Loving My Lori, Part 2

  • Posted on August 1, 2019 at 2:35 pm

by Lori’s Mommy

When I picked Lori up from school on Friday, she immediately told me what she wanted to do for our date. No hello, no “Hi, Mommy,” nothing but that. She was so up for our evening together, nothing could hold her back.

“Mommy, I want pizza tonight. And I wanna watch High School Musical. Is that okay?”

“Anything you like, honey.”

As we made our way to the video store, she filled me in on more of her plans. “When we get home an’ after I do my homework, can you just go in your room for awhile?”


“You’ll see. Just go in your room and stay there. You can order the pizza and get dressed for our date. And when the pizza guy comes, just close your eyes when you go past the kitchen.” And then she added, with a bit of mystery and mischievousness in her voice, “An’ I’m not gonna tell you anything else!”

“Okay,” I agreed, thinking that she has really taken this on as her night — just as I told her and wanted for her. This was her night, and she could do it her way — and Lori was doing exactly that.

I did as I was asked, and I went off to my room to get changed, and, of course, order the pizza. I picked out a white cotton camisole (short enough to still show off my midriff) a pair of white lace boy-shorts panties to wear underneath, my tightest hip-hugger jeans and a top that could be tied off. Shoes or barefoot? Definitely barefoot.

I got dressed for our date, my pussy becoming wet with anticipation. Damn, the camisole is too long, well, I’ll just tuck it upside my top. Okay. All set? All set. My mind was racing with thoughts about the evening ahead of me — ahead of us — and I was startled when the doorbell rang.

“Yay, pizza’s here!” Lori shouted from the kitchen.

As asked, I went to the door, closing my eyes as went past the kitchen. I returned with pizza in hand to a kitchen that had its shades closed, the lights lit to their dimmest setting, and a table for two, perfectly set. And with Lori nowhere to be found.

“Do you like it, Mommy?” a voice from the adjacent laundry room asked.

“Verrrrry nice! You did a great job. Wonderful ambience,” I said with a fake snooty voice. “Where did you get the idea for all of this?”

“TV!” (Where else? I thought)

“Well you did a wonderful job. It’s beautiful. Where are you?”

Lori didn’t say a word, rather she appeared in the doorway.

My God, stunning would have been an understatement. She was perfect from her head to her little bare feet. She had on her pink tube top, the one I told her didn’t fit her anymore (but now, in a different light, looked very sexy on her) and a white frilly linen mid-calf-length skirt. Very pretty. She was the perfect combination of innocence and sexiness.

Best of all, when she went to sit down, instead of her legs dangling from the chair, she crossed her legs as she does from time to time, and I noticed she wasn’t wearing any panties. Her little pussy was visibly gaping, there for me to see. Was she being a tease, or was it completely innocent? She must have been teasing me, because she always remembered to put panties on.

“Mommy? Mommy?” Lori interjected, awakening me from my thoughts.

Shaking the thoughts out of my head, I finally spoke. “I’m sorry, you look so pretty, Mommy didn’t hear you. What can I do for you?”

“Push my chair in, silly!” And I did.

Taking her lead of playing the tease, I took off my top, but left the camisole on. My dark nipples were rock hard and were straining the thin cotton fabric of my camisole. Not knowing that I noticed her eyes focusing on my tits, she said simply, “Mommy, you look pretty.”

We had a great dinner, talking about all sorts of things. We did a quick clean up and popped the movie in. As it played, I had Lori sit in the V of my legs as I laid them across the sofa, wrapped both arms around my precious sexy daughter, then began to stroke and caress her. She responded beautifully, serenading me with her gentle coos and purrs.

I was massaging Lori’s shoulders as one of the romantic scenes got started. Moving slowly, I slid my fingertips down from the front of her shoulders and onto her chest until I reached the edge of her tube top. Encouraged by her gentle moans, I smoothly guided one finger, then two under the stretchy fabric and found her little nipple. I did the same for the other side and started to encircle the stiffening buds with a very light touch. Lori helped by pulling down the top so that her tight flat chest was exposed. I continued to circle her nipples, now visibly aroused. Finally, I gently squeezed and twisted them, and Lori let out a gasp of satisfaction.

I had to have her. I turned Lori around, guided her mouth to mine, and kissed her deeply. Our tongues instantly entwined, hers so tiny. We kissed for several minutes as our hands explored each other’s body, with Lori’s hands mainly focused on squeezing my tits and stroking my nipples through my camisole.

Then she stopped and said “Wait, Mommy.”

“What is it, Lori?”

“Not here. Come with me.”

And with that, she led me by the hand to her bedroom. “Here, Mommy… come into my bed with me.”

