Her Sister, Her Mentor, Chapter 1

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By Tommy X

Amanda rolled over and looked at the alarm clock. It cast a sickly green glow over the room from the nightstand between her and her sister’s bed.

2:15. Sigh. In just a few hours she was going to start her first day of high school. Why was she so nervous? Her sister, Kelly, was a senior this year and would be there to show her the ropes. Still. Sleep remained frustratingly out of reach.

Amanda rolled back onto her side, brushing the hair out of her face. Only one thing to do, she thought. If sleep wouldn’t come, she certainly would.

As quietly as she was able, Amanda slid her pajama bottoms down over her perky, porcelain ass. The nipples on her small B-cup breasts hardened in anticipation. She slid a hand down her tight stomach and into the red forest of hair that framed her slit. She closed her eyes and tried to conjure up sexy thoughts. She imagined being ravaged by a movie star, a boy in a boy band, an entire boy band.

Not working. Frustration was beginning to take hold. She breathed deeply and let her mind wander.

Her dad’s pornos, the ones in the old cardboard box stashed in the garage. She and Kelly had found them last summer and briefly thumbed through the contents, shocked but curious about what they contained. Their discovery had obviously not gone unnoticed, because the next time Amanda looked for the box, it was gone.

Her mind flooded with images of girls with big breasts spreading their legs on cars, pool tables, bars. Bodies airbrushed to perfection. It was working. In a few minutes she felt an orgasm roar through her as she choked on her own breath. Her spasming hand relaxed and withdrew from her wet snatch. Why did those magazines have such an effect on her?

Just before sleep overtook her, she thought, Could I be bi? No answer came. Only sleep.

The next morning was a blur — an all-out rush to get ready, get clothed, get breakfast, and keep breakfast down as Amanda’s nerves made her stomach do somersaults. By the time she gulped down the last of her cereal and gave her mom a kiss goodbye, Kelly was already in her car honking impatiently.

“Hurry up, Frosh!” Kelly screamed from the car. Amanda jumped into the passenger seat and wasn’t even buckled in by the time Kelly slammed backwards out of the driveway and screeched away to school.

“Jesus,” said Kelly, not even taking her eyes off the road, “That’s what you’re wearing?”

“What?” Amanda looked down at her outfit. Ankle length skirt, cardigan.

Kelly sighed, “Just… think mature, okay? And don’t embarrass me.”

They rolled up to Silvsted High and parked. Amanda, still stung by Kelly’s criticism, inspected her sister closely. She was wearing a knee length skirt that, upon exiting the car, looked closer to mid-thigh. Her shirt was stretched tight across her C-cup breasts and the outline of her bra was visible almost all the way around except where it was obscured by her wavy auburn locks.

And like that, Kelly was off. Not looking back, oblivious to her little sister fumbling between her class registration and a map of their small suburban school.

It rapidly became apparent that this was nothing like junior high. The workload was heavier, the teachers more demanding, and most of all, the social structure more severe. It quickly became apparent that Kelly was near the top of that structure. In fact, she was one of just five senior girls that apparently had the run of the social scene.

At lunch all five of those girls, Kelly, Codi, Cindy, Rachel and Crystal, stood in the back of the cafeteria, looking at everyone, then down to their phones, then up, then down again. Amanda went over to say hi, but Kelly dismissed her out of hand. Amanda tried to not let it bother her, but the snickering of the other girls as she walked back to her table of freshman friends made her face flush with embarrassment and anger.

In between periods, as she stood by her locker she realized that there was someone standing right behind her. She turned around. Codi, the tall blonde leader of the “in” girls was just looking at her and smiling. Amanda wasn’t sure what to do.

Codi smiled and put her phone away, “Can we talk?”

“I’m, I’m going to be late for class,” Amanda stammered.

Codi just laughed. “Don’t worry about it. I think you’ll like what I’m going to say. But we can’t talk here. Come on.” She put her hand on the small of Amanda’s back and ushered her toward the girls’ restroom.

