Ultimate Surrender, Chapter 1

  • Posted on April 5, 2017 at 1:36 pm

By Girl Lover

Nine-year-olds Bonnie and Jennie had just sat down to eat their lunch in the cafeteria at Reilly Elementary School when Stacy surprised the other fourth-graders around her. “Did you know there’s a lesbian bar near my house?!”

The other girls beside her began snickering. “Really?!” “OhmyGod…!” “That’s gross!”

Several chairs away, Bonnie and Jennie were listening in. “What’s a lesbian?” Jennie whispered to Bonnie.

“A woman that likes other women. I saw it on TV.”

Jennie’s eyes grew big as she wondered how such a thing could be. “You mean a woman who falls in love with another woman instead of a man?”

“Mmm-hmm,” Bonnie mumbled, her mouth full of spaghetti.

They were best friends, always together at school. Jennie, very timid and shy, was always quiet around others and never talked to anyone but Bonnie. This was because the other kids were always making fun of her being that she was the only one without a cell phone, always seemed to wear the same dirty clothes everyday, carried an old torn backpack, and was constantly out of the loop as to current movies and music.

A year ago, Bonnie had seen how Jennie was ignored and mistreated, and befriended her. She seemed to be really clumsy, always falling down and getting hurt. Bonnie would sometimes kid her about it and Jennie would go along with it good-naturedly. Though they were the best of friends, Bonnie had never been over to Jennie’s house. Whenever Bonnie would ask if she could come over, Jennie always told her that her parents said it wasn’t a good time. Once Jennie had gone over to Bonnie’s house, but the next day she said she couldn’t come over anymore. She had hurt her shoulder and her mom wanted her to stay home so her arm would heal. She had to wear a brace for two weeks and Bonnie carried her stuff for her. Nobody else even bothered to ask her about it, much less help her. Bonnie wasn’t just her best friend, she was her only friend.

Carol asked Stacy, “How do you know it’s a lesbian bar?”

“My sister told me about it.”

“And how does she know about it?”

“Because she’s been there,” Stacy replied, “It’s across the highway from the theater near my house.”

“What did your sister say they do in there?”

“Well, she says that a lot of the women look like guys, and they talk and shoot pool…” Stacy answered, and then with a mischievous smile, she added, “…and they make out with other women there.”

“EEWWW!” the girls said in unison.

“Oh, you haven’t heard the best part!” Stacy exclaimed. She waited a few seconds for everyone’s attention, then stated, “She says there’s a wrestling ring where they wrestle each other naked!”

“No way!” “You’re making this up.”

“No, I’m not!” Stacy insisted, “My sister told me she saw it.”

“I still don’t believe you. Why would they wrestle naked?!”

“I don’t know!”

At their end of the table, Jennie asked Bonnie, “Do you think she’s telling the truth?”

“I don’t know. It does seem a little weird,” Bonnie replied. “I mean, why would a woman want to wrestle other women naked?”

She took a sip of her milk, thinking about it. Despite being weird, the weirdness gave it a certain appeal. Women who look like guys, women making out with other women, naked wrestling. She stared off into space, a far-away look in her eyes as she tried to imagine it. The more she imagined it, the more intriguing it became, and the more she wanted to see it for herself.

But there was no way that she would be able to. She would have to sneak out of her house, go all the way over there and then sneak back in without getting caught. She would have to put something under her blanket to make it look like she was asleep in case Mom or Dad were to check on her while she was gone….

Bonnie’s eyebrows raised as she stopped sipping her milk. Her parents always came in to tell her good night at about nine o’clock before going to their room. Afterwards, she could put a pillow under her blanket to make it look like she was in bed and she had a wig leftover from Halloween that she could use to be her dark hair to complete the look. She knew the theater and the highway that Stacy referred to. It would only take her about five minutes to get to the theater and then she could cross the bridge. This might actually work.


Bonnie eyes popped open at the sound of her name.

“Whatcha thinking about?” Jennie asked.

“Nothing!” Bonnie quickly said, her face growing warm.

“Are you thinking of going over to that place?” Jennie asked. “That one Stacy is talking about?”

Now Bonnie blushed.

Jennie gasped quietly, pushing her strawberry-blond hair out of her eyes, “You are!”

Bonnie looked down at the table, peering upwards at Jennie. “You don’t think I’m weird, do you?”

“Of course not! I’d kinda like to see it too,” Jennie assured her.

Bonnie smiled in relief.

