop,” Nancy panted, “I’m gonna come.”

The feeling of Cass on top of her, grinding her pussy against hers was beyond hot. They were both panting and grunting now. Nancy held tight to that cute little ass, and her orgasm hit just a few seconds later. Her whole body stiffened, and she buried her face into Cass’s shoulder, crying out her release. A couple more thrusts and Cass was sent over the precipice too, joining her in ecstasy.

They lay still for a time, their rapid breathing the only sound in the room. Nancy held Cass as the girl rested on top of her, listening to her breath slowly returning to normal. She felt a small hand reach out and caress one of her breasts, playing with the stiff nipple. Nancy’s eyes fluttered open, and she made a sleepy noise but didn’t protest.

She watched as Cass adjusted her position and hesitantly brushed her lips across a nipple. Nancy sucked in a breath, the post-climax daze instantly evaporating. She remained still, curious about what her cousin would do. Cass kissed her nipple some more, then slipped out her tongue to give it a few licks, sending renewed pleasure through Nancy’s body. She moaned, resting a hand on the back of Cass’s head.

“That feels nice,” Nancy said huskily, “don’t stop. Do what you want to me.”

Nancy had just had a mind-numbing orgasm, but a twinge from her clit told her that her body was ready for more. Besides, Cass had come, what, three times this evening already? What a horny little thing her cousin turned out to be!

She felt Cass slide a hand down her side and over her belly, pausing for a moment to play with her curls. Nancy bit her lip in anticipation, until finally the hand slipped further down to her sensitive pussy, the fingers splaying into a V to spread and tease her labia.

“Yes!” Nancy hissed.

Cass stroked up and down her slit for several moments. Nancy’s breath rasped as she quivered beneath Cass’s touch. Finding her entrance, the girl slipped her middle finger in and pushed in deep, eliciting a groan from Nancy. It felt so damn good, but she wanted more. As if reading her mind, Cass slipped a second finger in and began pumping. Nancy thrust her hips up to meet Cass’s movements.

“Faster,” Nancy croaked. Catching her cousin’s hand, she guided her to the quicker pace she craved.

Nancy clutched the bed sheets as Cass finger fucked her with vigor, surrendering to the ever-growing pleasure. Just a minute or two of this, and she was sure Cass was going to make her come. But then the fingers suddenly withdrew from her needy pussy.

Nancy stared at her cousin in disbelief. “No,” she whimpered, shaking her head, “don’t stop.”

Cass met her gaze with determination. “I want to lick you,” she said, her shyness gone.

Nancy’s heart rate, already hammering after what Cass had been doing to her, kicked up another notch. “Oh…okay. But only if you want to,” she panted.

“I do.” Cass knelt between Nancy’s legs, her face only a couple of inches from her pussy. She paused for a moment to examine it.

Cass’s breath on Nancy’s sex was sweet torture, and it took the girl an agonizingly long time to get started—or so it seemed to Nancy, turned on as she was—but finally, the tip of a tongue grazed her folds, hesitated for a second, then pushed in.

Yes! Nancy exulted, her nerves on fire. After the slow start, Cass was now eagerly exploring her cunt, and Nancy purred appreciatively. When Cass found the entrance to her vagina and probed it, she felt her muscles contract around the invading tongue. Nancy squirmed, enjoying the delicious sensation for a moment. But as good as that felt, she yearned to have Cass on her clit even more. Reaching out, she gently guided her cousin to the right spot and gasped loudly when Cass began to play with her swollen bud.

“God, yes,” Nancy moaned

That seemed to encourage Cass, who decided to take the sensitive clit between her lips and suck on it. Nancy moaned again, louder, as Cass began to switch between licking and sucking her pussy. Nancy’s hips bucked on their own and her fingers tightened in Cass’s hair. The waves of pleasure crested higher and higher until once again, Nancy was consumed by a tremendous orgasm.

“Yes, yes, yes…Fuuck!” Nancy had to fight to keep her voice low. She held Cass’s head in place as she pushed her pelvis up in the girl’s face, her body quivering and jerking for long moments before finally relaxing.

Once she could move again, Nancy beckoned Cass to come up then kissed her passionately. “That was…wow!” she said with a broad grin. “Are you sure you’ve never done that before?”