As they walked down the hall, Codi’s high-heel flounce made her breasts bounce pleasingly. She moved with a strut that was perfect for showing off her round ass and long legs. The blonde swayed seductively, as if her entire body was hell-bent on inducing arousal.

As they approached the door, Codi’s hand slipped down Amanda’s back and came to rest on her ass. Amanda felt her face grow hot. What the hell?

Codi pushed open the door to the restroom and guided Amanda in. There were nine other freshmen girls in there. Most of them Amanda knew, while some were from the other junior high. They were all milling about in front of the sinks opposite the stalls. Four of the stalls were closed and Amanda could tell by the shuffling that people were in there. This had a bit of a sinister feel to it. All the girls looked at each other nervously.

SNICK. The door had been locked. Codi marched straight down the line of girls, suddenly commanding the room like a superstar.

“First things first,” she said, “I’m here to offer all of you an opportunity. The chance of a lifetime.”

Everyone straightened up, the girls’ eyes going wide.

“You girls already know us. We are the “in” crowd and we run this school. Anything we want, we get. All the parties, we’re invited. We don’t do homework, we still get A’s. We. Run. This. School.”

She turned on her heel and began to walk back down the line, from one girl to another. Leaning in close enough to breathe on their faces, her ample bosom brushing against each girl in turn.

“We’re seniors now. This is our last year and we will not leave all that we’ve built up to random, chaotic chance. This system is too good. Too much work has gone into it. In short, we’re looking for replacements. Five of you girls are going to step up and take the reins. Five of you will pull the social strings and all the benefits that come with it.”

Codi leaned into Amanda, the older girl’s chest bumping against hers. In spite of herself, Amanda felt a rush of blood to her cheeks and felt her nipples begin to harden. Codi gave her half a smile and winked, devilishly.

“The rules are simple. You do what we say, when we say it, no questions asked. We will mentor you, train you and help you become the best girl you can be. Now, if you think this is all too much, raise your hand now and you are free to go. I warn you, though — if you stay, you belong to us for the duration. So? Who’s out?”

Amanda looked down the line. All the freshmen looked at each other nervously. Two raised their hands.

“Thank you, girls. You may go,” Codi said, opening the door for the two girls who walked out with wide eyes. SNICK, the door locked again. “The rest of you are now ours. This is where the testing begins. The first thing you have to learn is that your sexuality is your most powerful weapon. Now. Strip. Everything but your undies.”

The girls hesitated, looking at each other. What?

“No joke, girls — this is lesson one.” Codi smiled, “Trust me, it’s worth it.”

The girls hesitantly began to undress. Soon, all eight of them were down to their bras and panties.

Codi stood in front of the first one, farthest from Amanda. Reaching into the girl’s bra, she pulled out two wads of padding. “Really, sweetie?” she said. “You don’t need to fake it, girl — those tits are great.” She winked and moved on down the line, inspecting each girl in turn with a lustful gaze.

Finally, Codi got to Amanda. She slowly ran the back of her hand down Amanda’s arm. “So pale. You’re like milk.” Trailing two fingers down her stomach, Codi pulled her panties open and peeked inside. She smiled devilishly, then the waistband snapped back into place.

Once more, Amanda was blushing bright red. She was embarrassed and mortified. But also aroused. Having that girl look at her pussy sent a shiver of arousal through her like nothing she’d ever felt.

Codi stood back and surveyed the group of embarrassed, shy girls, then brought her hands together in a loud clap. “Stand up straight, ladies!” They all stood up to attention — chests thrust out, budding breasts leading the way, eyes fixed on anything but the other girls. “I don’t know what you’re so embarrassed about. This is a hell of a lot less revealing than your average bikini,” said Codi, rolling her eyes.

Then she pointed at three of the girls, “You, you and you. Get your clothes, you’re free to go. Keep your mouths shut about this, or else.”

The selected girls quickly dressed and hustled  themselves out.


Amanda felt strangely proud. She hadn’t been kicked out. Take that, Kelly!

