Passion Hidden, Passion Realized, Part Two

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Author Unknown

As she put on her new bathing suit the next morning, Julia tried to purge the thoughts she had been having of other women — particularly her daughter — from her mind, though without very much success. As Julia reached for a beach towel, Ellen knocked on her mother’s door.

“Mum, are you awake? It’s 7 o’clock.”

“I’m almost ready,” Julia replied. Soon she emerged dressed in her bathrobe, towel in hand. “Okay. Let’s go.”

Despite her concern about that strange dream, Julia felt terrific and was looking forward to a morning swim. Somehow, though, she sensed an uneasiness in Ellen as they walked down to the beach. She peered at her daughter. “Are you all right this morning, dear?”

Unable to look her mother in the eye, Ellen replied, “I’m fine, Mum… just a little hungover, that’s all.”

But the truth was that every time she looked at her mother, she was picturing her in that wonderful blue teddy… if not completely naked. Ellen shook her head to clear it, hoping that diving into the cold clear water of the sea would bring her to her senses.

As soon as they arrived at the beach, Ellen dropped her towel, took off her t-shirt and shorts to reveal her daring bikini, then raced into the surf. The ocean was indeed very cold, but to her, it felt terrific. A keen swimmer, Ellen felt very much at home in the water. It had been the main reason she had moved to Barwon Heads… to be close to the sea.

As she glided through the water, the memories of last night’s fantasy seemed to fade a bit. She was already feeling more relaxed as she called out to her mother on the shore. “Come on in, Mum. The water is perfect.”

Ellen watched as her mother shrugged out of her robe… and her heartbeat began to accelerate. Julia was wearing a blue one-piece bathing suit that was so form-fitting that it looked like she was still wearing the blue teddy. Ellen felt herself growing lightheaded, overcome by Julia’s mature beauty.

There was no way she could deny the truth any longer — she was sexually excited by her mother.

Ellen stood transfixed in the surf as Julia made her way down to the water. She had never been so turned on in her life.

When Julia got to the water’s edge, she noticed that Ellen was just standing still, gazing at her as if hypnotised. A shiver ran through the older woman’s body as she once more sensed the desire emanating from her daughter.

Too, she couldn’t help but notice how very sexy Ellen looked in her barely-there bikini. Her daughter’s breasts looked positively luscious in the skimpy top she wore. Luscious, Julia thought. Now, why did that word pop into my head?

Julia could not believe this was happening. She quickly dove into the water, and the sudden shock of the cold seemed to clear her mind. She stood in the surf and shook out her wet hair, trying not to look at Ellen, hoping the moment would pass.

For ten minutes the two women swam and splashed about in the water, making little or no conversation. Finally, Ellen said softly, “We’d better get going now, Mom, or I’ll be late for work.” Silently, both women dressed and walked back to the house.

Over breakfast, Ellen hesitantly suggested that they might get a video tonight and finish off some of the leftover wine from the night before. Julia agreed, thinking a good film might help to lighten the atmosphere.

After Ellen left for work, Julia climbed in her car and went for a drive along the coast. It was a beautiful, scenic drive on the Great Ocean road. However, as much as she enjoyed the view, Julia couldn’t stop thinking about Ellen… and the fierce need she had seen in her daughter’s eyes on the beach this morning. But she remembered something else as well… the sudden excitement she herself had felt last night when her daughter had helped her with that blue teddy. Shit… she thought, what on earth is happening to us?

For the past six months, she had been depressed and alone since Mitch had left. Two days after arriving here she felt appreciated and confident. But the problem was that the only people who seemed to appreciate her were all women. And the person who seemed most attracted to her was… her own daughter! And she had to admit, to herself at least, that she was feeling desire for Ellen. How could this have happened, and how can I stop it? she thought. And do I — do I even want to?

Meanwhile, sitting in her office, Ellen was no less confused. She had long been curious about sex with another woman, but had never had the courage to try it out, nor had she met a woman that she really wanted for a lover. Now she had found a woman that she desperately wanted to make love to… the one woman in the world she could never have. She sighed.

Julia could barely concentrate as she drove home. When she arrived back at the cottage, she sat down on the sofa, furrowing her brow in thought.

