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  • Posted on March 24, 2016 at 5:41 pm

ByΒ Naughty Mommy

If you were to read a first-person story in which the protagonist (the narrator) has a possibility of having sex with a large variety of different women and girls — and over the course of several chapters, she doesΒ end up making love with quite a few of them — how old would you want the protagonist to be?

Would it be more interesting and arousing for you if she was very young, like a pre-teen, if she was a teenager, a young adult, or a grown woman, perhaps in her 30s or 40s?

Please let me know in the comments below what age would make this kind of story most exciting for you, and maybe tell me why as well. I’d love to know that. Thanks in advance!


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  1. Charles Rosenberg says:

    Protagonist a teen to young adult. Other characters tween or older. My personal view as a reader is that if there is grass on the field (even peach fuzz), the hole is in play. Don’t get me wrong. I love your stories. It’s just that some of the characters are pushing the limit as far as their understanding of what they are doing.

    • I know what you’re saying about pushing the limits, Charles. When I include girls who are only 7 or 8 years old having sex and enjoying it in my stories, I realize that can strain credibility. But then, gosh, I close my eyes and picture it in my mind, and it’s just so hot I can’t NOT write about it! πŸ˜‰

      • Charles Rosenberg says:

        I can see a little girl walking in on an older sister or mom and being curious and asking questions. I just prefer a child old enough to be able to say no if they’re not ready.

  2. Felicia says:

    I would say the woman should be in her mid 30s and the youngest girl should be a preteen

  3. Margaret says:

    While I can (and do) enjoy stories from many different perspectives, it strikes me that when the narrator is an adult, it provides the author with more flexibility to be realistic with more sophisticated language. Sometimes it can be difficult (at least for me) to put complex emotional responses in the vocabulary of a very young girl – although I have to say you do it very well yourself Naughty Mommy.

    It is also easier for me to recognise, and empathise with, the desires and conflicted emotions of an older woman who loves a pretty little girls – even if only in her mind.

    All that said, it is always a thrill to find a well written story that presents the ‘age of exploration’ through the eyes of a young girl first experimenting with her sexuality.

  4. Gina says:

    In general, I think many writers don’t do the best job at conveying stories from a younger point of view. They either go too baby-ish and simplistic or too grown up and unrealistic…or worse, they mix between the two.

    That being said, you are a very talented writer who has handled younger protagonists quite well so far so I am sure I would enjoy whatever approach you took.

    My own personal preference is to have the protagonist as a young adult or woman, as it makes it easier to imagine myself in the role. I love the stories of a woman who is just discovering these secret desires, reluctant to accept them but ultimately gives in to her love and lust….

    But beggars can’t be choosers. I’ve loved everything you’ve written! Thank you!

  5. robt66 says:

    You do all ages nicely NM but I like the protagonists to be older teens or young women.

  6. Sara says:

    I love to read about older woman 30+ seducing and having sex with a pre-teens. Love it when the woman ask questions and openly talks to the girl about mastubation. How the girl mastubates, does she get wet, if she has ever had an orgasm….then the older woman teaches the little girl about sex. Gosh I am getting excited!!!


  7. Poppabear or PoppaClyde2 says:

    As you know, guys, I’ve been reading these stories for a very long time. (Well, I am an old man, but not your archetypal DOM. Young girls and women, which at my age, means every female I meet, is safe from me.)

    Having clarified my background, I like my story-tellers to be capable of telling a good story. I have enjoyed, but not finished, the Pookie story Melissa’s Secret (told by a thirteen-year-old girl) and she is very knowledgable about life and feelings, and a wee bit unreal.

    I am currently writing a story in which there are two young girls, and a mother, and it is very difficult to write the dialogue of the girls.

    There can be girls and women of all ages in a story but I think the first person narrator needs to be capable of understanding all the ages. Therefore, dear friends and colleagues, my vote is for a clever late teen, early 20s, or older. but I want lots of teens, pre-teens and little girls in the story, as well.

  8. BKS says:

    I agree with Poppa as to there being lots of females of all ages represented in the story but I want to head in a different direction. What about a significantly older female writing her sexual memoir beginning as far back as she can remember. She could reminisce about her youngest self while using the more soohisticated language of an adult when needed. She would have had a very active and varied sex life with a special attraction to young girls, as young as the author chose to write. I think this could be another epic tale NM told as only you can! I think it could really be fun and is full of endless opportunities for fun twists and hot, hot, hot attachments. Does anyone else like this idea?

  9. KaiaKitty says:

    Well, I like to write from the point of view of a pre-teen (eleven or twelve) so that’s my vote. πŸ™‚

  10. Little Lover says:

    I used to know a young mom who started her experiences at thirteen and they ranged from very young babysitting to a woman of 36, all before she had her daughter at 19. Those experiences inspired what kind of mom she became.

  11. Cheryl says:

    May your fellow site owners chime in??

    If so, I like the idea of a woman in her twenties to mid-thirties being the first-person protagonist. I agree that some writers are awful at writing children. I do my best to make my young characters as realistic as possible. I feel fairly certain that most of our readers agree. I am 100% certain that you are able to write young girls well, Naughty Mommy. I’m sure any story by you will be well-received.

  12. Aliciamom says:

    I would like the narrator to be in her 30’s or 40’s. I love the idea of a woman/mom exploring her sexuality with other moms and with teens, pre-teens, and perhaps a bit younger. I think its because I can relate to a woman/mom more than a teen or pre-teen. Regardless, whatever you write will make me cum over and over again. πŸ™‚

  13. Evan says:

    My vote is split – either the young teen or preteen – 12-13 ish or her mom, whatever age that might be.