Lori’s room is that of a typical eight-year-old girl. Posters of SpongeBob and Dora the Explorer on the walls. Frilly curtains in the windows. Dolls and toys on the floor. Ribbons, hair scrunchies, play makeup and brushes on her dresser. And her low-to-the-floor kiddie bed with Disney-print sheets, the arena of our evening which was to follow.

I felt myself getting even more aroused. I mean, making love to my daughter was exciting enough to begin with, but there was something about doing the deed in her room that made the whole thing especially thrilling. To this day I can’t remember feeling more turned on, seeing all her little-girl stuff around me.

Lori sat on her bed, and she was a sight to behold. Her tube top pulled down well below her chest, and once again she was sitting with her legs crossed, exposing her virgin slit.

I sat down on the bed next to her, moving a couple of Barbie dolls to the floor. I pulled that tube top over her head, my mouth watering at the sight of her nonexistent tits. I gently laid her on the bed and proceeded to remove her skirt. Doing so, I couldn’t help cupping my hand around her smooth pink pussy. My little one was wet already!

But I didn’t want to go in for the main course just yet. I wanted to save her sweet pussy for last, so I started kissing all over Lori’s face and neck, pausing a bit to nibble on her ears. Again, more coos and purrs issued from her pursed lips. I kissed her deeply once again, then moved down to her shoulders, then to her chest.

Her tiny nipples were now just inches from my eager mouth. I encircled the left one first with my tongue, then moved over to the right.

Subtlety took a vacation at that point, as I took Lori’s nipple into my mouth, and started to suck voraciously. My little girl moaned with absolute pleasure as I suckled her flat breast as hard as I could. Removing my mouth, I couldn’t help but notice her little dime-sized nipples now looked more like nickels.

Lori must have noticed me pausing to look, because she glanced down at her right nipple and said “Oh, Mommy, that looks like one of yours!”

I laughed at this when I recall it now, but I was too intent then on making progress further south. I sucked on the left likewise, and then began to make my way to the area Lori commonly referred to as “down there.”

That first taste of my daughter’s young hairless pussy is something I’ll never forget. She was flowing with sweet nectar — smooth, so very smooth — and when I made my first serious invasion into her with my tongue, Lori startled me with the gasp she let out and a cry of, “Oh Mommy!” so loud that I feared my neighbors could hear.

Eating pussy was not familiar territory for me. My only time trying it was a sexual experiment I carried out with my cousin Suzy, back when we were both fourteen. But familiar or not, licking little Lori’s cunt felt so natural, as if I’d been doing it all my life.

As I went down on her, Lori started to grind her mound into my face. I knew I was getting closer to giving her what I now consider to be the greatest gift a mom can give a daughter — her first orgasm — when she started to moan out loud.

Suddenly, my little one’s legs tensed up and her hips started to buck. “Come for me, Lori!” I entreated her. “Come for Mommy!”

And she did. Wave after wave of pure ecstasy resonated through her tiny body.

After she came down from the heights of passion, Lori immediately started undressing me. I helped her by kicking off my jeans, as she was transfixed with removing my camisole as slowly as she could, delighting in my long dark nipples being exposed for her to play with. She cupped, prodded, and cradled my tits with both hands, then took a nipple into her hot wet mouth. Seeing her suckle my breast for the first time since she was an infant almost made me come right then and there.

She alternated between breasts for a while, then moved down the bed to take off my panties. I know that she’d had a good look at my shaved pussy just this past Saturday, but now she looked at it and studied it like she’d never seen anything like it before. My cunt lips were fully distended, and my clitoris was fully erect and craving attention. Just as she did with my nipple, Lori took my clit into her mouth and began sucking on it. I was nearing my own orgasm as she stopped, opting instead to take my hard clit between two fingers and stroke it, as if she was jerking off a cock.

Ready to get off in a big way, and realizing that all it would take for me to come was to dwell on the thought of my eight-year-old making love to me, I started to direct the action.

“Stick your finger in my pussy, Lori. Oh God, that feels so good. Oh Lori, oh sweetie, yes. Oh God, stick more fingers in me, Lori. Oh God, yes yes yes, push your little hand all the way into my cunt. Oh yeah. Oh fuck!”

Lori was fisting me to within an inch of my life. The sight of her tiny hand buried all the way in my dripping cunt was something else. I maneuvered myself over her as she continued to work so I could control the rhythm of her thrusts.

My little girl fist-fucked me hard and deep. It was so good that everything that was bottled up inside my mind came pouring from my mouth.

“Oh God Lori, fuck your mommy! Fuck Mommy good! Make me come! MAKE MOMMY COME! Oh God, you’re so fucking sexy, Lori!” I gazed down at her face, and my little girl was smiling from ear to ear. She is such a precious child, and I would’ve told her that right then and there, but I was too locked into the eternal now of orgasm. I surrendered to the feelings that went from my pussy and through my entire body as her hand slipped out of me, and, for the first time in many years, my pussy squirted — all over Lori’s chest and tummy.

