Ripples, Chapter 18

  • Posted on October 8, 2019 at 2:52 pm

by Sapphmore and JetBoy

At 3 o’clock, happy to have taken that first momentous step towards coming out, Jess said goodbye to her workplace team and left to pick up the girls.

On the way, she mulled over how her life had changed. Now that the cat was out of the bag, Jess was determined to be open and honest about her new lifestyle. She’d need to tell the rest of her close friends about Rachel, along with her mum and sister. Given her sister’s preference for women, Jess was certain that Laura would be perfectly fine with the news. In fact, I’m looking forward to seeing Laura’s face when she finds out that her straight-laced sibling is now batting for the other team. Bet her jaw hits the floor!

Jess was a little worried about how her mother would take the news, but reasoned that she would be fine with it as long as her daughter was happy; after all, she already had three lovely grandchildren. Besides, Mum had been so enraged at Mark for deserting Jessica and the girls that she might well understand why her daughter would want nothing more to do with men in general.

Her only remaining worry was that someone might find out what she was getting up to with her daughters. When we get together with Rachel and her girls, Jess told herself, we’ve really got to go over the importance of everyone keeping this thing secret, not sharing it with anyone outside our families.

Pushing these concerns out of her mind, she approached the school and nosed the car up to the curb, waiting for the children to come pouring out. A couple of minutes later, the grounds were teeming with lively youngsters. Soon she spied Katie waiting by the door for her sister, then taking Poppy’s hand when the child came skipping out, dragging her satchel along behind.

As they clambered into the car, Katie up front and Poppy in the back seat, the girls each stretched over to kiss their mum, then settled down, fastening their seat belts.

“How was school today?” Jessica asked.

Poppy beamed as she told her mum about the gold stars she’d earned for her drawings. Katie’s account of her day, however, had Jess frowning in concern.

“Well, Mum, you know Graham Price?”

Jess thought for a moment, “I think so… isn’t he that scruffy boy who always has a group round him, mostly made up of other scruffy boys? Something of a troublemaker, I seem to recall.”

“Yeah, that’s him, Mum. He makes fun of me sometimes, tells me I’m skinny and ugly. Then he laughs, and then all the other boys laugh too.”

“Well, he’s no Brad Pitt. So why haven’t you mentioned this to me before?”

Katie waved her hand dismissively. “Oh, it’s okay, I don’t take any notice. I told Alice, but she said I should just ignore him, ‘cos he’s a smelly little git.”

“Oh, she did, eh?” responded Jess — pleased, though hardly surprised, that Alice had supported her little sister.

“Yeah, so she told me to do it back to him if he was mean to me again, so I did! He called me a stick insect, and I just said I’d rather be a stick insect than a pig who farts all day.”

Looking into the rear view mirror, Jess suppressed a smile, as Katie did seem proud of her achievement. “And what happened then?”

“A bunch of the other boys laughed at him, so he started pouting and walked away.”

“Well done, daughter! Who knows, perhaps he’ll be nicer from now on. Bullies often do back down when you stand up to them.”

As she returned her attention to the drive home, Jess mused about how much Katie had matured over the last few weeks. Not only had her daughter gotten over the crippling shyness she’d had about showing off her body; that smooth, lovely, luscious body — Stop it, Jess, before you drive this car off the road and into a bloody ditch! — but had also developed the confidence to stand up for herself, rather than submit to the foolish insults of schoolyard louts. I wonder if that’s a side effect of being a lesbian.

Before Jess could get any further with this train of thought, she was turning into the driveway at the side of their house, just as Alice approached, carelessly swinging her satchel to and fro. Christ, Alice looks so sexy in that school uniform, Jess thought. Someday I’ll have to ask her to put it on before we fuck. 

As the entire family piled into the hallway, jostling to hand their jackets in the entry closet, Jess said, “Look, girls, I have to pop out to buy a few things, so I’m leaving Alice in charge until I return. It’ll be a couple of hours; when I get back, we can order a takeaway. Now go get out of your school clothes… and don’t scatter them all over the floor, okay? Use the hangers.”

“Sure, Mom!” Katie cried as she raced up the stairs, little Poppy close behind.

Catching Alice’s eyes, Jessica spied a definite glint of mischief, one that made her shiver. Her daughter drew close, speaking quietly. “See you in an hour, Mum. If this goes like I think it will, we’ll have a brand new lesbian in the family.”

Jess placed a hand on the girl’s shoulder. “Sweetheart, you will try to be slow and careful about this, okay? I trust you, but if Poppy seems at all uncomfortable with what you’re doing, let it go.”

“Mum, you know what Poppy’s like,” Alice replied with a grin. “Once she cottons on that it’s something big girls do for fun, we won’t be able to stop her. Don’t worry, just be back in an hour, and be quiet when you come upstairs.”

Jess took a steadying breath. “Okay, one hour.” She reached out to grasp the doorknob, then turned and drew Alice into her arms. Placing a lingering kiss on her daughter’s lips, she turned and left.

Alice waved and closed the door, then paused, steeling herself for the task ahead. She started up the stairs, calling out to her younger sisters as she reached the landing.

