Nudist Family, Part Three

  • Posted on August 11, 2019 at 2:39 pm

by Tiger Kitten

One evening, while Ana was working late, and the girls had the house to themselves, Lily was watching television on the couch in the living room when her naked sister ran into the room, waving something around excitedly. “What’s this?” she asked.

Lily studied it. She had never seen one before, but knew immediately what it was from talk at school. It was a pink latex dildo.

“Where did you get that?” she gasped.

“I found it in Mom’s dresser,” Piper explained innocently.

“Why were you looking in there?” Lily asked.

“I just wanted to see inside. What is this, Lily?”

“It’s called a dildo. It’s like a man’s penis, but made out of rubber. You’d better put it back.”

“So… you fuck yourself with one of these?” Piper asked, studying the toy.

Suddenly, Lily was struck by an idea. She smiled wickedly, then rose from the couch. She walked over to her kid sister and took her by the hand. “Why don’t we go upstairs… and you can use it on me?” she asked.

Seeing the gleam in Lily’s eye, Piper nodded eagerly. The two bounded up the stairs, hand in hand, and jumped on their shared bed.

Lily immediately scooted to the top of the mattress in a seated position and spread her legs apart to reveal her pussy, which her baby sister stared hungrily. Piper moved into position between her big sister’s legs, still holding the dildo.

“We have to get it slippery first, before you put it inside me,” Lily said. “Let’s lick it.”

She leaned forward and the two girls together licked the pink dildo until it was moist. Lily realized that, in all likelihood, they were licking something that had been inside their own mother’s pussy recently. She didn’t mind, either. In fact, that only made it more exciting.

Lily was a little surprised by how much she wanted to be fucked by Piper with their mother’s dildo… but after all, she hadn’t had a sexual thought about a boy since their days of nudity had begun. She had never before used the household computer to search for pornography, but now she found herself frequently spending her time browsing the internet for sexual material. When she did, it was always pictures of naked teenage girls, often having lesbian sex… or hot pictures of little girls, if she could find them. She’d recently discovered child modeling sites, and frequently masturbated to images of preteens in skimpy lingerie or bikinis, posed erotically like adults.

“Now put the dildo inside me,” she instructed Piper, lying back on the bed. “Do it slowly, though. It might hurt me if you go too fast.”

Piper, ever the obedient sister and dutiful lover, moved closer to her sister’s moist pussy. Sitting cross-legged, unabashedly exposing her own hairless vagina, Piper sat poised with the dildo in hand. She placed the tip between Lily’s labia and slowly pushed the head in. Lily moaned softly at the feeling. Piper continued, gently pushing the dildo inside her sister… farther than her fingers could reach, penetrating Lily deeper than ever before.

Lily was panting heavily, clutching the sheets in both fists as her sister slid the dildo all the way inside her to the hilt, filling her up. Her legs trembling, Lily looked up at the expectant face of her angelic baby sister, her heart swelling with love as she realized that no boy with a real penis could make her feel the way her sister made her feel with a latex one.

“Oh, yes,” Lily moaned, “oh. You’re d-doing great, sweetie… mmm, yes. Now… pull it about halfway out and, and then p-push it back in.”

“Like this?” Piper asked after completing the motion.

“Yes!” gasped Lily. “K-keep doing that.”

Piper obeyed, happily fucking her sister with the dildo, while Lily quickly fell into a rhythm matching that of her sister’s pumping arm, her body quickly becoming slick with sweat from her exertions. Her cunt was dripping wet, the thick juices of her desire trickling down into the crack of her ass.

At Lily’s urging, Piper began to work the dildo faster and faster until she was plunging it in and out of her sister’s pussy as fast as she could. Lily’s body rocked and heaved with each thrust. She held off as long as she could, wanting to savor the sensation of being fucked by her beautiful baby sister.

