She Knows

  • Posted on November 11, 2016 at 4:44 pm

By My Girls

{ This story was originally posted at Lesbian Lolita in June 2008 }

The party was in full swing. The drinks were flowing, the food had been eaten, and the frivolities had begun. A few of the adults had had one too many and their different personalities had surfaced. Some a little boisterous (especially the men) who were accentuating their masculinity with talk of cars, sports, and any other thing that could prove their worth as a testosterone full blooded male. The women were giggling and talking the usual banter of how useless men where and other trivial things about their children, school, shopping, and other boring activities. Me myself and I stood by in a corner watching them all enjoying yet another cigarette. I do enjoy these family gatherings which happen about once a month and this was no different to any other. The usual suspects were here. Mum, Dad, Aunties, Uncles, Cousins, and Nieces all accompanied by their spouses or boyfriends and girlfriends. The neighbours had turned up and a few close friends who all lived nearby had come round. With the talk of free drinks and food whetting their appetites, who would refuse such offerings?

The garden was full as was the kitchen and I could hear the clink and clunk of plates and glasses as the hosts tried in vain to keep the bombardment of what seemed the never-ending build up of cutlery and drink bottles from cluttering up the surface areas. I pressed the butt of my cigarette hard to extinguish the end and as the last tiny plume of smoke had wafted into the slight breeze I looked up and gazed round the garden to look at everyone enjoying themselves.

My niece was sitting with her baby boy, playing with the child’s new expensive learning tool, much to his amusement. He was watching and listening with little attention at all the new lights and electronic jingles. Bored in seconds, he began to try eating all the attachments that he could grab. His mother took them away explaining to the twelve-month-old that they all fitted in the same shaped holes on top. Too young to understand, he was more thrilled with the nonexistent tastes of the plastic multicoloured cubes, stars, and triangles that now sparkled in the sunlight, covered in his saliva. I find babies slightly amusing as I smiled to myself deciding what to do next.

I wandered with empty glass in hand into the kitchen, excusing myself, walking behind the congregation of women as I headed toward a half empty bottle of red wine that stood unattended at the end of one of the counters. I poured and filled my glass to almost full and sipped from it. The taste was sharp and a little dry which seemed to arouse my taste buds, awakening them, sending a shock to my brain. My slight bored state was gone as I sipped again enjoying the fruity drink. I gazed around once more seeing all the women engaged in full conversation. Now I know doing this myself, our chats seem far greater and somewhat important — but thinking in reality terms, how us women engross ourselves completely in mundane and boring conversations. So I walked back toward the garden. A few smiles from my mother and others was welcoming, but a non intrusive ‘Hello are you ok?’ I answered with a slight nod.

As I stepped up the small steps to the raised lawn, my gaze wandered looking for a free chair. All were taken. As usual there were never enough to go round so I decided to have another cigarette and just enjoy watching everyone chat. I inhaled a large intake of smoke and squinted as the sharp hot smoke rasped the back of my wind pipe and I exhaled quickly to stop the pain. Suddenly I heard a loud high-pitched giggle emanate from inside the house and when I looked to the large French windows, I saw a little girl come tearing out running toward the back of the garden and jump behind the large doll house in the corner of the lawn. I turned back to the entrance and saw my little friend Beth come quite plainly outside and she began to search around. Hide and seek was the game, and looking at Beth I knew that she was totally uninterested in the game.

Before I go further, I’d just like to clarify certain things about myself and who will be involved in this small tale.

Myself for starters. My name is Henrietta. A bloody awful name I know. I found out I was named after King Henry the eighth… strange but true. My brother was actually named Henry but being the youngest at thirty-seven-years-old and my mother being a history teacher, you would think she could have come up with a better name than that one. I have long mousey blonde hair and I’m certainly not the most blossoming bloom around. I have blue eyes which I guess is my best asset as many a man and woman have stated. My attributes are nothing to be boasted about, as my breasts are an ample ‘D’ cup but are somewhat saggy to say the least. As is my backside and that is more than ample. I have never had a serious relationship and I am still an in-the-closet lesbian. I am certainly comfortable with my sexuality as would be my parents, but I have never felt in the right situation to come out. My parents have said during conversations they wouldn’t give a second thought if myself or my brother told them we were gay, and that should be enough for me to come out. I’m not sure about the rest of the family, and I guess that when my old-fashioned grandparents are gone then I might decide to tell all. Not wanting to give the oldies heart attacks and finish them off before their time. I suppose my parents may have guessed as they are not exactly stupid. All things added together while growing up and no boyfriends to speak of, tells them everything they would need to know. I know they will wait till I feel comfortable to announce what to some but not many will be a revelation of my chosen sexuality.