“Hey girls, let’s have some fun! Mum won’t be back for hours. You know what that means, right?”

Two heads poked out from behind bedroom doors. Katie just smiled; Poppy cried, “Yeah! Jungle dancing!” and ran back to strip off the rest of her school clothes.

This is going to be so much fun! Alice told herself, gleefully rubbing both hands together. Hastening into her own room, she quickly undressed, folding and hanging her school uniform while running through their plan once more.

When everything was tidied away, she entered Katie’s room through their shared bathroom, just in time to see her sister bending over to put something in her bedside drawer. Alice stopped dead, taking a moment to admire her sibling’s pert bum. She felt an overwhelming urge to lick that cute little rosebud, just as her mum had done, eager to experience her first taste of a girl’s bottom.

Katie stood up, then started at the sight of her big sister, wearing nothing but a wicked smile. “Bloody hell, Ali!” she gasped, “you nearly gave me a heart attack!”

“Sorry, Kat,” Alice replied, with a sheepish grin. “I was just looking at your bum.”

“Why, what’s wrong with it?” asked Katie as she peered over her shoulder, then moved to the mirrored wardrobe door to see what Alice had been staring at.

“Absolutely nothing. In fact, it’s perfect.” Moving closer, she lowered her voice. “I was just thinking about giving it the same treatment Mum did last night.”

That made Katie smile. “Oh, goody! I hope you can do it as nice as Mum did. Actually, I want to have a go at licking your bum, too. If Mum likes doing it, I bet I would just as much.”

Glancing at the wall clock, Alice said, “Listen, we have an hour before Mum gets back. We have to do this carefully, now… we don’t want to scare Poppy off. Let’s put on some music first, like last time.”

At that moment, their little sister raced down the hallway, now completely naked. Poppy stopped abruptly when she saw her equally bare sisters in Katie’s room. She stood motionless for a few seconds, studying the more developed bodies of the older girls, a warm, funny tingle running through her at the sight.

Poppy had been enthralled by Alice and Katie’s nakedness just one night earlier, when Mummy went out to a meeting, and she and her sisters got to dance around in the family room with no clothes on. They were both so beautiful! At the same time, the seven-year-old felt somewhat envious, wishing she was old enough to grow titties, and to have hair on her bits down below like Alice did.

Then the next morning, Poppy was asleep when Mummy woke her to get ready for school, just like always. Only this time, her mum was completely nude, a sight that gave the child those same hot, tickly feelings. She didn’t know why, exactly… then again, Poppy didn’t put much thought into the whys and wherefores, just took it at face value, telling herself, I like seeing Mummy naked. Alice and Katie, too.

Now she and her sisters were together again, with not a stitch of clothing between them. Poppy couldn’t wipe away the silly grin she wore, thrilled as she was to be playing naughty games with the older girls, to feel that delicious warmth pulsing beneath her tummy.

Both her sisters had turned at the sound of Poppy’s running feet and saw the cute seven-year-old standing at the door, completely nude and staring at them. In turn, Katie and Alice drank in the sight of their cherubic sister. No one spoke for a while.

Poppy finally broke the silence. “Um, are we gonna do jungle dancing again?” she said, nervously twisting her body from side to side, hands clasped before her. “It was fun when we did it before.”

Alice gave her baby sister a big smile. “If you like, Popstar.” Moving over to her dresser, she switched on her small Bluetooth speaker and opened a music app on her phone, quickly selecting a few lively pop songs by a girl group they all liked. Bringing up the first song, she looked up at her siblings. “Ready?” They nodded, and Alice tapped PLAY.

Music filled the room. The three girls eased into the beat and were soon capering about, trying the latest dance moves, each trying to outdo the others and giggling with delight, the two oldest occasionally sharing thrilled glances.

Alice let three songs play, then picked up her phone to stop the music.

Poppy protested, “Hey, Ali, why did you turn it off? I was having fun!”

Alice didn’t look up, just responded, “I’m only changing the music.” She scrolled down the list of songs until she found what she wanted. “Let’s play something a little different. All this jumping about is gonna wear us out, so why don’t we try a slow, sexy dance?”

Katie interjected. “Yeah! Sexy dancing! We can practice with each other, huh?”

“Um, okay,” said Poppy. She was enjoying the fast songs a lot, but was willing to try something different if her big sisters wanted.

The music restarted, this time with Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl,” set at a more moderate tempo. In this case, the song’s subject matter was very much in line with the older girls’ intentions.

The girls began to dance again, only this time Alice and Katie were working their bodies with a sensuality that they’d not displayed before. Poppy quickly fell in, deciding she liked this kind of dancing even better.

As they moved, Alice and Katie drifted together and exchanged a kiss, as if responding to the song, then another, and another. These kisses weren’t overtly sexual, but they held each one a little longer. Then they began to dance closer, bodies touching, arms twining around each other’s waists.

Finally, Poppy interrupted a kiss with, “Hey, that looks like fun! Um, can I do it too?”

Alice gave her baby sister a pensive look. “Mmmm, I don’t know. It might be a bit grown-up for you. What do you think?” she asked, looking at Katie.

Katie shrugged. “Well, it would only be fair, really. We shouldn’t leave our little sister out.”

