Model Daughter

  • Posted on August 23, 2018 at 9:39 am

by Author Unknown

Note from JetBoy: This is another story that I suspect originally hails from Leslita, though there’ll be no way to know for sure until the site’s complete archive has been restored. So into Author Unknown it goes, at least for now.

I did a lot of work on this one, so it will probably read quite differently from the original version. The plot is pretty much the same, though. Hope you enjoy it.


Mom and I had always been real close since daddy left us and I guess that I really looked up to her – she was everything I wanted to be when I grew up; I idolized her.

So when Mom started to walk around the house with very little clothing on — even naked, once in awhile —  I thought it was cool and started to copy her. At the age of ten my body had yet to develop, but Mom still seemed to enjoy seeing me wearing nothing but panties. Sometimes she would tell me how cute I was, and what a sexy woman I would be when I grew up.

It was at this time that I started to develop new feelings towards Mom, more than the love I’d always felt for her. I soon realized that what I was experiencing was desire. I had started to masturbate by that time, and found that again and again images of Mom would appear in my mind when I touched myself — usually naked, or close to it. I already knew that I liked girls more than boys, but it was my mother who got me really excited.

This was confusing for me, because I knew that it was wrong to think of her that way, but at the same time it made me feel so happy to picture my mommy when I was touching myself — imagining that she was my girlfriend, or even that we were married.

One evening, Mom told me that she had been talking to a woman who specialized in taking pictures of women and girls, and she wanted to have photos done of the two of us.

“The thing, is, honey… she does a lot of nude photography,” Mom told me as we cuddled up on the sofa, her in a see-through nightie and me in t-shirt and panties. “Would you be up for that?”

“I think so,” I pondered. “Would you be naked too?”

“Of course, baby!” Mom giggled. “It’s only fair!”

So a few evenings later, we were on our way to where this woman Emma lived, as her home was also her photography studio.

I was thrilled to find that Emma was warm, friendly and beautiful in a really nice way. She made us feel welcome and relaxed. I was already excited, but that excitement increased when she showed us some of her work – beautiful pictures of mothers and daughters posing together clothed, then in undies, and then naked. It looked incredible… and had me feeling all warm and tingly down below, like when I touch myself.

“You make such a lovely couple,” Emma told us, “I do hope you’re up for posing in the nude, because I just know you’d look beautiful together!”

“Well, honey, do you want to do this?” Mom asked, turning to me.

“Yeah, I do, Mom,” I answered, “it looks like fun!”

Mom smiled and gave me a hug, and so we went into Emma’s studio, a large white open space with lots of lights and a pile of cushions to one side.

Once Emma was set up, she guided us through a series of poses — standing, sitting, hugging –during which my excitement only grew. There was something in the air that I couldn’t put my finger on, but I was enjoying myself a lot!

“Now, I want to shoot you in your underthings,” Emma told us. “If you like, I’ll strip down myself, to make you feel more relaxed.”

“I think that’s a great idea, don’t you Cindy?” Mom asked me, and I had to agree with her.

As I took my top and skirt off I was watching Emma undress, and I felt my pussy throb as I gazed at her perfect figure, clad in a black lacy top, stockings, suspenders and the tiniest g-string. Mom looked hot too – under her dress she wore a black teddy and hold-up stockings, leaving me in white training bra, pale pink panties and white ankle socks.

“You two look marvelous,” purred Emma as she looked at us standing together. “These are going to be some of my best shots ever!”

As we posed for Emma I was getting that feeling inside again, the one I get when I’m alone in my room and touching myself all over. Emma was putting Mom and I in poses that meant a lot of body contact between us. I was enjoying feeling Mom’s soft skin against mine, especially this one shot where she was cuddling me and my face was pressed against her breasts. I realized that I was getting turned on by posing like this with Mom, and with Emma looking so beautiful and me being in just my undies – I was so thrilled I thought I might burst!

“You two look so good together,” Emma purred. “I wonder if you’d do something extra special for me – will you kiss each other?”

I looked up at Mom and I could see that she really wanted this to happen. I started to realize the direction in which this whole thing was going – and I wanted it too!

Mom and I didn’t say anything – we didn’t need to. As we drew together, I closed my eyes as her face came close to mine. Emma was snapping away as our lips touched… then we were kissing for real, and it was the best feeling ever.

My mother held me tightly, and I just melted into her arms as our kissing grew passionate. My pussy was getting hot and moist and I moaned into Mommy’s mouth when I felt her tongue toying with mine, then kissed her back the same way.

When we finally came up for air Mom and I just gazed into each other’s eyes as Emma moved around us, snapping away and telling how beautiful a moment it had been.

“Do you want more, honey?” Mom asked me nervously.