Bethany, or Beth as she is known, is such a beautiful girl and I will try my utmost to portray her beauty as best I can.

Beth is nine years old. She is a short girl for her age and looks no older than six except for her mannerisms which are, I would say, a little further advanced than her tender age. I have known her since she was three years old. I absolutely adore young girls and ever since I met her I can honestly say I am in love with her. She is so adoring and charming. Nobody in their right mind could not ever love this child. Please read into this what you will. Yes I do love women, but a child is such a treasure trove of innocence and enjoyment that they just epitomise the whole wondrous world of what a female is. Their fresh young perfect bodies. The smell of such bodies, all sweet and clean giving their innocent charms even more of a boost. Their childish colloquialism and overzealous appetite to learn is what makes them deserve respect and tender love as to not corrupt what we all had once ourselves.

Beth is all this and more. Over the years she has blossomed, not even having to try. She gained and lost all her puppy fat in one year at age four which was rather very cute on her small body, but has become even more beautiful. Unlike her sister, who takes after the father, she looks so much like her very attractive mother. I know one day she will have no problem finding a suitor, whether male or female. The latter would be my choice, and what love I could give and show her. She has long brown hair usually tied into a ponytail but today she is wearing it down, and how it compliments her slightest of bronzed complexion. Beautiful full green eyes which could melt anything and without question get anything she wanted. Her mother is wise to this and Bethany knows she can’t use this wonderful attribute on her. It was that beautiful look that first made my heart melt and fall in love. Many a child has looked at me and sent a flutter through my heart, and especially send an electric pulse to the very tip of my clitoris, but Beth was different. My heart almost stopped and I felt that same pulse. Rather than jolt me, the wonderful feeling flowed through my whole body making my tummy fill with butterflies. It was as if Beth had climbed inside me, and I could feel her tiny body making love to me. It was the most overpowering feeling I had ever had, and I know if not for having my period that day everyone else would see a dark patch fill my crotch area. It was that intense and mind blowing I am surprised I didn’t buckle and fall flat on my arse.

As for her body, it is perfect. On this particular day she was wearing what to everyone is perfection. Laced school white knee high socks. A pair of pink and white trainers which had seen better days, and a lovely short triple-pleated white skirt. A white sleeveless top which accentuated her tummy which was smooth and showed a little bump and that to me is so adorable. Her bare arms and the smallest of flesh of her legs was alluring. It gave me goose bumps wanting to see more of her body. The vest was tight and I could see the slightest of roundness where when her young body approaches adolescence will produce those ever so delicious tender but firm small young breasts. On that upper chest I could see the smallest hint of her tiny nipples which one day someone would lick and suckle on them. Such a lucky person that would be and maybe one day a treasured young child would suckle milk from her and I would hope it would be a girl and become as beautiful and as pretty as this perfect child, Bethany.

The other child in question is called Samantha. A girl I had never met before as her parents had just decided to pop round to show off their newborn, a sweet young twelve-week-old girl called Chloe. Samantha was four years old, and as I soon found out was quite a handful. A boisterous and tempered little girl. She was at first courteous and sweet, but when the sugar from a small piece of cake and a coca cola had kicked in, she became a whirlwind of activity and somewhat tedious at times. Wanting to play and annoying most of the adults, and to Beth’s dismay she was singled out. Samantha was small bundle of joy most of the time according to her mother, who was an attractive young twenty-four-year-old. But since the birth of her baby sister, Samantha had become, as most mothers can understand, jealous of the attention the baby was getting. I did get the chance to talk to her before she began to whiz around in excitement and although she was not really a part of this tale, she is pretty enough to write about.

She was a skinny girl and had long bright blonde hair with a small streak of pure white hair sprouting from the front of her fringe. This made her stand out from most other children. It was tied back and the long strands that had escaped the hair clips and hung around her face made her look stunning. A very pretty girl with blonde eyebrows and eyelashes and wonderful inquisitive watery blue eyes. The sun had sprinkled fair freckles upon her face which complemented her very pale skin. Her pale complexion did not make her look ill but with her attractive blue eyes the whole face was as pretty as could be. A cute smile with light pink thin lips made her face light up with beauty. I looked her up and down and she had no shoes on and her smooth skinny legs disappeared under a cotton blue dress which like Beth’s had no sleeves and hung quite loosely over her body. The slightest bending down and I could see her smooth flat chest and a glimpse of her pea sized nipples, which was very hard to look away from. I’m sure people noticed, but then again I did notice them looking also. I had the pleasant opportunity to see her (as children do) playing around on the floor and get a glorious sight of what seemed strange. A tight fitting pair of white flannelled panties. What was more tantalising was that I could quite clearly see under the thickness of the material the beautiful moulding of her young sweet pussy. The delights of which I dream about. The tender puffy mounds that encase that ever so young and virgin hole which must smell and taste divine. That perfect young part of a child that is to be tenderly loved and treated so gently to eventually find it willing to accept something that could make her feel so loved and so good. It would be the ultimate satisfaction for both involved.

