Sena, Elle and Me

  • Posted on April 19, 2020 at 3:24 pm

Author Unknown

Reworked by JetBoy for Juicy Secrets


I was thirty-two when I divorced my husband. Thirty-two and free at last. Free, embarking on a new life with my fourteen-year-old daughter Elle. A future filled with uncertainty, risk and opportunity. What would I make of it?

A bit intimidated by my new circumstances, I sought support from a group of newly divorced women who met weekly at the local library. Most were about my age, some a little younger, some older.

One woman, however, stood out immediately. Sena was different not only because she was by far the youngest – maybe twenty-two – but also because she was so beautiful. She had long blonde hair, a slender but shapely body with perfect lines, and a manner that suggested confidence and humor. All of us were charmed by her presence. She was a delight.

After my fourth meeting with the group I found myself walking out the door with Sena. I couldn’t resist telling her how much I liked her, her humor, her stories. She chatted me up very naturally and I found myself at a Starbucks talking with her. We were there for hours.

When we got up to go, Sena suggested we meet the coming Friday night at a place more interesting than a coffee shop. She took a napkin and wrote an address on it along with 10pm Friday. I said I would be there. When I asked Sena what I should wear, she simply stated, “It’s a club… look hot.” I laughed and said I would try.

Before Friday came I went shopping. I was on a mission to find something hot. I told myself that it was for the guys I might meet with Sena, but now I know that was not true… I wanted to look hot for her. Each day heading towards Friday I was more and more consumed by thoughts of her. Thinking about how beautiful she was, how sexy.

When Friday finally came, I kissed my daughter Elle goodnight. She had made a big deal over my new clothes. My short skirt and low cut blouse had made her stare and exclaim, “Wow!” We laughed about how I was back on the market, out looking for a man… I couldn’t possibly tell her the truth, about how I was dressed up for a young woman only a few years older than she was. What would she think? How would she feel? Besides, I hadn’t admitted it to myself yet… how could I explain it to my daughter?

I got to the club a little early. It was a nice place, quiet and dark with a small dance floor and an oak bar with brass trimmings. As I started to look around, I noticed that there were more than a few beautiful women hanging in the bar. Not only were they beautiful, but many of them were quite young, about Sena’s age or a little older.

Then I noticed that there were no men anywhere to be seen. How could a club with so many hot girls not have any men ogling them, trying to score? Finally, I noticed that more than a few of the women appeared to be paired up. Had Sena suggested we meet at a lesbian bar? The thought thrilled me to the core.

I looked again for Sena. Where was she? Here I was, alone, dressed to attract sex, in a lesbian bar. Was Sena into girls? Did she come here often? Why did she ask me to come here? Did she sense my attraction to her? Was she attracted to me?

My mind raced, considering all these possibilities. I kept looking for Sena, but she still hadn’t arrived. Then I noticed some of the women looking at me. Trying to appear nonchalant, I walked over to the bar and perched on a stool. The bartender looked like she was still in college, wearing a black halter top that exposed the sexiest tan tummy. As she asked me what I wanted, I could only think about how hot she looked. I ordered a martini.

Dressed as I was, I realized that I appeared to be looking for action. The fact that I actually was a woman looking for action in a lesbian bar never really occurred to me. Although I tried to resist it, I was getting hot just by being in the club. I found myself striking poses that casually revealed my body to any woman there who might be interested. I found myself looking around to see if anyone was interested.

To my left at a small table were two women staring at me and whispering to each other. I felt heat between my legs. To my right was an older woman, very striking in appearance, who was also looking.

Then from across the room, a young girl with short black hair was walking towards me. She looked right into my eyes as she passed through the tables and worked her way to me at the bar.

She was hot, very hot. Her short black dress highlighted her small yet perfectly proportioned tits and long beautiful legs. Her neck was so tantalizing that I found myself wanting to bury my face in it. I suspected that she could seduce anyone. Then I realized she could seduce me, right here at this bar, in front of all these women.

“Buy you a drink?” is all she said, her eyes penetrating into my soul.

I felt myself becoming anxious. This young girl was hitting on me. Everyone could see her do it. Everyone could see me, see how I was dressed, see how she was coming on to me. Everyone would think I was into girls, that I was looking for lesbian sex, that I was gay.

The bartender set down my martini and said, “Sure, Stacie. You can pay for this one. What do you want?”

Stacie never took her eyes off me. “Get me whatever she’s having.”

I never said anything. I just sat on the stool as she looked into my eyes. I felt her gaze as it moved down to my breasts. She wasn’t subtle about looking at them, just stared and quietly said, “Nice.” Then she looked back into my eyes and asked, “First time?”

