Sex Work

  • Posted on June 16, 2015 at 1:46 pm

By Naughty Mommy

I have been writing erotic fiction, strictly for my own enjoyment, since I was in my early 20s (I’m in my late 30s now). At first all my stories were about unrelated adult women and sometimes teenagers having lesbian sex. I hadn’t yet discovered my fetish for incest or for plots involving underage girls. The youngest girls I would write about at the time were around 16 or 17 years old.

Gradually, though, as the years went by and I grew older, my characters grew younger. They also became related. I don’t remember exactly when I first wrote a story about incest, but I’m almost certain it was sisters at the beginning and then later mothers and daughters. Once I embarked upon that path, however, my interest in writing erotic stories overflowed like a waterfall — a nice, warm, aromatic waterfall, if you get my meaning.

It’s kind of sad now to recall the inner conflict I felt in those early days, though. More than once I decided that writing such things was just not right, and I threw out everything I’d written, sometimes stories that were 20 or 30 pages long. How I wish I had them back now. They might not have been any good, but it would be so interesting to compare my style and my interests then with where I am today. Oh well…

Another thing I did in more recent years, starting in maybe my early 30s, was find stories I liked online, that had a seed of an exciting idea or maybe an expressive writing style, and use that as a takeoff point. Actually I would download the story text and then revise it to fit my specific desires. Often that might mean taking unrelated girls and converting them into sisters, or turning an aunt and a niece into a mom and daughter, that sort of thing. I also would change or eliminate scenes I didn’t like, so dildos and strap-ons were mostly out, along with scat, pee, anal, super hairy pussies, DDDD boobs, and so on. The more I did that, though, the more I realized I might as well just start from scratch and compose my own stories. I eventually dropped the habit of tinkering with the stories of others several years ago.

Mind you, I never had any intention of publishing any of those stories as my own work, nor, for that matter, of publishing my original stories. I was much too nervous about letting anyone see my creations, thinking they might not like the way I wrote. It wasn’t until just a couple of years ago that I finally found the courage to post a story online. The only reason I wrote erotic fiction back then (and a major reason I write it today) was to turn myself on. It worked, by the way. 😉

So, where do I get my ideas now? From my imagination, almost entirely. Sometimes, of course, my imagination can be fired by something I’ll see when I’m out, or by looking at, ahem, stimulating pictures. But just about everything you read in my stories comes out of my own perverted little head — and not, I should add, from personal experience. The actual life I lead probably would bore you. But my fantasy life, now that can be pretty exciting!

The challenge, of course, is to find something new to write about — especially since there really is nothing new. The same basic themes are repeated again and again in my stories. That’s why, for me, characters count even more than themes. If I can get my characters to come to life, often they’ll provide an interesting new perspective on old issues.

In her essay on this subject, Cheryl said something important: “Allow the story to write itself.” I’m a great believer in that. Frequently if I’m feeling unsure of where a story should go or how a scene should play, I will lie down in a dark room, close my eyes, and then simply watch and listen to my characters, letting them tell the story. It’s often literally as easy as that — they tell me what to write and I obey.

I also find it refreshing and invigorating, a great aid to my writing, to get plenty of physical exercise, mostly by going for long walks or riding my bike. I can’t tell you how many times I have written almost entire chapters in my head while out on a walk. I come home and the words just flow.

Once I have the first draft of a story or a chapter written, I will leave it for a while and go on either to the next chapter or to another story. Cheryl talks about letting her ideas “ferment,” but I don’t often do that. I prefer to get my ideas written down as quickly as possible. After they are composed in initial draft form, however, then I will let them age, like fine cheese or wine.

Working far ahead helps a lot. I’m fortunate to be in a favorable domestic situation that allows me to manage my own time, mostly, and to write as much as I want to whenever I feel like it. Having hours a day to spend creating erotica is quite a luxury, I realize, and I try not to take it for granted. It also helps that I tend to write fast, and when I’m going well I don’t worry about editing as I go along. I try just to let it run and find out where the story will take me. Later I will go back and revise as necessary.

Currently I am about two months ahead in my writing, compared to when I plan to post my stories/chapters to Juicy Secrets. That means I have a few dozen chapters already written that no one has yet seen. Theoretically I could publish them all tomorrow. But then the quality would suffer, and I will not allow that.

To get the level of writing I demand of myself takes a lot of work. The initial draft may come out in a swift flow, but refining it and polishing it can (and does) take weeks. Daily I will go back and re-read chapters I wrote long before, making little adjustments and improvements, sometimes even big revisions.

Starting about a week before the planned posting date for a chapter, I will re-read it once a day, usually the first thing in the morning, at the start of my work day. This allows me not only to check once again for typos or continuity errors and to keep enhancing the descriptions and the dialogue, but also to increase my familiarity with the characters. When I get to know them, they can help me a great deal with the upcoming writing.