Suddenly, Lily cried out, throwing her head back as a raging orgasm ripped through her. She let out a loud, satisfied groan, and then immediately cried out again as a second orgasm hit. Piper squealed with delight as she continued to fuck her sister, her arm pumping rapidly. Finally, Lily slumped to one side, exhausted.

Piper withdrew the dildo from her sister and climbed onto Lily’s body. Lily wrapped her arms around Piper and kissed her fiercely. The little girl licked the side of the dildo, tasting the delicious essence of her sister’s pussy that she loved so much. Lily joined her, licking the dildo clean. Then the two girls kissed again.

“Is it my turn now?” Piper asked. “I want to try it.”

“No way, kiddo,” Lily gasped.

“Why not?” Piper demanded, pursing her lips.

“Because it’s too big for you, babe. It was almost too much for me! I know you want to see how it feels inside you, but it could really do you damage inside. I’m sorry, Piper, but you’re going to have to settle for my fingers until you’re old enough.”

“Fine,” Piper pouted.

But it didn’t take long for her mood to change. After all, they had plenty of time until their mother came home – time to play other naughty games. Lily fingered Piper’s pussy until the child squirmed in orgamic delight, then licked her bare slit and her butt crack until she came again. She finally had to admit to her big sister that she could wait a few years before using their mom’s dildo.

Other than the introduction of the sex toy into their games, nothing much was changed that night. Lily and Piper still had the same basic problem of how to conceal their relationship from their mother. It seemed almost impossible. Not only that, both girls felt extremely guilty about keeping such a big secret. After all, wasn’t their new lifestyle supposed to be about honesty? Now they were violating that principle, and both girls were unhappy about it.

In the end, it was Piper who came up with the solution.

“Why don’t we just tell Mommy?” she asked one night.

“Because she’ll make us stop,” Lily explained. “She might get really mad at us, too.”


“Because lots of people don’t think it’s right for two girls to be having sex with each other, especially two sisters… and especially girls as young as we are. We’re both underage, after all… and you’re still a little girl.”

“But… it’s Mom. She’ll understand, won’t she?”

“Maybe she will, maybe she won’t, Piper. We can’t take that risk. Not if we want to stay lovers.”

Piper thought about it. “Then what if we make love with her, too?”

Lily arched an eyebrow. “What do you mean?”

“Well, she can’t be mad at us for being lovers if she has sex with us, right? Then we could all make love together… and she wouldn’t be upset.”

“Have sex with Mom?”

At first, it seemed utterly insane… then Lily thought it over. The notion hadn’t really occurred to her before but the more she thought about it, the interesting the idea seemed. Her mother was beautiful and desirable, and as much as she enjoyed making love to her baby sister, Lily also wanted to explore sex with an older woman. Most importantly, Lily loved Mom as much as she did Piper. This would give her a chance to express her feelings for her mother in a new and wonderful way, just as she had with her sister.

Lily smiled as she briefly wondered how she would have reacted to this notion mere months ago. She would have been repulsed and horrified at the thought. But Lily was no longer the same person she’d been. She had not only made love to another girl, but her own sister… and a ten-year-old child at that. She’d already gone so far and broken so many rules that the idea of making love to her mother didn’t even feel wrong. Indeed, it suddenly seemed like the hottest idea imaginable.

“You know what?” Lily finally said, turning to her sister, “I think it’s a great idea!”

Piper squealed with delight. “Cool! So… when should we do it?”

Lily grinned. “Tonight.” She stroked her chin. “I have an idea…”

The girls spent the next half hour plotting their seduction. They were so excited by the thought of making love to their mother that they were both hot and bothered again, but decided to save their sexual energy for later.

An hour or so later, Ana arrived home. Lily was on the couch, reading. Piper was in her room and in bed, pretending to be asleep.

“Did you girls have fun tonight?” Ana asked her daughter.

“Mmm-hmm,” replied Lily.

Ana yawned. “Well… I’m going to turn in. Goodnight, sweetie.”