This… this thing between her and Ellen… she knew that something had to be done about it. Even if her daughter didn’t want to talk, Julia was determined that she would bring this situation out into the open. She would sit Ellen down, take her hand, look her straight in the eye and tell her daughter that she knew what she had been thinking about… and that it could never happen. Ellen was her child, and she loved her with all her heart, but there could never be a physical relationship between them. It was wrong — simple as that.

As Julia sat there going over the conversation that she intended to have with her daughter, though, it began to feel like she was not just having to convince Ellen, but herself. There was no denying it — the more she thought about making love to Ellen, the more appealing it seemed. If her daughter did try something, would she have the will to resist?

By now Julia was feeling very hot and flustered, her entire body tingling in arousal. Her hand slowly stole beneath her skirt. Just the thought of Ellen in the lingerie she had worn at the party last night had Julia moist between her legs. She slipped her hand into her panties and began to tease her clitoris with the tips of her fingers. It felt incredible.

Too often in the past, Julia had denied herself pleasure. All those lonely nights when Mitch worked late, the interstate conferences and then the affair. Over the last five years of their marriage, Julia and her ex-husband had been lucky to make love once a month. It wasn’t until now that Julia had realized how desperate her need for love was. Her daughter Ellen had awakened that hunger.

She slid two fingers into her aching pussy and began pumping them in and out. As she masturbated, the idea of making love to Ellen somehow seemed like less of a bad thing. In fact, the thought of them being sexually intimate was beginning to feel almost… inviting.

She palmed her breasts with her free hand, thinking, Would it really be so wrong? We love each other more than anything… wouldn’t this just be taking our love a step further? She didn’t know… but as her lust soared higher, she found it harder to care. Maybe making love with her daughter was a sinful act, but in spite of that — or maybe because of it — the idea was too exciting for words.

“Ellen,” she whimpered, “God, I want you…”

She wanted her daughter, wanted her more than she could ever remember desiring anyone before… and if Ellen felt the same way, then to hell with convention — and to hell with the rest of the world. Oh, shit, she was coming…

Suddenly, as if a dam had burst, Julia had her first orgasm in months, her body shuddering with helpless pleasure. She continued to finger herself until she slumped back on the sofa in exhaustion. Her panties were soaking wet and she was out of breath, but she felt so relieved that she almost cried. Finally, she rose shakily, walked over to the window and looked down the road, once more lost in her thoughts. I can’t believe that I am even considering this, she mused.

Julia glanced at her watch. Ellen was due home soon and she needed to calm down. She decided on a hot shower to relax. Besides, she needed to change panties anyway. Whatever happens tonight, Julia reflected while in the shower, it’s going to be an interesting evening.

Ellen got home shortly after 5:00 PM, and Julia could see straight away that her daughter was a bundle of nerves. She kept avoiding her mother’s gaze and seemed to jump every time Julia talked to her. Seeing how jittery she was, Julia offered to make dinner as long as Ellen poured them both glasses of wine. Thankfully, the wine seemed to have a calming effect on the young woman.

They had a very pleasant dinner together. The tension that had been lurking in the air began to slowly melt away as they dined, sharing another glass of wine.

Ellen couldn’t help but marvel at her mother. On her way home, she had tried to envision all the different scenarios that might unfold between her mother and herself. She had feared that things were going to be awkward for the two of them that evening, much as she had felt on the beach with her mother that very morning. But instead, by simply being herself, Julia had managed to lighten the atmosphere.

Ellen decided that she really had to forget this obsession about her mother. It wouldn’t be easy, but she couldn’t risk spoiling their relationship. She sighed, her heart heavy. Oh, well, it was a crazy fantasy anyhow, she thought.

After dinner, while they were washing dishes, Ellen started making suggestions about watching a video that night. She’s not going to talk about this, Julia realized. What should I do, let it go or — should I…?

Suddenly Julia decided she had to act.

As Ellen put the last plate away, she said, “Why don’t you go relax in the lounge, honey… I’ll make us each a drink.”

“What about that movie?” queried Ellen.

“Well, that can wait… I want to talk to you about something,” Julia answered.

At this response, Ellen went slightly pale. She managed to murmur, “Okay,” before she went into the lounge.

Once she was alone, Julia took a couple of deep breaths. Oh well… here goes nothing, she thought to herself.

Ellen sat on her lounge suite, feeling uneasy. She tried to think of what on earth she could say if Julia had figured out her secret… how could she defend these incestuous cravings she felt for her own mother? She was so lost in thought that she did not hear her mother enter the lounge. Then, suddenly, she heard Julia clear her throat.