“I wish I could go with you,” Jennie whispered.

“Why dontcha?”

“I can’t,” she said regretfully, “My mom’s sick and is staying home instead of working tonight.” Then Jennie then grinned slyly, “So… how’re you gonna do it?”

Bonnie bit her lip as she was thinking, “I’m gonna put a pillow under my blanket to make it look like I’m in bed, then I’ll crawl out the window and walk over there.”

“But how’re you gonna get inside?!” Jennie told her, “They’re not just gonna let you.”

“Maybe there’ll be a window that I can peek in.”

Jennie grinned, “I can’t believe you’re gonna sneak out and go over there.”

Bonnie agreed, “That makes two of us.”


That night, Bonnie lay awake in her darkened bedroom. The house was quiet and the only light came from the little nightlight plugged into the wall. Several minutes earlier, her parents had told her good night and had gone to their room. Now she was waiting for them to fall asleep.

Holding her breath, she quietly got out of bed and went to the door. Ever so slowly, she twisted the knob and pulled it open, listening. Then she poked her head out to look at the bottom of her parents’ door to see if their light was out. It was. Hearing nothing, she slowly closed it, making sure to make no noise.

Taking a deep breath, she got to work. She went to her chest of drawers and quietly got dressed. Then putting a couple of pillows under her blanket, she folded and refolded them till they looked like a person with her legs bent under the blanket. She grabbed her wig and carefully placed it on the pillow at the head so that it looked like her.

Going over to the window, she slowly opened it, climbed up on the wooden toy box and stepped through, dropping to the ground below. After slowly closing the window, she quickly ran to the street and then to the corner. Once she was out of sight of her parent’s house, she slowed to a walk and began the journey.

As she walked down the dark, silent street, she tried not to imagine zombies coming out of the shadows. She shouldn’t have watched all those Walking Dead episodes. It was funny how the mere absence of light caused everything to look so different. Definitely scarier.

She came to the intersection and turned left. As she walked, she tried to think of what was on the other side of the highway from the theater. There was a grocery store a little ways down, but she couldn’t think of anything else. She heard a car approaching and quickly leapt into the shadows that the trees cast along the road and watched warily as it passed by, unaware of her. For a second there, she was afraid it was her parents looking for her.

Stepping out again, she looked ahead, seeing the parking lot of the theater, and continued. After crossing the parking lot, she approached the bridge going across the highway. With the cars whizzing by below her, she walked across, scanning the other side and looking at all the buildings. All of them were regular businesses, closed with empty parking lots. After crossing the bridge, she looked left and right, not knowing where to go. To the right, she noticed a parking lot which wasn’t empty, but full. And not with cars, but motorcycles. A lot of motorcycles; more than she had ever seen before. In her excitement, she hurried over.

As she approached, she finally saw it. Lighting up the front of the building with a purple glow was the name, Leather & Lace, written in cursive in purple neon lights. Bonnie looked for a window to peek through, but couldn’t see any. She quickly walked across the parking lot to look at the other side, but upon coming around the corner, she was greatly disappointed to see that there were no windows anywhere. Frustrated, she slowly came back towards the front, thinking how all her efforts were in vain.

As she was wondering about trying to peek inside the door, she heard a loud noise behind her. Scared, she turned around and froze, like a deer caught in the headlights, as a blinding light and a low growling noise rushed up to her. The light and noise were suddenly cut off. A tall, imposing figure climbed off and slowly walked up as Bonnie stared in awe. From the hair and face, she could tell it was a woman, but not like any she had ever seen. Clothed all in black, wearing army boots and a black leather jacket, she embodied fear and respect. Bonnie stared at a tattoo on her upper chest that peeked out from under the neck of her tank top; a winged figure, engulfed in flames, with the words Burning Angels emblazoned above it.

At six feet tall, the woman towered over Bonnie as she ran her fingers through her dark blue hair, then asked, “What are you doing out here?”

Being caught sneaking around by someone who looked more like a demon than a person, Bonnie couldn’t make her mouth work. Her lips just quivered uselessly.

Her piercing eyes penetrating Bonnie, the woman asked, “You with someone?”

Bonnie slowly shook her head, still staring fearfully.

“You lost?”

Bonnie slowly shook her head again.

“Aren’t you a little young to be out this late?”

Bonnie looked down at the ground, feeling like she was in trouble, and whispered, “I… wanted to…” then her voice failed her and she faltered.