“I suppose you’re right,” Alice replied. Breaking away from Katie, she opened both arms to Poppy in a welcoming gesture, pouting her lips. Grinning eagerly, the seven-year-old fell into the embrace of her big sister. As their mouths met, Alice placed her palms either side of Poppy’s face to hold the kiss, letting it linger.

“Hey, I want some, too,” Katie interrupted.

She opened her arms to Poppy, who parted from Alice and drifted into a tender kiss with her other big sister. A moment later, the song ended, and the girls exchanged shy smiles.

“Wow, that was the best! I like kissing! Let’s do that some more,” said Poppy.

Alice moved to pick up her phone, but paused in mid-motion, then turned to the others. “I know, let’s put a music video on my laptop instead, that way we’ll be able to copy the dance moves.”

“That sounds cool,” Katie said, knowing full well what her older sibling had in mind.

Alice made a show of searching for something. “Ah, here’s one that’s a bit wicked. I think they banned it from TV, ‘cos it was too sexy. Hmmm. I love it, but I’m not sure Mum would like you seeing this, Poppy.”

The youngster was quick to protest. “Oh go on, Ali, play it! I won’t tell, I promise.”

Alice furrowed her brow, looking as though she was genuinely weighing her options. “Well, okay, long as you promise.“ She clicked PLAY on the first of two videos she’d chosen earlier that morning, and out of the speakers attached to the laptop came the raunchy Christina Aguilera song ‘Dirrty’.

As Alice moved away from the computer, the screen revealed scantily-clad dancers gyrating to a heavy bass rhythm. Poppy stared at the screen for a moment, then turned to see her sisters already copying the sexy moves; gyrating their hips and stroking themselves.

She looked on in awe at their moves — then froze, a puzzled expression on her face as her sisters began to intertwine their legs and run their hands over each other.

Glancing back at the laptop screen, Poppy quickly realized that her sisters were almost copying the wild, sexy movements of the dancers. Turning back to Alice and Katie, she was shocked to see them grinding their bare bodies together.

The child was rooted to the spot, suddenly feeling warm all over. She was experiencing something like the feeling she’d had when her naked mother had kissed her earlier that morning — but even stronger. What is this? What are they doing? Poppy asked herself, feeling a twinge of panic.

Her stupor was broken when Katie called her — for the second time, she realised. “Hey, Pops, what are you waiting for? Come sexy dance with us!” The older girls were still hugging, their bare bodies pressed close together, both of them smiling at her.

Feeling self-conscious, Poppy covered her vulva with both hands. Suddenly, their nakedness felt more weird than fun. Her cheeks were hot as she stared at the floor, mumbling, “I… I don’t know how.”

The music stopped, then Poppy felt Alice touch her shoulder. “It’s okay, sis,” the older girl said, her voice incredibly gentle. “We’ll show you, just do like we do. Come join us… we want you to be in on this.”

Katie said, “Yeah, Popstar, this won’t be nearly as much fun without you. Don’t you want to play big girl games with us?”

Taking a deep breath, the seven-year-old nodded. She did want to play big girl’s games, even if they seemed a little scary. Looking up at her sisters, she smiled back at them and shyly murmured, “Okay.”

“Well then, let’s get sexy!” said Alice with a wide grin, extending a hand to her baby sister. Poppy giggled, her uncertainty quickly fading in the face of her older siblings’ invitation to be naughty.

Alice started the music up again as Poppy moved toward her sisters, who parted to make room for her, then enfolded the child into their embrace.

As the three bodies merged, falling into the song’s driving rhythm, the older girls gently caressed their little sister’s back and shoulders. Then Alice and Katie ran their hands over their own chests, indicating to Poppy that she should follow their lead. She did, then began to move more aggressively, throwing herself into the abandon of the dance.

As Poppy became more confident, Katie reached out to touch her little sister’s flat chest, lightly brushing the tiny nipples. By then, they had become really sensitive, and an electric shiver raced through her body.

Katie thrust her own chest toward Poppy, indicating that the seven-year-old should return the favor. Not wanting to seem afraid — though she was, a bit — the younger sibling hesitantly extended a hand to touch the bare chest of another girl for the first time, feeling the rise of the budding breasts she so longed to have herself.

She looked around at Alice, as if to seek the older girl’s approval, and her big sister responded by moving nearer, offering her more developed breasts up to Poppy’s caress. To the child, these felt more like real titties; not as big as Mum’s, but soft and pliant enough for her to feel their heft.

As the music continued, Alice caught Katie’s eye and gave a brief nod. They each tucked a hand between their legs and began to masturbate, still twisting and grinding to the driving beat. When Poppy noticed, she gave her sisters a puzzled look, but Alice just smiled. “Come on, Pops! Do it with us, it feels great!”

Poppy tilted her head, trying to see what Alice was doing, exactly — then Katie. She still wasn’t quite sure. “Uh, how d-do you–”

“Oh, it’s simple. Easy as falling off your bike. Katie, why don’t you show her?”

