Mommy Loves to Lick

  • Posted on February 24, 2020 at 3:57 pm

Author Unknown

Reworked by JetBoy for Juicy Secrets


Lori was watching television, taking a break from her housework. Her favorite program was on, a very steamy teen drama set in a small town high school.

The young mother squirmed and pressed her thighs together, sending a delicious glow through her damp pussy. A shudder ran through her body, causing her large, perfectly shaped breasts to rub deliciously against her thin shirt. Her nipples, already erect, burned with sudden desire.

She closed her eyes, letting her head fall back as the need in her grew to a fever pitch. She wanted to masturbate, but ruled it out. After all, her daughter Cindy was just outside and should be coming in any second for lunch.

She sighed, thinking back to one of her most memorable sexual experiences, one that happened when she was still in seventh grade. She had been fingering herself in a stall in the girl’s room when Sheri Loomis, a cute redhead in her class, quickly slid under the door of the stall she was seated in. Lori could only stare in horror at having been caught, but her fear turned to excitement when Sheri hoisted up her own skirt, slipped a hand into her panties, and began to masturbate, gazing into Lori’s eyes with a playful smile on her lips.

Within five minutes they were fingering each other and kissing deeply. Lori could still vividly remember the sensation of coming from Sheri’s touch. They were lovers for the next year or so, getting together whenever they were able to. God, the pleasures they had enjoyed back then…

Lori enjoyed men, too, but had always preferred women ever since that first time with Sheri. Actually, what she really preferred was girls. Something about teenage baby dykes drove her insane with lust. And lately, she had been finding herself indulging in lustful thoughts when she saw even younger girls, as young as twelve or thirteen.

It was too bad, really, there was no way to satisfy her forbidden desires, but at least she could fantasize. Except for that one fantasy so taboo, so frightening that she couldn’t even let herself think about it…

The back door slamming shook Lori from her reverie. Without noticing, she was teasing her nipple, her other hand knotted up against her lower belly, feeling the tingling nearness of her release. She was very close to coming.

Flustered, she tried to settle down, but the sweet ache continued to mount between her thighs. Luckily, Cindy had only come in to use the bathroom. She waited until her daughter had left, then fingered herself to a shivering orgasm.

She had drifted off again and jolted back to reality when she realized that Cindy was in the room… and shifted her hand from her mound as subtly as she could.

Cindy was a darling young girl whose body had already begun to shed her baby fat. Lori marveled at how quickly her little girl was growing up, how beautiful she was becoming… how desirable…

Enough! she told herself, squeezing her thighs together as if trying to bottle up her libido. Jesus Christ, I just masturbated, and the sight of Cindy has me worked up and tingling all over again. 

Cindy was standing there, twisting nervously, one hand tugging at the bottom of her shirt. She was on the cusp of womanhood, the slight curve of her hips barely detectable through the cute emerald-green shorts she wore.

“Mom, I feel kinda weird.”

“What’s wrong, baby? What feels weird?”

“Up here.” Cindy’s big eyes looked helplessly at her mother as she tugged harder at her shirt, stretching the material to make the outline of her nipples show. She wore no bra, and her babyish breasts were capped with erect buds. “My, um, boobs have been feeling all tingly and warm for a couple of weeks, Mom.”

Lori’s heart throbbed as she stared at her daughter’s nipples, clearly visible through the thin fabric.

“And now I’m feeling it down here, too!” Cindy exclaimed, gesturing to her crotch. “I was riding my bike just now, and it felt all, all tickly. I thought I had to pee, but I went to the bathroom and nothing happened!

Lori detected the frustration in her daughter’s plaintive voice, her excitement steadily growing. She knew what was bothering Cindy… and it was the same thing that was bothering her. Cindy was experiencing sexual arousal — for the first time, in her case — and she didn’t understand the changes taking place in her body. Probably the girl’s bicycle seat had chafed against the thin material of her shorts, stimulating her vagina.

Lori’s head spun as she idea of her daughter’s awakening sexuality burned in her brain. At that moment, the forbidden desires she had pushed away with increased vehemence over the last few weeks had her aching with a fierce need for the eleven-year-old girl standing before her.