Lily waited until her mother was up in her room before putting the book aside and walking into the kitchen. She filled a wine glass with her mother’s favorite pinot noir and carried it upstairs.

She knocked on the door and, when her mother told her to come in, she walked in, moved over to the bed and handed Ana the glass of wine. “Here, Mom… I thought this might help you relax,” she murmured.

Her mother only had the blankets drawn up to her waist, so her breasts were on full display. Lily glanced at them appreciatively, allowing her eyes to linger just a bit longer than normal.

“That’s so sweet of you, honey,” said her mother. “Want to snuggle with me?”

This was even better than Lily had expected. Without a word she climbed onto the bed and slipped beneath the blankets. She snuggled up against her mother, who slipped her arm around Lily’s shoulders. Ana sipped her glass of wine as the two relaxed together.

“How was work?” Lily asked.

“Oh, like always… stressful,” grimaced Ana, giving the response Lily was hoping for.

“Are your shoulders sore, Mom? Maybe I could give you a massage,” Lily suggested.

Ana smiled. “Sure, honey… that sounds wonderful.”

Lily crawled from under the blanket to kneel next to her mother. “Okay Mom, lie on your tummy.”

Ana extricated herself from the blankets and lay flat on her stomach with her arms folded beneath her head.

Heart pulsing steadily, Lily knelt beside her mother and began to gently rub the muscles in her back.

Ana was immediately surprised at how good a masseuse her daughter was, not knowing that Lily and Piper had been using massages as a preamble to lovemaking for a while now.

Lily worked on her mother’s back and shoulders for a while, until she was comfortable. Then she placed her hands upon her mother’s firm, but well-rounded ass and began to massage her there.

“Um… what are you doing, honey?” Ana asked, a bit startled.

“I’m massaging you, Mom. Your bottom gets sore too, right?”

“But…” Ana was about to protest, but then gave in. “Well… okay.”

Lily spent a long time rubbing her mother’s ass and the tops of her legs, teasing her with long, slow strokes of her fingertips that occasionally brushed Ana’s inner thighs. When her mom began to squirm slightly, Lily knew that her plan was working. She even thought she was able to detect the faint scent of her mother’s pussy.

In spite of herself, Ana couldn’t help but feel aroused as her daughter’s hands fondled her bottom. It had been far too long since she had made love, to a man or woman — and Lily’s touch couldn’t help but feel especially good. It was with some apprehension that she found herself growing moist between her thighs, and she tried to stay relaxed while hoping that Lily wouldn’t notice.

Then, just when she thought Lily was finished, the girl patted her ass and instructed her to roll over on to her back. Again, Ana began to protest, but once again her resolve failed. She loved being touched by affectionate hands, even if they were only those of her daughter…

Hesitantly, Ana rolled over, onto her back… and Lily quickly threw a leg over her mother’s waist. Now she was sitting on her mother’s pelvic region, facing her. Ana nearly gasped out loud at the sensation of her daughter’s warm, wet sex touching her skin, only a few inches above her own rapidly moistening vagina. My God… what’s going on here? she thought.

Lily started by rubbing her mother’s belly, but didn’t want to linger there when the real prize she sought was further up. As her hands caressed Ana’s tummy, the teen’s eyes lingered on her mother’s bare breasts. Ana studied her daughter’s face and swallowed, wondering how the sudden thought of her daughter touching her so intimately could excite and frighten her at the same time.

At last, Lily reached out and cupped one breast in each hand. Her heart racing frantically, Ana closed her eyes and sighed as her daughter began to fondle her.

Lily lavished attention on her mother’s breasts, feeling them, squeezing them, teasing her nipples to stiffness.

“How does that feel?” Lily whispered.

“H-heavenly,” her mother replied shakily.

“I’ll bet my mouth would feel even better…” Lily cooed, her eyes burning into Ana’s.

And as her mother gaped, the cute teen slowly lowered her face to Ana’s body, lips parting to take a taut nipple into her mouth.

