My Family, Friends, and Sex – Chapter 1

  • Posted on March 15, 2017 at 7:06 pm

By Purple Les

I am nine years old now, everyone calls me Katy, except for one time when there was a substitute teacher at school, and my mom when I am in trouble. I try not to get in trouble ’cause when Mom yells out ‘Kathleen Anne Watson, come here this instant!’ it makes me sick to my stomach.

I live with just my mom. My dad is in Arlington Cemetery. But I didn’t come here to talk about that stuff. I came here to talk about sex.

Yeah, I know what you are thinking, what does a nine-year-old know about sex? Well I know everything. I know about how babies are made, I know about sex diseases, I know about fucking ’cause I have seen lots of porno, and that’s how I know all about all sorts of weird sex too. Most of what I seen online in porno is just funny or stupid or sick, but sometimes it can be sort of hot too — sometimes.

Anyway, I like to read and talk about sex, and I know others do too, so I have read a lot of stuff and thought maybe I should write something to see if anything I have done might be exciting to anyone. I know some things I read I don’t like, or it’s interesting but doesn’t do anything for me, and sometimes I read one that’s so awesome I have to play with myself while I read it. Like ones where girls my age have sex with their sisters and moms and stuff. I don’t have any sisters but you know I have a mom. I admit I’ve thought about it.

But I want to tell you about my cousin Sammie. Her real name is Samantha, but everyone always just calls her Sammie. She’s older than me, she’s 16 now. Yeah, we had sex, and I want to tell you ’bout it, but I got to tell you some other stuff first or nothing will make any sense to you.

I figured out how to play with myself when I was 7 or 8. I would climb on the monkey bars or slide down a pole and it felt neat, so one day I tried to put my teddy bear between my legs and it felt neat, too. In bed at night if I couldn’t fall asleep right away, I would try touching myself down there, and sometimes I could feel really good. Actually, not really good. REALLY good!!

The best was laying on my tummy with my hands under me down there and rubbing around or pushing against my hands.

Also, I found out one time that by pushing myself against the washing machine during the spin cycle, well I didn’t know it at the time, but it gave me a cum. A real good cum. A cum if you don’t know already is an orgasm.

One time I tried that with my pants pulled down, and just when I was about to have a really good cum I heard ‘Kathleen Anne Watson, what on earth..!?’

Well, Mom wasn’t quite as mad as I thought she would be. But I got a long talking to. It wasn’t a mean talking to, she told me a lot of stuff, you know about our bodies and our girl parts and stuff.

So one night in bed I figured out the best place to rub myself, which for me is this little bump right at the top of my slit, and I had good cums after that whenever I wanted to, and I didn’t get caught no more either, though I missed using the washing machine. Since catching me, Mom would only wash clothes when I wasn’t home.

Then one time when I was in 3rd grade, I was in the bathroom at school with my best friend Mary. We was just going out when these three sixth grade girls came in. One of them said, “Yeah, you brats better scram.”

And then another one of them said, “Yeah, you better unless you wanna rub off with us!” Then they all laughed.

We went out but I forgot my book on the sink and went back in. They looked at me and I told them I just forgot my book, but one of them locked the door, and another one of them said, “Did you forget your book, or did you want to join us?”

I just shrugged, and this one who looked older than the rest ’cause she had boobs said, “Do you know what rubbing off is, squirt?”

I said, “Is it like playing with yourself?”

Another girl who was very pretty but had no boobs and had long blonde hair said, “Hey, she’s not so dumb for a 1st grader!” and they all laughed,

I said, “I’m eight and I’m in the 3rd grade!” And they were all like, well la De DA, excuse us, miss 3rd grader. The three of them whispered to each other and looked excited and laughed.

Then the third girl, who I thought looked kind of like a boy more than a girl said, “We’ll let you out, but if you ever tell anyone what we said you’re dead, understand?”

I swore I would never tell anyone, and then the one with boobs said, “If you want to do it with us you can, then we’ll be sure you won’t tell.”

I don’t know why I said okay. I was scared but I had wondered about other girls doing that so I was more curious than scared.

I watched as they reached up under their skirts and pulled down their panties and lifted their skirts up. They started rubbing themselves. The one with boobs had a big black patch of wiry looking, shiny, curly hair down there. The one who looked boyish had no hair there, and the pretty blonde had just a little wisp of light hair there. The blonde girl got on her knees in front of me and pulled my panties down, and told me to lift my skirt. Then she looked real close at my pussy and started to rub her pussy. The other two were watching me, and the boyish one said, “Yeah, real cute. Hey let’s see her ass.” And the blonde turned me around and they were all like ‘mmm, yeah, nice ass,’ which made feel good for some reason. Then I was facing them again and we were all playing with ourselves watching each other. The one with the boobs was sticking her finger in and out of her pussy real fast and it made this wet gloppy noise.