Wrapping an arm around Poppy’s chest, Katie reached down with her free hand until it rested just above her little sister’s pubis. She caressed the tender skin for a few seconds before allowing that hand to drift further down — cupping the baby-smooth mons, then lightly tracing the moist slit with two fingers. When Poppy gave a sharp intake of breath, Katie withdrew. “Now you try,” she urged.

Poppy hesitated for an instant, then slid a hand down to touch the rise of her vulva, carefully copying the movements of her sisters. After a moment, her eyes filled with wonder at the realisation of how nice it felt.

That’s it, Pops!” Katie cooed. “Good, huh? Wanna do that to me and Ali?”

Intrigued by this new game, Poppy reached out to touch Katie, lightly stroking up and down the crease of her older sister’s puffy sex.

“Oh. Oh, yeah,” Katie moaned, her eyes drifting shut.

Pleased with the reaction she’d caused, even if she wasn’t exactly sure why, Poppy turned to her eldest sister. She didn’t want to stop fondling her own slit, but felt an unexpected longing to touch Alice that couldn’t be denied. Heart racing, the seven-year-old extended a hand.

Poppy’s fingers toyed with the soft down that covered her sister’s pubis. Taking a few curls between finger and thumb, she gave them a little tug, causing Alice to jump. Startled, Poppy jerked away, thinking that she might have hurt her sister, but the older girl hastened to reassure her, taking Poppy’s hand and pressing it back between her thighs, causing the child’s middle finger to slip into the warm, moist cleft of Alice’s vagina.

Alarmed, Poppy gasped, snapping her head upward to suss out Alice’s reaction, ready to stammer out an apology for sticking a finger into her sister’s pee-hole. But the words died on the little girl’s lips when she saw that, far from being upset, Alice seemed to love it, a blissful expression on her face. In fact, Poppy couldn’t even withdraw her finger, as Alice had a firm grip on her baby sister’s hand, holding it right where it was.

That odd but pleasurable tingling was surging through Poppy’s slender frame once again as she glanced back and forth between her older siblings. Alice and Katie had never seemed so lovely to her as they did at that moment — their faces dreamy with pleasure, their nude bodies swaying to the now diminishing music.

And she was the one making them feel so good, touching their naughty bits! True, it didn’t seem like something sisters ought to be doing with each other, but that only made the act even more exciting.

As the video came to an end and the music ceased, there was a silence in the room that broke the mood of the moment. The three girls drifted apart, removing their hands from whatever — or whoever — they’d been touching,

Poppy was first to speak. “Cool! Can we, um, put on another song like that?”

This was the moment Alice was waiting for; what happened thus far had only been the prelude to the main course. “Sure, sis, let’s look for one.” She padded over to the laptop, followed by Katie and Poppy. As they all looked at the screen, Alice clicked to close the video, then the one she’d already lined up to follow it filled the screen. It was a frozen image of three teen girls lying on a large bed, staring at a television, naked but for skimpy panties.

Alice gave Poppy enough time to get a good look before exclaiming, “Oops, I forgot that one was open.” She moved the mouse pointer towards the CLOSE button.

“Wait, wait — what are those girls doing, Ali?” interrupted Poppy, pointing at the laptop screen. “How come they’re not wearing anything but their knickers?”

Yes! Alice thought, mentally pumping her fist as she exchanged a thrilled look with Katie, who had known what to expect when her big sister touched the mouse. “Them? Oh, they’re just having some girly fun.”

Poppy frowned as she studied the erotic image. “What’s that mean? Can we watch it?”

Alice turned to Katie. “What do you think, Kat? This is for older girls, and Mum might be angry if she knew we let Poppy see it.”

Before Katie could answer, their younger sister pushed forward and begged, “Please, Ali, let me see it! I won’t say anything to Mummy. May… may Ted Bear catch on fire if I do!”

“Well, if she swears on her teddy, I guess we can trust her,” said Katie. “This is the one we watched the other night, isn’t it?”

“Sure is,” murmured Alice, giving the younger girls a knowing wink. She reached to disconnect the speakers of the laptop. “Let’s all sit on the bed, it’s more comfortable.” Cradling her computer, she seated herself on the right side of her bed, indicating that Poppy should sit next to her. Katie moved around the bed to sit on the other side, leaving their little sister sandwiched in the middle.

“Ready?” The younger girls both nodded, and Alice clicked START.

The screen came to life with the three girls talking and pointing to the television at the foot of their bed, mirroring the scene in Alice’s room. They were watching a pair of girls on the TV who were completely nude, kissing and touching each other. The three girls were silently sprawled out on the bed, concentrating on the television screen.

During this, Poppy asked, “What are those girls watching?”

Katie quickly answered. “Lesbians. You know what a lesbian is, right?”

“Um, I think so… they’re girls who like other girls instead of boys.” She paused, pondered. “What makes girls feel like that, d’ya think?”

Now Alice responded. “Well, maybe it’s because girls are prettier, smarter and way better kissers.”

“Hmmm,” Poppy nodded. That made sense to her, actually. She had never kissed a boy, but suspected that it wouldn’t be half as nice as the kisses she’d just received from her sisters. That’s a different kind of kiss, though, isn’t it?

Before the seven-year-old could ask another question, one of the girls on the screen, a very pretty teen of sixteen or so with long, flowing dark hair, turned to the others and spoke. “Have either of you ever kissed a girl, then?”