“No. Never.”

“Well, you’re a natural.”

“You’re pretty good at it too,” Cass said with a giggle.

Nancy smiled mischievously. “Practice makes perfect, I guess,” she replied, then pushed Cass onto her back, slipping a hand between her legs as she kissed her again.



Nancy watched the pale pre-dawn light chase away the darkness as she replayed in her mind the wonderfully naughty things she and Cass had done the night before. After another round of orgasms, they had pulled the blankets over themselves and drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms. Nancy knew they couldn’t remain in bed like this much longer, so she gently nudged Cass’s shoulder. When the younger girl rolled onto her back and looked up at her, she was smiling brightly, probably thinking about the same things Nancy was.

“Good morning,” Nancy said.

“Morning,” Cass yawned, “what time is it?”


She snuggled into Nancy and closed her eyes. “Let’s go back to sleep then.”

Nancy chuckled and wrapped her in an embrace. “I would love to, but we can’t. You need to go back to your own bed before Debbie or anyone else wakes up.”

“Do I have to?” Cass whined into her neck.

“Yes,” she said. “The last thing we want is to get caught.”

“You’re right, I guess.” Reluctantly Cass pulled away and stretched. She threw the blankets back, but before she could get up, Nancy pushed her mouth against hers for one last, slow kiss. Cass melted in her arms, eagerly returning the kiss, even moaning into her mouth.

Nancy pulled away. “By the sound of that moan, you better get going. We don’t have time for another round.” She chuckled and pointed to the bedroom door.

Cass swatted her arm playfully and pouted. “You’re mean.”

“We still have tonight,” she said with a flirty wiggle of her eyebrows.

Cass beamed at the suggestion. “Okay then. See ya later.” She quickly gathered her panties and nightshirt then dressed before slipping out of Nancy’s bedroom.

Sighing contently, Nancy stretched and pulled the covers up around herself. She lay there thinking about what had happened that night, about all the delicious things she’d done with her cousin. It had been awesome. Maybe even better than what she and Debbie did when they were home alone. Not that her fun with her sister was lacking by any sense of the imagination. But with Cass, it just seemed…more special somehow. Of course, she’d never tell Debbie that. In fact, she wondered what Debbie would think if she knew what had happened between her and Cass. Nancy laughed softly. She’d probably want to play, too.

The idea of Debbie joining them stirred up not only some erotic images in her head, but also her libido. She rolled onto her side and spied her stuffed bear staring back at her knowingly as thoughts of Cass and Debbie exploring each other with tongues and fingers flashed in her mind.

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” she whispered to the bear. Pulling the covers back she hopped out of bed just long enough to grab the bear from its spot. Instead of mounting it, as usual, she lay on her back and spread her legs. Nancy touched herself, running a finger through her folds. She was sticky with evidence of her earlier lovemaking. Her entrance, though, was dripping with a fresh pool of arousal. She drew some to her clit, making small circles with her fingers. After a moment, Nancy took the bear by the head and rubbed its furry face against her pussy, adjusting as needed until the plastic nose found its mark. Moaning softly, she knew she wouldn’t last long.


“Girls, your father and I are going to the city to visit the Hendersons today. Their daughter will be there and I can’t wait to meet her newborn!  We’ll be gone most of the day, so I trust you three can behave and not get into any trouble while we’re out?” Nancy and Debbie’s mother asked later that morning as they sat at the breakfast table.

“Uh-huh,” the three girls said in unison as they nodded. Nancy didn’t miss the sly little smile that crossed her sister’s lips just then. Cass must have seen it too, because her cheeks were turning pink.

Their mother narrowed her eyes and studied them with suspicion for a moment. “Good,” she said, not sounding entirely convinced of their sincerity. “Now, finish up. I want to clean up the mess before we leave.


Their parent’s car had no sooner pulled out of the driveway than Debbie came bounding down the steps to the family room.

“They’re gone!” Debbie announced as she pulled her T-shirt off. She wasn’t wearing anything else underneath.

Nancy and Cass turned toward her from where they were sitting together on the sofa. More precisely, Nancy was sitting on the sofa with Cass sitting sideways on her lap. They had been kissing and caressing each other.

