So When Do We Get to the Sex?

  • Posted on February 16, 2017 at 9:12 am

By Cheryl Taggert 

Sex and sex and more sex. That’s what this site is all about, right?

Not so fast. There may be more to Juicy Secrets than just giving our readers something to help them jack or jill off. We aren’t your typical erotica website. Sure, orgasms are the goal, just as getting runners to home plate is the goal in baseball when a team is at bat, and preventing that when a team is in the field. I’m not much on sports, but I do at least know that much. But this metaphor of relating the reading of erotic fiction to reach an orgasm through a particular type of entertainment to a game in sports is more accurate than one would believe at first blush.

Again, I know very little about sports — only what I was forced to learn in school — but one thing I do know is that some teams are better at achieving those goals than others. It’s the team that is better at playing the game that usually wins. And that’s because it isn’t the goal that matters, but how the goal is achieved. In other words, it’s the way each individual player approaches the game that is most important. And the players who have the better approach to the game are the ones who are the most successful, even within the framework of a single team. That is why I was often the last or close to the last person chosen when we picked teams for softball at my school. You see, I throw like a girl, but that’s fine with me. I am a girl.

But while I throw like a girl, I write like a pro. So does Naughty Mommy. And JetBoy does as well. So do all the other writers published here. Because, you see, while the orgasm is the goal, the quality of the story is the game. And that is what’s most important to us, the owners of this site.

We have published quite a few stories as well as chapters of longer works here in the past twenty-one months. Over 900 stories and chapters have been posted to the site (as of this writing), and that doesn’t include the nearly twenty blog entries, stories, and chapters that are waiting to be posted. And there are many more to come beyond those. We have seen a tremendous increase in stories sent our way that meet our standards, and I can attest to the high bar we set for writers of our type of fiction. It takes all three of the site’s owners to agree to publish a story for that to happen. We each have veto power, so only the best gets shown to our readers.

Lately, we have tried to push the envelope a bit to bring you the best erotic fiction we can find. We have posted our first story that includes some male sexual activity beyond what would be necessary for the plot. The author requested that we keep this part in if we wished to publish it, and after reading the entire story, we all agreed. The quality of the story was just too good to pass up, especially since the final lesbian scene that is the ultimate payoff positively sizzles.

We search for good stories. We search for writers as anal about good writing as we are. But often the stories with the best writing take a while to develop enough to introduce the sex. If a reader encounters a story and cares nothing about the characters in the story, he or she will stop reading it soon. Writers of quality erotica take the time to allow us to get to know the characters before rushing them into a sex scene, or they take the time to develop a situation fully. Writers of bad erotica just want to get off and stop writing.

We are fully aware that this can be frustrating for readers at times. I vividly recall getting the next chapter of Naughty Mommy’s wonderful tale, Serendipityreading it, and finding there was very little sex in the chapter, if any at all. I found myself wanting to read about the sexual encounter I knew was on the horizon but had not been written yet. I had to wait, but in the end, her pacing of that fine story made everything better. And by the time Serendipity reached its ending, I was too involved with the characters and their situations to ever abandon reading it.

I took a big chance with my own I Was the Daughter of a Porn Star when I decided I wanted more to my saga than just one sexual encounter after another. I wanted tension. I wanted my characters to have problems. I wanted verisimilitude, which is the appearance of reality in a fictional situation. I discussed my plan with my partners through emails before starting that voyage, and they agreed with me. In Part Two of the novel, I thrust my characters into situations that involved blackmail, kidnapping, sexual slavery, and a daring escape, among others. Two characters I’d taken time to develop died. A seven-year-old girl lived without her mother until she was twelve. I was taking a big chance, but I think those who stuck with this story have enjoyed it more than if I had continued with the “sexual encounter of the week” format I had been following. Part Three has its own situations and conflicts, and more problems lurk on the horizon, despite the fact that everything seems perfect for our heroine at present. That’s how real life is.

JetBoy’s story, “Loving Lisa,” which so far has eight chapters for your reading pleasure, took quite a while getting to the sex. The opening chapter has none between the narrator and the girl she’s so attracted to. Yes, the young girl, Lisa, is seen masturbating, but that’s it. There are small scenes of sexual play between the narrator and Lisa, with each being hotter than the last, but the payoff doesn’t really come until Chapter 6. This story is an adaptation of a story by Louisa May, something JetBoy excels at, and as good as Louisa May’s writing was, I am convinced that JetBoy’s adaptation is better. I am certain of one thing about JetBoy. I am not heterosexual, but I imagine his wife is a happy woman when it comes to sex because this man knows how to build to the payoff.

