Secrets, Chapter 2

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By Naughty Mommy

The birthday party was for Kerie’s best friend, a darling little girl named Melissa who had just turned 9 years old. Melissa’s mother, Rose, met us at the door and invited us in. We were late in arriving. All the other kids had already left.

I apologized to Rose for my tardiness, which she dismissed with a friendly wave of her hand, and I introduced her to my sister. As they shook hands, I noticed a look pass between them.

Rose Beddingdon was a cute brunette of about 35, with bright blue eyes. She was petite, just over five feet, and very trim. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail, making her look younger than her age. She had been divorced for around five years and, as far as I knew, had not had any other relationships in that time.

She took us into the family room where Jae met Emily, Rose’s older daughter, who was watching TV. Emily, a brunette, was 13 and going to be a beauty. She was tiny and slim like her mother, but had the beginnings of a lovely figure. Her hair, which was long and wavy, had an auburn tinge, and her eyes were a stunning blue-green.

Rose went halfway up the stairs and called Kerie, who came bounding out of Melissa’s room and zoomed down, giving me a big hug. It made me laugh how fast she could move. Melissa followed right behind. I patted Kerie’s back, said hi to Melissa, and then we turned to leave.

“You don’t have to run off, do you?” asked Rose. “Wouldn’t you like a drink? Maybe some wine? We can sit outside by the pool and chat for a while.”

I thanked her, but told her we had to get someplace and really ought to go. I promised to come back soon, however, and take her up on that offer of a drink.

Rose smiled prettily, showing her dimples, as she walked us to the door.

“It was very nice meeting you,” Jae said to her. “I hope we can see each other again.”

The woman beamed. “That would be nice.”

“Bye, Melissa,” called Kerie to her little friend, who was holding her mother’s hand.

“Bye. Thank you for the gift!”

“You’re welcome. Happy birthday!”

We got in Jae’s car, and she drove us to a gourmet burger restaurant, one of our favorites.

Kerie didn’t eat much, just picked at her chicken fingers. She’d apparently stuffed herself with candy and cake and ice cream at the birthday party. After a while, she got up to go the restroom.

“Are you okay, honey?” I asked. “Are you feeling all right?”

“Yeah, mom, I’m fine. I just have to go to the bathroom.”


We watched her walk away, and then Jae said, “Rose is hot. I really want to fuck her.”

I almost choked on my turkey burger. “What are you talking about? How do you know she’d even be interested in that? I mean, in women at all?”

“Oh, she’d be interested, all right. She’s definitely bisexual, or at least bi-curious.”

“But how do you know?”

“I can tell. It’s obvious.”

Kerie came back to the table and we finished our dinner. With the nice meal I’d fully recovered from my tipsiness, so Jae drove us back to her townhouse where I retrieved my car.

When Kerie and I got home, she said she was tired and went to my bedroom to lie down for a while. I decided to take a bath and shave my legs and pubic hair, and then, as I almost always did, I masturbated in the bathtub, loving the feel of my silky smooth pussy. I made myself come twice, then got out and dried off.

As I was rubbing scented lotion on my body, I started thinking about my sexual history. There wasn’t really that much to think about.

I began masturbating when I was 13, a fairly typical age for most girls, I suppose. At that point my fantasies were nothing unusual, just your normal romance novel stuff. I didn’t even masturbate very often, maybe only a couple of times a week.

In high school, I went out with a few boys, the few who asked. One of them felt me up one night as we were making out, touching my breasts, but I didn’t let him go any further. The next boy I allowed to touch me that way, however, was more insistent about it.

It was my last year of high school. I’d never really had a steady boyfriend, but I liked this guy, and he seemed to like me too, so I gave up my virginity to him. We had sex a few times, twice in his car and three times at his house while his parents were out.

Then I missed my period. When I told the boy, he denied all responsibility and flatly refused to see me anymore, the asshole. I was furious, frightened, and had no idea what to do, so I turned to Jae. She was unbelievably sweet, comforting me and counseling me. We talked a lot about my options, including abortion, adoption, and raising the child myself. After deep soul-searching, I finally decided.