Codi turned back to the others and smiled. She was quite a bit warmer now. “Congratulations, girls! We’ve been watching you from your first day of junior high. You’ve made it this far, but aren’t out of the woods yet. One of the most important qualities we’re looking for is confidence. We won’t ask you to do anything we don’t think is absolutely necessary, but sometimes it might be unpleasant or… undignified. So you’ll really have to believe in yourselves.” She folded her arms. “Now finish stripping. Everything off.”

Without hesitation, the five girls slid off their panties and unhooked their bras. Soon they all stood naked in the cold restroom.

Amanda glanced down the line at the other four nubile bodies. Each girl was slender and attractive, with various sizes and shapes of breasts, every set of nipples visibly erect. Then she took note of their varied pubic areas. Two of them, including Amanda, were hairy. One girl, a tall blond named Courtney, had a silky patch of blonde down. Another, Katie, was either hairless or had done a complete shave job. Finally, Becky had a classic landing strip, if a bit crooked.

Codi reached out for Katie’s hand. “You’re gorgeous, hon, you know that?” She leaned over and kissed her lightly. Katie flinched a little but Codi held her hand firmly. After tenderly nuzzling her cheek, Codi traced her nose all the way across the girl’s face until they were gazing into each other’s eyes, the tiniest gap between them. Katie’s lips were trembling, either from the coolness of the room or excitement.

Codi stepped away. “You guys are doing great.” She pulled her shirt over her head and unsnapped her bra. Her gorgeous tits were now on display. Amanda sucked in a breath. Other than her sister, she hadn’t seen many naked girls before. Codi unzipped her skirt and dropped it to the floor. All the girls’ eyes widened. She wasn’t wearing any panties. Her pussy was shaved completely smooth, the little hood covering her clit just barely visible between the folds of her labia.

Codi reached up and squeezed her breasts, biting her lip as she surveyed the girls. She pulled Katie out of line and stood in front of her.

“You will each be paired up with a life coach, who will show you the ropes and the way we do things around here. Katie, you’ll be with me.”

She then guided each of the girls to the front of a closed toilet stall. “Now, the next pillar in our lessons is love. Not just for your boyfriend — who will be a football player, by the way — but for your mentor. She will show you everything you need to know. She will guide you and be your best friend. And lover.” Codi allowed that to sink in, then clapped her hands. “Everyone, on your knees!”

The girls dropped to the floor. The cold tile was uncomfortable, but no one complained. Amanda looked down the row. Each girl was kneeling in front of a stall except for Katie, who knelt before Codi, her eyes never leaving the older girl’s shaved mound.

Amanda’s head was spinning, and she felt like she was going to hyperventilate. Her clit was throbbing from the excitement of being exposed in front of all these girls. She wanted to reach down and give herself a good rub, slip a finger into her juicy hole.

Codi was smiling right at her, an evil glint in her eyes. Amanda didn’t know why, but it was driving her sexual tension through the roof.

“Okay, ladies,” said Codi. All four stall doors opened.

Amanda saw a long set of legs in front of her. And as her eyes slid up past a hairless pussy, she heard a gasp and “What the fuck, Codi!?” Startled, she looked up at the girl’s face. It was Kelly!

Amanda glanced around in confusion. The other stalls had opened to reveal the other “it” girls, standing naked over their trainees.

Codi laughed. “You know the rules, Kelly. You can quit right now, but I don’t have to tell you what happens then, do I?”

Grimacing, Kelly shook her head. “Shit. Well, Amanda, looks like we’re doing this.”

Codi smiled down at Amanda, “What do you say, Mandy? Stay or go?”

Amanda hesitated. She looked up at Kelly, past her pussy, past those perfect tits. Right into her sister’s eyes. There was panic there. Fear, almost. The older girl was beet red.

Fuck it, she told herself. I’m not backing down. “I’ll stay.”