A wave of sudden arousal hit Ana like a shockwave as her daughter sucked at the tip of her breast. “Honey,” she gasped. “We… we can’t…” 

Lily raised her face to her mother’s, transfixing Ana with an adoring gaze. “I love you, Mom,” she whispered. “Can I kiss you? Really kiss you?”

Ana was too stunned to speak… and before she could get out a word, Lily’s soft mouth was upon hers. She felt her naked daughter’s warm body pressing against her own as their lips slid moistly together… then Lily’s tongue slipped between Ana’s slightly parted lips in what could only be described as a lover’s kiss.

Ana’s head spun. This couldn’t be happening… her own daughter could not be coming on to her, it wasn’t right… but the trembling 36-year-old could not deny the sweetness of Lily’s mouth, or how good her daughter’s bare body felt against hers.

No. No. She had to stop this.

Ana pulled back, panting frantically, heart thumping against her ribs as she stared at her teenage girl. “Baby,” she gasped, “what… what are you doing?”

Lily smiled. “Showing you how much I love you, Mom.” Her hand crept up Ana’s body to touch her breast, her fingers brushing her mother’s nipples. “And… how much I want to love you…”

She gaped at her daughter. “B-but, honey… I’m your mother! We c-can’t do this!”

Lily’s eyes seemed to penetrate her soul. “Mom… do you remember the things I said about emotional nakedness? Like, how we bare our bodies to each other… but then we, you know, we also bare our hearts and souls, too?”

“Yes…” Ana replied weakly.

“That’s what I’m doing right now,” Lily murmured, “baring my heart to you. Being naked together… it’s made us lots closer as a family, Mom.” She reached for her mother’s hand, bringing it to her lips. “And… well, I’d like us to be even closer than that.”

“But, honey,” whispered Ana, “It’s not right for a m-mother and daughter to… to make love.”

Lily shook her head. “Lots of people wouldn’t think it’s right that we go naked all the time, but we do, don’t we? And it’s been a wonderful experience, Mom — we all think so.” She squeezed her mother’s hand. “Don’t just say no without thinking about it… please?”

Ana tried to think of a good reason to tell Lily no. Really, there were plenty of reasons — she was her own daughter, she was only fourteen — but her daughter’s words about closeness had touched her deeply. Would it really be so wrong for us to… be intimate? she wondered. We adore each other. It would bring us closer together. And God, it’s been so long since I’ve felt a lover’s touch…

She felt warm from head to toe, and not just from the closeness of Lily. The wine had made her lightheaded. Could we? Could we really…? All she knew for certain was that her daughter was a vision of adolescent sexuality and pure beauty… and how much she adored her.

Lily’s eyes began to mist. “Please, Mom… please let me make love to you.”

Ana made a decision. She took a deep breath.

“Okay, baby,” she whispered.

Lily’s face immediately lit up. “Oh, Mom… I love you so much!” She kissed her mother again, passionately. This time, Ana responded in kind, her tongue darting between her daughter’s lips.

They kissed hotly as Ana wrapped her arms around Lily’s back, hugging her tightly. Hungry for more, she slid both hands down her girl’s body until she was cupping Lily’s firm young bottom. She pulled her daughter’s hips against hers, grinding their pelvises together.

Lily broke their kiss, panting. “God, Mom,” she gasped, “you are s-so fucking hot.”

“So are you, my angel,” Ana whispered, loving the feeling of Lily’s breasts against hers. She suddenly wanted very much to kiss them… so she lowered her face to her daughter’s chest, sucking a taut nipple into her mouth.

“Oh,” Lily moaned, cradling her mother’s head to her breasts. “Oh.”

Ana loved the sweet smell of Lily’s skin, loved the way the girl’s nipples stiffened in her mouth as she licked and sucked at them. She’d never been as thrilled by a new lover as she now was with her daughter.

