Tracy’s Dilemma and the Tapestry It Weaves, Chapter 8

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By Cheryl Taggert

Several days passed, and Becky had been thinking of her fun with Kelli ever since the time she had gone to the teenager’s house and gotten naked with the older girl. She wanted to have more fun, but Kelli hadn’t been home the past couple of days. She spoke to one of the girls who lived next door to Kelli, and the girl — she thought her name was Lana or Laura — said Kelli and Kate had gone out of town on a family emergency, but they would be back soon.

“Why you wanna see Kelli?” the girl asked, looking suspicious that a nine-year-old like Becky would be looking for a fourteen-year-old.

“She loaned me a quarter the other day and I wanna pay her back,” Becky said. Becky loved old movies about gangsters, and she had heard that line used to explain why someone was being looked for a hundred times, at least. Of course, in the movies it was a lot more than twenty-five cents, but she knew if she said a big amount, the older girl would know she was lying.

Becky went back home, feeling very horny for a girl who had only learned about orgasms just a few days before. She had heard about them, but she had never actually had one until Kelli licked her coochie. She remembered that Kelli said she should call it her pussy, but Becky still called it her coochie in her own mind. Becky wanted Kelli to lick her there again, not to mention how she wanted to lick Kelli this time, but now Kelli was out of town. Disappointed and sexually frustrated for the first time in her life, she trudged home, where Tanya, her sixteen-year-old sister was in charge of watching her.

When Becky walked into her house, a memory struck her, and she was amazed she hadn’t thought of it before. She had caught her sister Tanya touching her own coochie before, even though Tanya had no idea she had been caught with her hand on her privates. She wondered if she could somehow get Tanya interested in playing around like that with her. She might even be able to get Tanya to lick her. She might even get to lick Tanya in return!


Tanya Borden lay on her bed, wishing she didn’t have to keep an eye on her bratty little sister. Her mom treated her like a slave, making her do the babysitting instead of hiring someone to do the onerous job. Tanya was especially upset that her mom didn’t give her one fucking dime to babysit. “I put a roof over your head and food in your stomach. That should be enough,” her mom had said. The bitch! How would she like it if her boss at her office said, “I provide you a place to get away from your kids for a day, so you don’t get paid because that should be enough”?

At least Becky didn’t sit around the house all day and mope or watch TV or something. She was an outdoor girl and spent most of her time playing outside, usually alone since the cretin was unable to have friends or something. Tanya had friends, but they weren’t allowed to come over during the day because her bitch of a mom said no friends allowed. “You and your sister can entertain each other,” her mom had said when she’d complained about not being able to have any fun while watching the little twerp.

So, instead of having friends over to talk about guys, she had to talk to them on the phone. The only problem with that was that if ‘her highness’ walked in to demand a snack or anything else, Tanya had to end the call because what she talked about with her friends was not for her sister’s ears. Hell, it wasn’t for any nine-year-old’s ears. Either they were talking about guys and sex or just sex. Becky didn’t know shit about that stuff, and the way her mom protected the little witch, she probably wouldn’t know anything about it until she was forty or something.

As she lay there that morning having a silent hissy fit about her unpaid job, a thought crossed her mind. It had been rolling around in her brain for about a week, but now it was starting to become an obsession. What if she taught that little shit, Becky, about sex? It would serve her mom right if her little angel learned about sex at such an age. When Tanya was nine, she only knew you peed out of your pussy. Oh, sure, she’d managed to discover that certain pressures and touches felt good, but that was all. She had no fucking idea what to do about it. It wasn’t until a friend had told her about online porn when she was ten that Tanya got curious and went looking for some of it to satisfy her curiosity. And as they say, curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought him back. She had indeed managed a shit-load of satisfaction from the online treasures she found.

First there were stories out there by the millions. At first, all of them turned her on just because they — and the feelings she got from them — were new to her. Then she realized there were certain stories that turned her on more than others. Then she began seeking stories by certain authors because their writing was better than that of most of the other writers.

Then, just last week, she had found the mother lode. She had read stories like these before and was quite surprised they turned her on. She had no idea why they did; they just did. The realization made her feel rather pervy. She encountered the first of them at a site called Then she discovered a few other sites through links, but when she found this one site a week ago yesterday, she had been forced to admit that if this stuff really did turn her on as much as it had, then she would just have to accept that she was a perv. Or maybe she was more normal than she knew and that people just never admitted how they felt about such things.

The site she had found the week before was called Juicy Secrets. The stories were about girls having sex with other girls, but it was more than that. She had found that most of the stories involved incest, which was pervy enough, but they also involved little girls. It was pedo stuff, but with women and older girls having sex with the younger ones instead of men.