So that’s how I work. I read and revise, read and revise, over and over again, constantly working to make each story the best that it can be. When I finally post a new chapter and you read it online, I already will have read it myself (and revised it) many dozens of times. But I’m not complaining. What I do definitely is a labor of love — and lust. Sex work is the best work.


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  1. Karen Cypher says:

    Two months ahead? Really? Holy smokes… that is amazing! I am soooo not in the same league. I have a calendar full of scratches about what is planned each day, and I can tell you writing stories is absolutely NOT on the list of daily activities. 🙂 I am lucky if I can go two whole days without any major revisions to my schedule: Dr. appointment, wedding invite, car troubles… you name it, I have probably gone through it! I guess I write (and more importantly, I read) because I want to, and find some time at the beginning, middle or end of the day to sink into something juicy.

    After reading Cheryl’s post and now yours, I believe I incorporate a few basic habits that each of you mention: A desire to write, the flow of a story, letting it gel to see what else comes up, especially if the mental well is running a tad dry – that kind of thing.

    Still, I am so overwhelmingly impressed by the three of you and the other authors you invite and encourage to participate. The ability to transform thoughts, desires and fantasies into such quality work… Wow!! I feel privileged to witness the process in action – to enjoy this little slice of time and marvel as events develop instead of reading about them years after the fact… like being a part of history.

    Okay, as my husband would say, “Too much smoke and not enough ass – I’m tired of blowing.”

    Always, Karen

  2. kimberly says:

    very cool of you and Cheryl to share your insights thanks.

  3. Thanks, Karen, and Kimberly!

    Karen, it’s funny, I want to be in the same league with you, an artist who paints with words. To me, it feels like you are crafting Lamborghinis by hand while I’m just a Honda factory, churning out the porn, good-quality, well-built, and made to last but certainly not art. Oh well, we each do what we can. 🙂

  4. Karen Cypher says:

    Naughty Mommy, I honestly relish your creativeness. You may rest assured, that even if your self-described factory analogy were true, you still generate some amazingly hot fucking stories! God, where do I start? I admire your creative spirit, your vibe, your persistence, the words you choose to craft such a tactile image that resonates in my mind…


    So yeah. Yeah, you are pretty hot!


  5. eloquent delinquent says:

    I love what you and Cheryl both say about character being so important, and I agree. Everyone here has a strong grasp of human responses, emotional and sexual, to our subject of choice. I’m continually impressed by the way your characters breathe in your stories. Given the limited thematic arcs (insert tab A into slot B), a character’s reaction and agency is the only way to subvert the tropes and create surprise.

    Which is my windy way of saying, wonderful work!

  6. JetBoy says:

    Naughty Mommy, what I admire about your work is your ability to turn out sex-filled plots that keep readers on their toes, gulping down chapter after chapter in a fevered frenzy. Me, I’m a fairly decent word-slinger who is rather lousy at working out plots. Many of my stories evolve from a paragraph or two I come across elsewhere and spin into something very different… like picking up some socks at a thrift store and weaving them into a potholder.

    If you wrote murder mysteries instead, you might end up being a millionaire. As for murder mysteries involving a lesbian detective with a thing for underage girls — well, you just might end up creating a whole new genre of fiction.

  7. …murder mysteries involving a lesbian detective with a thing for underage girls…

    Hmm, now there’s an idea!

  8. Jennifer says:

    Jetboy, i hope you have helped a monster to be born, that kind of story would be absolutely, definitely awesome, i really, really would enjoy that kind of fiction!!! xD

  9. Russell says:

    Hi Naughty,

    I can’t believe I am writing you, but I just wanted to give you a shout out from the straight side of the ledger. I love reading your stories just because most of the time they are believable. Your imagination is well anchored in reality which makes your stories all the better. I’m a straight guy with kids, but I live in San Francisco, have a creative job, and half of my friends and collegues are gay or lesbian. Just part of the local tapestry. I do write professionally, but could not begin to write the kind of lively dialogue that you create almost daily. Keep them coming, so to speak.

    Cheers from the left coast.

  10. Thanks, Russell, and welcome to Juicy Secrets! As I’ve said before, we consider ourselves to be equal-opportunity arousers here, happy to offer our sexy fantasies for the pleasure of anyone – gay, straight, male, female, or whatever. 😉 Also, thanks so much for your compliments on my writing. I really appreciate it. Feel free to leave comments on stories or wherever else. We love hearing from our readers!

  11. 14u2h82 says:

    I resonate with your style of writing. I too have written many a story in my head while out for walks. Unfortunately, my stories never make it to paper. I respect the hell out of your talent and bravery.

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