Ripples, Chapter 25

  • Posted on June 15, 2020 at 3:22 pm

by Sapphmore JetBoy


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Staring at Jessica and Rachel, Laura’s heart hammered as she realised how this illicit tableau must appear to them — what she’d been doing, and who she’d been doing it with.

The tables had been turned. Mere hours ago, Laura had interrupted her sister and Rachel in the middle of a lesbian orgy involving their own underage daughters… and at the time, she’d made no secret of her disdain. How could anyone have sex with their kids, for fuck’s sake?

Now there she was, caught naked and in bed with three of those same girls, her lips still wet with the juices of the youngest… and Laura wasn’t exactly sure how she’d got there in the first place.

She frantically cast about for something, anything to say. “Jess, Rachel, this isn’t what — I mean, I… Oh, shit, what am I saying, of course it’s what it looks like. I’m so sorry; I don’t know how this happened. I was just passing and heard a noise, and the next thing I knew… oh, Christ almighty, what have I done?”

Sitting on the edge of the bed, she seemed to wilt, burying her head in her hands. A sob broke from her lips.

Removing her arm from Rachel’s waist, Jess moved towards the bed to stand before her little sister, placing a hand on her shoulder. “Don’t cry, Laura.”

Laura slowly straightened, staring at her naked older sister, who she’d fantasised about so many times before. She hadn’t seen Jess fully naked since their teens and, even in the midst of her shame, noted that she was every bit as beautiful now as she’d been in those days. Better, she told herself. She’s ripened like a luscious fruit.

Forcing her eyes to continue their upward journey, Laura managed to meet her sister’s gaze. Jess was smiling sympathetically at the distraught woman.

“It’s okay, sis. I know exactly what you’re feeling; I had the same regrets after my first time with Alice. I told myself it was all my fault. I mean, I was the adult, her mother; I was supposed to protect my daughter, not make love to her. I felt the guilt, and tried to rationalise it away, but still felt that I’d done wrong. The thing is, I wanted to be with her again. Desperately. But I didn’t have the courage to do anything about it.

“I’m not sure I would ever have made love to Alice again on my own… but you know what happened?” Laura shook her head. “One night she came to me and told me, very sweetly, that she very much wanted to, to be with me again, and spend the night together. Oh, Laura, if you’d seen what I saw in her eyes right then… I couldn’t tell her no.” Jessica gave a happy sigh. “That night was magical. I knew then that yes, it was good, it was right for us to be intimate.

“After that, it seemed… easier to accept the idea of making love to Katie and Poppy as well. Oh, I kept going back and forth about it, unable to decide yes or no, but once again, Alice took the initiative. She taught them both, showed them how special love between girls could be. And once they were all exploring sex together, it only seemed natural for me to join in. As you’ve discovered, my girls can be very persuasive.” She paused, smiling wryly. “I’m actually surprised that Alice didn’t join in when she watched from the bathroom. It’s not like her to pass up a chance to make love with her aunt, the way she feels about you… but I’m glad she decided to come to me instead.”

Laura sat motionless, hands in her lap, then glanced towards the door at the mention of her eldest niece, barely registering the fact that she was still naked, her robe discarded somewhere in the room. She turned back to Jessica, weighing what she’d just said — but even then, couldn’t keep herself from gazing longingly at her sister’s bare, beautifully shaped breasts, now inches from her face. She fought a crazy impulse to lean closer and capture a dark pink nipple with her lips.

Noticing Laura’s hungry look, Jess allowed herself a slight smile. What would she do if I guided her face to my chest, offered her what she wants?

Instead, she dropped to her knees to face Poppy, extending her arms. The naked child slid out of Katie’s arms and came to her. Jess kissed her tenderly on the lips, and Poppy was happy to respond. This was not just the embrace of a mother and her daughter, it was a warm, intimate meeting of lovers.

Finally, they drifted apart, all smiles. “Morning, Mummy,” Poppy cooed.

“Morning, sweetheart. It looked like you were having fun.”

“Oh, yes, Mummy. Auntie Laura’s really good at licking… and she tastes nice, too!”

Drawing close to the little girl, Jess kissed her again, this time circling Poppy’s mouth with her tongue. Breaking away, she said, “Mmmm, yes, I see what you mean — she does taste good.”

Jessica turned back to smile at a stunned Laura, who felt someone sit beside her on the bed. Glancing to her left side, she saw Rachel there. She couldn’t help but steal a quick peek at the generous breasts of her big sister’s lover, the nicest she’d seen in some time. I don’t understand this, Laura thought. I just had sex, for fuck’s sake — why am I already craving more?

Rachel was now beckoning to her daughter Cindy, who scrambled across the bed to hug her mother, then they too shared a sweet, yet very romantic kiss. “Lovely child,” the woman murmured, cradling the nude ten-year-old in her arms.

Not to be left out, Katie sidled up to Laura and wrapped both arms around the shell-shocked woman. “Mum,” she said, “Does that mean Auntie Laura will be joining our love club?”

Is that their name for it? Laura mused. That must’ve been the bloody initiation ritual I just got put through, then.

“Well, why don’t we ask her?” Jess replied, then looked deep into Laura’s eyes, as if she meant to read her sister’s soul. “You know, Laura; I think the girls will be very upset if you don’t take up their offer. Especially Alice, as you’ve not been with her yet. Me, I’d love to share my bed with you… and I’m certain that Rachel feels the same way,” she added, glancing at her lover as if seeking confirmation.

“It’s true,” said Rachel, placing a warm hand on Laura’s thigh. “I’ve always fancied you, ever since I began to suspect that I might be gay. The last time you visited, when I saw you in that blue swimsuit…” She fanned herself with the other hand, as if suddenly feeling hot. “Besides,” she added with a chuckle, “I’d feel awfully cross if my little girl could have it off with you, but not me.”

“It was so nice, Mum, making love to her!” Cindy said, wrapping both arms around her mother’s neck from behind. “I hope you get to someday.” She glanced shyly at Laura, her face resting on Rachel’s shoulder. “Um, can I call you Auntie Laura too… even if you’re not really my aunt?”

Laura felt herself melting as she gazed into the warm blue eyes of the naked ten-year-old. “Of course you can,” she murmured. Unable to check the sudden impulse, she bent to kiss Cindy’s cheek, feeling a shiver as her nipple brushed Rachel’s arm. “Thank you for, um, making me feel good, sweetie.”