At first, she thought about how the girls in the stories were all much more in tune with their bodies than real girls their age, deciding that was why they called it fantasy. Then Tanya had read some of the comments from some of the readers, as well as some of the authors. Apparently, there were a lot of girls who had learned about sex and orgasms at a young age. She had begun corresponding with one of the authors and an owner of the site, Cheryl Taggert, who told her that yes, she had actually discovered those ‘good feelings’ when she was little. Very little, in fact, like only four.

Tanya had been forced to admit her secret fantasy to herself. She still liked guys and enjoyed sex with them on occasion. But what really had started to turn her on was the idea of having sex with a little girl. A little girl who was willing and eager to do the things she thought about.

The sixteen-year-old had enjoyed girl-girl sex, but always with friends her own age. She and Marcia Daniels had even allowed a couple of boys they liked to watch them together. It was kinky and fun until the boys wanted to horn in on what they were doing. That was when they made a pact never to let a boy watch them again.

Now, she began to wonder if Becky would do stuff like that with her if she taught her about it. She knew the twerp wouldn’t tell, even if she didn’t want to do it, because she knew what kind of a living hell the house would be if their mom found out that Tanya had even attempted such a thing.

As Tanya lay there that morning, images began to crowd her brain. She saw herself talking Becky into messing around, getting the little imp naked with her, and having her baby sister lick her pussy, which was rapidly demanding some attention. She wondered what it would be like to lick Becky’s bald pussy. She had seen it before, of course. They rarely worried about brief flashes of nudity as they traveled from taking a bath to their bedrooms, not even their mother, whom the girls saw naked nearly every day since she kept her bedroom door open while she got ready for work each morning after her shower. Not only that, they had only one bathroom, and female nudity was fairly common in the hallway that led from the bathroom to each of the bedrooms.

Until recently, her naked sister never turned her on. Now, it seemed to be all she could think about. Since discovering the Juicy Secrets website, fantasies involving Becky had increased in frequency. This morning they were the only thing she could think about. She had even stopped being so pissed at her mom. Yes, she saw seducing Becky as pay-back at her mom for making her watch her sister all the time, but it was also very enticing. When she felt a sudden, wet throbbing in her pussy, she realized it was more than enticing. It was becoming damn near a necessity.

Tanya was wearing gym shorts that morning, along with her panties and a midriff t-shirt. Reaching down, she squeezed her pussy, feeling the electricity shooting through the excited flesh. She glanced at her bedside clock, which showed 8:27 a.m. Becky had left the house just a short time ago. She had knocked on Tanya’s bedroom door and said she was going out to play, and that meant she wouldn’t be home for at least another hour or two, depending on when she decided she wanted a snack.

Tanya grasped the waistband of her gym shorts and peeled them down. Then hooking her thumbs in the waistband of her cotton panties, she tugged them over her butt and hips and off. Then she lifted the hem of her t-shirt and pulled it over her head, leaving her naked. She noticed Becky had left her bedroom door slightly ajar when she had left to go outside, but Tanya decided not to worry about it. Becky wouldn’t be home until well after she finished coming. In fact she felt she would have time for a shower and a phone call to Marcia by the time her little sister came back home.

She had plenty of time. She might come four or five times before getting out of bed, though she usually stopped at two — three at the most.


Becky thought about Tanya as she quietly entered the house. She wondered if Tanya had fallen back to sleep. She would do that sometimes, and the house was completely quiet, so naturally, Becky assumed her sister was still in bed.

She wondered how she should get her sister interested in sex. It wasn’t as if she could just walk up to her and say, “Kelli, that girl down the block, taught me about orgasms. You wanna give me one?” She had no idea how to bring up the subject of sex. She sat on the sofa and thought about it for several minutes. She wondered if she could confess to catching Tanya touching herself but decided against that idea since that might only make Tanya mad.

Then she came upon a plan that might work. Maybe she could tell her that someone she knew had told her about sex and touching and so she was coming to her big sister to find out what was true about it.

Becky smiled, rose from the sofa, and tip-toed down the hall to Tanya’s bedroom door. The carpet helped hide the sound of her footsteps as she approached the partially open door. Just as she was about to knock softly, she heard something that made her freeze, her hand less than an inch from making contact with the door. She felt her mouth drop open.

She heard Tanya whimper. She could have thought it was Tanya crying about something, but Tanya rarely cried anymore. Also, the sound was now familiar to Becky. She had heard that same sort of whimpering from Kelli when she was about to have an orgasm. It also sounded like Tanya that time she had caught her sister touching her coochie.

Becky felt confused, aroused, and lucky, all at the same time. She wondered what she should do now that Tanya was doing stuff to herself, which led to the confusion. Her arousal was due to the fact Tanya was masturbating on the other side of the partially open door, and she felt lucky because the idea that Tanya was already turned on somehow made what she had to do easier. For a moment, she wondered if she should just walk in and catch her, but she decided against that idea. Just like confessing to catching her before, catching her now could just make Tanya mad.

