Mother-Daughter Weekend, Part Two

  • Posted on May 9, 2020 at 2:41 pm

By Haley Statton

“Shall we do this the usual way?” Julie asked her daughter as they made their way through the hotel toward the spa. “Steam room first, then we get massaged?”

“Sounds good to me, Mom,” Stacy replied.

When they arrived, a woman greeted them from the front counter. She signed Julie and Stacy in, then pointed the way to the locker room. Since there was time to spare before their massage, she suggested that they pay a visit to the steam room first.

Mother and daughter selected robes as they entered the locker room, then began to undress. Julie glanced over at Stacy as the girl unclasped her bra from her back, stealing occasional glances at the girl while Stacy slid her panties down to her calves and stepped out of them.

Suddenly concerned that Stacy might catch her looking, Julie quickly removed her own clothes. She still couldn’t get over how beautiful her daughter had become.

They both walked in their robes to the steam room and entered. A nude woman rose and exited after they sat down, leaving mother and daughter alone.

Julie shrugged out of her robe. “C’mon, honey… take the robe off. You can’t really enjoy a steam bath unless you’re naked.”

Following her mother’s lead, the teen began to untie her robe. Julie placed hers on the seat and sat down, watching Stacy as she pulled the robe open and slid it off her shoulders. The girl dropped the garment to one side and, now nude, sat down next to her mother.

Stacy crossed her heels and glanced over at Julie’s body, taking a quick peek at the dark mound between her mother’s thighs that was barely concealed earlier by her g-string.

“Did you have fun at the Hancock last night?” Julie asked.

“It was great,” Stacy replied, “I think that wine definitely got to me, though.”

Julie laughed. “Yeah, you were a little tipsy.” She fell silent for a moment, then gave her daughter a warm smile. “Honey,” she murmured, “I meant what I said about you last night… I’m so proud of you, and you are amazingly beautiful.” She rested her hand on Stacy’s thigh.

“I meant the things I said too, Mom.” Placing a hand on top of her mother’s, Stacy gazed affectionately into Julie’s eyes, then suddenly looked down at her feet. “Um, I’m sorry if that was… weird last night, you know, about me sleeping with you.”

“It wasn’t weird at all, sweetie,” Julie responded, “In fact, it was kind of nice, wasn’t it? In fact,” and she leaned close to whisper in Stacy’s ear, “let’s share a bed tonight, too.”

“Yeah!” Stacy nodded as their fingers intertwined. She was confused by the feelings she was having. Feeling so close to her mom was wonderful and comfortable… it was as though she wanted to be even closer. Almost like she wanted to touch her… now, what did she even mean by that? The idea seemed somehow alluring, but inappropriate.

Soon they heard steps coming towards the door, then a young woman appeared.

“Stacy?” she called, looking in.

Stacy nodded and left. Julie’s therapist came soon after.

An hour and a half later, Stacy walked back to the locker room. She felt so relaxed that she simply sat down for a moment in front of her locker. Then her mom came in.

“How was it?” Julie asked.

“It was great… and yours?”

“Fantastic,” Julie replied, leaning against the wall.

“Do you think we could just wear these robes back to the room?” Stacy wondered.

“I’m sure we could.”

The two grabbed their things and set off.

Once inside, Julie laid down on the bed and relaxed. Stacy kept stealing glances at her mother, Those thoughts from before the massage hadn’t gone away. In fact, the soothing caresses of her therapist only made her more absorbed by the idea of getting closer to her mother.

“Ahh, I wish that massage could just go all day long,” Julie murmured.

“I know, it was so nice,” Stacy replied. “Did they do that tummy massage on you?”

“No, I don’t usually like it… so I just said that I didn’t want one,” the older woman replied.

“I don’t usually either, but she did it really well… different from the usual way they do it. I enjoyed it a lot.”

“Oh, well, maybe next time,” Julie sighed.

Almost without thinking, Stacy spoke. “You want me to try it on you?” she said, sitting down next to her mom on the bed.

“Sure… do you remember how she did it?”

“Yeah, I think so.”

“All right… that sounds nice, honey,” Julie murmured.

Heart pounding, Stacy reached over and untied her mother’s robe, exposing Julie’s nude body underneath. She felt confused, wondering why she had offered to massage her out of nowhere like that. And… why was she so excited all of a sudden, at the thought of touching her mother?

