Linda, Cathy, and Sandy

  • Posted on October 11, 2017 at 11:07 am

By Cathy Uy

{ This story was originally posted at the now-defunct Sisters in Love }

My name is Cathy, and this is all about how my older sister Sandy and I became much closer than sisters normally are.

Sandy is three years older than me and we don’t look too much alike. She’s much taller (around 5’5″) while I’m only 5’2″. We’re both blonde, though, with small breasts, just like our mom.

Growing up, we were never really close. She’s quiet and introspective, while I like going out and talking for hours with my friends. She has her own room and I have mine, and she had her own group of friends and I had mine.

Anyway, fast forward to high school, my junior year. I was a party animal and very pretty, but most of the guys I went out with always seemed kind of intimidated by my looks. They always assumed they wouldn’t have a chance with me, while I wasn’t good-looking enough for the really popular guys. So despite my party-girl reputation, I never had a serious relationship for that whole year.

Sandy, on the other hand, started one when she was a junior in high school and it lasted till college. Since she and her boyfriend went to the same school beside our home, I’d regularly see these two lovebirds and I’d always be jealous that I didn’t have a similar relationship.

Fast forward again to how things changed for the better between Sandy and me. I had just been dumped by a guy I was dating. I felt so betrayed. All this time, I thought he liked me enough to be loyal, instead… Anyway, I was devastated. I went home to our empty house and cried my eyes out in my room. I used the last of my tissues, so I went into Sandy’s room to get some more.

While there, I noticed something on her unkempt bed, half-hidden by the sheets. It was a Penthouse magazine! And it was open to a photo spread of two girls naked and having lesbian sex. The girls were Sandy’s age and very attractive. I was shocked. I wondered what Sandy was doing with the magazine. Could it belong to her boyfriend? I doubted this, because Dad was very strict and he was never allowed to go upstairs in our house — he always stayed in the game room when visiting.

Anyway, I was terribly curious what this meant. Then I heard sounds from downstairs and knew Sandy was back. Rather than flee from her room, I hid in her huge closet behind her coat-hangered dresses, putting my feet up on top of the shoe cabinet, leaving the door open just a teensy bit so I could see her bed and the magazine.

Sandy came into her room, put down her bag and books and saw the magazine on her bed. She got it, sat on the bed, and thumbed through it. Then she got her cellphone from her bag and called up her best friend Linda who lived just a few blocks from us.

They talked for a while in low tones, and I couldn’t hear much except Linda’s name. She finished with her phone call and then went to the bathroom. I started wondering what I should do. Should I leave or wait to see what happened when Linda came over? To be honest, looking back, I don’t know what came over me. I wasn’t sure why I hid in Sandy’s closet or what I expected to see. It was just pure curiosity and excitement.

After awhile, Linda came up to Sandy’s room. Sandy was still in the bathroom and Linda just called out to tell her she was there. Sandy hollered that she’d be out in a minute.

Linda sat on Sandy’s bed and got the Penthouse herself. She started flipping through the pages. “Aren’t you afraid Cathy’s gonna catch you with this?” Linda asked Sandy loudly to penetrate her bathroom door.

“With what?” Sandy asked from the locked door.

“Your dirty magazine,” Linda said.

The bathroom door opened and Sandy came out in a bathrobe, brushing damp hair. “I’ll kill her if I catch her snooping in here.”

Linda smiled at Sandy. “Can I be the one to punish her? I think she’s a babe!”

Sandy gave Linda a big mock-scowl. “Hey! Watch it!”

“C’mon. Don’t you think she’s hot?”

“Quit talking like that. She’s my sister.”

“And she’s a hottie. What I wouldn’t give for a threesome with you two sexy blondes!”

Sandy grinned wryly. “You are so perverted.”

My mouth was hanging open at that point, I’m sure. I couldn’t believe that my sister’s best friend was turned on by me! I’d never given much thought to even kissing another girl before, but something about Linda thinking dirty thoughts about yours truly had me tingling all over.

As Sandy brushed her hair, Linda tugged at Sandy’s towel and pulled it off, leaving my sister completely naked while she continued her brushing. “C’mon, Sandy. You’re the one who got me into playing with girls. Wouldn’t you love to have her touching you down there while I’m up touching you here…” and she leaned down to kiss my sister right on the mouth as she placed a hand on Sandy’s right breast!

My heart was pounding like crazy.

Sandy dropped her brush and took Linda in her arms as they kissed like lovers. Linda finally broke their embrace and continued with her narrative: “I’d be licking your gorgeous boobs while your little sister would be fingering that hot pussy of yours…” and she dipped down to take my sister’s nipple into her mouth.

Sandy was now facing Linda and away from me, so I could only see her side and her bare bottom. I saw Linda’s face on her chest and the shadows of Linda’s fingers appearing and disappearing from between Sandy’s legs as she slowly started spreading them.

Suddenly Sandy pushed Linda on the bed and climbed on top of her, then my naked sister kissed her still fully-dressed friend — lover, I corrected myself. They began to press their bodies together, pushing their thighs between each other’s legs, their bodies now moving in unison.

I just sat there and watched them make love, feeling scared, confused — and totally turned on.

Looking back, I must have been totally naive to not see any of the signs. Linda was always sleeping over, but since Sandy had her boyfriend, it never occurred to me for a second that anything was happening between my sister and her friend. And yet…

Anyway, what I saw was too much for me to process. I really wanted to leave the closet and get out of Sandy’s room before they caught me, or I gave myself away.

I rationalized that any warm-bodied human being would feel the same way I did with that kind of action happening in front of them, although I’d never thought of girls in that way. At least, never before.