Straightening up, she stole another quick peek at Rachel’s breasts, then her eyes met those of the curvy older woman. Laura felt her face grew warm as she read the unabashed desire in them.

That’s right, Rachel silently told her lover’s sister. See it in my eyes — in all our eyes — how much we want you. Lying back, legs spread wide, ready to fuck and be fucked. She longed to ravish the younger woman then and there, but knew that the wiser move would be to bide their time. We’ll let her think about it for a few days, dream about the time she spent making love with the girls. Before the week’s out, she’ll be frantic for more.

“We love you very much,” Laura heard Jess say, then she turned to face her sister, who was extending a hand. Laura took it, allowing herself to be drawn to her feet. Before she could speak, Jessica leaned forward and gave her a lingering kiss on the mouth, then pulled away slightly. Their eyes met, then Jess moved in again, this time tracing Laura’s lower lip with her tongue — catching a hint of the fresh, familiar nectar of her littlest girl Poppy.

Reaching up to cup Jessica’s face, Laura let her eyes drift shut as she returned the tender kiss. As their bare bodies touched, she recalled the last time she’d masturbated while lost in a fantasy of sex with her luscious big sister. It wasn’t as lovely as this, she decided.

After a moment, they drifted apart. Laura found herself blushing when she noticed how pleased the others seemed to be. She’d always seen herself as a strong, confident woman; now she felt like an awkward teen in the presence of her older sister. Struggling for the right words, she finally gave up and admitted, “I don’t know how to respond, Jess. Not just yet. This is… it’s all happening so fast.”

Jessica nodded, giving her sibling’s hand a reassuring squeeze. “Listen, Laura, we’re not going to push you into anything you don’t want, but you’ve experienced something wonderful with the girls. And believe me, that’s only the start of it.”

“Thank you for wanting to include me,” Laura murmured. “That does mean a lot.”

Jess moved closer to hug her sibling once more. “It’s great to have you home, sis. Sorry to have put you through so much.”

Laura gently broke away. “I really have to get back to the flat. I’ve got an article to write, and at the moment it’s a jumble of scribbled notes.. Er… mind if I shower off first?”

“No, not at all. Go right ahead.”

“Need any help, Auntie Laura?” Katie piped up.

Jess gave the girl a stern look. “Katie Matthews, I think your aunt’s had more than enough fun and games for the time being. You girls get washed and dressed, then come down for breakfast.”

Katie pouted a bit, but perked up when she saw Cindy and Poppy trot towards the bathroom. With a saucy grin, she hastened after them.

Jess turned back to her sister. “Come down when you’re ready. I’ll bring your bag up in a minute.” She headed toward the door, seizing Rachel’s hand. The two nude women left the room, followed by Laura’s longing gaze.

As the lovers disappeared from sight, Laura sighed, then began to make her way to the main bathroom. She paused to pick up her robe and was about to put it on, then thought, Why bother? Draping the garment over her arm, she stepped into the hallway.

As the two mothers reached Jessica’s bedroom, Rachel said, “Wait. Bella and Alice are still in there, remember?”

“Oh, let’s just take a peek,” Jess replied, reaching for the knob. She opened the door, and they peered inside. The girls were on the bed and engaged in a passionate sixty-nine, but they paused to look round when the door opened.

“You carry on, girls,” Jess told them. “Come down to breakfast when you’re done.”

Rachel glanced at Jess, a sly glint in her eye. “What if we just…”

Jess shook her head. “No, let’s let them be for now.” She reached around the door to lift their robes off the hook — shrugging into the big fluffy one, then handing the short satin dressing gown to Rachel. As Rachel slipped it on, Jess gave her lover’s body an appreciative look before she could tie the belt.

“Come on,” she said. “Let’s get started on breakfast.”


Rachel was familiar enough with Jessica’s kitchen to only need reminding a time or two where things were, so they pitched in together and prepared a morning repast for everyone. They put the kettle on for tea and coffee, poured glasses of juice, took out boxes of cereal, popped crumpets and muffins under the grill and laid the table.

As Rachel was setting out plates, Jess stood behind admiring the view. Then she sidled up close, slipping both arms around her lover’s waist. Rachel swiveled her head about, curving a hand behind Jessica’s neck to guide the taller woman’s mouth to hers.

As they kissed languorously, Jess began to caress the thin shiny material that barely concealed Rachel’s body, her nipples now all but visible through the gossamer-thin material. Meanwhile, Jessica’s other hand slipped beneath the very short hem to dip a playful finger into the cleft between Rachel’s thighs.

With a blissful sigh, Rachel parted her legs to take in more of that probing finger, and Jess was happy to oblige. As their kiss grew increasingly urgent, Rachel began to fumble for the front of the thick robe that Jess wore — but then, the sound of girls’ voices began to ring through the upstairs hall.

They reluctantly parted, Rachel, giving her lover a very pointed look. “You owe me a fuck, my wicked little tease. Not a bloody quickie, either — I want to be rogered hard enough to rattle my fillings loose.”

Jess had to smile. “My, my… someone’s in a mood this fine morning.”

“I’m not the one who stopped us both from jumping into the sack with our big girls mere minutes ago. For that matter, we didn’t have to stop just now, did we? You could have ravished me right here on the kitchen top. It’s not like the girls would mind.”

“Oh, I’m sure they wouldn’t! But tempting as that sounds, I think we’d better take it slow this morning… at least, until we manage to get back to the bedroom. I’d prefer my sister didn’t come down and catch me eating your minge instead of a toasted crumpet.”

“Now, that’s my kind of breakfast,” Rachel said with a lecherous smile.

“Seriously, I do think Laura’s seen enough of our perverse lifestyle for now.”

“You’re telling me!” Rachel exclaimed, shaking her head. “From what I saw, I’m surprised she can walk.

Just then, Alice and Bella bounded down the stairs and into the kitchen, all giggles.

“Morning, girls,” said Jess. “Did you two have a good time?”

The pair of twelve-year-olds wrapped their arms around one another. “Well, yeah, sure… but we thought you and Aunt Rachel were coming back to bed,” Alice said, a hint of disappointment in her voice.

Bella coyly echoed the sentiment. “We were keeping it warm, just like you wanted.”