She had a cum, I could tell, and then I had one too, and the boyish one said, “Hey look at her face. She really came! Cool!”

And then boyish girl came, and then the blonde said, “Shit, I’m gonna cum, nice big one , mmm, yeah…” and then there was a loud, pounding sound at the door. We all jumped a foot. I was shaking I was so scared of getting caught.

We heard one of the lady teachers yelling, “What’s going on in there?! Open this door at once! You’d better not be smoking! Open this door right now!”

The sixth graders pulled up their panties, but I had somehow stepped out of mine, and the blonde picked them up and put them in the pocket of her skirt.

Boobs told me to open the door, and they went to the sink and started to wash their hands. I opened the door and the teacher came in real fast saying what’s going on in here and all that stuff. I said the door must have been stuck. She smelled the bathroom air, I guess checking for smoke.

Boobs said, “It’s just like the squirt said. The door must have been stuck or something.”

They were all drying their hands now, but the teacher took my wrists and held my hands to her nose and said, “What have you girls been doing in here? I want the truth!”

The blonde said, “We just had to pee, and we were washing our hands, I guess the kid forgot to wash hers.”

The school bell rang and she told them they could go, but she held me back and told me to wash my hands. Then while I was doing that she said, “Listen Katy, you had better stay away from those three. I know just what was going on in here, and I never want to catch you doing it again. You understand, young lady?”

I didn’t know how she could ever have known, but I could tell she really did know, and I promised her I wouldn’t ever do it again.

After school, the three sixth graders came up to me and Mary, who always walked home with me, and said I better not have squealed on them, and I swore I didn’t, and I said if I had I guess they would have known about it by now, and since they hadn’t got in trouble they believed me. Then the blonde handed me my panties, and said, “Here, I wouldn’t want you to catch cold.” Then they all laughed and walked off.

I shoved my panties in my backpack, and Mary was wide-eyed and wanted to know everything. I told her everything on the way home.

Me and Mary tell each other everything, ’cause we always keep everything we tell each other secret. We don’t do anything sexy with each other. She doesn’t even play with herself, but she liked the idea that I didn’t have underwear on. So when we got to my house we said goodbye. And then as she was walking off, I yelled, “Hey, look!” Then I pulled up my skirt and wiggled my bare butt at her. She laughed and ran off home.

Okay, now about my cousin Sammie and my first real sex with anyone.

I like Sammie. She is so fun and pretty. Her hair is red, and her eyes are blue, and she has boobies, not very big ones, but she is beautiful. And she has a nice butt too. I have seen her in her underwear a couple times, and seen her in her swimsuit, and I love seeing her like that. One time she sat at my desk brushing her long hair and she was just wearing her bra and panties, and she didn’t notice or care that I was on my bed watching her, we were talking but I was really just checking her out, wishing she would get naked, while I lay on my tummy banging the heels of my feet against my butt and wishing I had the nerve to just play with myself right there and then.

I live in Minnesota, way up north in a town that ain’t on the map. Sammie lives way over in Minneapolis, and they visit for a week in the summer. Sammie stays with me and mom.  Her mom and dad — her dad was my dad’s brother, which makes Sammie and me cousins — her dad and mom and little sister stay with my Aunt Billie, who was my dad’s sister. ‘Cause Aunt Billie has more room at her place and she lives in the bigger town south of us that is on the map. Aunt Billie’s real name is Wilhelmina, but don’t call her that unless you want your arm punched hard.

Anyway, they usually come visit in the summer, when it’s like an Amazon rain forest, except the bugs are bigger here than in the Amazon, especially the mosquitoes.

Well that December when we had sex the first time I turned nine. My birthday is a few days before Christmas, which sucks gift and party wise I can tell you. There wasn’t much snow that year, just a foot or so, and they were coming for the holidays. They would be here a day after Christmas. I was thrilled that I wouldn’t have to wait a year to see Sammie.

I love Christmas time — no school, playing with toys, lots of good leftover food, and all the cookies and cakes and pies. It was extra good ’cause Sammie was staying in my room like she always did. My bed is small so she always got the bed, but that was okay with me ’cause I got to sleep in my sleeping bag on the floor, which I love to do.

I always had to go to bed more early than anyone else. My bedroom was upstairs. It was really the attic, and it was cold, but it was all mine. We had a nightlight on the stairway so I wouldn’t kill myself going to the bathroom if I had to at night. I liked it not to be total dark either, they say ghosts aren’t real, but no one really knows that for a fact.

Anyway, my idea was to stay awake till Sammie came to bed, and maybe I could see her undress.

