Summer Love, Chapter 1

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By callmeQ67

{ This story was originally posted at Lesbian Lolita in April 2009 }

It was late afternoon, and an attractive blonde lay on her back smiling as the sex sweat dried on her body. She was basking in the afterglow of some the most delicious lovemaking she’d ever experienced. Turning her head to one side, the woman admired the sleeping form of her young lover.

She was a gorgeous creature. Her body was at that exquisite, fleeting stage between little girl and teen hottie, when hips begin to grow round and breasts begin to swell. Asleep, she looked like an angel with thick, dark hair framing her face, long eyelashes brushing her smooth cheeks. Her full lips, now somewhat bruised, were parted as she breathed quietly in her sleep. Only twenty minutes earlier, those lips were sucking the older woman’s labia, and the memory of that lovely young face between her thighs was enough to make her weak with desire all over again.

The blonde woman had put the young girl through her paces. She’d kissed and licked every inch of the girl’s youthful flesh, including her adorable toes and puckered anus. The girl’s skin was so smooth and supple and flawless she couldn’t seem to touch it enough. She’d used all of her skills, acquired through years of practice, to bring the youngster to orgasm many times.

Then she had demanded the girl perform those same acts on her.

Finally, the older woman had shown the girl how they could do each other at the same time, and they’d rolled over and over on the damp sheets, each of them crying and screaming into the other’s sopping pussy.

Soon it would be time to wake the girl up and send her home. But she still had a few minutes to reflect on how quickly it had all come together, and to look forward to a whole summer of forbidden pleasure with her new fuck toy.


Earlier that day, Melinda Lunsford surveyed the Westchester Country Club pool through her oversized designer sunglasses. Scattered around the pool was a bevy of affluent housewives like herself, soaking up the June sun and flaunting their pricey designer swimwear. Some were keeping a close watch on their toddlers’ swimming lesson at the shallow end of the pool. A group of four women were finishing a late lunch and, based on the volume and pitch of their voices, enjoying a second or maybe a third cocktail.

A movement caught her eye. Melinda’s friend Brooke waved, motioning her to an empty chair. She headed directly for the spot, forcing a waiter with a tray of drinks to step out of her way.

“Hey, girl,” Melinda said, bending to kiss her friend on both cheeks, European style.

“Hey, babe,” said Brooke. “Drink?”

“Why yes, I believe I will. What are you having?”

“Margarita on the rocks.”


Melinda signaled to a waiter.

“Another margarita for Mrs. Leslie and one for me. And please don’t be too long, I’m absolutely dying of thirst.”

Both women scanned the pool as they waited for their drinks.

“Have you spotted any new talent?” Melinda asked, after a minute.

“Well, you’ve seen the Collins girl, right?”

“Mmm. She is a sweetie.”

Sarah Collins was sixteen years old and one of the junior lifeguards assisting with the swimming lessons. A willowy blonde with striking blue eyes, she was at that moment supporting a little boy as he kicked and splashed in the chlorinated water.

“But something tells me,” said Brooke, “that she is more to your taste.”

As Melinda watched, a vision of jailbait loveliness stepped out of the pool. Another junior lifeguard, this youngster had dark hair tied back in a ponytail and a rounded, cherubic face. She wore an athletic style two-piece bathing suit, designed to stay in place and not reveal too much. But Melinda could hardly overlook the girl’s ripening body.

Why would an attractive thirty-one year old housewife be drawn to a young female lifeguard? Simply put, Melinda and Brooke were closet lesbians whose passion was seducing young girls.

The women had met three years earlier when Melinda and her husband joined the Club. Acceptance at the Westchester was a momentous event in the lives of the couple, indicating to themselves and the world that they had ‘arrived’. Melinda and her husband, Todd, were the products of well-to-do families with high expectations. They had been given every advantage in life including good looks, education at top-drawer universities, and influential friends.