I have visited many story sites like ours, and often I am less than thrilled. If I open a story and two people are engaged in sex in the opening paragraph, I skim forward to about the halfway point to check out where the story is headed. Then 9 times out of 10, I find another story, unless I am very familiar with that author and understand why it is written the way it is. To me, the only time that would be the way to open a story is if it leads to a flashback or some other seduction, or if the story itself depends on the sexual encounter to continue. It’s as simple as that because the sex itself isn’t what really gets me going. It’s the lead up. The seduction. The situation. Is that because I’m a woman? I hope not. I like to think men enjoy quality erotica as well.

We will soon be publishing a story that just came to us that has absolutely no sex until chapter three, and that is only a brief encounter. Likewise, No One’s wonderful tale, “Remnants,” merely hints at sex until halfway through the third part of a three-part story, yet we felt honored to publish it for our readers. Why? Because it was well-written, a story that allowed us to get to know the two main characters, one of whom doesn’t show up until chapter two. When the sex finally arrived for us, it was a pay-off worth waiting for. It takes talent to do what No One and the other author I mention in the first sentence of this paragraph have done. They understand the nuances of the game, so they play it extremely well.

And that’s the name of the game in erotica. What each of us tries to do is include enough sex to make it erotic and provide satisfaction to our readers, while including enough story, character, and conflict to keep readers coming back to find out how everything turns out. It’s called pacing. 

The title of this blog article is a question that has been asked probably countless times in emails and comments on the site. We do not apologize for making you wait. The sex will come, but only after you get to know who the characters are beyond their names. I’m certain the vast majority of our readers appreciate that. Look at it this way. Ask any woman if she would prefer a partner who takes his or her time getting her to her first orgasm of their encounter, or one that dives in straight for the clit to see if he or she can beat that twenty-five second record for bringing the woman off, and see what answer you get. I doubt the answer would surprise you unless you are totally inexperienced with sex beyond masturbation. We here at Juicy Secrets are the same way as every woman on the planet. We enjoy the foreplay as much as the orgasm, if not more.

So come along for the ride. The payoff is always better when the ride is longer.


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  1. JetBoy says:

    Not all great sex stories need time to build and develop… but the lion’s share of them do. Look at it this way: you have more invested in the story when you’ve gotten to know the characters, to understand how they think and feel. (And in the case of sex fiction that involves underage girls and/or incest, there’s nearly always got to be some kind of internal struggle for at least one of the characters, to make the plot ring true… and just as in real life, those require time to work through.)

    There’s a scene in Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life where John Cleese is teaching a classful of utterly bored boys about the art of pleasuring a woman, in which he warns against the error of rushing foreplay — or as he memorably puts it, “stampeding to the clitoris.” Whenever I read a sex story that hastens too quickly to the juicy bits, I shake my head and think, This could’ve been really hot — but sadly, the author stampeded to the clitoris.

    If the story is any good, the sexy parts will be worth waiting for… and you’ll get off all the more powerfully when reading them.

    • kacey says:

      Never, ever thought I’d an item on erotica that referenced ‘The Meaning of Life’, let alone John Cleese!!! Classic JB, just classic! 🙂

      • JetBoy says:

        Actually, Casey, my original idea was to refer instead to the French film The Wages of Fear, an edge-of-the-seat thriller that takes a full hour to get to the serious action. That first hour is used to introduce us to the characters, to make us fully familiar with their desperate situation — and their need to escape it.

        The Wages of Fear is one of the most exciting films ever made, yet many viewers with the attention span of newts complain that it “takes forever to get started.” Sadly, some people take a similar view when it comes to sex stories.

        Anyhow, I decided to use the example of Monty Python instead, not wanting to seem so much of a film snob (even though I am).

  2. Rita777 says:

    Here’s a story I found like 5 years ago at 1st on Now the writer posts new chapters on his own blog. Sometimes the new chapters come every 6 months and the last update took 7 months and the story wonders a bit, but it’s still a good story with lots of promiss, I think the writer could use some help tho. This is the story it’s up to chapter 21 now. When this story 1st started Wendy the main was 15 years old but with the story being on literotica she had to be 18 so the story took a jump in her age and the stoty suffered until the author started writing from his own blog. I think the story would do better here or at least the author could rewrite the last few chapters going back to a 16 yearn old girl.

