My Sister Megan: A Playful Tale of Incest

  • Posted on March 29, 2017 at 6:19 pm

By Bad Fred

{ This story was originally posted at Lesbian Lolita in October 2009 }

Megan looked very pretty as she furtively emerged from the side of the house. She was wearing the little black skirt I’d bought her. She had on a red halter top, and her short brown hair was pinned up so that her bangs hung around her face.

She walked quickly over to the car and slipped into the passenger seat.

“I’m pretty sure Mom and Dad didn’t see me,” she said, a bit breathless.

I noticed she had put on soft pink lipstick and done her nails the same color.

“Good,” I said. I put the car in gear, backed out of the driveway, and pulled away.

“You look very pretty,” I told her.

Her eyes were light green. They looked very clear and bright when we drove under a streetlamp.

“Thanks. You too.” She smiled at me, but appeared a bit nervous.

There was no way our parents would have approved of her outfit. Sneaking her out of the house was the only way to complete our little mission. She had asked for the skirt for her birthday. It was our “secret gift.” At the party, yesterday, I’d given her a pink unicorn doll, my “not secret gift.” She had pretended to like it.

“The movie starts at eight,” I said, “So hopefully they’re both asleep before we get home. Otherwise sneaking you back in might be tricky.”

“Yeah. I don’t want to get caught.”

When she had asked for the skirt, she’d also asked for another “secret gift.” She wanted me to take her out on a date. I was, needless to say, surprised. She said a “sister date” when I’d asked her what she meant.

I wasn’t sure what a “sister date” was exactly. I assumed she just meant a friendly night out at the movies. But then again… she knew I was a lesbian.

I hadn’t pressed the issue. It was her birthday, and I’d take her out on a date and make it the best I possibly could. If it meant anything more to her, well, we would find out.

I looked down at Megan’s legs, sticking out from the bottom of the skirt. She was a bit paler than me, with light freckles. Her left knee had a bright red bruise, I guess from soccer practice. She was young, just fifteen, but I couldn’t help thinking the black satin fabric laying across her thighs was very sexy.

She noticed me looking. “Watch the road,” she said, but she seemed pleased.


We arrived at the theater. I parked the car and got out. Megan waited in her seat, smiling at me.

“You’ll open my door for me, right?” she asked.

This was her birthday gift. I wanted her to be happy. I went around to her side and opened her door for her. She took my hand as she got out and leaned into me. She seemed very nervous.

“Would you hold my hand?” she asked.

I was wearing a short red dress with heels. I was a few inches taller than her, and slender. She had an athletic build and moved very gracefully. I grasped her hand, and we walked together up to the theater.

I am quite sure we looked amazing.

My friend Jim was working the door that night. It was slow and his manager was not around, so he let us in without paying. After we were through the door, Megan broke away to go get some candy.

I caught Jim staring at her as she walked away. He noticed me, and looked away embarrassed.

I laughed quietly. “You can look, but don’t touch.”

“Meg, uh, looks different tonight.”

“Yeah, she does.”

He smiled, and said, “Man, I could get arrested just for thinking what I’m thinking now.”

I said nothing, but I knew exactly how he felt.

Her skirt fit her perfectly. I hadn’t really seen her clearly in the dim light outside, and I hadn’t actually seen her from behind… until now. When she got to the counter, she squatted down to pick out some candy. Her ass and legs looked amazing.

This was not the first time I’d felt lust for Megan. However, this was the first time it had felt so… serious. What if this really was a real date to her? I mean, she was acting coy, and a bit awkward, but she was fifteen. You’d expect her to be that way on a date.

On the other hand, maybe this was just a fun, weird night with her sister.


We found seats in the auditorium. Megan insisted that we sit way in back, in a corner. The armrests were the type you could fold up, so she pulled up the one between us and leaned into me.

Yes, it was obvious she was taking this date thing a bit too seriously, and I felt a little awkward. However, I didn’t want to push her away, and to be quite honest, I liked that she was being so affectionate. Having her curled up against me felt nice. I decided she hadn’t crossed any lines yet. I put my arm around her and pulled her close.

The movie started. It was some modern vampire story where everyone was beautiful. It wasn’t my sort of thing, but I had decided to humor her and pretend that I liked it.

She handed me the box of candy, and whispered, “Here. Feed them to me.”


“Take one and put it into my mouth.”

“Megan, that is a little weird.”


The theater was dark, and I could only see her silhouette. I felt her push closer to me. She was very… soft.

I took out a piece of candy and put it into her mouth. She wrapped her mouth around my fingers and sucked gently, swallowing the candy down.


That was loud enough to be heard. I certainly didn’t want anyone to notice what was going on. I went on whispering. “Megan. That’s very weird.”

She drew away from me.

“Look,” I went on, “did you intend for this to be a… romantic date?”

She didn’t answer right away. I knew exactly what she was thinking. I mean, it was obvious what was going on. I couldn’t quite believe it, but there was no way to pretend it wasn’t happening. My sister was… well, I didn’t want to put it into words.