  14. Mom Lynne says:

    For me, I whisk certainly connect more if it were a protagonist in her 30’s/40’s

  15. Cados says:

    My vote would be for an ‘Angela’ style character, very confident and very sexy, she would have a number of sexual partners but what would be just as important would be to have a variety of scenes, the changing rooms in a department store, a hitchiker, stroking thighs under the table (especially if the other woman was married and her husband was there and not aware of what was going on…) that sort of thing. The list is endless lol

  16. Joe says:

    Well my simple vote is for a woman in her late 20s to early 30s. I feel that the narrator can more easily express the emotions of the story if they are older instead of either making a younger person sound way too mature or using too simplistic narrative.
    Hope that makes sense.

  17. Saapho69 says:

    I would vote she be in her 20 to 30’s discovering her desires and exploring them. Not starting with her daughter. Her daughter joins her after catching her and they share their passion for young girls…. wait did I just describe Angela kinda? Well okay a young Angela style character…. Names Jesse πŸ˜› jk luv… or am I πŸ˜‰

  18. Lulu Lime Lemon says:

    I agree with Alicia, Cheryl, and Felicia.

    Presuming that the protagonist, is also the narrator, you want someone old enough to have a good ‘perspective’.

    Julie in “Joy of Looking” is intelligent and precocious, and you also use the device of her looking back on her younger days. Still, someone in late 20s/early 30s, I think would give a good p.o.v.

  19. JetBoy says:

    As the other fellow site owner, I’d rather leave the driving to you for the most part.

    That said… I would like to see you explore incest between grown women a little more, since you’ve already done so much stellar work involving little girls. In “Serendipity,” I especially enjoyed the sex scenes between Carol and Stacie. It’s just a side of your work I’d like to see explored in greater detail.

    Really, though, I’ll be eagerly devouring ANYTHING you write for Juicy Secrets. So there.

  20. MarkusWo says:

    as the others say: whatever you choose, I’m sure it will be great!
    If I had to decide, I would like to read something from the perspective of a grown woman.

    Thanks in advance

  21. Justin says:

    I just like have relations with all verios aged women who are ove course over the age of 20

  22. drew says:

    I would like to see the protagonist be older 30-40. It turns me on to see older women seduce pre teens and teen age girls. Another older woman perhaps the mother of one of the young girls being seduced would add to the taboo aspect of the story.

  23. Okay, so it seems as if the general consensus so far is for a grownup protagonist, as opposed to a teen or younger. That’s fine with me. As some of you have said, it’s easier to portray a range of reactions and responses if the woman has had more experience.

    It’s really great, by the way, that so many of you replied to my question. Now I’m excited to start working on the story! (Although I still have a few chapters left to write in the Joy of Looking too.)

  24. Kelly Ann says:

    Probably too late to put my pennies in, but… A story I’ve had rattling inside my head is that of a lesbian mom who starts “networking”. Maybe mid to late 30s with a prepubescent daughter. She seduces the teen babysitter that’s around legal age for the sole intent to get the babysitter to see if her daughter is receptive to the same treatment. As you know I’m just too busy/lazy to do it right now but it covers 3 generations and has a lead character that seduces others into her world of lesbian pedophilia, which I love!

  25. SuzyQ says:

    I prefer the older 40+ even grandma age. Listening to her struggle internally as her body responds to the temptation before her is something I definitely can relate to!!!

  26. MrMemphis says:

    Add me to the adult age list.

  27. MrMemphis says:

    It seems like for some time now most of the stories if not all are coming from adolescence point of view?

  28. Mike says:

    Love a woman in her 30’s giving into temptation and seducing young girls including daughters.

  29. Karen Cypher says:

    As a (cough)… older woman, I appreciate stories than have a maturity-based perspective in mind; the emotional upheaval she (the protagonist) experiences as her feelings manifest, especially the steamy internal dialogue as those feelings (and her eventual surrender to them). Well, that type of story is what keeps me coming back and what keeps me hooked. I’ve… what’s that phrase – been around the block? I write from perspective and experience.

    However, good erotica is good erotica! Honestly, it depends on my mood!

    Hope that is all clear as mud!


  30. 1hdbiker says:

    Please, leave the way it is now. Wide ranging from 6 to mid forties.
    Fantastic writers with lots of creativity. Just keep on writing.

  31. DH says:

    I’d just found this blog entry, sorry for the late input …

    Per my fantasies, the woman would be in her 30’s and beyond. She would’ve had more experience behind her and any bites of the forbidden fruit — with pre-teens and teens — would be most intoxicating.


    • Thanks, DH (and other commenters) — every bit of input is always appreciated. πŸ˜€

      The question, by the way, was asked in connection with a project on which I’ve been working off and on for a long time. I’ve completed 16 chapters so far out of a story that eventually will consist of 39 chapters. None of it can be posted, for a very good reason, until all of it is finished. I’m hoping that it might get done maybe later on this year. We’ll see.

      • DH says:

        Naughty Mommy …

        As I’d mentioned in my other postings, you’re my favorite author — Serendipty & The Joy of Looking are just the BEST. I look forward to your next/future writings.


  32. Jennifer says:

    I so often ask myself, or better said, wonder how all of you authors manage to write such a huge amount of superb stories, and that on a level I simply can not grasp, absolutely amazing!!!

  33. Dave says:

    On your question I think a, character like Eve from serendipity series exploring more of her fantasies with Gwen and Paige and finding out how far she would go in seducing younger girls Keep up the great stories and happy new year

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