  3. Sid says:

    I personally LOVE the build-up of the stories here. Sure, we all love a good stroke (rub), but the journey there is often almost as good as the actual sex! That is what sets this site apart from all the others, in my opinion. Please, whatever you do, don’t give in to the sub-par writing many other sites have. Keep your standards (and our libidos) high!

  4. robt66 says:

    You folks are among the best. Don’t change a thing in your style. There are plenty of “instant gratification” stories out there already, I prefer adult written erotica.

  5. Matthew says:

    This is full of excuses for lack of creativity. You think you have to throw obstacles up just for the sake of it. Not true. You think you have to add new characters (a la “Daughter of a Pornstar” and many others on this site) to have a good story. Not true.

    You can write sex with emotion, in different settings, with different people outside your main “pairing,” a romantic “love at first sight” encounter, a sexual relationship that turns romantic, etc. etc. All of these themes are woefully underexplored on this site.

    The problem with the kind of story you’re lamenting that is just sex is that it doesn’t build the characters and their stories. I will argue that you can do both simultaneously.

    I left a comment that this seems to be in answer to, and my challenge remains. You can be creative and still include sex. I’ve read stories like that, and I’ve written them (not appropriate for this site).

    It can be done, and I hope you find your way to doing it, and stop this making excuses.

  6. Matthew says:

    Oh…and, this is the only new post on the site today, excuses. Pretty pathetic.

    • Matthew, my partners and I have been quite clear that we are happy running the site the way it is run — all using 100% volunteer effort by the way, without a penny being made. You are, of course, free to disagree with how we do things, but you must try harder not to be so antagonistic about it. You’re sounding more and more like a troll, which we will not tolerate. My suggestion is to either practice more politeness in your comments, or simply go away and leave us alone.

      • Cheryl says:

        Amen! Matthew, perhaps you should try to start your own site. You obviously have a problem with the stories we feature, particularly seeing them as lacking in some way. It’s easy to make yourself happy with what you’re reading, just as it is easy for you to watch the TV shows you enjoy. Just change the channel. I believe we have addressed your complaints before. Continuing to complain is childish and reminds me of the teenagers I teach when they are jealous of someone’s efforts. We are what we are, and the majority of our readers disagree with you.

        So may I second my colleague’s suggestion. Be polite or go away. I’m growing weary of your pouting.

        • JetBoy says:

          Neither I nor my partners are “making excuses” for ANYTHING, pal. We are all mightily proud and quite satisfied with what we’ve created here. If you find our efforts lacking… well, you’re more then free to go find some other site to yank your crank to. Hell, I’ll hold the door open for you on the way out.

          • Cheryl says:

            Thank you for this. Being a man, you are able to say things we can’t without risking being called a bitch. I’ve actually wondered if he isn’t someone who had a story rejected and feels he must point out what he sees as the site’s shortcomings. I, too, am extremely proud of what we’ve accomplished here in less than two years. Working on this site was exactly what I needed following my bout with cancer. My life is so much fuller because of the joy I take in my writing. I have tried to reshape the erotica I write into a combination of eroticism and mainstream fiction. I understand if someone chooses not to read it as not their cup of tea. But a personal attack was uncalled for.

            Thank you again!

    • robt66 says:

      Quit being a sphincter.

    • Matthew says:

      Karen and Laci by Letoria is another perfect example of what I’m trying to say.

      • PoppaBear says:

        I am not sure what you are trying to say.

        However, as a fan and friend of the author of Karen and Laci, I’d be very grateful if you could say just how this story of a mature woman falling in love with a young teenager is one of your “perfect examples”.

  7. Summer says:

    You should ask for a refund, Matthew. You obviously feel like you aren’t getting your money’s worth out of this site.

  8. Oyyyn says:

    Juicy Team; (that’s kinda funny.)

    First of all, I am happy with the site, content, and the pace. No concerns from me at all. Heck I come to this site 2-3 times a day just to see if something is new, and devour each new story.

    I don’t think you need to justify and defend the way you run the site. Those that want a quick fix, will go to another site to grab a quickie. Heck I do that. Sometimes I just need a quick one, but I always come here to the long term pay off.

    Here are possibly a couple of thoughts that might help. (take with a grain of salt.)
    1. If people are complaining, maybe the pace is too slow. Maybe build up content and then only track 2 stories at a time. Each day we would bounce back and forth between the two.
    2. Maybe have a section for short stories and pull content from Leslita?

    Again, I am happy with the site as is. I am very grateful for all the effort the three of you put into this site and the stories that make it up. But you can’t please everyone and there will always be folks who are unhappy. Supply and Demand… If they don’t want what you have, then they will go elsewhere. You don’t need to conform those that demand you deliver something you don’t support.