“What are you doing?” Nancy asked her little sister, raising an eyebrow. Not that she really needed to ask. She knew exactly what Debbie was thinking, and the thought made her pussy even wetter than it already was.

“Getting naked,” she said with an implied duh! “We’re gonna have sex, right? The three of us.”

Nancy swallowed. “Um…” she said, glancing at Cass. Her cousin looked shocked by Debbie’s bluntness, but her mouth soon pulled into a grin as she looked at the naked 8-year-old.

“You do stuff with your sister? Like what we did?” The question was directed at Nancy, but Cass never took her eyes off Debbie, who had begun diddling herself while she waited for the older girls.

Nancy nodded slowly, her heart rate speeding up from both fear and excitement. She wasn’t too worried that Cass would tell on them, since she’d have to tell on herself as well. But what if Cass was turned off by two sisters fooling around, or if Debbie was too young for her? “Well…yeah. Um, sometimes.”

“I kinda figured that.” Cass stood and took a couple of steps toward Debbie. “She said something about you being good at licking pussy earlier this morning, and that we”—she pointed at the three of them— “could have fun together later.”

“Oh, she did, did she?” Nancy said, the unease fading away. “You’re okay with that, then? Debbie and me…”

Cass shrugged. “Yeah. Whatever,” she said then pushed her pants down her legs.

That had gone way better than Nancy had feared. And now it sounded like they were in for a wild time. “Let’s go to my room, then,” she said, grinning. “And bring your clothes, just in case we need to get dressed in a hurry.”

The naked girls scooped up their clothes and all three of them headed to the bedroom. Debbie and Cass climbed onto the bed as Nancy paused to shut the door. They watched her, each with a wide smile on her face, Debbie already caressing Cass’s leg.

The two of them looked so damn sexy sitting there. Nancy could feel her arousal boiling over. If sex with one of these girls was already amazing, what would it be like with the two of them at once?

“Are you going to get naked too?” Cass asked.

“Huh? Oh, yeah.” Nancy chuckled and quickly undressed.

“How do we do it with three people?” Debbie asked as Nancy sat at the foot of the bed.

“I’m not sure,” Nancy said, “I’ve never done a threesome before. Why don’t you two start with some kissing or something.”

“Okay!” Debbie replied eagerly, turning to face Cass.

As the two young girls’ mouths met, Nancy instinctively licked her own lips. The kiss was tentative at first, then grew in passion as the pair became comfortable with each other. Cass was the first to bring her hands up to caress the back of her partner, then as if by unspoken agreement, they fell back onto the bed, Cass on her back with Debbie on top. They continued to kiss as Cass’s hands roamed, not stopping until they were cupping Debbie’s cute ass.

Nancy smiled as she watched. Her clit throbbed, demanding attention. Nancy touched herself, gently toying with the hyper-sensitive bud, but not going all out just yet. As nice as an orgasm would be, she didn’t want to rush things. She was enjoying the show so far, like something out of her wildest dreams, and was eager to see where things would go.

A groan drew Nancy’s attention back to the action. She wasn’t sure which girl had made it. Debbie was moving against Cass now, rocking and thrusting her hips. Cass’s eyes were closed, her lips parted. She still held firm to Debbie’s ass, pulling the younger girl down with each thrust, grinding their pussies together.

Nancy adjusted her position for a better view. The lovers’ movements and breathing had quickened, and the erotic sounds of grunts and moans filled the air. Nancy pinched at a nipple with one hand and fingered herself with the other as she watched. Damn this was hot, and she couldn’t wait to join in.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Debbie squealed. Her small body shuddered then stilled. A moment later, she rolled off her cousin and onto the bed.

“That was a quick come,” Nancy said with a chuckle. “You must’ve been really horny.”

“I was horny as soon as Mom said they were going out for the day.”

“I bet.” Nancy knew just how easily her little sister could become aroused. “But I don’t think Cass came. Did you, Cass?” Nancy continued turning her attention to her cousin.

Cass’s skin was flushed, either from embarrassment at the question, or simply arousal. Maybe both. “No, but that’s okay,” she replied.

“No, it’s not,” Nancy huffed. “Deb, you need to finish what you started.”