Lori couldn’t ignore this craving anymore. She wanted her daughter. Wanted her naked body, her mouth. Her skin.

She knew full well that these feelings, this incestuous hunger, was wrong. But at the same time, she imagined how sweet Cindy’s introduction to love could be in the arms of her mother. The mother who adored her… who knew how to make her daughter feel special. How to make her feel loved. Surely it would be a better introduction to sex than being pawed by some dimwit teenage boy…

Her heart throbbing, Lori made a decision.

“Come here, Cindy,” she said softly, opening her arms.

Cindy moved into her mother’s embrace, standing between Lori’s spread knees. Lori gently stroked her daughter’s cheek. She let her hand drift slowly down Cindy’s neck, exploring the silky smooth skin of her child.

Cindy whimpered as Lori let her hand move down further, gently caressing her daughter’s upper chest. Cindy’s heart was pounding, and Lori could feel the rapid rise and fall of her chest.


“Shhhhh… honey, I think I know what’s happening to you.”

Lori dropped her hand further, feeling the gentle inward slope of Cindy’s abdomen, but not quite touching the youngster’s budding nipples. Cindy squirmed as Lori cupped the girl’s tight little bottom, to steady her.

“Take your shirt off, baby.”

Cindy pulled the shirt up over her head. She was naked above her low-riding shorts, her pretty face hidden as she struggled with the inside-out shirt.

Lori’s pussy tingled as she saw Cindy’s swollen nipples jutting proudly from her otherwise flat chest. Impulsively, Lori leaned close and kissed one puffy little bud, eliciting a soft squeal from her child.

“Is that where it feels strange, honey?”

“Yes, Mom! There… and other places, too…”

Lori became even more excited as she watched her half-naked little girl, seeing Cindy’s nipples turn an even darker hue of pink.

Cindy was very confused by all these new feelings, but when her mother kissed her nipple, the strange but wonderful sensations intensified, making her shiver deliciously.

“God, that feels so weird!”

“It’s all right, darling. This is the start of some very new, wonderful feelings that your body is beginning to experience.”

“A-are you sure?”

“Yes, baby, I’m sure. Just relax. I’ll show you.”

Cindy sighed, some of the tension leaving her. Lori held her daughter by the waist, nuzzling her delicate neck. Cindy trembled and wrapped her arms around Lori, enjoying her mother’s loving attention.

Lori raised her face to smile at Cindy. “Take your shorts and panties off, honey.”

Cindy steadied herself, a hand on Lori’s shoulder, as she squirmed out of the tight shorts, then slid her pink underpants down her slender thighs. Cindy had no hair on her pretty little pussy, Lori noticed, and her head spun with an even greater desire for her daughter.

Cindy watched intently as her mother gently touched her, stroking her soft skin, making her practically vibrate with powerful new feelings.

Lori’s panties were soaked and her breasts felt heavy, full. Her nipples throbbed as they brushed against the silky material of her top. Overwhelmed with need, she stopped caressing her daughter long enough to remove her own shirt. She wore no bra, and Cindy openly stared at her mother’s bare breasts.

“Mommy… will my boobs ever get as big as yours?”

“Oh, yes, Cindy… In a few years, they’ll be every bit as big as mine,” Lori murmured softly, as she drew her daughter to her, hugging the young girl close.

Lori savored the heat of Cindy’s naked body against her bare skin, running a long fingernail down her daughter’s narrow back, eliciting a shudder that made Lori’s breasts quiver. She let her hand drift lower, cupping a small ass cheek. Cindy reflexively pushed her hips forward, moulding herself to her mother’s half-naked body.

Lori brought her other hand to Cindy’s stiff nipple, pinching it gently, playfully. In response, Cindy hesitantly took her mother’s erect nipple between thumb and forefinger and squeezed it lightly, making Lori moan deep in her throat.

“Does that feel good, Mommy?”

“Ohhh… Cindy, baby,” Lori breathed, “yes, it does.”