The woman tilted her chin up so Bonnie was looking at her and asked, “How old are you?”

“Nine,” Bonnie whispered.

The woman looked at her for several seconds, studying her, then knelt in front of her and asked, “Were you wanting to go inside?”

Bonnie hesitated for a few seconds, then nodded subtly.

The woman grinned at her. “What’s your name?”

“Bonnie,” she whispered.

“I’m Raven.”

“Like the bird?”

The woman smiled. “No, like the bike,” she answered, flicking her thumb toward the black Yamaha R6 motorcycle behind her.

Bonnie glanced behind her at it. Like the woman, it looked both powerful and demonic.

Raven asked, “Why do you want to go inside here?”

Suddenly feeling foolish, Bonnie mumbled, “I heard… there was… wrestling…”

The woman chuckled quietly, “Wrestling huh? Yeah… there’s wrestling. And you wanna see it?”

Bonnie nodded meekly. The woman stood up and held out her hand, snickering, “Come on.”

In a state of shock that she was actually going to go inside after all, Bonnie took the offered hand. The tall woman walked towards the door and opened it. Immediately, a torrent of noise burst from inside, startling Bonnie. The woman led her inside a small dark room with the walls covered by posters.

A large black woman sitting on a stool by a counter looked at Bonnie, “Raven, you know kids ain’t allowed in here!”

“She just wants to see the show.”

The black woman sniffed her disapproval, then warned, “Keep her close. You know how some of those bitches can be.”

Raven looked at Bonnie, grinning, “Yeah.”

Raven walked forward, pulling Bonnie into another world. A world as dark and intimidating as Raven, from the dimly lit interior and loud metal music to the throng of menacing women, most of whom were dressed like Raven, but none of whom looked friendly. Their fearsome stares caused Bonnie to grip Raven’s hand tightly as she was led through the crowded club.

After a minute, Raven stopped in a corner in the back of the club, adjacent to a large stage with a set of three ropes surrounding it. A muscular woman, standing on the stage, watched them as they approached.

Raven put one of her feet up on the stage and began untying her boot. She pulled it off along with her sock, dropping it on the floor, then untied and pulled off her other boot and sock. She then pulled off her heavy black leather jacket and dropped it on top of her boots. She turned to face Bonnie, and to Bonnie’s complete shock, pulled her tank top up over her head, and then dropped it too, revealing large braless breasts along with several tattoos.

With her eyes bulging out, Bonnie’s mouth fell open as Raven then proceeded to unbutton her jeans and pull them off as well, dropping them on top of the rest of her clothes.

Fully nude, Raven told her, “Stay here!” as she grasped the ropes and pulled herself up onto the stage. She walked towards the woman, then looked past her as an Asian woman, equally naked, also climbed up on the stage and approached.

The woman in the middle, the only one still dressed, yelled out to the audience who had now gathered round to watch, in a booming voice that Bonnie was easily able to hear over the raucous din: “TONIGHT! RAVEN…!” she pointed to Raven, who snarled menacingly at the other naked woman “…VERSUS…” she pointed to the Asian woman, who glared back threateningly “…JINX!”

The announcer raised her arms upwards. “WELCOME TO ULTIMATE SURRENDERRRRR…!”

The crowd roared as Bonnie almost peed her pants, partly from fear, partly from excitement, as her mind began to grasp what was about to happen. OhmyGod! It’s true! They really are going to wrestle naked!

The woman in the middle backed up as Raven and Jinx looked at each other for a few seconds. Suddenly Jinx leapt at Raven, who caught her in mid-air, flipped her over and slammed her down. Jinx quickly jumped up as Raven grappled her around the waist. Each holding on to the other, they fell over, straining as they tried to subdue each other.

Bonnie could only stare at this unbelievable spectacle as the women struggled and rolled on the floor of the stage. It was something she never would have believed in a million years, but here it was happening right before her eyes. Stacy was right, she thought to herself. They’re naked… and they’re wrestling, because… who knows!

It was actually quite shocking for Bonnie to watch because the wrestling seemed so brutal. Raven, obviously the stronger of the two, had Jinx pinned down now and, to Bonnie’s shock, had forced her hand inside the other woman’s vagina, causing Jinx’s face to twist in pain.

As she stood gaping at the wild action, Bonnie suddenly felt someone touching her, and turned around. A woman as old as her grandmother was next to her, rubbing her back. “Ain’t you a sweet thing,” the woman said.

Uneasy, Bonnie backed away, bumping into the wall behind her.

