A Daughter’s Gift

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Author Unknown

Note from JetBoy: Another story from my collection that I was unable to find online. This reads a lot like a JetBoy story in places, so I suspect that there is a lot of my own work in this version. A vigorous tip of the hat (and perhaps an apology) is extended to the original author, whoever she or he may be.


Gerald Connors was under arrest, and his stepdaughter Kelly was taken to the police station. DNA tests quickly confirmed what the police already knew for fact. Kelly’s mother Samantha arrived a half an hour later, frantic with concern for her daughter and rage for her husband. She hugged her daughter tightly and comforted her as much as she could, while vowing revenge against Gerald with all her heart. In the meantime, the police searched their apartment, and found Kelly’s diary. In it, Kelly had described in minute detail every sexual act her stepfather had forced her to commit.

Of course, Gerald protested that the sex had been consensual. But Kelly’s diary offered a different version, a version in which Kelly had been repeatedly molested by her stepfather, who had taken full advantage of her innocence and had threatened her if she told anyone about it. And in the end, it didn’t matter anyway, consensual or not… the girl was still just sixteen. Finally, Gerald copped a plea and was sentenced to fifteen years in prison.

The night after Gerald began his sentence, Samantha, who had steadfastly supported her daughter through it all and had been careful not to ask her what really happened, lay in her bed, thinking about the events of the past few months. It nagged at her, preventing her from sleeping. Things were not as they seemed, she felt sure.

For one thing, Kelly did not seem at all traumatized by what had happened to her — she was still the same active, vivacious and happy teen she was before, despite having endured repeated molestation by Gerald. And Samantha was finally rid of a husband she had loathed; a man who treated her terribly and refused to grant her the divorce she wanted so badly. Samantha’s lawyer had promised her that she would receive the entirety of her husband’s considerable assets, and would have no more financial worries for the rest of her life. Still, something nagged at her, and she couldn’t get it out of her mind.

She got up, wrapped a silky, transparent nightgown around her lush, curvy body, and crept quietly into Kelly’s room. Kelly was asleep in her bed, the covers thrown off, wearing her short little babydoll and gauzy panties.

“Kelly…” she began quietly, her hand on her shoulder.

Kelly awakened and stretched, her growing breasts plainly visible through the sheer material. “Yes, Mom?”

“We need to talk, sweetie. There’s something I really need to ask you, and I didn’t want to do it during the trial. Will you answer me honestly?”

“Sure, Mom. What do you want to know?” She sat up, her legs folded in front of her, facing her mother.

“Kelly, I’m your mother. I think I know you better than anyone in the world, maybe better than you know yourself. And you know I’ll always support you, always be there for you. Always.” Samantha took a deep breath, fixing her daughter with a steady, penetrating gaze. Kelly waited for her mother to continue.

“So… here’s what I think. I think you planned this whole thing, from day one. I think you did it for me. You got your stepdad to fuck you, for me. You knew that he couldn’t resist the opportunity to have sex with you. You made sure he had that opportunity. You set him up, didn’t you, Kelly. And then you wrote it all down, where you knew the police would find it.”

Kelly gazed steadily into her mother’s eyes, her own becoming moist with her tears. She should have known she could never fool Mom about what she had done. They were too close, and too much alike.

“You got rid of him for me, swept that terrible man from our lives by letting him have his way with you. Is that what happened, baby?”

Kelly sobbed, relieved that her mother knew. She threw her arms around her, hugging her and crying on her shoulder. “Yes, Mom,” she sobbed. “It was all f-for you. I hated him so much! I wanted to hurt him, make him p-pay for how he treated you, Oh, Mom, I love you!”

“I love you too, baby girl,” Samantha sobbed, holding her daughter tight and rocking the girl gently in her arms.

After awhile, they dried their tears, still holding each other. Finally, Samantha pushed her gently back, drying her eyes with her finger. “Kelly, it’s okay what you did. It’ll be our secret, forever. No one will ever know. But there’s… one more thing I’m still curious about. I can’t help it.”

“What’s that, Mom?” Kelly whispered.

“Well…” Samantha hesitated for a long moment, then held her hand to her daughter’s face. “Did you like it?”

Kelly looked into Samantha’s eyes for a long moment, carefully weighing her words. Finally, she spoke.

“No, Mom. I never enjoyed sex with him. I pretended I did, but that was a lie. I hated every minute of it. You see…” she paused, “I’m not… into men, Mom. I lost my virginity to a boy, oh, about a year ago, just to learn what it was like, but…” She shook her head. “What I’m trying to tell you is… I’m gay, Mom.” She hesitated, gazing deep into her mother’s eyes, then whispered, “Just like you.”

Samantha pressed her precocious daughter back and stared at her with a mixture of shock, fear, and awe. “How… h-how did you know…”

“I just knew, Mom. I’d noticed the way you looked at other women and girls, for one thing… and I figured out that it was the same way I checked them out.” She giggled. “I also, um, kinda found your stash of lesbian porn.” Kelly then pulled away. “Now you tell me, Mom… is that why he was so mean to you?”

“Yes,” Samantha sighed, “yes, it was. Your father caught me making love to a woman in our bedroom. He was more beastly that ever to me after that day.”

“You know, Mom,” Kelly murmured, “there’s something else I noticed about you.”

“What, honey?”

Kelly wrapped her arms around her mother’s neck, her face inches from Samantha’s. “The way you look at me when I’m naked… or not wearing much.”

The blood drained from Samantha’s face. “Kelly!” she gasped. “I didn’t… I wouldn’t.”

