Tracy’s Dilemma and the Tapestry It Weaves, Chapter 1

  • Posted on August 24, 2017 at 2:06 pm

ByΒ Cheryl Taggert

Tracy looked at the movie in her hand. She’d seen it in the DVD area of Walmart and decided to buy it on a whim. She could say it was entirely unplanned, a spur of the moment thing.

But that wouldn’t exactly be true.

She’d been considering this for weeks now, though she’d refused to believe her mind had actually gone there. Weeks? No, nearly two months. That was when she’d had the separate conversations with her two girls, Kelli, who was 14, and Kate, nearly 12. Those conversations had taken place after nearly a year of thinking about having them. It had taken that long because of the topic.


Yes, she had finally taken the plunge, as they say, and discussed with each of them the most intimate thing a girl could do when alone. At first, she had convinced herself she wanted to talk to them about it so they wouldn’t feel as guilty as so many girls their age about what she considered a completely normal activity. Then, she had finally been forced to admit her most private thoughts to herself.

She had been turned on thinking about them touching themselves. Maybe turned on was too tame a phrase for how she felt. She’d burned in her own pussy at the images that would fleet, unbidden, into her mind while satisfying her own needs. She would find herself near orgasm, and the sudden picture would coalesce in her mind of her daughters lying in a bed together, their hands a blur of activity at their centers. In her mind’s eye she would see them joining her in her orgasm, which became more intense at the imagined sight that would strike with the suddeness of lightning.

Now, she was moving to the next phase of what she’d begun to call “Operation Group Masturbation.” It was a silly title, intended to make her laugh to better handle the lust that seemed to throb within her each time she thought of where she wanted her relationship with her daughters to go. They had each finally admitted — after a confession from their mother admitting to masturbating since childhood — to having experimented with bringing themselves sexual pleasure when alone.

She looked down at the movie in her hands. Eyes Wide Shut. She’d seen it before, of course, and knew exactly why she had bought it. There was plenty of sex in it. Certainly more than most mothers would expose their young daughters to. Just the memory of Nicole Kidman’s shapely ass and small boobs could cause her clit to stir. Her slit to moisten. The sexual tension that permeated the movie would almost certainly get her daughters to consider what they might do when they went to bed.

But Tracy had other plans. She intended for all of them to enjoy their own private touches right there in the family room while seated together. This, she hoped, would lead to the girls — and herself — feeling free to enjoy such touches whenever or wherever the urge occurred. She imagined a home where she would enter Kelli and Kate’s bedroom — they shared a room — to find them sprawled naked on their beds, unashamed and boldly rubbing their slits to orgasm. Or maybe she would come home from buying groceries and find them in the family room watching a movie and bringing themselves off.

They would look at her and invite her to join in. She would strip and sit between them…

Suddenly, the images were taking over once again, moving along a path that she had no real way to control. She saw her there with them, touching herself.

Tracy closed her eyes as the sensations seized her once again. The wetness. The warmth. The tingles.

Then opening her eyes, she realized she would have to stop the fantasy before it started, or else she would have to take care of matters right then and there. As much as she wanted to have an orgasm at that moment, she wanted to witness her daughters reach theirs even more. She knew she would have to maintain that edge of desire to go through with her plan.

Placing the DVD on the sofa table for later, she went into the kitchen to cook dinner. Her neighbor, Sandra Brisbane, would be arriving with Kelli and Kate at any moment. She and Sandra, who was Tracy’s age and an absolute knock-out, had girls who were part of the local YWCA swim team, and it had been Sandra’s turn to taxi the girls to and from practice.

As if on cue, Kelli and Kate walked through the door, followed by Sandra and her daughters, Laura and Emily, who were the same ages as Tracy’s own daughters.

“Hey, Mom! We’re home!” Kelli shouted as she entered, leading the entourage.

Tracy finished washing her hands and went into the family room where everyone was gathered.