Jess smiled. “Don’t worry, girls. The day is still young, and there’s plenty of time to play. Did either of you notice if Laura was still in the shower?“

“I heard the water running,” Bella said. “Thought it would be a good idea if me and Alice went in and offered to scrub her back.”

“Ooooh, that’s a lovely idea!” Alice exclaimed, turning to her friend. “Why didn’t you say anything?”

Jessica rolled her eyes heavenward. “Sex, sex, sex — is that all anyone in this family cares about?” With a snort of laughter, she wiped her hands on a dishtowel. “She’ll need a change of clothes… I’d better take her bag up. Watch the grill, Rach; I’ll be back in a minute.” Leaving the kitchen she picked up her sister’s suitcase from the hallway, then made her way upstairs.

Rachel casually sauntered around the kitchen island, giving the girls their first view of her skimpy attire. They both looked her up and down appreciatively. She was well familiar with the effect she had on both men and women, but seeing the hunger in the eyes of these young girls had her body pulsing with lust.

Leaning back against the counter, letting her gauzy nightgown slide up an inch or two, Rachel gazed at the teen pair, her lips set in a slight pout. “Don’t I get a morning kiss?”

Both girls rushed to her, one on each side. Turning to Bella, she kissed her daughter gently, then with a lusty fervor, soon bringing her tongue into play. Finally, they drifted apart. “Well, sweetie,” said Rachel, “you seem to have gotten over your shyness, haven’t you?”

Blushing, Bella said, “Guess I have, Mum.”

“And your lips have a very interesting flavor to them.” Rachel paused to savour it, then turned to Alice. “What about you, young lady? Do you taste like my daughter?”

“Only one way to find out,” Alice declared with a grin.

“Naughty child,” Rachel whispered, moving in to take what she wanted. Alice parted her lips, and they came together — mouths crushing together, tongues engaging.

Finally, they broke apart, and the dazed woman gave both girls an adoring smile. “You know, I can’t decide whose pussy tastes the nicest. We’ll have to kiss again, I think.”

Just as she was about to take Bella into her arms, Rachel gasped, “Oh, bloody hell!” and raced over to the grill, Stuffing her hand into an oven mitt, she hurried to pull the pan out before the smell of burning pervaded the kitchen. “Sorry, girls… I don’t want to burn the house down on our first morning together.”

Just then Jess returned, stopping at the doorway as she drank in the sight of her lover bending over to remove the crumpets from the low grill, the short dressing gown riding up to expose her shapely bum and full labia.

Glancing back, Rachel turned to see three pairs of eyes, all fixed on her nether regions. “Enjoying the view?” she said, arching an eyebrow as she straightened.

Alice spoke first, and with great enthusiasm. “Oh, yes.” They all laughed.

Jess moved into the kitchen, stopping next to Bella. The young girl looked up at the statuesque redhead with adoring puppy eyes. Jess placed her index finger under Bella’s chin, gently tilted her head up and leaned down to kiss her, chastely but lovingly, on the mouth. The twelve-year-old closed her eyes, filled with a helpless craving for the sexy mother of her girlfriend.

As Jess pulled back, Bella’s eyes remained closed for a couple of seconds before the girl returned to the here and now, her cheeks slightly flushed. Jess smiled, making a mental note to taste Rachel’s daughter as soon as possible, then turned to kiss Alice.

“When you lot are done with the snogging session, breakfast is served.” They all turned to see Rachel stood in a pose — one hand on her hip, the other balancing a plateful of toasted goodies.

Alice rushed to the table. “I’m starving, let’s eat!”

A cannonade of footsteps coming down the stairs announced the arrival of the three younger girls, swarming into the kitchen, all talking at once. They milled around for a moment, hugging and kissing both mothers in turn.

“Good morning, girls,” said Jessica. “Come and have breakfast, then we’ll decide what to do today.”

As Katie passed by Alice on the way to her seat, the older sister turned and held out her palm. “Way to go, sis,” she said. They high-fived.

Seating herself, Katie reached out to take a crumpet — then she noticed that her mother was gazing evenly at her, arms folded.

“Young lady,” Jess said, staring directly at Katie, “do you recall last night, when we had a little discussion about boundaries?”

Katie looked perplexed. “Um…”

“I think you know what I’m talking about — the way you tricked your Aunt Laura into bed like that. What would you have done if she’d gotten angry instead?”

“But Mum,” Katie protested, “I knew she wanted to — to make love with us!”

“Oh, I see… so now you know what people are thinking, do you?”

“No, she was, y’know, doing things… touching herself in her room.”

“When? How do you know that for certain?”

“It was last night. I listened outside Auntie Laura’s door and heard her making noises. She was totally, like, doing herself. And I knew she wasn’t dreaming, ‘cos she’d only just gone to bed.”

“So you were spying on her?”

Katie shook her head. “No, I just wanted to talk to her and tell her to not be angry; that we love having sex with each other. But then I heard her, um, masturbating, so I just listened for a while until it sounded like she finished. She got really loud, too. Then everything was quiet, so I went back to bed. But then… I sort of got an idea, and I woke up Poppy and Cindy to tell it to them.”

Jess nodded. “Ah, now we’re coming to it. What was this idea?”

Looking everywhere but at her mother, Katie said, “Well… we listened for when Auntie Laura got up to go to the bathroom, and when she did, I opened the door just a little bit… and we sort of, um, let her catch us having sex.”

“I see.” Jessica’s expression was neutral.

Encouraged, Katie continued. “She could’ve gone back to her room, Mum… but instead, she was watching us through the door. And — and touching herself, too!

“Then Auntie Laura saw I was looking at her, so I told her to come in. She just kinda stood there and didn’t move, but I got her to sit on the bed. She asked us about how we first started having sex, and we took turns telling her about it. After that, we just sort of… well, you know.”

“Oh, we saw what happened after that,” Jess fired back, walking around the kitchen island to position herself in front of Katie, a stern look on her face as she looked down at the nervous nine-year-old. “I have just one thing to say to you, missy.” Bending down until her face was level with her daughter’s, she broke into a wide grin. “You clever, clever girl.”

Overcome with relief, Katie threw both arms around her mum’s neck. As Jess straightened up, cradling the girl’s face to her breasts, she saw everyone look towards the doorway. Turning, she saw Laura, dressed in jeans and a plaid shirt, standing in the doorway. Her expression was pensive, perhaps embarrassed.