The woman came closer. “Hey, I just wanna be your friend,” she slurred the words, obviously drunk. “D’ya wanna go somewhere that ain’t so noisy?”

Bonnie shook her head vigorously and tried to leave, but she had unwittingly backed herself into a corner. The woman grabbed her arm, “Come on… I’ve been watching you tease me with that little tush of yours, so I knows you want it.” She pulled Bonnie out of the corner and though Bonnie tried getting away, the woman was remarkably strong.

From out of nowhere, a hand shot out and grabbed the old woman’s arm, twisting it so that she cried out and let go of Bonnie. As Bonnie watched in surprise, Raven, standing behind the woman, spun her around and slammed her up against the wall. With a threatening glare, Raven growled, “Fuck off!” The woman seemed to quickly sober up as she stared wide-eyed back at Raven for a second, then shuffled away.

Raven watched her leave before turning back to Bonnie, “Are you okay?”

Bonnie nodded her head.

Raven bent down, picked up her jeans and pulled them on, getting dressed as Bonnie watched her silently, not knowing what to say. After she was dressed, Raven took Bonnie’s hand and led her over to the bar, where they each took a stool. “Guinness,” she told the woman behind the bar, then turned to Bonnie, “You want anything?”

“……,” Bonnie whispered.

“What?!” Raven asked. “You need to speak up.”

“Can I have a Mountain Dew, please?” Bonnie said a little louder.

Turning to the bartender, Raven told her, “Also a Mountain Dew.” As the bartender handed them their drinks, Raven asked Bonnie, “So, what did you think of the wrestling?”

Bonnie was silent, not knowing what to say, then asked, “Why do you wrestle naked?”

Raven grinned, “Because it’s sexy,” causing Bonnie’s face to wrinkle in confusion.

“Why did you put your hand in her…?” Bonnie was unsure how to finish her question.

Raven grinned again, “Because I like to dominate girls.”

“What’s that mean?” Bonnie asked.

“I like them to know that I’m stronger than they are.”

“But you hurt her.”

Raven snickered, “No, it looked like I was hurting her, but I wasn’t. It’s a game we play. We pretend that we’re mad at each other, but it’s just fun.”

She looked out across the room for a few seconds, then yelled out, “JINX!” and waved her arm.

Bonnie watched as the Asian girl, Jinx, came over.

“Hey, this is my friend, Bonnie,” said Raven. “She’s worried that I hurt you up there.”

Jinx snickered as she smiled down at Bonnie, “No, she didn’t hurt me at all.”

Turning back to Raven, she added with a sly smile, “It felt good. Very good. Where’s Kala?”

“Sparring at the gym,” Raven replied.

“Tell her I said hi,” Jinx said as she walked away.

“Okay,” Raven called after her, then turned back to see Bonnie staring at her chest. After watching Bonnie inquisitively for a while, she said, “You never told me why you wanted to watch wrestling here.”

Bonnie blushed embarrassingly and her face fell to the floor as she mumbled, “I… w-was… curious… and… and…”

Fuck, she is so cute! Raven thought, as she reached over and brushed a lock of hair from Bonnie’s forehead, then tilted her face up, “Hey, there’s nothing wrong with being curious. Did you like it?”

Smiling nervously, Bonnie nodded her head.

“What did you like about it?” Raven asked, wondering if she would say what Raven suspected.

Once again, Bonnie looked down in embarrassment. Raven told her, “It’s okay. I won’t be mad or laugh at you. Was it because we were naked?”

Bonnie blushed more than ever, and again Raven watched as the girl’s eyes glanced at her chest, then… after several seconds, she barely nodded her head, too ashamed to even look in Raven’s eyes.

To Raven, this was the cutest, most erotic thing she had ever seen. She had never paid attention to kids before, but there was something about this girl that drew her. Something about how she kept looking at her chest and how she was so shy. Raven began having a thought. A dangerous thought. She slowly licked her lips in concentration.

She leaned closer to the little girl and asked, “Bonnie? Would you like to see me naked again? At my house?” She watched Bonnie carefully to see how she would react. Bonnie’s mouth dropped open in surprise and a look of excitement crossed her face. Bonnie remembered her parent’s warnings about going with strangers, but Raven didn’t really seem like a stranger after all this. She slowly nodded.