    Keep up the good work, and thanks!

    • Evan says:

      you can sign up for email alerts if you have an associated email address… Not sure where that feature is, and the email tends to show up about 4 hours after the actual post.

    • David says:

      Oyyyn, they do have content from Leslita. Just click the button “Best of Leslita” at the top of the page.

  9. Sam says:

    I am very happy with your editorial policies as reflected by what you allow to be posted. I’m not sure as to the motivation for the above post unless you are exploring this territory in a written form. This is the best erotica site I have found IMO. Keep up the excellent work I love this site. for a rough story go to

  10. Jennifer says:

    All three of you could not do any better, same as many Guest Writers, please don´t let yourself get drawn down to a lower level of niveau by some stupid impatient readers whom cannot distinguish between very well written erotica and cheap stuff to get themselves off as quick as possible!!!

  11. Quinlan says:

    I too don’t mind the slow build up as most of the stories here revolve around loving relationships instead of just Omigod! Hot sex! There are stories here that I haven’t enjoyed as much as others and some of the serial stories I’ve stopped reading after a certain number of chapter because I just don’t like how the story is going.

    So you guys can keep right on with what you’re doing. I’ll keep checking things out and comment as I feel it’s needed.

  12. Evan says:

    Foreplay Foreplay Foreplay!
    I love the seduction and buildup, and I appreciate the long stories with development. I do also love shorter, straight to the action stories once in a while – it depends on my mood. I feel there’s enough variety here between the three main authors and their available stories, as well as the submitted stories, and re-posted old stories.

    What I struggle with is the organization of the menus and in trying to find my way around… there are some inconsistencies there with the navigation.

    • JetBoy says:

      Evan, please feel free to let us know about any aspect of this site that isn’t working consistently. We will address your concerns promptly.

      Well, Naughty Mommy will address them, to be completely honest — she’s the third of our partnership trifecta who has gen-you-wine computer savvy, and Cheryl and I would be stuck on a reef without her.

  13. Sammy says:

    What I struggle with is the organization of the menus and in trying to find my way around… there are some inconsistencies there with the navigation.

    Are you referring to the discrepancies with the recent posts/comments as you click through the site? It seems to be a common issue with Kinky Blogging

  14. Cheryl says:

    Being the author of this blog post, I feel I must address a few things said here beyond what Matthew posted, which I addressed below his reply.

    First, I regret that so many feel my post is some sort of apology. We had received some emails and/or comments related to the pacing, and I felt we should address why some of the chapters/stories take so much time to develop to the sex. We are in no way apologizing for our editorial approach, nor are we apologizing for including plot beyond the sexual aspects in our own stories.

    Mostly, I meant for this blog post to be educational concerning good writing, which I have addressed several times in the blog section of our site. We have had some stories submitted that would have been considerably improved if the author had taken time to develop characters better. We receive stories from authors who are on the edge of writing some really good stories if only they would work to develop their stories to be something more engaging beyond the sexual content.

    Furthermore, I was wanting to be proactive rather than reactive since several of the stories about to be posted here will take some time to develop, and I wanted to let our readers know that they should be patient because the pay-off would be very good. I was trying to prevent having any of our readers make negative comments about these stories, which would only serve to prevent some very good writers from sending us more stories in the future. In old western parlance, I was “heading them off at the pass.”

    So please, take this blog post for what it is — a simple explanation of what good writing looks like and how patience pays off in the end. Neither my partners nor I apologize for the content. We just want to encourage those writers who may be thinking about submitting material for us to read.

    Therefore, this post is nothing more than that. As Freud said, “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.” This post is just a cigar, nothing more than the words presented. Please don’t try to read into it more than it is.

    Finally, Naughty Mommy is correct. This site is 100% volunteer on our part. We make nothing for the number of “hits” or anything else. The amount of time we spend on it might surprise many of you, and I am talking about the hours beyond the time it takes to write the stories we do. If you include the writing, I probably spend a minimum of twenty hours a week on Juicy Secrets, and my work is minuscule compared to what Naughty Mommy does. Our recent problems with logging into the Admin area of the site, problems I’m not sure we have ever mentioned before, tend to send us into a mild panic because of the work we know is needing to be done. The site is free to us, however, so we feel complaining would be a case of “looking a gift horse in the mouth.”

    Thank you all for reading and visiting our site. We love receiving comments because that is the pay we receive. We are writers, and writers tend to have a desire to have their egos stroked. We don’t apologize for that either.