After an awkward moment of silence, Jess crossed over to where her younger sister stood and hugged her. Releasing her held breath, Laura melted into the embrace. As they broke apart, she looked around expecting to see everyone staring, and was a little surprised to see all five girls tucking into their breakfast as though nothing had happened. Only Rachel was watching with satisfaction, or perhaps a relieved smile.

Laura offered a shy smile of her own to Rachel, unable to conceal how much she enjoyed the sight of her sister’s lover. She couldn’t help but imagine the tantalising view she would have if that skimpy robe covering Rachel’s body was just an inch or two shorter. So strange… I’ve known her for years, but never realized how damned sexy she is.

Her mind was drifting to some very interesting places when Jess broke the spell. “Tea or coffee?”

Jerked back into the moment, Laura managed to stammer, “Ah, coffee.” She took a seat at the crowded table, her face growing warm as she realized that Rachel had taken note of her interest. In fact, the look the shapely brunette gave Laura made it clear that the desire was mutual.

The hubbub of young girls’ chatter gradually increased as they ate, each of them making suggestions for where they should spend the day. Laura sat and drank her coffee silently as she took in the comfortable familiarity of the group, gradually feeling more at ease. Her sister and Rachel seemed genuinely in love, and an outsider would have been hard-pressed to tell which daughter belonged to which mother by the way they interacted, apart from the contrasting difference in looks.

At the same time, Laura couldn’t help but notice how happy and well-adjusted the kids seemed to be. She’d always taken it on faith that children were too young to handle the complexities of sexual relationships, but none of these girls seemed to be damaged or traumatised in any way. Maybe Jess and Rachel really are onto something here, she thought.

As breakfast began to wind down and empty plates were pushed away, Jess asked for a final group decision as to how their day would be spent. The consensus seemed to be Willett’s Farm Garden & Leisure Centre, with each set of girls questioning the other as to which of the amenities they’d tried.

In recent years, garden centres had transformed from places where children suffered and complained while parents pushed trolleys around picking up plants and compost, to leisure destinations offering a multitude of facilities and ways to have fun. The Matthews girls asked the Thomas girls if they had been in the reptile house, and the Thomas sisters wanted to know if the Matthews sisters had explored the birds of prey and falconry centre.

“So, Willett’s it is, then!” Jess announced, to a chorus of cheers.

As the girls helped to clear the table, Jess reminded them to brush their teeth. “Then you can watch TV for a while, if you like. Just be ready at noon; we’ll be leaving around then.”

Over the clatter of dishes and cutlery being placed in the washer, Rachel handed her empty plate to Alice and said, “Why don’t you come with us, Laura?”

Laura was sorely tempted to take her up on the offer, but finally said, “I’d love to… but I really ought to go home and get cracking on my assignment, else I’ll have the sodding editor breathing down my neck, asking for a first draft.”

“What is it about, your article? Jess didn’t say.”

Laura looked round to see if any of the girls were listening. Alice and Katie were, so she simply said, “Er, this particular club scene in Europe.”

Rachel nodded. “You’ll have to tell us when it’s published; I’d love to read it.”

Jess interrupted, “Are you sure we can’t tempt you to join us today, Laura? I’m sure the girls would love for you to come.” The emphasis on that last word was not lost on the three grownups — or Alice, for that matter, who didn’t bother to hide a knowing smile. “You can stay the night, we’ll get a takeaway and you can go home first thing tomorrow.”

Images began to flicker through Laura’s mind; long-held fantasies involving her sister, along with the added attraction of the scantily clad Rachel. As her thoughts turned to other delights, like those she’d experienced barely an hour ago, she began to feel unnerved again, recalling how easily she’d been manipulated into bed by that trio of little girls.

The temptation to let herself go was stronger than she’d expected, but Laura managed to resist. “It sounds delightful, but I honestly do need to start work. I’ll call you in a few days.”

“Okay, if you’re sure.” Moving to the open door, she called into the living room. “Girls, come and say goodbye to your Aunt Laura.”

Racing into the kitchen, the gaggle of girls all descended on Laura, begging her to stay, promising she would enjoy it.

I would, too, she thought. That’s why I have to leave. “I’m sorry, girls,” she sighed. “I’d love to join you today, but there’s a mountain of work waiting for me when I get home.”

Katie came close and hugged her. “Thank you for this morning, Auntie Laura, it was fab.”

Poppy followed Katie in expressing her enjoyment. “Yeah, Auntie Laura; that was fun. Can we do it again? Really soon?”

Her face reddening, Laura mumbled her goodbyes, kissing the girls on their cheeks instead of the offered lips. One by one, the youngsters left the kitchen, until only Alice remained.

“You know, Aunt Laura,” she murmured, “we haven’t seen you for a long time, and I hardly got to spend any time with you at all. Can I maybe come over and visit one day? We could go shopping… or anything else you feel like doing.”

Uncertain how she ought to respond, Laura looked to her sister for help. Jess shrugged, as if to say It’s up to you, but it was obvious that she knew damn well what her daughter had in mind.

The only thing Laura could think to say was, “We’ll see. I need to finish my article, then drop by the London office. I might have some free time in a couple of days. I’ll let you know.” In truth, Laura was wondering how on earth she was going to concentrate on work, given the revelations and experiences of the last few hours.

“Okay,” Alice said, and hugged her aunt, then skipped out of the kitchen and up the stairs, leaving just the three women and a moment of awkward silence. Finally, Rachel took the lead.

“You travel a lot for your job; you must have some amazing experiences. Did you say your article is about nightclubs?”

“Well, not really nightclubs, as such.” Seeing Rachel’s intrigued look, Laura elaborated. “To be honest, II was investigating swinger clubs that are exclusively for women; it’s the new thing.”

Rachel’s eyes widened. “Well, that sounds like fun; let me know if you need any help with research.” She laughed. “You know, I went to a club like that once in Ibiza, just after my divorce.”

Jess arched an eyebrow. “Why am I not surprised?”

“Well, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. I figured if a little same-sex fun was good enough for my ex-husband, I might as well try pitching for the other team myself. It’s not as if I’d never fooled around with girls before. That night at the club was the first time I’d ever had full-on queer sex, though.”

Laura’s eyes had widened. “Your husband was gay?”