With Beth in my sights I was happy to watch her strolling around the garden in an attempt to look interested in the game of hide and seek she was playing with Samantha. Beth knew exactly where she was, but so tired of the younger child she made no real attempt to find her, even though the girl was giggling with delight thinking Beth could not see her. Beth looked at me and smiled and I smiled back with such joy that she had finally acknowledged me.

Oh yes, that’s something I had forgotten. As I said, I had known Beth and the family since she was three years old. We saw each other about once a month at these family and friends gatherings. Sometimes with the children in tow and sometimes just us adults. Over the years, Beth was such a shy young thing always staying by her mother’s side or when a baby was around she would be attentive to the child’s needs by keeping it occupied and playing at being Mummy. We had said hello and goodbye, but she always seemed to lower her head at me and slide herself behind her mother’s back. Even the little peck on the cheek seemed to repel her even more, to such an extent that I stopped after a couple of times. This continued until today. When she walked through the front door I again said “Hi” and she gave me the most wonderful smile and as always it made me heart melt and my wanton love for her was replenished to the maximum. This time she was not holding her mummy’s hand and as she approached I bent down and she willingly accepted a kiss from me. I was not thinking much at this point as I greeted everyone else, but this warm smile she gave me in the garden did make me feel she had now accepted me as a friend and someone not to shy away from.

Thankfully young Samantha’s attention was eventually diverted when one of my drunk aunties decided to take an interest in her. Not in that manner. She was just drunk and obviously feeling young again, she decided to comply by chasing her. My auntie’s somewhat large body trudging around the garden after a small screeching girl was rather amusing to all. We all thought at any moment she would collapse with a heart attack. It took an intervention by Samantha’s mummy to stop the shenanigans.

During the next few hours I wandered in and out of the house replenishing my glass with wine and keeping an eye on Beth to capture as many sweet smiles as I could from her.

The sun was lowering, and with the air getting a little colder everyone moved inside the house. I myself seemed to be chain smoking by this time as young Beth was mostly in the garden playing on small slide that was attached to the side of the Wendy House.

I sat down outside, facing the house, when I felt a soft tap on my head. I turned to see Beth smiling at me.

“Hello,” I said to her.

I could see a little mischievous look in her eyes, and we began to start tapping at each other. Beth would try and hit me and vice versa. I stayed sat down as she stepped back and forth to slap my back. I turned a few times, catching her legs and bottom. She ran behind a chair and we playfully made fun of each other as she tried to approach without me noticing. As I lit another cigarette, she was sneaking up behind me. I caught a glimpse of her in the French windows and swung round with my arm and hand extended. I slapped her, and as she screeched in playful delight my brain registered where I had just hit her. Right on top of her little cunny mound. I was dumb struck as my hand still registered the fleeting touch and feel of her soft peachy mounds. God it was only a millisecond but oh so worth it. Beth of course thought nothing of it. As I tried and tried again to hit her there, not trying to be obvious, I failed again and again.

After a few minutes I stubbed out my cigarette. Beth to my delight took hold of my hand as I stood and we went inside the house. We wandered into the living room, and as I passed her mother she gave me a pleasing smile. She seemed happy that Beth was smiling and did not look as bored as she was earlier and seemed pleased that I was with her.

My mind was playing havoc with my emotions. Well, I should say Beth was. I had just spent over an hour playing games with her and now she had hold of my hand. For some reason the boredom of the day seemed to bring her out of her shell After all she is a little older and there was no one of her age bracket at the party. Beth had obviously noticed my interest in her and I was happy for that.

I reluctantly let go of her hand as I so needed to go to the bathroom. Not just for a pee but with that tiny spark I felt when I hit her cunny and the small clasp of her hand around mine had me literally wetting myself. I had to relieve myself quickly.