“Mommy, you peed on me,” Lori said, without seeming to care much.

“No, sweetie,” I said as I laid next to her, “that’s not pee, it’s fluid that a woman’s body produces when she’s sexually excited. You’re the first person to do that to me. You’re a very good little girl and a very sexy lover.”

We laid down for what I thought would be for the night, but Lori spoke up again.


“Yes, sweetie.”

“Can you stick your fingers in me? I wanna come again.”

Touching her cunny, I found that Lori was indeed still wet and, as seen from her body’s response when I felt her up, she was good to go another round.

I opened her nether lips with my fingers, slowly inserting a pinky. She was soooo tight, but I knew she could take more, so I penetrated her again with my middle finger. God, she felt good, and let me know that I was doing it right by her ever-building moans and cries. I fucked her until she pleaded, “Oh Mommy, fuck me with your hand. Please please please.”

Not wanting to kill the moment with motherly advice, and not wanting to hurt her either, I continued to thrust my finger in and out of her tight pussy as I explained the physical impossibility of putting my whole hand inside her. Lori didn’t skip a beat, as she continued to another orgasm.

“Oh Mommy, fuck me Mommy. Oh Mommy, make me come. I’m g-gonna come, Mommy, yes!”

And between the sight of that finger buried deep in my little girl’s tight pussy, the cries of pleasure coming from her mouth, and her body convulsing as she yielded to another orgasm, I came myself.

Her sheets were soaked with our fluids, so Lori and I retired to my bed for the night, but not until we shared a sensuous hug and long kiss. I held her nude body and she held mine as we drifted off to sleep — much like last Saturday night, but this time I was confident that I would awaken without guilt and at peace with what me and my little girl had become: soulmates, best friends and lovers.


It was a couple of weeks after our special date when Lori’s sexual awakening became a bit of an issue for the two of us. The intimacy my little girl and I shared was the start of something very special in both of our lives. I would say that what we had was something only a mother and daughter could share, but really, it was much deeper than that, much more fulfilling, more natural.

Before Lori became my lover and I hers, I thought I had everything I needed in my relationship with her. I mean, it was perfect in my eyes. Now it felt more perfect than perfect — but as I soon found out, any early sexual awakening is prone to a problem or two.

It was the first week of Lori beginning second grade, and I got a phone call from her teacher. She told me that she’d caught Lori with her hand down her pants and masturbating while on the playground.

Oh shit, I thought to myself, and within the next minute, I could see my whole world crumbling before me. I don’t even remember what I said to the teacher or how the rest of the conversation went, lost as I was in a sea of paranoia.

I wasn’t concerned that Lori would tell her teacher about the nature of our relationship. You see, she and I had a very long talk about how special what we had was, and how it would be destroyed if anyone were to find out. No, what I feared was that Lori would be so embarrassed by getting caught masturbating that it might traumatize her sexually. I was frightened that she might not want to make love anymore, that our relationship would return to what it was before, Much as I adored my daughter, the idea of losing her as my lover left me feeling hollow and empty inside… and pretty much put me into full-on panic mode.

I feared that if I just told her, Don’t touch yourself in public, and left it at that, it might cause her to think of masturbation — or even sex itself — as a shameful activity, something to feel embarrassed about. So much harm in this world is caused by the perception that sex is dirty and immoral… and thus far, Lori had been spared those kinds of feelings. To her, sex was a thing of pure beauty. But by the standards of society, the special love that my eight-year-old and I shared was a detestable crime. I knew that someday, Lori would come to realize that. But not yet, not while she was so young and impressionable. Yes, I was panicking, but rational or irrational, I didn’t want to take any risk of losing what we had.

Thankfully, sanity prevailed. Somehow I realized that I was being paranoid, that the desire Lori and I felt for each other was much too strong to be cast aside so easily. Still, that left me with the problem of how best to approach my daughter about what she’d been caught doing at school.

Needless to say, I didn’t get much done at work that afternoon. I was so intent on coming up with a solution that I didn’t even turn the radio on during the drive home. I needed to concentrate. And I’m sure I must have seemed completely distracted to Lori while we were eating dinner.

Lori had finished eating and, after placing her dishes in the sink, she went off to play. I was finished, too (truth be told, I wasn’t very hungry to begin with), so I began to wash up.

Suddenly, I realized I hadn’t seen or heard from my daughter in a while. “Lori?” I called. No answer.

“Lori, sweetie?” a little louder this time. Still no answer.

“Lori, where are you?” a little louder still.