“I know. I mean, we had some fun with other singles now and again, but I found out he had a little twosome going with some Greek gym bunny. Still, silver lining and all that. It means I now get to spend the rest of my life with this goddess.” She wrapped her arms around Jessica, and they shared a brief kiss.

Laura was both a little shocked at Rachel’s confessions, but at the same she could see how happy and in love Jess was. A small pang of jealousy pricked her.

Turning to her sister, Jess took a deep breath. “As it seems to be confession time, I think I should come clean as well, Laura. I want you to know everything — no secrets.”

Not only was Laura intrigued, but Rachel too was wondering what juicy morsel Jess was about to share.

“I’ve had sex with another woman, other than the ones you know about. Well, a girl, really… she’s sixteen. It seems she had a crush on me. I was helping her with some college courses, and out of nowhere, she gave me a kiss. That’s as far as things went. But then we had sex a few days later.” She paused. “Her name is Sally; she works in my shop.”

Laura frowned. “You mean… you had it off with one of your employees?”

Jess nodded. “I suppose that makes me look awful, but she did all but throw herself at me… and I simply wasn’t strong enough to resist. But the point I’m trying to make is, although Rachel and I are very much in love, we’ve decided we might want to involve other women now and again, even other girls, perhaps — but only if we both agree to it.”

Rachel jumped in. “I think Jess feels the need to make up for what she’s been missing, and who am I to argue? She hasn’t had a real lover since the divorce… not until it hit her that she’d been looking in the wrong place.” Leaning in, she placed a kiss on Jessica’s cheek.

Jess kept her eyes on her sister, trying to gauge Laura’s feelings. She continued, and her voice now took on a hushed, sultry tone. “I think you can see where I’m going with this. I’m sure the thought of making love with the girls again has crossed your mind. I mean, who could blame you? They are very enthusiastic, eager to learn… and to please.” She paused. “What I’m saying, Laura, is that we’re not just talking about having sex with you. Rachel and I are inviting you to be a part of this family. In every sense of the word.”

Still seated at the dining table, Laura was staring into space, toying with her fork. She seemed to be having some kind of internal conflict, which Jess took to be a battle between outrage and acceptance.

She didn’t know the whole story, though. While Laura was struggling with her sense of right and wrong, her heart was racing at the thought of finally realising that crazy dream of making love with her sister. More than that, the chance to fuck Rachel was on the table too.

Who was it, Laura wondered, that said the gods punish us by making our dreams come true?

Rachel pictured Jess and her sister naked and entwined in bed, sharing messy kisses while she stood off to the side and watched. For some reason, that seemed wilder and more illicit than sex with their daughters.

Feeling increasingly giddy, Laura felt thankful that she was still seated. How had she fallen into this insane scenario? Her own sister was coming on to her, practically inviting her into bed. The threesome Laura had experienced in Paris had been amazing, but this was something else again. The long-held desire she’d had for Jessica was now on the verge of happening, with Rachel added as a very savoury bonus.

Then there were the girls. Until last night, she’d never given a thought to sex with an underage lover. In most of her relationships, she’d been the younger partner. But here was her sister, inviting Laura to have sex with her daughters, her very young daughters. Her children, she admitted. That’s what they are. And sweet Jesus, why does thinking about them arouse me so much?

During breakfast, Laura was shocked to catch herself stealing quick glances at Alice, noticing how lovely she’d become since her last visit. She tried not to look at her niece after that — which only made it worse, her dirty mind immediately summoning up the image of the twelve-year-old as she’d seen her the night before: stark naked but for a strap-on cock fastened about her waist, the toy glistening with fluids from her mum’s cunt, a fire in her eyes that made Laura shiver from the memory of it. If I’d taken my pants off and got down on all fours, she’d have fucked me right then and there. 

The very idea made her pulse race even faster — from arousal as much as fear. Why not? After all, I let Alice’s little sisters have their way with me. I even went down on them!

She’d tried to convince herself into believing that what happened this morning was a moment of weakness, never to be repeated. She was caught off guard and lost control. It wouldn’t happen again.

Who am I kidding? I loved it… and I already want more.

She decided to buy herself time. “Again, I — I’ll have to think about it, Jess. It’s a lot to take in.”

Reaching across the table, Jessica covered Laura’s hand with hers. “Take all the time you need. We’ll still be here.”

Laura gave her sibling a shaky smile. She’d managed to avoid making a commitment, but her nerves were still jangling, “I’d better go. Can you call me a taxi?”

“Oh, there’s no need for that. I can drive you home.”

“No, no — that’s okay, it’s fine. You go and enjoy yourselves. I’ll just fetch my bag.” With that, she left, and was soon heard mounting the stairs.

Jess went into the living room to pick up her phone from the end table, where she’d left it the night before, and called a local taxi service.

When she returned to the kitchen, Rachel said, “Well, I thought that went quite nicely. Must admit, I was a bit worried over how the conversation might go this morning… but once those little vixens made their big move on Laura, she was ours.”

“You think so?”

Rachel nodded. “Oh, she’s not quite ready to give in just yet, but mark my words — the next time we see your sister, she’ll be ready to strip off and park her arse on the coffee table, legs open to one and all.”

Jess smiled. “My, what a lovely picture you paint. By the way, I forgot to tell you, Stella invited me and the girls round for lunch tomorrow. Shall I ask if you and yours can come along? I’m going to tell her about us, if you’ve got no objection.”

“No, that’s fine. I’ll have to beg off on the invite, though — I need to do a bit of shopping and paperwork. Let’s get this kitchen sorted, then we can… relax for a while.”

Rachel cleared the remaining breakfast things away from the table, and Jess started washing up. Once the dishwasher was loaded, Rachel gathered up her sex toys from the living room, stashing them away in her bag just as Laura came back downstairs. Then came the toot of a car horn from outside.

“That’ll be Wayne, the taxi guy from the village,” Jess said. She called up the stairs. “Girls, Auntie Laura is leaving now.”

The pack of youngsters raced downstairs to see Laura off, surrounding her with hugs and goodbyes. Once they’d released her, she said, “Goodbye, girls,” her cheeks a slightly darker shade of pink. Hoisting her suitcase, she turned toward the front door.

Then Poppy spoke up. “Will you be coming back soon, Auntie Laura?”

Laura looked over at Jess, giving her sister a warm smile. Setting her suitcase down, she seated herself on it, reaching out to touch the little girl’s cheek. “I will, my sweet. I have to get some work done, then I’ll be back to visit all of you.” She quickly hugged each of them one last time, then they all raced into the living room.