By that time, my panties were getting very damp, and all I could think about was going even further than just kissing with Mom. I only knew some things about being a lesbian — and of course I’d never done anything with a girl before, being only ten. But it was then that I realized…. I could do actual sex stuff with my mother, right here in front of Emma!

I gave her a sweet smile and said, “Mom, I love you so much… and I’ll do anything, anything you want,” meaning every word of it.

The smile she gave me made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside and I knew right then for sure that the two of us were about to go to some very naughty places together – and Emma was here to record it all!

“Emma, please tell us what to do now,” Mom said, turning to her. “I’m not sure …”

“It’s okay, Helen,” Emma said as she came closer to us, stroking my hair, “I’ll guide you through this.”

We brought the floor cushions into the middle of the room and lay down together. Emma had us kiss for awhile, then she got Mom to take down the front of her teddy to show her breasts, and told me to suck on them.

It was incredible, kissing those beautiful titties, then taking her nipple into my mouth for the first time since I was a little baby. Then Emma made it even better, telling Mom to rub me through my panties!

As I gazed into my mother’s eyes while sucking on her nipple, she smiled down at me lovingly and started to touch me down there, pressing the cotton of my panties against my moistening pussy and making me moan happily.

Mom lowered her face and we kissed again as she pushed her hand down the front of my panties and touched me directly. I was in heaven as Emma took photos of Mom fingering me, making me hotter and wetter.

“Take her panties off, Helen,” Emma whispered, “show me her pussy.” A thrill went through my body when she said that.

I lifted my bottom up as Mom eased my panties down and off, then spread my legs wide, wanting to show myself off. Emma came in close onto her knees to take shots of my pussy, telling Mom to touch me and open me up. I felt so wonderfully naughty as Mom showed how wet I was getting to Emma and her camera.

For the next few minutes I was the center of attention as Mom removed my bra and played with my budding breasts and little nipples before joining me in all sorts of dirty poses, exposing my pussy and butthole to Emma. Then it was Mom’s turn to undress some more and I helped her out of her teddy to leave her in just her panties. She had shaved her pussy and her mound was baby smooth. As we kissed again we reached out and played with each other, my fingers exploring her wet folds as she explored mine.

“Helen, I think it’s time, don’t you?” Emma said to Mom, who agreed with her.

“Baby, you know what I want to do, don’t you?” she asked me softly as she stared into my eyes.

“Yes, Mom, I do,” I replied, “and I want you to!” That earned me a big smile and a kiss from Mom!

Mom lay me back down on the floor cushions, spreading my legs wide apart as she knelt between them. Emma was close, smiling down at me between shots and I watched as her hand strayed down to rub herself, her tiny g-string pretty much buried in her shaven pussy.

I watched Mom move right in, smiling up at me as she kissed my juicy slit, making me gasp out loud with pleasure. I heard Emma’s camera clicking as she took pictures of Mom licking me, making me writhe and moan as she did amazing things with her tongue, making me feel better and better.

I watched Emma tug her g-string off, and as she squatted beside us she kept sliding her hand down to her pussy and rubbing it, an unbelievably sexy sight to an aroused ten-year-old girl.

“Mom, I’m gonna come!” I cried out as I felt that pressure rapidly building up inside me.

Mom had lifted my butt up off the cushions as her mouth was glued to my cunt, and I was trembling and shaking as she licked and sucked at me. I came with a cry, my whole body going stiff as I trembled and thrust myself against my Mom’s mouth, my pussy on fire. Mom kept making love to me for as long as I could stand it, but eventually she eased off and lowered me back down onto the cushions.

Mom slid up my body and I hung on to her as I kissed her in loving gratitude, both of us whispering words of adoration to each other. Emma was still taking photos, but when we broke away she put her camera down and came over to join us, now completely naked.

As I lay there recovering from the sex I’d just had, I watched open-mouthed as Emma stood above us and my mother sat up and began to lick her juicy pussy.

It was incredibly exciting to watch. I got up and pressed myself against Mom’s back, watching all the sexy fun as I reached around and played with her tits. It didn’t take long for her to make Emma come – not surprising after what she’d just seen – and I watched as her pussy gushed all over my mother’s face. I had to give Mom a big messy kiss when I saw that, just to get a taste of Emma.

We rested together after that, cuddling and kissing each other. Emma got up and uploaded the pictures, then we went over to see what they looked like. It was so beautiful, going through all the images of Mom and I getting closer and closer, finally kissing, then making love. As you can probably imagine, we got hot and tingly all over again. Then I realized something.

You haven’t come yet, Mommy!” I told her, “Can I lick you? I want to make you feel good.”

“Of course you can, baby!” Mom cooed in delight, “You can do anything you want to me.”