No answer after three tries — that was all I needed to spur me into looking about for my little girl. As I peered into the living room, I found Lori in her loose summer pajamas, watching some Olsen Twins show on cable. She had her top lifted up to her armpits and was stroking her flat chest with one hand, while the other hand was down inside her PJ bottoms.

I didn’t want to disturb my daughter’s private time, but what I saw turned me on so much that I chose to watch for a bit, lingering in the doorway. Lori’s attention was centered squarely on the Olsen girls, who, in this particular show were about nine or ten and wearing cute bikinis. I realized that Lori wasn’t just casually jilling herself — she was intensely aroused by the sight of these underage girls on the TV.

As much as I wanted to join in the fun, I realized that this would be a perfect opportunity to bring up my concerns about Lori’s behavior at school — well, after she came, anyhow.

Her breathing became rapid and labored, and I could tell she was about to come. She wriggled in delight, caught up in this newfound pleasure that she so obviously loved. Suddenly, as if hit by lightning, her legs tightened up, her body arched, and she moaned and sighed through what seemed to be an incredibly satisfying orgasm.

I entered the room, casual as can be. “Having some fun there, sweetie?” I said, as she tasted the juices that coated her fingers.

She turned a smiling face up to me, completely unfazed. “Oh, hi, Mommy, yeah…” she said, “that was a goooood one!”

“Yeah, those Olsen twins are cute, aren’t they?”

“Uh-huh! I like looking at them!”

“I can tell. Looks like you were having a really good time. So, does that mean you like them better than you like me, then?” I said, in a playful tone of voice.

Even though I tried to sound like I was teasing, I think Lori suspected that I was being serious, because she just looked at me sort of surprised, as if she’d been caught out. Try as she might, she just couldn’t think of what to say. Not wanting Lori to feel guilty, I smiled at her. She immediately understood that I was joking, and a big grin swept across her cute little face.

Trying to explain herself, she said, “No, Mommy, I like looking at you most of all! But Mary Kate and Ashley are really pretty. Um, I mean, you’re pretty too, Mommy.” Lori was digging herself a deeper and deeper hole, and it was up to me to rescue her.

“Don’t worry, sweetie, I was just teasing you. I know exactly what you mean. What you’re trying to say is that the Olsen Twins aren’t better than I am, they’re just different, right?”

Lori nodded, relieved that I’d understood what she was trying to say.

“But I am curious,” I continued, “what is it about little girls that you like? Their breasts haven’t grown yet, and their bodies aren’t that different from what boys have.”

“Uh-uh!” Lori replied, shaking her head in disagreement. “No way! Boys are gross… they have those little thingies hanging down there! Yuck! Pussies are way prettier!””

We laughed.

“An’ besides, Mommy,” Lori continued, “Y’know how you like banana ice cream an’ I like banana ice cream? An’ how we both like scary movies? I like what you like, an’ you like little girls too, ‘cause you like me!”

She had me there. I didn’t have a clue for a comeback. Quite the manipulator, she is.

Seeing me speechless only encouraged her to continue. “But don’t worry, Mommy, you’re so pretty and your boobies are fun to touch and squeeze. An’ your cunny, uh, I mean pussy, now it looks just like mine!” She remembered from the few times we saw each other naked, prior to our new relationship as lovers, that I once had pubic hair.

“So tell me,” I asked, “what do you feel when you see a pretty little girl?”


“What do you mean by ‘good’? I mean, what do you feel?”

“Sometimes when I see a little girl, I sorta get excited, but not like a YAY excited, a different kind.”

This is great, I thought to myself. I needed to encourage her to talk more about this, to open up to me about her sexuality. “Different how?”

“Well, my cunny gets kinda tingly, an’ it feels like I’m wetting my pants. So when I put my hands in there to see if I did, it feels really good, an’ then it makes me wanna look at the little girl again, and then I wanna make myself come.”

“I know what you mean,” I replied.

“I know you know!” she replied, flashing me a very sexy and evil grin while she reached out and started to rub my pussy through my jeans.

“Stop that!” I teased back. Although I wanted her to touch me, I had to get this conversation back on track. “So, what do you do when, say, you see a pretty little girl on a playground?”

And very matter of factly, she said to me “Yeah, that happened today. I started rubbing myself, an’ my teacher didn’t like it. So I told her I wouldn’t do it anymore.”

I was proud that my little girl had responded in the right way, and for building up this trust we have in each other.

“Well, I’m glad you respect your teacher’s wishes. So you know not to do that in public, right?”

She nodded, and then added, “But sometimes it’s sooo hard not to do it!”

That’s when I got an idea. If I could provide visual stimulation for my daughter at home, maybe that would help her wait until she got home to masturbate.

“How about this,” I began. “What if I were to tell you that there are lots and lots of pictures of little girls on the internet that you can look at?”