One of these, a blonde, said “No,” immediately.

The other girl, who also had long, dark hair, but tied back in a ponytail, hesitated before shyly saying, “I did. It was at a sleepover.” The camera moved to close-ups of their faces, and it quickly became obvious that the two dark-haired girls were twins.

The girl who had begun the discussion asked her twin, “Was it nice?”

“It was, actually,” the ponytailed girl replied. “Her mouth was really soft, and she didn’t shove her tongue down your throat, the way boys do.”

The blonde nervously moistened her lips, then spoke up. “Could we maybe, um, try it?” She gave a shaky laugh. “You know, just to see what it’s like.”

The camera panned over to the TV to reveal the two lesbian lovers using their hands and tongues on each other, then back to the girls on bed. The twin with the ponytail was gazing bashfully at the blonde. “I will, if you like,” she said, and the blonde girl nodded.

Slowly, hesitantly, the two teens drifted together until their lips met. They parted, shared timid smiles, then kissed again, this time allowing it to linger. The blonde was the first to bring her tongue into play, teasing her partner’s lower lip. The ponytailed girl’s eyes widened in surprise, then she eagerly responded. Now the two girls were kissing like lovers.

“Wow,” Poppy breathed, her eyes riveted to the laptop screen.

As her tongue explored the blonde’s mouth, the ponytailed girl began to touch her friend’s breasts, teasing the nipples between fingers and thumb. Not wanting to be left out, the other twin moved behind her sister to nuzzle her neck. Breaking away from the blonde, the ponytailed girl turned to stare at her sibling, then both sisters joined in a kiss that immediately grew hot and eager.

All the while, the Matthews sisters watched in silence, Alice and Katie occasionally glancing at each other above their little sister’s head. The girls on the screen were losing themselves in lesbian pleasures — taking off each other’s knickers, sharing intimate caresses and swapping heated French kisses.

As the onscreen lovemaking grew increasingly intense, the two older sisters exchanged a quick nod, then each girl carefully placed a hand on Poppy’s knee — letting it rest for a moment, then lightly stroking the seven-year-old’s soft thighs, gradually inching higher.

Poppy sat motionless, mouth open in awe as the sex scene unfolded before her on Alice’s laptop. Oh, sure, she’d seen people snogging and doing sexy stuff on TV, but it was always men with women, or boys with girls — and they weren’t stark naked, at least not so everyone could see!

Those familiar tingly sensations were back again, but much stronger this time, and when Katie and Alice began to touch her legs, Poppy’s body started to feel warm all over.

Sensing that the object of their attention was becoming aroused, Alice slid her hand higher, indicating to  Katie that she should do the same, until her index finger was teasing the cleft of Poppy’s sex. Moving slowly, Alice brought her other hand across to Poppy’s chest and used her middle finger to circle a tiny nipple.

The smaller girl jerked at the touch and stared up at her big sister, who just smiled back. “What are you d-doing?” Poppy asked.

“Do you like us touching you this way?” said Alice.

“Um, yeah, I guess.” To the dazed seven-year-old, it seemed like something her sisters shouldn’t be doing, something that might get them all in trouble… but at the same time, it was utterly thrilling, a fun way to be naughty. And it did feel good, Poppy had to admit.

“Oh, we can make you feel even better,” Katie said.

That’s right,” Alice added. “Would you like to try out some of the things that those girls are doing?” She tilted her head in the direction of the laptop screen.

Poppy glanced back at the ongoing sex scene. The blonde was nuzzling her way down the body of one of the twins, her mouth moving steadily nearer to her friend’s tuft of dark pubes. Meanwhile, the ponytailed sister was kneeling behind the blonde teen, gently spreading her bum cheeks open with both hands to expose the girl’s cunt and anus.

Looking up at one sister, then the other, Poppy gulped and slowly nodded. “Um, maybe? But I don’t know what t-to do, will you show me how?”

Placing a tender kiss on the little girl’s cheek, Alice said, “Of course we will. Kat and I know what to do; we’ll teach you everything.”

“Does that mean… um, are you…” Struggling with what to ask — and how to ask it — Poppy finally blurted out, “Are you guys lesbians, then?”

“Yeah, we are,” Katie answered, stroking her baby sister’s tummy.

“It’s true, Pops,” said Alice. “We’re into girls. A lot.”

“I — I didn’t know.”

Alice smiled. “Guess who I really like to fool around with.” Poppy fumbled for an answer, finally shook her head. “No idea?” Reaching out for Katie’s hand, she brought it to her lips, then whispered, “My sweet little sister Katie, that’s who.”

“Y-you do stuff with each other?” Poppy gasped, her eyes widening.

“We do — and it’s great!” said Katie. “I love Alice more than ever now.”

“Would you like to watch us?” Alice said. “We’ll make love for you right here, if you like.”

“Ummm… okay, sure,” Poppy replied, her heart thudding so loudly that it seemed to echo inside her head.

In all honesty, Poppy wasn’t so certain that she wanted to see her sisters do sex. Would it be hot and exciting, or creepy, wrong? She didn’t know… but in the end, curiosity won out. Plus, she didn’t want her beloved older siblings to think she was a scaredy-cat.