She looked up… and her mouth fell open. There, standing in front of her, was her mother Julia — dressed once more in that sexy blue teddy.

Julia could see a mix of excitement and disbelief on her daughter’s face. She smiled gently, looking into Ellen’s eyes as if to say Yes, darling… this really is happening.

For what seemed like an eternity they both remained still… Ellen sitting on the couch, Julia standing in front of her. Finally, Ellen managed to find her voice. “Mum, wow, does this mean…I mean, do you feel the same way… oh my God… wow,” she whispered.

Julia took Ellen’s hand in her own and gently drew her to her feet, then into her arms. As they embraced, Julia noticed a single tear rolling down her daughter’s pale cheek. Julia brought her daughter’s face to hers… and their lips met in a soft kiss.

The kiss was gentle at first, their mouths brushing lightly together — but the newly awakened passion of mother and daughter was far too potent to be restrained for long. Julia’s lips parted, and suddenly the two women were kissing passionately… like lovers.

As their tongues slowly entwined around each other, they both felt a flood of desire to overcome them. It was as if the wall that held their mutual lust in check had finally collapsed, and they were free to become one.

Although she knew that what they were doing was wrong, Julia could not help herself. She had never been so aroused in her life. As she continued to French kiss Ellen, her hands began to explore the curves and planes of her beautiful daughter’s body. She began to fumble at the buttons of Ellen’s blouse, finally ripping the last button off the shirt, so intense was her desire to see more of her child.

Ellen was purring with pleasure, her feelings of shame forgotten, filled with nothing but love and desire for her mother. She returned Julia’s kisses with a fierce hunger for more while her hands caressed the shapely body under the smooth lacy fabric of the blue teddy.

Having removed Ellen’s blouse, Julia wasted no time in unfastening the buttons on her daughter’s skirt and letting it drop to the floor. She stood back to admire the lovely young woman before her, now clad only in her bra and panties. “Oh, Ellen, darling, you’re so beautiful,” she breathed. “I know that this is wrong, but I can’t help myself. I need you so very much.”

“Mum,” Ellen replied, “I want this as much as you do. I don’t care whether it’s right or wrong, I just need you to love me.”

“I will, darling,” cooed Julia. With that, she took her daughter by the hand to her bedroom.

As they embraced and kissed again, both women felt a wonderful sense of freedom come over them. They had been desperate to find love and passion in their lives… and now they had found it in each other’s arms.

Ellen slowly peeled off the blue teddy, revealing her mother’s ample and still firm breasts. Julia felt her nipples throb as Ellen dipped her head and took the pink tip into her warm mouth. “Oooh, my angel,” Julia gasped as Ellen began to suck on her nipple. “That feels so nice…”

Ellen teased Julia’s nipple with her teeth, almost bringing her mother to a climax right then. After a while, Ellen started to lick and suck at the other breast, enjoying the sensation of having her mother’s nipple in her mouth… nearly as much as Julia enjoyed having it sucked.

Finally, Ellen raised her face to Julia’s and kissed her hotly, then gently pushed her mother back on to the bed. “Just lie back, Mum… I’m only getting started,” she murmured, a wicked smile on her lips.

Once her mother was in position, Ellen pulled the teddy down from Julia’s waist, leaving her completely naked. “Mmmm,” she moaned, “you’re so beautiful.” Gently parting Julia’s thighs, She felt her mother’s sex. “My god, Mum!” she cried, “you’re soaking wet.”

“I know, darling,” Julia replied. “I’m all wet for you… I have never been so aroused in my life.”

Ellen barely heard her mother’s reply… she was transfixed at the sight of her glistening pussy. Slowly she lowered her head between Julia’s legs. She inhaled deeply, savoring the strong musky scent. And then, for the first time, she tasted her mother, her tongue emerging to lick at her labia. “Ohhh,” groaned Julia, “this is so wonderful, sweetheart… please don’t stop.”

Ellen had no intention of stopping… she was drunk on the wetness, the scent, the taste of her mother’s beautiful cunt. She pressed her face deeper into the glistening pink flesh, her tongue probing deep inside her new lover.

