Kimmy and Samantha, Chapter 1

  • Posted on July 21, 2015 at 10:15 am

By Jeneee

{ This story was originally posted at Lesbian Lolita in April 2007 }

Kimmy was fifteen years old and she was horny most of the time. Adolescent hormones had created a young nymphomaniac when they had blossomed within her. But they had had an early start. You see, Kimmy discovered the joys of playing with her pussy when she was only seven years old.

It was her daily bath that had initiated it.

“Make sure you wash yourself carefully, Kimmy,” her mother continually reminded her whenever she was preparing for her bath. “All over, now, and don’t forget your pee pee. You have to keep it clean if you don’t want a rash down there. Then we’d have to take you to the doctor.”

Well, seven year old Kimmy wasn’t exactly sure what her mom meant by a rash down there, but she certainly didn’t want one, and she definitely didn’t want a doctor looking at her down there, so she washed her puffy little pussy very, very carefully. She soaped her slit and then ran her fingers in between her lips to make sure she didn’t miss a spot. She didn’t mind doing this because she discovered it felt good — kind of tingly down there — when she did it. Then, after she had finished soaping herself, she would slide down into the bath water and lift her legs way back toward her chest and splash the water around down there to make sure her pee pee got rinsed off well. She discovered she could pull her lips apart a bit and when the warm water hit the insides of her pussy, which she had never seen, it felt really good too.

When she peed on the toilet she would wipe herself carefully as her mom had shown her, but she knew it didn’t really get her as clean as a bath would. She knew this because one time she had run her fingers in between her lips after wiping herself following a particularly long pee — she had been bursting and only just made it to the toilet in time — and found that she could still taste a little bit of pee on her fingers even though she had wiped carefully a couple of times. So now, when she bathed, she made a point of testing — or maybe that should be tasting? — her pussy after drying herself, and found no trace of pee. Instead there was a kind of slippery, sticky wetness that didn’t taste too bad at all.

All of this got her more and more interested in her little pussy. So much so that one day after her bath she had taken a small mirror from the bathroom counter and sat down on the top of the closed toilet to see what she looked like between her legs. Was she ever surprised! It was difficult for her to spread her lips and hold onto the mirror at the same time, but eventually she was able to — for a little while anyway. Because she was getting so slippery down there the more she tried to keep her lips open, the more they slipped out of her fingers and closed again. But she did see two additional tiny lips inside her which led up to a little bump near the top. And for a second or so she could even see the little hole her pee came from.

After giving up exploring for the moment she nevertheless kept sliding her finger in between her lips because it felt so good. Especially when she touched that little bump she had seen. It was really sensitive and after rubbing it for a while she knew something was happening to her, but she didn’t quite know what.

“Kimmy, what are you doing in there? I need to go to the bathroom.” Her mother’s voice snapped her from her pleasurable exploration.

“Be out in a second mom. Just finishing drying myself.” And she quickly tugged on her nightie and smiled at her mom as she headed for her bedroom. Her mom gave her a quick peck on the cheek and ran into the bathroom to relieve herself. That night in bed little Kimmy explored further and started to experience many of the delights her pussy would provide her from that moment on. She was hooked.

Now, at fifteen, she had perfected her masturbatory skills, and was able to experience full mind-blowing orgasms whenever the opportunity presented itself. And she made sure that happened frequently. But that was not all. Her younger twelve year old sister had been convinced to join in on the fun two years ago when she had caught Kimmy in the throes of one of her climaxes. Kimmy hadn’t realized she had been making so much noise but her groans had alerted ten year old Samantha who thought her older sister was in pain and had rushed into her room to help.

You can imagine the surprised look on the young girl’s face when she saw Kimmy, naked as the day she was born, laying on her bed with her legs thrown back over her shoulders, pumping something in and out of her pussy with one hand and rubbing the top of her mound vigorously with the other, completely oblivious to everything else around her. Samantha stared, transfixed by the sight before her.

“Are…are you okay, Kimmy?” she managed to stammer, as her sister slowly began to come down back to earth.

Kimmy jumped at the sound of Samantha’s voice and quickly closed her legs, withdrawing whatever it was from inside her pussy and blushing furiously, not able to utter a word.

“I mean, what were you doing?” asked her ten year old sister, slowly approaching the bed.

“I was…just…well…having fun,” Kimmy finally replied

“I thought you were in pain or something,” Samantha offered. “And I was scared something was happening to you.”

Kimmy started to recover. “Well, something was. I had an orgasm,” she explained to her sister, smiling.

“A what?”

“Well, it’s sort of an incredible feeling that girls have sometimes after they, you know, play with their pussies. Don’t you ever do that, Sammy?”

“Play with my pussy?”

“Yes. Don’t you do that?”

“No. I’ve heard girls talking about that at school and they say only bad girls — what they call sluts — do that.”

“Well, Sammy, I’m not a bad girl. And I’m certainly not a slut,” Kimmy giggled.

Suddenly Kimmy was aware of her sister staring at her pussy, and at the dildo she had been using.

“What’s that?” Samantha asked. “That thing you were playing with?”