I couldn’t even answer her. My head was spinning. I felt the heat between my legs. She just smiled at me as I remained mute, probably looking overwhelmed by her mere presence, her interest in me, her lust. I didn’t know what to say, but I knew that if she wanted to fuck me -– to take me home or even lead me into the restroom in the back and have me there -– she could do it. Who was I to stop her?

“Jesus, Stacie,” said a familiar voice coming from behind me. “You’re always after the newbies.”

It was Sena. She had arrived and was taking charge. “This one is with me.”

Stacie looked at Sena, then back at me. Getting up, she said, “Enjoy your drinks.” She turned and walked away.

As I stared at Stacie leaving, Sena whispered in my ear, “She’s gorgeous, but a bit much for you right now, don’t you think?” Then she lightly kissed my ear.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Well,” Sena explained, “before you had finished that drink, Stacie would have had her tongue in your mouth and her hand in your panties. And she would have done it right here at the bar, as publicly as possible. There’s even a chalk board in the little girl’s room that keeps her scores posted… a bit of an inside joke.”

The bartender arrived with a drink for Sena, who slipped a ten-dollar bill into the redhead’s shirt pocket with a wink. It was obvious that she was a regular here.

She held up her glass for a toast. “To a wonderful evening,” she said softly. We clinked glasses and drank, then Sena put her drink down and brushed my hand with her fingertips. “God, you look hot tonight…”

A few feet away from us, a tall young woman greeted a teenage girl with a full-body embrace and a steamy kiss. Well, I certainly couldn’t pretend I didn’t know what was going on now.

“So…” I slowly said, “this is a lesbian bar.”

“The girl’s perceptive,” Sena laughed.

“So…” I again slowly mused, “are you a lesbian?”

“Well,” Sena explained, “technically I’m bisexual, having been married and all. But I guess that’s why I got divorced… I couldn’t stop fucking college girls. My husband couldn’t handle it. In all honesty, I’m pretty much done with men.”

“So…” I slowly mused for a third time, “why did you ask me here? Do you like me? I mean, are you interested in me?”

“What’s not to like?” Sena replied with a suggestive smile. “Tell you what, let’s take these drinks to a booth near the back and find out how we feel about each other.”

Sena grabbed her drink and my hand, and we headed towards the back of the bar. My heart was pounding with excitement. I didn’t know what to expect. But maybe, just maybe, before I finished my drink Sena would be kissing me just like that woman I had just seen. We slid into a booth and sat close to each other, looking into each other’s eyes.


When I awoke the next morning in Sena’s bed, her apartment was quiet except for the clicking of computer keys. I looked at the empty pillow next to me and realized my beautiful Sena, my new lover, my very first lesbian fuck, was already up and apparently hard at work. Still naked, I followed the clicking sound into her study.

There she was, my delightful Sena, naked at the computer, checking her email. I came up behind her, cupped both her breasts with my hands and kissed her neck.

“Mmmm, that feels good,” was all she said as she finished her last email. “But don’t get me started, not until I’ve made coffee.”

Then Sena got up and motioned for me to sit at the computer. “Click around. There are lots of cool things to see on my computer,” she told me with a sly smile.

As she went into the kitchen to make coffee, I sat down and started looking at the different folders on the screen. Sena called from the kitchen, “Click the folder named ‘The Best’ and then open up the folders in there that look interesting to you.”

I found the folder, clicked on it, and saw that it was filled with many subfolders. I clicked on one named ‘Sisters’ and suddenly found myself looking at an extraordinarily beautiful pair of girls – identical twins – kissing each other!

As I clicked through a series of pictures of these sexy twins, I started to tingle all over. They went from kissing to finger fucking to dildo action. The last picture showed one twin licking the asshole of the other. Needless to say, I was getting very wet.

The next picture was of a different pair of sisters, going at it just as hard and looking just as sexy as the first pair. I quickly moved through a few dozen of these loving sisters before trying another folder.

I saw one named “College” and opened it to find tons of young girls, all sexy, all really cute, all either making out or fucking. Seeing these pictures of sexy girls getting it on made me even hotter. I started to wonder why I hadn’t done that while I was in college.

Then Sena was sitting on the floor next to me. She reached for the mouse, closed that folder, looked me in the eye, and said, “Time to get serious now.” I thought she was going to take me right there, right in front of her computer. Instead, Sena clicked on another folder named “Young.”

The first picture hooked me instantly. It was of two very, very young girls – very young and very attractive. Their bodies looked about twelve, but the sex in their eyes made them look experienced, lustful, ready to fuck.

They were wearing skimpy halter tops and panties. Their slender, childish bodies were exquisite. As Sena clicked through the series I saw the young girls kiss, feel each other up, strip one another naked, lick and kiss each other’s nipples, finger each other’s hairless cunts. As I looked at the last picture in the series where one little girl ate out her little friend, Sena took my hand and put it on my cunt. I immediately started masturbating right in front of my lover, masturbating to pictures of very young girls making love.