“Why don’t you go sit in my desk chair, Pops?” said Alice. “You’ll get a good view that way.” Without a word, the child rose from the edge of the bed, padded over to the chair and sat.

Alice closed her laptop, then put it on her bedside cabinet before turning to her smiling younger sister. They knelt, facing each other, then slowly came together in a kiss, just as the girls on the video had done. The kiss quickly grew heated and passionate. Alice fell onto her back, spreading her thighs as she pulled Katie between them and on top of her.

Poppy’s mouth hung open as she watched her older sisters make out. That weird feeling was stronger than ever, and seemed to be increasingly centred between her legs, right where Alice had been touching her a couple of minutes ago. Without giving it much thought, the little girl placed a hand on her pubis — no rubbing or stroking, just letting it rest there.

As she looked on, Katie licked a trail down Alice’s neck, moving lower as her sister threw her head back and thrust out her chest. Katie took a stiffened nipple between her lips, rolling her tongue around the hard button, nipping it with her teeth. Placing both arms behind her for support, Alice spread her knees even further apart, giving Poppy a glimpse of the glistening interior of her vagina.

Drawing back, Katie sat on her haunches, gazing hungrily at Alice’s sex, then lay down between the older girl’s parted thighs. Alice, whose eyes had been closed as she moaned with pleasure, opened them just enough to steal a quick glance at Poppy. She saw the youngster staring in awe as Katie extended her tongue to take that first juicy lick, and smiled. If this doesn’t make her want to get wild with us, then I don’t know my baby sister.  

Alice peeked at Poppy again — this time, a shiver of excitement rippled through her when she realised that the seven-year-old was clumsily fondling herself, pressing her palm against the baby-smooth slit.

Propping herself up on one arm, Alice reached down between her legs, dipping one finger into her cunt alongside Katie’s busy tongue. She twisted the digit round to gather a coating of the sweet nectar, drawing it out carefully, then reached out to her baby sister, presenting the wet finger. “Here, Pops, want a taste?”

By this time, Poppy was too far gone to even think of refusing her big sister’s offer, especially while watching Katie licking Alice so enthusiastically. She sure seems to like how it tastes! Pushing herself up from the desk chair with trembling hands, Poppy crawled onto the bed to join the older girls.

Now on all fours, the child paused only a moment to look at the proffered finger, coated with the essence of her big sister. She leaned forward slowly and touched it with the tip of her tongue. Sampling the flavor, she then moved forward, taking the length of Alice’s finger into her mouth.

At this, Alice drew in a sharp breath, thrilled at the sight. They’re both tasting me, she thought. Tasting my cunt at the same time.

Poppy sucked until all traces of her sister’s nectar had gone, giddy with the joy she felt at being admitted to her sisters’ naughty secret. As she released the finger from her mouth, she peered bashfully at Alice, who smiled and said, “Well, little sister… do you like it?”

The child nodded. “Um, it’s nice. Sort of sweet, but something else, I don’t know what.”

“Well…. now that you’ve tasted my pussy, I think I should taste yours.” Seeing a surprised look on Poppy’s face, Alice lay back, momentarily causing Katie to cease her lapping as she realised what was going to happen next. Katie paused, licked her lips, then got back to work between Alice’s legs.

With the wave of a finger, Alice murmured, “Come over here, Popstar.” As the seven-year-old moved nearer, Alice told her, “Here, put your leg over me.” Poppy placed one foot on the other side of her sister’s head. As she looked down into Alice’s face, her sister continued, “No, turn the other way, so you’re facing Katie.” When Poppy obligingly switched round, Alice took hold of the little girl’s thighs and gently guided her downward.

Oh, wait, Poppy realised, she wants me to sit down right over her face. Her skin prickled with excitement. Is she going to…?

The child got down on her haunches but, finding it difficult to keep her balance, knelt instead, her legs on either side of Alice’s chest with her pert little bum just above her big sister’s face.

Alice took a deep breath. This is it, what I’ve been waiting for. Now we’re all going to be lovers. She carefully drew Poppy’s tender bottom down to her open mouth.

As her stiffened tongue touched the tiny apricot-like pubis, Poppy jerked, gasping, “Oh!”

Alice reassured her. “It’s okay, Pops. I’m just making love to you. You’re going to enjoy this, I promise.”

Still uncertain about this, but wanting to please her big sister, Poppy lowered herself back down to the waiting tongue. She looked down at Alice’s face, but could only see her chin and lower lip.

At first, Alice just let her tongue gently glide over the outer crease of the child’s silky smooth cunt. Once she was satisfied that Poppy was going to allow her to continue, she brought both hands to the sides of the little girl’s slit and gently pried it open with her thumbs, continuing to trace the opening with the tip of the tongue. After a moment to let her sister get used to being licked, Alice began to delve into Poppy’s vagina.

Poppy held her breath, hardly able to believe what was happening to her. As the warm, wet tongue probed into her most private place, she grew tense, but then told herself, I mustn’t be scared, Alice wouldn’t do anything bad to me. She even called it “making love.” 

