Good Things Come in Threes

  • Posted on July 20, 2017 at 2:32 pm

By Shay

{ This story was originally posted at the now-defunct Sisters in Love }

I’d come over to my mom’s house for the evening, and believe me, it wasn’t some horrid duty visit — but rather, a joy to me to be able to be welcomed in her door and know I could let my hair down and relax with Mom and her wife Clarissa.

They’ve been together seven years, since I was thirteen. You might expect that I would have resented Clarissa then; after all, my mother Vicki was going from the usual heterosexual (and bad) marriage and a life in suburbia to being with another woman as a lover, and buying this house in an area known for its gay-friendliness.

But I didn’t resent Clarissa at all. I knew that my beautiful mother hadn’t been happy for the two years that it was just her and me, though I knew very well that I was loved. Then, when Clarissa dropped into our lives, Mom just lit up, right from the start. I knew Mom loved her beautiful curly-haired blonde lady long before I chanced upon them wrapped in each other’s arms on the couch, kissing and grasping tenderly at each other, one night when I had gotten up for a glass of water.

They had heard me when the floorboard near the stairs creaked, and for a moment, they went stock still and I heard my mom take in a sharp breath. But somehow I’d known what to do. I loved them both, and I loved the happiness that they were creating together, and I wanted to see it grow and be a part of it.

So I smiled at them by the dimness of the night light in the hall, and I said softly, “I think it’s beautiful, Mom. All of it. Please don’t stop. I’ll leave you two together.” And then I padded back to my room and lay for a long time on my back, smiling up at the ceiling of my room.

I thought of how right the two of them seemed in each other’s arms, and I couldn’t help letting my mind linger on the sight of my beautiful raven-haired mom with her arms around Clarissa, lips pressed to her girl’s soft mouth as she sighed in that way that I now know only women do.

As I thought about what I’d seen, my whole body seemed to flush with warmth and my arms and legs tingled. Just as my hand was seeming to move lower all of its own accord, my fingertips at the top of my pajama bottoms, Mom walked in and gently sat on my bed next to me.

“Raven,” she said softly in the darkness. Then her hand touched my face and I opened my eyes and looked at her sitting so near, just as I loved for her to do.


She petted my dark hair and she asked me if I was really all right. “You surprised us, sweetheart.”

“I know, Mom.” I shrugged in the shadows. “I’m sorry!”

Mom shushed me as she always had when she wanted to soothe me. “Shhhhhh, sweetheart. Don’t apologize… this is your home. And what I really meant was that you surprised us by what you said. That was so sweet, darling. Did — did you really mean it?”

“Yes, Mom!” How could I make her understand that I adored them and their beautiful relationship? “I really, really did.”

With that, Mom gathered me up in her arms and held me to her beautiful warm body. My face was in her black hair, so much like mine, and I loved the smell of lavender and… and woman, that emanated from her.

I had the wild urge to ask her to kiss me as she’d been kissing Clarissa. I swear, for a moment I longed to beg her to show me what it means to be kissed — really kissed — by a woman as desirable as my mother was. And is.

The tingling returned as she held me in her arms, along with the feeling of being deliciously warm, like when you first step out of a steamy shower. “Mom,” I whispered.

“Yes, love?”

I smiled against her hair and whispered, “Nothing. Just… I love you, Mom.”

“Oh, honey,” she said, using her hands on my unresisting arms to gently push me back so she could look at me there in the cozy dimness. “I love you, too. So much.” And then my mother kissed me on the mouth, so tenderly. Was it my imagination, or did Mom’s soft lips linger just a little longer than ever before? I decided that I wanted to believe that they had.

I slept that night in complete contentment, occasionally stretching and savoring the feel of my body, remembering my mother’s wonderful kiss and how it had felt to be in her arms in the dark of my familiar bedroom.