Julia was trembling helplessly as her pleasure spiraled ever higher. And when Ellen began to suck at her clit, she exploded into an orgasm it seemed might never end, crying wordlessly as shocks of purest ecstasy tore through her body. But Ellen continued to eat Julia’s pussy, so eager was she to make her mother happy. Finally, the older woman placed a shaking hand upon her daughter’s shoulder. “That’s… that’s enough, honey,” she gasped.

Flushed, breathing heavily, Julia lay back and stared up at the ceiling… her child lying next to her, dressed only in bra and panties, her smiling face propped up on an elbow. “Jesus,” she gasped, “I’ve never had an orgasm that intense before.”

Ellen licked her lips, her eyes sparkling with delight. “You taste wonderful, Mum,” she sighed happily.

“Do I?” Julia replied with a smile, “I’m glad you like it.”

“Wanna taste yourself?” said Ellen, lowering her face to Julia’s… and the two new lovers kissed passionately again. Julia could indeed taste her own cunt on Ellen’s mouth and just the thought of such a forbidden act almost brought her to a climax again. My God, she thought, I am a million miles away from the person I was just two days ago — and I love it. Breaking their embrace, Julia sat up. “Now, Ellen, my darling daughter… it’s my turn to pleasure you.”

“Oh, yes, please, Mummy,” Ellen replied, sounding more like a little girl than the young woman she was.

Julia moved forward to kiss Ellen again, at the same time reaching around her daughter’s back to unclasp her bra. “My, but you’re getting to be such a big girl,” she exclaimed as she exposed the young woman’s breasts. “You’re really growing up, angel.”

Both women were really enjoying this baby talk. It added to the wickedness of what they were doing.

“I wish mine could be as big as yours, Mummy,” said Ellen, holding her mother close… so close that their nipples were touching.

“Ooooh,” sighed Julia, “oh, honey, that feels lovely.” Ellen couldn’t agree more… and the two women continued rubbing their breasts together, mother and daughter both moaning in ecstasy.

Eventually, Ellen pulled away and begged Julia. “Please Mum, kiss my breasts… they’re aching for you.”

Julia didn’t need to be asked twice and slowly dipped her mouth down to Ellen’s chest. Taking one nipple in her mouth, Julia slowly moved her tongue around the pink tip, driving Ellen wild with delight.

“Oooohhhh… that feels wonderful, Mum. Are you sure you haven’t done this before?” Ellen asked, cradling her mother’s head to her.

“No, I must be a quick learner,” smiled Julia, loving the feel of her child’s soft skin against her face.

Ellen was unable to keep still as her mother continued to lick at her breasts, so powerful was the pleasure that she felt. Eventually, however, Julia began kissing her way down Ellen’s body until she reached her panties. Even as she began to remove them, Julia could see they were soaking wet.

As Julia gazed down upon the fleshy wonder of Ellen’s pussy, she caught sight of herself and her daughter in the full-length mirror on the nearby wardrobe. She had never tasted a woman in her life, and here she was… about to go down on her own daughter. The reflection of their nude bodies in the mirror should have shocked Julia, but instead she thought it was the sexiest, most beautiful thing she had ever seen. Her heart swelling with love, she turned her attention once more to her child’s moist, fragrant sex.

Taking a deep breath, Julia lightly licked at her daughter’s clitoris. Ellen moaned in ecstasy. “Oh, yes, Mum, that’s beautiful. Oh, yes.”

Julia had never tasted anything so wonderful in her life. Ellen’s juices were really flowing and Julia knew it wouldn’t be long before she came. She pressed her face into her daughter’s pubes, feasting on the moist flesh there. Within seconds the young woman’s body began to shake helplessly. Ellen’s hands gripped the sheets as she began to come.

“Ooohhh YEEESSS!” she cried. “Oh, GOD, yes! Eat my p-pussy, Mum…”

Julia drank deep from her daughter as if she was quenching the driest of thirsts, licking and sucking Ellen’s wet pussy until she sensed that the girl could take no more. Her oral attentions grew gentler, more soothing… finally placing a soft kiss on her daughter’s glistening labia before crawling up to lie next to her new lover.

Ellen laid back on the bed, breathing heavily, exhausted, flushed… but happier than she had ever been in her whole life. Her mother lay down beside her, nuzzling her cheek.

“Now you can find out how you taste, darling,” Julia said as she moved to kiss her daughter on the lips again.