Raven thought back to that Disney cartoon, Alice in Wonderland, that she used to watch when she was a kid. She remembered Alice falling down the rabbit hole into a land that was both wonderful and dangerous. She was Alice now, perched on the edge of the rabbit hole. Should she jump in and experience everything that Wonderland had to offer, including the dangers? Or should she stay here where it’s safe?

She jumped in.

Raven hopped off the stool and extended her hand towards Bonnie, smiling. Bonnie looked at it, then at Raven smiling at her. She stepped down off the stool and took her hand. Raven led her through the mob and out the door.

Stepping outside into the dark, empty night, the roar of the metal music disappeared behind the closing door and was replaced by the hum of the traffic racing along the nearby highway. Still holding her hand, Raven walked towards her motorcycle as Bonnie began to realize that she too was going to be riding on it.

With a mixture of both excitement and nervousness, she approached, wondering how to even get on as Raven put the key in. As Bonnie stood there, she was suddenly lifted up into the air, then lowered down on top of it. Before she could absorb this, she felt Raven’s body pushing her from behind and quickly turned to see Raven sitting behind her. Raven’s arms reached around her, grasping the handle bars, then suddenly the bike roared to life. Though not nearly as loud as a Harley, it was definitely louder than a car and Bonnie began feeling afraid of falling off.

As if reading her thoughts, Bonnie heard Raven’s voice next to her ear, “Don’t worry. I won’t let you fall.”

Suddenly, Bonnie saw the bike moving and grabbed the gas tank in front of her fearfully as they slowly began to pick up speed. With a slight jolt, the bike left the parking lot and was on the road. As they went faster and faster, Bonnie held onto the gas tank tightly. But after several seconds, she became accustomed to it and calmed down. She had ridden a lot of the rides at Six Flags in San Antonio, so she was used to the feeling and was soon enjoying it. Feeling the wind in her face and roaring in her ears, it felt like she was flying. This must be what it feels like to ride a speeder bike in Return of the Jedi, she remarked to herself. Passing by the cars alongside them, she couldn’t help but smile at the drivers.

After a short while, Raven slowed and turned off onto a street, then turned again, before finally pulling into the driveway of a duplex. Slowing down, the bike headed towards a garage door that raised up as they approached, letting them inside. The bike stopped and Raven turned off the engine. Bonnie again felt herself being lifted up in the air and set onto the ground.

Raven got off and walked towards a door to the left. As she opened it, she pushed a button, closing the garage door and stepped inside, walking through a small kitchen into a living room. Bonnie followed, looking at everything in the living room, which wasn’t much. There was a couch, with some exercise weights beside it, and a shelf with some CDs and a CD player, and that was about it.

Raven walked through into another room which was a bedroom. Pulling off her boots and jacket and dropping them on the floor, she smiled at Bonnie who looked lost, “You can come in.” Bonnie took a few steps and stopped.

Raven pulled her tank top over her head, dropping it on top of her jacket, then unbuttoned her jeans and shucked them off, so that she stood naked before the girl. Bonnie froze as she just stared in stunned amazement. Trying not to laugh at Bonnie’s reaction, Raven lay down on the bed while Bonnie continued to watch, not moving at all.

“Bonnie…?” Raven called softly. Bonnie jerked with a start at the sound of her name.

“Come over here,” Raven encouraged, patting the bed.

Bonnie’s eyebrows raised in surprise and she shuffled forward till she was standing next to the woman.

Raven smiled up at her, “You can touch me if you want.”

Glancing at the naked body lying before her, Bonnie couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “Really?” she whispered.

“Really. You can touch me anywhere you want, and do anything you want.”

“I can even touch your…?”

Raven reached out and stroked the girl’s arm with a finger, repeating slowly, “Anywhere you want. Anything you want.”

Bonnie’s heart pounded and her breathing became heavier as she felt heady. All she had hoped for was to simply see two naked women wrestling, but this…

“Can you… turn over?” she whispered.

Raven rolled over onto her stomach.

“On your hands and knees?”

Raven did so, smiling to herself as she wondered what Bonnie had in mind.

“Wooow…” Bonnie softly breathed out.

Raven looked over to see what the child was looking at, and to her amazement, saw her staring at her hanging boobs as if they were a unicorn. Utterly enthralled, Bonnie slowly reached out a trembling hand and ever so lightly touched a breast. Her hand jerked back slightly as if she had been shocked, but then she reached out again and poked the nipple, pressing it inwards, then slowly glided her finger around and over it. After a minute, she placed her entire hand on the breast and gently squeezed. “It’s so soft,” she whispered.