“If you had pictures of sexy little girls to look at on the internet, would it be easier to wait to play with your pussy until you get home?”

“Will they have bikinis on, like Mary-Kate and Ashley? Cause I really like seeing them when they’re almost naked!”

“Sure, there’s all sorts of pictures. Some are in bathing suits, some are in their PJ’s, and some are even in sexy dresses and underwear. And I bet you some,” and I drew her near and whispered in her ear, “don’t have a top or bottom on at all, and you can see everything!”

Needless to say, Lori started to squeal and jump up and down with delight. “Yes, Mommy, yes! Where are these pictures? I wanna see!”

“Okay, then. Mommy’s gonna go find some pictures of sexy little girls for her sweetie. Give me an hour, and I’ll show you what I’ve found.”

I went into my study and fired up my laptop. A few minutes worth of searching the internet, and I’d found several sites that had loads of pictures of nude little girls. I bookmarked these, and went off to fetch Lori. It was getting a little late, but it was a Friday, so she could sleep in the next morning.

She was sprawled out on the sofa. “Hey sweetie, I’ve got you all set up. Come with me!”

I sat Lori down in my chair, then showed her where the sites were in the favorites list. But before she could start looking, I had a suggestion to make.

“You know what I like to do when I look at hot pictures on the internet, so it will be even more fun to masturbate?”

She gave me a look like I was from Mars, and I realized that she didn’t know that word. All this time, it never came up, and if it did, the word mustn’t have registered.

“I’m sorry sweetie. The word is mas-tur-bate. That’s the real name for when you touch your pussy until you come. When I was young, we called it ‘jilling’. Or you can simply say that you’re playing with yourself.”

That cleared up, I continued. “Anyhow, when I know I’m going to have a lot of time to look at pictures and make myself come, I like to dress up in something sexy, like those girls in the Victoria’s Secret catalog in the bathroom. I know — we can do that tonight!”

Lori made a woeful face. “But I don’t have anything like that to wear, Mommy!”

“Let’s see if we can find you something,” I said, leading her to my bedroom and lingerie drawer, where I rummaged around for a bit.

“Here,” I finally said, offering her a hot pink see-through lace bra and a matching thong.

Frowning, she held them up. “Will these even fit me?”

They didn’t, not really, but I did adjust all the bra straps to their smallest position and used safety pins to take in the back of the bra and the g-string.

Stripping naked, Lori put them on, and even with the adjustments, they were all but falling off her body. My pussy was already getting quite moist in anticipation of the jill-fest we were about to have, and seeing her delicious eight-year-old body in lingerie, ill-fitting as it was, had me positively dripping. The fact that I could clearly see her perfect nipples and the smooth folds of her bald labia certainly added to my arousal in a big way.

I sent her off to the study to wait while I changed. A few minutes later, I appeared in the doorway in a short see-through white babydoll with a pair of white satin crotchless panties.

“Hi, sexy,” I said to my little girl.

Lori smiled at that. “Hi, sexy, right back!” she said in return, then pointed at my crotch, adding, “Look, mommy… you’ve got a hole in your panties and your clitty is sticking out!”

Sure enough, my large clit strongly resembled a tiny erect cock. And I was so wet that fluids were already oozing from me, running down my inner thighs.

Saving an explanation of what crotchless panties are all about for later, we clicked on to the first website.

Almost immediately, Lori started frigging herself. I almost said “Not so fast, honeybunch,” but it was clear to see just how aroused she was at all the pictures of scantily dressed little girls.

“Oh, Mommy,” she sighed, “they’re so, soooo sexy! I wish I could lick them down there, an’ suck their nipples, too. Think they would like if I did that?”

I almost came just from hearing her say those words. “Oh yeah, sweetie, they’d like that,” I said as my fingers found my wet swollen pussy. There would be time for the lecture about, But only if they say yes first, for later. For now, my daughter and I were in full jilling mode!

“Would you like to lick them, Mommy?”

“Oh yesssss,” I moaned, “Mommy would love to eat those pretty little pussies… mmmmmm, I bet they’re yummy, too. How are you doing, sweetie?”

“Oh God, Mommy, this feels so good… it’s lots better to touch my cunny when I look at these pictures.”

“Do you feel naughty, Lori? I like being a bad girl sometimes, don’t you?”

With that, Lori started fingering herself more vigorously. By this time, she’d shed the bra, and the g-string was dangling from one pretty little foot.

I continued. “Are you my naughty child? Oh, you’re so bad, looking at these pictures of these undressed little girls, thinking about playing wicked sex games with them… sooo naughty!”

“Oh, Mommy, I like being naughty!” my little eight-year-old exclaimed, still fingering her bare slit. I could hear the liquid sounds of her pleasure.