She reached for the bottle of the lotion the hotel had provided and squirted a dollop into her palm. Rubbing both hands together, she then placed them on her mother’s soft belly and began rubbing gently back and forth in a circular motion. The angle became difficult for her to work from, and she knelt next to Julie on the bed. God, she loved being able to touch Mom’s skin like this…

Startled by that thought, Stacy shook her head to clear it. What’s happening here? Confused, but wanting to continue, her hands drifted down to her mother’s thighs to continue the massage.

Julie sighed happily at the touch of her daughter’s gentle hands, feeling an unexpected tingle course through her body. Oh, well… she had to admit that massages always got her a little bit aroused, and feeling Stacy’s hands on her thighs was certainly stimulating. Maybe I’ll sneak in the bathroom and masturbate later, she thought.

Stacy glanced down at her mother’s body for a second, then froze, transfixed. The light shone at an angle, revealing that her mother’s pussy was glistening with wetness.

God, she thought, Mom’s turned on!

It was at that very moment that Stacy understood exactly what she was feeling toward her mother… what she had been feeling earlier in the sauna… what she had felt in Julie’s arms in bed last night. She had felt love and affection for her mother, true enough. But also… desire.

Stacy’s head spun as she realized the extent of that desire. My God, she thought. I… I want to make love to her. My own mother. 

She couldn’t tear her eyes from Julie’s wet pussy. And then she caught the enchantingly musky scent of her mother’s cunt. This only fanned the flames of Stacy’s newfound lust, making her tremble with a fierce need she was powerless to resist.

Heart pounding almost audibly, a helpless Stacy gave in to her desire. She gently grazed her fingers across Julie’s pelvis and ran them through her mother’s pubes. Her finger slid lightly over moist labia, exploring.

Julie moaned at how lovely it felt to be touched there, but she quickly struggled to come to her senses, raising herself up on an elbow. “Honey… I don’t think that’s a very good idea,” she whispered.

But Stacy would not be dissuaded so easily. “It’s okay, Mom,” she breathed, “I want to. Please… let me touch you.”

Lips parting, breathing deeply, Julie instinctively opened her legs slightly, offering her daughter tacit consent. She knew that she shouldn’t let this happen… but the thought of being fondled by her darling Stacy was irresistible.

Stacy responded by slipping her finger between her mother’s sticky labia and brushing it back and forth from below her clit, then around the opening to her cunt and back again. It felt so incredible to touch her mother like this… like a lover.

“You really want to… to do this, baby?” Julie asked, her eyes fluttering open to gaze at her child. Her heart hammered in her chest, knowing that they were on the verge of committing incest.

Stacy was entranced by her mother’s response to her touches. Her exploring fingers teased and caressed warm, wet crevices she’d never even thought about before. It was as though she’d been waiting to do this for years.

“I really want to, Mom,” she whispered back.

Julie seemed to sigh and moan simultaneously at the girl’s answer as she allowed Stacy to continue pleasuring her, feeling more aroused than she could remember. This beautiful girl was pleasing her in an incredible way, making her feel emotions she hadn’t in ages, not since last making love with Sophie back in college. Suddenly wanting to reach out and touch her daughter, she somehow restrained herself.

Then Julie gasped out loud as her daughter placed a fingertip at the entrance to her aching vagina, then gently slid the finger deep inside. “Oh,” she whimpered.

Reaching a sudden decision, Julie reached out and tugged the tie from Stacy’s robe, tossing it to one side. Her hand slipped inside the terry cloth garment to caress her daughter’s belly. It was wrong, she knew, it was forbidden… but she needed to return Stacy’s love. She trailed her fingers down to her daughter’s pussy and caressed it, feeling the moisture and heat of the teenage girl.

Stacy gasped softly, her lips parting as she responded to her mother’s touch. Quickly rising, she shrugged out of her robe and lay down naked next to Julie, placing her hand back between her mother’s thighs.

Bringing her hand to her mouth, Julie licked her middle finger, then reached down to touch her daughter’s slit. Stacy whimpered as her mother’s finger eased its way into her body, arching her pelvis into the motion as Julie pleasured her.

Her own hand still between Julie’s thighs, Stacy stared at her trembling mother. “God, Mom,” she whispered, “I love you.” Her lips brushed Julie’s cheek. Julie turned her head to face her daughter, and they stared into one another’s eyes for a long moment. Then their lips met in a soft, loving kiss. Surprising herself, Julie brought her tongue into play first, and the kiss quickly became hot and hungry. Their bodies melted together in a passionate embrace.

Breaking their kiss, Julie nibbled lightly at her daughter’s lips before moaning “I love you too, baby…”

As they masturbated one another, both women grew increasingly close to climax. Stacy’s pleasure seemed to rise quickly, and she thrust her hips against her mother’s probing finger.