Sena showed me picture after picture of young girls: twelve-year-old girls kissing and touching; thirteen-year-old girls masturbating while they looked at skin magazines; groups of young girls getting naked, getting excited, fucking each other… older girls with younger girls; younger girls with even younger girls… I masturbated harder and harder at the sight of their budding breasts, their firm little nipples, their hairless cunts, the desire in their young eyes.

As soon as I saw the next series, however, I realized it would put me over the top. It was called “Moms.”

The first shot was of a very young girl, maybe fifteen, very pretty, very tan, with absolutely exquisite breasts. She had the sexiest little body… athletic, trim, and incredibly hot. With her was a woman, an older woman who looked like she might be the girl’s mother. As I saw more of the pictures in the series, I realized: that’s exactly who she was.

They were mother and daughter, they were naked, they were about to make love. As they kissed hotly, I moaned out loud. As the next photo revealed the girl sucking on her mom’s nipples, a soft “Yes,” escaped my lips.

As the mom fingered her daughter, I started to come. As the girl used her tongue to lick her mom’s cunt, I came and I came hard. It was the most powerful orgasm of my life, and I got it by masturbating to pornography, masturbating to the sight of a beautiful mom fucking her hot young daughter, masturbating right in front of Sena.

When it was over and my body belonged to me once again, Sena, licking at my nipples, raised her face to smile wickedly at me. “That will give you something to think about,” she whispered.

I was still a little too hazy from my pleasure to respond to what Sena had said, but she had planted a picture in my mind. I looked again at the series of pictures of the mom and daughter fucking, already feeling hungry for more lovemaking. I grabbed Sena and took her right there on the floor, licking her pussy until she begged me to stop.


Over the next two weeks Sena and I saw each other often. We fucked like animals each time we got together. These sex sessions were often over lunch or at some other time that wouldn’t make my daughter suspicious.

When Sena and I met at night, it could be frustrating, my having to be back home early so as not to make Elle wonder what I was doing. Sena was very patient with all this, very understanding. She never gave me a hard time about keeping our relationship a secret from my daughter.

For weeks, I was planning my sex life around Elle’s schedule. Then one day, unexpectedly, she asked permission to spend the night at her friend Annie’s house. I tried to play it cool, act like I was thinking about it. Eventually I told Elle that it was okay with me, as long as she got her schoolwork done before she went.

When I told Sena about it, I was so excited I could hardly contain myself. We would finally be able to spend the night together again! Sena was thrilled, and suggested she come over to my place this time. We both looked forward to Saturday.

I had told Sena to come over to the house around 4 PM because my daughter was supposed to have left by then for the sleepover. But then Annie called to let Elle know that she was running late, and to come over at 5 PM instead. When Sena arrived, Elle was still home, lying out back in a bikini sunning herself. Elle couldn’t see us from the patio, so I let Sena kiss me once she was inside the front door.

As we kissed, it was obvious how hot we were for each other. Sena immediately started pulling at my clothes and I wanted to let her, I wanted her to fuck me right there in the entry hall. But instead I told her, “We can’t, not just yet. My daughter’s still here. Don’t worry, she’ll be leaving soon.”

“Okay, that’s cool,” Sena replied.

“You can kiss me again, though,” I said, reaching for my lover.

As Sena’s mouth met mine, we both heard the back door open, which meant that Elle was coming back inside. Sena and I quickly drew apart, made sure we were both presentable, then I led her to the kitchen to meet my daughter for the first time.

I made the introductions, and we began to chat. Sena was her usual charming self, and Elle took to her right away. After a few minutes, Elle said she needed to get ready to leave.

While she was upstairs getting dressed, Sena simply said, “You have a beautiful daughter.” Then she came over to me to sneak a little kiss and give my ass a squeeze. I was anxious for Elle to leave so that Sena and I could fuck.

Finally, Elle came down the stairs, dressed in jeans and a shirt, an overnight bag slung over her shoulder. She shook hands again with Sena, gave me a kiss and hug goodbye, and left to walk to her friend’s house. As I watched her walk down the street, she turned and waved goodbye.

As soon as Elle was out of sight, Sena grabbed me, pushed me up against the wall and kissed me with a fierce hunger I had not experienced from her before. She was ravenous for me, her tongue fucking my mouth furiously, her hands groping my breasts. I was hot for her, too. I kissed Sena hungrily and started tearing at her clothes.

I heard her moan as her fingers found my nipples. “They’re all yours,” I replied as I pushed my breasts up into Sena’s hands.