So there I was, seven years later, arriving “home” to lick my wounds in the wake of my breakup with Gina, my Italian girlfriend who had dumped me the week before. Gina, with her irresistible mane of dark hair. People had often asked us if we were sisters, and we would laugh and say no. I’d always found it funny that people asked us that, but after a time I sensed that it had begun to wear on Gina.

Of course we hadn’t broken up over that. One night after I’d concluded a long telephone conversation with my mom, Gina had dropped her issue of Vogue she had pretended to be reading, and gave me a look, one I knew always meant an argument.

“Why don’t you cut the cord already, Rave?”

“What…” I faltered. “The phone?”

Gina had rolled her eyes in exasperation. “No, not the phone! Don’t be dense, Raven!” Her eyes were flashing dangerously.

I spread my hands in complete mystification.

“Your mother, Rave! Cut the damn umbilical cord already! She lives a block away, you call her or she calls you every day. Who do you really love, Raven? Why don’t you just go over there and fuck the woman you really want?” Gina was crying by then.

“What are you saying, Gina, that’s so unfair!” She rose and quickly exited the room. I tried to catch her, to bring her to her senses if I could, but a slammed door was all I got. She moved out the next day and I was still dazed from it all.

Though, to be honest, Gina had been right, something really was missing between us, even though I’d sincerely wanted to be everything she needed. And so I was feeling low.


“There’s our girl!” came a welcoming voice, Clarissa’s, as I let myself in the front door. She came across the living room and gave me a warm hug as I smiled at Mom over her wife’s shoulder and gave her a little wave, though I was mostly being held captive by Clarissa’s slender loving arms.

Mom came up on my left, and I found myself being escorted by two ravishing women!

“How are you feeling, love?” asked Mom with a look of concern as we walked slowly into the large, comfortable living room.

I shrugged. “Okay, I guess. I’m heart-sore, but I’ll live,” I smiled — bravely, I hoped.

My mother brought her fingers to her full lips, the lips I’d received my first real kiss from, and kissed the tips, where her French nails showed white and stylish. Then she gently placed her fingers over my heart and said, “Here, I’m kissing it better.”

And then, as she took her hand away, I swore the sides of her fingers grazed my breast in a feather-soft caress. She gave me the most reassuring motherly smile. And then we were talking, and laughing, and the world sped up to normal again.

We had a wonderful meal of vegetarian lasagna and salad, with fresh bread from the bakery Mom had discovered on Linden street. There was also a bottle of red wine, which Clarissa assured me would make me forget Gina in a jiffy.

“You’re trying to get me drunk. You two have designs on me!” I joked, and my mother’s house filled with feminine laughter, just as it had so often when I was growing up in the years after Clarissa had moved in.

“Let’s watch a movie. Want to?” asked my mom as she began clearing dishes.

“Sure,” I enthusiastically agreed. “And stop that, Mom. Let me be your kitchen slave tonight. I’ll clean up.”

“Oh, myyyyy,” drawled Clarissa with an arched eyebrow.

“Oh, shut up, Rissa,” I scolded her happily.

Twenty minutes later Mom and Clarissa were hand in hand on one end of the couch, with Clarissa resting her head on Mom’s slender shoulder while I sat at the other end.

Mom picked up the remote from the table and turned on Steel Magnolias.

Clarissa kicked me in the leg with her foot.

“What?” I asked.

She kicked me again, her small pretty foot lightly jabbing my thigh.

“Nothing. What?” she smirked.


“What what?”

She kicked me a third time and I pounced. She shrieked like a teenager as I pummeled her with a throw pillow and pretended to pound her to a pulp. Clarissa was all flailing arms and legs as she begged for my mother to save her from her insane daughter.

By the time we subsided, and our laughter had run down to a basic giggle fit, we were all in a comfortable pile on the couch, just as we’d so often been in the past. I had my head on Mom’s lap and Clarissa lay half on me, but with her curly blonde head back on Mom’s shoulder and her arms across my middle. It felt nice. It felt like home.