Now after five years of marriage, the couple had achieved many of their ambitions. Todd was an absurdly well-compensated bond trader on Wall Street. They had a huge, impressive house in a wooded suburb in Westchester County, an hour by train from Manhattan. Todd drove to the station every morning in a Lexus, while Melinda ran errands in a BMW convertible. They had closets full of tasteful and expensive clothes, beautiful furnishings and every convenience known to mankind.

But Melinda quickly discovered that the trappings of success left her unsatisfied. There was one element missing from her idyllic life: the passionate lesbian sex she had first tasted at her exclusive boarding school, and explored further at the elite all-women’s college from which she had graduated with honors.

Melinda had met Brooke shortly after joining the Westchester, and they’d had a brief, stormy affair. They soon decided that they were both too headstrong to be a good match as lovers. The women had remained friends, however, and shared a common interest in the delights of teenage girls. At that point it was only a fantasy, but after many false starts Brooke had succeeded in luring a seventeen- year-old high school senior to her bed.

For nearly a full year she had kept Melinda enthralled with stories of the girl’s svelte teenage body and her willingness to experiment sexually. The next summer Melinda had found her own young lover, a sixteen-year-old tennis prodigy. Since those early conquests, both women had sampled the charms of half a dozen young lovelies, and Brooke had pointed out that as they aged (gracefully, it must be said), the girls they enjoyed seemed to get younger. Melinda’s latest had been only fourteen.

“So what do you know about her?” Melinda asked, as both women watched the brunette lifeguard enter the pool hand-in-hand with a frightened toddler.

“Not much. She just started working yesterday. Her mother is newly widowed.”

“Really? How wonderfully tragic. How old is she?”


This was a game the friends played often. They were both connoisseurs of young girls, and took a keen interest in the endless variety of adolescent development. The ages of twelve to sixteen were such a delicate phase. Some matured very early, quickly rounding into the shapes they would assume in later years, while others retained the boyish figures of childhood well into their teens.

The girl in question appeared to fall somewhere in the middle. Though her frame was not yet full-grown, she had quite prominent breasts, a deliciously rounded bottom, and a layer of baby fat produced the hint of a roll above the waistband of her bathing suit. There was also a suggestion of the slightly protruding belly that Melinda adored. She knew that a girl with this sort of a figure could easily run to fat as she aged, if she wasn’t careful.

But there was little danger of that for years to come. Right now, the junior lifeguard was the ideal embodiment of Melinda’s lust. Her skin was absolutely smooth and unblemished, in the way that only the skin of the very young can be. There was not a single pimple, stretch mark or any other flaw to mar her youthful perfection.

“Hmmm. I’d say fifteen going on sixteen,” Melinda guessed.

“Ha! You’re way off. She won’t be fourteen until November.”

Melinda sucked in her breath. My God! She thought. Only thirteen!

“I claim her,” said Melinda. “She’s mine.”

“Not if I get to her first, bitch.”

The two randy dykes smiled at each other. This was going to be fun.

Ninety minutes later Melinda was feeling reckless. She’d just drained her third margarita and the tequila had done its work. Brooke had disappeared somewhere – probably scouting for new girls to seduce. Melinda was just thinking about going to look for her when the little lifeguard of her dreams walked by in the direction of the pool house.

She and Brooke had been waiting for this moment since the swimming lesson ended, but Dream Girl had lingered by the pool to catch some rays. Melinda lowered her sunglasses to watch the girl walk by. She was just as flawless at close range. Her skin fairly radiated youth and good health, her budding breasts jiggled only very slightly with each step. Melinda risked checking out her butt as she walked away, and it was perfect. It twitched nicely as she moved, and the fabric of her bikini bottom was drawn up just a little into her crack.

“Jesus,” Melinda whispered. She stubbed out her half-smoked cigarette and followed.

Melinda paused as she entered the building. She needed a strategy, how best to make her approach? From Brooke she’d learned a few more details about her quarry, including her name, Courtney. The really juicy bit of gossip, though, was reason the poor child was now fatherless. He had been a top executive at a high-powered investment firm that had gone belly up, losing billions in investor money. When it became clear he might be indicted for his role in the fiasco he’d blown his brains out with a Glock 9mm. Melinda wondered how she could use this information to her advantage.