“It’s called a dildo and it’s sort of like a guy’s thing, you know, what they fuck girls with to make babies.”

“Doesn’t it hurt?” Samantha wanted to know, thinking of her own tight little vagina. How were you able to get that thing inside of you?”

“When you get horny, like aroused, you get really wet and slippery, and it’s easy for something like that to fit inside you,” Kimmy explained. “Come over here. I’ll show you.”

And Samantha moved hesitantly closer to her sister and finally sat on the bed beside her.

“I’m going to take off your clothes Sammy, okay?”

“I guess,” she replied, wondering if this was the right thing to do.

Sensing her hesitation, Kimmy hugged her and said, “Don’t worry, all girls have to learn this sooner or later Sammy. It’s a part of growing up.”

Samantha nodded.

Kimmy slipped off her sister’s tee and then pulled down her red shorts, leaving her in her white panties. She looks so sweet, Kimmy thought to herself, taking in the soft skin and little pink nipples of Samantha’s chest. Next she hooked her thumbs into the waist band of her sister’s panties and slowly tugged them down her slim, coltish legs, watching Samantha step out of them. Her socks then followed and she was now just as naked as Kimmy.

What followed had been the education of Samantha by her elder sister into the sexual delights both of them could now experience together. She had been a willing pupil and now the two of them often crawled into bed together after their parents had turned in for the night. Both girls had become experts at going down on each other, creating such mind blowing orgasms for each other that they would have to bury their mouths into each other’s pussy when they came in order to avoid screaming out loud and alerting their parents to their sexual games.

Now, two years after Samantha’s initiation, Kimmy had developed into a stunning teenager. Her long blonde hair hung down her back in waves, almost as far as her slim waist. Her firm boobs were the envy of many of her girlfriends, and naturally, the boys swarmed all over her like flies. But she remained aloof. She wasn’t interested in guys and realized early in her teenaged years that she was a lesbian.

And it appeared her sister was leaning that way too, although she had giggled to Kimmy once that a guy at school had dared her to jerk him off behind a portable one day, and she had taken him up on it and won ten dollars in the process. She told Kimmy she was fascinated by the way his cock had throbbed in her hand and shot its white stuff all over the place. But it was the power she seemed to hold over the guy while she was doing it that had thrilled her. She didn’t want to do it again though; her curiosity had been satisfied and she knew she liked girls so much better. Samantha was also starting to develop her curves and was turning into a beautiful girl, just like her older sister. Her boobs were starting to bud and her hips and butt were blossoming, promising she would be equally as stunning as Kimmy.

Now, on this warm spring evening, both girls were to extend their experiences into yet another dimension. Two weeks earlier new neighbors had moved in next door. They seemed nice and had two daughters, eight year old Denise and six year old Patty. Their parents had become friends and this particular evening the Johnsons had been invited to a party given by Mr. Johnson’s new boss. They asked if Kimmy would mind babysitting Denise and Patty.

“No problem,” Kimmy had replied. “Glad to help out.” And so it was settled. Kimmy arrived at seven and was given a brief tour of the house, shown where the girls’ bedroom was and told they should have a bath before going to bed at no later than nine o’clock. Before that they could watch videos and have a snack if they wanted. Kimmy nodded okay and asked if she could invite her sister Sammy over after the girls had gone to bed to keep her company. The Johnsons had met Samantha a few times already and saw no problem with that.

After leaving a number where they could be reached, the Johnsons hugged their daughters and told them to be good little girls, and they would see them in the morning.

As their mom and dad drove away, Denise and Patty grabbed Kimmy’s hands and dragged her down to the family room and turned on the television so they could start to watch their videos. They both snuggled up on the couch, one on either side of the older girl. At that moment, Kimmy’s devious mind began to go into overdrive. This was going to be an interesting evening, she thought to herself.

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  1. Jeneee says:

    After re-reading this chapter so many years later, I discovered a ‘typo’ in the last paragraph. Kimmy siddenly became ‘Kitty.’ LOL Kinda subliminal, don’t you think?

  2. MrStrut says:

    I noticed it too Jeneee but the story is still very erotic, looking forward to chapter 2.

  3. Annalisa says:

    Ho notato che ANCHE in questo racconto l’autore, come del resto quasi tutti glia altri autori di racconti, quando descrive una persona che si masturba, scrive sempre che si mette NUDA, io invece lo faccio spesso ma non mi denudo, io, o mi abbasso le mutandine alle ginocchia , o me le tolgo. E’ più pratico e veloce ed è ugualmente soddifacente. Mi scusino gli autori ma a me pare sia una incongruenza non da poco.

    Google Translate: I noticed that ALSO in this story the author, like almost all the other authors of short stories, when he describes a person who masturbates, always writes that he gets NUDE, instead I do it often but I don’t get naked, I, or I pull my panties down to my knees, or take them off. It is more practical and faster and is equally satisfying. I apologize to the authors but it seems to me to be a not just inconsistency.

    • Lika says:

      Annalisa, interesting reading your comment, as when I am masturbating myself I am rarely nude. I like wetting and cumming in my panties, so I prefer to keep them on and rub myself through them to make myself cum.

  4. theflash says:

    great story loved the passion

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