Clarissa leaned over to kiss Mom. Mom purred and kissed her lover back. The sounds of two women making out flowed over my ears.

“Hey, you two lovebirds,” I mock-scolded, but they completely ignored me, just as they’d always done when I pretended to be bothered by their demonstrations of affection. They knew I loved seeing them that way, that it fed something in my heart. The energy of a home where two women love together is different, and I think better, than anyplace else. I lay there soaking in their affection for each other, as I’d always loved to do.

Clarissa began unthinkingly stroking my tummy as she kissed my mother. I knew she was lost in my mother’s desire and love, and not really aware of what her hand was doing. But oh… I confess that I loved being stroked like that by her. I adored Clarissa nearly as much as I worshiped my mom. And I’d always found her so hot.

I had eased myself to sleep many times to images in my mind of either, or both, of them. Why not? I always reasoned. They’re beautiful, they love me, and I love them.

Once, they had even heard me cry out as I had a delicious orgasm, thinking about them. Mom had appeared at the door, wondering if I needed her.

“I thought I heard you call,” she’d said. I was so glad it was too dark for her to see me blushing furiously.

“You two are so gorgeous, kissing like that,” I said, looking up at them from Mom’s lap. She shifted her leg slightly underneath me and stroked my hair as she continued to exchange little tender kisses with Clarissa.

“I hope I can find a woman to love, the way you two love each other,” I sighed.

“C’mere,” urged my mother softly. She drew me up so that I was sitting in the middle, between the two most important women in my world. Mom took my face gently in her hand and kissed me as Clarissa watched. I felt enveloped in warmth. Somehow it seemed absolutely natural as my mother kept on kissing me as Clarissa stroked my hair and murmured, “Nice…so nice.”

I was melting. Whatever they were giving me, I wanted it so badly — like a rose wants water and sun.

Mom drew back slowly and whispered, “Raven….”

“Oh Mom,” I half-sighed, half-moaned. “Please kiss me again! Please.”

My mother brought her soft sensuous lips to mine once again, and we kissed like long lost lovers right in from of Clarissa.

Mom was the best kisser. She just naturally knew how to make a girl melt in her arms. And that’s what she was doing to me now, gently entering my mouth with her tongue and giving me the most sensuous, beautiful French kiss of my young life.

Then I felt warmth at my ear and Clarissa began nibbling and kissing me there as Mom possessed my eager lips. Two strikingly beautiful women, lovers, my own adored mother and her sexy wife, were both kissing me. And I was lost in the sheer heaven of it. I sighed and squirmed slightly in my mother’s arms.

“Baby,” she purred. I felt as if she were kissing my soul. I could never have opened up so instantly to anyone but my mother — who, after all, had carried me in her own body, next to her softly beating heart. My mother, who had given me life and cherished that life, always.

I had come from her, in love and intimacy. No connection could be more primal or more powerful. And I knew. I wanted to come back to her now, right now, but as a woman.

“God, I love you so much, Mom,” I managed to confess between kisses. “I want you, I’ve always wanted to be utterly yours. Mommm, oh Mom—” and then we were lost once more in urgent kisses. It was a sweet, loving, totally knowing connection. The kind only a mother and daughter can experience.

Clarissa got up and took my hand. “C’mon, sweet one… tear yourself away from that ravishing mother of yours long enough to come to bed.”

The shock of what Clarissa had just said tore through me like a sweet lightning bolt.

Clarissa raised an eyebrow at me and with a lovingly amused smile, said, “Yes, sweet pea. You’re invited.”

Mom got up with me and with our arms around each other, we followed Clarissa into the master bedroom, turning our heads to keep kissing as we did. I shivered with uncontrollable excitement as Mom slipped her hand across my ass in a thrillingly proprietary and sexual gesture.

Together, the most important women in my life undressed me and ran their hands over the soft smooth skin of my young body. Clarissa drew her fingers through my dark hair with a look of pure desire on her beautiful face.