I knew she was afraid to say yes. If she did I might freak out, and that would end everything.

But I knew she wouldn’t say no.

“Yes, a little bit,” she whispered.

She sat still, tense, waiting for my response.

It is amazing how fast you can make a life changing decision. My impulse was to give her some speech about how I loved her, but that this was inappropriate. However, I couldn’t get the words out. When I thought about our date ending badly… I couldn’t say anything.

She was so soft, and so pretty. Even in the dim light, her slight, athletic figure looked amazing. I could see her hair silhouetted around her face.

The scene on the movie screen changed, lighting her up. Her green eyes stared at me. She sucked on her lower lip nervously.

I actually wanted her. I wanted her so badly.

I put my arm back around her and pulled her close again. I whispered in her ear, “I love you Megan, very much.” Then I took another piece of candy and put it into her mouth.

She suckled gently on my fingers. Her tongue and lips were so soft and wet. I thought about how they would feel later, against me, sucking and licking. I felt a thrill pass through me.

I was going to fuck my sister. I was going to fuck this sweet, beautiful girl. I had never felt so excited in my life.


We didn’t finish the movie. I made her walk in front of me through the lobby. I wanted to see her ass again. My God, she was hot!

Jim watched us walk out. He gave me a curious look, and was checking out Megan again. I wonder if he had any idea what was about to happen to her.


“How long have you felt this way?” I asked as we drove home.

“A while. Since we went to that summer dance.”

“And you waited until now?”

“Well, I mean, I assumed you would be horrified. But I kept wanting you so bad, and I had to try something.”

She was sitting up stiff, obviously very nervous. She gave me a sheepish look. I reached over and stroked her body.

“Relax, sweetie,” I said, “I’m very happy you did. I mean, yeah I’m a little freaked out, but this is going to be very good.”

We got to a stop sign and I leaned over and kissed her mouth. She was surprised, but parted her lips and leaned into me, kissing me back passionately.

“Do you know much about sex?” I asked.

“I kissed a boy once, but we didn’t do anything.”

“Have you ever masturbated?”

“No!” she said, shocked.

“Really? You can tell me. I do it sometimes.”

She didn’t answer.

“Okay, have you ever had an orgasm?”

“I don’t think so.”

“Trust me, you’d know.”

“So, here is what we do,” I went on, “When we get home I’m going to sneak you into my room and lock the door. We’ll start just kissing. Will that be okay?”

“Yes.” She looked so pretty when she said that.

“So, we can just kiss if you want. But I’m going to want to do more. So after a while I’ll start… doing things to your body, with my mouth and stuff. It’ll feel really good. Okay?”


“So don’t be nervous. You should just relax and let it feel good. It might take awhile, but don’t worry about me. Fine?”

“You don’t want me to do anything to you?”

I smiled. “I want you to do lots of things to me, sweetie, but first we take care of you. After a while it will start feeling really, intensely good. Just relax. Pretty soon you’ll have an orgasm. Then you’ll understand everything.”

“Then I get to do you?” she asked.

“Yeah. Then you get to do me.”


When we got home our parents were already in their room, so it was easy to sneak Megan into the house. She came into my room and I locked the door. She hugged me and we kissed deeply. She pressed her tongue into my mouth, and sucked in my breath. I rubbed her ass, pulling her skirt up and feeling her soft panties.

I turned her around and pushed her down on the bed. I pulled her skirt up, then pulled her panties up into the crack of her ass, and kissed her butt cheeks. She moaned softly.

I wanted to take her so badly at that point. I wanted to pull her panties aside and eat her pussy and asshole, but I stopped myself. She was such a kind, sweet girl, and I didn’t think her first time should be wild or kinky. I turned her back around and kissed her again.

She lay back on the bed passively, and looked up at me licking her lips. She reached up, slowly, and rubbed my chest. I felt her fingers brush against my nipples. She kept rubbing, and watching the look of pleasure on my face.

“That feels nice,” I said, as I pulled the top of my dress down. “You can suck on them, if you want.”

She sat up and helped me take off my bra.

We kissed deeply again, and then she took my nipple into her mouth and sucked gently. I ran my fingers through her hair, and stroked her back. Her mouth felt great on my tits, and I was going crazy with desire. I almost pushed her down again, but I held back. I wanted to take my time, and make this wonderful for her.

After she sucked my tits for a while, I helped her pull her top off, and did the same to her. Her chest was still small, but her nipples were soft, pink, and slightly dimpled. They were so wonderful. I sucked and licked each one, then kissed her mouth again.

Just when I was about to go crazy, she made the next move. She reached up my dress, rubbing her fingers slowly up my leg toward my pussy. She watched me, seeing if I’d stop her.

I smiled and spread my legs, just enough so she could reach. She gently stroked my soft panties, rubbing her finger up and down over my cunt. I felt a shock of pleasure pass through me.

“Megan, that feels really great, but I wanted to do you first.”