Her heart nearly stopped when she entered the room. The girls were occupied with chatter about the upcoming swim meet. Sandra, however, was standing by the sofa table, looking down at the movie there. Tracy could almost see the wheels turning in Sandra’s head, wondering why Tracy had a movie like that out where it would be obvious that either she had been watching it earlier or intended to watch it later. It didn’t really bother her that Sandra knew, except that the real reason caused her embarrassment, as if Sandra could determine everything at the sight of this one sexy movie. It certainly didn’t fit with the Disney movies and teen comedies that stood innocently on the shelf near the TV. A quick glance at the movies there would clearly indicate that this one was the only movie that had what could only be described as hot sex in it, even if that sex was not of the porno variety. The few of those Tracy had were tucked neatly away in her closet for private use in her bedroom, thank goodness.

“Hey, girls!” Tracy said, managing to sound as if she wasn’t trying to still her quiet, and almost certainly unnecessary panic. The girls were still in their swimsuits, which clung wetly to their bodies, and Tracy felt her pussy warm at the sight of them. Laura and Emily were as pretty as Kelli and Kate. Tracy wished the girls were wearing their personal swimsuits, the ones they wore when swimming for fun and not for racing. The racing suits had enough padding in the tops to eliminate any nipple outlines. Their personal suits were thin cotton and had no such limitations.

“Mom!” Kate exclaimed. “I came in second in trials!”

“That’s wonderful!” Tracy said. “Who came in first?”

Kate glanced at Emily, who blushed. The girl’s shyness always made Tracy smile. “It was only by a half-second,” Emily said. “You’ll probably be beating my time by the meet.”

“How’d you other girls do?” Tracy asked.

“I came in third and Laura, fifth,” Kelli said, sounding resigned to her fate to always be good but not the best. “Lori Jacobs beat everyone, as usual. And this new girl, Corinne, came in second.”

“I had a bad turn after the first leg,” Laura said, as explanation for her poor showing.

“Well, you girls need to go get your showers,” Tracy said to her daughters. “Dinner should be ready when you’re done.”

The two girls said good-bye to Laura and Emily before rushing down the hallway to their room. The thought that they would soon be naked together in there crossed Tracy’s mind, but she pushed the image away.

“You girls go ahead on home,” Sandra said to her daughters. “I’ll be along in a second.”

The two girls said good-bye to Tracy and left to get their own showers. Tracy was aware that Sandra’s girls also shared a room, mostly out of necessity because their younger brother had the third bedroom, and once again, the unbidden image of two sexy, naked young girls came to mind. And as before, she pushed the image away. Her libido, it seemed was on overdrive with the plans she’d made, causing her to see sex in nearly everything and everyone.

When they were alone in the room, Sandra stepped over to the sofa table and, smiling suggestively, picked up the video case with one hand while pushing her shoulder-length, ebony hair behind one ear.

“I know you caught me looking at this. You know, you really should put it away after watching it,” Sandra joked. “The girls might get ideas.”

Blushing deeply, Tracy took the movie from her neighbor as if accepting the offer of a snack before slipping it behind the other movies on the nearby shelf as if trying to hide it.

Sandra continued as Tracy placed the movie out of sight. “Kelli already noticed it, which is why I saw it really. I think she might already have ideas of searching the house when she’s alone.” She smiled with good humor at her neighbor’s discomfort. They were close enough as friends that she knew she could tease Tracy about this.

“Well, then. I’ll have to find a better hiding place later,” Tracy said.

“Don’t feel bad. Ben is so preoccupied with his new position at the office, I’ve not had any in over two weeks. If not for my vibe, I’d be climbing the walls,” Sandra said.

Tracy looked at Sandra. They were friends, yes, but they had never had such a frank discussion about sex before, much less a conversation about masturbation, which always seemed to be at the top of everyone’s list of forbidden topics.

A rush of embarrassment made Tracy laugh out loud, easing the slight tension that had built since she’d noticed Sandra checking out the movie.

“Hey, really. We all do it, right?” Sandra said. “I imagine even Kelli and Laura have tried it out at least.” Tracy just shrugged, feeling if she said anything she would reveal her motives for having the movie without meaning to. “Hell, I was doing it by the time I was their age, younger in fact.” Sandra thought for a moment. “I think I might have been Kate and Emily’s age when I had my first orgasm.”

Sandra looked at Tracy, her eyebrows raised in a question. “What about you?” she asked.