“Just wait until you get a look at this,” I said as I took the mouse from her hands and switched to a site where the girls were naked. I quickly navigated until I found a photo of a nude little girl, no more than six or so, with her legs spread wide. Clicking on the thumbnail, the image enlarged right in front of my daughter’s eyes.

At that point, I became all but invisible to Lori. She no longer addressed me, but addressed the little girl on the monitor directly. “You’re s-so bad,” she panted, “taking your clothes off so I can see your cunny. Mmmm, such a pretty, pretty pussy…”

I knelt down in front of Lori, took a deep breath, then went down on my daughter, licking her hole as she played with her clit. All the while, she continued to rant at the naked little girl on the screen. “Show me your cunny, yes… stick your finger in it, you, you naughty girl! I’m gonna lick your pussy, an’ then your bottom, too. Then I get to spank your bottom, ‘cause you’re naughty… sooo naughty… doing all those bad things th-that sexy little girls do…”

That’s all Lori could say — because by then, she’d built herself up into an earth-shattering orgasm. Her body tensed up and then began to shake. I held my little girl around her waist and continued to lick her slit as she came, her sweet little-girl juices flowing over my tongue and down my throat. Then all of a sudden, I was coming right along with Lori, multiple spasms rampaging through my wet, gaping cunt.

Needless to say, my child and I were spent. And we’d only gone through a small fraction of the pictures.

That night, we didn’t have the energy to get up and go to bed, opting instead to sleep in the study. The next day was Saturday, and that meant plenty of time to spend with my Lori and all her new internet friends.

I was thrilled. Not only had Lori and I found another dimension to our relationship as lovers, but I no longer had to keep my sexual attraction to little girls completely to myself, not anymore. My daughter felt that same attraction, and could share it with me.


A couple of months had passed since Lori and I had first made love. We were still fucking on a regular basis, and the two of us were deliriously happy. That was where things stood between my eight-year-old and me when I got a call from my younger sister Sandy. She was calling to ask if she could spend the weekend with us. It seems that her hubby was planning to go to the cabin for the weekend with the guys, and Sandy knew that she was going to just sit at home being bored, so she elected to come visit Lori and me.

Knowing that saying yes would come at the expense of sacrificing a weekend of lovemaking with my beautiful, sexy eight-year-old, I agreed anyway. I mean, what else was I going to say? I told Sandy that I’d love to have her.

Once I hung up, I realized I had to talk to Lori and set down some rules for the both of us while Sandy was visiting. We’d eaten dinner about half an hour ago, and I was about to fix dessert. I figured this would be a good time to break this news to Lori.

I called for her, “Lori, sweetie, let’s have some ice cream.”

Without hesitation, I heard the light pounding of her little bare feet running into the kitchen. She was wearing an oversized Bratz t-shirt — completely naked underneath, I knew.

“Sit down, hon,” I said, presenting my daughter with an ice cream sundae. “Know what? Aunt Sandy is coming over tomorrow night to spend the weekend with us!”

“Yay!” Lori cheered.

“But–” I help up an admonishing finger — “that means that you and I can’t be as open and free as we usually are.”

Lori lifted her head, thought for a moment, and then got this seriously disappointed look on her face. “Aw, Mommy, that means we can’t have our sexy fun together, huh?”

I shook my head. “No, we can’t, honey… too dangerous.”

She gazed up at me, her eyes wide. “So, Mommy… can we do it tonight? Can you lick my pussy? I’ve been thinking about it all day,” she cooed, her legs rubbing enticingly together.

“I don’t know, it’s getting late,” I said, half teasing and half-serious.

And at that, Lori pushed back her chair from the table, bent her legs and put her cute little feet on the seat. Her t-shirt making a tent over her knees, she slowly lifted the t-shirt up, and when it cleared her knees, she spread her legs wide. “Oh, Mom-my,” she sang in her teasing voice, “Look at me, Mommy…”

I was melting. “Oh, my little lover,” I breathed, “I want you so fucking bad.”

“Oooohhh, yes, Mommy… I want you, too.”

Then I got a wild, crazy idea. “How about if I… gobble you up!” I growled. I went and grabbed the can of whipped cream from the fridge.

I told Lori to take off her nightshirt and lie on the kitchen table. Not knowing what she was in for, she was eager to try anything, knowing that this was her only chance for us to make love for a few days.

I slid her nightshirt up and off, then tossed it aside, then took off all my clothes, leaving us both naked. I shook up the can of whipped cream and knelt down on the floor next to her.

“Lie still, sweetie,” I told her, and as artistically as I could, I applied the whipped cream on her tits and pussy, making her coo with delight. And as I leaned over to kiss her, my right nipple got a dollop of whipped cream on it. Lori giggled, staring at my breast. So I offered my creamy nipple to her… and she immediately took it into her mouth.

