Introducing… the Juicy Readers Forum

  • Posted on June 30, 2015 at 11:32 am

By Naughty Mommy

We know that many of you were disappointed when the Story Friends Board ceased operation a few weeks ago. It was a sad day for us as well. Since then, we have been giving some thought to what we at Juicy Secrets might be able to offer as an alternative.

Unfortunately none of us has enough computer smarts to manage a full-service forum or bulletin board, nor do we really have the time to do so. However, we do have another idea. It’s kind of a simplified mini-version of a bulletin board — we’re calling it the Juicy Readers Forum.

This will be a moderated forum, meaning we must approve new topics before they are posted publicly for discussion, and we also will monitor comments that are made to existing topics. I promise, however, that we’ll do our best to stay hands-off in moderating those comments. We want you to have free and open conversations about whatever subjects interest you, as long as, first, they are relevant to the themes and topics covered on this site, and second, you stay cognizant of our general Terms of Use. Other than that, enjoy yourselves!

If you’d like to offer a new topic for discussion at the forum, please write up your idea in a few sentences or a few paragraphs, and then send it to [email protected] — we will review your suggestion as quickly as possible, and then, assuming it is approved, post it to the Readers page on our site, making it immediately available for discussion by anyone interested.

While we know that this small effort won’t come close to replacing everything that was available at the Story Friends Board, we hope it might fill at least some of the void. And as always, feedback is welcome!


5 Comments on Introducing… the Juicy Readers Forum

  1. Paige says:

    So that’s what happened to Story Friends — I was really upset that I couldn’t find it again. I am sorry that it went down, I enjoyed the discussion, and made some contacts. Very glad that you folks are going to offer an alternative! I will support it any way I can. Best wishes — I will stay tuned for more info. Regards, Paige.

  2. Jrs says:

    Many years ago i read a series of stories by an author with a name something like Lunesa or something similar. All of the stories dealt with mother/daughter

  3. Joe Huhn says:

    Does anyone know why the stories @ Lesbian Lolita are so messed up? Most if not all the stories have ? marks in them

  4. hludens says:

    dirty little mind url is not working again

    dirtyminded mom gone?

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