“God,” she breathed, “you have such beautiful tits.”

Sena’s erotic exclamations made me even hotter, made me arch my back to thrust my breasts at her as she moaned about how beautiful they were. As her hand came down and cupped my pussy, Sena whispered, “And your cunt… your cunt is so hot.”

“It is,” I moaned back as Sena yanked down my jeans and panties. She brought them just low enough so that she could play with my naked cunt. Her finger pushed up into me, just the tip at first… and then, suddenly, all the way up into me so that her knuckles ground against my labia.

Then she was looking me in the eye, “Has anyone ever fucked you like this? Have you ever had your cunt fingered so deep? Has anyone ever pleasured you so well?”

“Only you, my love,” I whispered back as my cunt started to drip down my thighs from her finger play. “Only you.”

Sena seemed in an erotic daze, kissing me, fingering me, whipping me into a sexual frenzy. Suddenly her hands were lowering my jeans and panties to the floor. I stepped out of them. As I pulled off my top, Sena stripped herself naked in seconds. Then she placed a warm hand on my chest and pushed me onto the hall table. As I sat there, back against the wall, Sena parted my legs and gazed rapturously at my wet cunt.

With both her hands, she open my sticky labia and stared into my sex. Her breathing was heavy as her finger plunged into my cunt again. She pulled it out, sucked it clean and then pushed two fingers in me. I felt my vagina contracting around them.

“So beautiful,” Sena whispered as she made little thrusts into my cunt. “So beautiful. Your pussy is so beautiful.”

I was moaning, whimpering, my pleasure building to a crescendo… and then her mouth was brushing my ear as she whispered, “You know someone else who is incredibly beautiful… someone I’d just love to fuck…”

I shook my head… then she shocked the hell out of me when she replied:

“Why, that beautiful daughter of yours.”

I could feel the blood drain from my face, only able to gasp, “W-what?”

Sena broke off her kisses and stepped back from me. There I was sitting on the table, sitting on the cusp of an earth-shattering orgasm, my legs wide open, my cunt aching, my breasts swelling. I weakly asked a second time, “What?”

“Elle,” Sena replied, looking into my eyes intensely. “Your daughter. Don’t you want to fuck her? Don’t you want to watch me fuck her? Isn’t she totally hot?”

“Nooo,” I slowly whispered, nearly struck speechless.

But I felt my hips twitching, then rocking, my body crying out for Sena’s touch. I was aroused by her words — how could that be?

“Oh, right,” laughed Sena. “You don’t think you should fuck Elle, being her mother and all. But don’t you want to fuck her? Don’t you want to watch me fuck her?”

Before I could answer, Sena slipped four fingers into my cunt. With her other hand she started to play with my clit. Oh, God, she was going to finish me off right now.

With her hand fingering me faster and faster, Sena spoke softly. “Imagine Elle here with us. Imagine her lying naked in bed between you and me, both of us caressing her body. Don’t you want to fuck her? Don’t you?”

Then Sena glanced down at her fingers, still sliding in and out of my pussy, then back up at me with a wicked smirk. Suddenly I could feel my cunt being opened even wider. Oh, GOD… she was pushing her whole hand into me. I had heard of fist fucking before, but had never experienced such a thing myself.

It was incredible. I had never felt so full, so completely, satisfyingly penetrated before. Once her hand was completely inside, she wriggled it around in me a bit before she began to pump her arm in and out. My breath hissed through my clenched teeth as she started fisting me for real. As her hand moved, she spoke again.

“Imagine Elle climbing on top of you, slipping her thigh between your legs. She smiles at you, then your mouths touch in a soft kiss. Then you and Elle are kissing for real, like lovers. Your hand slides down her body to touch her pussy. She’s so wet… wet for you. Her sweet, loving mother.”

I was being fist fucked for the first time in my life. Fist fucked into orgasm as my lesbian lover described to me her forbidden desire to have my young daughter join us, join our sex. I was going to come.

“Imagine her straddling your face, offering you her pussy. She wants this, lover… your own daughter wants you to kiss her there, to taste that beautiful young cunt of hers. Have you seen her cunt? Don’t you want to see it?”

As I started to come, almost against my will, I was imagining Elle with us. My daughter Elle naked. Elle being kissed by Sena. Elle’s budding breasts. Elle kissing Sena’s mouth. Elle’s flat tummy. Sena’s tongue lavishing my daughter’s young mouth. Elle’s long beautiful legs. Sena caressing those legs. Elle parting her legs for Sena. Elle’s cunt. Elle’s cunt being licked by Sena.

I imagined going down on Elle… lying between her thin thighs and making my daughter mine. Taking her as my lover. I wondered how long I’d wanted this without knowing it.