As Melinda entered the dressing room, Courtney had just wrapped herself modestly in a towel and headed towards the large communal shower. Melinda cursed her timing – she had missed seeing the girl undress. Naturally, she decided she needed a shower herself.

Melinda had no qualms about revealing her body to the young girl. At thirty-one, the errant wife had never been in better shape. She was blessed with a good figure, and hours in the club gym kept it that way. Her spectacular D-cup breasts had been attracting the attention of both men and women since she was fifteen. And while Melinda enjoyed the sun, she always protected her skin with sunscreen. She did not want to end up like those women who spent half the year in Florida, and whose skin was as rough as alligator hide by age fifty. She quickly peeled off her black Dolce & Gabbana bikini and stepped into the shower room.

Melinda took the shower next to Courtney’s. Standing beside the girl, it was clear that she still had a lot of growing up to do. Melinda was nearly a head taller, and she saw that Courtney’s figure was far from fully developed. Careful not to stare, she checked out the girl’s breasts. They were even more beautiful than she had imagined. High and upturned, they had pink cone-shaped aureoles that jutted out, begging to be sucked. The girl’s hips were nicely rounded but still almost boyishly narrow. Melinda didn’t dare let her eyes linger.

Why, she’s still just a child, Melinda thought, but a child ripe for the plucking.

“Hi, I’m Melinda,” she said brightly. “Are you new here?”

The girl looked up shyly. “Um, yeah. I’m Courtney. I’m a lifeguard.”

Melinda watched as the young teen took in her mature nakedness. The girl’s eyes loitered on Melinda’s full breasts and clean-shaven pussy. Then she quickly turned away and resumed lathering her firm young body.

“Wow, a lifeguard. How old are you?”


“My goodness. That seems like a lot of responsibility for someone so young.”

“It’s not so hard. And my mom says I need to be more responsible since… since my dad…”

The girl turned toward the wall and covered her face with her hands. Her shoulders began to heave with sobs.

“Oh, sweetheart! I’m so sorry. Did I say something wrong?”

Courtney shook her head back and forth, unable to speak. The compassionate woman in Melinda felt her heart go out to the child in her suffering. The confirmed lecher in her saw an opening.

“Honey, come here,” she said, putting her arms around the girl. “Let me give you a hug.”

Melinda pulled the youngster tight against her body.

In grief, Courtney forgot her shyness, and nestled her face right between Melinda’s wet, naked breasts.

“That’s right, sweetie, you go ahead and cry,” Melinda said, rubbing the girl’s back.

The poor child did cry, for a good five minutes. It seems the gods of lust were with Melinda because no one else came into the shower during that time. Not that she was doing anything amiss – yet. But just the same it might be a little hard to explain. Gradually Courtney’s sobs died away. After another moment she looked up, and Melinda smiled at her.

“There now,” she said. “Do you feel better?”

Courtney nodded and smiled back. Then she giggled.

“But I made a mess all over your boobs.”

Melinda looked down and saw the girl’s tears and snot smeared on her breast.

Courtney reached out to wipe it away then quickly drew back her hand, blushing furiously.

“I’m sorry, I…”

They both laughed then, and Courtney felt a welling of affection for this attractive, sympathetic woman.

“Don’t be embarrassed, it’s just us girls here,” said Melinda, and quickly, pressed the advantage. “Let me wash your hair,” she offered. “A nice scalp massage will do you good.”

Courtney agreed, and it did feel good.

Melinda admired the girl’s little round ass as she worked her fingers in the dark, thick tresses. She wanted to reach around her and grab those lovely tits, but she knew the time was not right.

Patience, she told herself.

Without any prompting Courtney told the story of her father’s suicide as they dressed.