Lori slipped a finger between Cindy’s succulent little ass cheeks, caressing the tight crack of her child’s bottom, feeling the heat rising there. Cindy shifted her stance, parting her legs slightly, and Lori slid her finger down further, following the sweet little crack until she felt the heat and, with a rising excitement, the dampness at Cindy’s bare slit.

Cindy trembled, thrusting reflexively against the exploring finger, at the same time pinching Lori’s hard nipple. Mother and daughter both cried out in sudden, unexpected pleasure.

Lori slipped to her knees before her daughter, settling her ass on her heels and kissing at Cindy’s soft tummy. The little girl was panting heavily now, and Lori had an uncontrollable desire to taste her pussy. And with the object of her deepest, darkest craving so near, nothing was going to stop her.

She held Cindy tightly, both hands fondling her daughter’s tight little ass as she dipped her head to lick at the girl’s sugary slit.

Cindy squealed, clutching at her mother’s head and thrusting her tingling pussy against her mother’s sucking mouth. Lori parted the tight lips of Cindy’s childish vagina, sliding her tongue deeper, probing… then withdrew to lick at her daughter’s labia, finding the tiny nubbin of her clitoris.

“OHH! Oh Mommymommymommymommy… mmmmmwhat’s happening to me?!”

“You’re going to come, angel… I’m going to make you come!” Lori gasped, in between licks of her daughter’s vagina.

“Oh! OH! Oh, Mommy!” sobbed Cindy. “I’m… I’m… I’M… I’M–”

Suddenly, Cindy’s body heaved and she started to cry wordlessly as her mother’s licking sent the little girl over the edge in her first orgasm. Low in her throat at first, then building until she was keening wordlessly as Lori licked and sucked at her pussy.

With each helpless thrust of Cindy’s hips and pulse of her girlish slit, Lori could taste more and more of her daughter’s delicious essence. Her own excitement was so intense that Lori began to come herself. She sobbed as the taste of her daughter’s pussy drove her climax to even greater heights, shaking and shivering with pleasure until she almost passed out.

“Ooooh, Mommy!” cooed Cindy softly, as she recovered, quivering slightly in her mother’s arms. “That was wonderful!”

“You liked it when I licked you like that, didn’t you, baby?”

“Yes, Mommy… yes, I did!”

Mother and daughter hugged tightly, luxuriating in the slippery feel of their bare skin sliding together. Lori’s lips and chin glistened, coated with Cindy’s sweetness. The young girl kissed her mother’s mouth, then licked her lips thoughtfully.

“Is that me? On your face, is that my… my, you know…?”

“Yes, sweetie, that’s the taste of your pussy on my lips. Do you like it? I know I do.”

“Oh, yes… I do like it, Mommy!”

“Want to taste some more?” Cindy nodded, her eyes wide. “Then kiss me again,” Lori breathed, closing her eyes.

Her head spun as she felt her daughter’s mouth shyly brush against hers. The sweet contact lingered for a few delicious seconds… then Lori allowed her tongue to tease Cindy’s lips, which parted slightly. Suddenly Cindy was purring with pleasure as her own mother was French kissing her, something she knew about, but had never experienced. Her own tongue flashed to life, almost before she was aware of it… and then mother and daughter were kissing like lovers.

After a long while, Cindy broke their kiss to softly ask, “Does your pussy taste like that, Mommy?”

“Yes, baby, it does,” Lori crooned.

“Mommy, I want to see you now. I want to see your pussy!”

“Oh, honey… I want you to see me, too. All of me.”

Lori rose to finish undressing, and Cindy stood and hugged her from behind. Lori felt her daughter’s arms reach around her to grasp her swaying breasts.

“Mmmmm, Mommy! I love your boobs. They’re so beautiful!”

Lori turned to face her daughter, bracing her hands on the counter. Cindy lowered her face and licked at one of Lori’s erect nipples, making her mother shiver with delight.

The room seemed suddenly warm, almost stifling as Lori stood, unresisting, while Cindy opened her mother’s shorts between loving licks at her nipples. When Cindy had Lori’s shorts and panties down to her knees, the older woman began to fondle herself. As Cindy watched closely, Lori let her own hand drift lower to her bushy auburn pubes, finding her moistened slit with eager fingers.