Watching the girls, Laura gave a sigh as the last of them vanished, then she stood, smiling wistfully at her big sister. “Well, this has certainly been an interesting visit. Oh, and congratulations, you two, I really mean that. It’s great you’ve finally found someone, Jess.”

Rachel surprised Laura by leaning forward and kissing her lightly on the lips, just as another honk was heard from the street. Jess hastily opened the door, gesturing to the taxi driver to indicate that Laura was on her way. “Bye, Laura,” Rachel murmured, then began to climb the stairs.

Coming over to where Laura stood, Jess hugged her in the sisterly way that she always had. “It’s great to have you back, sis. Call me when you get settled back in.”

“I will.” Laura reached for her bag, but before she could grasp the handle, Jess clasped her face in both hands and drew her sister in for a passionate kiss. Laura hesitated briefly, then responded. Their tongues met and entwined before Jess broke away, leaving Laura standing with her eyes closed, her mouth gaping.

“That’s just so you know what will be waiting for you when you come back,” Jess said, then moved to open the door, smiling at the stunned reaction on her sister’s face. Eventually Laura regained her senses, fumbled for her suitcase, then turned to leave. As she walked down the path toward the taxi, her legs were trembling.

“I love you, little sister,” Jess whispered, but Laura was too far away to hear. She gave her bag to the driver and turned to give a shaky wave before climbing into the taxi. She glanced back as it pulled away from the curb, and Jessica blew her a kiss.

Once the vehicle was out of sight, Jess closed the door, then headed for the stairs. As she mounted the first step, she saw Rachel standing at the top, that skimpy dressing gown now wide open, her lover’s body on full display.

“About time you showed up,” Rachel said, cupping a breast. “I’m ready to collect on that IOU.“

Jess advanced another step, paused, and said, “Go slip into bed and get it warmed up, Rach. I’ll be with you in a moment.”

Shrugging out of the dressing gown, Rachel draped it over her arm. “Don’t keep me waiting too long, lover.” With a wink, she turned and strutted away.

Jess admired the woman’s supple arse, the way it jiggled so enticingly as she moved. I’ll be kissing that bum soon, she thought. Stepping down to ground level, she strode over to the living room door. Poking her head around the frame, she noticed that their daughters were all snuggled together on one sofa in a very cozy arrangement, watching a cartoon on the telly.

She called out to them. “Girls, Rachel and I are going to shower up and get dressed.”

“Okay, Mum,” Alice said, then turned to whisper in Bella’s ear, making her girlfriend giggle.

Jess pulled the door to, then peered around the hallway until she spotted what she wanted. Bending down, she took something out of a bag resting on the floor, examining it with a grin before she hurried up the stairs and down the hall to her bedroom, pausing to arrange herself before making an entrance.

As she stepped into the open doorway, Jessica stopped to enjoy the sight of Rachel, seated naked on the edge of the bed, sliding a finger slowly up and down her vaginal crease. Moving into the room, Jess closed the door, then advanced toward the bed. Rachel looked up, her eyes blazing with desire.

Falling to her knees, Jessica moved between Rachel’s spread thighs to claim the mouth of her lover in a kiss that immediately grew hot and urgent. Their lips played teasing games, their tongues darted, danced and tangled, feeding a fierce hunger that had been postponed for much too long.

Abruptly breaking away, Jess gave Rachel a shove, tipping the startled woman onto her back, then pushed her legs further apart. Rachel propped herself up on both elbows, heart thrumming wildly as she watched Jess dip down to bathe her pussy with a long, lingering swipe of the tongue.

After a minute or two of deep, steady licking, Jess raised her head, then stood up. Rachel moaned in frustration, craning her neck to see why the lovemaking had stopped, her lips set in a scowl.

Smiling down at her lover, Jess reached for the belt on her robe. She opened it with a quick tug, then let the garment slip from her shoulders and fall to the carpet, revealing the latex cock that had already been used on her twice, now jutting defiantly from her groin.

“Oh, my, yes,” Rachel purred, all smiles as she relaxed, reaching down to spread her dripping cunt open. “Fuck me, Jess, nice and hard. Make me scream.”

Crawling onto the bed, Jessica knelt between her partner’s legs, placing a hand on the bed to hold herself up. She gripped the length of the latex prick in her free hand, then carefully pressed forward, aiming for Rachel’s cunt.

Rachel’s eyes widened. “Oooof. That’s not where you want it to go.”

“Sorry,” Jess muttered. Peering down, she tried to line the tip up with the vaginal opening, but found herself struggling to stay balanced. “Bloody hell, how the fuck are men able to do this without having an extra arm?”

Trying and failing to stifle her amusement, Rachel reached out to grasp the rubbery tool. “My poor helpless sweetheart… let me give you a hand.”

“It looks so damned easy on that sex tape of yours,” said Jess, her cheeks suddenly hot.

“Don’t get frustrated, love. You’ve not used a strap-on before. Once you really get cracking, you’ll love it. Here…” Furrowing her brow, Rachel manoeuvered the tip to where she wanted it, then sighed contentedly. “There, that’s got it. Go into me now.”

Jess leaned over her, easing her hips forward, eager to penetrate her lover. Rachel reached round to clutch Jessica’s arse with both hands, her mouth falling open as the latex tool slid into her cunt, smooth as a knife going into warm butter.

“Don’t stop,” Rachel hissed, “keep going, keep going…” Her voice rose to a choked cry when Jessica’s belly touched hers, the cock buried inside her up to the hilt. “Mmmm, perfect. Now… now you can fuck me. Start slow, g-get a good rhythm going, and — and don’t be scared to do me hard; that’s what I want!”

Taking a deep breath, Jess drew back, withdrawing from Rachel until only the bulbous cock head remained inside. Then she pressed forward again, filling her partner’s vagina with a single smooth stroke, unable to keep from grinning at the surprising ease of it. She began to move steadily, sliding in and out, letting her hips do most of the work as she gradually picked up speed.

Rachel moaned, then found herself squirming, breathing heavily, moving to meet Jessica’s strokes. It had been a long time since she’d been fully penetrated by a sex toy, other than one wielded by her own hand — and then, it took too much stamina to give herself the vigorous workout she craved.