“Kiss me again, Mom,” panted Lily, and Ana nuzzled her way up her daughter’s body to her lips, claiming the girl’s mouth with a hunger that startled her. For how long had she desired Lily, and not known it?

“Oh, my precious,” moaned Ana as their lips parted, staring at her oldest child. “I… I think I’m falling in love with you.”

Lily raised herself to lick at her mother’s mouth, then whispered, “Mom… how wild are you willing to get tonight?”

Ana gazed thoughtfully at Lily. “Wilder than making love with my daughter?” She smiled. “Try me.”

With a wicked smile, Lily purred “Okay.” She twisted her head toward the bedroom door. “Piper,” she called, “come in.”

Ana’s eyes widened, her mouth a perfect O as her naked eleven-year-old padded into the room, a dreamy expression on her face. Without a word she drifted into the arms of her big sister, and their mouths met in a passionate kiss.

Ana squirmed into a sitting position, stunned by the lustful looks on the faces of her two daughters as they kissed. Finally, she realized what was happening. Her daughters were already lovers… and they had teamed up to seduce her! She was shocked, but not nearly as shocked as she would have been an hour ago.

“What’s going on here?” Ana demanded.

“I told you that I wanted to make love to you, Mom,” Lily explained, “but I didn’t want to tell you just yet that Piper feels the same way… don’t you, Pet?”

“Mmm-hmm!” said Piper with an excited nod.

“Are you two… Lily, what did I tell you?” Ana cried out.

“I know, Mom,” said Lily, “but we couldn’t help it. Piper and I love each other so much that we needed a new way to show it. I mean, isn’t that what nudism is all about — expressing love and trust? How is this any different?”

“Because… because…”

Ana couldn’t think of an answer. She had introduced nudism to the family as a way to bring them closer together… and it had worked. In fact, it had worked far better than Ana had anticipated. Her daughters had taken their relationship to the next level and were expressing their love for one another intimately. And that love was a very real, very tangible thing.

Suddenly Ana realized that, yes… she wanted this too. She wanted to be a part of what Lily and Piper had.

“No one else knows about this?” she asked.

“It’s our secret,” Piper said.

“We swear,” Lily added.

Ana shook her head, smiling wryly. “You two, I swear… you’ll be the death of me yet.” She lay back, then took a deep breath. “Come here, girls,” she murmured.

The two children immediately fell into their mother’s arms. Lily immediately burrowed her face into Ana’s breasts, licking and kissing the soft flesh, then sought out a nipple and began to suckle. Piper gazed shyly into her mother’s eyes. “Can I kiss you, Mommy?” she asked hopefully.

“Yes, honey,” Ana breathed, parting her lips for her baby girl. Piper’s mouth touched hers in a gentle kiss… but when Ana allowed her tongue to tease her daughter’s lower lip, Piper’s own tongue came into play, slipping into her mom’s mouth. Ana responded eagerly… and soon she was hungrily kissing her ten-year-old, with more passion than she had ever had for a man.

Finally she pulled away, her eyes alive with excitement. “I want to watch you girls kiss some more,” she said.

Lily raised her face from her mother’s breasts, turned to her adoring baby sister and kissed her passionately, her tongue wildly thrashing around in her kid sister’s mouth. Piper returned Lily’s affection with equal intensity.

Ana’s pussy began to throb as she watched her two daughters French kissing… then she gasped as Lily reached down to place a hand upon her wet pussy, stroking the moist flesh of her mother’s sex as she and her sister continued to kiss. Ana moaned, awestruck by how her wonderful her daughter’s fingers felt.

“Mmmm, Mom… you’re nice and wet,” Lily said. With that, she slipped down between her mother’s legs and gently pried them apart, enthralled by her first real glimpse of a grown woman’s pussy. She had seen the thick pubic bush of her mother many times in the last few months… but now Mom’s pussy was open and dripping wet, aching for the touch of her mouth. Lily slowly lowered her face to the glistening pink flesh, extending her tongue to take that first delicious lick…

…and Ana cried out loud as her wonderful daughter pressed a hot, hungry kiss into her cunt, followed by Lily’s tongue, pushing its way deep inside the slick channel of her mother’s vagina.