Well when she came up to bed, first off I was laying the wrong way, facing away from the bed. I pretended to be asleep. Sammie got down on the floor and kissed my head, and said, “Goodnight, angel. I love you.” That made me feel so good inside. Sammie was so nice I felt like a creep for even thinking about spying on her. Then I could hear her start to undress, which was kind of exciting in itself. When I heard the zipper on her jeans come down and the sound of her pants and stuff coming off, I was getting real horny. It was fun trying to picture her naked.

I heard her get in bed, and after a little while I heard my bed start to squeak, kinda slow at first. But then it got faster, and then I heard that wet, squishy, gloppy sound. Just like I had heard when I saw that 6th grader play with herself last year.

Holy smokes, I thought to myself, Sammie is rubbing off. I had been thinking she would never do nothing like that. Yet there she was doing it right in my bed, while she thought I was sleeping.

I heard her say as soft as she could, I think she may have had her face in the pillow or her hand over her mouth, “Fuck, um, oh god yes!” and then a bunch of little “oh, oh, oh, god yes!” Then the bed slowly stopped squeaking, and then I heard a big sigh. I could hear her breathing real hard, but then it got softer, and then I heard her settle in and go to sleep.

I hadn’t dared to move or nothing, but now I had my hand down under my pajama bottoms and was touching myself, but then I dozed off.

The next morning she was out of the room before I woke up. I could hear her talking with Mom downstairs. I played with myself, all snuggled in my sleeping bag. I had a nice cum and just lay there feeling good. Then I smelled breakfast so I got up.

Mom, Sammie, Aunt Billie and Aunt Sue, Sammie’s mom, were all sitting around the kitchen table when I came out of the bathroom, still in my pajamas and robe and slippers.

Mom said the women were spending the day out, while Uncle Peter stayed with my other cousin, Sammie’s little sister.

So I said, how come me and Sammie can’t come, and the answer was it was just for grown up women. I don’t know what made me do it, but I opened my robe and pulled my top up and said, “I’m a woman. I have boobs!” Except for Sammie, they all laughed at me.

Aunt Billie said to my mom, “Hey, Carol, your daughter got a couple mosquito bites.”

Aunt Sue said, “If you have boobs, Katy, where are you keeping them? I’m glad there is one female here with smaller boobs than mine.” Of course they all laughed ’cause Aunt Sue has small boobs.

Then Mom said, “Don’t ever grow up, Katy. I love you like you are. And when you get boobs if you ever lift your shirt up like that I’ll ground you for life.”

Well I guess I knew what they meant, I seen myself last summer at a friends when I changed out of my swimsuit. There was a full length mirror in the bathroom, and I’d never seen myself all naked like that. I hated what I saw. My eyes are blue, like my dad’s were, but my hair and skin are dark like my mom’s. I look skinny. My chest is flat like my tummy, my hips only have a little curve, and my legs are so long that I look like a giraffe or something. Also, my pussy looked like a kid’s, just a slit there with no hair. I turned and looked at my behind. That looked good, I thought. I think it is my sexiest part. I thought I looked a little like I had boobs starting under my nipples, but I guess that was what I thought, since the grownups all laughed at me at breakfast.

Then the grownups got ready to leave. Mom told me to go shower and get dressed. Then she hugged me and kissed me and said, “I love you. Be a good girl while I’m out and do everything Sammie tells you to, okay?”

I said I would and hugged her back. Then I went off to shower.

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  1. Cheryl says:

    Oh, my! I love this!! Got me wet!! 🙂

  2. Purple Les says:

    thank you both so much, Cheryl, after cumming a million times to your stories , I can think of no higher praise than your saying it made you wet, thanks so much.

  3. sue says:

    kind of like that this all from the girl’s perspective, and I am wondering what will happen in the shower 😉

  4. Nathan Riches says:

    Since no one else has, I will point out that the reaction from her family when she said she had boobs and showed them seemed t me to be a little mean. Maybe I read it wrong but it certainly didnt seem like it was friendly teasing, and then to hear her reaction to looking at herself in the mirror, thats the kind of thing that can lead to serious body issues. I know I’m just a man and probly dont get it but that was just my impression.

  5. Purple Les says:

    I did mean it to be friendly teasing. Girls and women no matter how beautiful can be unhappy with their bodies. Especially young girls who don’t understand that their bodies change everyday. Thank you for reading my story.

  6. theflash says:

    great stories do you write about cheerleaders flighy attadents or stewadress and gymnnastics

    • sapphmore says:

      Hello theflash, I’m very curious as to the reason you have asked this same question time and again on many different stories, and spelling the words differently each time.

  7. Purple Les says:

    Thanks, I haven’t tried those subjects yet, but there are a lot of great stories at JS with that premise.

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