I twisted my body around to lick my baby’s nipple while she nursed at mine. Her soft purrs and moans told me that she enjoyed this game, prompting me to lower my mouth to her cream-covered pussy. This wasn’t a time for subtlety, so I took her cunt into my mouth… licking and feasting on my little girl’s sweetened cunt. I probed her, fucking my baby with an eager tongue.

The combination of the sweet whipped cream and smooth little girl pussy was heavenly. Now sliding all over the table, Lori and I were soon coming like gangbusters.

After her orgasm subsided, we lay there until we had enough strength to clean up the mess.

Walking her to bed, Lori said, “Oh, Mommy, that was fun! Can we do it again after Aunt Sandy goes home?”

“Sure sweetie. Sounds like a plan.” With that, and a nice long French kiss goodnight, I put her to bed.


It was about eight on Friday evening when the doorbell rang. Lori ran to the door and opened it. Not bothering to say “Hi,” she just called out to me, “AUNT SANDY’S HERE!”

“Hey, sis!” I said as we exchanged a hug and a peck on the cheek. “So, it looks like it’s just me and you tonight — well, at least after Lori goes to bed,” I continued. “So, what would you like to do?”

“I don’t know. Nothing sounds like a good idea to me,” Sandy suggested. “I haven’t had a chance to do just nothing in God knows how long.”

I was game for a good evening of nothing, especially after the long week I’d had at work. We sat for awhile watching TV and exchanging family and friends news items. During a quiet spell, Sandy spied a couple of family photo albums below the coffee table. She grabbed them and started looking at the album that was full of pictures from our childhood Christmases, vacations, school and sports events – the usual photo album fare.

The stories and memories poured forth. There were laughs and tears, but mostly laughs. It was getting late and well past Lori’s bedtime, so I took a break and put her to bed. (When I laid her down, I teased her with a French kiss. I’m so naughty!) Sandy took the opportunity to put her pajamas on, and seeing that she was doing that, I decided to do the same, but I picked out something a bit more modest than what I wear when it’s just Lori and me.

“Those are cute,” I commented when I saw her pajamas, a flower-and-palm-tree-pattern matching blouse and loose shorts. “Where did you get those?”

“Shit, these are old. I bought them when I was on my honeymoon in Hawaii.”

“They’re still cute. I see you’re still getting pedicures too. I wish I could afford that.”

“It is a nice luxury,” Sandy said, and then looking down to my feet, added, “but your feet are pretty, even without the nail polish.”

We grabbed a couple of wine coolers out of the fridge and sat back down next to each other on the sofa, where we continued to look at the photo albums. It was becoming a really nice evening, because we’d never really had much deep conversation with each other as adults. I mean, we got along okay and all while we were living at home, but I went away to college at eighteen, then got my own place at twenty-three while Sandy was still sixteen. Those seven years were practically a generation gap between us.

So, the honesty was pouring freely that evening. And as the conversation continued, we found ourselves leaning into each other and bumping arms and shoulders in agreement. And I realized that I really didn’t have a real sister until that moment. It was a nice feeling.

We continued leafing through the pages of the album, pausing for these moments of closeness here and there as certain photos prompted. A couple of wine coolers each later, we came upon a Christmas morning picture of Sandy, only about twelve or thirteen, opening up some gift. She was wearing this robe that she never seemed to want to give up. I was in the mood for some teasing.

“Hey, look at this, Sandy. It’s that robe you always used to wear. I swear, you must have had that until you were twenty!”

“Hey, it was comfy! I loved that robe!”

And then, my biggest moment of honesty yet came out of my mouth. You see, I used to be pretty hot for my little sister. I don’t think I had ever admitted that to anyone, including myself up to that moment. I guess the feelings I had for Lori and little girls in general was just a “coming to surface” of a more latent feeling toward my sister that started when she was eleven and I was eighteen.

All of these thoughts ran through my mind at once. Why I’d had this attraction to her in the first place would be a self-examination that would have to be saved for later, I thought.

Without any thought or reservation at all, I blurted out, “I loved that robe, too. Do you know I used to look at your tits when you bent over? You never tied it very tightly, did you?”

In a moment of honesty of her own, no doubt encouraged by the wine coolers we’d been drinking, Sandy replied, “Mandy, the first time was an accident, but truth be told, I caught you looking at me and, well, I sorta got turned on by you checking me out. So, um, it wasn’t really an accident after that.”

With these confessions out in the open, we shared accounts about how each of us spied on the other and how that spying fueled forbidden lesbian fantasies. We didn’t want to wake Lori, so we started whispering all this as we learned just how much we had truly wanted each other.

What was special about our first kiss is that neither of us could tell who made the first move. We did it together. The kiss was long and satisfying, our tongues entwined in a wonderful and glorious dance. It was a sudden surprise, but then again, in our hearts, it wasn’t a surprise at all. Well pulled back, looked at each other, and in unison we said all we could think of: “Wow.”