Raven was just as amazed at Bonnie’s reaction. Of all the women she had been with, Raven had never seen an effect like this. A child experiencing something for the first time. The curiosity. The wonder. The joy. It turned Raven on in a way that she had never felt before.

Bonnie pushed her boobs back and forth, watching them jiggle, then took a nipple in between her finger and thumb and pulled it downward. For the next several minutes, she devoted all her concentration to them, doing all manner of things to them. It was like… a kid playing with a new toy, Raven realized.

Then Bonnie turned her gaze on the rest of Raven’s body and saw the pubic hair between her legs. She reached out and gently touched it, asking, “How come you have all this hair?”

“Because I don’t shave.”

“But I don’t have any hair.”

“You will.”

Running her hand lightly over it, Bonnie exclaimed, “I like how it feels.”

“Me too,” Raven sighed as she felt Bonnie’s little exploring fingers pressing against her skin.

As Bonnie moved around behind to get a better look, she excitedly cried out, “OhmyGod! You have these… these floppy things hanging down and there’s a metal ring going into one of them!”

Raven couldn’t hold back her laughter as her head fell onto the pillow.

“What’s so funny?” Bonnie asked.

Still chuckling, Raven raised her head up again and told her, “I’m sorry. You just sound so funny. Those are labia.”

“Lay-bia?” Bonnie slowly pronounced it, “Did it hurt?”

“Did what hurt?”

“That ring thing.”

“Not really.”

“It looks like it would hurt. Why’d you do it?”

Raven looked back at Bonnie as the girl peered at her upraised butt. “It feels good during sex.”

Bonnie gave a slight gasp as she asked, “You have sex?!”

With a quiet chuckle, Raven answered, “Yes.”

“What’s it like?”

“Sorta like this.”

“Like what?” Bonnie asked.

“What we’re doing.”

“This?! You mean we’re having sex now?!” Bonnie asked incredulously.

“Almost, except there’s more.”

“Like what?” Bonnie asked.

“Other things… like touching my pussy.”

“Your cat?!”

“No. This.” Raven pointed to her pussy.

“That’s your missy.”

“This is a pussy,” Raven corrected her.

“Why’s it called a pussy?”

“I don’t know. It just is.”

“So, touching your… pussy is having sex?”

“Among other things.”

Bonnie reached out and slowly stroked the outside of Raven’s vulva and asked, “You mean like that?”

Breathing out a quiet laugh, Raven rolled over onto her back, then used her hands to hold her pussy lips open. “Touch it in here.”

Bonnie exclaimed excitedly, “Whooaa… it’s all pink inside!”

Another quiet chuckle. Raven suggested, “Try touching it.”

Bonnie, skeptical about touching a place that pee comes out of, gingerly poked it with one finger. “And it’s warm too… and wet.”

Raven’s sides silently shook with each hilarious comment.

“Is it wet cuz it’s pee?” Bonnie asked.

“No,” Raven answered as she tried to stifle her laughter at how cute the girl was.

Bonnie crawled up onto the bed and bent over to look at it more closely. Seeing a small dark hole, she poked her finger into it, asking, “Is this where pee comes from?”

“No, that’s a little higher,” Raven answered.

Bonnie noticed that her finger kept going in deeper, and when she got to her palm, she asked, “How deep is this?”

Watching her, Raven said, “Stick your hand in.”

Bonnie looked at her as if she was crazy, “What?!”

“Go ahead. Try it.”

Squeezing her hand into a fist, she pushed slowly inward. A look of surprise and disgust on her face as she watched her hand disappear inside Raven’s body till it finally stopped halfway up her wrist. Gaping at how her arm was sticking out of Raven’s body, she thought, Jennie’s never going to believe this! and looked up at Raven who was smiling back at her while pinching her own nipples.

Bonnie began pulling her arm out, and as it came out, Raven asked, “Can you put it back in?”


“It feels good.”

Bonnie slid her hand back inside, then looked at Raven, “It does?”

“Yeah…” Raven sighed, “Now can you push it in and out?”

With a dumbfounded look on her face, Bonnie pulled her arm out, then pushed it back in, back in forth in succession. “Like this?” she asked.

“Yeah…” Raven breathed out raggedly, staring at her while pinching her nipples. The sight of this little girl fucking her with her fist pushed Raven over the edge, causing her to explode in orgasm. She groaned as it tore through her and felt a torrent of her juices gushing out.