Jae came with me when I told my parents. It was only a few months before then that I’d sat with my sister as she informed our mom and dad that she was a lesbian. I had to wonder what they were thinking when we asked to sit down with them again for another serious talk: Is Shelly gay as well? 

What I had to tell them, though, was in some ways more serious than that. But they were very understanding and very supportive. They were wonderful. I had my beautiful baby, and she and I started a life together.

While Kerie was growing up, I’d only dated occasionally, going out with maybe a half dozen men during the past five or six years. I had sex with two of them but didn’t find it very satisfying, and with both men the relationship ended shortly. I also masturbated fairly regularly, three or four times a week.

There was one other incident that stood out. It was when I was seduced by a young woman after a Christmas party, my only real lesbian experience before now.

It had happened about a year and a half earlier. I’d been invited to the home of one of the teachers at school, a married middle-aged woman I really liked. She was quite heavy, but very bright, outgoing, and extremely funny, as was her husband.

The party was a big one, with at least thirty guests and plenty of alcohol. I had a good time, and as it was getting late, a young woman I hadn’t yet met introduced herself to me and we started talking. Vicky was around my age (I was 25 then) or perhaps a little younger. She was slim and pretty, with dark hair and dark eyes.

After we chatted for a while and found some common interests in the movies and music we liked, Vicky told me she’d been dropped off at the party, didn’t really know anyone very well, and didn’t have a way home. I offered to give her a ride whenever she was ready to go, and so we decided then, at about 11:15, to say our goodbyes and leave.

When we got to her apartment, she asked me to come inside with her, saying she was afraid to go in by herself in the dark. I thought that was little strange, but I went with her anyway (Kerie was at a sleepover at a friend’s, so I had no need to rush home). Once we were inside the door, Vicky immediately put the moves on me.

She was a wonderful kisser, had a fantastic body, and was an energetic and attentive lover. Vicky did so many things to me that no one else had ever done before. It was three hours of the best sex of my life, up until then. I came I don’t know how many times. I spent the night in her bed, but in the morning she was grumpy. I left fairly soon, realized later that I didn’t even have her phone number, and never saw her again.

For Vicky, I suppose, it was a lark, a one-time fling. I would have loved to do more with her, but I’ve always been grateful, at least, that she introduced me to the many ways a woman can give pleasure to another woman.

And now, Shelly, I said to myself as I looked at my face in the mirror, you’re having lesbian sex with your 8-year-old daughter! That thought didn’t make me feel bad, however, or guilty at all. It made me happy. I loved Kerie and she loved me, and what we did together was both exciting and very satisfying. It brought us even closer.

I smiled and winked at myself.

When I came out of the bathroom, freshly shaved and lotioned, it was still early, only about 8:00 o’clock, but Kerie was already fast asleep in my bed. I pulled back the sheets and slid in beside her. We were both naked.

I looked closely at my precious baby girl, at her shiny blonde hair, her rosy cheeks, her naturally red lips. I looked at her little chest, where there was not even the beginnings of breast growth. I slowly pulled down the sheet so I could see the rest of her.

Kerie was on her back, with one leg pulled up slightly and a hand resting on her belly, just above her pubis. She breathed softly and deeply. I lowered my head, bringing my face close to her skin, inhaling my daughter’s girlish scent, feeling the warm glow of her body.

Although I had made myself come at Jae’s house earlier, and then twice more in the bathtub after shaving, I was still aroused. I wanted more. I needed more.

I put my hand between my legs, finding slippery moisture. I was very wet. I moved my face down to my little girl’s hairless vulva. I kissed her softly there, on her slit. Sliding a finger deep inside myself, I began masturbating as I kissed my child’s pussy.

Then I carefully shifted around on the bed, putting myself between her legs. I gently pushed them open, watching as her labia parted. I could see inside her, see her pink center. I wanted to put my tongue inside, eat my little girl and make her come in my mouth.

But I satisfied myself, for now, with just kissing her again, very softly on her pussy lips. I fucked myself as I stared into my baby’s vagina, and I came.

I tried to stay quiet, tried to stifle my usual groans so as not to awaken my daughter. But that only made the orgasm more intense.