“Good lord!” Tracy said. “Why this topic all of a sudden? You horny?”

“It’s only natural, you know. I mean, I’m no lesbian or anything — Ben will attest to that — but it’s a natural occurrence when we encounter sex involving someone else that it, well, brings a physical reaction,” Sandra said.

At that moment either Kelli or Kate came out of their bedroom, which was beyond where the two women could see, and walked down the hallway of the small house and scampered into the bathroom for her shower. The two women waited until they heard the shower begin to run before they continued.

“So where did you learn that?” Tracy asked. At Sandra’s questioning look, Tracy said, “That encountering sex involving someone else brings a ‘physical reaction’ as you say.”

Sandra smiled. “From reading Ben’s girlie mags. There are tons of articles about sexual response in them.”

Tracy laughed. “So like most men, he says he gets them for the articles, but you actually read them?”

Sandra gave Tracy a sly smirk. “Hey, I appreciate the female form, too. It’s like what I was saying. The female form is just another suggestion of sex, and we all have a natural reaction to that. Are you telling me you don’t appreciate a pretty woman?”

“Of course I do,” Tracy said. “But you’re making it sound like –” She stopped, wondering if they should take the conversation where her comment would steer it.

“Like what?” Sandra asked.

“Well, like you, well, are — interested — in women. You know, as in… interested.”

“I don’t mind admitting to some experimentation in college, and even earlier. High school even.” She stopped. “Actually my first time with another girl was in seventh grade. Beth Conners.” She had actually been younger, and her first was not Beth, but Sandra didn’t want to go there with Tracy, at least not yet.

Tracy blushed. “What did you… do with each other at that age?”

“Mostly we just got ourselves off together. We’d talk about what guy we’d like to do it with or which Hollywood hunk. That would get us horny, and we’d do it. Eventually we figured out we could hump each other’s leg, like we were fucking, and get off. It was actually pretty innocent.” Again, there was more — much more — but the topic was too taboo to discuss right then. Sandra would have to know Tracy wouldn’t say anything about it before she would actually tell her.

Tracy couldn’t help herself. “What about later? What about high school? And college?”

“Well, things… progressed, shall we say.”

Tracy looked at her neighbor with open interest.

“Progressed to… what?”

“Let’s just say I found out my own pussy wasn’t the only one that tasted good.”

“Shit! You mean–?”

“Hey, don’t knock it til you’ve tried it,” Sandra said.

Tracy looked at Sandra, whose eyebrows were slightly raised. Questioning. Offering?

“Um… yes… well…” Tracy stammered, not sure if she should take the conversation further to where Sandra was wanting to take it. Her sexy neighbor was obviously coming on to her, offering some naughty fun in the lonely afternoons.

“It beats being alone with a vibe,” Sandra said, clearly wanting Tracy to take her up on her offer. “Or your fingers,” she added when Tracy remained silent. Then after Tracy still didn’t respond, she said, “Or damn near anything else you can use when alone.”

Tracy stood, dumbfounded. Sandra leaned toward her. For a moment Tracy thought she was going to kiss her, and she realized suddenly that she would welcome it. Instead, she gave Tracy a quick hug and said into her ear. “I can tell you’re curious. If you ever decide to follow your curiosity, let me know. I’m right next door.”

It was all Tracy could do to refrain from pulling Sandra into a deep kiss. Only the thought of what might happen if one of her girls came out unannounced made her stop.

Stepping to the front door, Sandra turned and said, “It really is a lot of fun.” Then she sighed and said, “I hope my batteries aren’t dead” before exiting the room. As she passed Tracy’s family room window, Sandra waved at her, smiled, and went to her home next door.

Tracy stood there a moment, collecting her thoughts. Sandra was planning on masturbating that night. To thoughts of me? she wondered. Shaking herself mentally, she brought herself back to the here and now. Stepping to the case with the DVD’s she reached back to where she had placed the sexy movie and retrieved it. She had no intention of hiding it from her daughters’ view. In fact, she had counted on it to help move things along.

A half hour later, the pajama-clad girls had joined her for dinner, which they ate amid conversation about school and swimming. Tracy marveled at how the girls could have had a conversation about something so personal as masturbation with their mother just a short time ago and not bring up the topic again.