Piper smiled adoringly at her mom, then began to nuzzle Ana’s neck. “I love you so much, Mommy,” she whispered.

“I… I love you too, baby…” Anastacia moaned. “Oooohhh… kiss me, please.”

Piper eagerly claimed Mommy’s mouth with hers, and mother and daughter kissed hotly.

Ana was dizzy with desire, unable to believe what was happening… her oldest daughter was eating her pussy, and her youngest girl’s tongue was probing her mouth! It was incest, and lesbian incest at that… but Ana had never felt so alive, so consumed with desire. Her daughters were the loves of her life, and now that love was becoming sexual. She began to fondle her eleven-year-old, eagerly exploring Piper’s little-girl body with her hands.

With her face buried between her mother’s warm, soft thighs, Lily was in heaven. She easily found her mother’s clit and began to flick it with her tongue, invoking fresh moans from Ana’s lips. Lily inserted two fingers deep into her mother’s pussy in one steady stroke and began to fuck her while licking her clitoris. The fluids that flowed from Ana’s cunt were hot and delicious to the teenage girl… and the womanly scent of her was intoxicating.

Ana slipped her hand between Piper’s thin thighs, stroking her baby girl’s bare slit, amazed at how moist her daughter was. She would soon be tasting her down there… but first, she trailed kisses down to the pink button of Piper’s nipple, licking it languidly.

“Oh, Mommy…” Piper sighed, cradling her mother’s head to her chest, “I like that…”

Ana sucked her child’s nipples — first one, then the other, marveling at how they stiffened to the touch of her lips. Meanwhile, her index finger was slipping through the sticky cleft of her little girl’s pudenda, the tip inching inside, making the eleven-year-old gasp in delight. “Oh, Mommy, yes,” Piper whispered, her own hands clumsily fondling her mommy’s breasts.

Ana was on fire with this new, thrilling hunger she felt for her youngest daughter… she had to taste Piper’s sex now. She released the girl’s nipple from her lips and began to kiss her way further down her body.

Piper realized with a surge of excitement just where Ana was going with her kisses. She loved getting her pussy licked by her sister and couldn’t wait to feel Mommy’s tongue. She quickly scooted up until one knee was on either side of Ana’s face, her hairless pussy right on top of her mother’s mouth.

The scent and sight of her little girl’s pussy so close to her face was a revelation to Ana. She didn’t hesitate for a moment, licking her lips just before raising her head to plant a soft kiss on Piper’s slit… then her tongue emerged to lick at her daughter. Loving the heat, the wetness, the scent and the taste of the girl, Ana’s oral loving of Piper quickly grew intense and passionate.

The little girl was now grinding her crotch against Mommy’s face, leaving a silvery sheen of wetness on Ana’s lips. She could feel her mother’s tongue exploring her bare sex, and the very thought of it made her moan with delight. Ana’s hands seemed to be everywhere at once on her youngest daughter’s body.

Lily, still going down on her mother, glanced up to see what was happening between Ana and her sister… and her heart throbbed even faster with excitement as she saw little Piper straddling their mother’s face. She watched Mom’s mouth pressing kisses into Piper’s sex, saw her licking at the little girl. With her free hand, Lily reached up to fondle the soft white globes of her sister’s bottom while she tongue-fucked her mother.

The sensory overload was too much for Ana — the feeling of her daughter’s tongue in her vagina, the taste of her other daughter’s pussy, Piper’s little hands caressing her breasts. Suddenly her hips began to shake… then her entire body was quivering.