She gave me a devious look and said, “Plans can change. Can I eat you?”

She looked so pretty and eager. I wasn’t going to say no.

“Yes. If you want.”

“I just lick, right?”

“And suck too. But yeah, it isn’t difficult.”

She pulled my panties down and spread my legs and gave my pussy a long, slow, tentative lick. It felt amazing.

“Oh God Meg, that is really good.”

I pulled the hem of my dress up higher, so I could see her face. She looked up at me passionately, and kissed my clit, sucking gently on it. Her green eyes were… well, I don’t really have the words. I felt tingles of pleasure spread up through my body.

I let out a long deep moan.

She licked me again. “Should I stick my fingers in?”

“Please, yes,” I gasped, “Two would be nice.”

She rubbed two of her fingers up and down my pussy, getting them moist, then slowly pushed them into my hole, pulling them in and out slowly.

She continued to suck on my clit. I was in ecstasy.

“Do that a little faster, please. Oh God fuck I’m going to come.”

I looked down at her pretty face with her mouth wrapped around my cunt, and I couldn’t hold back. A wave of ecstasy passed over my body. I could feel my hips bucking up. Megan grabbed me tight around the thighs to keep her face planted to my pussy. I shook my head back and forth, as several more waves passed over me. I couldn’t think. It was almost too much. I think I cried out.

I could see her there, still holding on and licking. I would have begged her to stop, it was just too intense, but I couldn’t form words.

I came again. I groaned, “Oh God fuck,” again. I was gasping for air.

I finally got enough composure to gently push her head back from my cunt.

“Oh God oh God oh God.” I just started laughing, it was so good. “Oh God, Megan. Oh fuck.”

She sat back, quite surprised at the intensity of my orgasm. “Please kiss me,” I gasped out.

We embraced, and I kissed her deeply.

“Was it good?” she asked.

“You’re kidding, right?” I had to catch my breath again. “That was the most amazing fucking thing I’ve ever felt.”

Seriously, it was.

I had to rest. I couldn’t move in any coordinated way. My body still tingled, and I gasped a few times as my muscles tightened up, as if my orgasm wasn’t entirely finished.

She rubbed my pussy some more.

“Please… gently, sweetie.”

We kept kissing, and gradually I calmed down.

“It’s your turn now,” I said.

She went to pull her panties down and I stopped her. “Leave them on for a bit, they’re so soft and pretty.”

I pushed her skirt up and wrapped my mouth around her clit, through the sheer fabric. She let out a gentle little moan.

I sucked a bit harder, and pushed her panties a bit into her hole with my thumb.

“Mmmmm. That feels nice,” she said, staring at me intensely, her lips slightly parted.

Then I pulled her panties off and pushed her skirt up around her tummy. Her pussy was thin and delicately shaped. It was light pink, with just a hint of brown hair surrounding it. I spread it open, and ran my tongue gently up from her hole to her clit.

She squirmed a bit and tensed up.

“Relax, sweetie. You don’t have to do anything but lay back and feel good.”

I licked around her hole until she started to get very wet, then plunged into her, kind of scooping up a bit of her juices on my tongue. I licked up to her clit, then pulled away slowly and let a thin strand of pussy juice stretch between my tongue and her pussy.

She saw that and smiled. “I’ve never been so wet.”

“You taste very good.”

I licked more, circling my tongue around her clit. I slipped a finger in. She was so wet it went in easily.

She was moaning more insistently now. Her eyes were closed. She would briefly open them, every few seconds, and look down at me devouring her, then close them again with a look of rapture on her face.

I started fingering and licking her with a rhythmic motion. I felt her trying to relax, like I told her, but I could tell it was getting close. She kept tensing up, and writhing a bit, before relaxing again.

Suddenly her breathing got very heavy, and she let out a long, deep, soothing moan. I felt her whole body tighten up.

“Oh God! Is this it?” she let out.

She looked at me intensely, seemed to relax for a second, then it slammed her back into the bed. “Oh, fuck,” she moaned out. I kept sucking on her clit, just as she’d done for me, and let the waves pass over her. It seemed to last forever. The she relaxed, and gasped, “Oh my God. Oh my God that felt great.”

She laughed, still panting, and got the biggest grin on her face I’ve ever seen. “Oh wow. Is it always like that?”

I got up and lay next to her, putting my arms around her and kissing her face and eyes. “Yes, my sweet Megan, it is always like that.”

“Can we do it again?”

“Yeah. Now?”

“Can we? Please?”

We did, several times each. The later orgasms, of course, were not as intense as the first, her final one only getting a long gentle moan from her.

She curled up next to me. We were both too tired to even kiss anymore, only managing to brush our fumbling lips against each other.

I led her, half asleep, quietly to her room, and put her into her bed. I curled next to her while she drifted off to sleep. Then I gently kissed her cheek, and whispered into her ear, “I love you, Megan. That was the best date I’ve ever had.”

She must have heard me, because she smiled.

The End


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