Once the meal was finished, the girls cleaned everything up while she went to her bedroom to change into her pajamas, she invited the girls into the family room to watch TV.

As they sat, Tracy said, “So what do you want to watch?”

The girls looked at each other, before Tracy noticed each of them glance quickly at the movie sitting on the sofa table as if inviting them to watch it.

“I don’t know,” Kelli offered, as if the movie weren’t there.

“Me neither,” Kate added, though it was almost comically obvious both girls wanted to watch what they considered the forbidden movie.

“Well,” Tracy began. “I have been thinking, and I thought it might be good to let you girls, well, grow up some in your viewing habits.”

The girls glanced at one another again, the obvious question in their eyes — ‘Is Mom going to let us watch that?’ — hanging there, meaning the movie that still sat like an invitation on the otherwise bare table. They said nothing, perhaps too frightened that speaking would break the spell and the erotic mood that was starting to cling to the very walls of the room.

“I bought a movie today,” Tracy began, doing her best to appear nonchalant. “I think you’ve both noticed it.”

Kelli looked at the movie on the table. “That one?” she asked, as if their mother brought home sexy movies for them to enjoy every day.

“Yes, that one,” Tracy said. “Are you familiar with it?” she asked.

“Isn’t that, um, I mean, well,” Kate began before plunging ahead at full speed. “Isn’t that a, well, adult kind of movie?”

“Yes, dear,” Tracy said. “That’s exactly what I meant when I said I felt you both should grow up some in your viewing habits.” She cleared her throat before continuing. “You see, after our talk a couple of months ago, I started thinking.” She cleared her throat again. “I started thinking about how you both had, well, admitted to me that you, well, did things.” She paused, hoping for recognition and a reply from one of them. When none came, she continued. “You know. Private… alone time things.”

“You mean–?” Kate said.

“Yes, dear. I’m talking about our conversation we had about masturbation.” She quickly kept talking, as if stopping would make speaking about the topic again impossible, which may well have been the case, she was so nervous about it. “I don’t know if either of you discussed our one-on-one talk with each other, but I think it best if everything were out in the open. After I openly admitted I had been pleasuring myself since I was perhaps ten years old, you each admitted to me that you had, well, at least experimented with masturbation. Since the two of you share a bedroom, I would imagine that you were already aware of the other’s, well, sexual habits in that area.” She looked at the girls. “Am I correct in that assumption?”

“You mean, have we seen each other doing it or talked about doing it?” Kelli asked.

“Yes, that’s exactly what I mean,” Tracy responded, hoping the rest of the conversation would go well.

“What if we have?” Kate asked. “Are we in trouble or something?”

“Of course not!’ Tracy said, realizing why the girls were so reticent. “I would actually be very surprised, shocked even, if you were not totally aware of what each other did.”

“Well, um, okay. So we, uh, have, well, seen each other do it,” Kelli admitted. “Like you say, it’s kinda hard not to notice when you share a room like that.”

“Good, then!” Tracy said, as if this were the best news she’d heard all day, which in a way it was. “So, in an effort to, well, give you both some… material… to imagine when you’re alone,” she said before pausing, “or not alone as the case may be, I felt we could watch some movies with, um, adult themes.”

“You mean we’re really going to get to watch Eyes Wide Shut?” Kate asked, her eyes wide open with surprise.

“Yes, sweetie, we are,” Tracy said. “In fact, I’m going to let you know now that it will be in my bedroom after we’ve watched it in case you want to… borrow it when you’re, well, in the mood for some fun — either alone or… not.”

With that, Tracy rose from her spot on the sofa and took the DVD to the player. After inserting it and waiting for it to load, she pressed the button to start the movie playing.

While the FBI warning about copyright infringement came up, Kelli asked, “Where in your bedroom will it be?”

Tracy smiled at her daughter, “In my closet in the bottom drawer of my small three-drawer cabinet in the very back of the closet.” This was where she kept all her adult DVD’s, even the hard-core porno movies. She knew the first time either of them went looking for this movie, they would find her stash and know it was fine to watch them as well.

As the movie started, Tracy hoped this would go as well as she had planned.

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