“You’re stunning,” she said in a voice I’d only heard her use with Mom before that moment. Then Clarissa took my face gently in both of her hands and kissed me like a lover. My knees buckled and I needed Mom’s help to make it to the bed, where I lay between them, their bare bodies pressed to mine from both sides.

There is nothing, no experience possible, that matches being taken into bed with two glorious women who both love and desire you, knowing that one of them is your own mother, that she wants you the way you have wanted her for so many years. And that the other is her wife and in reality your mother too, in the way you’ve always shared that special bond. But now they are revealed in all of their glory as sexual beings as well. Offering that incredible sexy beauty to you. On that night.

“Mom,” I moaned helplessly as she stroked my body. Responding to her child’s need, my mother leaned over me and held my face between her warm full breasts as Clarissa sighed at the beauty of what she was seeing and lightly caressed my thighs and yes — ohhhh yes — my vulva.

I kissed Mom’s breasts as if I’d been born for it. I covered each one in adoring, urgent, needful kisses and then, with a little cry of total pleasure, I took her nipple into my mouth and sucked it long and deep, relishing the feel of her sweet flesh, and also the idea of being taken back by her, so very willingly, becoming one with my mother again.

I cried out in animal enjoyment as Clarissa slipped her finger inside me and cooed, “Yes, sweetheart, give in. Let us love you, be ours, you never have to leave.” With those words, the most powerful orgasm of my life ripped through me, carrying me on a sweet electric wave of the most intense — and most primal — pleasure imaginable. My mother held me to her full, warm, exciting breasts and I felt as if she was sharing in my climax herself.

I screamed my pleasure into her soft flesh. “Oh, Mommy!” I gasped.

“Shhhhh,” she cooed as my pussy contracted around Clarissa’s slender fingers again and again, the sweet aftershocks of feminine rapture.

Mom brought her mouth gently down on mine in a hard, crushing kiss. Then she slowly moved on top of me, like she owned me — and now she did, oh she did, once and for all, forever and always. All I could do was beg her to fuck me, beg as her lover stroked us both and made soft approving sounds in her clear, lovely voice.

“Your daughter wants you, Vick,” urged Clarissa. “Look at her, she’s wild, she’s ready to mate — with you, my love. She’s needs her mother to mate with her for life.”

With her wife’s words, something seemed to break down inside Mom, and she was on me, loving me, as if all the passion she possessed were driving her to take me and make me permanently her own.

Her breath was ragged and desperate as she rubbed herself against me. “Rave… Raven…” she panted, out of control now. “I’ve always wanted you… always wanted you… to come home to me… to… t-to come….”

We lit up together like a new star, my mother and I — joined as one, touching souls, our bodies wrapped tightly and desperately together, lost and transported in the utter bliss of our lovemaking. It was always meant to be.

My hands were resting on my mother’s shapely ass as I tried to gather my wits. That’s probably the only reason I was aware of Clarissa leaning over to lick Mom’s ass, because the sexy soft roundness of her breast pressed against my wrist as she did. As Clarissa loved her this way, more aftershocks rippled through my mother as she lay on top of me as my lover.

Mom, Clarissa, and I spent the rest of the night and all the next day in bed together, joyfully exploring what we’d allowed to come into bloom in the richness of our bodies and our hearts.

Two weeks later, I sold my house and moved in with Mom and Clarissa. They both put on jeans and sweatshirts and helped me move my things in. We put my extra things in the spare bedroom for the time being.

You see, we only actually sleep in the master bedroom in the house where I grew up lavished with the love of two incredible women. They are my cherished past and my exciting sensual future. My mothers. My lovers. My home.

The End


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    Very sexy.

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    Little bit cheesy and overblown for me (who owns a house at age 20?), but still a nice read overall. 🙂

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    Somehow I love that “cheesyness”, how I wish I had parents like these…

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    We are catching up on old stories and all good from us lol… Loved it 🙂

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