Now, as the phallus sank even deeper into her slippery tunnel, Rachel placed both heels on her lover’s arse and began to pump her body along with Jess. They fell into a matched tempo, working in unison, the room echoing with the sound of skin slapping against skin.

“Fuck,” Jessica gasped. “Oh… fuck!” She bent forward to take Rachel’s mouth in a hard kiss, a tremor of delight surging through her thrusting frame when Rachel’s tongue darted between her parted lips. Jess marvelled at this new experience. This must be how wild animals do it, she thought. Hot and brutal, the whole world reduced to the movement of cock and cunt. 

Suddenly craving greater control, Jess pushed herself up onto her knees, then reached back for Rachel’s ankles, pulling her legs out and upwards until they were raised vertically, the heels now resting on Jessica’s shoulders. With a growl, she started pumping again, gripping Rachel’s thighs, driving the lust-slicked cock even deeper than before.

“Oh, Jess — fuck me, lover, ohhh yes. My god, it’s b-been so long since I’ve been fucked like this! OHHHH!”

Downstairs, a few minutes earlier, Alice had signalled Bella towards the door with a quick nod. As they slowly rose, the three younger girls, now sprawled out on the carpet before the television, were far too engrossed in Danger Mouse to notice.

Once they slipped through the door and closed it behind them, Alice and Bella immediately heard the faint sounds of pleasure coming from the second floor. Bella put her hand over her mouth to suppress a giggle, then they crept upstairs.

Reaching the landing, Alice padded quietly to her mother’s door, Bella just behind. Alice turned to put a finger to her lips, then slowly turned the door handle and eased it open, the creaking sound muted by the gasps of exertion and ecstasy that came from the bed.

Pushing the door wider, the girls gleefully watched as Jess fiercely thrust into Rachel, quickly realising that she was wearing the same harness that Alice had used just last night to fuck her mum.

As Rachel’s moans of pleasure grew louder, the amused expressions faded from the girls’ faces as their arousal mounted and their breathing became shallow. Unable to keep still, Alice slipped a hand beneath Bella’s skirt and between her legs, feeling a luscious shiver of renewed arousal when she realised that her girlfriend had gone without knickers. She began to lightly trace Bella’s cleft, teasing the clitoral nubbin with each flick of her finger. After just a few strokes, Bella could no longer keep silent, and emitted a tiny squeak.

Pausing in mid-thrust, Jess peered round to see their eldest daughters standing side by side, Alice’s hand moving between Bella’s thighs.

Still panting for breath, Rachel managed to say, “Wh-what’s the matter, Jess? Why are you stopping?”

Jess turned back. “Well, my love… It seems that we have visitors.”

Rachel raised herself just enough to look round Jess, smiling at what she saw. “Hi, girls,” she murmured. Don’t just stand there… come join us!”

Glancing at each other, the girls giggled, then moved into the room, Alice pausing to close the door, and advanced towards the bed. Bella didn’t hesitate — she went straight to Jessica, wrapping both arms around her new girlfriend’s mum, hugging her. Jess enfolded Bella in a warm embrace.

As for Alice, she climbed onto the bed on the other side, homing in on Rachel. “Hi,” she cooed, gazing into the friendly eyes of her mum’s lover. “Can I kiss you, Aunt Rachel?”

“Silly girl,” Rachel sighed, drawing the sexy teen into her arms. “You don’t ever have to ask. If you want a kiss, take one.” Their mouths met, and Alice wasted no time in slipping her tongue between Rachel’s lips.

Bella held Jessica for a long, lovely while, finally raising her head to peer up at the beautiful redhead. “I love you, Auntie Jess,” she whispered. “I love you so much.”

The adoration Jess saw in Bella’s eyes nearly overwhelmed her. How wonderful it is, to love and be loved by a sweet young girl, she mused. There’s nothing better. “I love you too, my wonderful Bella,” she replied, and dipped down to kiss her.

Parting from Aunt Rachel with a wet smack, Alice grinned down at the curvy brunette. “So if I don’t have to ask to kiss your lips,” she purred, “I guess I don’t have to ask to kiss you other places, huh?” And with that, she bent to take Rachel’s nipple into her mouth.

Rachel didn’t bother to answer, just sank back into the pillow with a blissful sigh. She shifted her hips a bit, causing the rubbery phallus in her vagina to move about as well, producing some very pleasing sensations. After all, Jess is occupied at the moment.

Bella and Jessica were sharing a delicious kiss, their tongues engaged in playful teasing games. Then somehow it wasn’t a game anymore, the woman and the girl caught up in an ardent embrace of lovers.

“I love your tits, Aunt Rachel,” Alice said between licks. “Hope mine will be as nice as yours.“ She was fondling the other breast, rolling the swollen nipple between fingers and thumb.

“Ohhhhh… I think your titties are g-gorgeous now, Alice,” Rachel moaned.

Jess gently broke away from Bella, giving her a warm smile. “Wow,” the young girl said.

“Wow indeed,” Jessica replied. “Much as I enjoy kissing you, Bel, I think your mum and I are ready to take things to the next level with you girls. Why don’t you get undressed?” Glancing down at her own daughter, who was still showering affection on Rachel’s breasts, she added, “You too, Alice.”

“Cool!” Alice exclaimed. Pausing to plant one more brief kiss on Rachel’s lips, she jumped to her feet and started stripping off. Bella was unbuttoning her top.

As the girls shucked their clothing, Jess began to slowly work her hips once more, resuming the steady in-out motion of the glistening cock. “Ohhhh, yes,” Rachel groaned, rolling her eyes in awe. “Fucking hell, I love this.”

A glance to the side let Jess know that Bella hadn’t bothered with panties — and neither had Alice, for that matter. “You girls were planning to have some fun, I see,” she said.

Bella’s cheeks flushed a bit. “I was hoping…”

Now that everyone was naked, Jessica ceased her thrusts, then slowly withdrew the latex prick from her lover’s cunt. Rachel protested, “Jess, for fuck’s sake…”

“Don’t fret, love — I’m nowhere near done with you.”

Rachel watched, her frown turning into a leer as Jess stretched out on her back, the pink phallus jutting up obscenely, shining with wetness. The brunette didn’t need telling what to do next. Rising from where she laid, Rachel straddled Jessica on one knee and a foot, reaching down to grasp the cock in her right hand. Carefully guiding the head inside, she lowered her pelvis until the entire eight inches had disappeared into her slippery cunt.