I started to scream as a convulsive orgasm seized me. I closed my eyes and saw my sweet daughter in wild, frantic orgasm, screaming herself as I loved her.

I came and I came and I came… all the while seeing Elle in my mind, naked in my arms, moaning, crying, coming.

Finally, I was completely spent. So weak I couldn’t move. I rested, my eyes closed, rested to find strength. In my mind, the most erotic image floated up: Elle, my sweet little Elle, exhausted from orgasm, moisture glistening over her young girl’s body, her small breasts heaving with erect, pointed nipples, her legs wide open, lying in my arms, her eyes closed as I gently kissed her mouth.

As my breathing became less desperate, my heartbeat less frantic, I sensed Sena gently nuzzling my neck and shoulders. Her fist was still in my cunt, moving slightly, gently, slowly easing itself in and out. As she fucked me, her body squirmed atop mine, and I felt her tongue part my lips. My mouth opened to her, and we kissed with lusty fervor. Then I felt her face raise up from mine.

Gradually – still too weak to move, to speak – I opened my eyes to gaze tenderly at my lover, but she was staring intently down the hall towards the door. I felt her fist gently push itself back into me, then slowly out again, then in again. I turned my eyes down the hall to see what Sena was staring at.

I saw someone in the doorway, someone young and beautiful. I saw my Elle, staring at Sena and me. There she stood, still in her school uniform.

Even the sight of my daughter staring at us could not restore my strength. Still too weak to move, I just sat there on the table with Sena’s fist slowly moving in and out of my wide open cunt. Too shocked to speak, I tried… but only a whispered “Elle,” came out.

I was frightened. My daughter was standing there, staring at me, her own mother, indulging in sex play with her lesbian lover.

The look on Elle’s face was unimaginable. She was awestruck, mesmerized, entranced… her eyes filled with shock and surprise. But there was more: Elle was excited. I could see her excitement glowing through her eyes. She stood there, impossibly beautiful, looking at us with interest in her eyes, with lust in her eyes.

She looked at us with sex in her eyes.

This, this is what Sena was staring back at: the sex in Elle’s eyes. My lover recognized it immediately. That’s why she continued to slowly fist fuck me in front of my own daughter. Sena was exciting Elle by pleasuring me in front of her.

And now I too was looking at Elle. Too weak to cover myself, too weak to stop Sena, too weak to do anything but accept the slow-motion of Sena’s hand twisting in and out of my vagina.

I watched Elle’s gaze move from Sena’s eyes to mine, down to my bare breasts, down to the fist inside me, over to Sena’s naked body, up into Sena’s eyes.

Sena carefully removed her hand from my cunt, quietly stood and turned to face my daughter. Her nipples were firm and hard. She returned Elle’s stare and slowly padded barefoot towards her.

I saw Elle’s lips part slightly. I saw the desire she felt.

As Sena approached Elle she raised her hand, still wet from my body, and cupped Elle’s left breast. As she fondled my daughter, I could see my essence from my cunt staining Elle’s shirt. Elle arched her back as if to make her breasts more available to Sena.

As Elle gazed into Sena’s eyes with a deep hunger that shocked me. Sena smiled back and quietly said, “You are so lovely… so perfect.”

Elle was breathing heavily by now, her mouth open, eyes ablaze. As Sena’s lips lightly nibbled at Elle’s mouth, I heard a quiet sigh of pleasure from my daughter.

Sena kissed Elle.

Beautiful, naked Sena kissed my fourteen-year-old daughter like a lover right in front of me. I sat naked on the hall table, my legs wide open, transfixed by this incredible sight.

As Sena’s tongue gently fucked its way into Elle’s open mouth, I saw Elle’s eyes flutter, then close in rapture. Sena kissed her, and suddenly Elle was returning the kiss, her tongue flashing into my lover’s mouth.

My child melted into Sena’s arms. I watched my lover kiss my daughter, watched her hand travel down from Elle’s stained shirt, over her flat tummy, down to her pale thigh. Sena stroked Elle’s soft skin as they kissed… then that exploring hand slipped beneath Elle’s skirt. My head spun at  the sight of Sena’s hand sliding into my daughter’s panties, at the sound of Elle’s gasp as my lover touched between her legs. My daughter shuddered with pleasure, moaning deeply into Sena’s embrace.

I imagined Sena’s finger pushing into Elle’s cunt just as Sena’s tongue was flicking in and out of her luscious mouth. It was the hottest, most arousing sight I had ever known. I realized that I wanted to see Sena fuck my daughter.

I realized that I wanted to fuck my daughter.

I realized that I would fuck my daughter.