“Mmmm,” she moaned into her youngest girl’s cunt. “I’m gonna come… make me come, yes… I love you girls so much… oh GOD…”

Suddenly her orgasm hit, and it felt like an earthquake had overtaken her body. Ana seized up as wave after wave of pure sensation rocked her. She screamed from the intensity of her pleasure, and Piper climbed off her mother’s face so that Ana could breathe. She ejaculated into Lily’s face, and her oldest daughter drank every drop of her mother’s essence.

Finally Ana’s climax crested and ebbed, and Lily raised her face from between her mother’s thighs. Piper, seeing the wetness on her big sister’s lips, quickly claimed Lily’s mouth in a passionate kiss, swirling her tongue around the older girl’s mouth to get a taste of Mommy’s pussy.

A flushed, sweaty Ana gazed on in awe… seeing her daughters sharing her fluids between them was the most erotic sight she could imagine.  Finally, the girls crawled up to snuggle against their mother’s nude body.

“That was amazing,” Ana murmured, still dazed. “How did you girls get so good at this?”

“Practice,” Lily replied, and they all laughed.

“This is so cool, Mommy!” exclaimed Piper. “Now we can all make love to each other every day… whenever we want!”

“Mmm, sounds wonderful,” cooed Ana.

She turned and French kissed her youngest daughter, exploring the girl’s mouth with her tongue without the slightest hint of shame or guilt. Then she turned towards Lily and kissed her the same way. Then her daughters exchanged a hot, wet kiss of their own.

“I think I need to return the favor,” Ana said. “You two haven’t come yet.”

“I wouldn’t exactly call that a favor, Mom,” said Lily. “We enjoyed it too, you know.”

“I know,” said Ana, smiling wryly, “but it’s not right for a mother to let her daughters give her an orgasm without pleasuring them, too.”

“I never heard that one before,” Lily laughed.

“That’s my new rule, as of today,” Ana said with a smile. “Lie on your backs.”

Lily and Piper lay on the bed, side by side, Lily with her arm around her sister’s shoulders. Ana told them to spread their legs apart and they did, Lily’s right leg crossing over Piper’s left. Ana moved into position so she was straddling Lily’s thigh. She looked at her beautiful, sexy daughters lying there, naked and desirable, and her heart swelled with love for them both.

Ana reached out and placed a hand apiece on her daughters’ wet, hot pussies, then began to gently fondle them. The two girls sighed happily and closed their eyes.

Once they were both nice and wet, Ana inserted two fingers into each daughter’s pussy, marveling at how tight the girls felt, especially Piper. She finger-fucked both of them while using her thumb to make concentric circles around their clits. Her two children moaned and writhed with pleasure as their mother made love to them with her fingers.

In the high state of arousal the two girls were in, it didn’t take long for them to reach orgasm. They turned towards one another, eyes still closed, and kissed passionately like true lovers. Seeing their delicate tongues playfully dancing together excited Ana… and she began to grind her cunt against Lily’s thigh. Lily responded by sliding her leg back and forth, loving the sensation of her mother’s heated flesh against her skin.

Finally, they all came. Piper cried out into Lily’s mouth as she climaxed. A moment later, Lily followed suit, and her entire body trembled as she orgasmed. All the while, the two girls kept kissing, while Ana kept rubbing herself off on Lily’s thigh. As the two girls came down from their orgasms, their mother burst into hers.

When it was all over, they all snuggled together, each one hot, flushed, soaked with sweat and incredibly happy.

“Mom,” said Lily, “I think this is as good a time as any to tell you… I’m a lesbian.”

“Me too!” Piper chimed in.

“After this, I can’t imagine going back to men,” Ana agreed.

The three ladies spent a good while kissing and fondling one another but they quickly grew sleepy. They fell into a sweet slumber, their bodies entwined together in Ana’s bed. Ana, Lily and Piper felt more tenderness and affection for one another than they had ever imagined possible. A mother and her daughters were now lovers… and their future together seemed full of wonderful possibilities.

The End


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  1. sue says:

    Oh what a hot loving chapter. I’m sorry it’s over but what a great ending with mother and daughters together in the most loving intimate possible. Great story, hope you write another.