Becky decided to stick to her original plan. The difference now was that she was aware that Tanya was already horny and wanting an orgasm. Becky hoped that would give her an advantage. Taking a deep breath and doing her best to make her pussy calm down, she knocked gently on the door.

Except that her knock was a little too gentle. Tanya didn’t even seem to notice it. She took another breath and knocked again, more forcefully this time.

“What?!” Tanya said.

“Can I come in?” Becky asked.

She heard some scrambling on the bed, followed by Tanya saying, “Uh, sure. Okay.”

Becky walked in and immediately knew Tanya was naked under the covers of her bed. Her big sister was holding the covers up nearly to her chin in an effort to cover as much of herself as possible.

As soon as she crossed the threshold of the door, Tanya said, “Yeah? What is it?”

“I — uh — needed to talk to you ’bout something.”

Tanya heaved a heavy sigh and said, “What? And make it quick.”

“Well, uh,” Becky began then wondered if she could go through with it. She continued, “Uh, well, I mean, I was, uh–”

“Jeez, Becky! Either say what you need to say or go away. I’m busy!”

Becky felt her cheeks beginning to burn. She turned to leave but stopped herself. Her teacher had told her she needed to be more assertive, explaining what the word meant, and this was, after all, her sister. Tanya might hate her, but this would not make her hate her any more than she already did. She decided at the last second to take the more direct route.

“I know what it is you’re doing.”

Tanya stared at Becky. How could she know? She’s just nine. Then Tanya realized her little sister might know more than she thought. That erotica author Cheryl did at age nine.

“What was I doing?” Tanya asked in an accusatory tone.

“You were playing with your coochie.” There, thought Becky. That was assertive.

Tanya stared at Becky, wondering what to say next. After a beat, she said, “How would you know that?”

“I just know.” Becky didn’t want to involve anyone else in this conversation if she could help it, and explaining how she knew might require mentioning Kelli.

“Were you spying?”

“No. I’ve just–”

“Just what?” Tanya asked, wondering where the fuck this was going.

“I’ve seen you doing it before — and heard you.” There, the cat was out of the bag now. “And I heard you when I walked up to your bedroom door just now.”

Tanya squinted at her little sister. “When did you see me before?”

“A while back,” Becky answered. “I don’t remember what day or anything. It was a couple of weeks ago, I think.”

“You didn’t tell Mom, did you?”

“Of course not. She’d hit the roof.”

Tanya wasn’t sure what her mom would do exactly since she had to know most girls masturbate. Hell, even her mom might since she was still a healthy young woman and had no man in her life, or woman for that matter. Tanya mostly didn’t want the embarrassment of her mom knowing it for certain.

“Well, thanks for that. Anyway, since you know what I was doing, maybe you know I want to get back to it, so what did you want to ask me?”

“Actually,” Becky said and swallowed hard. “I was kinda hoping you might, uh, let me watch.”

“Watch?” Was Becky saying what Tanya thought she was saying?

“Yeah. You see, well, I — uh — I get to feeling like that too.”

Tanya immediately thought of Cheryl Taggert, who had discovered sexual stimulation at age four. Then the older girl realized this was tantamount to a dream come true. If Becky was wanting to watch her, maybe she was willing to . . . do more.

Tanya said, “You feel horny sometimes, too?”


Tanya glanced around the room, as if something might be written somewhere to advise her how to go about this. Then she looked at Becky. “Are you — horny right now?”

Becky nodded.

“Well, um, I’m, uh, naked,” Tanya said, blushing. Each word felt like a paragraph all its own.

Be assertive! Becky thought and said, “Can I see?”

“You promise you won’t tell?”

“I promise.”

“Not anybody,” Tanya said.

“Sure.” Becky’s eyes were glued to the covers. She had seen Tanya naked many times before, and it surprised her that for some reason this felt different. She was so used to seeing Tanya naked, she could draw her in the nude from memory if she had that talent. This time, though, it felt entirely different. The thought of seeing Tanya naked now gave her goosebumps. She felt twinges in her coochie at the thought of it.

“Okay,” Tanya said, and pulled the covers back, exposing her naked body to her little sister’s gaze. Becky’s focus floated over her sister’s body, landing on the girl’s pubes. She noticed that the inner labia, which were slightly visible, were shiny, reddish pink and wet. This made her remember Kelli’s coochie from a few days before.

“How do you touch yourself?” Becky asked, the inflections indicating she touched her own pussy as well.

Tanya reached down and began to massage her clit softly, wanting to make this last, especially if this might lead to fulfilling her fantasy.