So Mom lay down on the floor cushions, and as I moved to join her, Emma suggested I get on top of my Mom so that we could lick each other at the same time. I’d never heard of a 69 before, but I did as she said, straddling Mom’s head and resting my body on top of hers as she spread her legs wide.

I looked down at her smooth pussy, her glistening lips sticking out and just begging to be touched. So I reached down to do just that, using my fingers to open her vagina – the one that had given birth to me!

I was exploring Mom’s pussy as Mom was kissing mine. I thought it was the most beautiful thing in the whole world, all pink and wet. I started to lick it, taking delight in the heat and the flavor of my mother’s sex – within seconds, I was hooked!

Emma was taking pictures at both ends as we licked and sucked and explored each other’s cunts, telling us how sexy and beautiful we were. I was trembling all over as I feasted on Mom’s pussy while she did the same to me. We were humping and writhing against each other, our faces dripping with sweet love honey.

Mom started to cry out loud, thrusting her hips up and moaning. I was sucking on her clit as I pushed two fingers in and out of her twitching hole. Emma was encouraging me to get dirty and wild with Mom’s pussy, and I pulled my sticky fingers out and buried my face in the warm, wet flesh, drilling my tongue inside her. That was when Mom began to come, and I was so excited that I came too.

While Emma uploaded these photos Mom and I cuddled up together and shared a long creamy kiss, relishing this new, intense love that we shared for each other. She whispered to me between kisses, telling me how she had ached to be with me for so long, how she was scared I wouldn’t want it, how I could now share her bed. I was blown away by the intensity of it all, and eagerly agreed to everything Mom suggested. We were lovers now, and knowing that made me happier than I’d ever been before.

“I’ve photographed a lot of wonderful mothers and daughters,” Emma said as she lay down to join us on the cushions, “but you two are the sexiest pair I’ve ever seen. Would you be willing to do more work with me and some of my other models?” She ran her hands over our bodies as we looked at each other, stroking us. “I know a few women who would love to be in sex scenes with you both.”

Needless to say, we both agreed. I’d just discovered lesbian love for real, and I wanted lots more of it!

“You know this has to stay secret, don’t you baby?” Mom asked me, hugging me to her. “What we’ve done, and what Emma wants to do — it’s all illegal.”

“It’s not wrong, though… nothing this nice can be wrong,” I said, drawing a smile from the two women. “I won’t tell anyone else, I promise.” I took my mother’s face in my hands, giving her a tender kiss. “I love you, Mom… I love you so much!”

She gave me a dazzling smile. “I love you too, baby,” she murmured. “and I’m so glad that you and I can finally be together, the way I’ve dreamed for s-such a long time…” Her eyes were filled with happy tears.

“I’m glad too, Mom,” I signed, squeezing her tightly. “I want to do everything with you.”


That was six years ago. I’m a high school student now, and my mother and I are still passionate lovers. Our secret modeling careers have made us and Emma plenty of money, our photos and films selling for huge amounts to erotica collectors. You’d be astonished at how much some people will pay to see a real mother and daughter make love, especially when the girl is underage.

We’re still operating beneath the radar until I turn eighteen — though once I do, Mom and I are thinking about the possibility of revealing our secret to the world, of being open about our life as lovers. People would freak out, sure, but we’d be huge in the world of adult films… and maybe, just maybe, our example would encourage some mother out there who desires her little girl to do something about it, or give a lesbian teen the courage she needs to tell her mom, “I love you, and I want you.”

For my mother and I, incest has been the secret to our happiness. We adore one another, and dream that other moms and daughters can find the kind of love that we share.

The End


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  1. Charles Rosenberg says:

    Found it on Leslita. Original author is Sindy070.

  2. Litka says:

    Mother daughter incest is so tender and loving. Wish I could find a photographer like that ! It was so wonderful that she was able to take such intimate pictures of a beautiful relationship and then join in
    also. Truly an erotic story !

  3. David says:

    Nothing more erotic the mother/daughter love. What a loving and erotic story! Surprised the photographer didn’t join in more, but I am sure that came later.

  4. Tim says:

    Have to agree with Litka, mother daughter incest is just so tender, so loving. Great story, very erotic, very very sexy!!! Thanks for adding to this great site!

  5. Elia says:

    quello che più mi piace è il fatto che la bambina a solo dieci anni. Meravigliosamen te eccitante quando la figlia succhia le tette lella mamma e, al solo pensiero che le succhiò dieci anni prima. Spettacolare . Bravi

    • Amanda Lynn says:

      Google translation:

      “What I like the most is the fact that the girl is only ten years old. Marvelously exciting when her daughter sucks her mom’s breasts and at the very thought that she sucked them ten years ago. Spectacular. Bravi”

  6. DH says:

    My other Sindy070 favorite stories are “Can I Borrow Your Daughter” and “Does Madam Require Any Help?”


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