I hitched up my skirt and pushed my large panties down quickly. As my buttocks touched the cold plastic rim of the toilet I let out a little moan as it sent a little shiver through me. Then another moan as I relaxed my bladder and the strong stream of piss began to flow. As I looked down to watch my pee flowing from my hairy cunt I checked my tampon towel encased within my panties. Thankfully I knew it was near the end of my period and there wasn’t even the slightest hint of that awful smelling blood in it. Only the white pad was full of clear liquid that had seeped from within. Thank god as I’m sure the smell and sight of it dripping down my leg would have caused me the utmost of embarrassment. As the last few spurts of pee were ousted, I could not help but reach down and slide my finger between my lips. I retrieved some of the golden delight and sucked it from my finger. I love the taste of my own urine. It is the most wonderful tangy beverage I enjoy. The only better piss is that which comes straight from the source of another woman’s pussy. As I closed my eyes to enjoy my own offerings, my hand slipped down again to console my wet pussy aching for relief that this young sweet child had caused. As I rotate my index finger around my swollen clit, I feel the warmth of love for her flow through me and my mind begins to fill with images of her beautiful smiling face. Oh Beth you are so beautiful. Such perfection you posses. A child that has no rivals and one that holds my heart. I would die for her. I have felt love from a woman before, but sweet Beth has captured without knowing it my whole being and undying soul. I would do anything to hold her, to love her, and to make love to her.

My brain was going crazy trying to comprehend my love for this child . Coupled with the most intense warm flow of sexual passion running through my whole body, I was ready to explode and certainly this time I would squirt my come to the other end of the room.

FUCK! I had taken too much time, as a knock on the door broke my concentration. ‘Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck,’ I thought, as my pissed aunt called out asking if anyone was in here.

“Won’t be a minute, Auntie,” I hollered. Mildly fucked off to say the least. Almost there. Almost there. I could have died.

I so reluctantly wiped my sodden pussy and I sucked my finger before I washed my hands and opened the door for her. For a sober person I think the smell of my divine sex in the room would have them coming in seconds. A rather wicked thought that even my aunt could not enjoy the smell of my cunt as I’m sure any other would gladly do so.

Jesus fucking ‘h’ Christ I was pissed off. Horny as hell and interrupted halfway from heaven thinking of my utmost dream — making love to the small child I adored and loved.

I put on a smile as I re-entered the living room. Everyone glanced at me and I got a sudden rush of paranoia and went red with embarrassment. I could have sworn they all knew I had been masturbating, but it was just my imagination. Even though Bethany’s mother did give me a quizzical look and a smile as I went red.

The only available seat was a large footstool so I hiked up my skirt a little and sat down. Within a second little Beth had plonked her tiny bottom on my lap. God, could today get any better? Or worse, after what has just happened?

I wrapped my arms around her and clasped my hands together. She is so small and tiny. So warm and she smells so divine as I inhaled a whiff of scent from her hair. I knew fine well my pussy was going to explode if I didn’t get the chance to finish myself off. Minutes ago all it took was a fleeting touch and a her small hand in mine to get me going, and now I had her in my arms and her small pert bottom sat right on my swollen crotch. Her small arms reached around my neck and with her face right in front of me I couldn’t help myself. With no thought of reluctance or anyone looking on, I instantly puckered my lips and kissed her. It was only a peck but Beth did not seem at all surprised. She smiled as I pulled away and no one took any notice of my small stolen kiss. I was writhing a little as my clit enlarged even more. Could my cunt swell any more? I had never felt such a sexual passion like this before. Love and passion are two completely different things, but add them together and you have a recipe for total euphoria or total abandonment and destruction of what is most dear to you. I wanted the first as I could not imagine losing Beth.

I was so in love with Beth that I could not stop giving her small kisses on her cheek and she did not seem to mind.

“Is she bothering you?” her mother called over.

Beth looked over to her, and I replied, “No, no, she’s absolutely fine. She’s no trouble.”

As I spoke Beth had swivelled around to look at her mother with a little displeased look as if to say stop making a fuss. That’s what I thought she meant anyway. My little fantasy was that she wanted to be with me and learn how to kiss and enjoy my tender loving arms caressing her tiny body.

I was so close to the truth in a sense.

When Beth swivelled around her short legs had straddled my right leg . My skirt had been pushed up a little further and I quickly pulled it between my legs to cover my crotch. All eyes were thankfully averted. I did however notice a most pleasing warmth on my leg. I couldn’t believe it. Beth had either inadvertently or by choice hitched up her skirt and here she was. This young nine-year-old child straddling my leg with her young, smooth, warm bald pussy with only a fraction of a millimetre of material stopping me from feeling her beautiful vagina against my skin. I held her again this time my hands rested upon her belly. I could feel her ribs through her t-shirt, and the slow expansion of her torso as she breathed. My head rested on her left shoulder so I could peer around the room watching everyone and hoping they would not think anything untoward was going on.