    Take care, and enjoy the stories!

    Cheryl Taggert

    • Jennifer says:

      Cheryl, I love you! <3

      • Cheryl says:

        Thank you, Jennifer! You are one of my most faithful readers, and your enthusiasm is wonderful! Keep it up!


      • PoppaBear says:

        I agree with you, Jennifer.

        Cheryl, Naughty Mommy (don’t we all wish we had had one of those) and JetBoy are great authors and just as good owners/admin people.

        My experience of these sites goes way back to the earliest days of the internet, and, in all that time, I know, with absolute clarity, that this is the best site on the ‘net.

  15. Topkea says:

    I generally agree, but I don’t accept that the rewrite of Loli entitled Loving Lisa is better than the Louisa May original. May’s writing had real verve and the premise was subversive for lots of subtle as well as obvious reasons. Louisa needs a good editor and I think her stories could easily have been the best of the genre. Loli was a good story that needed some editing, not a rewrite.

    • PoppaBear says:

      Now, Topkea, that seems to me to present a challenge that I might like.

      Louisa May is one of my favourites so I think I might need to do some extra reading.

      While reporting on this original/revision I might also report what I found when my friend Muffi’s story about Janelle was adapted. I read and really enjoyed the original but have not yet closely compared the revision, although JetBoy did invite me to do so.

      So it looks as if I just set myself some literary homework. ‘Tis a very long time since I had any of that to do.

      • JetBoy says:

        For the record, I didn’t “adapt” Muffi’s story… I was her editor/proofreader, who took over from whoever was doing the job prior to Chapter Five. Then later, I went back and edited the first four chapters as well. I’d sent my proofs for those to Muffi just before she retired from our little scene, so they never got made public until now. She did give them the thumbs up, though.

        PoppaBear, please do read Louisa May’s original. I welcome your input.

      • Topkea says:

        I’m glad you agree, and I should also say that I don’t agree with rewriting or reimagining stories without the original author’s permission. I assume JetBoy had Louisa’s agreement.

  16. PoppaBear says:

    Talking of kicking, Ms Taggert. You certainly kicked over a wasps’ nest there, didn’t you?

    • Cheryl says:

      PoppaBear, I swear I didn’t think there was a wasps’ nest there at all. I saw it as another short treatise on writing, mostly. I will take full responsibility for both the content and the idea to write it in the first place, which my partners felt was a good idea. There were some worthwhile comments generated, as well as one or two that could have been left unsaid. Unlike some websites like ours, we do not allow personal attacks at all.

      I suppose I should refrain from taking aim at wasps’ nests from now on. 🙂

      • kacey says:

        Could’ve been worse Cheryl! You could’ ve been The Girl who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest!! (Sorry i apologise for the-oh-so-lame literary reference) please forgive me? 😀

      • PoppaBear says:

        Cheryl, Dahling, you know how much I love you, and, you, and Naughty Mommy, and JetBoy have nothing to apologise for.

        OK, Matthew got a wee bit heated, but all the rest of us have really enjoyed this exchange of views.

        I can’t say often enough, this is the best, and it is all down to you three: great stories, helpful comments and advice and a really good friendly and welcoming atmosphere, if there is such a thing in space.

    • JetBoy says:

      PoppaBear, we had no effin’ IDEA that there would be any negativity over this post. We’re about to put up a really good new story by a guest author that takes awhile to get to the actual sex, so it seemed like a good time to do a blog post about why that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Clearly, some will disagree.

  17. Cheryl says:

    PoppaBear, thank you for that. I already knew that’s how you felt, of course. I just see red when people post an opinion as if theirs is the only opinion that matters because they are always right. It reminds me of some of the people I know who voted for a certain train wreck of a president. Also keep in mind that I never apologized; I just spoke my mind and defended what I said through explanation. An apology would suggest I saw something wrong with what I wrote or thought.

    • PoppaBear says:

      You are so right, Cheryl. As I think someone else said somewhere else, “No Apology Necessary”, and, again, I should have been more accurate in my use of words.

  18. snowy says:

    I have been away from the site for a few days and I am dismayed by the posted dialogue above. As an avid fan of the writers, their content and enthusiasm for this very unique site they have my unwavering support for what they are doing and how they do it. Their is a vision and energy to building something quite unique – a sense of community and purpose. This is their vision, their site. Those who do not share this can go elsewhere and leave them to do what they do best.