Seeing her daughter’s enraptured stare, Lori moved her hand away, giving Cindy a good look. The preteen girl let out a squeal of delight at the sight of her mother’s glistening pussy.

“Oh, Mommy! It’s so beautiful! I wanna lick your pussy and kiss it, the way you did mine!”

Cindy knelt before her mother, tugging Lori’s panties and shorts down to her feet. Stepping out of her remaining clothes, Lori felt the youngster’s warm breath on her pussy, and breathed “Oh, my angel…”

Cindy’s tongue licked a hot path along her mother’s sticky labia, and Lori cried out, “Oh yes, honey! Lick my pussy, baby.” Lori’s hips thrust against her child’s eager mouth, grinding against the young girl’s chin.

The child made happy, wet noises as she feasted on her mother’s dripping pussy, making Lori’s head spin. One hand bracing her body against the counter top, Lori’s other hand went to the back of her daughter’s head, gently guiding her hot licking mouth. She indicated her clitoris, gasping “Lick me here, honey, like I did for you.”

Cindy’s lips encircled her mother’s throbbing clit, and she sucked at it.

Lori moaned, “Ooooooh… now, Cindy! Oh, yes. You’re making me come! Oh! OH GOD! YESSSS!”

Young Cindy happily pleasured her mother, using the tip of her eager tongue to lick at her throbbing clitoris. Within seconds, Lori came in long, powerful torrents of pleasure as Cindy greedily sucked at her cunt.

It was as if her eleven-year-old daughter was born to make lesbian love. “Oh! Cindy!” Lori panted as she came, “y-you make my pussy feel so — oh! — so g-good!” Lori’s hips thrust hard as she felt each hot, wet lick of her daughter’s probing tongue. She watched through a blurred haze of pleasure as her daughter’s slim ass twisted enticingly with the pounding of her climax.

Finally, her knees weak, Lori gently pulled Cindy’s head back. “N-no more, honey,” she barely managed to get out.

The young girl stood before her mother, her mouth and chin glistening with Lori’s wetness. Her heart glowing with adoration, Lori raised herself up on one elbow and kissed her daughter full on the mouth, licking at Cindy’s lips.

“Did I make you feel good, Mommy?”

“Oh, honey… yes, you did!”

“I wanna do it again, Mommy!”

“What, honey? Lick my pussy again, or have me do it to you?”

“Both, Mommy! I wanna do it all again and again and again!”

“We will, baby. We’ll do it many more times, don’t you worry.” She drew Cindy into her embrace. “I love you, my darling daughter.”

Impulsively, Lori slipped her other hand down over Cindy’s succulent little ass cheeks… and the preteen girl giggled, pushing back against her mother’s hand.

“Cindy…?” began Lori, as a naughty idea crossed her mind. “Do you want to feel something else… something really nice?”

Wordlessly, Cindy nodded her head. Lori continued to stroke the soft, hot smoothness of her child’s bottom… then her fingers gently brushed their way between Cindy’s cheeks. She found her daughter’s tight little asshole and circled the hot, moist ring of her anus with her fingertip.

“Oh,” Cindy moaned softly, her heart pounding furiously as her mother touched her most intimate place. She was overwhelmed by the surprising new delights her body was discovering, happy that her mother loved her enough to share these things with her.

Suddenly the tip of Lori’s finger pushed its way into Cindy’s bottom hole, and the little girl gasped out loud. Slowly, slowly, Lori eased her finger into her daughter’s anus as deep as it would go.

Cindy’s head spun. She had never known how wonderful it felt to have something in her bottom… so tickly and nice! Then she panted in excitement, her mouth open wide as her mommy pulled that sweet finger out, but not quite all the way… and a cry burst from her lips as it slid back into her butt again, but a little faster this time. Now Mommy’s other hand was between her legs, touching her pussy some more!