Julie, too, was nearly in a trance as she came to the edge of orgasm. As Stacy bent to bite her mother’s neck, Julie felt a sudden wave of heat wash over and consume her body. She only felt Stacy’s lips on her skin, Stacy’s fingers fondling her clit… all else fell away. Her body twitched and shook as she cried out, lost in ecstasy.

Stacy continued to fondle her mother through her climax, even as her own orgasm was fast approaching. Sure enough, she came explosively just moments later. Crying out loud, she seized up and shuddered for a few moments before she exhaled noisily and relaxed, a hand still resting on her mom’s mound.

When Stacy opened her eyes, she immediately slipped into Julie’s arms. The two lay entwined in a delicious afterglow. Stacy pressed her hips to her mother’s and clung to her like a baby. “Oh, Mom,” she breathed, “that was wonderful.”

Julie’s hands slipped down to cradle her daughter’s gorgeous ass. “I love you, Stacy.”

“I love you, Mom,” purred Stacy, nuzzling Julie’s neck. She raised her face to gaze lovingly into the eyes of the woman who had given her life… given her love. Stacy’s lips sought Julie’s, her eyes slowly closing…

Mother and daughter kissed, gently at first. But their newfound love would not be denied, and the kiss soon grew hungrier, more intense. Their lips parted, tongues danced hotly… hands began to explore the curves and contours of each other’s soft, warm bodies.

Breaking their lip lock, Julie rolled Stacy over on her back and began kissing a pathway down her daughter’s body. It had been many years since her last time with a woman, but she let instinct guide her. Down Stacy’s neck, kissing the hollow of her throat, then letting the tip of her tongue trail its wicked way between her daughter’s breasts.

Raising herself slightly, Julie lightly brushed Stacy’s left nipple with her lips, then parted them to take the pink bud into her mouth.

The teen moaned, “Oh, Mom… oh, MOM!” clutching Julie’s head to her chest.

Stacy’s nipple felt wonderful in her mouth. Julie flicked the tip with her tongue, then bit it lightly… and Stacy inhaled sharply, hands caressing her mother’s golden hair. “God, Mom… that feels so good!”

Julie could have made love to her beautiful child’s breasts for hours, she knew… but her newfound hunger drew her ever downward, her lips and tongue trailing their wicked way down Stacy’s soft tummy… kissing her youthful skin, then pausing to tease the girl’s belly button with the tip of a playful tongue. Stacy squealed with delight.

Finally, Julie was at the threshold, lying between her daughter’s thighs, gazing hungrily at Stacy’s glistening pussy. Her nostrils flared as she savored the rich, musky scent of wet cunt. God, it had been far too long since she’d done this…

Head spinning with excitement, Julie pressed her lips into Stacy’s pussy, kissing the girl’s moist labia. Stacy gasped, “Oh GOD, Mom, yes…”

Julie licked her lips, loving the taste of her daughter. Placing warm hands on Stacy’s thighs, she took the teenager’s pink flower into her mouth. She teased the opening with the tip of her tongue, making Stacy whimper softly… then she plunged the length of it as far inside the slippery channel as she could.

Stacy cried out, a shudder of pleasure shaking her slender frame.

The sight of Stacy’s engorged clitoris had Julie enthralled… she slid her right hand further up the girl’s thigh and began to lightly brush her clit with gentle fingertips.

“Oh,” Stacy moaned.

Julie continued to feast on her daughter’s pussy, loving everything about it — the taste of her, the smell of her, the thick juices that flowed from Stacy’s cunt to coat Julie’s lips and chin…

Suddenly Julie felt a hand on her shoulder, and looked up. Stacy was propped up on one elbow, her face flushed. “Mom,” she stammered excitedly, “I — I want to lick you too.”

Without a word Julie climbed onto the bed and straddled her daughter’s face, burying her own between the girl’s thighs again.

Stacy gazed in fascination at her mother’s vagina, now inches from her face. Julie’s auburn pubes neatly framed the pinkness of her slit, now moist with arousal. Stacy inhaled deeply, sampling the intoxicating musk of another woman for the first time. Her head swam. Reaching around the older woman’s body to grasp her ass, Stacy drew Julie’s hips downward, bringing her mother’s cunt to her already open mouth.

Julie moaned into her daughter’s pussy when she felt Stacy kiss her vulva… then moaned again as the young girl’s tongue began to lick at the folds of her cunt.