    Cheryl, NM, JB, Poppa – don’t apologize and please do not waste any of your valuable time on the unwelcome comments in the thread. We all appreciate the hard work, intellect and artistry you bring to us. I will be happy to have further discussions off-line, many of you have my contact details. Let’s get back to the business of writing beautifully imaginative and sexy prose. Peace…

    • Cheryl says:

      Thank you, Snowy. I understand the dismay people feel over the insults expressed. Everyone is entitled to his or her opinions, but I feel ignoring those people is the best way to handle it. Any future impolite posts from those choosing that path will be deleted, however, and continuing in that vein will result in deletion of all posts of the person doing so, which prevents them from posting on the site again, since first posts must be approved by one of us. There are polite ways of expressing disagreement, and we insist on polite discourse here.

      In the meantime, rest assured we know that the vast majority of our readers are happy with our work here and we have no plans to abandon this site. It’s too much of a labor of love for us.

  19. 14u2h82 says:

    I just found this wonderful community, and I’ve been reading all the blog posts, so I hope my lateness in posting is ok.

    I love the fact that the stories I’ve read here so far have an actual story. If I wanted porn, I could do just fine with pictures. There is a huge difference between erotica and porn, and this site’s dedication to erotica is a beautiful thing. I will never ask, “when do we get to the sex?” because I know you will. Thank you for these lovely stories.

    • Cheryl says:

      It is never too late to post a comment. We are glad you have joined us! And thank you for your encouragement. It is greatly appreciated.

      Enjoy the stories we have here. Some are short and to the point, while others are rather long and involved, which sometimes novels can be. Just don’t be a stranger. Oh, and I hope you don’t mind if I don’t h8u.

      Cheryl Taggert

      • 14u2h82 says:

        Well, since I’m a new fan of yours, I’m glad you’ve chosen not to hate me. I chose that name specifically for the trolls. Since I like posting, and will eventually submit a story that I’ve been kicking around for a while, I’m just assuming that there are hate filled trolls out there. The subject matter tends to draw them like moths to a flame. How do you deal with them?

        • JetBoy says:

          Thankfully, we get very few here. Obvious trolls get their comments flushed, so you don’t have to waste your time with them.

  20. Matthew says:

    I must say, in the last couple of months or so, this site has come back to life. After a few months of lackluster, run-of-the-mill stories, most of the new stories in the last several weeks have been sexy and creative, with fresh and interesting characters and plots.

    It’s a testament to what can be done when a writer gets their creative (among other kinds) juices flowing.

  21. Amanda Lynn says:

    Cheryl, NM, and JB. Let me echo the sentiments of some of the previous commenters by saying thank you very much for your hard work and dedication in making this site what it is, and for your wonderful stories. And without trying to sound self-serving, thank you to all the guest authors for their contributions.

    I, personally, like stories that develop the plot and characters before having them jump into bed. But having said that, there are times when I’m feeling, if I may use the British vernacular, a little randy, that a short story that gets down to the business at hand (pun intended) hits the spot.

    As Cheryl once said to me, “To each his own”, which is so true. Certain individuals may want to take that into consideration before making comments that are just plain disrespectful. Better still, find somewhere else to troll.

    • Cheryl says:

      I’m sure I speak for all three of us when I say THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!! After spending two years on this, I can see why some people abandon their websites. Keeping them updated and fresh is a daily thing. I am on here every day, as are Naughty Mommy and JetBoy. To read appreciation like this makes my heart swell.

      I certainly understand being in the mood for something short and hot, but I love the longer works in which we get to know the characters better.

      • JetBoy says:

        We have many examples of each, needless to say — both the slow burners and the quick sizzlers. But by necessity, we take more time and put more effort into the longer, slower stories… and often, those get far less attention. That’s why we elected to do this post in the first place.

  22. Stewart says:

    I think it would be incredibly exciting to talk with women that have these fantasies. I can tell you that when I am trolling the different stories on this web page I only read stories I believe are written by women, as soon as I think it is a man writing the story I immediately move to a female author.

  23. Girl Lover says:

    I myself prefer the longer stories that take awhile to get to the sex scenes. One story that I read was a series of sex scenes with really no story at all. And all the sex scenes were the same, as if the author copy and pasted the same scene over and over again. To me, a sex story is just about sex. An erotic story, however is a story that also happens to have sex. And the story itself adds to the sex and makes the unsexy parts, sexy. I hope that makes sense. In my story, Darkness Falls, the idea of a woman falling in love with a potentially dangerous vampire was erotic and turned me on more than the sex did.

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