Kelly smiled sweetly. “It doesn’t bother me, you looking at me like that, Mom,” she cooed. “In fact, if you must know… it gets me hot.” She licked her lips. “Want to kiss me?”

Samantha was thunderstruck. “Ohhh, baby, we’re so much alike. I should have known.” She sighed. “I admit it, it’s been impossible for me to ignore just how utterly lovely you’ve become. And — and how desirable. You’re right, Kelly. I have had… thoughts about you, the kind that mothers shouldn’t have about their daughters.” She shook her head. “B-but I can’t act on those thoughts. Please don’t ask me to.”

“I am asking, Mom,” Kelly replied, a defiant tone in her voice. “We both want this… and there’s no one here to tell us we can’t have what we want. Not any more.” Slipping a hand into her mother’s nightie, she fondled a bare breast.

“Oh… oh my God,” Samantha moaned. “We shouldn’t d-do this, it’s wrong. But…”

“But what, Mom?” Kelly nuzzled the older woman’s neck.

“But I want to, damn it! For years I’ve been dreaming of you, longing for you…”

Drawing back, the teen gazed deep into her mother’s eyes. “I’m here, Mom. If you need me that much, you know what to do.”

Samantha leaned forward to claim Kelly’s lips in a tender kiss. They stayed that way as the seconds ticked past. And then, with a moan of surrender, they melted into each other’s arms and their kiss deepened, lips parting.

Samantha felt Kelly’s tongue slipping into her mouth, and met it with her own, allowing them to twine together. Kelly whimpered as her arousal soared. Releasing her mother’s breast, she slid her hand down to delve beneath the waistband of Samantha’s panties.

Samantha gasped as Kelly’s fingers found her cunt. Both of them were panting, excited, wanting each other.

Kelly parted the flimsy silk further, bent forward and took her mother’s nipple into her mouth.

“Baby girl,” Samantha cooed, cradling her child’s head to her breasts. “Oh, how I adore you. Let me have a look at your beautiful body.”

Kelly sat up and quickly shucked her nightshirt, revealing that she was completely naked underneath. “How’s this, Mom?”

“Absolutely perfect, sweetheart.” Samantha pushed her daughter gently back on the bed, and Kelly parted her legs invitingly. Her mother moved her head between them and began to gently lick Kelly’s glistening cleft, each stroke given with a mother’s tenderness.

Kelly moaned softly, forbidden pleasure surging through her. “Oh, Mom… that feels so wonderful!” she said, breathlessly. “Don’t stop!”

“Your pussy tastes like heaven, sweetie,” murmured Samantha, sliding her tongue up to gently caress her daughter’s clit, so much like her own. She licked it lightly, nibbling at with her lips, as Kelly gasped, digging her fingernails into the sheet.

Patiently, Samantha made love to her daughter, her talented tongue seeming to know just how to touch her, to caress her, to bring her gently, inexorably upward, higher and higher. After awhile, Kelly lifted her hips, allowing her mother to slide her panties down and off. Then Samantha recaptured her daughter’s pussy, reaching up and teasing a fingertip between her labia as her tongue fluttered against her clit with exquisite sureness. Her finger slid deeper inside, curling upward, pressing rhythmically as she lapped at Kelly’s clit until the teenage girl exploded in a shattering climax, trembling with joy as the waves of her orgasm swept over her again and again.

When Kelly finally came back to Earth, she smiled at her mother, pushed her gently back onto her back, and proceeded to return the favor… making love to Samantha’s womanly body, her tongue exploring every square inch, every delicious nook and cranny, as her mom shuddered through orgasm after sweet orgasm. Samantha shivered with joy as Kelly lovingly licked and sucked on her sensitive clit, finally triggering a final orgasm, her body wrenching upward as Kelly licked and sucked on her clit, gasps of ecstasy torn from her throat.

As she slowly descended from the pinnacle of her orgasm her daughter slid into her arms and they held each other tightly, rocking gently, and finally drifting off to sleep entwined.

Samantha dreamed of the things they could now do together, mother and daughter, giving free rein to their insatiable sexual needs, to their unbridled lesbian lust her daughter had inherited from her. She imagined them both with other women, giving her daughter to them to fuck, helping them fuck her. She imagined them traveling, seeking the love of women and girls wherever they went, the two new lovers embarking on a sexual odyssey of lesbian incest in which all was permitted, nothing was forbidden.

Kelly’s dreams were as powerfully erotic as her mother’s. She imagined herself bringing her classmates home — young, innocent girls, just so that her mother could introduce them to the joys of lesbian sex. She would join her mother, too, as a most willing accomplice. She imagined the two of them living a lavish lifestyle as open lovers, somewhere where no one would know that they were parent and child.

In the morning Kelly and Samantha awakened and made slow, soft, exquisite love again, licking each other’s pussies until they reached a shuddering mutual climax. So began the first day of the rest of their lives together.

The End


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  1. MrStrut says:

    Mmmmm so erotic JetBoy, thanks for pulling this out of your archives. Mother and daughter lovers seems so natural to me. I love reading about it. This could easily have other chapters but still great as a lone chapter, leaving the rest to or umaginations.

  2. GoldButterfly says:

    Mother and daughter together – how perfect. It really is special and amazing for a mother and daughter to become lovers.

  3. Euphorsyne,Thalia & Aglia says:

    Hey JetBoy!

    Wow! another beautiful, sexy story! so glad that Samantha & Kelly finally accept each others desires!..I whole heartily agree with MrStrut & GoldButterfly about the beauty & naturalness of intimate love between a mother & daughter!
    Great story!
    Thanks for presenting it for all our perusal!


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