Stacy was in heaven as she pleasured her mother. Oh, God, I love this, love Mom’s pussy… I love her! She could feel Julie’s thighs quiver against the sides of her face as she slipped the tip of her tongue into the sweet pink opening, then heard her moan as Stacy went deeper, probing its way inside the older woman’s body. Julie’s wetness coated the girl’s lips and chin… and it was delicious. Stacy clutched Julie’s ass tightly as she drank deep from her mother’s cunt. Mmmm, so wonderful…!

Julie moaned with delight as Stacy licked and sucked from between her trembling thighs. God, this was incredible — her child, her own darling daughter was eating her pussy, and it was the most beautiful sexual experience she had ever known. A tear rolled slowly down Julie’s cheek, a beatific smile on her lips as she took Stacy’s dewy flower into her open mouth.

Mother and daughter pleasured one another in a perfect circle of sexual delight — mouth to cunt, tongues seeking, exploring, loving… lips brushing sticky labia again and again with hot, eager kisses. emitting muffled cries of delight as their mutual ecstasy soared even higher.

Acting on a sudden wicked impulse, Stacy trailed her tongue between the cheeks of her mother’s ass, teasing the dark cleft of her anus. Julie cried out loud, and Stacy pressed her attack, licking hotly at her mom’s butt crack. Its dark, musky flavor delighted the teenage girl. Her index and middle finger sought out Julie’s cunt, and Stacy plunged them to the hilt in her mother’s body.

Julie inhaled sharply, shuddering with a hard twinge of pleasure. Knowing she was on the verge of climax, wanting to take Stacy with her, she fastened her lips to her daughter’s clitoris and began to suck at the inflamed pink nubbin.

They came together, their bodies bucking and rocking, both women hanging on for dear life as they continued to pleasure one another as best they could. Their moans and the sound of their frenzied panting filled the room.

Finally they lay exhausted and entwined, breathing heavily, their bodies flushed from head to toe.

Stacy gently kissed her mother’s neck. “Mmmm… I love you, Mom,” she murmured.

Julie’s lips sought out Stacy’s to bestow a loving kiss upon her daughter… then she pulled back to gaze deep into the young girl’s eyes. “And I love you, my sweet, sweet child,” she whispered. “More than ever.”

Stacy’s hands slipped down her mother’s back to cup and fondle her ass. “Mom…” she began hesitantly,” c-can we do this again someday? I really… really enjoyed making love with you.”

“Honey,” Julie smiled, “what we did was so special, so nice… well, I couldn’t give this up even if I wanted to.” She trailed a finger across her daughter’s lips. “Whenever you want me, Stacy… I’m yours.”

“Oh, Mom…” Stacy sighed contentedly, and leaned forward to kiss her mother once more. Julie was ready, meeting, and matching her daughter’s fervor. The teenage girl moaned, and their kiss became a passionate one, the heat of their desire already beginning to rekindle.

The End


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  1. David says:

    What and excellent ending to this story Haley. I love mother/daughter sex and this was one of the best ones I have read. Great build up and detail and I am sorry it is ending but very satisfied. Thanks Haley

  2. Litka and Tim says:

    A loving exquisite mother daughter story of love and tenderness. We had just been discussing how beautiful a relationship between mother and daughter can be if it is sincere. The touching, kissing,fingering and licking is incredible and can leave both with warm memories forever !

    We loved this story …well written! Keep writing more Haley 💓

  3. Euphorsyne, Thalia & Aglaia says:

    Agree with David and Litka & beautiful!. A really lovely Mother’s Day weekend present!

    Thanks to Haley Statton for a great, well written short story!


  4. chef73 says:

    Nice read and ending for a Mothers Day read.

  5. Sammy says:

    Many thanks for preserving this wonderful story here, JetBoy. I’ve long adored the few (two?) that Ms. Statton left us.

    This one reminds me of another that I haven’t been able to find since. I wonder if you know it: it’s about a dominant mother and her socially awkward daughter, who is without a date for a big school dance. Mom offers to act as such (I think) and takes her daughter to get primped and pampered and things develop from there. From my recollection I think it would be a wonderful fit here.

    • JetBoy says:

      I DO know that story, and have a copy in my collection. You will see it here very soon. Thanks, Sammy!

  6. Jake says:

    Mother and teen incest always a favorite.
    As usual love the progression to Anal play.
    Always appreciate that.

  7. MaryL says:

    Couldn’t stop reading…. very loving.

  8. sally drewett says:

    lovely story …very hot

  9. Myka & Sophia says:

    We love ‘teen/mature’ stories and the incest added such a lovely touch … 🙂

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