I held my breath, shuddering with each wave of the powerful climax. I was perspiring all over, my heart pounding, body trembling as I shoved my finger as far as it would go into my hot, wet cunt.

When my spasms finally receded, I pulled the sheets back up over us and lay on my side, next to my sleeping daughter, breathing deeply and sucking on the finger that had been inside me. After a few minutes, I turned onto my back and masturbated again, this time picturing pubescent little Emily in my mind, imagining her naked, asking me to make love to her.

I came twice more, then drifted blissfully off to sleep.


When I woke, it was light outside. Kerie was on top of me, looking at my face and smiling. I kissed her once, then glanced at the clock radio next to the bed. It was 6:15 in the morning.

Without speaking, Kerie started moving against me. I spread my legs apart and put my hands on her little bottom. Her body was warm.

“That feels nice,” I smiled.

She moved faster against me, more urgently. She was getting very good at knowing just where to apply the pressure, just how to build my arousal and bring me to a thunderous orgasm.

Within minutes, I was coming. I dug my fingers into her butt cheeks, pulling her little pussy against me as hard as I could. I shuddered beneath her, my eyes shut tightly as I concentrated on the hot waves of pleasure emanating from my center.

Finally relaxing, I released my grip on my daughter’s bottom. I’d been squeezing her so hard, I hoped my fingers hadn’t left a mark. I opened my eyes and looked at her.

“I love you, Mommy,” she said.

Tears of joy came to my eyes. I wrapped my arms around her, hugging her close, loving the feel of her soft warm skin on mine. “Oh, my darling baby, I love you too, so much!”

After the hug, Kerie slid off me and we turned on our sides, facing each other. I gently kissed her lips and she kissed me back.

Then she said, “Know what, Mommy?”

“What, honey?”

“Melissa says she wants to try the game too, how we do it, only with her mom or maybe her sister.”

“But — what?! You mean you told her about it?”

“Yeah, um, yesterday, at the end of the party, after the other kids were gone.”

I was appalled and frightened. I hadn’t thought yet to swear my daughter to secrecy about what we were doing, and I realized it was too late for that now. I was terrified of being arrested, charged with a crime, being separated from her.

“Kerie, no! You shouldn’t have told her. You shouldn’t tell anyone!”

“But she said it sounded really fun. She wants to try it!”

“I know, but — she does?” I pictured cute little Melissa, the tiny pixie with her button nose and thin body, naked and fucking her mother, Rose, or fucking her adorable sister, Emily.

“Yeah, she says she wants to try it too. I mean, I think they really should. We like doing it, right? It’s so much fun. I know they’d like it.”

“Yes, but, honey… see, some people might not understand. They might think what we do is wrong.”

“Wrong? Why?”

“Well, it’s hard to explain, but for some people, for most people, I suppose, there are these, these rules about what mommies and their little girls are supposed to do, or not do with each other.”

Kerie frowned. “Why?”

“Why? I don’t know why really. Just old-fashioned thinking, I guess. I think that when we play our new game, we’re just showing how much we love each other.”


“So, I want to keep doing it with you, as much and as often as you want to. But still, we have to be careful about who we tell, because some people might not see it the same way we do, and they might get mad at us.”

“Um, okay,” she nodded. “So I shouldn’t tell anyone else, right?”

“That’s right. Please promise me you won’t.”

“I won’t.”

I gave her a hug. “And we’ll just have to hope that if Melissa tells her mother or her sister, they won’t get mad at us either.”

“Okay, Mommy. I’m sorry. I didn’t know it was a secret.”

“That’s all right, sweetheart. Of course you didn’t know.” I kissed her cheek. “You want some breakfast? Want me to make pancakes?”

“And sausages?”

“Yes, and sausages too, if that’s what you want.” I kissed her again and we got out of bed to fix breakfast.

I put on a light robe and Kerie pulled on some shorts and a t-shirt. We went to the kitchen and she helped me, browning the sausages while I made pancakes.

As soon as we finished eating, Kerie came over and sat on my lap, putting her little arms around my neck. “I’m sorry, Mommy, about telling Melissa. I hope we don’t get in trouble, and I’m sorry I made you mad at me.”