Then Sena released my panting child from her hot embrace. She turned Elle towards me and gently nudged her in my direction. I felt my buttocks tighten, my cunt tingle. As my daughter slowly approached, her eyes burning into mine, I found my legs spreading further apart, inviting her into me.

Elle stopped about two feet short of me. She stared openly at my breasts, my glistening cunt, my naked body… now offered up to her.

Sena urged her on. “Unbutton your shirt, Elle.”

Elle never hesitated. Eyes flashing with excitement, she started unbuttoning her shirt. As it opened I saw her smooth pale skin, her lacy bra, her smooth tummy melting into the top of her skirt. As Elle unfastened the last button, Sena pulled the shirt off my daughter’s shoulders and dropped it to the floor. Elle stood between her naked mother and her mom’s equally naked lesbian lover, in a skirt and a little white bra. God, she was hot. I couldn’t take my eyes off her.

Then her bra was loosened, and I realized that Sena had undone the clasp. “Take your bra off slowly, Elle,” instructed Sena. “Tease your mom a bit… she wants to see your breasts.”

Elle did tease me. First she lowered the bra just enough so that I could see the pale softness of those beautiful little breasts of hers. Then, slowly, she lowered the bra down just past her nipples. I thought I might faint, they were so delectable. I whimpered, my cunt a river. Elle dropped her bra to the floor and stood before me.

Then I saw Sena’s hands come from behind to cup Elle’s breasts, cup them and caress them, her fingers brushing those delectable nipples.

“Now take off your skirt, Elle,” Sena whispered, nuzzling my daughter’s ear. “Show your mom those long, beautiful legs of yours. Show her your smooth young thighs. Show her your body. Make her want it, make her want you.”

Again, Elle needed no encouragement. She gazed at my nakedness as she unzipped her plaid skirt. Her eyes rising to meet mine, Elle licked her lips as she lowered the skirt to the floor and stepped out of it. She hooked her fingers in the waistband of her panties and lowered them slightly, teasing me with a glimpse of her chestnut pubes. Elle smiled a dark, sexual smile at me. She clearly saw my desire for her. She was realizing that she would have me. Elle knew that we would soon be making love.

“Go ahead,” urged Sena. “take off your panties. Show Mommy your pussy. Open those legs and let your mom see that beautiful cunt of yours. Drive her wild, sweetie.”

Elle slowly slid her panties down her thighs, revealing her sparse, downy pubes and the sweet pinkness of her sex. She was now naked, and visibly wet.

When I heard Sena chuckle excitedly, I realized that I was staring at my daughter, trembling with desire, making my lust obvious to all. Elle wasn’t laughing, however. She just smiled that dark, sexual smile at me. She knew how badly I wanted her… and I knew that she wanted me as well.

Sena embraced Elle from behind, claiming my daughter’s breasts with her hands, dipping her head to plant a kiss on her neck. Elle sighed with pleasure, and Sena’s hands moved from Elle’s breasts to slip down her tummy and between her legs. She used both hands to stroke Elle’s cunt, parting her sticky labia, her fingertips exploring the girl to find her clit.

Elle’s cunt was gorgeous. Sena expertly stroked it, toyed with it, excited it. Elle whimpered as Sena gently fingered her clit, making her dizzy with the need to come. Within seconds, Elle’s pussy was so wet that her essence was oozing down her thighs.

Sena was rubbing her own cunt up against Elle’s ass, grinding against my daughter. As Sena humped Elle’s ass, still playing with the young girl’s pussy, she was moving Elle towards me, positioning my daughter right between my legs.

My thighs parted even further as I stared at Elle’s magnificent cunt, just inches from my own. Sena pushed herself against Elle’s ass one more time… and suddenly Elle’s cunt was against mine, her wetness and heat mingling with my own. All three of us gasped loudly.

Sena thrust her hips against my daughter’s ass again, and Elle’s cunt pressed harder into mine. Sena thrust again. And again. And again. As she got a steady rhythm going, Elle began to push her cunt against mine in time with Sena’s thrusts. The feeling was beyond anything I had ever experienced.

I slid down the wall enough to tilt my hips upward, opening myself up to my darling daughter. I saw beads of perspiration forming on Elle’s breasts as she and Sena worked their hips together to fuck me. Elle leaned closer to me, pushing our breasts together. Elle and I both cried out in utter delight from the sweet sensation of our nipples brushing.

Then my mouth was on Elle’s, my tongue tasting her, fucking her, kissing her as hungrily and passionately as I had ever kissed anyone. Her own tongue flashed to life, and she returned my kiss measure for measure.

And we came.

Elle and I moaned into each other’s mouths, still grinding our cunts together, bucking and rocking in a clutching embrace. Then Sena moaned loudly as she came herself. The three of us thrust together one more time and then froze – motionless, breathless in our sweet eternity of orgasm, our forbidden fuck, our taboo love. Completely still.