There was silence for a bit, but not an uncomfortable one. Sandy broke it, saying in an upbeat voice, “So Sis, here’s the chance you have been waiting for since we were teenagers. You wanna see my tits?”

She didn’t wait for an answer; she just started unbuttoning her pajama top and then, before I knew it, my little sister was topless.

“Oh, Sandy, your tits are so beautiful. God, those nipples, they’re as puffy as I remember them being.”

They were, too. She was no larger than a A-cup, but they were really something. “Turn sideways. That’s it. Oh, wow.”

Sandy wasted no time taking off her pajama shorts to show me her pussy.

“Hey, we’ve got matching pussies!” I said. All inhibitions thrown aside, I stripped off my pajama bottoms and my thong in one quick motion and showed off my cunt.

“Ooooh, you shave too, don’t ya love it?”

We took a brief moment to compare, and we could see that our pussies were getting wet, just from being looked at to intensely. “You get really wet, too, huh?” Sandy asked.

“Oh yeah!” I replied.

And as I was about to go into greater detail, Sandy interrupted. Lifting my top over my head, she said, “Enough about our pussies. Let me see those big tits of yours.” I don’t know where she got the idea my tits were big, because mine were just B’s, Bigger, yes, but big? That was a bit of a stretch. Oh, well, let her think what she wants, I thought, as she tossed the top aside.

“Oh shit, look at you! God, you’re gorgeous. Those nipples are so big and so long.” Sandy said nothing more, but went right for them, pulling one of my nipples into her mouth and twisting the other with her fingers.

We quickly moved to my bedroom… and for the very first time, those years of pent-up love and lust between me and my little sister finally had an outlet.

As much as I loved Lori and loved to eat her little cunny, my first taste of a grown woman was something I’ll never forget. Sandy’s pussy was so soft and juicy, and being sisters, it seemed so familiar. Knowing my own cunny so well from years of jilling made eating my sister out feel like I was eating myself.

The only difference I could tell in the heat of the moment was that my clit was huge compared to hers (I mean, Sandy had it drawn so deep into her mouth I swore I could feel her uvula) and, much to my delight, I found out that my sister was a squirter. Her honey flowed down my throat, and I drank every drop.

Basking in our newfound way to enjoy sisterly love, I came out of our euphoria and suggested that we sleep in separate beds. After all, what would Lori think if she caught us?

The End

Note from JetBoy: This story was supposed to continue, but twelve years later, that next chapter has failed to materialize. Nonetheless, we think highly enough of this story to want to share it with you, incomplete or not.


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  1. Tonie says:

    Well, still it was the best chapter ever.. I just going to keep this one .
    Cause monny eating her 8 yr old daughter pussy with cream.. It so delicious

  2. Euphorsyne, Thalia & Aglia says:

    WOW! extraordinary! so hot! and so explicit! love how Mandy has finally come to terms with her feelings and fears about her desires for a sexual relationship with her Lori, especially since Lori has expressed her burgeoning sexuality to her Mum, and they both have now shared a wondrous “sexcapade”…

    These two paragraphs are so delicious:

    “Her sheets were soaked with our fluids, so Lori and I retired to my bed for the night, but not until we shared a sensuous hug and long kiss.I held her nude body as she held mine as we drifted off to sleep–much like last Saturday night, but this time I was confident that I would awaken without guilt and at peace with what me and my little girl had become: soulmates, best friends and lovers.”

    “It was a couple of weeks after our special date when Lori’s sexual awakening became a bit of an issue for the two of us. The intimacy that my little girl and I shared was the start of something in both of our lives. I would say that what we had was something that only a mother and daughter could share, but really, it was much deeper than that,much more fulfilling, more natural.”

    Mmm!, really beautiful!

    Thank Jetboy, and the editors and staff, for deciding to run this really nice, but rather short lived story…maybe in the next 12 years, someone might take up the task, and continue where Lori’s Mommy has left off and left us wanting more!


  3. Jay Denton says:

    Such a shame that it didn’t continue. I’m sure that sandy would have enjoyed sharing her niece with her sister. I loved it anyway.

  4. Gray says:

    This was such a beautiful story between a mommy and her lovely daughter. I loved how naughty they were together and how intimate they were together physically and emotionally. Too bad it had to end because there was so much more I’m sure.

  5. CarlaTPA says:

    Real sad this story did not continue. Great developing storylines. So much, so little time. Loved it.

  6. bob says:

    While it has been a while since you wrote it, would love to see it continued. Bring the sister in for a trio. And of course we have to get more thanone finger into that 8 year old pussy, see how far it will stretch. So many possibilities.

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