“No, I’m not mad at you, honey, I’m really not.” I kissed her lips, tasting maple syrup. “We just have to be careful, that’s all. Now, will you help me with the dishes?”

“Okay, and then, um, after that, can we get back in bed and play our new game some more?”

I laughed and squeezed her. “Yes, my little nympho, we can.”

“What’s a nympho?”

“It’s someone who loves, well, who loves being loved, and who can never get enough of the fun kinds of things that we like to do together.”

“Then I guess we’re both nymphos, right?”

“That’s right, darling, we are,” I answered, laughing again and hugging her.

The dishes done, we returned to the bedroom. We climbed into bed, naked, and Kerie told me she wanted to try it again the way we’d done it two days ago, when I’d been on top of her and raised her leg in the air, pressing my wet sex against her little pussy. Only this time she wanted to be on top.

I felt a thrill as I imagined my daughter fucking me that way. “Okay, sure, honey, we can try it that way.” I was already getting wet. “You’ll probably make me come almost instantly.”

“Come where?”


“You said you’re gonna come somewhere…”

“Oh. Uh, see, come is sort of a slang word for an orgasm. You know what an orgasm is, right?”

“I think so…”

“Well, when Mommy, um, when you and I are playing our game, and we do it for a while, and then at the end, you know how I get all excited and I squeeze you tight, and everything? That’s when I’m having an orgasm. It’s kind of a release of sexual tension, a climax. In fact, that’s another word for it, a climax. An orgasm. Or just coming.”

“Does that mean we’re having sex?”

“Oh, um, yes, in a way I guess we are,” I told her. “Or at least I am. And that’s what some people wouldn’t understand. Why they might get mad at us. They’d say it’s wrong for a mother to have sex with her daughter.”

“Is it wrong?”

“Well, no, I certainly don’t think so. I mean, I suppose it depends on the situation, and on the individuals. But if a mom and her little girl are just showing how much they care for each other, and it’s tender and beautiful and loving, then, no, I’d say there is absolutely nothing wrong with it.” I realized that I was repeating Jae’s words to me, and I felt thankful for her mature wisdom.

“Good,” said Kerie, “because I love doing it and I don’t want to stop, ever!”

“Neither do I,” I smiled as I kissed her cheek. Then I lay on my back and spread my legs, inviting my daughter to have sex with me.

She took my left leg in her hands, raising it up. But then, before mounting me, she leaned down close, studying my pudenda. “That middle part right there,” she said, pointing, “where it’s really pink and wet looking, is that where you like me to push against you?”

“Yes, honey, it is,” I answered softly. “Right where it’s… where it’s very wet.”

Kerie touched me — she touched my vagina with her fingers!

“It’s kinda gooey and sticky,” she said.

“Yes, baby, it is. But please, I, I can’t wait any longer.”

I took her by the hips and positioned her on me. We were scissored, her warm pussy pressing against my sex. She started to move, rocking her body into mine. I pushed myself up so I could see it all, watch what was happening. My darling little girl was rubbing herself against me, fucking me, the juices from my cunt making her smooth vulva all slick and shiny and slippery.

She made me come three times that way.


Later that day, while Kerie was in her room playing with Barbies, the phone rang. It was my sister Jae.

We chatted for a few minutes and she mentioned again how much she was attracted to Rose, saying she was planning to ask the pretty woman on a date in the hopes of seducing her. Jae said she’d gotten up early that morning and shaved her pussy bare in anticipation of lesbian sex soon to come. We had a nice laugh about that.

I told her I’d shaved myself the night before too, and after climbing in bed with Kerie (I lowered my voice to a near-whisper) I had masturbated while looking at my daughter’s little pussy and kissing her there as she slept.

“Oh my god, Shelly, that is so hot. You are such a pervert. I love it!”

Jae admitted she’d masturbated for hours the previous night while recalling the things I’d told her about having sex with Kerie. She couldn’t stop thinking about it.

“But, you know,” I said, “there is something else that’s maybe not so good.”