The girls gaped as Rachel’s body jerked, a hoarse cry tearing loose from her throat. “Christ almighty,” the woman panted, her hands opening and closing, “It’s so deep, so f-fucking deep I can taste it!”

Releasing a shaky breath, she began to raise herself. An inch of the toy could be seen, and another… then Rachel sank down again, inhaling sharply through clenched teeth. “Oh, yes,” she mumbled. “Oh, yes.”

Glancing over at the girls, Jess signalled for Bella to come closer.

Thinking Alice’s mum wanted to be kissed, Bella climbed on the bed and crawled close to Auntie Jess, who accepted the girl’s lips for a moment before gently pulling away, cupping her cherubic face in both hands.

“I want to lick you, my sweet,” she said.

Bella’s face was alight with excitement as she quickly moved to straddle the woman’s mouth, facing her mum. She held her breath, trembling, waiting for Jessica to keep the promise she’d made.

Ever since Alice had admitted that she and her mother were lovers, Bella had longed to share those same pleasures with Auntie Jess. Now her friend’s mum was cradling the globes of her bum, parting Bella’s labia, opening her up. Suddenly she felt it — a lovely warm tongue, lightly grazing the cleft of her vagina. Then the woman’s mouth was on her, kissing, sucking, drinking her honey….

Dizzy with excitement, Bella leaned back against the padded headboard, stretching both arms out to hold herself steady. But then Rachel’s eyes met hers, and her mum leaned in, hips pumping and rolling as she moved up and down on the pretend man’s thing that Auntie Jess was wearing. “Baby,” she whispered, “kiss me.”

Without hesitation, Bella relinquished her hold on the padded headboard and leaned forward until their lips met, reaching out to fondle her mum’s breasts as their tongues engaged.

Enthralled by the sight of Mum licking her girlfriend, all the while thinking about how she wanted to get in on this hot sex action, Alice saw her opportunity when Aunt Rachel leaned forward, exposing both the dildo she was riding and her puckered rosebud. Getting down on her belly, Alice edged forward, marvelling at the close-up view she had of the strap-on dildo penetrating Rachel. Wonder when I’ll be able to have something that big inside me? she mused.

Moving in for the kill, Alice reached out to touch the shaft with two fingers, getting a sample of the thick juices that oozed down the shaft from Rachel’s vagina, then smearing it on her lips, humming with delight as she savoured the strong flavor of cunt. They all taste different, she thought, and they’re all yummy.

Satisfied with her treat, she raised herself up to lavish attention on Aunt Rachel’s bum hole, bathing the anal cleft with long, sweeping licks, then pressing at the opening with the tip of her tongue. Rachel jerked and clenched her buttocks at the unexpected intrusion, but quickly got over her surprise, moaning into her daughter’s mouth as they continued to kiss.

As Bella grew overwhelmed with the pleasure Jessica’s mouth was giving her, she couldn’t hold her balance and fell away from her mum, leaning back and clutching at the headboard as if for dear life. Then Aunt Jess switched her attention to the young girl’s bum, probing inside the crack with her tongue, and Bella began to tremble helplessly, unable to still herself.

At the other end of the chain, Alice noticed that Rachel’s bum hole had relaxed, fully open to the rim job she was getting, and decided to replace her tongue with a finger, which slid in easily. She only worked it in and out at first, then gradually increased the pace, pushing the digit deeper and twisting it round and round, massaging the walls of the rectum.

Pleased by the effect this had on Bella’s mum, who was now pumping her body harder and faster than before, Alice noticed that her own mum’s anus was also exposed, as Jess raised her hips to thrust into her lover. Quickly slipping the index finger of her free hand into her mouth to moisten it, Alice reached around Rachel, placed the tip against Jessica’s rosebud, then penetrated her with a steady stroke.

The result was amazing; a chain reaction. Jess jerked violently at the sudden invasion, her hips driving the slippery cock even deeper into Rachel — who then went rigid as she exploded in a frenzied climax, head lolling back as spasms of pure rapture shook her like a sapling in a gale. Finally, she slumped down onto Jessica’s torso, totally spent, still impaled on the thick phallus.

But Rachel managed to lift her head to look when she heard her daughter mewling in ecstasy. The twelve-year-old was fingering her clit as she came, while Jessica’s tongue trailed again and again through the crack of Bella’s arse. Acting on a sudden impulse, Rachel moved forward to lick her child’s rosy nipples, switching from one to the other, pausing to give one a playful bite.

Bella froze, then gave a sharp wail, her orgasm reaching its peak, then slumped back against the headboard in a daze. Sitting back, drawing a sharp breath as Jessica’s prick filled her again, Rachel had to grin at the sight of Bella’s fluids flowing freely from her lightly-downed cunt, feeling more than a little pride in her daughter’s talent. I’ve never licked a juicier pussy than hers, she told herself.

Realising she’d settled down onto Jessica’s face, Bella hastily raised her hips, afraid that she might be suffocating the woman. She struggled to her feet, looking down into the eyes of her mum’s lover, relieved to see Auntie Jess smile. Just then, a few more drops of juice dribbled from the girl’s slit, falling to splatter on Jessica’s breasts.

Never one to pass up an opportunity for a taste of her daughter, Rachel bent down to lick up those traces of cunt nectar, then moved in to give Jess a deep tongue kiss, the two women swapping the flavors of Bella’s holes.

Bella exhaled heavily as she sat down next to Jessica’s head, pausing to mop her damp brow. She waited until her mum sat back up, then leaned over to take her turn. Giving Jess a loving kiss, Bella tasted herself on those full lips before pulling away.

“Thank you, Auntie Jess,” she said. “That was — oh, wow, it was so good!”

Rachel carefully extracted herself from the latex cock, wincing slightly as the thick head popped out, then crawled to flop down beside Jess.

As the others relaxed, Alice pursed her lips thoughtfully as she studied the rubbery pink shaft, then on a sudden whim, bent down and used the tip of her tongue to sample the sticky secretions that coated its length. Parting her lips, she engulfed the head in her mouth, to the wide-eyed surprise of Bella and the mums.

When she had bobbed up and down a few times she raised her head, exclaiming, “Mmmm… best lolly I’ve ever tasted!”

To appear on these premises at some time, as yet to be determined: Chapter Twenty-Six!


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