Lori’s heart thrilled as Cindy moaned shakily, burying her face in a pillow, her childish body trembling as her mother began to fuck her ass, that wicked finger slowly pistoning in and out, in and out while her other hand played sweet games with her little girl’s sticky slit. “Oh, Mommy… oh, Mommy,” Cindy breathed into the pillow. “Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, OH — OH MOMMY!” She was screaming now.

Lori felt her daughter’s asshole grip her finger tightly, her eyes wide as she watched Cindy come. Lori had to hold her child steady as her hand continued to saw back and forth, pumping her probing digit in and out of Cindy’s anus, feeling the young girl’s thin frame buck and lurch backward as she cried out in ecstasy. Her fingers, still fiddling between her daughter’s trembling thighs, were moist with Cindy’s juices.

Finally Cindy lay on her side, breathing heavily, flushed from head to toe. Lori drew her into a warm embrace, and mother and daughter lay together, cuddling happily for a long while.

Cindy turned to gaze deeply into her mother’s eyes. “That was… so, so nice, Mommy,” she whispered. “I love you.”

Lori rested her forehead against Cindy’s and smiled at her daughter, her eyes glowing with adoration. “I love you too, angel,” she murmured, “so very much.”

Radiant with contentment, the two lovers snuggled close and gently sank into slumber.

The next morning was a school day, but before Cindy left for the bus stop, Lori promised her daughter that they would make love again. Sweet little Cindy was just learning about her sexuality, and Lori planned on teaching her more that very night. And there was so much still to teach her. After all, Cindy still hadn’t been fucked yet.

Lori gave her child a lingering kiss as she left for school, then padded to her room, slipped back into bed and gently fingered her pussy as she thought about the bottom drawer of her dresser and the delightful toys it contained. She shivered to one last satisfying climax as she pictured sweet little Cindy lying on her bed, thin legs pulled back and spread wide, exposing her pink, wet slit, ready for whatever sexy games her mommy wanted to play.

The End


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  1. Tim says:

    Great story. Mum and daughter loving is always so good, and this was well written too.

  2. Drew says:

    Mmmmm delicious

  3. GreyBeard says:

    This story is screaming for more chapters. I mean, that tease about the toy drawer simply must be realized.

  4. collie says:

    What a wonderful naughty treat! I did notice one small mistake- at one point Cindy is said to be 11 and in another paragraph she’s 12. But that’s minor and didn’t make this hot story any less enjoyable!

    • JetBoy says:

      Aaarrrrggghhhh! I may be able to turn out an erotic story of moderate value, but I’m all but useless at continuity. Anyhow, this particular goof is fixed. Thanks for catching it, Collie!

      • Purple Les says:

        You turn out erotic stories of great erotic value. I’d be happy to read anything of yours before it shows up here.

        You know, to have a come before anyone else, whoops, I mean to proof read for any minor errors.

  5. Jay Denton says:

    Loved it, we need more pleeeeeaaassseeee ?

  6. Euphorsyne, Thalia & Aglia says:

    HOT!, hot!,…hot! agree with all above commenters
    loved these few lines and paragraph:

    …”Yes, sweetie, that’s the taste of your pussy on my lips. Do you like it? I know I do.”

    “Oh yes. I do like it, Mommy!”

    “Want to taste some more?” Cindy nodded, her eyes wide. “Then kiss me again,” Lori breathed, closing her eyes.

    Her head spun as she felt her daughters mouth shyly brush against hers. The sweet contact lingered for a few delicious seconds….Then Lori allowed her tongue to tease Cindy’s lips, which parted slightly. Suddenly Cindy was purring with pleasure as her own mother was French kissing her, something she knew about, but had never experienced. Her own tongue had flashed to life, almost before she was aware of it….and then mother and daughter were kissing like lovers.

    Oh,YES! beautiful! mother and daughter love and sexual desire taken to the nth degree!

    Another great story from the imagination of an Author Unknown and reworked for all us readers by the magic fingers and salaciously delicious talent of JetBoy!


  7. Momof4 says:

    Jetboy,absolutely a tantalizing hot story,
    More of Lori and Cindy please

  8. Robert says:

    I hope Cindy has a 7yo sister for you both to enjoy

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