Bonnie felt her arm being squeezed. Scared, she pulled it out and looked in shocked repugnance at how wet it was.

“You peed on me!” she exclaimed to Raven who was staring at the ceiling and breathing hard. Raven snickered silently to herself at Bonnie’s remark, again marveling at the ignorance of little kids.

“It’s not pee. It’s…” Raven tried to think of how to explain an orgasm to a young girl. “It’s… something that happens when I feel really good.”

Raven sat up on the bed and for a few seconds looked at Bonnie who felt embarrassed and glanced down to look at Raven’s breasts. Gently taking Bonnie’s hands, Raven brought them to her breasts. And as Bonnie’s fingers began to squeeze almost instinctively, Raven ran her fingers lightly through Bonnie’s hair. Slowly, Raven leaned closer, watching for any sign of concern.

Bonnie glanced up and whispered, “What are you doing?”

Raven whispered reassuringly, “It’s okay. I just want to kiss you.”

Raven’s lips came closer till they brushed up against the child’s. Slowly, softly, her lips caressed Bonnie’s who just sat there on her knees, her hands still grasping Raven’s breasts but not moving. All her attention was on being kissed. Her first kiss. By a woman. At the same time, Bonnie felt her back being rubbed, which felt really good, just like a massage.

While kissing Bonnie, Raven opened her eyes on a hunch and as she suspected, Bonnie’s eyes were wide open and looking at her. She pulled away, silently snickering and thinking to herself, God, this girl is so fucking cute! She kept rubbing Bonnie’s back, her hands slipping under the hem of the shirt and gliding along her bare skin.

“Did you like that?” she asked.

Bonnie nodded, smiling shyly.

“Do you want to do it some more?”

Bonnie nodded again. Grinning, Raven leaned in and pressed her lips against the girl’s. Not hard, just gently mouthing her lips while rubbing her bare back. Briefly looking to see if Bonnie’s eyes were still open, Raven saw that they were and pulled away slightly, whispering, “Close your eyes.”

They both closed their eyes and continued to kiss while Raven’s hands slid around to the girl’s sides, sliding her shirt up as her nails grazed along her skin, causing Bonnie to shiver, “Ooh…”

Raven pulled away, “Did that feel good?”

Bonnie nodded. Raven continued grazing her nails up and down her body, causing little shivers each time. “Is it okay if I take your shirt off so it’s not in the way?”

Bonnie thought about whether she wanted Raven to see her naked. Seeing how Raven was already naked and was being so nice to her, Bonnie decided to let her. She raised her arms, and when Raven saw this, she grinned and pulled the child’s shirt up over her head, dropping it on the bed.

As her shirt came off, Bonnie covered her flat nipples with her hands. Raven gently coaxed her arms back down, “Don’t be embarrassed. I’m naked too.”

Though shy at first, Bonnie quickly became comfortable as Raven’s hands continued lightly gliding along her chest and back, producing little shivers from time to time. Every time her fingers rubbed her back, they would snake down underneath Bonnie’s pants a few inches. Her fingers kept reaching farther, going deeper with each plunge. Soon, her left hand was cupping Bonnie’s butt cheek while her index finger tickled her butt crack.

Raven watched Bonnie staring at her in surprise. “Is this okay?”

Not sure what to make of it, Bonnie replied, “I think so.”

Raven continued tickling her little bottom while her other hand rubbed her belly. She unbuttoned her jeans, pulled down the zipper, then reached in, sliding her hand inside her panties till she felt the soft folds of her labia. Using her finger to rub back and forth between the labia, she watched as Bonnie first looked at her strangely, then seemed to stare off into space as her breathing deepened and her eyes glazed over.

Oh fuck… is she gonna come? Raven wondered in amazement, Is a girl this young even able to come?

Raven continued to frig her tiny sex and in answer to her question, Bonnie suddenly tensed up, her hands grabbing onto Raven as she sucked in her breath with a hiss, then her body began convulsing as a warbling cry erupted from her and soon died away as Raven slowly stopped her manipulations. Panting heavily, her hands fell down and she simply hung limp in Raven’s arms as the woman lowered the girl onto the bed.

Still panting, it took Bonnie a minute before she was able to get her breath. She looked up at Raven, her eyes still glazed over and her face flushed, whispering, “W-wha… wha happen…?”

Raven stretched out on her side beside the girl, propped up on an elbow. “Felt good, didn’t it?”

Still on her back, Bonnie’s head turned towards Raven. Her breathing was almost back to normal. “How… did you do that?”