Debbie opened her eyes and, without further prompting, rolled back on top of Cass. But instead of rubbing their pussies together again, Debbie slid downward until her face was where her pussy had been.

“Oh my!” Cass gasped when Debbie’s tongue eagerly moved the length of her slick folds.

“Slow down, Deb. We have lots of time,” Nancy said. Leaning in, she kissed Cass, quickly slipping her tongue past the younger girl’s lips. Cass moaned into her mouth, though likely more from the actions of Debbie’s tongue than Nancy’s.

Cass seemed to be having trouble concentrating on the kiss, though, so Nancy withdrew and instead kissed her way down to her chest. Even though her cousin had yet to develop breasts, her little nipples still became delightfully stiff when Nancy teased them with her tongue. As she sucked on one, she tilted her head slightly to keep an eye on what Debbie was doing. The way that her sister was positioning her arm, she could be about to do only one thing. When Cass’s body jerked and she raised her hips, moaning loudly, Nancy knew she had guessed right. Debbie had pushed one or more fingers in Cass’s pussy.

Her little sister began pumping her arm while she kept sucking on the cunt before her. Nancy’s own pussy was throbbing as she watched Debbie fingering their cousin—surely one of the hottest things she’d ever seen. With one hand, she gave her clit some attention while she ran the other down her sister’s smooth back, over her ass, then between her butt cheeks. Taken by a deliciously naughty idea, she found the 8-year-old’s pucker, circled it for a moment, then pushed a fingertip inside.

Debbie’s head shot up from between Cass’s thighs. “What are you—”

“No! Don’t stop!” Cass’s plea cut her off.

Debbie hesitated for just a second, then gave Nancy a grin and returned to her cousin’s waiting pussy. Nancy eyed her finger, a knuckle deep in her sister’s ass. This was going to be one hell of a sexy day, and why not make it as wild as possible? She decided she needed to probe the girl’s ass a little deeper. But first she’d need something to ease the process. Debbie’s vagina proved to be an abundant source of slick arousal that quickly coated Nancy’s finger. Satisfied that it was now sufficiently lubed, she returned to Debbie’s bum and once again pushed a fingertip inside.

A twitch of her hips and a muffled grunt were Debbie’s only response to the intrusion into her ass. Nancy slowly pushed deeper, making Debbie groan into Cass’s pussy, which in turn caused Cass to moan and shudder. With the full length of her finger in Debbie’s rectum, Nancy pulled back slightly then slid back in. Debbie bucked, pushing back against Nancy’s finger but never taking her mouth from Cass’s cunt. She kept eagerly lapping and fingering her cousin’s pussy, as if driven on by what Nancy was doing to her.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Cass cried out as her orgasm gripped her.

Debbie’s ass clenched around Nancy’s finger as her body began to shake, seemingly hitting her own climax in chain reaction. When her little sister relaxed, Nancy carefully withdrew, and Debbie rolled onto her back beside Cass.

“Your finger was so far up my bum!” Debbie exclaimed.

“Did you like it?” Nancy asked. She smiled at Cass, who was now looking at her in wide-eyed disbelief.

“Yeah. It felt weird at first, but in a good way. And then it made me come,” Debbie said.

Finding her voice, Cass asked, “You fingered her ass?”

Nancy nodded. “Yeah. I mean. I’ve fingered my own. Haven’t you?”


Moving to Cass’s other side, Nancy kissed her and caressed her belly. “You want to try?”

“Eww! No thanks,” Cass replied as she scrunched up her nose.

“That’s okay. How about another orgasm? Would you like that?” Nancy’s hand slid to Cass’s pussy and explored her wetness.

Cass grinned. “Always.”

“How about you, Deb? Think you can handle a third?”

Debbie nodded enthusiastically. “Uh-huh!”

“Good. You can sit on her face since you like doing that so much.”

“Sit where?” Cass asked.

“It’ll be great. You’ll see.” Nancy gave Cass another quick kiss then shuffled down to position herself where Debbie had been moments before. Cass’s pussy glistened with arousal and saliva, smelling sweet and beckoning Nancy to taste. And taste she did, with great zeal!