I remember that the three of us eventually untangled and that Sena took Elle by the hand and led her up the stairs into my bedroom, me following close behind.

Sena laid Elle out on my bed and spread her legs wide open, spread her wide so that we could see her pussy. God, she was beautiful. When did my Elle become so beautiful, so sexual, so fuckable?

I watched Sena take her.

I watched Sena bring Elle to an explosive climax with her hot, sucking mouth. And as tears of joy and exhaustion streamed down Elle’s young face, Sena made her come yet again.

As Elle lay there, happily exhausted, spread open for everyone and anyone to fuck, her body glistening with sweat, face flushed, nipples erect… as she lay there, Sena beckoned me to join them.

Then Sena rolled Elle over onto her tummy and slipped a fat pillow beneath her hips. The pillow propped up Elle’s ass, her cheeks spread slightly.

As I knelt on the bed and looked down at my young daughter, I saw her perfect little asshole exposed… so vulnerable, inviting, luscious. Sena reached for Elle’s ass and parted her cheeks, looking back at me and smiling.

“You get to be the first to make love to her ass,” Sena whispered.

The sight of my daughter’s butt crack, spread open for me, had me wet all over again. Since discovering lesbian love with Sena, I had developed a real taste for anal play… and she was now offering me a precious gift.

Elle was quivering in anticipation, thrilled at the prospect of being licked by her own mother.

I knelt behind her and leaned in close to savor the sight and smell of my daughter’s asshole. My tongue emerged and I began to gently lick her dark cleft.

Elle moaned. As my mouth and tongue pleasured her ass, I could feel her anus relax for me.

I tongue fucked Elle’s crack, loving the taste of her. As I sensed her excitement growing, my hand slipped beneath her, seeking her clit. When I found it, I started teasing it with the tips of my fingers. I could feel tremors of ecstasy pulse through Elle’s body, growing stronger by the second until she screamed out her pleasure yet again.

As she came, her ass opened for me, accepting my tongue deep inside her. I was inside her ass. I was in heaven. She shook and gasped for a long moment, finally slumping over on her side.

I crawled up to my daughter — my new lover — and drew her into a loving embrace. Out of breath as she was, Elle somehow summoned up the strength to wrap her arms around me and kiss my mouth, her tongue emerging to sample the flavor of her ass.

And so the evening went. Every imaginable combination of the three of us making love. Every possible position. Every possible fuck. Every possible pleasure.

Finally I dozed off. Later I awoke to the rocking of the bed. As I looked over at Elle, I saw her deeply kissing Sena as my lover’s fingers probed into my daughter’s cunt.

After Elle came, Sena straddled her face. I watched my daughter eat my lesbian lover, then I got on all fours and slid between Elle’s thighs to lick her pussy. She tasted wonderful.

I remember lying spread out on the bed, Sena’s mouth nibbling at mine. Down below, Elle was nuzzling my cunt. Lick me. Eat me. Make me come.


Our fuck fest continued, with occasional snooze breaks, until noon the next day. Then Sena had to leave, and Elle had to get dressed for a soccer match. As Elle climbed into the car with me to head to the match, dressed in her team uniform, I saw her once again as my young daughter, not my new lover. It felt strange.

While I watched Elle play soccer, I wondered if the previous night had been a dream. Worse, I worried that it might have been a one-time thing.

In the car on the way back home, Elle was clearly just being my daughter, bubbling over with excitement about the goal she scored, scorning the ref, being a young girl. Will I ever be with her as a lover again? I fretted.

As Elle showered after the game, I was in the kitchen preparing dinner. While I was chopping vegetables at the sink, I heard Elle’s soft voice from behind me, “Nice ass.”

My heart skipped. “What’s that, Elle?” I asked without turning around.

“I said that you have a nice ass, Mom,” repeated Elle.

I turned around, and what I saw took my breath away: Elle standing in the kitchen entrance, wearing nothing but her jeans.

No top, no bra, not even socks to cover up those sexy feet of hers. Her jeans were unzipped and open to reveal the top of her sparse bush. Mmm, no panties either.

I could tell by the way her nipples stood up that she had been playing with them in the shower moments before. When I looked into her face, I could see the hunger in her eyes.

Elle padded over and kissed me, kissed me ever so sweetly. Then her tongue slipped into my mouth and started to gently toy with mine, exciting me, making me wet.

Then Elle stood back. “Dinner can wait,” she whispered, stroking my face. Taking my hand, she led me upstairs to my bed… our bed, I thought to myself.

My lover was back.

The End


24 Comments on Sena, Elle and Me

  1. 3FingersNeat says:

    One of my favorite stories.
    Thanks for posting it.