Not thinking, just wanting to escape, I quietly and slowly stepped out of the closet and was tiptoeing out of Sandy’s room when I saw Linda looking at me. “Cathy!” she gasped.

Sandy jerked her head back and saw me. All the blood drained from her face and she jumped out of the bed and grabbed me by the shoulders. “What the fuck are you doing here?” she hissed.

I started crying and tried to wrench myself free, but Sandy was taller and stronger and she held on to me with both hands.

Linda got up and put a hand on Sandy’s shoulder. “Hey Sandy, take it easy. I guess she was curious, weren’t you, Cathy?” I just kept on crying, but I managed a nod.

Eventually, Sandy let me go, and I just continued bawling. The day’s rejection from the guy I was going out with, the shock of finding out about Sandy and Linda, the embarrassment of being caught spying them — I let it all out, crying buckets.

Linda took me by the shoulder and slowly and gently led me to the bed. She sat me down and hugged me and kept saying, “It’s okay, it’s okay.”

“I’m so s-sorrryyyy…” I wailed, tormented by guilt. Sandy hated my guts now, I was sure of it. Linda continued to comfort me.

After a while, my tears stopped and I became aware of Linda slowly kissing my cheek as she continued to say, “It’s all right, no harm done.”

Linda and I cuddled like this for what seemed like ages, then she took my chin with her fingers and slowly, gently kissed me on the lips. Then she looked at me and smiled. I gazed back, not knowing what was about to happen or what I should do.

She started kissing me again, this time allowing her lips to linger against mine. I couldn’t see my sister, but I felt her eyes on me. What was she thinking?

Linda continued with her kissing, and eventually it became more serious. She started taking longer kisses. I’ve made out with boys before but this was exquisite. It was soft and gentle and passionate, like she knew exactly what I wanted. Eventually she put her arms around me, I wrapped mine around her, and that was when our tongues came into play.

We kissed like lovers for I don’t know how long, then she eventually pushed me down onto Sandy’s bed. She started removing my t-shirt and unbuttoning my jeans. Soon, I was left in just my panties. Linda stood up and took off her own clothes, then she climbed on top of me and started kissing me again and then began to nuzzle my face, my ears, then my neck, gradually moving further down.

I could sense Sandy’s presence somewhere in the room, but didn’t know what she was doing.

My eyes drifted shut as Linda started kissing my breasts. Then I felt her pull away. I looked up and saw Sandy sitting next to us, Linda touching her bare shoulder. “Go on, Sandy,” she said. “Give your little sister a kiss. Show how much you love her.” Then Linda bent down to suck my nipples.

Sandy’s kisses were more voracious than Linda’s. In fact, my sister was downright aggressive, sometimes sucking at my tongue. Surprising myself, I began to kiss her back.

Linda was pulling down my panties, and I lifted my bum to help her out. Meanwhile, Sandy continued to kiss me, then started caressing my breasts. Her touch was smooth as silk. It was wonderful, all of it, but I really went into the stratosphere when I felt Linda’s tongue on my pussy. It was explosive. I started moaning and panting, burying my face in the curve of my sister’s neck. Linda was doing all kinds of things to my pussy — kissing the lips, licking gently all over, probing me with her tongue, sometimes teasing my clit.

I was about to come… and its rising, like a tidal wave growing from the ocean’s swells, told me it was going to be huge.

I guess they noticed, because Linda started licking me even harder. Then I felt Sandy get up, and I opened my eyes just in time to see her straddle my face and slowly lower her wet, shaved pussy to my mouth.

God, the view of my sister’s cunt was breathtaking. It turned me on so much that I started to come right then. But that didn’t stop me from taking Sandy into my mouth, licking and sucking at the dripping flesh, tasting her delicious juices and letting them trickle down my throat.  and I just grunted and panted as Linda licked me to oblivion, her finger twirling about inside my cunt.

As my first orgasm slowly subsided, Sandy started panting, violently thrusting her groin against my face. She clutched the back of my head and started controlling my licking of her with quivering hands, guiding my mouth where she wanted it on her pussy, then she started to moan, “Oh God!” she cried out, and she started jerking about and spasming. Then she fell forward, spent.

I gazed in awe at Sandy’s pussy and anus, mere inches from my face, all pink and wet with her juices. I was never so turned on. I wanted them both to fuck me again. As if  I felt a finger enter me. Then two fingers, then three. They went in easily because I was so wet and relaxed. Then I felt Sandy’s tongue join her fingers, concentrating on my clit. God, I came again.

Linda later went over to my end of the bed and straddled my face. She said, “My turn, sweetie.” And she started feeding me her pussy, staring down at me from up above. I guess I really turned her on.

Within just a few minutes, Linda started moaning, then she came. She was quiet when it happened — she just took in a very deep breath, let out a sigh, then smiled. “Thanks for making my fantasy come true, babe,” Linda finally said, giving me a gentle kiss.

After that afternoon, Sandy and I became more than just sisters — we were also close friends and lovers. We continued to enjoy threesomes with Linda, of course. Eventually, Linda brought her own kid sister over, and we helped introduce her to lesbian sex.

The End


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  1. Swan says:

    Another very juicy story, loved it! Too bad we won’t get a part 2 with Linda’s little sister being introduced to the love-making.

  2. Misty Meadow says:

    I don’t feel a part two is necessary. The story is complete in itself. The three girls get what they were seeking and now I’ll move on to a fresh story. I like the build up in stories, the chase and conquest being much more thrilling than an ongoing relationship. Nice work, Cathy.

  3. kim says:

    I agree with Misty, and yes nice job Cathy.

  4. Sally says:

    mmmmm delicious

  5. Terry slade says:

    Again top notch , big turn on for me

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