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    Ahh,YES! so beautiful!…so intense! Sweet, sweet lesbian love! beautiful, caring,and loving Mother and her darling daughters, finally immersing themselves in deep, wantonly desire! Extremely well written and the vivid images related here are searingly imprinted in this readers mind!

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    Excellent ending and story, Tiger Kitten!… Hoping you will please grace these pages again with even more wonderful tales of erotic yearnings and awakenings of mothers & daughters and other related lesbian delights…like this story’s delicious last paragraph:

    …The three ladies spent a good while kissing and fondling one another but they quickly grew sleepy. They fell into a sweet slumber, their bodies entwined together in Ana’s bed.
    Ana, Lily and Piper felt more tenderness and affection for one another than they ever had imagined possible. A mother and her daughters were now lovers…and their future together seemed full of wonderful possibilities.

    Mmmm! so good!


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    Romantic love between mom and daughters is so well described, sensual, loving, but so very erotic. Thanks so much for writing and posting! We loved it all!!!

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    Great story

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    If you have a part 4 can you have the girls be older and put there bra size in the story?

  7. Sapphmore says:

    Sorry Ben, obviously I can’t speak for Tiger Kitten, but I’d have to respectfully but wholeheartedly disagree on that. I’ve read and collected a lot of erotic stories from a range of sites, and I’ve noticed if there’s one thing that is a pretty good indicator that a story is not going to be good and make me instantly have low expectations, it’s when the first paragraph, and indeed sometimes the first sentence, has the size of the man’s todger (always 8-10 inches long and as thick as a wrist) and/or a woman’s bra size, usually 38plus and a few letters into the alphabet.

    It’s no surprise to find these stories are almost without exception written by men.

    There are a multitude of ways to describe a character’s various attributes from age, hair colour or height (again in general, not numbers), demeanour, intelligence, social status/circumstances to name a few, but in real life no-one ever says, “This is my daughter Betty, her bra size is 34b” and girls/women don’t tend to use numbers when describing another. They might well say small, large for her age, developing etc, but not actual sizes. If you know the size, does that mean you’re getting a tape measure out so you can check how big it looks in real life?

    There may come a point at which a character might comment on such attributes or it is relevant to describe the size in general, but stating specific measurements is never a good thing from a literary aspect. I think you’d be very hard pressed to find many stories on JS where sizes are quoted. Most would likely only have a young character wish their breasts were bigger like their mums, a natural thing for girls growing up. When applied to an adult woman, making general comments might be used to have one character express fascination for another’s figure for example.
    This sounds like me making a big issue out of a little thing, but to my mind, the only number that’s valid to describe someone is their age. Quoting specific body part sizes is pointless, especially as mostly that’s used only in cases where said body parts are larger than average. Maybe it’s just me, but all the stories where the author does quote sizes tend to lack effort and any kind of character development. Okay, in a short story, there isn’t always the same opportunity/time for this, but in serial stories there’s no excuse.

    So, unless your character is planning to buy a bra, there’s no valid reason to state the size as it adds nothing to the story.

    I’ll get off my high horse now.

    • JetBoy says:

      One thing I see more than I’d like to in the stories we receive is the tendency to keep reminding the reader that little girls have undeveloped body parts. Like referring to their “little” or “tiny” pussies over and over again. It’s fine to drop a hint in that direction every once in a while, but don’t drive it home with a sledgehammer. We get that children differ from grown women, dude!

      While we’re at it, I’ve always been bothered by erotic fiction in which kindergarten-age girls swear like angry sailors during sex. If I crack open a story and find a girl of five shouting something like, “Fuck my little girl cunt, Mommy… fuck me and make me come in your nasty pedo slut face,” my interest level tends to take a nosedive.

  8. Ed says:

    All three parts were a joy to read. A slow ride to closer love for Ana, Lily, and Piper.

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