That was enough to help the seven-year-old relax — then right away, those things her big sister was doing seemed to feel… oh, wow, it’s so, so, so good! As she found herself carried along on waves of pleasure, Poppy began to emit tiny whimpers.

Alice took this as a signal to roll her tongue around the little girl’s virgin flesh, finding the tiny nub of her clitoris. She gave this some gentle flicks, which elicited a choked cry from her younger sibling.

In the meantime, Katie was watching, aroused beyond belief by the sight of Alice making oral love to their baby sister. Poppy looked so enticing, lost as she was in her very first lesbian experience. Katie longed to be a part of it. Making a decision, she pushed herself up to kneel between Alice’s splayed legs. Reaching down, she pushed two fingers into her older sibling’s pussy, working them in and out, then leaned towards Poppy. Sensing her sister’s nearness, the little girl opened her eyes to see Katie’s face, blurred by the overwhelming giddiness she felt.

Placing a hand on the child’s shoulder, Katie leaned in to kiss her, gently sliding her mouth against Poppy’s, then letting her tongue drift between her sister’s parted lips.

Confronted by this new kind of kissing — the way grownups do it, she realised — Poppy was unsure how to respond, so she just let Katie’s tongue explore her mouth until her nine-year-old sister drew back to whisper, “Kiss me back, Pops. It’s easy, Just do what I do.” Katie returned to kissing Poppy, but now moved her hand down to roll and lightly pinch the little girl’s tiny but very stiff nipple.

Poppy was trembling all over, overcome with a myriad of sensations she couldn’t have imagined before tonight. The soft tongue probing her slit, Alice’s warm hands on her thighs, the tender yet passionate kisses from Katie, those playful fingers toying with her nipples… it overwhelmed the child, drove her emotions to a fever pitch. She wanted to cry, to scream, to break into gales of laughter.

Instead, she obeyed her sister and returned the kiss, engaging Katie’s tongue with hers. She was hesitant at first, but quickly found that she loved kissing this way, loved it!

Casting aside what few reservations she still held, Poppy threw herself headlong into making out with Katie, meeting and matching the nine-year-old’s lustful intensity. Wanting to do even more with her sister, she blindly felt for Katie’s chest, palming the girl’s barely-there breasts, feeling the nipples tighten to her touch.

Down below, Alice continued to feast on her baby sister, loving the taste of Poppy’s honey. She’s sweeter than Katie or Mum, she decided. Sort of tangy, like lemon squash.

Just then, a shudder raced through the little girl’s frame. I bet she’s about to come, Alice decided. Well, let’s make it one she’ll never forget.

Placing a finger at the entrance of Poppy’s cunt, Alice tilted her head back slightly to wiggle the tip of her tongue into the crack of her baby sister’s bum. Taking a long, deep lick through the child’s anal cleft, Alice slipped her finger into Poppy’s vagina.

This was too much for the little girl. Breaking her kiss with Katie, she threw her head back and wailed out as her first orgasm came crashing down, shaking her slight body like a rag doll. Unable to help herself, she let a small stream of pee flow onto Alice’s chin, some of it spilling into her mouth.

Horrified, she wrenched herself away, swinging her leg over Alice’s head and dropping back onto the bed, shaking violently and sobbing. As she began to calm down, Poppy mumbled, “I’m s-s-sorry, Alice; I didn’t mean to do that.”

Concerned for their baby sister; both girls moved to comfort her. “It’s okay, Pops, really,” Alice murmured. “I didn’t mind. Actually, it didn’t taste bad at all.”

Seeing that Alice was genuinely happy, Poppy said, “Really, it was okay?”

Alice grinned. “You betcha. It was really sexy. Heck, I wouldn’t mind if you did it again.”

Poppy flung her arms up to hug Alice. “Thanks, Ali — and you too, Kat,” she sighed, moving to embrace her other sibling. “That… oh, wow, it was the best thing ever!” She giggled. “I s’pose that means I’m a lesbian too, huh? I didn’t know it could be so good!”

“Oh, that was just the start,” Alice said. “We’re going to have lots of fun from now on; in fact, we’re just getting warmed up. Who wants to make love again?”

Both her younger sisters raised their hands in a flash. “I have an idea. Let’s make a daisy chain.”

Both girls looked at her, confused. “What’s a daisy chain?” Katie asked.

Alice smiled. “It’s something I saw girls do on the internet,” she said. ‘Okay, here’s how it works…”


Jess had been completely distracted on her way into town, almost driving into the verge of the country road at one point. She’d forced herself to focus until she reached one of the car parks, away from the shop, where she sat staring out the windscreen for a few minutes, wondering how to pass the time.

She didn’t really want to be seen by her staff, so Alice strolled down to the quiet end of the high street, staring into shop windows without really seeing anything, perusing menus outside the town’s many restaurants. Eventually, she got to the little old Stieff bear shop, recalling how excited Poppy had been when Mark bought her Ted.

Finally, Jessica simply wandered aimlessly, constantly checking her watch until forty minutes had passed since she left home. Deciding she could wait no longer, she strode with purpose back to her car.