Becky continued to stare at Tanya. I’m watching my sister do herself, she thought. And she’s letting me watch. The thought excited Becky, and she crossed her legs where she stood, pinching them together to stimulate her coochie.

Tanya noticed Becky’s movements and said, “Why don’t you come over here where you can see it better?”

Becky seemed to leap upon her sister’s bed, moving down to where she could see what Tanya was doing to get the most from her touches.

Before she got too involved to be able to do more than come, Tanya stopped for a moment and said, “Why don’t you get undressed too?”

“Are you sure?”

Tanya smiled. “Absolutely.”

Becky stood up and shucked her clothes. She stood before her big sister, totally naked, but now naked in a way she never had been before. She was now horny and naked. And that made a world of difference.

She jumped back on the bed and watched as Tanya once again began massaging her coochie. After a moment, she said, “Paula Franklin says sometimes people lick and kiss coochies.”

Tanya froze, wondering if she hadn’t gone to sleep and this was just a dream. Starting back again with her masturbation, she said, “Yeah. She’s right. They do.”

“Have you ever done that? Licked a girl’s coochie?”

Tanya thought, in for a penny. . . . “Well, you promise never to tell?”

“I said I did before.”

“Well, that has to go for everything.”

“It does.”

“Then, yes. As a matter of fact, I have.”

“Do you like it?”

This was too good to be true! Tanya wondered if she was dreaming. “Yes.”

“You wanna lick mine? I’ll lick yours!” Tanya almost laughed, thinking how Becky said it as if she would have to reciprocate to get Tanya to lick her pussy. She wouldn’t have to do that, of course, but she certainly wouldn’t turn it down.

For her part, Becky, who had never licked or kissed a coochie before, had been thinking about it ever since Kelli had licked her pussy to her first orgasm and wanted desperately to try it. She had licked Kelli’s fingers after they were coated with the older girl’s juices, and she had since decided she absolutely loved the taste and wanted to lick a coochie herself.

“Do you know what a sixty-nine is?”

“No, what?”

“It’s when one person lies on top of another person with their faces toward each other’s pussies — or at least it would be with two girls — and they lick each other there.”

“You wanna do that?” Becky asked.

“Sure, babe. Lie face down on top of me with your head at my puss.”

Becky did as instructed and stared at the wet pussy before her. She’d done it! Tanya was going to lick her while she licked Tanya. And it had been so easy, it was almost as if Tanya had wanted to do it as much as she did.

Becky bent her head to lick her sister’s coochie. Tanya’s flavor was different from the brief taste Becky had had when she licked Kelli’s finger, but only slightly so. Tanya’s fluids were delicious and warmer than the taste she’d had of Kelli’s, probably because it had been outside the girl’s coochie for a while when she had licked Kelli’s cream-covered finger.

This, however, was like warm honey. Becky savored the flavor and wondered if she could ever get enough of it.

Tanya couldn’t believe how easy this had been. It was as if some force had seen to it that her dream became a reality. She molded her mouth to her baby sister’s pussy, flicking the nine-year-old’s clit with her tongue. Becky bucked her hips as her big sister brought her nearer to an orgasm with each swipe of her tongue.

Soon, Tanya began to come, her moans and screams muffled by Becky’s pussy. Soon after Tanya reached her climax, Becky entered her own, the second of her young sex life. The child bucked up and down and side-to-side, grinding out the orgasm as it slammed through her. It was much better than the one with Kelli, and she wondered why that was.

As she and Tanya lay beside each other, caressing the softness of the other, Becky asked about it, saying she had only had one other orgasm but that this one was much better.

“Your first is sort of a training experience,” Tanya said. “As you have more and more, they get better and better.”

“Oh,” Becky said, and lay there continuing to stroke her sister while basking in the afterglow of sex.

“Were you masturbating when you had your first one?”

Without thinking, Becky said, “No, Kelli was lick–” Her eyes widened in shock that she had accidentally told about what she and Kelli had done. She stared at Tanya.

“You can’t tell! Swear you won’t!” Becky said, near tears.

“Of course, I won’t, babe. Who am I to go telling on someone like that?” Tanya, whose attitude toward her baby sister had changed drastically in the past hour, held Becky close and kissed her on the head, soothing her and calming her. “Don’t cry, baby. I won’t tell. I promise.”

“Okay. Thanks.” Becky sniffled as the tears began to dry up.

“I do want to meet with Kelli, though. That sounds like fun.”

Becky grinned up at her big sister. “Okay, but let me talk to her first. She’s not home now, but she should be back soon. They’re out of town on a family emergency.”

“That’s cool, hon. Until then, we still have each other, right?”

Becky’s grin grew bigger. “Right.”

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