Report from ASSTR re site issues

  • Posted on July 11, 2017 at 8:04 am

By Naughty Mommy

As a registered contributor/author at ASSTR, I received the following message from one of their administrators. This provides an explanation for the recent problems some of you have commented about regarding Leslita and other sites.

ASSTR community,

As many of you have already discovered, we’re having some server issues that are causing site outages at times and an old copy of the web site to appear at other times.

These issues are due to our primary web server repeatedly crashing, possibly due to a broken fan that is causing the machine to overheat.

Because the server is located in a data center thousands of miles from where any site admin is located, diagnosing the problem and resolving it is easier said than done.

We are working to get things back to normal as quickly as possible while at the same time putting together a plan to migrate to a more cloud-based site architecture that should hopefully lessen or eliminate these kinds of problems caused by hardware failures in the future.

Thank you for your time and understanding.

There is no indication how soon things might get back to normal. If you’re interested, you may want to make a monetary contribution to them. I’m sure every little bit would help.

Luckily, Juicy Secrets is not an ASSTR site, and so we are unaffected by this particular crisis. Of course, we have had our own technical issues from time to time with our site host, kinky-blogging. That’s just how it goes. For now, however, things are running smoothly here.


18 Comments on Report from ASSTR re site issues

  1. gordon says:

    love your story by your authors hope they are here for ever thank you makes a senior feel great thanks

  2. Provita says:

    I tried to get into Leslitas yesterday, but could not…I know from before it could be technical problems. Anyway, I missed reading the stories, but today the site is up and go. Love the stories.

  3. hludens says:

    I wondered what happened. Not that I go there often, with NM so prolific w/zesty archives….

    • Giving credit where credit is due — I should note that although I do arrange the schedule for our postings and put the items up when they’re ready, it’s JetBoy who is responsible for nearly all of our archive research and preparation. He is the man!

  4. catman2k says:

    Are they ever going to fix Leslita??? It’s still in a 2 year old time warp.

  5. annon says:

    any update on the asstr site issues cause it still not showing anything new since the 14th

    • No, we haven’t heard anything else from ASSTR, nor have we received any word from anyone at Leslita about what’s going on there. If we do, we’ll definitely let you know.

  6. Data001 says:

    Hi there,

    Just an update in that the issue that ASSTR has at the moment is that the server the deals with uploading files to the site keeps overheating and then crashes or shut downs. This is why why no updates have not been made.

    The solution is they are moving the site over to a new server and hope to be up and running again by the 1st September so no updates until then.

    BTW I’m not a admin of ASSTR just an author and a IT geek who has a found a few posts from one of the ASSTR admin about the issues they are having at the moment on their newsgroup.

  7. LurkHer says:

    Does anyone know if this will fix the issues with the search page not working that it has been having for a while now? I miss the category search.

  8. Sony_Summers says:

    I have some writing that I really want to publish on ASSTR, especially as I can’t really find anywhere else that will take it. I lost the first account I created, contacted admins to try and get it reactivated but got no response. Applied for another one and it’s still pending after months. We’re into September now and nothing looks to be changing, I can’t raise a squeak from the admins using the contact form on the site. Basically much of my work looks set to be novel length, and some of my characters are too young for most story sites. In the absence of a revival of ASSTR, does anyone know where I might have more luck?

  9. hludens says:

    ASSTR unreachable again-11-13-17

  10. Isabella says:

    if you view asstr through firefox it seems to work, I’ve published several new stories this year on asstr

  11. annao says:

    anyone know what going on with asstr now as there have been no updates for almost a month now

  12. thingy says:

    there’s a site named something like xyz.asstrorg or whatever it actually is.That site might be the cause of vanishing. This similarily named site is just there to track you and cause the problems and has NO asstr-like content and has NO connection with at all. Spread the word.

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