Five minutes later, she was home. Pulling onto the drive at the side of the house as quietly as she could, Jess eased the car door shut and moved carefully to the front door. Once inside, she moved slowly and noiselessly, leaving her handbag, jacket and shoes in the kitchen, and crept up the stairs in bare feet, the thick carpet masking her tread.

Upon reaching the landing, Jess only heard silence at first. She began to wonder where the girls were until she detected muffled moans coming from Alice’s room. Her excitement immediately began to mount. Looks like Alice and Katie might actually have pulled this off, she thought.

Inching her way forward, she reached the doorway, then paused to listen, breaking into a smile. It was obvious from the sounds, which she now recognised as the slurping of tongues and sighs of pleasure, that her daughters were most definitely engaged in sexual activity.

Mission accomplished! Jess exulted, resisting the temptation to pump her fist.

She decided not to peep into the room just yet in case she made a noise, like when she’d caught Alice and Katie making love. Instead, she crept back to her own room, pushing the door almost shut, then proceeded to disrobe, stripping completely naked. As she went to open the door, she decided to slip on her light robe. Pulling the ties to, she stepped into the hallway and crept back to Alice’s room, pausing again to take a deep breath.

Nudging the door open ever so slightly, Jessica leaned around the door frame to confirm who was actually in the room before making an entrance. She confirmed with a quick glance that all three daughters were on the bed, lying in a tangle of bare bodies. Straightening up, she stepped quietly into the doorway.

Jess was greeted with the sight of three young girls, all nude, linked in a triangle. Katie was lying on her side with one leg flat and the other bent at the knee; between them, Alice had her mouth glued to Katie’s pussy. Katie was nursing from the sex of Jessica’s baby girl Poppy, who was lying in the same position. Poppy’s flame-red hair was spread across the bed and she was licking vigorously at the pussy of her big sister.

Jess was lost for words at this wondrous sight. She stood motionless, taking in the sights and sounds of her daughters, all three immersed in the delights of lesbian love.

Bracing herself, she took a step forward. “And what do we have here, then?”

All three girls reacted at the sight of their mother, her arms folded, standing in the doorway. They froze, but only Poppy had a look of fear, while her sisters wore enigmatic smiles like the Mona Lisa.

Jess spoke before anyone could react. “I’m very disappointed in you girls. I go out for a few minutes, and this is what you get up to?” She played along just as Alice, who was trying hard not to laugh, had suggested she should.

Seeing that little Poppy was about to start crying, she quickly continued. “I mean, you could have at least waited for me.”

Poppy’s expression turned to one of puzzlement. What does she mean? Why isn’t she mad at us? Then another question crossed her mind. Why is Mummy in her robe?

She got her answer when Jessica pulled the ties of her robe, allowing the garment to open and expose her naked form underneath. She shrugged the silken material off her shoulders to let it fall to the floor, then drew closer to the bed. “Well, I hope that someone is going to invite me to join this little party.”

Climbing onto the bed, she reached out for Alice, pulling the teen in to kiss her deeply, their tongues sparring back and forth. Then Jessica beckoned Katie into her arms, sharing an equally fervent kiss with the younger girl.

Finally letting Katie go, Jess smiled at her baby girl Poppy, whose eyes were absolutely huge.

Poppy stared into her mum’s face, struggling for comprehension. She turned to her sisters for support — or at least some clue to what was happening — only to find that they too were smiling, sitting close with their arms around each other.

On the verge of confused tears, she turned back to her mother. “M-Mum, I don’t understand. And — and why haven’t you got any clothes on?”

“It’s okay, Pops,” Alice said in a soothing tone. “You see, there’s one little thing me and Katie didn’t tell you about…”

On to Chapter 19!


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  1. sue says:

    Mh mh good. Loved the three sisters getting naked and dancing around. And the slow oh so sweet seduction of little Poppy. So many happy sexy moments in this chapter. It’s what we’ve been waiting for. And now Mum in the mix.

    And — and why haven’t you got any clothes on?”

    “It’s okay, Poppy,” Alice said in a soothing tone. “You see, there’s one little thing that Katie and I didn’t tell you about…”

    this will keep us plenty busy till the next hot chapter comes.

    Kim & Sue

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    Brilliant writing, Sapphmore & JetBoy! great dialog and even greater descriptions of what sue called ” …the slow oh so sweet seduction of little Poppy”.

    Thanks so much for the work you guys put into this story so far.

    Can’t wait for chapter 19 to bring it’s delicious imagery to our salivating imaginations!


    • Sapphmore says:

      Thanks ladies and indeed Kim & Sue,

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      Thanks Bkmcdevitt. I dare say I can speak for the heroes who lovingly run JS when I say that it’s always good to have new authors inspired by these stories. Despite reading lesbian stories on several sites for some years, it was JS that inspired me to take up the pen, so I can fully understand where you’re coming from (no pun intended).
      Perhaps you might post a message with details of where readers can find your previous work.


      • Bkmcdevitt says:

        Mostly they have either been lost due to hard drive failures, or simply not published, though I did get one up at the long lost Black Spectre site.

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    thank you both for writing us readers to orgasm (blush blush)

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    What a perfect plan and how erotic to think of 3 girls in a daisy chain.
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