Using a low voice again, I told her that my daughter had informed her friend Melissa about our ‘game’, and that I was worried what might happen if the child told her mother.

“Did Kerie say that Melissa was upset about it or something?” Jae asked.

“No, just the opposite. She said it sounded like fun, and that she was hoping to try it with her own mother or with her sister!”

“Jesus, really?” breathed Jae. “That’s exciting.”

“Yes, but — aren’t you concerned about what Rose might think?”

“No, not really. I get the feeling that Rose is secretly kind of kinky. I mean, she’s got that cute, wholesome outward appearance, you know? But there’s something about her, something that tells me she might like it if her daughter wanted to get in bed with her, climb on top, and start fucking her.”

Jae’s voice grew soft and dreamy. “Mmm, what a picture that would be… little Melissa fucking her mother, or her hot sexy sister…”

“Jae, are you, um, playing with yourself?”

“Yeah, I am…” she was almost whispering. “Can’t you just see it? The three of them in bed together, touching each other and kissing and fucking.”

“Jae, you’re incorrigible.”

“I know, I can’t help it. I just love sex. Especially when it’s taboo lesbian incest. You do too, admit it.”

“Well, yeah, I do, that’s true. I guess it must run in the family.”

“Mmm, I’m already getting close. Goddamn I want to see Emily naked. I want to see Rose kissing her and touching her.”

“I know, it’s really hot…” I agreed. I badly wanted to touch myself as I imagined Rose and her daughters having sex.

“What if — can you picture Melissa licking Rose’s pussy, making her mommy come in her mouth?” said Jae. “Oh god I’m so wet.”

I put my hand between my own legs. I was fully dressed, and I wasn’t willing to take a chance on actually masturbating. I was afraid Kerie might come out of her room and see me — though I also wondered why that should matter, considering everything else we’d done together, but for some strange reason it did. Anyway, I pressed my fingers gently against my pussy through my slacks, and listened as Jae described in detail all the sexual things she would like to see Rose and her daughters do with each other.

I added a few quiet words of erotic encouragement, and within a minute or two my sister was coming.

After settling down from her orgasm, Jae still seemed hungry for more stimulation. “What did — whew! — what else did you and Kerie do? Tell me all about it. Tell me everything.”

“Well, this morning was very interesting.”

“Oh, really?”

“Yes, but, I… I don’t feel comfortable talking about it on the phone. Not now, not with Kerie here.”

“Come on, please?”

“No, no, I can’t. But here’s what I’ll do. Let’s hang up and I’ll send you an email and tell you all about it — everything, with all the details. Okay?”

“Well, okay, but don’t leave anything out.”

I laughed. “No, I promise I won’t.”

So, I sat down at my computer and composed a long message to Jae, telling her how I woke up first thing this morning with my daughter on top of me, how she fucked my pussy and brought me to orgasm, how we made breakfast together, and then how she wanted to get right back in bed after that and play our new game some more. But this time, how she wanted to get on top of me and raise my leg the way I had raised hers a few days earlier, how she had spent some time looking closely at my wet pussy, how she had touched my vagina with her fingers and felt my gooey wetness before she positioned herself over me and then fucked me hard, making me come three more times.

Two hours later, Jae wrote back and told me she had made herself come five times while reading my email, and thanked me profusely for sharing the story with her. She also wrote a little more about her fantasies of watching Rose make love with her daughters. Then came the shocker.

Jae asked if I would consider “sharing” Kerie with her, letting her have sex with my daughter, or, as an option, maybe she could just join Kerie and me in bed one night.

I sat back for several minutes, staring at my computer screen. I’d never even considered the idea of anyone else becoming part of the special intimate relationship between Kerie and me, and now I wasn’t sure what to think.

In a way, it made me angry. Kerie was my daughter, not Jae’s. How could she ask me to share her? I didn’t respond right away, though. I continued mulling over the idea, examining the possibilities. What would it be like to have Jae in bed with us, watching Kerie and me? How would I feel seeing the two of them together? It was very confusing, a bit frightening, but also sort of arousing.

After pondering all this for a long while, I finally wrote back and told Jae I would have to think about what she’d asked and would give her a reply later.

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