Melinda made appropriately sensitive noises (and noted that Courtney didn’t put on a bra under her t-shirt).

The girl explained that her mother now worked long hours in the city to make the payments on their expensive suburban house. “I told her we should sell it, that we don’t need that big house. But she won’t listen to me.”

“You poor thing,” said Melinda. “You must hardly see her.”

“I don’t. She usually doesn’t get home until after eight, and she’s so tired she goes to bed without dinner sometimes. It’s crazy.”

Melinda’s mind was racing.

“Listen,” she said. “I know we’ve just met, but why don’t you come home with me and we’ll have a snack and do girl stuff for the rest of the afternoon? Come on, it will be fun.”

Courtney didn’t need much convincing. She felt herself drawn to the older woman.

“Wow, nice car,” she said when they reached Melinda’s convertible.

“Thanks. Hop in and we’ll put the top down.”

They chatted amiably on the short drive to Melinda’s house, their hair drying in the breeze. By the time they reached her house, Courtney was perfectly at ease.

Once inside, Melinda invited her guest to make herself comfortable while she got them something to eat and drink.

Courtney sank into a deep sofa and looked around. The house was fabulous. Her own home was nice, but this place was a mansion. Her new friend was even wealthier than she thought. The shy thirteen-year-old was in awe.

Melinda soon reappeared with tortilla chips, salsa and guacamole. She had also changed into a red silk dressing gown.

“What would you like to drink?” she asked. “I’m having a glass of white wine.” Courtney hesitated. “Look, one glass of wine won’t hurt you, and I won’t tell anyone if you won’t.”

“Here’s to new friends,” Melinda said, touching her glass to Courtney’s. She told Courtney about her marriage as they dug into the snacks, explaining that Todd also spent long hours at his job in the city.

As they talked Melinda studied her prey. It wasn’t just her lovely features and flawless skin that drew her to the young teen, but even more the open, trusting look in her eyes. Melinda wondered just how willing the girl might be.

The wine had spread a relaxing sense of warmth through Courtney’s small body, and holding the long-stemmed wineglass gave her a grown-up feeling of sophistication. She felt privileged to be sipping wine with such a wealthy, attractive woman. But why was Melinda making it so obvious that she was naked under her robe? Courtney tried, she really tried, not to look, but she couldn’t seem to stop herself.

When it was suggested they go upstairs to give each other pedicures she agreed instantly.

The young girl was stunned by the size and luxury of Melinda’s en-suite bathroom. As big as her own bedroom at home, it boasted a marble floor, jacuzzi tub, a plush sofa and an armchair with ottoman. She felt like a princess as her toenails were painted by this woman, old enough to be her mother, but who behaved more like the sister she’d never had.

They traded places, Courtney sitting on the ottoman to paint the older woman’s toenails. Melinda raised her knees slightly, allowing the robe to fall open nearly to her waist. Her smooth pussy lips, already beginning to moisten, were impossible for the young girl to miss. Courtney’s eyes widened. She managed to look away after a few seconds, but now Melinda was pretty sure this girl was ready to play.

“Does your mom allow you to wear makeup?” Melinda asked, as if nothing had happened. She casually covered herself and poured another glass of wine.

“Only lipstick,” said Courtney, her voice shaky. “She says I’m too young to wear makeup.”

“You certainly don’t need makeup, but it can be fun to try. Let me do your eyes and we’ll see how it looks.”

Melinda placed the youngster in the big chair and went to work. She used mascara to thicken Courtney’s long lashes, then darkened the lids with eye shadow.

The final touch was a coat of lipstick which Melinda applied with a small brush.

“You look absolutely stunning,” she said.

But stunning wasn’t exactly the right word. Courtney was a pubescent child made up like an expensive call girl. The effect was devastating. Melinda could hardly contain herself.

“Courtney, have you ever been kissed?” she asked, their faces very close together.

“Um… Once or twice.”

“Whom did you kiss?”

“A boy. It was at a birthday party.” Courtney’s cheeks colored slightly.