Raven reached over and rubbed her belly, saying mysteriously, “That’s sex.”

Bonnie let out a long breath and sighed sleepily, “Mmm… I like it….” Her eyes closed as she continued breathing deeply.

Seeing that she was falling asleep, Raven continued to slowly and lightly rub her belly while admiring her. This was not how she’d intended for her night to go when she had gone over to Leather & Lace to wrestle. She had planned on hanging out a bit and maybe pick up some cute college girl. Instead, she brought home a nine-year-old kid and fucked her.

Raven looked at Bonnie as she slept. She was only nine, but there was something about her that Raven found irresistible. That magical innocence of childhood when you discover things for the first time and… Damn, she’s cute. The way she lay there called some sort of maternal instinct in Raven, making her want to cuddle her in her arms.

Tracing her finger down her cheek and across her chest, Raven knew she was hooked. This was definitely not going to be a one-night stand. She wanted this to continue. But alas, all good things must come to an end and she had to return this girl back home to her parents.

Raven sat up, picked up her clothes from the floor and got dressed. Gently sitting Bonnie up, she called quietly, “Bonnie… Bonnie…” Bonnie’s eyes fluttered, then slowly opened and looked at Raven. “I need to take you home. Here’s your shirt,” Raven handed her shirt to her.

Sleepily, Bonnie looked at her shirt for several seconds as she began to fall asleep again.

“Bonnie!” Raven woke her up again, then snickered to herself as she also got dressed. Bonnie managed to pull her shirt on and crawl off the bed.

Raven went to the small table and wrote something on a piece of paper, then came over and took Bonnie’s hand. “Come on,” she said, leading her out to the garage. Raven wanted to carry her since she looked so sleepy, but she needed Bonnie to wake up for the ride back to her house. As Bonnie stepped out into the garage, the night air began to wake her up.

Raven picked her up and sat her on the bike, then climbed on behind her. Upon starting it up, the bike roared to life, startling Bonnie into waking up fully. Raven guided the bike out onto the street and then they were off, traveling down the road with Bonnie holding on to the gas tank in front of her. Raven drove back to Leather & Lace and then stopped to ask Bonnie where her house was. Bonnie pointed to the bridge and after Raven drove them across it, Bonnie pointed to the road in front of the theater. As Raven drove, Bonnie would point to where she needed to turn. Finally, when they got to the top of Bonnie’s street, Bonnie tapped on Raven’s hand to signal her to stop.

After pulling the bike over and shutting it off, Raven lifted Bonnie down and got off herself. They walked together towards Bonnie’s house. Judging by the houses, Raven knew that Bonnie’s family was rich. Much more than she was. Bonnie suddenly turned into one of the yards and walked towards the side of the house. Stopping at a window, she turned to face Raven.

Raven squatted before her, “Bonnie…”

Suddenly she felt at a loss of words, not knowing how to say what she wanted to tell the girl. After several seconds, Raven said, “I want to see you again.”

She pulled out the piece of paper she’d written on back at the house. “This is my phone number.” She handed Bonnie the paper. “Any time that you want to, call me and… if you want to, we can… do stuff together.”

“You mean sex?” Bonnie asked.

Raven sniffed in laughter, “Yeah, sex.”

Bonnie smiled, “Okay.” Then, after slipping the paper in her pocket, she stepped onto the cinder blocks below her window and with Raven’s help, hoisted herself through the window and into her room. Peering out at Raven, Bonnie told her goodnight and closed the window.

Raven walked back to her bike, thinking about everything that had happened, then drove home.

Continue on to Chapter 2


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  1. Wow, I really love this story. It feels so genuine and believable. It’s as if I know these characters and I’m standing right there next to them. Just so well written. I think I like this one even better than Girl Lover’s first story for us, “Darkness Falls,” which I also loved. Fantastic work!

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  7. Girl Lover says:

    Thanks everyone. The idea for the story came from a story I read called The If Club. In that story, a young girl snuck over to a lesbian bar that she heard about and met a biker woman. There wasn’t much else to the story but I love the idea. I remembered how I used to sneak out of my house when I was a teen and so this is how I was able to make it so detailed. Also, I am a motorcycle rider and I actually have the same type of bike that Raven does.

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    I’m looking forward to the developing relationship between the big woman and the little girl and how the two little friends’ relationship develops.

    And, and, and, I am so lucky! There are eleven chapters to read!

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