As Nancy sucked her cousin’s clit, Cass was doing the same to Debbie. The youngest girl was straddling Cass’s face, bracing herself against the wall as she rolled her hips. The sounds Cass and Debbie made as their pussies were licked and sucked only served to intensify Nancy’s own lustful need. It occurred to her that both of her young lovers had come at least once, but she hadn’t yet. She needed to do something about that.

Getting to her knees, Nancy positioned herself somewhat awkwardly between Cass’s legs, pushing their pussies together. Debbie looked back over her shoulder and smiled when Nancy gripped her hips for support. Nancy began moving against Cass, and electric jolts of immense pleasure shot from her core. Cass must have felt it as well, as a muffled groan came from between Debbie’s legs.

Nancy matched her sister’s rhythm, one of them humping Cass’s pussy, the other her mouth. Soon, all three of them were panting and moaning. Within moments, a wave of pure bliss crashed over Nancy, leaving her whole body shaking from the long-awaited orgasm. Loud cries from Cass, then Debbie, told her that the girls’ climaxes were not far behind hers.

She fell off Cass, taking Debbie with her, and lay there panting for a while as several aftershocks raked her body. She held her sister tight and could feel Debbie twitching from her own fading orgasm.

“Oh, wow,” Cass said with a ragged breath. “That was wild.”

Debbie nodded. “You did an awesome job licking my pussy, Cass. I had a real good come.”

Cass chuckled. “I’m happy you liked it.”

“Now,” Cass said, rolling onto her side and facing Debbie, “I think you and me need to give Nancy a good come or two more, ‘cause we’ve had a few already and she only had the one.”

“Okay!” Debbie agreed happily.

The two girls moved quickly, pushing Nancy’s legs wide and lying side by side between them. Cass pushed two fingers into Nancy’s vagina, pumping her fingers as she and Debbie took turns eagerly licking and sucking.

Nancy gripped the blanket tight and threw her head back, crying out as the two fingers plunged deep into her needy sex. The tag-team assault on her cunt was intense, and despite having just come, she wasn’t sure how long she would last. It turned out to be not very long at all, as within moments, her second orgasm of the day rushed over her. She bucked and stiffened before falling back onto the bed.

Soon, Debbie and Cass were by her side again and she kissed each of them. They all rested for some time, holding each other, at ease in comfortable silence. They still had lots of time and Nancy had every intention of pleasuring both her sister and cousin again. But for now, they were content to just cuddle, if only for a little while.

The End


30 Comments on … And Debbie Makes Three

  1. Jack says:

    Great Story

    • Dominique says:

      I read this out loud to my *i* **st*r and my male F-Buddy when the frozen 2 part came up my *i* **st*r pulled of her shorts and shirt wearing nothing but her gray bra and floral silky thong, she asked my
      F-Buddy if he wanted hers or my panties. He said hers… so she rubbed herself a bit got em nice and wet with her juice and erotic musk. Pulled them of and tossed them to my F-Buddy.. she got on the bed next to me and told me to relax put her hand in my crotch which she said groaned t hat I sticky and ready. She fingered my hole and rubbed my clit as I kept reading I Got to the part where Cass came to Nancy’s room, I looked at my F-Buddy who was jerking off while my *I* **st*rs floral panties were in his mouth. I started to read to them more seductively. The fingers that were on me rubbed my clit in circles which made it hard to concentrate on reading. As Cass was getting her 2nd orgasm my *I* **st*r straddled my leg and started grinding on it while still rubbing my clit. My f buddy pulled the thongs out of his mouth and said he’s gonna cum. my *I* **st*r told him to cum on pussy. So he got up on the bed on his knees scooted between my legs his dick not far away from my kewchi. I read some more in short breaths. Then with great timing as I said faster navy said he did a sissy I’m cumming moan sprayed the bottom of my shirt, my kewchi, and my *I* **st*rs fingers inside me. Chain reaction cause she moaned clenched her thighs and came. Which got me hot cause she let out a lil squirt on my knee. When I came tho I pushed her hand away and took over rubbing his cum in me. It was a great story.. enough for us to be laying in bed all cuddled up.

  2. Wayne says:

    Thanks for posting, love reading your story.

  3. kinkychic says:


  4. Kim & Sue says:

    We got distracted by going back to ‘My Cousin Nancy’ first, and after that,we didn’t last long when we got back to this hot retelling from another perspective.

    wow, you are still one of our favorite authors, and it’s easy to see why. A very loving, erotic, explicit, workout of family with three great age groups combined.