“Did you like it?”

“Not very much. He was really nervous and I don’t think he did it right.”

Melinda smiled knowingly. “They usually don’t.”

Taking another sip of wine, she looked directly at the young teen.

“Have you ever tried kissing a girl?” Melinda asked softly.

Courtney nodded, looking down.

“Tell me about it,” said Melinda.

“My friend Kristen and I… well, we wondered what a real kiss was like. You know a… a sexy kiss, like they do in the movies. We thought we should practice, so we would know what to do.” Courtney looked at Melinda, then quickly looked away.

“And was it better than the boy you kissed?”

“Oh, my God, yes!” Then Courtney blushed, realizing how much she’d just given away.

“Don’t be embarrassed,” Melinda said gently. “I practiced kissing with my girlfriends when I was your age, too.”

“You did?”

“We sure did. In fact, when I was away at school we practiced a lot more than just kissing.”

Melinda looked straight into Courtney’s eyes to judge her reaction. The girl was clearly agitated. “What … what do you mean?” she asked nervously.

“What I mean is, we gave each other pleasure. Did you and Kristen do anything like that?”

“No, I swear. All we d-did was kiss.” The poor little thing was practically stammering with fright.

This was the critical moment. If Courtney was open to her advances, then unlimited pleasures awaited. But if she had misread the situation and Courtney ran for the door, then all sorts of nasty repercussions might follow: an angry parent, authorities called, criminal charges, disgrace.

Melinda held the girl’s face lightly between her hands. “Courtney, honey, don’t be afraid,” she said. “I’m not going to hurt you. I just want to make you feel good.”

The thirteen-year-old trembled, her eyes closed. She gasped when Melinda kissed her pouting lips, but she didn’t freak out.

The child was hers.

The older woman paused to admire her prize. Courtney would be the youngest girl she’d ever seduced. Even counting her years in boarding school, Melinda had never been with a girl younger than fourteen. Now, at age thirty-one, she was about to have a girl not halfway through puberty. The youngster was nearly panting with trepidation, which only served to fuel Melinda’s lust. She could feel her cunt getting wetter.

Then she kissed her again. This time her tongue probed the youngster’s painted lips. She tasted wine in the little girl’s mouth, her hand on the baby soft skin of Courtney’s thigh. The kiss was tender, undemanding, yet expectant. Give the child a moment…

Yes! The tip of Courtney’s tongue met her own, circling it playfully.

Melinda lifted her head and smiled.

Courtney looked up, eyes wide, lips parted.

Driven by forbidden hunger, Melinda pushed the teen back against the cushions, straddling her waist. Now they kissed passionately, their lips mashing together, tongues exploring.

Courtney whimpered like a tiny puppy as the ravenous lesbian placed both hands on her immature breasts and palmed the hard nipples through her t-shirt. She looked up at her seducer through glazed eyes.

“Raise your arms,” said the woman in a low voice. When she complied, Melinda took the girl’s t-shirt by its hem and pulled it over her head, leaving Courtney wearing nothing but her cotton shorts and bikini panties.

Still kneeling astride the girl, Melinda’s robe had slipped from her shoulders, baring her breasts completely. “Do you like my titties, Courtney?”

“Oh, yes,” the girl replied earnestly.

Melinda lifted her breasts with both hands to the girl’s face. “Kiss them,” she said.

The young teenager hesitantly kissed Melinda’s nipple, looking up as if for approval. Melinda offered the other breast. “Now this one,” she said. “Mmmm, yes. Now suck it.”

The sight of this lovely young girl, barely into her teens, sucking at her full, mature breasts was one that Melinda would relish for years. With Courtney’s face between them, Melinda squeezed her breasts together, almost burying the young teen’s face. She knew that the girl could only breathe with difficulty if at all, and she enjoyed the look of panic in Courtney’s eyes.

“Courtney, you sweetheart,” said Melinda a moment later, lowering herself to kneel on the floor at the girl’s feet.