Ellen tasted her own cunt on her mother’s lips. How decadent, how forbidden, how wrong… how utterly divine. The two lovers embraced, and then just lay there gazing contentedly into each other’s eyes. Julia, Ellen, Mother, Daughter — now lovers. After a while, they made love again until finally, exhausted, they fell asleep in each other’s arms.

In the morning Ellen woke to find herself alone. She dragged herself out of bed and padded naked out to the kitchen. “Mum,” she called out, “where are you?”

When there was no reply she began to worry… but then she spied a note on the kitchen table. Ellen picked it up and read Ellen, I didn’t want to wake you, I have gone for a long walk and maybe a swim, will see you tonight after work. Love, Mum.

Ellen put the note down in a state of mild disbelief. They had just spent the night making the most beautiful — and forbidden — love together… and her mother hadn’t even waited around to talk about it.

Ellen was suddenly very frightened. What if her mother was already regretting what had happened between them? Tears began to form in her eyes and the delights of last night seemed to be forgotten as the fear of losing her mum’s sex overwhelmed her. After the intimacy they had shared, Ellen knew that she would never be happy without Julia as her lover.

Realizing she had to pull herself together, Ellen glanced at the clock on her microwave. The luminous readout said 8:36 a.m. That seemed to jolt her into action, as she was late for work. With no time to think, Ellen dashed off to get ready.

No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t concentrate on any of her work that day, her mind returning again and again to the night of passion she had spent with Julia. It had been the most wonderful, erotic, love-filled night of her life, but could it have been too much for her mother?

She called home, but there was no answer. Where is she? thought Ellen. And how does she feel now about what we did together?

Finally, Ellen could take it no longer. Shortly after 1:00 p.m., she told her boss that she wasn’t feeling very well and that she was going home to bed.

She hurried home as quickly as she could, hoping that her mother would be there. She didn’t know what she would say to her, but she just had to know how her mother felt about their lovemaking. In her heart, she knew what they had done was not wrong. How could it be, when it felt so right? She just prayed that Julia felt the same way.

Her heart was racing as she pulled into the driveway as she arrived home. Julia’s car was out front. Mum’s here, she thought. Thank God. She parked her own car and quickly entered the house

“Mum… are you here?” called Ellen hesitantly.

“I’m in the bathroom,” replied her mother, “I’ll be with you in just a minute.”

Ellen stood by the bathroom door. “Mum… we really need to talk,” she said in a small voice.

“Really?” asked Julia. “Is that why you’re home from work early?”

“Yes, Mum… I just couldn’t concentrate on anything, um, after last night… and then when you were gone this morning, well… I was worried that you were upset.”

Her mother’s voice came through the closed door. “Ellen, the only thing that I am upset about is you getting home so early. I didn’t have time to get ready.”

Ready? thought Ellen, ready for what? Oh my God, is she about to leave for home? And with that, she opened the bathroom door.

“Ellen!” said Julia, slightly startled, “you could at least knock. It’s the polite thing to do, you know.”

Ellen was too stunned to reply. There before her was her mother applying makeup on her face. She was also sporting a new hairdo and was wearing her emerald necklace… and not one stitch of clothing.

Julia smiled lovingly at her daughter. “I wanted to look my sexiest for you when you got home… lover.”

Ellen knelt before her beautiful mother, took her in her arms and kissed her mouth passionately. Her heart rejoiced… everything was going to be fine.

A month later, Julia sold her house, moving in with her daughter. Three years later, Ellen and Julia still live together as secret lovers.

The End


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  1. Tim says:

    Nice gentle well written story thanks.

  2. Euphorsyne, Thalia & Aglia says:

    Beautiful, sensuous conclusion! Julia and Ellen finally cross that forbidden bridge to their new found love and joy of Mother-Daughter sexual desires!

    Great writing,Author Unknown! Loved the tenuous desire both characters had, their doubts & frustrations were really good, and the sex was so good!

    I think, and I hope I’m in error, but are there two small “slip-ups” in the text? at one point Julia is relating about all those lonely nights, she refers to her ex-husband (Mitch) as Morrie…and then when they finally start to make love, and Julia is removing Ellen’s bra and admiring her breasts she tells Ellen “my you’re really growing up Susie”…

    All in all, a delightful & delicious ending to an awesome story of sweet, desirous Mother-Daughter love!


  3. Jake says:

    Nice job, could have worked in some ass play, mmmm.

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