All I wanted to do was kiss her neck, rub my hands all over her chest, and touch her tiny nipples. I could however smell her. The sweet scent of apples in her hair, and how fresh her skin smelt. A smell I had never really experienced before. It is a unique smell a child has. Every one is different but still all are divine. I am told it disappears as we get older, which is such a shame as it is to me the most perfect smell (bar one other) in the whole world.

I sat there with my mind swimming with sexual images and feelings of overpowering love for Beth that I didn’t notice what she was doing at first.

Beth had began to gently and slowly rock her tiny hips. My eyes widened as I could not believe what she was doing. The innocent image I had of this child had just gone out the window. Was she actually doing what I thought she was doing? This sweet innocent child. This sweet perfect child. She was actually rubbing herself, her sweet warm vagina, on my leg. I was mortified and so fucking full of bliss that my consciousness could have made me faint with the sexual impulses running through me right now.

I sat with my arms around her and I knew she knew what she was doing, but I could not believe it. The slow almost unnoticeable rocking over my leg was almost too much to bear. A room full of people, and here a child was fucking my leg. A young sweet innocent nine-year-old girl was getting herself off right in front of her own parents and family friends. On my leg for Christ’s sake.

I felt the warmth get even hotter and hotter, and as I held her tighter and tighter, I hoped to god she wouldn’t moan out loud. I could feel her tiny body quivering with pleasure as her tiny pussy smeared her gooey juices over my bare skin.

Then it happened. I felt her body stiffen and I could almost feel the euphoria within her.

I remember the feeling I had when I first came. Was this her first time? Surely not. She must have done this before. Maybe like myself. Humping a pillow or even a favourite cuddly toy.

Those new sensations. The giddiness of excitement. How new and overpowering it was.

I had my first orgasm when I was her age. Nine years old. I was at a sleepover and there were four of us all masturbating together. The eldest was called Tiffany and her older sister had showed her how to finger herself and she was showing all of us how to do it.

That first time was so special. I remember the pain of pushing a finger inside myself, but it was such a nice feeling. So tight, warm and gooey inside. The smell of four girls in one room made it even better. Most of the time we couldn’t stop but really harshly rub our tiny clits as it gave us the most stimulation.

The euphoria of that night will always remain strong inside me till I die.

Beth will be having those same sensations. The loss of any thoughts in your head. The dizziness. The feeling of your whole body relaxing yet it tenses up as it flows through you. It is such a mammoth feeling. It is like nothing you can describe. Call it euphoria, heaven, or something else. It cannot be equalled by anything else. Its pleasure is unimaginable. It starts in your head and then your toes. Welling inside as it creeps down from your head and up from your toes. Reaching inside caressing every nerve inside you. As your whole body is consumed it opens you up and then the release is, is. Oh god the release is, well so…

You girls know what I’m talking about. Sorry guys, you’ll never know what us girls feel and don’t even get me started on the multiple side.

I feel Beth’s little girly cum all over the top of my leg and I love her for it. I know from now on she can sit on my lap whenever se wants to. I want to slip my hand between her legs and taste her divine come. I can smell her and she is the sweetest-smelling child I have ever had the pleasure of.

Beth will never know of my undivided, undying love I have for her. She will never know of my desires for her or the passion she gives me. I love her so much, but as I look over her shoulder I see her mother.

Eyes that at first scare me, but then I see a certain glint.

She knows…… she knows.



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  1. I so love this story. It’s incredibly sexy, with a near-perfect slow buildup leading to an amazing climax. Utterly delicious.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Wow… That’s all i can say…

  3. Snowy says:

    Wow! Wow! Wow! I hope there is more to cum…

  4. Myka says:

    Wow again …. Please let there be another chapter … 🙂

  5. Nathan Riches says:

    I actually think it said all it needed to. Dont get me wrong, I would love another chapter (or 15) but as it says near the end “Beth will never know of my undivided, undying love I have for her. She will never know of my desires for her or the passion she gives me. I love her so much,”

    Henrietta (and I agree, not the greatest name for a female, especially when her brother is also a Henry) has accepted that she will never do anything with Beth, hard as that is. Whether things change as Beth gets older, thats for them to know, not us. This was just a nice litle story about what its like to have that love towards a little girl, and be willing to live with it without acting on it and potentially damaging both the child, and your relationship with her.


  6. Jennifer says:

    I could feel myself getting more turned on as the story evolved

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