Courtney looked down, breathing hard.

“I have so much to show you.”

Melinda took hold of the hem of Courtney’s shorts and slowly pulled them down past her knees and off her slim legs.

Courtney’s eyes were wide, showing a mix of excitement and panic.

With their eyes locked together, the busty blonde kissed her way up one smooth thigh, stopped to place one very deliberate kiss on the girl’s panty-covered mound, then kissed her way down the other thigh.

Spreading the girl’s legs, Melinda nibbled and kissed all over Courtney’s pubic area. She licked the inside of those tender thighs, wetting with saliva the skin around that heavenly triangle. As Courtney squirmed, she mouthed the moist cotton over the girl’s slit, inhaling the sweet fragrance of arousal. She chewed Courtney’s labia softly with her lips through the sodden material.

“Let’s get these off,” she said, pushing Courtney’s legs together. Melinda slowly eased the little panties down to reveal her hidden treasure. Courtney gripped the arms of the chair. She looked frightened, but she made no move to refuse.

“Oh, that’s lovely,” said Melinda, pushing the child’s legs apart. Courtney’s mound was thinly covered by soft, dark curls, with wispy strands trailing along her slit.

Melinda explored with greedy fingers, her eyes taking in the plump outer lips and the pink, curled inner lips peeking through. She traced the edges of Courtney’s pussy lips with a fingertip, then slowly worked it into the girl’s tiny cleft. Her light caresses drew out the girl’s lubricating juice, and she used it to wet the pink, hooded clit.

“Oh, my gosh,” whimpered Courtney as the older woman teased her clit, making it pop out of its hiding place.

With her other hand, Melinda pushed deeper inside the virgin pussy until she encountered her hymen. The girl was moving her hips in time with the circling finger on her clit, and cream began to flow freely from her little fuckhole.

“Oh, oh, oh,” said Courtney, mindlessly, as Melinda fucked her cunt gently with one finger, while rubbing her clit with another. The older woman knew she could make Courtney come this way, but that wasn’t what she wanted.

When she stopped and withdrew her finger, Courtney looked down, gasping. Melinda held up her finger, and it glistened with pussy cream. As Courtney watched, spellbound, she painted both of the child’s puffy nipples with her own love juice.

“Oh, God,” whimpered the girl as Melinda licked the tangy sauce from her nipples.

“You have such beautiful breasts,” said Melinda, sucking and nibbling them in turn.

So far, Courtney had done nothing to slow the randy lesbian’s advances, uttered no word of protest.

Melinda wondered just how submissive she was. She began to use her teeth on the girl’s pink nipple cones, gradually biting harder.

The sound that Courtney made was one that could be pain or pleasure, but she didn’t say “No.”

Melinda didn’t want to hurt the child. She kissed the pubescent breasts tenderly again, knowing she could do anything she wanted.

She raised her head to kiss the teenager again. With their tongues swirling together, Melinda reached down and began fingering Courtney’s swampy cunt. Again she brought her wet finger up, holding it between their faces. They could both smell the girl’s juices.

Melinda smiled. “You’re lipstick’s all gone,” she said. “Do you think you need some more?”

Courtney looked so lovely just then, her face flushed with anticipation and desire, full lips parted.

She nodded, “Yes.”

Courtney didn’t move as Melinda covered the child’s lower lip with her own slippery cream.

Then Melinda reached down for more, and painted the upper lip. The thirteen-year-old beauty moaned with need all through the sloppy, extra yummy kiss that followed.

Melinda decided it was time to make the girl come.

She kissed her way down Courtney’s body, pausing to nibble the roll of baby fat at her hips. Melinda pulled the child’s round bottom to the edge of the seat. She pushed Courtney’s legs up and wide apart, opening her little flower. The older woman savored the aroma of that delicacy, its beauty, its hot wet softness, even its sound as she plunged a finger in and out.

She saved the taste for last.

Just before eating Courtney to the first of many orgasms she thought, Brooke is going to be so jealous.

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