    We recall that special excitement when the parents were out and the luxury of being all alone for two to three hours,to get naked and masturbate, with a certain x-rated media, or just a dirty mind or best yet, a special friend.

    Terrific job!

  5. Keiko says:

    There is no other way of saying it… this was so nicely horny!!!

  6. Steve says:

    Fantastic story but it would have been wilder if the mother got involved to

  7. Erocritique says:

    Perfect from start to finish. The pace was just right, and the sexual situations developed logically and organically. The balance between innocent and naughty was also exceptional. Better than great Amanda Lynn. TY ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  8. Captain Midnight says:

    What a delight, taking what was already one of the best stories on JS and improving it further with more background and more adventure!

    Will you do another part centered on Debbie?

  9. justin says:

    very erotic thanks

  10. Purple Les says:

    Fantastically hot and beautiful. Just like Erocritique comment said, I couldn’t agree more. Another masterpiece from you Amanda Lynn. Even better than the first.

  11. Bryan says:

    That was some of the hottest shit from the word go

  12. David says:

    Very erotic story Amanda! Well written and detailed and adding the cousin just made it more erotic. Thanks for posting this and looking forward to maybe a sequel!

  13. Joe says:

    Amanda you are an amazing story teller. Everything was full of life. The horniness of the girls, the passion they felt was very wonderful shown to us.
    I am looking forward to many more stories from you. Great author. Keep up the amazing work.

  14. kinkys_sis says:

    Wonderful read. The sort of story I can still learn from – writing I mean, lol.

  15. Amanda Lynn says:

    Thank you to everyone who left comments and hearts. I do appreciate it. 🙂

  16. JetBoy says:

    What a great story. I’m almost tempted (ALMOST, mind you), to take on the entirety of Amanda’s task load at JS, if it means that she’ll have the time to write more gems like this.

    Well and nobly done, Amanda.

  17. sue says:

    I had to reread this story yet again, and come again and again. Just perfect, Amanda Lynn.

    • krissie says:

      Sue Thank you for the note that directed me to this story. Yes read it twice in quick succession was hoping for twice the pleasure .Tempted to reread it May seems so short think another month like June could become masturbation month 2

  18. sue says:

    This story is one of your hottest ever Amanda Lynn, and that’s really saying something.

    • Amanda Lynn says:

      So happy it was enjoyed by all. It’s a neat feeling knowing someone is having an orgasm because of your work. 🙂

      • sue says:

        Please enjoy that feeling, because we do have orgasms very often because of you. I guess most of the writers here should enjoy that feeling as well.

        Thank you.

  19. JD Handy says:

    Love the excitement of the non-sexual, yet incredibly sensual touches. The arm, the shoulder. Miss Amanda, you are so good at that.

  20. Kim & Sue says:

    My Cousin Nancy is a fantastic stand alone story. This companion story to it works as both a companion story and as a stand alone story. Amanda Lynn handles a stand alone, or a series equally well. The stories are well written, with good characters and scorching sex and erotica and loving feelings.

    A Pair of Blue Panties by Kinky_sis is also a great stand alone story. Now for two recently posted stand alone stories, Daughters Drawings and the Larson Treatment.

    We’ve always found Nell of Sweden stories, very gentle and erotic filled with willing sex partners of all ages. They are pretty well written, and if we’re horny already, or a little buzzed they get us off. So the Larson Treatment worked to get us almost off, but it doesn’t compare to this story.

    Daughters Drawings is a cute premise that almost works but not quite. The characters just don’t quite make it as believable even in a I’m just here to rub one off way. At least the fantasy characters in The Larson Treatment have some personality and are fun.

    So in our opinion stand alone stories should at least really get you off, or at least hold your interest or both.

    This story by Amanda Lynn raised a high bar that is hard to measure up to for sure for other stories.

  21. Debbie L says:

    Ohhhh my Amanda Lynn, that was….just faaantastic..between this and My Cousin Nancy….I feel I owe you an ocean of orgasms!! Sooo hot, thank you. (Hmmmmm I wonder if all of us “Debbies” are that naughty???!!!)

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