    • TLez says:

      OMG, I haven’t stopped playing with myself…well done Jetboy…the visuals this story conjured up, well let’s just say, no pictorial would do justice what is in my head…which of course, translates to my fingers that haven’t stopped stroking my siping wet pussy…whew!!!

  2. Violetta G says:

    WONDERFUL! If only this wasn’t the end….

  3. Sapphmore says:

    Hey JB, great story re-work as usual. You won’t be surprised to hear I have the original version that I copied to text file back in February 2014. It was originally titled “Sera, Elle and Me by Karen (address withheld)” but although I scrolled through my archive of sites, I can’t find which site I got it from.

    • JetBoy says:

      Can you send me a copy? I’m curious as to how different my version is. (Did a hell of a lot of work on it, as I recall).

  4. chef73 says:

    Thanks for the good story for a boring stay at home Sun. after noon.

  5. David says:

    Thank for the rework of the story JetBoy and reposting it for us. It was an amazingly erotic story. Well written and detailed. Like chef73 said, it made a boring shut in Sunday a lot better.

  6. Helen says:

    My knickers are soaked. Thank you for a wonderful and graphic story and one of the best I`ve read for a while.

  7. Dylan says:

    Great rework on this story JetBoy. I loved it…a beautiful lesbian 3-way involving a young teen. The best part was Mom eating her daughter’s ass!

  8. sue says:

    Really enjoyed this story. Hot and believable, and loving, oh and did I mention hot.

    Kim & Sue

  9. Misty Meadow says:

    Pity that we don’t know who this author is. I’d like to claim it, but she’s a much better writer than I am. My knickers are soaked so I’ll have to take them off, suck my juice from them and maybe just sit around naked, reading the story again while I finger myself. One of the best I’ve read in months. Well done, JB, to find this.

  10. Quinlan says:

    This was a good one. Almost calls for a part 2.

    • Tammygirl says:

      There’s a mistake.
      You wrote “ Elle had met my new lover, but she thought we were just good friends.”

      Then six paragraphs later you wrote “ then I led her to the kitchen to meet my daughter for the first time.”

      • JetBoy says:

        Thanks, Tammygirl, I fixed that. The original author is not to blame, by the way… that particular fuck-up is on me.

  11. Jake says:

    This is another hit, awesome and believable scenario. And as usual my comments praise the vivid descriptions of Anal play.
    My assessment is most women in real life don’t usually like ass play, so it’s great to read about it.
    Thank you for the story

  12. Tim and Litka says:

    What a shame we don’t know who the author is so we could persuade her to write some more, or indeed another part. This has to be, as Misty so rightly says, one of the best, and one of the hottest stories we’ve read in ages. Needless to say we both came, and not just once either!!
    Thanks for this JB. Just wonderful ??

    • JetBoy says:

      I really dug this story when I first read it… there’s a wild kind of poetry to the writing that got me where I live. Added some poetry of my own to the end result, I must confess.

      I’ll try again to track down the author. Wouldn’t it be something if she had another hot lesbian yarn or two? Fingers crossed!

      • sapphmore says:

        I’ll taken anaother look at the original and have another dig around. I have a few stories in my archive where the title header is very similar in structure so once I find another story looking the same with better author details I should be able to backtrack.

      • sapphmore says:

        Found the original. I’ll email link to you

  13. Euphorsyne, Thalia & Aglaia says:

    Wow!,reader Sue commented, so hot! Great story Author Unknown. The daring Mom character ( like the author,name unknown )enjoys a lovely intense orgasm while watching her new found lover,Sena’s computer content and special files, which are amazing and,….and…well, these few words sum it up very nicely:

    …When it was over and my body belonged to me once again, Sena, licking at my nipples, raised her face to smile wickedly at me.”THAT will give you something to think about,” she whispered.
    I was still a little too hazy from my pleasure to respond to what Sena had said, but she had planted a picture in my mind. I looked again at the series of pictures of the mom and daughter fucking, already feeling hungry for more lovemaking. I grabbed Sena and took her right there on the floor, licking her pussy until she begged me to stop.

    Mmm! reads like something many of us have fantasized about whilst doing the same thing at our own computers. 🙂

    Wish this tale could’ve been expanded upon, but sometimes short and HOT can get the job done just as well.


  14. Myka & Sophia says:

    Awesome … we loved it!

  15. ian love says:

    One of my lesbian fantasies could be a sequel to this. Sena & the mom get married, & have Elle and a few of her friends as bridesmaids, plus a few from the bar are invited as well!!! Think of the 2 brides in white with sexy lingerie under but no panties!!! Wedding present sex toys getting used!!!

  16. Mike says:

    Incredibly Hot story, superbly written

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