Kelly was aghast, but Codi was all smiles. “Good!” she said.  “Now give your sister a kiss.” Amanda started to stand. “No, not on the mouth. From right where you are…”

Amanda stared at Codi. Did that mean what she thought it meant? Their eyes locked, Codi slowly nodded.

Amanda swiveled her head back to face Kelly. Her sister’s mouth was agape. Amanda had to admit it: this situation gave her a feeling of power that was very arousing.

She closed her eyes, shut off her brain and leaned forward. The scent of her sister’s cunt smacked Amanda right in the nostrils. It was obvious that sitting in the stall waiting had left Kelly moist and horny. She moved closer, her body pulsing with anticipation.

Puckering her lips, Amanda placed a soft kiss on Kelly’s pussy, as if it was her sister’s cheek.

Raising her head, she glanced back at Codi, wondering if she had to do any more than that.

“Oh, come on!“ Codi huffed. “Really? You think that’s good enough?” She stared down at the girl who knelt before her. “Katie, show us how it’s done.”

Katie glanced down the line of girls, her eyes wide, then looked back to Codi, who placed a hand on the back of Katie’s head and guided it to her pussy. Katie hesitated for a moment… then she began to kiss and lick the older girl’s slit.

Codi threw her head back and groaned. “That’s a good girl. Ohhh, yes, yes.” She bucked her hips a little. Suddenly, she pushed Katie away. Katie looked up, surprised. Her hand wandered to her own breasts and tweaked her tiny pink nipples. Her other hand slid down her leg to her clit, which she gently rubbed.

Codi turned to the other girls. “Like that, ladies.”

The sight of Katie going down on Codi had nearly made Amanda pass out from excitement. I’m supposed to do that to my own sister, she realized.

The other senior girls stepped forward. Each of their charges dutifully began, with varying degrees of expertise, to lick and suck at their mentors’ wet pussies.

Amanda looked back at Kelly. She was hungry now. Her brain had been taken over by lust. There was just her, Kelly, and the longing she felt.

Kelly backed away slightly, shocked by what she saw in her sister’s eyes. Amanda reached out, grabbed Kelly’s ass and fastened her mouth to her sister’s cunt.

She ran her tongue around Kelly’s wet clitoris, slipped it down between the folds of her slit, then ran it up and down. Kelly moaned, despite herself. That was the encouragement Amanda craved. She sucked on her sister’s clit, flicking it with her tongue as she slid one hand from Kelly’s tight little ass to her pussy. Her head was spinning, her body was exploding with waves of shock and pleasure like mini-orgasms. She slipped a finger into her sister’s juicy hole and began fingering her.

“Oh, fuck, Mandy!” Kelly moaned, leaning against the stall partition for balance. Her hips began involuntarily grinding into her sister’s mouth. The air around them began to fill with the whimpers and moans of the girls who were getting eaten out.

A gasp, a shuddering orgasm. Then another, and another, and more.

Amanda became aware that she and Kelly were now the only ones left performing. The older girls were slumped against the wall, their young charges at their feet, most of them furiously masturbating while they watched Amanda ravish her sister.

Amanda peered up, Kelly looked down — and as their eyes met and locked, Kelly began to shake. Her knees buckled her to the ground, but Amanda never stopped licking, sucking, fingering. An orgasm ripped through Kelly as she lay on the bathroom floor, legs spread, hands squeezing her tits, little sister eating her pussy. Amanda felt her sister’s pussy flex and pull at her fingers. Her own clit seemed to vibrate as a flow of Kelly’s fragrant juices coated her fingers, lips, tongue and chin.

After her orgasm, Kelly pushed Amanda away, her heart racing, her vision blurred. “Jesus, Mandy,” was all she could manage.

Amanda’s mouth was sticky with her sister’s juices. She eagerly licked her lips and her fingers, tasting every drop she could.

“Well, now, “said Codi, still flushed with sex. “This looks like a good group, I’d say.”

Exchanging shy smiles, all the girls quietly cleaned up and went to class.

Oddly, their absence went unremarked by their teachers. Amanda had to wonder… what exactly was going on here?

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